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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, October 09, 1919, Image 1

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E BLISHIU) IIS I.S(i6. NEWSPAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. WELDON, N. TIIUHHDAY. 0< TOUKU 9, UMi*. Terms of SubscriDtion--$I.50 Per Annum NO. 23 Children Cry for Fletcher’s Kind You Have Alwayg Bought, and which haa bees use for over over 30 yeart, bus borne the signature of > and has been mude under his per sonal supervisiun since its infancy. Allow DO one to deceive you in this. 1411 Counterfeits* Imitations and ** Just-as-good ** are but BXzperimentt that trifle with and endanger the health uf I l&faats and Children—‘E»erience against Ezoeriment. . What is CAStORIA : Cutoria If a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, ’ Drops aud Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It cuutaius „ neither Opium, Sorphine nor other oarcotii; subBtauLi. age is its guarantee. For more than thirty yeutii it had ' twea in constant use for the relief of Constipation, FIatul. i.>y, ’Wind Calic and Diarrhoea; allaying Ferertsbness urii>iu(, therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aiili the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and aUuial ble^p. Ue Children's Panacea—The Hothtt’t Friend. lUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Bears the Signature of Mother’s Cook Book floucr thould be \'P ^ In Use For Over 30 Years 2 The Kind You Have Always Bought largainsfor You Best Faieni Flour Compound Lard Seed Rye, Clover Seed, Wheal Midling $11.50 27c. 2,25 10.50 J.65 W. T. PARKER & CO., holesale Cash Store WRLDON, N. C. bn Lmber Millwori! Go. Weldon, N. C. .\IANUKACrUllKR.S OF tiding Material for Modern homes, Sash, Doors pds. Mantels, Door and Window Screens* MAUE TOORDKR ANU HKUlW.ARSTlKK SIZES. Oood Materials. High Grade Workmanship Uur Slogan mm & SAVE money! By tradini; at home and still be a booster for your town ■ fUM Many Bargains in Sum- mer Goods. m The very newest styles in Or);aMcllL‘.s Qeorgettes and Crepe-de-Cliine. We have a complete line of Ladies and : Gentlemen’s Furnishings. /i. L STAIHBACK, 1 The Busy Store, WELDON, N C i|9>m[ Wi'W Wf'w ipi •ft Oft* Choice Hams There is nothing more appetizing than a slice of our choice ham. We have anything you may want in the line of meats. All Kinds Of Canned Goods I GEOCERIES build up ihe .sysiem, siimulaie the brain, and ncrease your capacity lo ihink. And righi thinking brings best re- Our prices make you think. Call in to see us. L. E. HULL, Good Fats. A inoNt Huup whtoh lOHy he iircpiirpii notl Rerve«l In Rhort onier In on«' tifiinK » of pen soup put up ' l>y Rtty ko«hI Hnn. .Mix wltb u cmi of t'ondeiiHt'tl milk, H<>n8on. heat and serve. Fried Oyatert (Irwin). llMe a pint of cnih nu'iit tu a do^i'U oyi(((>rfi. Kxtruft the liquor from thtf meat nn«1 chop vi>ry (Inc. Add the Hame (|iiniitlty of )>n>ad rrundm which have bt>»*n freshly Kniifd. \Vh«*n these ! tH'o InKri'dlentH i«re well mixed udil ) st'anoninn. roll Ihe oyNttTM In th)t< n))\ tiire, dip in egf;. then tn (TUnihH and Naute lu hutter In a very hot pan. Peach Sherbet. Hull (tiie quiirt nf water aud two vup' t'ulH tif KdKOf iuK**ther, then add a qi4<irt j itf peadi and pulp. A«]d the ]ulc> Almond Delight Pie. Miike li rioli pasiiy tiiid Hue u pU till. I>'lll with the fnllowlntf: Hlaiu-I null Nhred tine or put tlimukth the lueiit urliider one t iipful of ulmoiid»<. lu ti <((U('epH(i p<i( <«ne cupful of xuffar, flMr iind Hd<l II teiisiiooiiful of water. Vliiet Ihe frylUK pan ov«*r a alow tire ant' stir until the mixture turu» ii ^olilet hruwii; then add the almonds ant .stir It lirlskly until well mixed »preail them ijulrkly t»ver Ihe hottoir of the pastry. Kill the ahell with f eustard, tiRlnt! three eRKs. two table spoonfuls nf KUBiir and two eupfulK ol milk. Hake \mtil the custard Is tlrm, cover with a meringue tlavoriMl witb alnion<l and Hi>rve cold. Dainty Saueage. Put a pound of lean veal and a quar ter of a (Hiiind of hreakfaRt baooi through the meat chopper. Add a teiv epootiful of salt and a quarter of i teaspoonful 4tf pepper. Presa In tial cakes antJ fry In Imtter or bac<ui fat Make a cream sauce in the pan It which the sausage has been fried an< serv^ with the meat. Cheeie and Tomato Satad. iV’pJ him! sIJce In rounda Jarjfe, flrn lomatoes. Take fresh Aiiierlcaii chcest iiid I'lit In rounds the sixe of the to '’iiit«te<4, Place a slice of cheese he <we«'u two Hllcea of tomato, spt-eadlui •II each Hlu'e uf cheese a lltUi i.a>iinnalse. Arrau^e od lettuce UDt Will You Spend 50c. on Hat-Snu To Save $11K)? Out* lUc packai(t. riiii kill Mt ralH. 'I'lie avmatre lal will roh you ol ) 10 a year lu fffd. eluekH aud ptoperty .leslructiou. ' K Vr'JNAF IS'Icttdlylo lati t'lemales i aftei kilhu); l.euves iiu smell, ('oines I IQ caUe>- Katb mil pa>^s up meat, 1 irraiu, cheese lo I’eaai ou HAl SNAl’- Thri'f St2P«, iVic.. VIC. anJ fl. I Sold anil K^^f^^teedby Pierce-Wlule- I head Hdw.t'o., Weldoo Some men owe ail ihey have in ihis world to others—and some owe a loi more ihdn they have. CASTORIA For Iniasts and Ctaildrea i| In Use For Ovar 30 Years Alw«3ra beati the Slgoature of ‘ BMclMior't Optra Hou«e. WfiLDON, N.C The logical deduction from many so-ciilted siaiements of facts is fully 100 per cent. Catan lial Ueafnesii Can't beCured by local applieations, us they cannot reach the diseased portion of tlie ear. There is only one way to I'ure deafnesa, and that is by constit' tional remedieii. lieafnesH is causetl by uii lutlameil cun* ditiou of the muonus lining ofllie Kub- tac'hian Tube. When this tube is in- flametl you have a rumbhiitf sound or impel feet beariuy, an«l when itiiieutiie* ly cluseil, heafufMsiK the result, andun* less the iullammution can be taken out aud this tube restored to its normal condition, heann^rwill bedeatvuyed for* ever; nine eases out often are caused by Catarrh, which is nothinK but an )□- Homed conUdion of ttie mucous sur> faces. We will K>vei)n« llundreil hollars for any ease ofl>eafness(caused by catarrh) that cannot be curetl by Mall’s a‘.arr h Medicine. Testimonials seot free. Price T.'i ceuta per l>ottle. Sold by all druK^rists. Hall’s Faroilv Pills Tor Constipatio Family quarrels would not be so bad if other families would keep out of them. ASPIRIN FOR HEADACHE Nanie "Bayer" is an G^nuint Aspirin—say Bayer laiitt on “Baver TableU of Atpirta* ia a ^‘Bayer package/* containing proMr directions tor Headache, Colds, Pain, Neuralgia, Lumbago, nnJ RheuznatkRD. Name “Bayer” meuns genuine Mpitia preacrihed by physfciun^ for aioetan years. Handjr tin bozei of 12 tabkU «Mt few cents. Aapitin i« trade am oi Bayar Manufacture of MoBoaoati** ^eiSaater SaUeyUcacld. OyR FLAG, Of all the Mags Hung to the breeze In all ihe lands beneath the sun; Of all the flags on ail the seas, I claim but one, I love but one. There may be other flags for some Which seem to be of equal worth, But as for me that flag spells “home”— It is the dearest flag on earth. 1 love Old Glory most, because No king can claim her as his own And from her spring great eagle claws When anyone suggests a throne. Bapti/ed was she in bluod of men, And consecrated by the teurs Of braved though weepint; women, when They sent iheir loved ones forth wiih cheers. The men who raised thui Mug waged war; They bled, ihey died wiihoui complaint; They knew what they were fighting for; They gave themselves without restraint. And so it is that here and now We hoist thee, old "Red, White and Blue,'’ And beneath ihy folds we vow; “We’ll Kght for you; we love but you.” WISELY FEATHERED NESTS luiTob SslcB. N. C 18c a package AMKLSare the most refreHhing, salislying cigarette you smoked* Hill all yuur cigarette desires in a bunch, then buy some Cauuis. them every taste>test and know tur yuur uwii auUtt.><.11011 that in quality, tiavor, smooth* budy and 111 many other deti^htful way» Came/s are jn a class hy Camels are an expert blend of choice Turkish and choice Domest 10 tobaccos. Y ou'll not only prefer this blend to either kind of tobacco smoked straight, but you’ll appreciate the remarkabk* full-bodieii mildness and smooth, refreshing flavor it provides f Camels are a citiarette revelation f Camels win you in so many new ways! They not only perm/f you to siunkt^ HberaUy without tiring your tast^ but leave no unpleasant ciguretty aftertaste or un pleasant cigaretty odor! Compare Camels with any cigarette in the world at any price! You'll prefer Camel quality to premiums, coupons or gifts! Take things as they come—then call in a physician for further in formation. Where There’s A Baby on Farm Keep Rat-Snap. Kutn L fani CAUED HER FAMILY TO HER Six Tmvs Afo^ Hibldif Sb« Hfbt Die, Sajt Texas LadXf But Not# She li a Well, Stroag Woau tnd Praiiea Cftrdai For Htr RecoTery. Rorst Cttr. Tax.—Mrt. Marr Kil> ffiaa« of thla place, aaya; "Attar tha birth of my llttla girl.. .1D7 slda com* maaead to hart ma. I bad to g» back to bad. Wa called tha doctor. Ra traatad me...but I got no batter. I got woraa aud woraa natU tha mlaarr was unbaarable...! waa In bad for thra* montha and auffarad aueh agony that I waa juat drawn up in a knot... I told ay hatband If ha would get ma a bottle of Cardul 1 would trj It... I oommanced taking It, howaTar, that oTenlns I called my family about ma... for I knew I eotild not faat Manjr daya unlaaa I had a change for tba bettar. That was alx year* ag(9 and 1 am attll here aod am a we!l» strong woman, and 1 owe my life to Cardul. I had oalr taken half tha bottle when I began to feel batter. The misery In my elde got leaa... ] continued right on taking ihs Cardut tintil I had taken three bottlea and I did not need any more for I waa welt and never felt better In my life... I have never had any trouble from that day to this." Do you suffer from headache, back* ache, palna In aides, or other dlacom* forta, each month? Or do you SacI weak, nervoua and fagged*out? If eo, glva Cardui. tha woman’s tonic, a trial. J. 7} Calomel is .1 dang:erous drug, ft Is mercury—i^mcksilver; and attacks your bones. Take a dose of nasty calomel to* da>' and you will teel weak, sick and nau seated tomorrou'. Don’t lose a day's work. Take “Dodson’s Liver Tone” Instead! tny jinanintep! .\«k yoiir druggist for a bottlv uf Dodsun't Llvpv Tr>nf> nn<l tfikf a Rpoonful to- uiglii ii it dueHu’t Sturt yuur liv«r and you right up better than calonipl and without griping ur making you aick I fvont you to ^0 bni'k to tli(^ .'ttore and get your niODey, Take a spoonful of harmless, vege table Podfion'B Liver Tone tonight and wakt* lip feeling-greut. It’* perfectly harnde**. no gh'c it to your children any time. It can’t salivate, so l*^ them eat «ujythiog oftarwarda. L & M SEMI-PASTE PAINTS BBST THAT CAN BB MADE Cott to you $3.2S a QftUon when made ready to um MCCNWMCNDEO BY tATItFlID USCM FOR OVBR 40VKAIIS Obtain COLOR CARO from our Agenta or LONOMAN A MARTIMBZ Mamiffactmrv Naw Y«rfc iret insult* tla* lioutu-—louk out Hut- kill lufautN—hitiiitr tlii'in ■» not tiiiusuiil .NurMiOir liulll^M uiirui'i lutn iSiaki* i oukf ui' UA'l'-SN .A I'uixl tliioA it aruiiiid it \\ilUurelyi>a yuuul'lat^ aiul inuv Sizf**. .-rfii*. au.i^l- SoUl aiiil tfuuraut«'«‘il liy ri»‘ii‘t*.\V!iit. lirttd, VV<.J<Jo:.. Unless a man has iruc faiiti he never calls for 4 second plate nf hash "These Kats Wouldn't eat My best Urain,'' Saysi Hred Lamb. It H hartl tu kfep ruts uui ol u ltn >i Hture. Trieil fur y«ai!4 \ iu‘iifltburiiiL' Hture 8ul(l me Hum** K.\TSN.M‘. It Morkeil wuiiiU'rN. liHtliered up dfml ralH every muruinir. HouglitmureliA'l' JiXAl*. Haveu’t a lat uow Tlu-^ wouldn't eat my t)e>>t ^raiu Mheu threw R.vr-.‘5AAi' arouml.” TIueeHuea. Jac.. riitti. audfl. SulU aud guuiauteed bv I'ieice-Wliitc head Hardnaif * u., Weiduii. New ihinfs (o ea( are being dis covered daily—seemingly fur the purpose ot adding lu the high cosi of living. Oh.ildren Ory FOR FLETCHER'S CASTOR! A ■A little guying iudiciuusly ud- ministered often makes a weak man strong. Children Ory FOR FLETCHER’S CASTOR I A Too ofien when a man iries 10 pinch others he hurts himself. Pierce-Whitehead Hardware Co i_h Friends That Never Fall MOTHER’S love for the little one never fails. The constant, steady heat of this remarkable heater is a never failing friend when economy and even heat day and night arc a necessity. It pays to investigate. Cole’s Original Hot Blast tURNS CHEAPEST COAL CLEAN AND BRIGHT. USES ANY FUEL Why Not Cut Your Fuel Bill In Half Thift Wintsr? You Can Easily Do It With This Croat Fual- Savlng Hoator. Act NOW! THIS WEAK, NERVeUSMOTHER Telit How Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Reitored Her Health. Philadelphia, Pa.—“1 waavetyweak, alwaya tired, my back ached, and 1 felt sickly moat of the time. 1 went to a doctor aod he aaid 1 had nervoua indi- gestioo, which ad ded to my weak condition kept mo worrying moat of the time and he aaid if I could not atop that, 1 could Lydia E. Pinkham’i vegetable Com* pound my huaband wanted me to try it I took it fora week and felt a littl0 Bet ter. 1 kept it up for three montha, and I feel fine and can eat anything now w i thout ^a treaa or narvoaaneaa. ”—Ura. J. WoRTHLiNB, 2^ North Taylor St, Phiiadeli^ia Pa. 7%e majority of motbera oowadaya overdo, there are ao many demmoda uponthair time and atrength; the reault k invariably a weakenad, run-down, nervoua coi>utioD with hMdiaebaa, b^ck- aehc, irriUbUity wd dapceaaioQ—and eoort noro aanosa .aDmeata daraky^ II Ic at ea<^p«rioda In life that LydU &• Pinkfaain't vegatable Componnd will restore a oonnal beatttiy eooditioD, aa it did to Mn. Wovthline. Serv«» See This Heater At Our Store lK«MnauwoKK]uuiOi(iioxMM)ia;)mMuo(«niiaiaKn^ hWlTAT You are invited to open an! account with the BA/UK OF EHFIELD, . E/IFIELD, /I. 0. B I Per Cent, allowed in the Savings Depart- I ment Compounded Quarterly. YUU can bank by mail Fire Insurance SURETY BONDS. See me when in need of the above insurance and get protection from the leading; companies of America. L. C. DRAPER. Agent. Subscribe to The Roanoke News, Only $1.60 Per Tear in Advance.

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