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North Carolina Newspapers

The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, October 09, 1919, Image 2

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Chamberlain’s Couch Remedy. eou^h. From a •mtll betriDoio^ itfTsal^ and UH# hat extended to all parti« of the United States aod to oiaojr foreigo eouDtriea. Ihit aloae is eoough to coo- fiaee ooa that it is a medicine of more than ordinary merit. Give it a trial and you will find tbts to be the ease. I Is it possible thai Speaker Gil- ] leit believes iha* by ordenng the I House chjpldin not to pray for the ' l.cagiK' < r Nutiuns he can prevent: ' ihe l.cii J i clping that movement ' forpenc*.'on eanh, good u ill among li-olvuihbc a big season Cor the HTiiers. .Ml the new lit tle rfpuhlios will be in iiee*! of nu- 11011:1 .iiuhcms. lifilit(estion, Hiiiou'^ntfss. Consli palion. I I ‘luiu* t ilaiij’M ral»l«‘lh lm\f n-ti'rt'tl wer»-a llu'tfj Milh iiiiliKfHtiou. hilious-j M.-.t 111 til TRUSTWORTHY Taken in moderate doses, rl«ht thrdiiiih the warmer niunths, after meals, Scott’s Emulsion furnishes nourishment of par ticular value to the anemii; or those underweight. Keep up your strength. 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Talk about adventures I Men in the Navy come home with the kind of experiences that mo«t chaps read of only in the books. Here’s your chancel Uncle Sam has, us you know, a big Navy and Kives red* blooded young fellows like you nn orportunity to step aboard • off". What will you get out of it? Just this: A chance to rub elbows with foreign folks m strange parts of the world. The chance for good honest work on shipboard—the kind of work that teaches you something real; the kind of work that puts bref un your shoulders aiid hair on your chest. You will get 30 care-free vaca* tiun dnys n year, not counting shore leave in home or furrign ports. You will have the kind of com* radeship in travel that sailors You will have regular pay, over and above your meals, l»Jg> ing and your first uniform outfit —good stuff all of it. You can join for two years. When you get through you'll be physically and mentall> "tuned up" for the rest of your lae. You'll be ready through and through for SUCCESS. There's a Recruiting Stiition right near yuu. If you don’t know where it is* your Post* master will be glad to tell you. SILK SHIRTS in solid colors l stripes that are not to be found l larger towns are now on display| our store, and Ties, Oh well yo( will have to see them to appreciai their beauty and value. And our tetore only, is to be fonnd noted Schloss Bros. & Co. Clothei They fit. Te any Fathtr and Mothtri—^ Shove off f-'Join the U.S.Navy <2^MvICE Almost the only complimem, certainly ihe highest, which the man of business will pay lo any service rendered is that It is “satisfactory.” That means everythinu This bank renders to all its clients, larje and small, a service which is tmihful, efticieni, obliging, correct and reliable. That is why our banking service is termed by customers "sat isfactory." 0/1 LiA'iA ■UKy BANK-^TRUSTCq >* 5 r/fAt'/S. PR{ 5 KA-Pl£fiCL,yiCCPiilS N.i.BARN£i,CASH'tK HAKES UFC'S WALK EASY* ,1 CANXKI) (iOODS \X'e protect our cnstomers by handling; ihe best brynds of canned goods whose makers have high repuiations to uphold The prices of these better uiruiles arc \ow enuu}^h to suit all. Alsu a nice line of (iroceries L. J. Moore & Co., Successors to II. Clark, Opposite Postotllce. The Store of Quality anU Service // M Urandmother Used Mustard lills- ters Tu kelle^e Conxeslfd Conditions. Business Good- ill MAM^ j one of us has had in mind important gifts and tokens j of'att'eciion and esteem which have been deferred to mortfij prospernus times. More power to the one who has done so. Now, however, in | the eiiiliususin of ihe prosperity which those efforts have won j Wf atlofil to rcmcmher, and return lo the kindlier thints I ot hte, Wf have a tvisj of gift articles to meet your need. WifY S/»iflD J{LL You Ejtufi? You might sick or hurt—be prepared for it You might want to make an Investment—start now, "Takes money to make money,” you know You might be visited by thieves or fire-an account with us prevents loss. The saving habit is a miir^hty good one to get into. We oav 4 per cent on Sav ings Accounts THE BANK OF HALIFAX S it. c. N. L. StcdinaD, P. C. Qregory, Preiiditnt Vic#>PTrRidPot P H.arcKory Polk Miller’s Liver Pills 10c. I The Good Old Kind that ways do the work, ime formula for SO yeati Unequalled ior Biliousness, Sick Headache. Constipation and 'Malatia. At all druggists. Manufac- «ured by Polk Miller Drug Co., Inc., Richmond. Va What has become of the presi- dentiit b?KHn pt General Leonard Wood? An Agreeable Surprise. “About thri>e yeftni when I was ^uffurinfr from a severe cold on lungs and cauKhed moRt of the Disht aod day, I tried a bottle of Chamberlaio’a Cough Kemedy aad wan surprised at the promptness with which it mve me re lief," writes .Mrs. .faroea browo, Clark Mills, N Y. Many another has been sui^prised and pleaaed with the prompt relief atforded by this remedy. In these days of meat scarcity the *’wolf’* is afraid to come near the door. Conatlpatioo. The befiooing of almost erery serious disorder is coDstipatioa. If you waot to enjoy go'd tiealth ksep yout boweli regular. This is bMt aoeomplished by proper diet and ezereise, but sometimes a medicine is needed and when that is the case you will find Chamberlaio's Tablets ai» ueellent. They are mild tod fenti* in their action, easy and pleasant to toke. Gits them a trial. They only cost a quarter. Using the automobiles as deadly j veapons is much too comnion. The Citizens Bank HAI IFAX, N C. WB tnvit« tb« people o( tiftllfnx and surroumllng country to pat ronize this Gtank. Why not have a checking account ? It is necessary In these times. It saves you money, and you have a re ceipt against payments to your creditors. Besides It gives you a standing in your community. We have every facility known for Sound Banking, and invite you to open an account with us. The smallest account receives as much attention as the larcesit with us. We p«y 4 per cent. Compounded Quarterly on Savings. Come io «od talk it over with tis. We need yoUf you need us. ' Notice of ke‘Sale, i;y virtue uf thf pin\i-r t iiji- Kii i!k* un.h‘r>*iiriH‘>l 'IruHtfi* l»v oertaiii lhH*aoVTruj*\PX»‘om.*.\ by S\iu\hxi I'ar lev niucli it4 duly ieoiinli'<i in tiie ullic" uf Ihf of lK*t*»lM lot llalifa.v cuuDty lu Hook >7'i at pave dt'faul> liaviQif been inaUe in the payiiieut ot the iodebteduertn tlior^by tteoured, auil beiDK theietu duly requfHtt'd. 1 vtiH oii Monday, November Jrd, 1919. betwepu the hours ofl’.VUO aua'Jo’cluck F. M , iu fruut ui'the euuit liuude doui ID Haiifax, N. utl'er lur public auc tioD to the hiifhebt btddt^r I'oi i'aoh the followiuif described real estate tnwit; That ceitaio tract oi parcel of land near Thelma, id Halifax cuuDty, buuad- ed OD the north by Uraoville .Mayo, oo the east by Ereiett Milln ou the south by the W^e Carter laud, and on th« west by the Wade Carter laud, eoDtaiD- iDg eighteen aod ODe-half acres, more or less. This the 3rd day of Ociobei, IMiy. K. W. HAMILL, Trustee WM. L. KMGHT, Attorney. «mnCiJi.KUir4lKi>OI no: BUCH iii'-vanwwMaiiinminiiMtmfnMMfMfiMwai V H K Administrators’ Notice. late of Halifax county, N, C , this notify all persons holdiDg claims or ac counts against the estate of the deceaMd to present tbe same tu us, duly veritied ilore the 4th day of October, l^iu, ot this notice will be pleaded in bar of tbeir recoTery. .ill peisons indebted to the estate of tbe uaid deceased will please make prompt payiuents- This tbe 4th day of October, i9iw. T. A. K. COOPEK. L. E. COOPER, Admrs. of H. S. B. Cooper, deceased oct 9 Ut. James Stuck Says **Rats Cost Me $125 Per Plumbing Bills. We couldn’t tell what wan clutficiOK up our toilet and drains. We had to tear up Hoor, pipes, etc., found a rrt's nest in basement. They had choked the pipe with refuse. The plumber’s bill was 112^. KAT-SNaF cleaned the rodent out. Three Sixes, 25c., 50c. and |1. yoid and guaranteed by Pieroe-While- ead iJdw. Co., \Yeklon. BSTABLISneD )892[ Capital and Surplus, S63,000.| WE iNViTK YOUR ACCOUNT. 4^ PAID ON SAVINGS DEPARTMENT! W E. DASIEi, K dUITH. VICI-PESIIDINT. ai Mutual advantage is the ba of sound trading. W^e soUo your consignments of cotton aD4 peanuts on this basis. We not make sales under value. J. W. PERRY COMPANY, COTTON AT NORFOLK, VA. PEANUTS AT SUFFOJLK, V*|

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