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The Roanoke news. (Weldon, N.C.) 1867-1989, October 13, 1921, Image 1

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ESTABLISHED IN 1866. VOL. LVI. A NEWSPAPER FOR THE PEOPLE. WELDON, N. C., THURSDAY, 0(TOHEK \',i, 1021. Terms of Subscription—$2 00 Per Annum NO. 24 Chlldran Cry for Flctc'^er’9 CASTOR IA TIm Xlad Tott HtT* iliniji Bought, and vhich hu batn la «M for over tUrtr 7«an, hu horns the ilgnatiue of — tM hat been nude under hji per* «ttperriilon ilnce Iti InftncT. iUo» BO one to deceive you la tli. iUl Oonnterfelti, Imltatlodi and “ Ju«t-as-good ’’ are hut Bspolinanta that trlie with and endanger tiie health of lahiBti and ChUdm—Xnerienoe against Bzperlment. Never attempt to relieve your baby with « remedy that you would use for yourselt WhatlsQASTORlA Gaatorla la a bamdaaa tnlMtltate lor Outer ftregorle, Dropa and Soothing Syrup*. It ia pleasant. It contalna neither Opium, Hvphine nor other narcotic auhsttuice. Its M* i> it* guarantee. For more than thirty yearn It haa iMen in constant ttae for the relief of Conatipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverlahneia arloinf therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowelii alda the aasimilatlon of Food; jlTinc healthy and natural oleef. Xha ChUdren’a Comfort—The liothar’i Friend. QINUINE CASTORfA ALWAYS In Use Over 30 Yeari Th« Kind You Havo Ai BIG SALE S Ind of Season SpGcials.i Final f lean-Up of All Organdies,Voils, White Goods Big line of Attractive Oxfords and Pumps and Men’s Shoes Going at Little Prices. tm Wonderful Sale c u Ijoyri and g 5$ Men’s summei Clothing ^ H A- SWflB/iCK, % mm Tlie Busy Store, WELDON. N C We are not boasiing. We are only stating a fuci and what hundreds of aatisHed patrons say about us. Iksides excell uf goods, wc also lay claim lo promptness and carefulness in the fi inu' ul all orders. * 1 sell groceries as cheap for cash as any one in n.wi'. aiiU will deliver same FREE OF CHARGE. L. E. HULL, ^,ar Batcbelor'a Opera Hou*a,| WELDON, N.C ISE BUE OF lALiriZ, ORGANIZED 1906) Capital and Surplus $66,000. Conducted under strict Banking principles atid ihe same clHcieni management which has marked its success in ihe pasi Yuur bus iness is respectftilly solicited, which will have our careful aiiention. QMBtIa Oracory^ S. M. Qary, ▼laa-PrMldaat, tl (Ireirury Ouiiler. The Citizens Banl^ HAI IPAX, N. C. W B invlt* tbe people ol HaHfaz aod aurroundlnc country lo pat- ronln thia bnk. Why not have a checkinc account ? It U naeaaaary Ib tliaaa time*. It aavea you moaey, bb4 you have a ra« calpt agalnat paymaBt* to your credltora. Bealdn It civea you a ataodias lo yoar community. We have every facility known for Soand Banking, and Invlta you to open an account with u*. Tha amalleat account racelvea aa much attentloallaa the .arseat iritliM. Wa 4 par caat.foaipamiM Qwartarly aa Savlaga. Caaalaaa«taiklta*arBrlihM. iraapatf fM,ra« awMlw.| aSO DISASTER DUTN' TOUFOII ONE YEAR Rtd Cron Qlves $1,871,000 Ra- lief When 65,000 Familiei Are Made Homeless. forty-threo ill«u9t«rt, reiuUtns Itt tht dMth Id the t'nU«d Slates of 800 p«rious ADd tht lajury of 2,000 oallgd tor «ieergenc*y r«llef uvuiur«i MDd the «xpendliur« of 11,671,000 by the AmerloHD Ued (?roii durlnv th« flacftl yetr enUlng June 1921, itayi an announcement based upon the forth' coming nimuHl report of the Retl Croaa. These liiHasteri* cwiiied property duiu' age esdniatod at 180,000,000, affec*ted slxty-Ncvott I'oniinimtCles and rendered 65,000 families hiHuelesa. The year'f' dlsatitera were of vary ing typea, including a«Teral which pre viously had ittver been thought as failing within that clasatflca- tlon. The Ued Cross furnished relief In sevi-nteen Area of magnitude, five floods, seven tornadoes or cjr- cionea, one devaatatlag storm, three explosions, including the one In Wall street; one bulldlBf accident, two typiiotd epidemtca, the most serious be ing that at Salem, Ohio, which at* fected 0 per cent of the population; one aroallpox epidemic. In the republic of Haiti; one train wreck, the race riot at Tulsa, Okta,; the famine lo China, emergency relief In famine among the Indiana of Alaska, the grasshopper plague In North Dakota and an earth quake In Italy. Puetiie Moet teHoue By far the moat atvere of the dis asters In the United States during the period covered by the Bed Cross port was the Pueblo flood early In June, 1921. ’Hie rehabilitation prob lem confronting the Red Cross In Pueblo 'was one of the most dlflenlt in recent yeura. Whee tbe first mws of the horror was flaahed throughout the country, the American Red Cross Kational Heudquarters responded with € grinr of' $10A,000 for relief work. Oovemor Shoup of Colorado, appre* elating the long and avccessful eiperl- ence of die Red Creae le organlaliig disaster relief work, placed the en- t^e responslblUty for the administra tion of relief In Its hands. In response to appeals from Preat* <f»nt Harding, Oovomor Shoup and other governors of western states and through local chapters of the Red Cross and other commiinlty organlxa- Monp. publlc-splrlted dtlsens brought the total contributed for Puel>lo's re habilitation te more tlian |82fi,000. The terrli)le havoc wrought by the flood waters is a matter of record. More than 2,300 liomeK were affected and 7,801 ptTMoits were left hometees. Estimates of $000,000 hr an absolute minlmuu) for rehabilitation were made by Ued CroHs offlclals In ctiarge of tk* relief work. Faet Work In Wall Itreet The Wall street explosion was notn* ble in that relief workers of the Red Cross were <m the scene twenty min utes after the disaster occurred. Ttie race riot at Tulsa also wbv unique In dlitiialer rellt^f atiuals lu that outside of a small emergency relief fund con tributed by the Red CroHS, the only relief measures outside tlie city con sisted of the servl(‘e of social work ers, nnrses and a traltied executive wlione (^Ject was t» assist local for4T« In directing their own efforts. In decided contrast with the pre vious year, only one torrrudo aHsumed the proportions of a major disaster. This occurred on April 10. In the bor der sections of TexHfl und Arkiiniius with the city of Texarkuna iis the center. The slgnlfleant feature of this dltastor relief work was ttie fH<-t that It covered su much rursi territory as te make nec'essary •’ large number uf relief workers. Tbe fjimlne In China, necessitating relief (‘Vpendltures totallln.' more tliin ll.OOO.tXH) by the AmerW'nt) Ued Crost was by far the most serloui of the foreign dIv.Kters In which the Red Cross gave .ild. ■ullds Up its Machinery In connection with the administra tion of disaster relief measures, an In* creasing effeotlveiu*ss on tlie part of the Red Cross to deni with emergen cies was manlfeiited during the past year. In 828 Chapters of the Am<rt- can Red Cross there h«ve been formed special committees to survey the re* •ources of their reepectlve communi ties and to be prepared In case of' disaster. In others of the S.402 active Chapten, a network of communication has been formed through which Instan* t^neous relief may be dispatched to any part of the United States. That Its work In this field may be continued with ever greater effective ness, the American Red Cross Is ap pealing for wldeapread renewal of membership during Its Annual Roll Call, to be conducted this year from November 11 to 24. LIFE SAVING CORPS ENROLLMENT 10,000 Growth of Red Crosa Life Saving Oorpe throughout tfto cohhtry con- tlnoed uaabated during the last fiscal jear, a summary of the year’s acfalev«neBts toy that Red Croes Serv ice tbowai Tb«re are now 100 Con» wttt • totaJI niemherahlp of more than lOlOOO meiib^i^ of which 1»276 are •uSdentl^skllM In the work to act as examiners. Among the outstanding achievements of the Red Cross In tills MA dnrtng tbe U«t year wn<i the o^ ganlMtloB at the Ufftted RtateH Naval Acad*n 7, AnnopoHs, of what Is l>«r^ baps the largeat Ilf* saving corpa la elk* world. How Better Than Pilla? 1^6 qnestion Um been asked: In what way areiChamberlain's Tablets su perior to the ordinary oathartio and liver pills? Onr answer Isr they are easier and more plesannt to take and their effeet so gentle that ’‘one hardly renlisee th*t !• produced by a medicine. Then, they not oniy more the bowels bttt imiMOfie tiM ftppoUte aod streogtli- “The Birih of a Naiion” bringing forward David W. Griffiith’s rare an of musical spectacle, opens an engagement of two nights, Wednesday and Thursday, October 12th and I3th, at the Weldon Opera House. The first half of the great piciure exhibits the salient evenis of ihe X^ivil war,which come to a close at Appomaiiox just fifty years ago Lincoln’s call for troops, Sherman’s march, the Batile of Petersburg, Lee’s surrender to Grant and the awful tragedy at Ford’s Theaire live before the spectator of the Griffith drama. In the second half the South’s **second uprising,” (his time against the carpetbag regime, is shown in a thrilling story of reconstruction days. The romance of the 'little Confederate colonel” Ben Cameron with ihe Northerner Elsie Sioneman, and that of the Unionist Captain Phil Stonrman with Margaret Cam eron, ihe South Carolina lassie, maintains two threads of continuous love-iriterest throughout the story. The fun and frolic of plantation days, as well as the heartache and pathos of the stricken South are shown. The-great out-of-doors is Mr. Griffith’s special field. Great batile scenes and the rides of the clan are staged with the thousands of participants. There are 5,000 scenes in the spectacle and (it is estfmated) no less than 200,000 interesting historical details. On the musical side Mr. Griffith attempted something pre viously unheard of in connection with motion pictures. This waa the synchronizing of a complete sym phonic score with the appearance of the important characters and the enactment of the principal scenes. This instrumental music is played by a large orchestra, and supplemented by part-singing behind the scenes. Somehow the old war-time tunes, thus thematically treated, make the “counterfeit presenti ments,” of long ago seem irresistibly real. Among the leading players in whai was probably the largest theatric cast ever assembled may be mentioned Joseph Henabery as President Lincoln, Donald Crisp and Howard Gaye as Generals Gram and Lee; Mae Marsh as Flora Cameron; Henry B. Walthall,Lillian Gish, Elmer Clifton, .Miriam Cooper as the quartet of lovers; Ralph Lewis as Congressman Sioneman; Spotiis- woode Aiken and Josephine Crowell as the elder Camerons and George Seigman as Lynch. Red Cross Gives $310,000 to Aid ‘Clean-Up’ Drive An npprctirlatlon of HUllU.OOO for Red Tross v^njk In ctmnecilnn with the ‘•clnin-up*’ ciiuipHli^n itiMtltul»*(l by th»» (tov<*jniiu*nt briiiK the cImIiiis ,»f hII disubled sm'Ice men wh») urt* «*utltU*d ♦o V’vUfVul ultl kov- cniiiient Itureiiu for xc'tlon.t has been mnde hy the Aiiierlcun Ucd (,'ros.s. 'I’lie 1-Ixecmlve ('oiiimlttee uf the American Ued CniNs In ntuklDK the ii|>l>ri>|>iiiitinn initbotized the iipproprl- uthm I»r |:r*,iK)0 of this xiim to the .■\n>erlcan Lrfrion to defray tbe ex- pcn.^e of tlie Legion representatives iissl^niMl to the vurloufi dlHtrlct.s <»f tlie Vet«>nins Bnretui. The rcn>iilniler of the approinlatlon WH8 niilbot'l/ed for HpportiMhinent BnioiiK ib(> several IMvI.sions i*f the Red <’ross for carryluK nn tbat pait of the ‘'<-leun-iip‘' wi'ik tbat falls di rectly nputi the Rod Crosa urguni/ultou. hi under Government care ie(Reld[ Goss is spendlinGj ~ . Million Dollars a‘Year ►Hielp the ex-servic iH his family— toll Call To bring before the country In visual form the vast probism It is helping to solve, the Amerlean Rad Cross has prepared for its Annual Roll Call, Nov. 11 to 24, a poster ehowino how rather than diminishing the total of World War veterane entitled to Federal aid oontlnues to grow. Red Cross Service to theee men Is costing $104)00,000 a year. President Harding NcmrHeads IkdCwss Suceeeding former President Wilson, President Harding was recently •leoted preeldent of the Amerlean Red Cross. He ia here seen accepting the office. From left to right: MaJ. Qen. Merrltte W. Ireland, Surgeon Qeneral, U. S. A.; Dr. Livingston Farrand, chairman Central Committee of the Red Oree«; tlie Prealdent; Aeet, Secretary ef the Treaeury Eliot Wadewor||i{ Rear Admiral Kdw«rd R. Stitt, Surgeon General, U. S. N. uf There are still a few good old-1 And it will soon be time to begin fashioned .Wotnen who dislike to I to wonder if Mr. Bryan will run see their names fn the papers. | for president again^ Ohlld^^^VOry I OMldren Ory forft^wiln’s FOR nETCHtrs GA&T.O.R IA G A SJTLQJ^ J A Young America Sends Vast Relief To Needy Abroad Various relief projects of tlie .Itinhir AnierU-ati Hed Cross In Kurupean ('(•iinh’leN resulted la helpliit! J.'iT.IKHi destltiite ctiMdreii during the last IIS' cal year, urrordiiiK to the annual re port tif Mie Auierlcjin Red (Yohh for that period. The growth of the activi ties of the Janiors abroad Is tnani* fested t)y a conipHtlson which stiows this flKure Is larger than that of th<* previous fiscal year. The Niitionnl ('hlldren’g Fund raided hy school children, members of the Junior American Ued Cross, was drawn upon for $420,557 for these proj ects. Receipts for the National Chll- dren’a Fund during tha last fiacal jmi letalled |l»J31T. Thedford’s for tndlgestloa and atomacb trouble of any kind. 1 bar* never found anything that touches tho apot, like BUck- Draught 1 take It in broken dottes after meals. For a lo«g time I tried pills, which grip* Q medicine ta easy to take* M to kMp, laexpeaalTab*> 5 Get A paokag* fr«n p*«r 2 draplit todtr*-Aik Iw isS D iMtit twos Thed!eii’fr-4h* D only seBiilna. fl It today. BB DBaBaDDBBBBI THE BIRTH OF A NATION COMING. D. W. Griffiih’s historical speciacle "The Binh of a Nation" will come to the Weldon Opera House next Wednesday and Thursday, October 12th and 13th. The “Birth of a Nation” is one of the mosc widely discussed topics in the country. It established an absolutely new an in the realm of the theatre—the an of pantomimic screen with music. It also created a tremendous sensation because of its vas ter and more forceful treatment of the same theme as Thomas Dixon’s “The Clancman." The consequences of the Civil War in Southern reconstruction are lully dealt with, and the nation reborn is apotheo sized. Mr Griffith, pioneer among directors, managed the stupendous achievement without the aid of dialogue or speech, for motion pictures, accompanying music anil effects tell the coherent, logical and moving story. A Wonderful Cleaning Soap made with ONE large can of Red Seal Lye mixed with 5'/i pounds of grease and water (according to directions) makes ten pounds of wonderful cleaning soap. You can either make hard or soft soap—which ever you need, and you’ll say it’s the great est cleanser you ever saw. For Red Seal Lye is absolutely pure lye of the highest quality. It is free from any adulterations. Red Seal Lye is granulated and packed in cans that are easy and con venient to use. There is nothing like Red Seal Lye for washing greasy pots and pans or cleaning out greasy sinks. You simply sift Red Seal Lye into the pan or sink with a little water to dissolve it. 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