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The daily review. (Wilmington, N.C.) 1876-1895, August 05, 1884, Page 1, Image 1

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THIS PAPER TLSASS NOTICS. . . Tf win to ta receive cosazaxancxUca frba era triendi oa my aaa "ia . KdiJtct! general Interest but ' . Tfca nana of tlia writer nms always t slsaed to the Editor. ConniTmtcaaoni ami ta wxtttsa ca tal oaotlde ol tha paper. " . Person&TUtea xauat bo avoldod.: : And It la especially and particularly te tood that the Editor does not always endw sc th6 Ylews of correspondent ualen ex state. In the editorial cornwiff. - NEW ADVEBTISEME2ITS. . 1884rFurniture. 1884. -yUOLESALE AND KETA1L, NEW STOCK arriTlng cvcrfilay for the FallJTradc Hcrchints and others will aavo money by piaclBg their orders with mc. ; Please send for prlco list or call 'before. . -Bm-r evening. Sundays ex- 1 la "eepted Jpy , "1 JOSH T.JAMES, KPITOB AKD PBOFMBTOK. TTRSCRlPTldNS POSTAGE PAID: erW Six months. $2.00. Three 0110 nths. fl-00; One month, 35 cents. " will be delivered by carriers free fIieV m y 01 the at thc &bove tn or 10 cenU per week. , . rites, or tna , d Mijerai AdveBtlBmsi"" Subscribers will report any and all Hoir nancr reeularly. VOL. VIII. fail- WILMINGTON. N. C.. TUESDAY. AUGUST 5, 1884. NO. 185 . . ' . . t ' ' .V. Ml ores i We Daify Review tfie 'tafff&t Jtfn fide circulation, of any newspaper DOT- i' m . - .... . - TTrrT-w..,., D1 PKMOCKATIC TICKET Election Tuesday, Nov. 4 ton president: (illOVEU CLEVELAND, of New York. ion vice president: THOMAS A. HENDRICKS, of Indiana. . ? FOi: COVEKKOK-: ALFRED M SCALES, of Guilford. ron Lieut, governor:' CHARLES M. STEDMAN, of New Hanover. FOK SECRETARY-'OF STATE: WILLIAM L. SAUNDERS, of Wake. run state treasurer: DONALD W. BAIN, of Wake. FOR AUDITOR: W. P. ROBERTS, of Gates. FOR ATTORNEY-GENERAL: THEODORE F. DAVIDSON, of Ban com be. FOK SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC IN STRUCTION: S. M. FINGfER, of Catawba. ;; 7- 'V. ASSOCIATE JUSTICE SUPREME COURT) A. S. MERRIMON, of Wake. FOR ELECTORS AT-LARGE : W. H. KITCHEN, JOHN N. STAPLES. FOL CONGRESS : R. T. BENNETT, of Anson. " . No less than 15.690 persons are lock ofi nn in the fails and Drisons of New V f w York. Archibald Forbes is at work torj telling of his experience in on a Ind'a with white elephants. - Col Wharton J. Green is popular in the Third District, and "don't you for get it!" The Old North State may be reck oned good for 20,000 Democratic ma jority in the next election. , t Although Frenchmen were the origi nal frog-eaters, it is asserted that more lrosare now eaten in New York alone than ia all of France.: . . The Pope had a fainting fit a few days ago, owing to overwork and the summer heat. His physicians strongly advise him to abltain from business and take a period of complete repose. With such tickets as Cleveland and Hendricks for President, and Scales and Stedman for Governor and " Lieu tenant Governor, there can be no doubt of the result. Mesrs. Sexton and Redmond are to be sent"by the Irish members pf Par liament on a special mission to America lor the pnrpose of reviving interest jn the nationafcause andlo raise funds to enable the Nationalists to run ninety candidates at tho next general elec'ion. TlOCAL NEWS. IMDEXTO HEW ADVERTISEMENTS.' C Milleii Conundrum C w Yates New Goods Heis s berckk 1 J ammocks C S El(us Profes&lonal.Card mcxds Baos. & DeRosset Trusses E?erybody in want of Paints, White k&d. Glass &c, should go to jjACOBi's Fullest assortment of Fishing Tack to can be found at Jacobi's. f There was no City Court this morn .j0 nd no tramps were furnished with Jofes at tho guard house last night. er large consignment of Sash, Doors & Blinds at Factory prices, just ived at Jacobi's Hardware Depot! Every Farmer ought to get a "Boys Tapper Plow" greatest invenUon ol ea2e- Jacqdi is the Agent 4 . The Mulligans were out in all their Jtorj last night, afier-the crowd had ttired who had assembled to witness 1118 reception of Gov. Jarvis. . e vitethe attention of our citizens ,U fact that first quality shirts are r2 jnade to order at one dollar at the Ugton shirt Factory, . U. At 3 o'clock to-day the thermometer in this office registered 87 degrees. m Let there be a grand turnout at the Gity Hall to-night to hear Gov. Jarvis and Col. Rowland. y . ' .Literary. We have received the August number of the Magazine of American History, and it i3 replete with interesting and nstructivo matter. Among its contents is a paper on "Lee's Campaign against Pope in 1862," contnbutud by Prof. W. Allan, which is by far the ablest and nearest correct of any of the large number of articles which we have seen upon .that much-talked-of but little-understood subject. Wl He we are aware hat the writer was mistaken in some of the minor details of that campaign he was entirely correct in the immense risks taken by Lee during the days which immediately preceded the battle of Manassas, in the hazard in which Jackson placed himself for a time, and in the complete bewilderment of Pope during the entire period. The paper is a fine contribution to.tbe history of those exciting days. Besides this, there are other articles of much merit and historic interest, which -make the num ber one of unusual interest. Fell from a Scaffold. Quite a painful accident happened to two young men this morning while at work on a house on Mulberry street. between ThiFd and Fourth. ; The par ties were Messrs George New and Robert Turney, and a board on which they were standing on the scafiold tilt ed and precepitated them to the ground. a distance ot 18 feet. Mr. New receiv ed some painful bruises on the back and shoulders and Mr. Turney has a long gash on the head which, fortunate ly, does not penetrate the skull. Both of the young men will be laid bp sever al days from the effects. Warsaw, N. C. Among the many thriving villages along the lino of the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad, the town of Warsaw seems to be ri3ine: into prominence quite rapidly. There have been quite a number of buildings erected there during the past year, snd there are seyeral others now in course of con structiont And there is every reason why it should continue to thrive, as it is not only in the centre ot a rich farm ing country, but is in the immediate vicinity of the rich phosphate sections of Duplin county. Added to this is the fact that it is from that town that the branch railroad to Clinton will Ve built, and that, too, within a short time. The streets are neat and well laid out and there js a thriving school there of which Rev. W. M. Kennedy and his son, Mr. D. S. Kennedy, are the principals. Miss Beyvie Kennedy, daughter of the former, and well known in this section as a successful teacher," is one of thc assistants. It is djw vacation time and Miss Kennedy is seeking, health, re creation and rest among the mountains of Virginia. From Brunswick. A, letter from Sheriff Taylor, of Town Creek, in Brunswick county conveys the gratifying information ttat there has of late been an improve ment in thc crops in that locality. He siys that the rains during the past two weeks have been light conipared with those waich fell in the last ot June and early in July and the crops that were not drowned or washed away by those earlier rains have improved and should the weather continue favorable this mouth the crops may all turn out two thirds or three-fourthst Sheriff Taylor also furnishes us with some paaticulars as to the sad death by lightning of Mr Edward Mercer, a citizen of Middle Swamp in Brunswick county. He was struck and instantly killed in his house about 2 o'clock on Friday last, the 1st inst. . thunder cloud passed over the house and the lightning struck the chimney at the Western end of the building, demolish ing it, and then passed though between the upper floor and thc mantel piece in the room on that side. Mr. Mercer was standing at the time nar the' centre of the lire place and when the bolt struck he fell to the floor on his tace and did not move afterwards. One of his sons was sitting within a few feet of him when -he fell and another son J Mrs. Mercer and & daughter were all in the house yet not one of them received any injury. - j -Mr. Mercer was about 62 years old, was a good, moral, upright citizen and had been a member of tho Methodist Episcopal Church for many years." Board of Aldermen. The Board of Aldermen met in regu lar session yesterday afternoon, present, His Honor, Mayor E. D. Hall, and Aldermen Boney, Bear, Dudley, Howe and Geyer. The Committee on Finance, in the matter of bill against the Little Giant Engine Conrpnny, referred to them, made a verbal report and asked lor furt1 er time, which was granted. . The committee on Police submitted the following resolution, which, ou mo tion was adopted; - liesolvcd, That the Mayor be.instrucl ed to furnish each police office with a copy of tho rules governing them, and that he cite particular attention to rule 19, whch positively , forbids their par ticipation in politics, and that they may be notihed that said rules, be rigidly enr torcea - The bids for cleaning the police uni forms were referred to the Police com mittee with power to act. A communication from E. J. Penny packer, with reference to chairs for the Opera House, was, on motion, referred to a special committee, consisting of Aldermen B?ar, Dudley and Chad bourn, with further insiructions for said committee to inquire into the con tract made with said Pennypacker, for the rent ot said building. So much ot the report ot the Chief of the Fire Department as relates to the Banaker Engine Company, was, on motion of Aldertnan Dudley, referred to the committee on Fire'' Department with nower to aot. and, on motion of Alderman Geyer, the committee was instructed to inquire into the wants of the Little Columbia Company. The petition of Free Love Lodge No 1,469, G.U. of Odd Fellows, for use of City Hall, was granted. Petition of J. W. Telfair for use of the City Hall for a church festival was granted. Petitions received tor positions on the police force were ordered on file. Our Distinguisnea v isltor. A large throng assembled last, night to greet the arrival of Gov. Jarvis, on the 8 35 train, which arrived on time. On the arrival of the train the Governor was met by Mayor Hall, Col. F. W. Kerchner and Mr. P. Heinsberger, who conducted him and his private secretary Capt. G. L. Dudley, to the carriage which was in waiting for them. The Wilmington Light Infantry were in attendance to do escort duty and re ceived their Commander-in-chief with the customary honors. After the dis tinguished party had entered the carriage, the Infantrypreceeded by the Cornet Concert Club, took up the line of march as escort, moving do wn Front to Market, up Market to lmru ana up Third to " the City Hall, where the Governor was presented by Mayor Hall to the large assemblage of ladies and gentlemen who had gathered there to welcome his arrival, and by whom he was greeted with earnest enthusi asm. The Governor made a short speech in which he expressed nis grate ful appreciation of the manner in which he had been received, after which he retired to the Mayor's office, where manv of our citizens called upon him to pay him their respects. . x This morning the Governor, accom panied by the Mayor and seyeral of our most prominent citizens, went down to the Rocks," on the Passport, where the Government boat will take him and his escort upon his tour of inspec tion of the government works. Thence tho party will proceed to Smithvilleand dine at the Hotel Brunswick, returning to Wilmington for supper and in sea son for the ratification meeting to night. A breakfast parly has been tendered the Governor at 11:30 o'clock to "mor row morning by Col. F. W. Kerchner, after which he will be escorted to the Chamber of Commerce by lion. A. H. VanBokkelin. Gol. Roger Moore and Capt. R. M. Mclntire, and be intro duced to the business men of the city. Thence he will betaken by the mer chants and business men of the city to the Seaside Park Hotel, at Wrights ville, where the party will partake of a dinner which will be in waiting for them. Workmen were engaged this morn ing, under the direction of the Demo cratic Executive Committee, in erecting a stand on the portico of the City Hall for the accommodation ot the speakers tonight. There was an alarm of fire at about 11 o'clock tlrs forenoon. It was false, however, ajd was caused accidentally by the workmen who were engaged in putting in the new fire alarm. Now is the time to give Smith's Worm Oil. - 1yd ir County Commissioners. The Board pf County Commissioners met in regular monthly session yester day afternoon. , The minutes of the last regular meet ing were read and approved. The Treasurer submitted hi3 report for tho month of July, as follows : General Fundi show in &r V balance ori hand. : . . .'.. Sis 200 7fl Educational Fund, balance , on hand. . ................ 1.606,07 Of the general fund thc sum of $6,- 665 is in-the shape of a certificate of de posit in he First National Bank. . The Register of Deeds submitted his report o t fees t .received, for , mar r ia ge licenses for tho month ol July, amount ing to $8.55. and exhibited the Treasur er's receipt for thc same "which was received and or Jercd on file. . It was ordered by the Board that the folio wing parties be allowed to list their taxe3 for thc year 1884 : O. A . Wiggins and Peter MohrIasonboro Township ; b. L. Meredith. Harnett TownshiD: Wm. Turley, Federal Point Township; b. P. Hard wick, poll tax, in Harnett Township; T. P. Phillyaw.and Davkl Jones, Cape Fear Township. J The contract lor the burial of the pauper dead, and furnishingcofiins for the same, was awarded to John S Gib3on at the same price as paid the former contractor. , It was ordered that an entire netf registration of the county of New Han over be made. The Board adjourned to next Mon day, the 11th inst. BOARD OF EDUCATION. At a subsequent meeting ot the Board of Education it was ordered that School Dis'rict No. 5 be notified to meet with the Board ot Education at the next regular meeting of the Board. The Board adjourned to meet again on the first Monday in December. Fifth Ward Democrats. The- Fifth Ward Democratic Club held a meeting last night, at which there were about two hundred present, and adopted the following resolutions, viz: r t v vavavi . uesoivea, vvnne mere are many Democrats of the Fifth Ward who are somewhat disappointed in the selection made at. Lumberton for Congressman from the Sixth Senatorial District by the Democratic Convention in not nominating our-beloved townsman and fellow-citizen, the Hon. A. M. Wad dell, for Congress, yet for the sake of the great principles involved in the ap proaching campaign, together with the ultimate success of the Democratic party to National and State authority, we, as Democrats, believe it to be our indispensable duty to bury all personal preferences and past indifferences, as regards individual choice, and unite ourselves together as a band of breth ren, fighting shoulder to shoulder, breast to breast, and heart to heart, in the great cause for the good of the whole country. We believe this to be our duty as Democrats, and nothing less. 2d. We therefore ratify and endorse the action of the Sixth Congressional District Convention, in their unani mous choice of the Hon. R. T. Bennett as our candidate for Congressman. His official record in tho past, as a faithful servant of the people, com mands the utmost confidence, and is a sufficient guarantee of his success in the present campaign. We, the Dem ocrats of the Fifth Ward, will use all honorable means in our power to se cure the election of the distinguished statesman and Christian gentleman, Hon. R. T. Bennett, to the Congress ot the United Stales of America, and we ask all Democrats to join us. List of Letters. A list of unclaimed letters remaining at the Post Office in this City on Wed nesday, August C, .1884: A Champion Artis. B Bryant Barlow. Annie- Brown. Geo. T. Brooks, Kates Baker. C John M. Carter. D Fred. Dosher, W. F. Dorfiinger. F Mattie Fulcb, John C. Faison. G Gabe Graham, Dr. Geo. Graham. H A. J. Hatch. Geo. A. Herring, Henry Harriss, Henry Hall, Lucy Harp, Lila Herring. J Mary A. James, Haywood Jones. K J. W. E. Kershaw. M A. Morrison, Cestesia Martin, Jas. W. Mattocks. Rev. J. W. Moore, Jos. Maurice, Martha McGee. T. W. Manltsby. N MaryNeary. P Sarah E. Powell. RRobt. Roberson, Carrie Bobbins. S Wm. Smith, Thos. Simpson. T Wm. Thompson. R. II. Trask, J. H. Tucker. . W Charlotte WTilliams. Rev. E. Williams, (2) Ellen Williams, Frances Wilkins; Lavinia Wright, Mary L. Williams, Rachel Williams. Zaida Walker. . Persons calling for letters in the above list will please say "advertised;" if not called for within ten days will be sent to; the dead letter office at Washington, D. C . n Ed. R. Bkxxk P. M. Mr. William Scbroeder, Gilbertsyille, low, used St. Jacobs Oil, the great pain banisker, in his stable, for horses ailments, and upon, himself for rheu matism and says it is the best cure he ever tried. Price 50 cents. . isase Ball. I By telegram received by af gentleman bf this city this afternoon, v?e are as sured that the Mechanic f Base Ball Club, of Columbia. Si C. will be here on the 7th inst , to play a tntch game of base ball with the Seasides, of this city. The game will beplayed on the grounds jof the latter, at Wxighlsville, and a hotly-contested game may be cx- Lpected. . i The Kocks. r J Mb Editok; It was suggested by one of our celebrated physicians that a irip lo me seasuore womu De ueneuciai to me. I immediately selected the Rocks, where ; mine hostess, r Mrs. Mayo, presides. Thc doctors parting charge and direction was to eat very lightly. WW, I did! I ate two din ners before 4 o'clock, all of which I touched as lightly as I could. Some where about 8 o'clock I engaged in an other light, but not lisht, Isuppcr. I could not help it. Everything was so good and so well served that II think tho doctor would have joined me, had he been on hand. Well, to majke a long story short, for kindness, gdod eating, good beds, good baths anld a good, quiet time generally, the houJso of Mrs. Mayo cannot be surpassed, in my hum ble opinion. Another ycarj she, and her good husband, expect! to extend their domain, though none go away un served now. One Week. THE MAULS.! Themalla close and arrive office as follows : ' CLOSE. at the CltyPos Northern through malls, f53t. ...U-7.3o;p. M. Northern through and wiy malls. -..8.00 A. M Raleigh. 6.45 P. M. and-8.00 A. M. Malls for the N. C. Railroad and routes supplied therefrom Includ ing A. & N. C. Railroad at ' i 7.30 P. M. and 8.00 A. M. Southern Malls for all points South, daily.... L.8.00 P. M. Western malls (C. C. Railway)jlaily, (except Sunday)... i i..B.45 P. M. All points between Hamlet and Ral eigh...'. 4.. 6.4$ P- M. Mail for Cheraw and Darlington Rail road I..8.00 P.M. Malls for points between Florence and Charleston.... .. 8.00 P. M. Fayettevllle and omces on Cape Fear River, Tuesdays and Fridays. ..i.. 1.00 P. M. Fayetteville, via C C Railroad, dailV, except Sundays .";..6.45,P. M. Onslow C. H. and Intermediate ofljl- ces, Tuesdays and Fridays 4.. 6.00 A. M. Smithville malls, by Bteamboat, daily (except Sundays) . .2.30 P. M Mails for Easy Hill, Town Creek, Shallotte and Little River, Tues days and Fridays.. :..6.00 A. M. Wrightsville, daily..r. ..48.30 A. M. OPEN FOR DELIVERY. Northern through and way malls..!.. 7.30 A. M Southern' Malls .,'.7.30 A. M, Carolina Central Railroad......... 8.45 A. M. Malls collected from street boxjes business portion of city at 5 A. M., 11.30 AiM. and 5.30 P. M. and from other points of the city at 5 P. M. Stamp Office open from 7 A. M.:to6P. M., Money order and Register Department open from 8 A. M. to 5.30 P. M. I General delivery open from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M. and on Sundays from 8.30 to 9.30 A M. ' Carriers' delivery open on Sunday from 8.30 to 9.30 A.M. 1 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS OFFICE OF Dr. 8. C. Ellis, NO. 323 SOUTH FOURTH STREET, op posite Miller's Drug Store. J9S Note change of office hours, iwhich aio as follows 7 to 10 a. m., 3 to 0 p. ms ". Telephone at residence, No 55. june 9 tf For Sale. QNE ORGAN, ONE BABY CARRIAGE and several other articles, at a Bargain. Also will rent my House until Oct. 1st. I J. A. SPRINGER, 4r7Walautbt. aug 4 lw At the Old Stand 0 O F PARKER & TAYLOR You can get anything in ! their line AT BOTTOM FIGURES. I New BIRD CAGES just In, PURE" WHITE OIL. aug 4 House Builders. HARDWARE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, Locks, Hinges, Butts. Nails J Window Fastenings, Ac. Contractors can save money by -consulting us. Largo stock, good assort ment and good goods. -W. E. SPRINGER & CO.. Successors to John Dawson $ Co., aug 4 Wilmington, N. C. BASE-BALL MATCH ! AfSEA-SIDE PA'RK, ' Thursday, August 7; '84, COLUMBIA a SEA SIDE Ml. GRAND BALL IN THE EVENIN BICY- CL.K RACES ! A BIG TIM1 A COMMOD ATIONS FOR EVERYBODY. SCOVIXLE& CO. aug .2. James A. Lowrev9 -yyHEELWRIGHT, BLACKSMITH ; AND General Repairer of Carriages and Vehicles. '- 1 ' ' Work of all kinds attended to without delay. I Thanking my friends for favors extended to , ' - me In the past, I solicit their kind favors and - 5 ' their patronage In future. After an experi- t ence of forty-four years as a Mechanic under Capt W. H. Bobbitt, of Warrentoa, and In Wilmington, I am now prepared to e ondoct the work la all its branches la a rood and hrorkmanllke manner. i Place of business, on Pits cess, between 3rd lad ita streets. nor sa-oaw-tl placing ordcr3 with others. ' D. A. SMITH. Furatturc Dealer. N. Front Street Country Merchants WISHING TO BUT GBOCKEIS. WILL FIND A FULL STOCK AT , ' ; ' Kerchner & Calder Bros. At prices to suit dull times. MEAT. FLOOR, COFFEE, 8UGAR, MOLAuSSKS, MEAL, CGltN, HAY, . SALT. LIME, CASE & CAN UOODS. HOOP JKON, BUNGS and GLUE. AT WHOLESALE ONLY. KERCIINElt A CALDER BROS.: 2il acd 223 North Water St., " Ac? 4 Wilmington, N. C ' Bargains. IJIO MAKE ROOM FOR OUR LARGE FALL STOCK we aro compelled to CLOSE OUT aoxe REMSANT LINES of Gents1 & Ladies' Low Shoes At prices which CANNOT BE BEATEN.! Goods that will give you entire satisfaction. Geo. B. Erench & Sons, 108 NORTH FRONT STREET. aug 4 City Drug Store. aiG MARKET STREET. SODA WATER, WITH PURE FRUIT SYRUP. Conoley Cologne, Hair Tonic and Too Physic (forcorns.) Cigars and Cigarettes. Prescriptions put up at any hour dav ami night. Headquarters for Turnpike Tickets. J. W. CONOLEY, aug 2 Manager. CONUNDRUM. -yHY IS THE STEAMER PASSPORT like a suing Band ? Because, it cannot do - without Its "Harper!" - DRUGS, PERFUMES, SOAPS, FANCY and Toilet Articles, Ac. &9 Prescriptions a specialty at F. C. MILLER'S, may 26 Corner Fourth and Nun sts Hammocks. JUST RECEIVED, THE THIRD LOT OF New HAMMOCKS, iirgo and small sizes. BASE BALLS AND BATS, CAPS AND BELTS. Now Is thc Uma for you gentleausn to supply youreclvea and bchappy. r ' SUMMER READING for everybody. Please .. call and mike your selections from a larg stock At HEINSBERGER'S, July 28 ' Live Book and Music Stores. Trusses. gPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF BEST MAKES. Braces) . FOR MAI AND FEMALE. Complete lino of above articles, various sizes and prlcesl For sale by Munds Bros. & DeRosset, ' DRUGGISTS, ' .. WILMINGTON, N. C July 23 - , . New Goods! Y"EBEG TO CALL YOUR ATTENTION to our floe Bee of Autograph and' Cabinet Photograph Albums, 'handsomely bound la Plush and Russian Leather. Also a beautiful assortment of Ladles' and Gents Leather Card and Letter Cases, Russian Leather, Alligator and Turke? Morocco; Mexican and. Co ton. Hammocks, wl'h aid without stretchers, tl.0? to $1.50. A few seta and haff set? cro quet left. Bsse Balls, Bats, Ac. Special low rates on Stow Cases. Send for prices C. W. YATES, July 28 119 Market street. , THE BEST 5 CENTS CIGAR - is THURBER'S No. 5,r ; SOLD AT LAFON'S GROCERY STORE, ' 220 N. Front t. corner MuTberry. , . JVGire oar COFEEE a trULArc cue tQ Icasc;:-, ? ' -' ' ' julyil - 1 -.

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