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North Carolina Newspapers

Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, N.C.) 1851-1865, January 10, 1859, Image 1

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mm ^idOHv *ur oI '■! Ih 'i>i«>li-. 8. I.the -..Mic ,h«, f b'V sit of fuiun^ ancT »>C**S, a>-s 1^.,, in*fii, .-ir HI 'hi. lit M iiiriii ., ti-oiii the !! irli. , ALi; S..X 1^ ^ ollars, •I« r.-s; . .-ifi.liv ■**»1 ai>'J . X. i.,'^ Mil ■ - ;,]i. Iho.Kt. •■ Ji »f HUl s . him- ii . =f,. 'f f ^iN‘llii|p ALK * ALl: V .V le H. ( * . ;. I'. ■ lil >ls, • D 1,1 V rt M iM'iiut: ‘ 'pirp«j- jc«il In tt I n«o(if, piditjr M ftinc. |hm1. itby h - lAC'tiona t, »i.a JI—l«|%rr t bi« - uit aoi - . K«nieti:A lo m l.»nypf \mtiy ^ • cei In biui ri;-. Ithy to »no t.fH i >f tb id, \tliat I. ourii>v oveni- ill clioi» if«C» IOll4 , • tor i liolei n ’«• .hro>» K»n»f roiil‘ l>ti I-- . Ill III e I I b> \\ oriii't wdWj lilll F-Vi-r, tiiianlmouv tik the lii\l- rr. a.TOR Y. !. It «•.. Won, V»-|' |f«T. II'- efl JiiuiXE, fylv of 5, .fiiil'r. • in :i ofitl qitor (titff Si.. - o I'jr Ki .il ■ .;} .Jni ivt!' ...'I'i I.iirki 1, T ■■■illy sn: t L‘;iV:'l \ v“- >t it>i- ■.'! :iHl r.- .e'l I' AL. 'A1-. Ks’rs^ l.llil - .)• de. will Jo j (.'-cw l.Hrc, >i» i ’pi i. ■ . ] n‘iiy ,iiri. Ill —Illlty, ■, lUUM K. : Jlllpd U D. -.III c.'iinty, my K'O' jyhi"-' n-, .Ut i j ..U^n. 'I;irk • 1.; r'->- I- t, I'ontine- lii.- (i-livfiy 1'- 1' - iji.ire i"r ■ 11 •'!• I't*'"' )| = 'ing llilUj j. , V-;. tO’-’IIlP iiij{ in Robe*iu j i-^’HCKLL. Dfficc, TOffi'fUMalE (DIB SElil-W EEKL, Y. [VOk VIII.] FAYETTEVILI.E. N. C., JANUARY 10, 1859. ^NO. 778-1 I'iMNTED MONDAYS AND TUL’R^DAYS LWARD 3. HALE &*SOX, LDITOKS AND rilOl’UlKTOKS. Price I'or tlie Semi-WeekU ()BS*tRVKR S3 OU if 4>aid in advaiico;^^3 r>o it^paiJ duriiip '.he year of subscrip tion: or it Hl’ter tLi; yyar Iihs expired. For the Weekly (Jbsekver $2 Olt per auuuni. if paid in H.lvance: fiO if pdid durinj^tln? year of sub.scrip- lion; or S3 00 #ter tlic year ha.s expired. AUVERTI.^KMENTS inserted for 60 cents per ! qimr^ of 10 linc'^for the fir«t. and 30 cents for each ' succeeding publication. Yearly advertisements by spe- i cial contrncts. at rea.«cnable rates. AdveTtisers are | reiucstod to state the number of insertions desired, or j ihev will be continued till forbid, and charged accord- : ingly. * j Advertiscrhents to be inserted luside, charged 60 per cent extra. Lli\D FOR SiLIl r OFFER for sale »i4(> Acres of L.-VNL), lying on the X West iiido of Cape Fear lliver, two miles below Fay- tftteville. and extending from the river into the sand hills. This tmct ia about equally divideJ into river- ridge, nwanip and sand-hill Laud. About f^O acres, adjoining tlie river, are under cultivation and are well suited to the growth of i.'oru and Grass: none of the Swamj) has been cleared. Tliere are several good sites fyr a dwelling house on the sand-hills. Any person wishing to purcliase will do well to make early appli cation, as 1 iiave determined to sell. THOMAS J. ROBINSON. Sept. 8, ISo'J. 44tf Hi 11! nil Lt\ni’iii{ u\L The Subscriber offers for sale THlRTy-FlVE HUN- OKEL* .-XCKES of Land in as aealthy a.section as tliere is in .\labatna. FORTV ACKE8, on whieh are a good Dwelling and all necessary out-housses, in gftod repair. ONt nUNDIlEl) and SIXTY ACHES, good river bot- t.)m lin.l, loo acres of which is under cultivation and product* fine crops of Cotton and Qorn. ! NINE lil'NDKEI) and SIXTY ACRES Creek and Piue land, on which is some good farming land. 1 TWENTY-THREE HUNDKED and FORTY ACRES Pine land, well suited for Turpentine getting. This property Will be sol i cheap and on accommoda ting terms. Address the subscriber at Mount Pleasant P. 0., Monroe County, Alabama. WILLIAM W. E.'?‘GLISH. March 11. 1858. 92-ly Land for Nale. rOHN T. GILMORE now offers for sale a portion of liis swamp lands in the county of Cumberland about 14 tniles lielow Fayetteville, and about li miles East of the ('ape Fear Hiver. The entire swamp has4)een suc cessfully drained, of rtie large bud\' of water by wliich it was heretofore covered. The land is aj)j.Hrently level, being free from fidges : whicli are so common to swamp lands generally,) whil-it tln re is an abuniJance j » npHE Subscriber desire^ through thi'^ medium j ol' lall. by which t!ie rain water cvi be carried off by ^ £ tu ackowledjio the liberal patronage bestow- T WADDII.I. HAS TAKEN CHARGE OF THE t'AVETTEVILLE HOTEL. With efficient aid in t^e ilifferent departments, and his own supervision of the entire Establish- ment, he hopes to give satisfaction to the Pat- r. n-- L't'the IJouse. • gy" llak'igh and Warsaw four-horse lines of Stages arrive an.l ilepart Jroui this House Daily, and the Salem S:;ige Trinveely. Favetieville. N. C., Oct'r 1. ')l-lv E’lst side ')/ ft'rtrn Street, a /ttc doon Sorth '// Murkf t. ed upon his Hou>e the juist year—and as tie ;;H« jit-it erected New Stable* and Carriage Shed coiiven- ii-nt to the House and to wat«»r he t!iko pleasure in «ay- inir to hi..i patrons and the public generally, that he is itill prepared to accoi.’imodnte them wi#i tran-iient and piriiianeiit boai-d. and rep*etfully solicits a continuance if The li>ieral patron;»ge heretofore received. Everv e\- or?i'in iin his jiait -hall be u.«ed to render them comforta- !■; = during their sojourn with him. His table is always 'upplied with thj best the market aflnris. P. SHEMWF.LL. March-J4, lb/H 80-tf L'luvonient an^i well FURNISHEl> Establish- ^ 1 uieiit wHi opened for the reeepiiuii of Boarders.on j i;,e IJ'h in«t. The sulicriher will spare no pains to! ” .k.' all comfortable who m^y stoji at her hoiie. Re- i ir ..fir b.iurders will here find the tjuiet comfort of home. ; •• r'lbined with tit*; advantages to ba'itiO'^® men of Hotel. . l i:i' stiilile.' of Mr. W. C. Troy are in the rear of the | H.iii-i. ati'l travellers may entrust their horses to his care. ! w;-'i the :fi.'urance that the bepi treatmen: will be be- i . wc-l Th-'iu. MARY ANN POTTJiR '"-■t. :il. oO-‘>m I ordinary ditches. .V small portion of the land has been ! in cultivation about 7 j'ears, and thoae i>ersons who ' have seen the cmps regard tliu land as equal in fertiliiy ! to any they have seen in tli:s State or elsewhere. The I location i healtl^, ihe neighborhood go.. J. and the ac- ' cess to Fayetteville an'i Wihrrington eM.y by means of j a good rvud H miles in length leading directly to the river. Besifles tliis, it is w.thin 3 miles of a beautiful I little villaire. upon a Liigh and healtlij BlutV, at the i river, witn a Sfure, Ware-hou>e and tir»i-rate landing. ; All which aff.'-.-.i many conveniences to the neigtibor- j houd. As several persons have spoken of purchasing. ' this is deemed a proper time to call their atteiition to j the subje'.'t, inasmuch as there is a crop now growing I upon a small portion of the land, by which they can ! judge of its produ^ion. 6k* Reasonable lertu* will I be given to the purciiaser. 1 Sept. Ill, lo'.f To the Public. 'pilK Su^.-crlber havii?^ RENTED the EXTENSIVE 1 >T-VBLE.S .c onnected with the Dobltin House, is now t'l.o.ared to board Horses by the day or luunth. H'' has -. .•ure.l the services of an experienced hostler, an i pro- u i-es t. gite .satisfaction to all who «iay patronize his e-tab’i'iiiiient. NV C. TROY. (Hr. ‘.’I. -jtj-Sm ^FAYEffETlLLK MUTUAL INSURAXCK COMPANV. ASSF.TS $230,326.28. 'PHIS 'ompany ha« been in o|^eration more than tive 1 -ear'i, and has pai 1 its lo^-^cs. amounting to S19.12*‘i witii...ut any- assessment: insurance averaging its ;i,fiiibvi ' .itiiiiu iV percent. Folicif-i i'sued to 1-t of .Muy. 18-jS, .\mount of [>roperty now insured. .^1,474.9'J‘_’ 34 .\rnoiint oremium notes now on band. 2L'4.9tj.' 23 Laiifl^ for Sale. I(}FFER for ■^ale about f Acres of Pine near Fayett-'* i!le, containinir un immen'O quantity of Mill l imber, and a numtwr .t Turi.entine Boxes, ani s.*veral iiew tftsks T’.iuy be cat. TIk is on the p’-enuses a tine Iiwelling Ilou-e. t ii.l oil iiccl ^ary out-liouse-.—Scup- peiuong and I.'abelli (;:-.*.j)c Vii'Ca,—1'J"‘ young I’eaoh and Apj'le Trees of Lindl"y 's be-1 Ttiri.'ties; also, a g.jod PWKM of about I.'.,' acres cleare'i: and also a (jRI.ST and SAW MILL: and a fine large Me idow of about 14n acres. Ttie Fayottevill-j and Coal Fields liail Roa.l pa>ses through these la;iis about a mile f: om the Mills. I will sell in parcels to suit purchasers, but would pre fer to sell the whole togeiiier. Ajiply to Thos. S. Lui- terloh. E- j . Fayettevillu. or the s'ibscriber at Pitts- bornugii. N. C. J. H. HAUGHTON. Nov. 12. 1857. O'Jtf "ash j.remiums received. DlRtCTllR^ J-J.317 41 ()!)(» AC lti:s Ol' LA\D FOR SALE. 1'^KE Subscriber offers for sale the above quantity of Land, situated in a healthy neighborhood, three miles from the Wilmington X Cliailotte Hail Road, ami four from Lumber Hiver. This Land is well adapte.i to Farming. Turpeniine. and Ton Timber purposes, having a good range and other advantages. Those wisliing to purchase may find me on the premises, who will be j happy to exhibit it or give any information concerning it desired. ANGUS .McGll*L. Philiidi.'lphus. N. C.. Sept. 1. l!^-j7. 4i)«f SCHOOL BOOKS FOR THE UXION. A. S. BARM:s & i;0., SI AND 63 JOHIV STREET, NEW Y.ORK. PUI)USI1EB& A.VD '.vniLES.UE BWIKSEUKI!'^ W01.LI) IS VlTi: ATTENTION TU THK NATION A L SERIES | -OF- ST.l\niRI) SlllOOl BlIORS, Pl'BLISHKI) BY THKM, AMO.NtJ WHICH ARK *Tht National School Rfnd*rs, in 5 S^os., and l*ronouaciny Spdltr. Price -5, 37i, 50, 75 cts. and $1. Speller, 25 cts. By Richar.I G. Parker. A. .M., of lioston. and J. Madison Watson, of Now York. These are the latest reading books yet brought out, and it is confidently believeil surpass all others in gen eral plan anil arrangement, beauty of illustrations and typography, character of selections, and adaptation to the wants of schools. They are already in extensive use in the Public Schools of New York, I’rooklyn, Al bany, Newark. Lancaster, and other iiii]>ortant places. Da vim' Jitivi^eil Arit/i in> tirs and IIiqh>'r J/a-> th fimntics. Prices of Arithmetics 15, 25, 45 and 75 cents. Are daily increasing in popularity and circulation. They are regarded as the most thorough and practical of any before the public. An excee.iingly valuable ad dition to this course has just been inaie in the publica tion of I. i)trt rsili/ Alij* hnt. /VtV> SI li*). An entirely new work, designcl ;o oceiijiy an inter- media,le place lietwet-n the author's Elementary ,\lgebra and Bourdon. K tea‘hes the Science and .\rt of .\lgebra by a logical arrangement and classiticatinii of the prin- ciplt's in'I heir natural order, and by illustrating their apjilication in .an extended series of carefully arranged and graded example. It is Prof. Davies’ last anil best work. yiunti-itli and S’-rifS of' (ii-oyrujJiits, Prices 25, 4ii, OU cents, and SI. Seem to be fast sujKTsc.iing all others. The plan on 'vhich they are^ed, their iiitriii'io merit, cuucise- iK'Ti, beauty, ati'l pecitliMr adajiiation, render them great favoriti.'' %\ih bolh te.ichers mid piipiN. They have been otiiciaily rec-mimended by theySuperintendents of Public ln->irueiion of very in.iny Slates, and by numerous Teachers' .A^soci.itioiis hii.l Institutes throughout the coni'try. and are in si;:cesslul u«e in u mnititiicJe of j'lib- lic an'l privaf '.' School- in every Stalt of tiie Union. Cl'irk'n (JruituiKirs, in tirn *V/.s., ijrir^a -D) and OU 'f iit!(, and li li Amilysts, jjrii’i rt nta, It is believed prc'-'iit the only true and successful method of te.-iching the science of the English Language. They are Un- Standard Texl-Book- in the New York. -\lie!ii2*Hii Hii.i oiht'r .Sintc Nurnial School^, aii'l in verv Oiany of the best Schools and .\r,ideiiiies in the country. I\irh>r'.: S'hoof I*h ilo^OJihl/. jtrirr , Is rcjranli-d hs :!;• ir,.i-;t complete, coneise. an.J prac tical (.’las.; Book I'll that silbjeet yet puMi'^hed. It is more extensively used than any o;her, whicli fully de- mousirateji its pre-eminent wortli and snjvi>riority. t *n rt‘ r'. Sr h ,1/1 t '/i, III i.tfny, prir« S1, Is oni* of the most admirable wor': prepared for Schools, and requir.‘« iiily a limited amoinit ..f apparatus to illustrate all -tie experiments descnibed. A. S. H. Co.; have recently aJdeil many new and valuable works to t.heir \.\TM)X.4L SEKIKS. a full ■i*'scrii>tion of wliich will be louii'l in their .NKW iL- LlSTUATKl) rilALOOlL just piiblishe.d. containing a comj.lete de'Crij)li‘!i. witn n.>t. ■ - ni.d r’.commeu.latioiis, .>f all their School and Liliniiy Boi>k--. Teachers an.l .'^I'hocjl oiVieeis throimliout tlie country are requested to send for 'his NEW IIESCRIPTI \K lATALOtilK, and Correspond with the Publishers in re gard t.> any of their works th»-y may wish to examine or introduce. Address A. P *.{NKS .*t CO., .")1 and .I ti Street, New York, OX FORD Classical aud Mathematical School, OXFORD, X. C. J. H. HORNER, Principal. Th* sce:very. Set fit ri/ of Ues/erH Aori/i Curvlihti and ^tsttrn South Carolina. BY HENRY E. COLTON. Rev T J HORNER Assistant . \ upon the Scenery of the Blue Ridge and its rpHE next session opens the SECOND MONDAY IN , A fellow ranges of Mournains will be published early I JANUARY. Board and Tuition as heretofore. S‘J. The following wxll be its contents: per session. .Oxford, N. C., Dec. «J. 1858. rittpd WORTH Sl ITLEV, Forwarding and General Commission Merchants, Foffetterille^ *’%*. €. J. A. WORTH. (~2tf) JOS. CTLET. R. n. ORRELI^, TURPENTINE INSPECTOR. rpHO.SE sending their Spirits Turpentine to me msy I reW u(K)ii it to have prompt and careful attention. M}' warehouses are fronting the wliarves and near the river. Sepfr i:j, 1858. 45tf JOSEPH R. BLOSSOM. V o n III K I o A N D Forwarding Merchant, , *V. i'. ft^f^Promjit personal attention given to all Consign ments, and (Jash advances made on Producc to be shipped to other ports or sold in this market. Feb. 12, 1855. (J7tf JOHN M. CLARK, Cominissioii ^ Eorw.M'din^ Merclianl, WILMINGTON, N. C. W ILL give prompt attention to sale of (Country Pro duce, Naval Stores and Cottdn; And A'jint for Rush dj" Orrtll't Line uf Boat). August 0, 1858. :38tf W. H. TURLINGTON, Conuuis.siyn Merchant, Xu. 4 Xortli Water St., \VlJ.ML\(ja'ON, N. C. il’'lLL gLve his prompt personal attention to the sale or shipment of all ('onsignmeiits ot Naval Stores or other (,'ountry Produce. Nov. 8, lb5(i. tf Chap. I—Introduction. “ II—Asl»eville. HI—Routes to reach Asheville—^the Swananoa Gap Road. Chap. IV—The Hickory Nut (iap Road. V—The Routes from South Carolina—Salem ( Jap and Jones Gap, Flat Hock. Hendersonville, (Jajsar's Hea.l, tV’liiteside Mt. and (Jashier's Valley. Ghap. VI—A Route via Wilkesborough and Lenoir; the Valley of the Y'adkin; Wilkesborough; Happy Valley; Lenoir; lli'bri'ten, etc. (.'hap. Vll—Morganton and its surroundings: the IMedmont Sjirings; liawk's Bill and Table Ri^ck. ('hap. VIII.—Linville Falls; the Gingercake Rock; North (Jove and the Cave. Chap. IX—The Vicinitj- of Asheville; the White Sul phur; the .Million Springs; Pleasant Drives. Chap. X—The Black Mouutain; the Mountain; Jotirnal of a Party. (’hap. XI.—The Roan .Mountain; the Bald Mount. Cha]>. XII—The French Broad River and the Warm Springs. ('hap. XIII—Pleasant (^ountry Stopping Places; (’ar son's on the (,'atawba; Harris’s at Chimney Rock; Sherill's at Hickory Nut Gaj); Penland’s at Flat Rock on Toe I River, in Yancey; Alexander’s and E. Baird's on the i French Broad: .Alexander’s on the Swannanoa. (riiap. XIV—The Western ('ixinties; H.Vv'woo'l, .Jack- I son, -Macon and Cher.ikee; Pigeon River; Franklin; a Winter Trip; Valley Hiverr the Nantihala; Cherokee Iniiians. (,'iiap. XV—Productions of the West. Agricultural and Mineral; Wild Flowers; Tree Growth; Wild Animals and Refitiles. .\t’i’KSi)ix.—Tlie i’ilot -M.iuntain; Salem; Pieimnnt Springs-of StOkes; -Shocco Sjirings; Kittrell’s Springs: Letters of Dr. Christy on Mountains of North ('■■trolina.* The work will contain four views of Mountain Scenery and a .Map of that section of country, showing all Roaiis, Stage Lines, .Stojijiitlg Places; Noted Places, etc. It will be got up in the best style of art. and so'..l ut 00 cents per copy. When sent by mail, 'I'j cents. Persons wish ing copies, will a'ldress W. L. P.iineroy, Raleigh, N. (J. liberal discount to those taking a number of copies for sale or distribution. -V number of advertisements of Hotels. Livery Stables and Springs will .be inserted i;mou tiy-leaves, if forwar.led immediatelv. fiiar 1’ apers of the State will confer a favor by giving this one or more insertions. Dec'r 27. 7‘J- LAW IkOTICEf 1'^HE undersigned has removed to Newbern, witkrthe intention to devote ^imself wholly to the practice of the law. He %ill attend the Courts in all of the sur rounding counties, and will also practice before the Su preme Court at Raleigh. D. K. McRAE. Dec'r 22, 1858. 7b-6m A Teacher Wanted. 1^0 take charge of the BROW NSVILLE ACADEMY, for the year 1859. None need apply unless well recommended, and fully qualified to prepare young men for Sophomore Class in the South Carolina College. Salary not less than $400, clear of board. Apply to R. C. EMANUEL or J. A. BRUCE. Brownsville, S. C., Dec. 28, 1858. 74-1 m €ape Fear Bank S^to^k. I'^irTY shares of Cape Fear Bank Stock arc offered for ’ sale. For further information apply to A. McLEAN, Cashier. Fayetteville, Aug. 9, 1858. Carlyle’s History ot* Frederick the (ireat: Miles Standish'a Courtship, by Longfellow; While it was Morning, by V. F. Townsend; Arabian Dai/ ’ Entertainments; White’.s Edition of Shakspeare. Dee r 23. E. J. HALE & SON. ~ ^HAIRSlTilAIRSiT^ 4 LARGE lot of Stool-bottom Chairs, made at Cool Spring Mill, and for sale bv A. M. CAMPBELL. March 24, ’58. 96y ^ii^ar House Syrup. 1 Fi;,W iiuls. excellent S. H. SY'HLP. Also, prime' tiu-fet MOLASSES. C. B. COOK. Oct’r 14. 5Uf For WILLIAM J. IMUCE, Mttsperlor of •Vavut .Stores^ wiLMLvoroy, x. c. ilicits the patronage of his country friends and .«11 others engaged in the Turpentine business. Offic‘* >orlli Wutfr '•Ireel. Nov’r lii!, 1.S58. 04-ly PROJ!»PECTt>i OF THE N O R T H r V ?v 0 L I X A JUIRXAI/OF EDICMIO-N FOR 1859, The Second Volume of the .lournal will commence with the next j-e:ir, mid the first iiumb"r will be is sued about the n;i Idle of .laiiuary. It will b% j)ublia]ied montiily, and each number will contain not less than thirty-two pages of r-ading matter. neatly ).rinted, on fine paper and F. -M. BIZZELL, (i K 0 (' E R I) r (MPl I S s 1 0 V )1 K IIIII \ \ T No. Nurth Water Stklet, V. lLMlN(JTON. N. C. Tile .loui-nal will b in ft stvle e.(U;.l ti lin present V.'>^urue. The aiui of thi)se wh.j have eh.irgo li it, will l,>e t.) make it a valuable auxiliary in the caii-e of'Mtlon. It is tiie jjropcn- and organ .f the State Educational A-.-)ci«: i.j.i. .H.’id i' uiid.T its coi.trol. Through its pages the Ge'n't a; S i;. ■: Inieii.ient oi' ( o?iuiion ScL'> .i- w;ll , ... 1 ; comniunii ..■ v, it'u Ji-'Sirho.jl oHicers aud tcdchers of the 1)RO.MPr and personal attention given ti the reception i ^ of all kinds of country produce, either tor sale or | - liicited fro:n teachei-s and oticr friends ^iiipnien.. _ . odueation. Gi-ders fitf groceries trom cii.stomers w;ll receive | r immediate atti-ntion, free of commissions. ' ThUMS ■ 1N\.VlvI.VBIA I. .-\D .E. i Nov I'.t 185M (54-1 v ' Five C.>pies. or more, or.lered at one time,'or to one ' . j address, O.NE D(..*LL.^H each, per annum. S \ I 1’' (Mv Iv K N' -\ lditional cojues at the same rate. 4 CONVENIENT DWELLING H(»l'SE. onllaywiount. near Mr. J. C. Thomson s. Christmas and Xew Year’s Presents. 9^ OSE-W(JOI) and Papier-Mache Writing-Desks fcnd iV Work-Boxes; Lady’s Reticules, Money Bags, &c.; Annuals for 1850; Poetical Works; Albums, ic.; Bibles, Praver Books, Hymn Books; JUVENILE Books: &c., &c. Dec’r 20. E. J. HALE & SON. Valuable .\eg:ro oinan & Chil dren tor ^ale. It’’ILL sold at the Market House on Monday, the \\ 7th day of February, 1859, a V.\LU.\BLE WOMAN AM) THREE ('HILDREN, to close a deed of trust made by G. W. McDonald to me. Terms of sale, 90 days credit,—notes that will discount at either of the Banks in Fayetteville. E. L. WINSLOW, Trustee. C. E. LEETE, Aiict’r. Jan*5- 1, 1859. 76-ts Uardii^are, Cutlery, 5iiAIIIII.FStY, &c. J AMES MARTINE is jiow receiving a large aud gene ral assortment of everv tiling in tiie above line. —ALSO— A p'rime article of llio, Laguira and Java COFFEE; (Crushed and Brown SUGAR; Sugar House SIRUP aud .M(-)tASSES. A'd of which is offered on as good terms as can be had in this market. N.iv r 24, 1858. 66tf PASAXS, 01L!$, &c. PjPHlRM, Relined, Lard, Linseed and Tanner^ OIL; White Lead; Bujning Fluid; Putty; Window Glass and Sash of all sizes. • —ALSO— A fresh supply of POND'S PAIN DE.STPiOYER. For sale by JAMES -MARTINE. Nov'r li4, 185.S. OOtf Geo. .McNeill, S. T. Hawley, D .\. Hay, , W. N. Tillinghast, H. L. Myrover, A. A. McKethan, >. W. Tillinghast. J. D. W'illiams, Henry Lilly, Jas. G. C>ok, N. .V. .'stedman, W'. .Steele. -I. Hin«.)ale. ' . Jas. Kyle, I. S. Lutterloh, f. G. Shepherd. Will .McLaurin, R. F. Brown, Wilmington. E. IL-Jl. Wilmington. OnirKU.’: (;E0. MeNElLL. Presi.lent. D. K.W, Vice President. (.’. .Mc.MILLAN. Secretary. J'llin (Tollins and (’. McCrummen. Travelling Agents.' tet>i“’The (’ompunv invite applications, -May 21, l^-j8. ' I'U' XiPECIAI. COl RT. STATH OF NORTH CAUOLLN’A [ CU.MIJKRLAND COUNTV, ) Stii»crior Court of Law. Fall Term. 1^'5h. His TIonor M. S.\i;.ni>ei:s Judge Presiding. IT is Ordered by the (.'ourt. That a Special Term of this (’curt be held on the second Mpnduy in February. 1). 1.S5'.*. Jurors. Witnesses and Suitors in Civil Causes are here by notified to attend. Witness. John W. Baker. .Ir.. Clerk of oiir said I'ourt," 'It otlice, the seventh Monday after the fourtli .Monday in >'‘|;tember, A. D. 1858. *>,ti'] JOHN W. BAKER, Clerk. C€9roiina CHy^ #V. €. .Vtlantic and North Carolina Railroad being now 1 eompleted to Beaufort Harbor. I have determincl to locate at Carolina (.’ity for the jmrjio“e of doing a Forwarding and General Commission Valuable Plantation FOR .SALK. HE subscriber offers for sale the PLANTATION and _ mj)rovements where he now resides. It is located just below the mouth of Liles' Creek, in Catawba county, near Lewis’ Ferry on the ('atawba river, adjoining Hen derson Sheri, and containing 515 Acres. 15l of which are in cultivation and about 5(J ncres of that is good (.’reek and Branch Bottom. The improvements are a comfortable Log Dwelling, a first rate Barn, .Stables and stalls liu head ofdiorses: Cow sheds, and good Fences. There is upon the place a good (iHL'>T MILL running a ] air of Burr and a pair of common Slones. The W. N. (,’. Railroa 1 passes through tiie Farm and the Depot is located upon it. It is the most valuable farm in this section of the State. Will be sol'i tor (Jash or exciianged for Negi'oes. A. W. WIL'JON. Oct. 15, 1H.58. o7tf 1 Mti'l h.ipe by proui()tness and strict attention to merit , painmage anil su]i(jort. Being the .\gent of .Murray’s Line of First (’lass I’ackets to this and .Morehead City, , '•very etl'oi: will be made tf> make this the cheapest ami ^ iii.i^^t expeditiotis route to New Vork. Vessels will be | li'a'ieii uii.l discharged at my Wharf (adjoining the Rail- j Tf. I'l Wharf. ; and tiiereby save eartage and lighterage. ; I’articiilar attention will be given to all orders, and to i!ii- >.jile and shijiinent of Produce. WM. B. GRANT. July -J(i. 1858. 32-ly Water Wlieels! Water Wheels!! VI'E are now maniifacturine V.VNDEWATER’S IM- }} PH(iVED JONVAL TURBIWE WATER WHEEL, i"i' .Mills !ipd Factories of every description; and all those wishing to imiirove their water power will find it for ilieir intercsi |,, address us by letter, Stating the number feet, head HtyJ fall: their usual amount of water; the kind lit iiiaehiuery to be driven. We can then give them price of wheel, or whal we will furnish wheel and prin- '■'p.d gears tor. warranted to do a certain amount of " .rk. '/’««(' lo /ml tl^f and if i^t does not '■'.me uji to our figure, Ithe wheel and gears to be deliver- e'l III us at the mill of the purchaser. Heference given and required. HEATH .‘i STEVENSON, Laurel Factory. Prince George Co., Md. ROBERT BRAIRD, Agent, Richmond. Va. ti-j Land for Nale. I AM desirous of selling lOOO ACRES OF L.VND in 1 the County of Hobesati, two miles from Handalsville I’ost Oflice. There is on the tract a comfortable DWEL LING and all necessarj- out-houses, also. Saw and Grist Mill, Cotton Gin and Press. 75 acres cleared and under cultivation. All the Tract is tine farming land. No better place can he found for a Turpentine Still. To a person who wishes to make a permanent residence, this is a fine chance. Moral neighborhood; churches and schools convenient. If applied for soon a bargain will be given. JAS. (i. (’(JOK. Oct. 18. 1858. 65tf FARM FOR SVLK. f OFFER for sale my PL.VNTATDJN on the East side of Cfijie F’ear River, 8 miles above the Clarendon Bridge, knovti as the Toomer Lands, containing about 8(MJ Acres. Tiie Pl.imation is in a good state of cultiva- jion. and is susceptible of being made one of the most profitable Farms in the (Jountv. « .Vddress JNO. D. WILLIASIS, E C , who is authorised to sell. L. (Jct'r 14, 1858. Fayetteville, N. HAUGHTON. 54tf MorsE, I.OT AX« .\i:t;RO. The undersigned wi«hing to close up their old busi ness, otter for sale the IKJLSE and LO'l on Hay- mount, formerly occupiol by .M.'ijor (jilmore. Also, a NEGRO BOY 14 years of age; having tried him for the last live monllis. we can recommend him as an excel lent servant, both for house or out of doors, sold for no fault, but to close old business. F. N. & J. H. ROBERTS. May 3. 1858. 7tf oi.o VLL persons indebted to the concern of FR.\NK JEHHV andJ. H. ROBERTS « CO., are reiiuested : to come forward and settle their bills. If not settled by the last of this month, they will find them in the i hands of a Lawful Collector. J. H. ROBERTS & CO. May Li, 1858. 7tf Twenty-fife Dollars Reward* , ll'J'lLL be paid for proof against the person who took tny Mare from Bethlehem Church, on the 28th ^ November last. JOSEPH T. MELVIN, i Bladen Co., N. C., Dec. 4, 1868. 71-8m A. S. RARNKJ’' «5c (’(). a t> also ptiblisliers of the Srhoo! Tearhers^ MAhrury. Retail price. Northend's Teaeher aud Parent Page's Theory and Practice of Teaching 1 25 .Maii.-field on .Vnierican IMueation 1 25 UeT'tC'iueville's American In'-titutioiis I 2^") Bavies' Logic of Mathematics 1 25 •Mayhew on Universal Education 1 25 Hoot on Sidiool .\uiusenients 1 25 The above Book.s are sold by E. J. H.\LE & SON. Fayetteville, N. (\ Oct'r 1, 1858. A MK.MOIR OK Ki:v. Ei.i»ii« VII rriii:f.i., i>. i>. I..\TK I'ROKKSSOR OK CHEMISTRV. MlNKltALOt.V. AND GEoLOGV, JN THE UMVEH.'^ITV OF N. C. [■^oGETHEH with the tributes of resj)ect to his mem ory. by varioii-; public :neetings jind literary as sociations, and the adiiresses delivered at the re-inter- meiu of his remains on .Mount .Mitchell, by the Kt. Rev. .James H. ''te_\. Bishop of Tennessee, ainl Hon. David L. Swain, Presi lent of the I'niversity of N. (’. This interesting little tiook. giving a grajihic sketch of the life and the onjy correct account of the tragic death of this great an.I good man. togeiher with a fine STEEL PLATE LIKENESS of Dr. .Mitcheil. is now and may be had at the Bookstores of .Me-srs. Pomeroy \ Turner, in Raleigh, Mallett ii: Co., in Chaj>el Hill, and at llu; olbce of pub lication. Price, in Paper, •iu cents; in Cloth. .5(( cents jier copy, (,'opies !in I'iipiT covers.) sent by mail to any part of the country, free of postafie, upon the receipt of 35 cents in coin or postage stamps: in cloth (library st\le.) for 55 cents pier copy. .Kddress J. M. 'lIENDEKSON, Chapel Hill, N. C. 74- The \e\« Edition ot* Devereux &, Hattie’s Law Reports, Vol. I, RE(!’EIVES the ajijiroval of tho.^e who have examined Chief Justice Nash -*ays. “I have looked through it— it is carefully and well got up. * [ iliinktoour Court it will be invaluable—and to the Prol'ession equally ‘ rto. It will save the labor of (.leci'iing the same iioints again a’l'l again; tor there will be no excuse for (.'ounsel not being ap[>ri.sed of points .already adjudicated." Gentlemen of the Bar w^o have imrcha.sed and ex amined it, concur, so far as we know, in jiraise of it. For sale, with sets or separate volumes of North Ca rolina Reports, and Law Books generallv. by ! E. J. H.VLi;,^^ SON. ot J. (i. .SHEPHERD, Esq., or Mav 7. Single All teachers For particulars enquire [ a(re„ts. .52 ')0 and sch.iol ofliccrs are requested to act as A. M. CAMPBELL. '.nf B(H)K-lilM)LNG I IN all itb kinds, executed with neatness and despatch, .''mall jobs when done must be paid before delivered. THOS. If. TILLlN(iIIAST, Hav Street. May 14, 185S. il-ly ~ Til E. 4 LL person* who desire the -M'larendnn Bridge ’ by the year, must call on the Collector at the Bri.lge or myself and make immediate payment. The annual a'sessment has been made. JNO. M. ROSE, Sec’y. Dec'r 20. 7;^- \OTIt'E. tl’PLI(’.\T10N will be made to the Legislature for a (,'harter of a Savings Institution in !• ayetteville for a ('hartcr for a (ias Light (Jompany. ^IMIXAKY ACADEMY Dec'r 20. 73 N ^OTIt'E. -O. 1 PEHL'VIAN (il ANO; 4M» Casks LIME; 50 Bales HAV: 5 Bbls. GLUE. For sale bv WORTH 5; UTLEY. Julv 10. l's.58. 27- Ur. FI{V.\K WIM.IAMS’S UVK WHISKKV. 1^ .Mrr(’HELI has made arrangements with Frank Williaius, to bo constantly sup\ili ■hraicd HVE WIll.'^KEV. which can be .'store at all times, by wholesale or retail. Oct'r 11, 1.S5.S. Dr. il with his had at his j The Teac’aer who sends us the largest number of sub- I I scribers (not less than tlii'-ty.j hefore ihe lst»of January, I will be entitled to half a page of a>^,veriising for the I year; The on» sen'ling the next large-^t numl)er w ill be I cntitlo^to the four'll of a I'age; And each one sending , I 25 or more will be entitled to a card not exc-./eding eight I lines. j All communications relaiing to the Journal should be 1 a-ldressed to J. r*. (’.mPBELL. Resi.lent Editor, | (jfi eusbotough, N. C. Dec'r 2^*. 75- WILSOX FKM.\Tirs AND WILSON MALE W11,S'>N. N. C. i i .SUPERINTENDED by .Mr. ami Mrs. 'P.rcH.vRnsON ! in the Seminary, and by Mr. Ru'h.vruson and ! Thomas M.vrsii.m.i., .V. B., in the Academy, .aided by a full corps of .\ssistaiit Teachers. These Schools will be reopened for the admission of pifpils on the luTH id'.1 .^N L .VH, 1^5'.•. No change of teacher.s. terms or of the aiUl-»fctarian haxlx, on which the Schools have heretofore been con ducted. .' and boardinc houses separate. Board I'riun to -Slo per month. Tuition from S7 50 to 5^;io per session of five months. ('irculars. containing the plans of the .‘'chools in full, sent upon application. .Vddress, D. S. RICHAKDSON, A. M.. Principal of W'ilsoii School-s. Or J. B. ^\ 1LLI.\MS. Es.^,. Sec y and Financial Agt. Dec’r 28. 74t 11 STOVES, SHEET lRO]V, &c. ON HAND, a large assortment of Box and Cooking Stoves; Titi-ware; Sheet-Iron; Lead Pipe. Also The tfominian Voft'e^ For sale by JAMES MARTINE. Nov'r 24. G6tf IE .');?-tf A tew Rarreiw rGB>B'E t)LD -\PPLE BHAN'DV, suitable for niakiug wine and putting up brandy fruit. For sale by H. CMIVEH. Aug. 18, 1858. 88- C'orii and Wliiskey. BUSHELS good White Corn. 150 Bbls. Whiskey. ;]0 •• .Vpple Brandy. 15 •• N. E. Rum. sale for ('ASH bv E. F, -MOOHE .S: CO. Sept. VI. 18.»S. 41-tl 1000 For i\'ew Book^i. N. Pep[Ki' Papei s; Vernon Grove, or Hearts a-^ they are; In aud Arotind St.-unboul. by Mrs. E. Hornby; Liv ing aud Loving; Tlie Vellow Plush Papers; After Dark, by W. (.'ollins; Davenport Dunn, by Lever; School Books; Faber's Drawing Pencils in Closes: die., Nov'r 24. E. J. HALE & SON. Al,,\iAi\ACS. for 1859. T HE Farmer’s and Planter's, and Turner’s North Caro lina ALM.\N.\CS FOH 185'.. For sale by K. J. HALK & SON. j Oct. 21, 185h. { I hroiiolo^y of North (’aroHiia, from 15H4 lo 1H58, i bv D. K. Bennett. Just received, i 'Oct. 2U E. J. HALE & SON. Deep Kiver Coal. Bituminous C0.\L of the best (quality can be had at the works at Egyjit. at a reasonable price bv the T,mi. ' WM. .McCLANE! Mining Engineer. May 21. 185i;. ''-tf WAATEO, ^ Ni'C-ROES for a Mississijipi plantation, men, boy*. I ^ girls, and .some good faiuilieij. EPilR. PA(;E. Favwteville, .May (3, 1858. Hif For ^ale. BAGS ALUM ,‘.\LT—2 bushels each,—bv GEO. W. WILLIAMS Jt CO. Nov. t;. 1858. tiltf ! COUl'ON IVJM)S I'OU >ALE. | ! rpJlE Western ll sil iload Company have tor sale in ; i |[ amoiinis to siiii )>urch.isers. 1 82U,UUO of the Toiipori IJoml.s of the ('ouuty of! j (Jumljerland. benriii" 7 per c.'Tit. interest, jiayabl,' semi- ; .•innually on the 1st .lune-tind 1st of December, and run- ' i ning 20 years. i ! SlK>,(JUG of the Coupon Bonds of tlie Town ut i ! F.iyetteville. bearing () ]>er cent, interest, payable semi- I annuallv on the 1st January and the 1st ol July, and i 1 running 20 years. j These bonds weri> issued in .aecordatice with law to | the Western Hail Co.. to pay the County and Town i ; subscriptions res['ectively. j i Persons having money will find these >>onds (at the : price the Co. is selling them; a better investment than ^ any B.ank .'stfK'k in the State. For t>rms ai>i'lv to C. B. .MALLVITT. Esq.. Pre.s't. or to ‘ JNO. M. HOSE. Treas’r Western H. H. Co. j Favetteville, Feb'y 2li. 18.5S. 81ttf THE LARGEST MANUFAOTOHY 1.^ THU ^SVATi:. The subscriber begs leave to return his thanks for the liberal patronage heretofore extended to him, and informs the public that he has now and will cofttinue to have an increased force of exi»erienced Saddle and Harness Mak ers. whose work he will wairant; and that he is prepared to offer to the pub lic a*large and jaried assortment of every thini k.e])t in his line. His assortment of Saddles, Harness, Bridles, Trunks, Travelling Bags, Valice«, &c., i' unsurpassed for workmanship and material, and will comjiari' lavor.ibly for neatness with any other Manu factory. either North or Sotith. Persons wauling any thing in his line will do iiini a tavor to call and exaniine his* -^tock before purcliasing, as he is s.itislieil it will not fail to plefise them. His eHtabli-liment will be found five •loors r.ast of (^ape Fear Bank, on Person Street. •kaj^Repairinij done with neatness and despatch. OVERBY. F lyetteville. N. C., Oct. 23, 1858. 5(-iim Just Receivetl, VGOOD assortui 'iit oi— REilSLVS, blankets, TWEEDS, JEANS. SATINETl'S, C.VSSl.MERKS, PRINTS. SIKTES. .nlc. —ALSt.)— IK^OP SKIRTS, LIVKN AND MARSELL^:S SHIRTS. STARR WILLIAMS. 185.>?. *>0- 18 DOZ. 50 •• Nov'r %lnnvalsm 11 ST rectyved pr Steamer Fanny, J I Bbls. Extra No. 1 MACKEliEL (for retailinjj,) 1‘) A •• do. 1 do. lo \ " do. “ 1 do. I'J I MESS SHAD: 30 Boxes t’lIEESE; 100 Bags New Hulled BUCKWHE.VT FLOUR; Fulton Market Beef: .Me.-s Pork; Goshen Butter, Pocket Salt; Sugar; Cotl'ee: Molassps; and every thing in the provision line; which I will sell cheap for C.\SH or ex- chansre for country Produce. W. C. TROY. Nov. •'}, 1858. OO-tf J nirr i'KR and cnKKsi:, UST received pr Fanny, a few Firkin« of very nice Bl'TTER, and 25 Boxes prime CHEESE. C. B. COOK. Oct, 14, 54-tf The Hymn» and discipline oi* the Methodist Church. A new supply just received. Oct’r 18. K. J.'UALE & SON. BACON. / "^HOICE North Carolina BACON. ^ aud Shoulders, Oct. 14.—64-tf] Also, Western Sides C. B. COOK. A PHOCLAMATIOX, Bi/ his KjLi-vlhiici/, T110.MA8 BaAGti. Goiernor of iVorth VnroHnd. W^HERE.VS. it li:i,s been represented tome that one W Archibald McD 'Ogald. late of the (Jounty of (.'u'u- berland. did on the 27th iiay of Febrna. y last, in siid County, kill and imird‘*r one Thomas Miinroe. and that the said .McDougald i- :i fugitive froni justice, and hao e.scapod beyond the limits of this State. Now. to the end that the said .\rchibald McDougald may be aiTCSted and bi’o’tgln to trial tor his said oflence, 1 do hereby issue this my Proclamation, offering a Re ward of Two Huu lred Dollars for his apprehension and delivery to the Sheriff of Cumberland County. DESCRIPTION. McDougald is about f.fty years of age, of light hair and comjilexion. blue e_y i s, ot quick -oeech, has a seal on flic face near .me of hi:- jaws, weighs ubout 105 or 170 pounds, is ad licfed to intosicatioii. and while ilrunk is turbulent and t:ouV>lesome. Given under iny hand and the Great Seal of the [l. s.] State, at Kaleitrh. this the Sixth day of March. A. D. IJ^. By the Governor, THOS. BRAGG. PcLASKi CowPER, Pr. Sec y. Murch 16. «3tf ClofklngU (li R AH A TI Chfthhi^ ! H IS NOW RECE1VIN(} A FINE STOCK OF Ready^m^tde Cloihing To suit the Fail and Uititer. >; the Latest Style*. He wou!l solieii his customers and friends to give him a call, a.s he offers his (,'lothing Low tor (,'ash, or on rea.sonable lerins to prompt paying cu.tomers. g^Garmeiits Cut in tlie Latest Fashion. He mav be found jam on Market S)uare. Ocl.'lt. 5.^-nni ' TAKEA i P, ^P.VKEN 11)1 .antl cotiimitted to tJn-,Jailof Cumberland X County ou liiw loth iust.. a NiAtRO BO^, named JOHN BRACi-; or JCHN l'li.\NKLIN, v io says he fr«‘e. and that he ei;iie from ('olutabis. S. John is small, a bright m.ii.uto. «u.l h.i i on when taken up a white wool hat and s (..'.-iui:ie i {.'ock coat and Y'ant.s. The owner of said Negro is notiiici to eomc lorwurd, prove property, pay charges, and take iiim away, or Le will be dealt with ai* the law directs. GEO. L. McKAY, Jailer, j Oct’r 15, 1868, 66-

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