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North Carolina Newspapers

Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, N.C.) 1851-1865, March 07, 1864, Image 1

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iiu. fi {>t*rgui\ bind himself >f provisions hich he luaj is exemption f to the fjim Uv th Cc>m- tho impruss- I't'TAi'in t»\. ‘ntitlfd t H "'int ot' Oioai tirtu* tuonthji *rovidod fu». ill the pruvj be deprivfttj M >t' hitving o * rV'h. I’^t>4 li'io? rho di xe-iij.t do IIHV a>\'*>uni ot 0 fi f ]>rt'dnc- -i 'i;.- for the r?. tuHv, on 8u:l. •' over- ‘ ;i\ay he t-at- . ctnintrv in II in the mili- ' i '-Afiaption or, ]»I.i!iter or j;>loy in f,-! ;i;ij luhor tri.iia and frntiient and n it oNCeod- * like articles nndor ;mditi.)r H!id coMipany en- (fyveriunent. e-i tliereot' as »!iail certil'v > the etficient rorided, that iptod by this ceed one per in actual use said exempts 1 ‘luStTiption, :iiive ,ielt the or who nmv ?.lined uhhll HCl approved an H- L tu ex- the mails of «: drivers of niiiitary ;;er exemptio Id riiv cmti'’ 'e a’ro Hctu;ilJy ir?uits or r»o- be, Hfvi he details, under to be issued iier ut’ per.'ions e, or fro:!', the where, in his iiecei^.'itv re- ’ revoke duch Lhiuk.-i proper; in granted to and exeiup- antli-.-rize th>^ KUtractor for d t- • G"V- >ntract, unless epartnient ina- V that the per- itor are indi»- paid contract: any such con nd la.lhfully, of snch con shall cease. IochI bo^rdfi on of fierann*; member ctmi- nted t'rom the whicii they iminatiou. ^atfrel the tnili* ties of Amerioit, i*n(i frisuda, fcrr »n l Jot»n I) lo collect either latm entier bj e»'t to iaoii hu- Taey respeet- ,0 c*ilpr'>L'-pt- p.ij sir It ■7!!.r ' ^ »1 LK V ■is. Ua, N. C.,) y>, 1 ■.'I'o. j ifie Vaili fit tki* Ae . M. . M h M nay p. M, at I P. .VI. 'iay at C P. M ajr at 1 P. M. ON. 'iij ai e-A. M. if »t ] P, .M. OWN ky »t 6 A M. ly at 2 p. M. INTH INHTuN had J>srt the «▼•!! ient off fro* laid f.»r »9 it pre paid by to 9J A. P M. rnan^amemffa i ! k-r * Ut FAYETTEVILLE, N. C.. MARCH 7, \h64 [NO. I3i2.] PKINTED M0N1>AYS aNL> TMURtJDAYS EDWIRU J. HlLi; & $95$. EDIT0B6 AND PB0PRIET0H3 Prio« for tht ?Semi-WeeklT Obs»rv*r f6 00. in (kItuus*. For tb« Weekly OiscEvn $4 W p(^T uman. p»il in «lTance. |0“ADVERTISEMENTS inserted for SI per s ;->are of 16 liaee for the first, and one dollar for eaoh sac- CMdiag publicatiea. Advertisemeats not exoeedia«; a j balf-sqaare (sight lineo) $1 for the firs and 60 ceoW j for e«3h snooecding pablication. AdTcrtiserfl are re- j q««sted to Biate the number of insertions desired, or they will be oontins«d till forbid, vnd chargod Mcord- j ! AdT«rtiaetta^t« 0ODtiBO«d oh*rged an new ».i- j ▼ertlwmeat^ j SPECIAL NOTICK. From M a. ter tki« date, ac name of a new sMbsortbtr will be entered wlthoai payment in a’lvauoe. nor will ' t*i« paper be eent to pnch snbsoribers for a longer time titan >4 paid for. Such of our old snbeoriberR aa det^ire to lake the pa per OB thie fljstera will please potifj im when making remi^tanoee. Jan’y 1, 1868. Hu Veraoii Feia^lc Seasiaary. 'id will r-'iiim'■ Cc -h- l ”)fh of I EJ5- 1 IU^\RY and 20 Tiii:ifin in Eogiijii Br4W0'''‘'fl ^*>0 ■ *> • Mu8:c 'vrJ l‘»v;uiin., ' ) 4»i 00 Scijool Room t«xr.fn-!fs 3 00 Boar.i #4t'0 prr f- s‘'ior.. If m ;'.rnvi.>.if'r>^ hi ol i pr!o?n %50. All of Tui'ion (.at* f Ho-rl m- quivi> \ ia ftdviiEce E^h pupil irill fmr-is'i ‘I'l-'wn •3'“^!*, one pair f»be;f9, cue p.iir p'lk w i-.V''".;, o;.!* c, iuf ID- . r q'.i't p.i'i a Jri--.6a5.' c ij.- R..-y WM. HOOPE”. 1 CCmsCRIPT OFFICE, Raleigh, W. C.,) ‘ Feb. li, 18U4. ) i ttiSAUiiUAUTEP Fo-jara Oov. rnii!-: f .:; • 1 vr'* I-J- • • f tiiij tv. B '■ I! ; '•e.iJ 'fi» cl- r '. ;L- cT r.oi.rtciifilit o ) oi.scei ueJ .,-.pho'MiLu for ci ••.ifiy in treiiife 4 r!oc.. ibf Knrollin;!; ■. •,1. UlsT&i' V, r - y r: r>'*o '.-I G?ti. r^l Of'V I ’ r. ‘ X. >' . J ’ri -io.n. ltc-i Ho'!i3 Ou-- .* in • , ?' -i ■' "iio I ( .-ti ati^ 'c • 0‘ .r-v, i '4' i 'Fhe Cu!iibcrl:iml Hospitul .\s- J il.AHUlN, *.jyt T 0 llf'OPErt. -Addn?f« Ht. LaTTimce P (> . ' Lia'h'^'o 0 v.oty Jftii’r 12. ^7 '»«■ •\'OTMe£. 'pHE continued incf-iaec in th - price of pr. visioTK-^ t ootig*- UP to incroa-e Oiir rates nf 'fuitioti: ;in.i bu*rd Ht the etpirAtinh of iho Ist'er (20fb ■•■' .Aprii,) of whioh f ur B ’ti-oai will b »re due uotic^ la ex--5h:»ngB for bpc-jn >.cd Urd at olJ prio“5 (10 o»8 ) iu-i for eor'i at 75. Flciur at $(>. our will oontiuuo ut aay ehanin »t i-tr ^Kutb R.»« w'l mnji'ER. T. C HOOPER Feb’y 8. . 6 ‘im LIST OF eUAUGES FOirPl^XtiEHS. ' ONFEDlia.K",!-: ^i '.TES OF AMKllIOA, 1 >ii Aa DEi’V. nt7Rb O' >»r I’OS.-iCRlPflOII, f U!caMo.-vi>. J-n. 29 IJ-tiil. J PatHjjrtph X o; .» ri^-vH N'd. ut t an J .t..r Oai'.fr ■ V i '-'VJ 1-1^,.. = !:',l-uppii ; .'i.’!.-'. fc." ■’lii’ i i> tnu: ill M h-:! t is-le .j Uic Enyohi:'^ OR-'i-f ” '' IftN? i-.oiil C Od\;er ; i >t fbr D’>wertoaot, 01 ir !j ■ii uTi' 'itf will >f;cr i\'»e *’» .ii.'.u tin,l(fr CtTi'u- lU- 3 Cu'.ri-at ?.,;rjc». r,*fer '»pp»icrv!ious, tb ■ 0 jiVvpt-i oriji.*! c'dic.fiti*! Rjreau. .All svrb •ppiiostif'Drt a>Hrt's.-.vil {o th*s Biirrrti will ufoss t-ariU Rnd irivii'.”'iblj( ronirued f.’-r N i OIU .*rs . •? ii! D -I' r>J 13 hvA i( ti flSd-iC:t>Ie (*' liie nax uilijp)' M,d ‘ N'w Hin?vtr Otiuuiy, Febraarv iOt!» 27«b. ir. u-.a'. . 1 f*-\U'.»v« r I’oujly, 28d R«p:'t, ai •Viifjiciriuu. Fel'y j j 2S?.'i> to r».I(i-cb 3'- inolusWe i j Drnn.-'wiok eonz.‘v, Sunt^vH' ;, 51 ir h 6ti> 1 j lOia, i.-.ciusiv^ j I (Joint :■>,( c;iiir!-y. 67'b W-il.> 14iN 1 I to M..rch Kicliihive j ! 68ih Lrtiii't irJon, '■oh '?83 (o 1 , M'»rc‘> iStith. inoliin.fe.' j ■ itoKcy.-.u 9i'u: i", Rsg’l, LuiTib-”l'-n. 26i*i t-' | M ■'•Is'. i,i-.:u9'»e I EtSfilfvi-'urf ooi>n»’». «Oth Keg’i, L-mtiji April 1i., iff I 7ih ■ C.’Xi’ V- p. .TO •?» •J aujfi inw't^i. r; I - I-**. i i • • f '. !i'.d 5". .'i;, or -i- r- ■ li'.i i .■ »• 1«. V o» f!. • A ■!^i 11 u- t.' .■ a, jf : • i 'hV- vOv.,.. > H. iii' \ JI a-;* ! to -1 ./it ;'J. Tli? of CoroMcr. ^M\ iiU .,’s I'ri.-T! !s I u -.le • tie S'^gv^m-.te? «1 Grnib.-rla.d j-jMQI.y thtt. ; Cin jida>.' for ;bc i.fao« o> G3> -uer H* t.-:i>=.i8 I’ i;i 'r }T i: tr-** \js he-iil' i,; Ut- ]:, !;e M* 0 rt ;or 1 •> ;■ = :•;)!»*• f tJ'S OKU. wit;- i-i g -ii i-i ' v.i r “ r ' ri=-.* rfl •-». -• and f(-n, r> 1 b IS h?'jt-u-’' itlt .in>t 0*l-.i:ea (th.« bup?-‘s«d ,h»r b-'»i'.'e * JOO k ll«d at t baajetnir'Viii. ) Tie)?.' f*4c! &0 h-i..«3. will h,-. Co;: -■ i» i*i.fli5i*-tt ju*?t’.6oi'ioi» fcri»n; Wisli- ,1 »nascv)i.-t "r-a i., 3'. cit s." f'.'-s viil • z ai. t O'n I- ’ •a « ?rr-aj ir t*»» arni». lie will oi* t,T Ap^'l 7ih. ifiriSn l-ariH fin-J rM.irued f.'-r l.-iii j H;ot.»i„nd oounty. ONt Reg’t. B05kingb.n1, April Nth tiou. .n.t iBc app->^nH Will ihui iwlesely lost ,,, Anril 14th. '.e V.'! If ut ih-; .Mttiiistr-itft# »>. tnf> ei^ctv-n i.*xi W"-- IdA.AO HUL.LINGS'^OKHl irsjrctioTJTtn. r«i J z» IO-.'?ipc: li'l he oharj'**'l or. ftvnr. jftcMj, *ftcM.§ir, Attorney at Law, Favbtteville, N. C. WILJb attend the County and Superler Courts of j CvBxberlud, H&rnett, Moore and Robeson Coun- | tiea. Prompt attention given to the collection of all j elalm« entrusted to his hand?. ; Get. 17. 1859. ' 58-tf - i GEO. W. WILLIAMS A CO., I^lielesaie Dealers in Nrecerie«, AND I»F0RTER8 AND DEALERS IN Hardware and Catlery, Swedes Iron, &c., HAT STBKKT, FATKTTXVILLE, 9. C. Jnly2, ISril. 36tf To s7 IJ T j throeer and Commi»ttion Jftefchant^ FAYKrrEVlLLE, N C. Jan'y 10, 1868. 93-tf B a WOKTB. D. a W)»K7H. N. O. D.41I1EI. WORTH & CO^ Commission and Forwarding Meroliants, f f*o#«r Street^ WILMINGTON, N C Oct. 16, 1863 73-12m JOHNSON, WILLIAMS & CO.. $$AL.T nAKERSI. E hare thirty (30) pant now in operation nine mil«:fi , THR f.i'low'ug r.^tea of Pjt^iagc our Steamers:— D01¥il. From Fsyct»-*»ille to Wiltriiogfon. i'iO 00 | “ Eli*T.bpth. 15 00 ! “ Whjrp Hall. 20 00 “ “ KftllvV Ci-v6. 21 0() [ “ •• All poirit» below, 30 00 ' SECOND CL.ASS, OR IU:CK. ' j Fr;>m F iyptfR*ille lo ''‘iioiinelon. if lu 00 , *• “ Eiii»‘’"th. o 00 1 “ •• Wftiteball. 7 00 I a KePy’i^ (’cv*?. 00 I “ “ ■* .All points b»'5ow, 10 00 1 UP. From Wilmington to FaTette*:!! ' SsJiO 00 | “ “ K«*lly’8 C'>vf. 18 50 I •' .. n H.a'il. Iti 50 I “ E!iz^b!*h. 20 00 ; “ “ Prospect H»li, 24 00 ■ “ •• “ Ail po^nia abcvf, '^O 00 | SECOND CLASS, OR DECK , j ppotu Wilmington to Fayetierillp, SIO 00 1 •• “ KeMy’s Oovo, •> 'JO , “ White Hall, ^ v*0 | ^ “ “ •' All pointi> >kboTe, ^0 UO ! I H^Seeond >!la«fl or Deck PswaeDei rs ecus' »>'uy ou | i lower de-ik t>r pay full pricf, or fatne n-' Fir»t 0!as8 j j jH^^An «Ttra ch'\rre will be mad." fsr V/oky Pa.«s:ii- : I gpr« getting info Berths during fl&y Itfne, and for ocou- j i pyi^g * Berth with their bob'll cr s’ «C3 on, at t‘j* di.«- ; cretion qf tbe Captain. ' J A WOR"^H. forC F St’ra B’t Co , [ R. M ORliEJjL, for Ht'ni Kate ani Sua . i I T. 8 LUTTEKLOH | ! Feb’v 23. 1864. 0 tf . liioe atid prolobged ruspenee •\(»liRV8 fr.>D» ad»er*e decisions !>f the looa? officers, f>^ iuc laut of C »J!8Cvipt4 fur 'be SUtei, will be 'o-w rd»d by them for i^hen ai7 plaaaible groirjri of appoal Is set fo.-fJi. 2 (.omaandiQia of Consehpls will givo tUiB Qotioe ext'i'-iivc cicculatioa in tho local pree.i of their roapeo- o .April 14ti>, molbslTe- Bl-tdr.n eowntv, fi&th Reg’t, .51isabpHi»own, Apvil IGlh to \fril 20ib. !a;lusiv«' Cuinberl.-»nd county, 53d R»g t, Fay-jtte»iU», April 2‘id to .'.pril 24th, inainBive ATTKiVTlOiV! t APITAlilSTS!! rbrl Fi. ft Ahmad.—The Paris eorre!»p'>nd- ,-if i^. Y. Tj!!k-s \>r‘ on li o -dfh Ui :— M-mi: (ir 1 A’-iUc^, t!ie otficiii! mih'tarj '! iff »•/; u'l uji.^ i.i, ciiris i» (»Aia la it-F i'%ue of th^2Ut instant, which, I am toid, wfis ui^ertcii hj superior order, nnd which under a sitri^Io levui, an evil deiiign agiiiofl' tho IJ. S. The paragraph reads thus: i Jnno.— Our private correspondeuce from Chirci is to f.he 12th Docomber By it wc jcaru ff-1* f!;o pfiicc-rs of tho. E^glift navy who h-id tji'ch .«crvice in tho Chinese iiavj had bri.keo t .f^ir eng^^'cuKUt and Iclt lor Bombay, taking ■wi*:h tK'cni the war vessels coDitructed in the port* of Croat Britain on Chinese Eccount The Ohir.C'e (JoveromcDt, in this dilemma, order ed t > b*: bought in America a certain nuai- * b-' ^ which are to arrive &boat the f Diidaie el FefruaTJ at PotcHisli, and which are I to D3 use*! In tnc Dlockade ui' Naukiu. I* wm i dtcided that several other vweels sbouM be or- dered from the private ghipb>.5ilders of France. ARNBli oppot*UEUy for :u7e3tnie.^t tif c-triial ID &n,ong these vessels o-re two cuirntsej frighttx^ Iron Company is uow open and ^y b- embraced Chinem • I ■ AM t 4 li> A kI.«.MW .tfk «r v*>> IY O Vk A tf on application to (he naderaigni^d Suc^v i^xemptioitp live St ues By order tf COL PREe-TON, SupL O. B. DcFrictu, .A. A. Q. Feb 13. 51m t/ORMCB*£|»t Office,) Raleigh, Jsn. *J7th, 1304. j TnE followtng circn'.f^r iVore Bureau of ‘.'o*>»»oripiion is published for the infortLAttnn of all oonoerned By ord- r Ct>L WAIiLETT, , ('oa i’t Cons, far N C. E J H.\edii«, Adj't. Cumt)>rliuid eouoty, 64chReg’t. F»yc»i«ytiie, A»)nll27th ! pri»ileges have been obtain>d from ?he Secretary to .April 80th, inoiut’ive. ' ; of W»r as ensurw the prompt and sncoeesful prosecu- Harnett oouoty, 52d Reg’t, Lillington, Ma-y 31 to May i tiou of »i»e enterpnae CiRcnLAa. BUP.TAU OP CON’^CIUPTION, KicoiiosD, J;in. 25th. 1804. 7th, iDclasive. i Tbia call embraces all persoite, whether previously I oxomp'ed or net. f WM. M. SWANN, ' Capt and Chief Enrolling Officer, 4ih l”!on Dw. N 0 , jVOTICE TO roitWtTRJPTS HBAlMlIFAKTKIUi Medical Departmeut, > Cninr Ekaollinq OrriCK, Jnn’j 28th. 1864. i I 1 Purauant to orders iec*ri»ed from Hi'a^quartPrs of I at Raleigh N C . in rg>».ri! t> all men j liabh to Oocscription under reo«nt act of ToD^rfse, ap i pro»fd Dsc’r 28vb, 18t58, th** M?Jioal Bx»ui:a'i*}r Board I for Fourth Cocfn*eseiona! Uis'rict, N. C , willc.inTene in accordance with above named fiiaee "ind placw ■ The ai;ention of bU c:>ncerned is call^^d *o tho follow- ■ ing >rder; “All exemptions heretofort granted 4r> satr- ject to reviflioB, under ia«lri2otions from l^ur^au of Con- ■ Bcription. and if found to be" improper or uniutboriied by law, will be revoked or TAVIC8 A WaiTK, J3urjro‘H.P A. C 3 , Chief of Exaciininp B?ard. I Fourth Goog. U fit., N. 0 Feb. 11. 6 tApri'22d W y. - - eact of Wilmington. Parties wishing to supply ^FR1DA\. raii. uoAgji. ri'^HE FREHCHT ASD PAS.-^ENOVR TRAINS of this 1. Road leav«* Fayetteville Jiily, (Sundays (?xcertfe-l) at 8 o’clock, A. St., and r«turuing leave Kgypt ai 1 o’clocSL, P. .M. Cattle and JIoT3* 7V>*m MOND.AT, WEDNESU.aY and No. 4. ; r) Cota3iundi>nt; cf rooacripts. Ttf a'Jentian of Corjiuind-tnf*! is «»p?ciaily ••firsoted to Gi*naral Or ders N’o. 7 A. & I. G. 0 oarreiit sert-'s, heroin set fori.H for tUeir itifurmr.ticn. .A]>)T ANDINSP. GEN’L’S OFFICE,) FvIouuobo, Va., Jan 2o, 1864. j I ParagrapK IV Qeniital t?r4ers No 3 current series is Iirreby r.‘»iked II. Enrolling Officars will proceed as rapidly as prao- tioable in the enrulment cf %>l person*! made liable to EBili»ary service. Previous to eoroluutit as ooaeoripts, all such persuuii will b allowed to volunteer, previd- ®d — j det«i!.>d men in their employ, will hand lo this Office Ist The Comp.iny selected was in wrvioe on the Ittth on or before 1st April 1864, a full descripuve list of tbo of April 1H02 i same. OEO H. HAIOfl, 2nd. The Company selected is at the time of vslun- i S-t] *,i [,t. and K O for Cnnh-fUtd leering^ below tho tuinimum prescribe by regulations. i Si No p?T3on made liable to «ervio» nndor this order will be pmiiited to join, or will be a^^'gned to aoy rompauy which h-iti more thau six'v four privates on I the roU,’uaiit ah the eoiapanie« iu Her^ioe from the HEAAQVAKTKKS Enroliins Office, Canberland,) FAT£TrKViLLi. 1? I’b’y y. 1864 j PROPRIETORS of al- FactorittS, F«uniri8«. Machine Shops, and all Mail Conti actors, &e , &c . wLw have themselves with salt, caa be furnished by applying to A. Johnson, Jr., Agent at Fayetteville, to E. Page, manager at the works, or to J. M. WILLIAMS, General Superinteudeut. Fayeuevilk, Nov 20, 1862. 81if WAlfTElK 2r Ai\ BD8HELS WHEAT, ,OUU 1,600 » CORN. Persons having the above articles to sell will rcceivc the highest Cash price by calling on Mr. M. Th®ma«jou, at tke Merchant Mills, Fayetteville, or on the subscri ber at his old stand on Market Bqoare. . ALEX. JOHNSON, Jr. Nov. 6, 18«a. 76tf army HARHIESS. I AM prepared to manufacture all kin«ls of Wagon Harness for Army use. I tau my leather and can give good bargain®. Agents wil) do well lo seud their orders to me aa th^y shall hav» prompt atteation, and lent off in quick dispatch. JOliN CAKTER. Geldston P. O., Chatham Co., N. 0., \ 04,.- June 13, 18«2. / 900 Ibfi. fiiaiii Arabic for »ale by J. &. LEE. «et. 16. By order ^ Jan. '£2, xmi3 JNO- M. ROSE, sod Gen’! Traaa. Ae’t. »7tf SALT! SALT!! 8ACK8 for sale by Dec 22 ROBFRT MITCHELL. 88-'f From aiid alter llii» date the Steamer A. P. HURT wiil leavp at 8 o’clock, A. M , ovi Monday and Thursday. JO?. 'VOl’.TH, April 6—17tf ] Ag^t C. F. Htcam Boat C-;.. . a^heVille, -IJ. c. . . [ WILL open the EAGLE IIOTEL for the re I. ception of Guests the firai of Jcni.-, arid I hope t.-v be able to entertain from •tsventy-five to a hundred pcrwne during the Summer. In connection with this large Hotel, I hav^ a number of flack.^, C3,rniages, Buggies aad Saddle Horses that my jraest? can ret at a minuto’e notice. J. M. BLAIR. Propriety Eagle Hotel, Aihevil'.e, N. C. May 13,18G3. 3l-ypd WANT^, tor the Hospital at Fort Fisher. OOULTlS", Caiekcns. Buttor and ether itelioacies for X the sick Soldiers at this lloapiial. P-j^sou? having rJtese avticlts caa obtain tke miirket price ou applica tion to tns subscriber at bis oil stan-i or Mr. J. W. Pow»rs’8 on Uay S'^eet. i R. E. HEIUE, Gfn’l Ag’t. Aug. 25. _ 58-'f To 4:;otton Planters. J HAVE been appointed by the Secretary cf the Trea- State of which t.‘ie voluna*er ur ocu^oript is k revideut, bhaii bbve tbo Oiiuinium Qumtrr prcicribed by regaia- tiopp 4th Ur*>n the Company b*?ir.c pef^ot^.d, I’j:? voluu- teef will receive from n\e ErroUing Ollicflr & certi£ii.'ve to ibe effect that he hin no Ti-iuoteercd; acd nj voluu- ocr*ifiaii';v III r»‘r!5 ns T'bo :%.i! to sc'“ i*o3. according to t*Te prov^pior-.i of •!ii trier, rb'j at the tim? cf t-n'isl- rt.e':t, rili hr ;J aac .riinij! to existiBf; regui%tion8. IV. .All cfii>3tr« i*i e3>Dm»nl of cR auth'tn-'d i'.'.er o,is) f>r‘J-?r •« r :c>''ivc cop.?cri!'> s or v.'ilnptf'ers will ■ ' I 1 »"> tb.; ot nt the alwt , socurito certified rolls of their companies; and witb.-'.i “iich rciL, ftor.iiF •’ a* they i*.>n'^t fX'ieoJ sixty f-?ur ihurj wT,i n'jt be Bsaigned any oonsoripi ■r 7' 1 I t r i Hr c cminJ of the .Secretary cf '^ar. ' (S p‘a-1) S. COOPER. Adjt. & Insp. G !n. j E-»riy au ' vi^csrous acO'-n wiii i>e enji)intjd on SiieEn- I rollipg OSc?rs. each ■>nj of wuetn saou'.J t‘6 furnishci i v;iU a ojy oi’ ibe oT.ier wiiLont del-vy. To ineuri* the I publicity Pt tha order. th>:ro si*ioild be sc"crsl inser- tinnf ia the new^p^pors cf gen'ia! cir.^umio;^ II. Persons pr-.scutiag "ipriiciuonii far i*peci'»l ex (iilove« and ^ocktt l¥anti*d. 1DESIBE to fturooam for the soldif rs lO.OOi' p-iira of 01 ve.» Mid 10,000 pairs of Focks. D.onalioas wi4 f^e iharik'ul’y r€o>''iv€d FUWARU %VARRFH i Surgeon G*;n N. C. ! Jaa’y 11. 3m Box«*i«, AuC., for tfee Araik PILL Sfsnd n spa«ial cir9«.;.-4ger to the Arraf of 'S' tii>VV Ah‘J Surpecn Gea?r -' ^. STri 83. Northern VirK'hia oc the firs*. J**y otf evjrj in^^tj. H.vjjlM, paeicagM, «a., wm w rJrwuruea (■(5re ^r9“ ol char^ttf Rils'gh, Jtn’y 15, 1864 0. Laod in liaraett f.»r Sai;*. Tir'.uc ij' hU b r:'v vca'vO ;o ’ji" f;/ fijc iii'.t \> an-J Te«t>\ment of Hector M McI.*'»-ti, dec’i, I »-iit Ecll on *1 vTftdit cf e'iJ tai-riiij!- 'v.*-- -n ii’'V . or for cash aj tne parcbi * c'co . tb’’ PLANTATii.'N, vu ?ri.M;h -aii •• n-»cu pt-'vu-.i- l'.;ith, containing about s-ix bu ••trr'd a r; ■* I lind li^s on 'l*e N-'rS si *f » :’.nJ F-.;.!." R’''cr, ' icg oa ibe i- v.w locut ct.e ml aj ; »«j-. trli'r, t , aiac ;>i’t ti i^»-et itrc-- f iir.-ij a .•'!-. T. ..• , is withtis % rnof til'iuji j*', '■.cj ti.i ■ t rerj f-reseni.-g i-i» ♦n'aiT'*-' ri'ciy .•! 1 thi.-i cf>un»T. Trere •» a very ;^i4kb> MILL • I'^E cri Application must be made forthwith, when more full partioulara will be givfa Teti maa needed with $100,000 each, and *hey are wanted immediately W. J. HAWKINS, Pres’t R. & G K R. C.> Raleigh, N C , FcVy 24 10 'J.i Confederate Tax J^otice. The -Aaeeeacrs witc the C!'Oeo'''r foriilt- 11 ci^iafy will meet the t-ax payers of lavi ditferc^t- ?’ fir'cta st iic followitji! timetT ao l pi^^s the pu’ iM:8rtiag tho lax uU I:icumt bud rcoeiviDg t - .uis. Also J\e Tiiti* of Pork, vis: Ma; («ville, Monday 7th 1864, White Oak, Tuesday 8:n. B.-aver D^an, Wo-inef^day ttth. iieaves’s. Thursday lOto. I Cclley, Fridi-y 11th. I French’s Creek, 12th. Carver’a Creek 14th. j Wniie’n Cr^^ek li»'h. Kelly’s d>ore Ittlh. ! Bladk.nboro’. 17 th. EliEttbethtovn, * { All »r« rcqnat^'ed tc Irave s-h-. ir r'.iidi* out sui? I rewiy. At»d ail who htve failed to tiaish t*ier Titfcirir ! iit>; 01 to Us* thair Cattle »i>d p*y thcir Tazc.i arr non- I ned that this is the last opj. , ’uuity tb&t tril) bu .i««n, I M in all failure!) Ih? law will be eufcrot'i. I J W RUS8, GEO. CROMARTIK. ' Ffb’y 25 10 P*pd I' " w"awtei^ ATK %OUER of the Olsseics and English UepariniP.nts w.soe.- 'k 8:ui».t!on lie is an old pupi! cf W I ' iiir go-*3i H HiS bo»n or »igh» year* experi«i'C^ in i te».^hiu> Cau furnish ample lesiituoniaii 01' his i>bili»y I an-1 ^jptaess to ioafruist.. Addres" N B., ! Whi’Vs Cr«ek, LiaJen coun.y, N 0. Feb y 'io 10 'iipd K.cceivf.i'"* T SF-if.L ri''t A-^-=bc";uil;, o.- t-.-s > I ,V;«rcu nti,., ;o icwriat tiu r:* li ci'.iit- I *ttur»;.*d lO >D" U» p.i,-0^fr-r It' U'^t p- 1 5 X.1-.'i’Jpilr I wi!! 'Ktise ;ri's'*.ip»e}y AV: I'tr’.''i' vi»‘ r.--.« 0 lis'if I.-; ‘.L L&aCi i‘.« h.K -.i ' y'-' r-t ■ 10 .-UiT-l fii:» t. « liRUiC 0 ■ •'’}«. >’ H = -Jrt- .M'i Ji , 5 t;c’>.'r Pit ^ijproujr? Ft-b'y i7, ]8f 4 form jleetr The vroi-k on the Confederate vessels at Bor deaux and Nantes go^s on, and the offensive look ing note ot the Mvniteur tie I* A.rmee ia ttald to bo intended to prepare the way for the toriU of theiM vepaels when tiaished. It tho vesseL), by any sucaessful dodgo, should get into the bauds »f the Confederate agents, the French Government can point to the o^cial army paper as having in dicated that tbey wore inteaued tor China, and that the Cooiederates bought and lurued them i I'ruic their originsd ue&tinaticn. W e know that I tho French Oovernmei-t often adopts this small i method of accomplishing its ends, and it may be I that this paragraph of the Mn^aiteur de V Armee i« i printed *ilh ihc design i have indicated. It is ! at least worth poiuling ont and watobing. \7i'L f.:'psid I'tr I e .on .u ‘ or 'iuy L'lroU'ng Offi. r i:* tu-' i>L -^C o! .\i .-Igjoi Tj ■: iin y rad -‘■•-v- . ; on: \^ .ir%> on cr .%hjat in" 2**’ri '.n f. W \i .iT«gt >a. N. C V. b i 'I'i iO 3* ■'•’ry ' Jae Srd Vkv perrion deKin.Ti; i P2 .?»'u t-« J1“’''’ =“■ ' cmpliori. r.iih any ihov cf rnerii, wilt not b3 molested | «ppiy to Uug& MoL'^tii, f>4 , or t« G b. A i* !.ie ! uDt'l kot’oti t.ikca by nis Bur.'^a ThetJe cvi'‘P^ill . i.c^n. eiiher of wUom wiil i** »« s i £^iisie Fouudry Pioug^li i.'ai«ing:.9, F>-. s.iks. W LiT S F.'f>’v 25 ^ 2w I be iijVSfiifEi^te I in accor'i'*-t>ce w!th Cirt^ul^vr No. 3, Cnr- I rent Scriea, wiia «e leaat ir-lay praoi -cabio. B- order of Col JNO PRESTON, Sopi. • (‘^i;jn'5ii C 0. DCFFIEi.D, A A. Q. j Jan’y 27 3 Im Ei'PiS ■ '•It i.t' ^ N of n. M. ti LHIAN. >,.11 TOBACCO. BOXES VIRGINIA TOBACCO, various grades, for sale on oonsigament, by GEO. W. W^ILLIAMS t CO. May 23. 31tf 190 Mole Leather wanted. aned SOLI Apply to OAnA beavy well tanned SOLE LEATHER, «UUv/ suitable for Belting. FayetteviUe, April 14. MURPHY. 20tf Wanted to Purchase, WESTERN RAIL ROAD STOCK; Bank Noles; Oold >.nd Silver; Norta Caroliaa Treasury Notea (Fundable;) “ “ “ (1 and 92; “ Bonda, old and new; Oonnty of Cnmberland Bonds; Town of Fayetteville Bonds; Oreeasbora’ $1 and $2 Certificates; Confederate 7 and 8 per cent, bonds; Coupons ot $16,000,000 loan; *• of Town aad County Bonds; “ of old Nortlf Caro«ipa Bonds; T. 8. LUTTKRLOH. Got. 12, 18«3. 71ti Spaa CottOD fixehauged for Lard. WE will give Spun Cotton in part payment for LARD delivered at my Factory on Person St. A. MoLAUoHLlN. luAK-D 011-—A very fine article, for s»le at my Factory A. McLAUGHLIN MAR A'«» TOILEr SOAP.—For sale at my Factory. * A MoLAUCHLIN Fayettevilla, 12, 18G3. 63-6mpd _ sury, Chief Ageat for the purcha-io of Coaon f-jr 'he Confeaer^te Governueat within ihe State of North Uiro- lina. a»d will pay toe tke same in 7 per ccnt. DcrJs cr ^ish. Hub-Agentn visiting the different parti of tae Sttite, | bnyinj; it my naaee, will have written e*'rtiisoa.tP8 of appointment. By order of tbe Secrsiary of the Treaaury, ali Ooiton purcbaspd by tiiyself 9r my »vgeats, oa and after the 18th day of Mo.roh 1863, will be paid for iu 7 per cent. Bocds »r Casa, and not 8 per cent. Boads a3 siatfd tu a former advertisement. Lp to that time, howevfer, lae 8 per oeiit. bouis Wiil be forais^d Aj eiaiiJ Patri-'iie citiXBOS are aow orfsred i»n opportTWity to aid the tlweruiaent by sol'ing to it r^eir t^ottoa r'i-her than to privat-3 oitpitsiiptM LEWIS S WlUL'AMd Ca?rlott«, .March 24, 1803. £o. » j l"lif waSited, Bajmb. motdo «f »T—*w Virgima and Guorgia. Also, North Carolina six per o«at. Also. Nortb C^’olia» six per cent. Bonds, nsw Idsue W. R. RICHARDSON A CO., Brokers, Raleigh, .t' 0 Varoh 9 . N' *’ 1 SI-53 J 0 -.ill ^0:11 ’-V 0-ia 04S.1 IriuO y‘i-. M *;l tor ijfilico; .J i Fti> • I fC:i.7 j*; 2C0G.os^ Efa^'Mc Stit-j. K*' i '/ Nemll'. KI t’OXI RUKKATR ST.1TES OF AHEUICA, EN'JiNKV.R DsPAP.Tllli.NT, DfT. ('APS FaA* Wi-miugton, N. C , - '.rcb IPih, 18 JOTIOE is L-ore>!y gii«n to all p.TSons aavinr c'laims ! .Taiust tlie Eiigia'-‘’r Ui?partm(»D», for services of j I i,i; vir3 caipl''>y-d ' ibjr-i'.'s I'Uxi de/’rtiCr-s u-^'n’ 1 Wihuiugton^ '! 0 , ibai i.^c nad'>rsipn is anthoriicd j j and to pty ibe '?t b'-'! f-ffice, oa iho «o ' con:l a cr of tb ^ b iilaiijt u'Xi ftbove VUarvS’ Drug Si.orc, Market Sir>‘jt. _ ^ '[ Pdroon-s fxecutiug PoMer« of Attorney -Fill ob- | ■.»rvr the fo!lowiu« forin—tUrir Uu’-es, in all caies. j l3 He witpcfi'ei by two wi-u^wi^ 'S and eigne J io diipli- | Ciite, or tb-’" ujay bo w;iiit'S»ei b--.>>r5 a Jusi.ioe of the i Psaea or Cl -fk of .ay Ci :rt FORM OF Pt'tViR OF ATFORNKT. j Df^r i‘2, lf>6.3 ~ RirJY THE HU. xHACINTIRIi: Had rtoeivfld, Ni£ case, 29 inch, J fd Assotseer lot il' IROS hs oO li''r OMiii or exsja^r.ged icr pru- aaiiicul.-.'l_. Ociti, Peat. Bacon o ~ r--rk t.'* liEVEPIA' To l. -Ti! : I 'K’ H T: ” Thti U i3». Supreme Court aiid Vallandigham. —The Washington correBpondenl of the Herald, ! in his letter ot 15th iuut, pays: ! “The case of V^aliandigham, ex j>arte, was de> I cided in the Supreme Cuurc to day. The ped- I tioner asked tUai itie writ oi ctrtiorari bo direav* j ed to tbe Judge Advocate (icneral for a revisioii I ol the prucucdi^jgH of the military comuiiflfitoa > which tiled him, the jurisdiotioa of which wa* ! denied, as extending to tho case of a civilian, tha i object being to have the sentence annulled on tbe I gronud oi iiiogality. I “Judge Advocate G-eneral Holt had responded I in a \vriitcu armament i.hat the Court might witii I as much propriety be called upt>n to rrstrain by I iDjui^ction the pi-jceediugs of Cuugre.-«:j to re- I y'lf.b by certiurari and reverse tne proceedings ot I tno Uiiutar^ authority la time ol war lu the puu- I ishment ot all military offences, according to tLu I usage ot civilizod nations and the power given by i the Conatitution and laws of tho United {Stated J AVi V.t ^ 11: ■'o-iaA-.ixi VVayat lo-Uuy u«.-iivei-;u tac upiaiun ol Ciit' Ov''ui I^ Liic *7ri\, iji* li:t-v 'even (’tjie aiieit, ir*ai abU puLiMjj-ioiit of V t;i- ' * 1'.c'. w tiicio ‘..’ua bblii lii> iiUt.-*ol'- i..i* vuuri lO lu tuit made, hjU I*. lio ia« liy wbich any api'-eal, of pro- ' eOcutiii'.a lii u.-i.. iljlwUi'J Ca IxOUl a Ullll' , i.ij.u.1!..' .vjj v'j 8upicme Court, cau be lal^vu. •Auo'U a ui ihe i^upicme Court is regard- : vd a:^ iLoat iii-p'j:t.uut,. 1j-c ujurt room \^aa lull I at iiic at^u vj: He, dfciivcty. it Bclvico ibe ^uca- . ui-.(U 111 itgj.ra to tab mimaiy juri>>iioiiv>ii wiinin j ui.lti,a.'y uupaitXiients lu duitiiots nut lu a jiaic .-i ik.0 iit ju, iiUni Will UO much towards sup- 1 pres5iii^ riuiJiuuas ol tfeac^a oU tUo part oi I tliusj tj a:.; tuc rclioJiou lu u^>airuoiiug , iij opp.-.-»it m tbe coaduot ui tuo'w*r lar j iu> aup^r^b.:i -u uTiid itio rt,otv/i-tioii jl iu«s Limou. F^a-unel; i NL yWA. MIL', - ONti^H, 4 n? >e- :n L.U'. ■: q , =i I F, ircvUU-, K C.. L.r T i-i ViS.dOAY, a: -n?.’!: THUS. i. Juaivsu.^, Jr., & CO., Cj.rnlin!i. FuAdable Notes. General CoiiiiBisawii u i*(jrft':irdin«; .\lerciiaa»>, i rv^uE for Hvrsctt c-^ua'T .n r: =. r?o- ... « i i -I? of .i-tfe tur * ib ri-nf at i.‘ -i'cL-vii! pimcs 15 .forfA tf ttjer Sit eety | ^ ^ V^CJS for ine par?-;«e of ,v»s?s»u;jc if.a ‘’ •x WIliIdlNGTON, N. C. ' I 5-.\o).'’.e %n l *.>'*c3!iiig'wU'v>'9l‘Va/'it'r'.u#Cf‘3i t!.e !»11 hii'iin»'T3 e''rusted to ! 2*t true fwrjii l.*wf«i A^cni lu sign reecipta rar, , ^ pajmsat 01 **11 m m'ys du“ to me by the E jginef.r De- i parlajsnt of the Cciitcderate States of Anieiic*, for the | services of iuy sU»cs employed as la^.orers o’l the land ‘ defeuces at , tfis mouth of , ISO 1 Wifaeea my hand and seal at , the day of ! , 186 ' (Signed in duplicate.) - CRoial 1 WUneRses. »f F^y.^’ieviUfl, N 5. J tu’y 8 A. GR.'.uaO^Rb'Y, t'f P .i'-Tijbu' !>, Va. Ovi 3.upd $»00 KEWASil). OKDNANCS DKPABTMRXT, \ Ralbioh. N. C., May 8, 1863. j LBAD W.ANTED.—I wish to purchase Lead for this Departmont. Persons having large or small quan- tines will pleaae apply at onee. Will give 1 pound of POWDER for 10 pounds of L.EAD. THOS D HOGG, Capi. C- 8. 09. tf In charge of Ordnanee. Palma Christi Beans. ^PHE subaeriber will pay the h^hest eaah prices for X aay quantity of Palma Ghristi B^aaa. J. A. WORTH &7-if OIL AND LAMP BLiCK. TANNERS’ and LUBRICATING OIL. LAiyiP BLACK ia b«rr«la. For sale by ^OB. &. BLOSSOM Jt 00., WIUsi.agtMi, K. 0. Marakli Mf Cotton ITarn for Wool. ITICE is hereby given that after this date (cxoept *, in cases wh^re we bave bargained for Wool accord ing tc the tcrma of oar advertisement of the 30tii of | May, which terms are »ow revoked,) we will give I bua- j d'o of Cotton Y%rn for 1 lbs. of Wool unw.'inhed, or i 8 Ihe. washed a»-l picked. Thir. obanga is miide at the 1 inotafice of the Quartermaster at Rnl-Mt^h, iu srder to | make the terms of exohaage uniform throughout the i State. GfiO. W. WILLIAM;.- 4 CO 1 Fayettevilltf, Jane 20, 1863. 4’»if | E^ypt Coal ifline. i The undetsigned ware, at tho November Tsrm of the j Confederate Court, District of North Oaroliaa, ap- ; pointed Managers cf the Egyp* Coal Mine prcp?rty, j aud have entered isto ocp&rtaerebip for the parpofir. of j mioinz and selling Coal, and solicit or-iers for the same j iaany desired quantity. Orders for any amount lan | be supplied on short notioe. The Uoal frcm this pro- j perty ia undoubtedly the best in the Confederate States. | ^.pplications may be made to Chas* B Malleti., Faye-te- riUe, N. C., *r James Browne, Charleston, S. 0. CHARLES B. MALLETT JAMES BROWNE PayetteTillc, Jan’y 20, 1863. ' ' ®6*f Physician^ Card. Dr U. A- OAlttPBELL (late of Marion, S. C..) has removed to Fayisitewiile and taken an office on Bow ■trMt, where he may be found at all times, with an ample stock of Medicines i> anewer Pi^fessional calls. Satisfaotoiry reference fn-aiwhert, &c. Jan’T 2. IS^ ^ The signatures of colored persons should be witnessed by thr-;>« witnesses There mu'=t be Fep^rate dnplieate Powars of Attorney for eaeh monT>. Blank forms can be had upon appli- catioQ at this effiee. W H JAMES, Capt. & Ch^ef Eng. Jan’y 20, ’.861 ^ Fayetteville Arsenal and Armory, \ Nov. 12, 1S08. ( ^100 BOUMTY. fOO t^fiounted StUlemen, i UTHORirY having been grintfd by the War De- iV. purtxcu: to i . 130 a Oomtii.n/ of Mount d Rlflemtu for ber^icc in this vi jini;y, notioc is bereoy givA that reoruiti^ to th-* number of 100 fton'co^^-^cripii will re* ceived for ;bi» service. Gicb. rec»a:t w'l> fit rcquitod jo furcish a st rviceable hjrse. for whi'h will be ai- I’swc-J 40 cents per viie:>», nis-I his p;»i'"$12 p«>r month. | Writtm pmauincn wiU be reqaued from parents or ^ug.rd«-»;i3, where th^' epplicani ib Uwder tbsj cons* ript age. Each recruit must brirg with him a blunket or bed spro-id, and c'jMie prepared to rccjj*iu Bvidlps, fi=.cld)ep, b(\ltr*rf» and saiidlc blai?k-t3 furnish ed by the Cjverain, or if the recruit oomr.i provided with (hem, he wiil be paid for theni a fair valuation. A-opW to Capt .MATTHEW P. TAYLOR, at the Ar- Bcnal F. L. CHILDS, 80if] Msjor 0. 8 A. Comd’g Post. $$ockM and fSloves ior the !!^oldier». I HAVE been authorizi-d to exchanged—4 Sheet ings for 100 pairs of g*3oi Woolen Socks and fl'9ve^, to b'" presented ta the Soldieit>, at tha rate 0. i.hre« yards of S'leaticgs for four pairs C»U at next dojr below R%y & P.earoe’s J A PEMBERTON Fayetteville, Feb’y 6. 4 STOLEN fro»-i t'i« aub^orir-'W on th«5»ifrbt of t ie 4*'h uv-t a l.irg« B.AY HORSi£, Dtiok ar*fls an 1 leil, so line order, (5) yc%rs old liext si>rin?. t‘'4v»od on «u ‘“o »•■>•" tee i'*rr, nina toot. I will *!»«> »tooTe r«w»rl for thj 8-*id horso «aa pruoT •/tnrint ihfl thief: OC. I ^M1 nav two hun dred doU.»rH for 'h« deliTary of tae -Joree to me »» Union Faatory, K.irth Carolina, or for hi a at any 3'aoe so that I c-^n get him. Any infortaaiiou will b? taaafe- JAMSSm.KS Union Factory, Fab’y 6, 1864. 6-9.lpd After tills date 1 will nay 16 Cants per po’jn-l for Irags, or ^ the 'highest market, price, delivered m F.ycttevUV, or’at asy itj!Us .in Rockish^ mTP.PHY. F. b'y K.. 18t>4 - flWba^oa^ I^LOUa ar.; *I^A^^ wiUb.-’-io’.Au^eiffrCaro ai the «>-*C*lilg -*vr:- 1863 !•» tho i“f i8(i4, vis: A' >i>« t>!fren’8, B rbtouc DUtrict, Tuarodiy M'.;rc oi, 18>*4 Ai. Turner s Stc»rc, U«p»-r Little* Riv-jr Distn jt, Fri- J>.y 4 h . . „ . A Parktr’fl Stofe, St»-.t.trt’a Cre^^k District, flatu- nay M.ii-.jh. 6(h . ,, , At Clement’s Sttre, Aren»9bori>’ D.strict, .*1 'Uday March 7;h „ j A» Raulal T'-.rHrfri^jp'-*, Grove DisiHoi, iij4-8...ay Mn« U SttS At. R«u^ea IWattnewe’B Mill, Orfck Uistriot, Wodn^ed.iy March 9.h . m.a.-. March lOtb Ail i^re requested to bave thrir *isi4 T..»de ’’'•t and ready And 3II who ii*kv& fail-?*d to finish their Tltui^ g lists or to list their cattle and pay their T^xes, sre noti fied that thi« ia tbe laat opporinnity that will be yiven. as in all failures the law wiil be enforced .tOHN «HEKN.> ^ ^ ^ B F SHAW, Fib’y 20- ® iu IS UcOt^^J --“'i. licro is sutd tc I biJ 111 1'. i^a Uu r^il' lituC H ■>d^»0Vcjj, cbaim- ' j'l'U..-.Jviy t/i.o 13 '.Itaul.l’d all VJi.ll.*wl■vil• i .iUij :-'lt lo U.*o tnj .vvilu ri:;..jUl t> j ij a u.'iiiv .jcjaijr, wii,u iuug.«»UOt.ut 1 vvcr-, it. o.jc^jk, ii.i-Ijr '-'i j : v-sa.uii, i% jil.iiSu- j 1^1 u^ai'.-; lU lati, cuuortcu witii cvcry diu.-aJUt'n, uvc-rt tb tiiat ol hiiViugm uer owu rijftit I a; i f 300,000, uud, being an Oi.dy Uiiugi t-jr, j v»;tJi ii. pia.jjicei, oi luiieriliiig laiiiijns. Tiiis tair t M-a^ ij uow uw'JU; tweuij years oiu, and hao been ca^.gej to bu ui.ifriOd twcve tiuies- Jiiach tiiue tiic 6etiu.ngiy lortuaavj lover 'hao tlicd wfit^.in a l.T.f \Vw. ib ul Luc ‘iu'c a^'pOiulud lor tho nuptu»^ i^wl Yet uo suapioioa of uaggur ur upou tiic iair uue; a o;irk., SeVBfitl died ot l! TBE DIXIE PBIHER, FA tka Littia fulka. A tartlMr aupply at I my,pk W«rr&ntM&i« fw «t tbis I n f«wa a. 9- HAwi i» SOPS, Siore of D Mcl.aurio, by givi-»g hwu a fern dtys ao..ce. ■ Pi'.ur Oftis No. I. Ma t or white. ^ .%n’.r29 Siate oi ^orlU Cat*o8ina, HAKNEI'T COUNTY. >»nr(-i’f I*le?M & Qaaswr SKsaions, December »erm, lb63^ ArcbM McL.-Hn vs. A. D. McLean and wife CatLa*inc aud others. Petltioa for partition of SUvoa. TfU;’ oMe oomingou to be heard, it ie T-ahlicatlon be madd in the Fayetteyil^ Observer for six werJsH.Potifying Wrn! B-lin and wlf-. Mary, Afiomae Bu*n R(jd -wife Nancv Hiphia, te he and appear at the ne#t ter» ef this Court, j'aa* they may auswsr the said petition, pifta.i or dert*if w *hcv may think Witr^.. B-ojam s F So>i.w, CVrk of said Court, at OflSceift Liillnctoo, Feb 1. 1864 p-u 7i.w*t2'iMMhr-n ^ ^ Yoang’s Aritfemet^i'cal Dieti»>iiary, EMBRA>;IN0 a syfltem ef At it.ametio. R«ady Reokon- TESTAMEMTS A!«W BY.Mi\S. tONFBDERATE &tat-es Bibi^ Society Te=»t*««»'*• I A r.rt'ko>.i''-o of 8'»^b»tV' Schoo’ Hymn.'’. V,, ” VAVET'l’ii VIL LE SS’ TIAL ISSEBi.^CB 5,077 85 Oapits.1 in Prt?minm Notc-a amouAts tc Cash Pti band ind other aBsets, Total $272,766 61 The Compauy have paid all losses hsve never made an asseus'nent on laetr Total losses pwd, $^9,a8- Ovpioaas: GK0»McSEILL, President. D A. RAY, Vice Prerldent. C. A. MoMILLAN, See’y. DiaaoToas: W. N. Tirdagliast-, 8. J. Hinsd^e, Oiia OLLiOli^' • U IJv- lataluy ha.i caratd ttitm away typUuij lovei; oa»i gfus ii.iiica in » iuel; one was thro u fiom t hurao; tao wore drowuod, two were kiiUd by faiiio:*a uocidtuts, and one bung bolt! Tiie iaviy haa survived^all these shoolta. Thirteen may be ior her the lortunate, and not the fatal number. Whj will try?^ A arand A/ruir.^,\ Iw-.^.. safs were .»eiit into tba Post Master Qencrai a o&eo for'carryiag thu mail from Salem, Roaooko county, to Fioyd Court Housa. Some of tbe bid ders proposed to undtrtako the contract for one quiotillienth part of a cent. Others, among whoiu were sevRial parties from this city, bid one cent. The departu>>^at not coosidering the quin>4^ tillieotb part of a ceut as any thing, awarded the contract to tho oue eent bidders, who cast lots aaiougsi. themelves for it. Mr. Arents, of thie city, was the lortuatite mfu who drew the ahort^ e«t straw and got the contract -^HUhmoud ^hig. Among ccrtiin articltib dug up at )Toratown| Va , iaNt winter, by Northern soldiers, the Hart ford Times says, was a small jred stone, which, and a far- *207,038 2b j upon-cleaning-, prorod to be a garaet; Henry Lilly, H. L. Myrover, 8. T. Hawley, Sathan A. Stedtaan, C. B. Ma’O.ett, James Kyl*» A. A. McKethan, J, D. Wil’iiatns, 8. W. liliinghast. Wm. McLaorin, T. S. Lutterloh, A. W. Steal, J. O. Ceok, • Hon. J. G. Shephard, A.B*. h'SIT’ hn Collins aad C. a M^Cruauaea, Traveling Agenti Oompainy iavite applieations. Bfoj M, vm. »* tiier it:spei;;»o^ icvei»lcd the intertstiug laot that it had otco foi oicd a part of the signet ring of the Marquis de ttochambeau, the liberty-loving ouiroacder of the French army in this wantrji who aetcv! in concert with Washington in plaM ! which wou for us the battle of ^Yorktown. It I continins the noble Count s motto in Ltatin and his 1 family crest. I The Richmond glass works have proved a splendid kucocm The stock was originally limit- i ed to fifteen sharsB of 810,(H)0 eaeh, but anPth^ t Ht.ockholder munaged to squeexe’ in, making the i caoitarei60,000. ' On thi^ a dividend of ten ! cent, has be^n declared for the fir*, month 1 wansact'ons and it ooald have been dou • • larM*.hare of the profits tad not ™ ** 1 enlarging the works. It is expected that Jh® d- » wiU pay ior itsalf erery month.

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