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North Carolina Newspapers

Fayetteville observer. (Fayetteville, N.C.) 1851-1865, April 28, 1864, Image 2

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i I i I-1 THE C^lPrURE UF pfYMOUl’M t ami placed in hospital, fie suffeffd fcuipu- Krom the Rlchmoiia UNr'»>‘ l‘- -’8 IJnsf 1 tution of the ri/?ht arm at Weldon. The force eogaRed on our side was Hoko’« bri-! The >»rKor proportion of the wounded were commanded by Col. Mcrccr, of the 2Ui left m W.Idor,. (Virginia) brigade. ■Di^pdfrh. (rji, Kaoiioai’s and Kouipnr coiuuiaudod Col. ferry. >a Sunday afteru H>n, ul»i ut 4 o’olooJt* our fi)rc>.-j, uuder the command of G''u tfok'S ar- rivcfi in front of Plymouth, the ibrtifioations ne- iug plainly visible tbrongh the trees behind which the Conl'edeiatt's we^►•dl■Hwn isp. The 1st Virginia regiment, »*itri)uian'i«’d by Mwior Norton, wa8 thrown forward nkinmshcr^, a».d the '««■ | uiy's retired b.diind their fortitio.fion.s j .^ a-i the fir'ii^j oommeaced a white olijt-et was .'■•‘pn in the tield in front, which Wiis smppiKsed to j bo a iluij f truce, but which pn*ved on inr^pcc-i tiin to be ;i turj^cl pl infed there )»y iho j;njk.-« s | for artillery practice. In thr saiisp lit-l.i th.To : wore several targi'is plantvd, and by pr--vi us j pructioe the e.n*‘i*jy iia-1 ^oft» u a | erl'ect raiii.'i* of uli the apprOHches to their works. 'I'Ih- VM^ki tN ' opetR-d on the s-kirmi.shcr-s with the lufiie i;ud.s iii I the fort wl.ieh th»*v were approachini;, in whidi , w;is mount«»l a 1 (•(•-pounder V’arrott and S inch , 'ol'imbiud. No ti-^snuU wa.s made on Sunday ul- { ternoon, thouirh the 4-kirtui>'hor8 were kept out. j l*arini the afternoon a gunboat came out Iroiu , behind the town and started up the river with a | pleasure party on beard. Our artillery opened j OB her, but thou^h struck she proceeded on up j the river, landed her passenpers, and that ni:;ht j attempted to drop down to the towr» She waa ' aaain attacked by tbo artillery, ami by some fharpshootnrs posted on the banks for the pur- rose, but without .stoppin; her On .'londaj our iorcent hrid thv pumed Sunday evcuinir, tlie enemy shellin>f at times turiounly. On Tuesday, it secniH, heavy fichtin;^ occurred, with vaiird succcss, and on Wednesday mort^ing tlio place was carried by aw sault, Hoke’s brigade cutf-ring and charging ^vith the bayonet up the principal streets. Col Mercer, who led them, wa.>« killed. l>uring Tuesoaj' our artillery, including the Fayette Artillery, of Kich- mond was planted within I ">• yards of the iortiti- cations and opened tire. The Fayette Artillery, it i.s stated, suffered heavily from the enemy’s tire. The gunboat which went out ot the Roanoke It is said made short work of the shipping in front ■ of the town, Sunday morning our cavalry picketis found a negro spy coming into our linos wearing the dross ot a field hand, and having a red haadkerchief tied ariMiud his head. Under this dress was found *the full uniform of a yaukeo soldier The nogro wa.s hung on the spot. rfi-rrveti ar (rf.neral Hospif/il \o 3, (}nld>horo\ S C . on the 'I'ld in»( *•1 fc X ’ r f: • .irrT'rt!’} A..’ K Ucr.ici;: '' ' I T‘-’'C‘\V. ' KS .1 \ -V, .V ■ I K L-. I'l*. Jiu> M'.0u; E E P'tni>ni; F. !•’ N Is-t; H. F Piiv-; I, ’'ui* ^ tt Epl.r-\iii;; K K V Mvn** ^T> • Iti'-.-o* V • He,,-,; I. ,v 1$:'-'“ N ' ’’n V*. * K .A K iirf; II, V V7 ».,o 'T;Af if; \ f li K, ' Fl !.n. :!~iK V II..J,*.. \ •, 1 ■'•111 ; •' CoNFEDIiRATK TKEAf>l'RV NOTKH. The followiu^ fi^urca and Mt«teiueiiLs, for which we are iDdobted t»> the politcn««8 oi the Register of the Treasury, will be of intercHt to our readers: S’H nitnt uf.i^eB)Uf‘ of non int. resi btiariug Treaimr^ I be crganj2»*i *i» >i I'-w CoDfeder»tf 4M . \ K Miil i-. tiO» '9 blue Oo^erniiie* ‘•'in. COD'" Oai H ' Vfv)* Fivi*.-t T !(• rWt:rt'(H Ki:ii( H !'t.ti'lr> *1 W 'U ; ty; U. 'V M.ii'f 'I'eiv; (I .. K '.V i; Pill,,. H A O.U', T I. Itn- 0 LW.I ’ 1 \ L i’v '.i'- H *.>n. L .J >i liuti; R .\ I’! I'K I :> W ■; 't 'V J K. W 1) : M. ?k N ’ k.'.' . •' II Wi'sfin, .1 (' .rii.ii- ■ N (J «. 24 ' Vv K - .i s (MIwm “i-; T I. Itn- .-11 \Vi April t —Siirg*‘')ii-Oi‘iiTal K Wur r. ii; \ our ilispatcli just jeovTv'. if I have rccei7 O'J S2 i)f (Mir wouuded trcin month (.’apt. Ma«)n, (»f l-.t' Keg’t Stafe Tro >ps killed; L^. (\ L W’ilsjoii ot Orsn.'c cout.ry, .slightly wound-'d mi | sues have bi’t-n redocpjcd $'♦11,268 SO * RS'i OOU OO 7'*,U1>U !)U> jri? '.(Hi: 7.^0 l«b,8Gl 40' 'A» 8)8 OiM *J00 Olt the foot. Of the woundrtl received liere most are slight and some .s'JV;rc, thouiih ’ but few will prove fatal. S. S. Satchwell, Surtjoon in Charjre. Al>MTHtNAl. I’AUTICL UAKS or I'l.Y MOl IH riUIIT. RioeMOND, April i!.’).—We gave on Saturday some of the particulars of the fighting whioh re sulted in the capture of i’lyuiouth. Our forces trrived in front of I’lymouth on Sonday after noon about 4 o'clock, and succeeded in capturing most of the enemy’s pickets, which were stationed a few miles from town, and felt their works, and finding them much stronger than was anticipated, the men being exhausted by a long day’s niar. h, the attack was postponed until next day Dur ing the whole day .Monday the artillery and sharp- shooters were engaged with their gunboats and [ ootnradc in arms and h forts, which resulted in one of the former bei Th^ /(!/»■ (W. W/’r'( >•.—(’ol. Mcrner was a bjave and gallant oflieer, aru although ho was r.ot a native of the State upon whose soil be fell, yet he has i;ivcn up bit- life jn her defence. Ho was a inilitarv man by education, having radua^- otJ at I'oiut ill tho year 1''54. -tc in the name class with ilen. .1 K. 15 >‘''»ir'^, Men Ho*>d, (Ion. ('iisti' i^oo lud (ion \V 1> I’ci. l- r, aiil grailuatod wi*b thfui At th** rime »';C Tar broke oat, ho wa.s '-iiition li in tlalifornia and wa.s 1st lit. in the 1st I'. S. Pragoous. Ufarinfr that hi.s native St.'^te had socodod from the Old L'nion. he imntcdiately resigned his commission in the I'. S service, and trmicrod his services, to tho Confederate Government ito was order ed to Ivit'hmoud, V’a , and appointed Col of the 21st (joorg’!i regiment In the your l^til, and was attached to Hweil’s Corj>ti He participated in the battle of AVinchester, Va., and was highly complimented by his commanding (General, in his orticial report ot the battle of (’ross Keys He also boro a conspicuous part in the battles of Mal vern Hill, Chancelli>rsvil!e and (Jettvsburg (>n the L’Uth January, J'tif, he was attached to Hoke’s Itrimade, wa.s with the Hrigade on (he late expedition auainst Newborn, acted very gal lantly at (be Mattlo of Hachelor’s ('reek, and was sunk. At about dusk on the*same evening Fort baaderoOn, a very strong earthwork, waa Hssault- ed and carried" by’storm, after a spirited re.sis- tanoe. During this assault a number of our uien were killed by hand grenades in the ditch. After carrying the above named fort our forces advanc ed close up to the main works of the enemy, on the west side of the town. )n Tuesday morning at two o’clock the Alberaarle, one of our iron-clad gunboats, commanded by Capt Cook, came down the river and engaged the enemy’s batteries aud gunboats which were ijins; in front of the town. The enemy’s boats atttempted to board h. r, whioh attack waa handsomely repulsed. They also attempted to trap her, having stretched a chain under water across the space that inter vened between their boats; but instead of running between them Capt. Cook made direct for the largest, striking her amidstiip, and sunk her in a few minutes, together with most ot the officers and crew, only a few of whom were picked up. He immediately engaged the other, and pursued her some distance down the river, but not deem ing it prudent to venture too far down the river, he returned to his former position in front of Plymouth. After daylight ( n the same morning General Hoke demanded a surrender of the place and its defences, which demand tbo enemy declined to accede to. Daring the day their works were reoonnoitored and felt at different pointa Tues day night the position of our troops was moved around through a very difficult route to the east or opposite side of the town. At daylight Wed nesday morning they charged and carried the en tire hne of fortifications on the east side, driving- the enemy at the point of the bayonet oompleteiy through the town to the opposite side, where some of oar troops were left, who succeeded in capturing a large.number of prisoners. day Tuesday and Wednesday morn ing the Albemarle, with the gallant Cook in com- mand, engaged the enemy’s batteries, taking them in reverse. The town now being entirely in our possession, together with all the mcmy’s works with the exception of the main fort, a UemaBd was made for itn surrender, which wan re/V,««j, tiut OH soon as our sharpshootf.rH .-.ouimpnood to advanoo, the enouiy t.o^ra,, f, .Irsort by twon ’hroei and twoniies, coming u.U. our linon and’ forowjiig down thoir arms Tho flag of tb^ Tort was tben haukd .lo^vr., wl.iob nwul.od i.i tl.o surrender by Hrig. Ijc-n. \V«H.,eN of four r.-iri- ments of inlantry, one s(|uadron of cavalry, a bat- ttlion 0 «rl, lery. and two tl,rcc • ■ iijffaloe.i, (o.eethor with the largfj amount ■ •'WWf lo tic f.ot th.l our no,,f, w„c. a rukioj. lire, w;tl,oui protetu.o ,il a„v ki„,l .tMvrr' «crc ,,y on,, I- whitPs ^ captured was an follows: 2.500 h-m negroes, a portion of (bo latter ^ ^0®en and children. A lar-e numbor .t negroes and “buffaloes” (fit aiiHocfates) ^escaped ny means of boats and canoes, while quite a bum oer plunged into the rivor, a portion of whom never reached the opposite Bhorc. T'ho behavior of our troops throughout the whole affair was everytbirg that oould be desired, and whero all did so well it would be next to in justice to disoriuiinat*. Tho gallant Col Mercer was killed while leading a charge, and thus icalcd with his life-blood'bis devotion to bis country He was a native of Georgia, and the •;oiy field officer lost by vig during tbe siege of I'lymouth. Twenty Virginia otfiw-rH and privates wounded in the engage’.nent, have arrived in Petersburg, j*od were anaigned to the S (3. Hospital, Wash- mcton street. They wer.i wounded on Monday while storming the oufor line of entrenohment^’ Some tew ot tho wonuds wero severe, but nioitt of them R\ii»ht. afterwards a.s?igncd to tho cummiind -1 all the (’avalry in ttiifi dopartment In the expedition a^aiiif-t 1‘iymouth he wa-s in oomiuand of his own rogimcnt, and during tho attack upon the Town wa.s in command of Hoke’s Brigade, [^Gen. Hoke being in comujand of all the troops, I and foil during the charkre upon Fort Sanderson, whioh wii.s taken a tow iniimtos after his fall 'J he remains of ’o! Moro r arrived her«; on W edno.sday night last, and wero intorrod in tbe Kpieoopal Ciiiiftery by the side of the late and lamented (ren VV . D i’ender, fiis in »to. his relative* Titr/jiiiu' .S'-u'hr rn‘ r ll>U THE OJ'.SERVf.R Fiiht Cami'kki.j., N (!., 1;». -•\t a mcetiug held at l-'ort Campbell >n the 14th of .Vpril l'>tJt, by tho soldiers of this (}ar- rison, 'apt J (’ llobfrt.'On was apjtointod Chait- nian and Lieut. .V h. l*aol Sec'y The object of th-' uirotini; being explained by (.Iiuiruiaii, tfie lollowm^ narued, viz; ( 'apt. tbe (Miuirujan, tf W I' Hrooks, Serg't- Millikin, Hullock and -Vverett, wero apjMinted to draft ro^iolutious 'I'he oommit»cfl havinit retir d for a short time, re- pirted thro!j;^h thoir ( the followins; resolutions: 1st, RpsoItc t. Thiii I he course pursu*ij by Hi* Ei- cellei^cy Got V»ac« lurin? in^ horiiiliiiw now exist- 13« i^-iw *^n 'hp Uuiiat •nd >>afedfr.ita SU'*>9 tias elicited our approval ?n 1 ainnration. an ( 'h®.i our than,.^ ftnd the . f aU Njrt*! Carolina are lua turn fur bij uanrii.^ fffjris m their h^half rrom tKeir horn - iaJ fir,?«ici’s in l»fence nf their ootin'ry’K hghrs 2J, R«9olTcd, Th*t tbe Ohairui-iD of 'hie rae«»tiQff directed to incite Oj* VinoS to alirejs th« soMiers of this comms.n'l a. ibis place at sj-;h iimo as h«« may thiu\ prop*- 3d, Re^)!»ed, Td%i the Chairman furnish a c>py of the .'orefc.iiDK reHolution? to ijiT anJ solicit his fcO'eptanso; aLso th«t » ,iopy b- ^urnisheJ the Fiyntif. vi’le Observf^r. Wil.jincton JourLi.1 anJ R »?eigh Cod federate for pibliottion On motion tho meeting adjourned. Capt. J C. KOHKRTSON, Ch’n r..t. J Ii. Pool, Sec’y Capt W. F. Hrooks, ■ Sergt. R. R. Milliki.v, I ,, “ If. C Bullock, * “ H. (;. Avekett, i FOR TUK OBhEflVER. Fort Holmes, N. C., April Uth ISOi, At a meeting of Co. E, 4oth Jleg’t N ’. ' tbe following reeolations were adopted:— uaanimjutily yankee who was wounded atid captured in e storming of the first fort was also brought on Whf.rei8, f„h„g ,hc nfoewipy of haviua- tru« i^va! palnotic wen to rppresf-ni, 114 in tue next Lc^i^'latur. of N r.. « welt aa mn nf ..rdo-a.tM an I nMliticg hn l ni>.a who-« t".!>Miu. n!d in r vnr t., it-. Kr.olv,*.]. (hr.-, .Uii.-ly ^p,.^.Yif,r . p.. " .V itrsr of'’^r" )! K. '1 ).• of f.i-' c I '• "••• ‘^-y. an! S.„v.. u. ,T.!,rc C1,„ .. :„ ,h .4 o; S.croo M! tji- Kol-tj i,:,.- ‘,,s i-ioiu^Qi nij.J SrijJ nt.iti ir'H kpi h sJd'i Hfna-i >•! (4 rei>rr>i*>ri'if v» r lo pruiKCM»ij( nnd li Hiprhf 'hr> '(* ' f Mil l ^’ty f^'lt.rnny h;i>I pdilicrtl hlilfr llj!U Mohi'cn niol hi«i »irre.l uf> in ll'> Slale, Kfi'jl•rit, 'J'liHl W" iiio'il irarnenily J ’Ji-.Hf •fiiill- a.- a mill eoiieiitly jU!*liC'.’l to rej- ■ *it p-» of t h iSf Datonal UiH* r!o of !l'', ■. j •'# aiiJ H .tiPHon in *He nex* Rfsolvm*. That if 1/ Ho a an Ji. •tale we iuobI ail iijiiiit i^e jitoj'le ai honin hWi lUe » •IJi.'tB of th.- i> >;'rio( I ) mule »?>•>' us in giv lav I'It;) h oor>t I K':!o!>. li, l>a! *4 c. >Jiy ! CHoIlI I it.US !)!• Mmi) f I ni'.* a';'5 fii.s-i to lie Vnyi'Hcviile •>! wiiii ILr ri'i'i-f't ttai. tt.*-v > r. i «’ o .M 1V1;h, H.c v J NJ MiKism»n, (!1i’hj. FOK THK OBSKIiVKIt, Agreeable to previous notice, a portion of the citizens of Avenwboro’ Di.strict met a* their AIuh- ter (i round to expren.s theii* senfiments On mo tion licwis Jackson waa called to the Chair, and Samuel .1. Wado retjutJHted to .^ct as Hee’y The Chairman explained the object of the ineetine in a very brief manner. On motion, the Chairman appomted hve as a committee to draft resolutions for tho meeting. Af(.et a short absence they rc- turned und through their Chairman reported the lollowing resolutions, viz; Whervas, ^0 Kuie id /.aw ng near when the volera of Averaehoro’DiMnctwill he oallcj onto oa.-t .heir toreb for membr.r8 of the hoRi»=(aturc, tberofore ..e«oWed 1 w«, a ponioa of ttie citsz-ns of Aferag- boro Dwtriot, j., approve of the course of our present RopreeentauTes, Neill MoK.y and Dr John McUo^- w,c'. and reeommena their re. eleotion K»m Ived. That ihfcse Resolutions b« sent to the Fay- et le,.Ii« ^ “‘“y publiBhed. Ih.. l-»yei(eMlle North Carolinian pleaee copy. , On motion the meeting adjourned « I JACKSON, Ch’n. o. J. Wade, Secy. I 'i’udl 50 j M »>• yli.jsi!*}; Hie aiuoiial of f»ou IiiIcmh b aring |. ’.’’r'.'f'.'-lo V iKil. ri . iii-ii -'ug ou old) j An? M^v 1»5. !8*>) r*»o ) t^Hr i:o‘es #7 I'Ol ST-** I A • l‘.t. iMtil ilfiivT>«i curr'u«y 1 •'»Ul) j Ao' !«*, i()uert a«l iwoa 4,5lt. OO j i;!. l.St'.'J (it-iiernl ourrenny I li,*i‘.t7 H21 &0 • ,\'-t \!‘»-tO( 2.'« ISi’;; (J'n(>ral C'lrr >iiey 50 j Trial .fTllti tiO j From th’.so two statement^i it appeur.s that 8171.022,lMi(» ;»U of tbe noninterest bfaring is- nd cancelled. This amount iocliides only f uob notes as have been regularly canccllcd and destroyed in purcuance of wirr:uits from (Le Tresnuvy There is always in tbe hands of the dep M'.iru* notes not yet reported lor destruction >\ i; }■ »vo heard the amount thus bold at prtsint, Irom the four p. r oeni funding, rt,tiiT>afed at t .. '.Millions There is but little doubt that tbo iuooing East and JVest of the Mississippi, will amount to three htin?n'«t uuMions Tbc^ total ii^^ue »'iitstanding IMf. in aay tt ; tX.'O ( *! , a ;*on«ider»blo portion, firooably a *iut;Jred million.s, is in hundred dollar notes Kxoluding these, we have lg3H-‘>,00(».(M»o left; of which, the is'.ncH of five dollars and under amount ♦ o :")(( Suppose §8f),000,MjU of those are n >w in circulation, and we have tor all others ^,‘iiM>^(»()(t,UOO. which the tax of one-third baa re- duood to ?5200j000,000 The total circulation at the pre.sent time, irrespective of the new i^Hue, is, therefore, largely less than 8.i(jO,(HM(,00o, and of this a considerable amount is always to be found in tho hands of tbe disbursing officera and de po.sitarifH. We have not included in (he above any esti mate of the amouut of circulation lost or ^estroy rd, and thereby gained to the Government It is doubtless considerable The amount t>f currency which has b*'cn eun oelb'd and destroyed (^irre.ipective of tho opera tions ot the present currency law) is nearly 20 per cent, of the whole ijssue It this reduction be applied to tho tive dollar notes, the amount of the«e in circulation would apji« ar to be ?t)3,272,‘_’.'j2 /t'l'ih. S’Hhn^l l*t»lNT8 (»FTNrF.Kt-:sr IN LoUlSfA.NA ShrevejKtrt is the capital ot Oaddo Parish, La , situated near the fojt of (Jcddo l^ak >, in the Northweste«-n part tjf the State it is tinely lo cated lor business on the Ked rivor, being sur rounded by an exceedingly fertile planting re^ittn about thirty miles bolow the “great raft ” Sinoe the war Shreveport lia« becti an extensive dep»»t tor commi.i.sary and other stort's for the Trans Miaaissippi Confederate trooj>s, and up to the time of tfio «iege of \’icksburg, formed an import ant link in the “chain ot supplioe” for our Wejit- t rn army rhcr> is a military jtri.-on there, which has at tiiur-* contained a largr nuniber ol jankee pri.sonor.-, If is 2;:J niil.vs tr.ou iho mouth ol the river Alexandrja, l;>o niile^ from th^ mou*li, is, we l»;li»‘ve, the fiigfuvit jtoint »n Kt*d r»%c-r ever ted by the enemy before the nresent ex[»edition Kighty mib‘H abovo is Natofiito«'ho», an old French town, settled in 171."J It noted in f'istory a» tlie scene ot a hard t^attlo tietween ttie inhabitant«j and the Natohfi Indians, J7.J2, re suiting in the extinction ot the Natchez an a dis tinct nation If was formerly situated on the lied river, but that stream has “taken a new channel” ot about thirty milep in length, and is now about four miles from the town During high water the old channel is full and navigable lor about three months. Tho remainder of the year it is nearly dry The place once iLsed to be a great resort for Texas traders. Kut all it« glory has departed; and it is now dwindled into comparative iosignificaGoe—but few vestiges of its prosperity remaining . From Shreveport a railroad haf been graded westward to Marshall, Tcxa.s, and sixteen miles beyond, making a lino in all some sixty miles in length. Tho work on this railroad was stopped by the^ war. There is a fine wagon road runoin; frotu Shreveport west to Texaa to Many years ago a railroad route was projected V’lcksburg, which was completed from the lat ter place west as far of the Monroe or tho Oua chita rivei. This was aim )st oouipletoly destroy- d by the great fr»;shet ia lN*>2. It was afterwards repaired, but waa destroyed by ua | when driven back by tho Fedcrals. We under- ftaud it has been repaired and uaod by them in transporting troops, \. j. The rivers of Louisiana are navigable only during hc spring freshets. \fter that time but few of t“ - a iro deep enough tor steamers or transports ot an. izrt. JiiCti -tutn I Jh'spnti'h. Tru>‘ l'iilriinti,in.— We wero fo.’j the other day Tone of the many notatde inntances of true patri- uti'Jio which havir been eviuoed by citizens of North iirojiiia ^ «il \V arreii countv, wh'*.sc j na!.ue werr* not authiinzod t» gi^e, vtas iu | I rancc at th.- lu gifiniug ot hoatilitioH b^; vyo. n tbe :Norfli and South. As soon as he hofird that hi.s Slate had seeed.'d, he-,sfaru d for liotne, to join hi:* destiny with bcis Ho arr vod at New York and made hi.s \*. ,iy as fast a.s l.e Could for homej and had urjceedcu as tar as Alexandiia and wils at Jack.son’s Hotel the night Kllsworlh was killed by •lack.son He soi»n readied home, however, and joined a company as a private, in which capacity he has served ever ainco, refusing all pn.iuytion, although he has been offered, as we are told, tlie position ot Major «*f tii.s regiment. 1! -sidos this, he baa sold his produce (for he is a man of w.e-ilth,) to tfie poor and needy alone, at much less than (iovernment prices, when they wore Selling fiir, and he "was offered, double that* amount. 'I’lie otfier day he sold flour at a bar rel »o soldiers’ familieti and those unable to pay speculattirs prio.«>f!, and he keeps his produce alone for such. ^Such a man is truly entitled to the name of I*itnot, and deserves well of his country. Rale-itjh ('onfairrtUe. Death of Wn^n W. /;«y.--I\Veregret i to learn that this gentleman died at his residence near this city, on the 24th inst. *Mr. Whitaker wa^ an enterprising, public spirited man, and.has hlled many important public trusts with fidelity and credit to himself.—A/A Confederate. (•'rn. J{. li. Kanr/-.—(ien. Vanoe, captured some time ago in Western North Carolina iii con-1 fined in tlie city jail of Knoxville. ’ A h)ny Furlouyh.—A Private belonging to the army of .Northern V'irginia, has had a fur-1 loagh granted him by order of Gen. Lee for 840 days. He was entitled to this long leave under the arsiy order granting a certain number of- days’ furlough for each recruit furnished. His leave of abaence promises to lap oyer into the aezt war. FROM THE NORTH Baltimore papers of the ’JOth inst. furnish the war news. The G\ Hmhlen.—Wheel-horsea »re invaluable | in their true office, which ia to hold baok the wagon and prevent it from going down hill too i annexed items of news: rapidly. But, then, wheel-horses to hold back A’.r/WjViO/i.—The Chicago | treating on Natchez, and Gui. Tavlor pursuitil —ki;„i—c .1,- Transports are coming out oi J(ed Kifer loadj^i I From the Trans.Mhsinsipj,;.—Mobli.R, Atjril 'Vestern dispatche.'^ n*tM)rt that Hanks is r.. when tho wagon \s going up and when it is | Evening Journal publishes letters from tbe Ked Just at a “pinch,” ret]uiring the wh«le stren;'th j Kiver expedition, giving tho details of a severe of the team, are very unprofitable—nay trouble- j Federal reverse at Pleasant Hill, De Soto. Parish, some and vexatious—animals. They fatigue and . La. The Federal cavalry ol the third and bjurth weary the team, and retard the movf ment of tho I divisions of the I8ih army corp'\ after a bard- wagOD, with advantage to none. Tho grumblers , fought battle, were put to rout by tiio Confede- in the Southern Confedor»oy are just like these j rates, with a loss of over 2ou(» men in killed, latter kind of whoel-horst^s. They take llic studs , grounded and missing (ien Ransom, coniHiaiid- as the heavy burthen is mounting the s(oejve»t i iug the (Rivalry, wa.s wouiido.d. Tbe letters of the part of the hill, and do every contrariwise Journal are dated Kcore, April lOtb and lltb. thing known to horse kind, eyen to marring the Earop.nn AVir^*.—The Peers in the British 1 goad ap)>earimcc8 ol the “swingle tree " j ijoune of I.Mirds h ave delive»ed judgment in the j Now, as it is |>erfectly uselesn to rcaiion ‘ i Alexandra case adverse to the Crown^and dis- 1 a “baulky horse,” it i« idle to reason t e I apfw^l I’roni tho judgments of tbo I with wounded. It i- reported that wo 14 gunboats that wero aground aboive ?1h> has Wi-n rcc*ivf.,j giumblers We can only hope to sec the heavy . wain taken to tbo top of the hill without them, ^ Staiistield, who was implicatiid in tbo Maz- knowing that they will not be paoified untl t e i eonf^j»iracy the Hmperor Napoleon, level, hard road is reached and th^re they wi ; resigned his potsition in the (lovernment. in tho sunshine and the shade of the lovely ig - Garibaldi v.a.s entbuHia.sticall3' welcomed b}' the way be as bright and chcerful as the b^t o ^ cjyil authorities and citizens on his arrival at horses, ^nd srort their satisfaction and pride juat | Southampton, Knirland, on tbe 4th inst. as though they did as much a^ the freest puller j Courts of f.ondon. Home, \ ienna, Berlin, and gamest horse in tho toam! i St. Petersburg, Spain and France have agreed fo The grumbler is a very much injured man at , fgcognize the Kmperor of Mexico on his acces- one time; ho is a very intrepid defender of the I Shortly take hi.« people’s rights at another; he ia always a very independent fellow, not afraid to attack tyranny or corruption wherever they show their hideous fiont^; and we should add, never Is anything but an honest and personally a most disinterested man! Ho is beyond question, the wisi-st of the wise, and h cs wbat other people cannot: that apyuing in proper or politic, and no measnre of ! made furtW Inquiry, end v,ovc.u*ucu. in » I altugeilurr a fotK^ry nut tho country is united as never country | was in suoh a war The feeble sounds of discord I He would shortly take Vera Cruz. In the House of Lords, Karl llussell incident- ally referred to the spurious report of .Mr. Mallo ry, the Secretary of the Confederate States Navy, and intimated that he was originally led by Mr. Seward to accept the report a.s genuine. Hut, said the Karl, Mr. Seward states that, Kavinsr be finds it to have t)«-en altugeilurr a forgt:ry I)ai-T(».\, April^ 21st are received here. New () lean.s j>apers of the Kith were received in New York on the 2(,*th. tire people composing the family of Confederate ! reccive vt , • , i> Sutes. The successes achieved by a noble and I “ headquarters were at Natchitoches. Ile- I bels are burninjr ^11 the cotton on Ked river and are drowned by the concordant voioe of the en- ol by intrepid soldiery are shaming the despondent and | ' timid into high spirit and courage. Croaking i “ aud grumbling are subsiding; and when the work Chica(H», April 2U,— The Journal say;4 that livity reached, and tho triumph i alter the disa.ster to the l->th army corpr- be none to admit but they too | '’o^sc engaged and defeated the enemy, cap turing 2(tO> pri.soners and 20 cannon. Oairo, April 20—(iucrillas along the river declare that they will not allow Northern men to work on abandoned plantations. They recent- is dons, the aee won, there will be none to admit but they wore true aud faithful; and helped to achieve the grand lesult.—Ruhnujful Dispatch. - AlCTION SALES. Iff. CRONLY, Auctioneer. BY CATALOGL£ OF liUPORTEU iiOOU«. 8TEAM 8HiI*S PET AND LOCV With luodry oonsignmems per other Ships. ON WEDNESDAY. M»y Uth. 18fi4, oommeucinfr at c olon, A. .M , I will soil M oif Self's Ro«mfl, No * OtAuiti? Row, Wilmingtoo N C., the 0*rjto'B of the nbove named ShipH, tugeiher wita other oonti gntoeutd, ounHisliiif; io pan .>f DRY OOODS S b'«Ie« white Flsutndl 1 titi'eti blue do .'t bkleit (MJ^rlft do 2 t>alea printed do I liale Magent* do 1 t>ale »toDe do . I hate ft«(torifd do oMSeM DeL«iiie8 3 c»»ea Merliiu tihiris ■i bnles colored Leaaa J baleu Melton (Jlotha - c««e6 stik Hsndkerchiefi 4 cMeB Uiuve», UraiJd. Jcc 2 oaodi* blac^ Alp«co% fMioy Tifeedi* ■.! o*J*ee Il'iX Thre-»-i - ovtffl piu3 oMte: Bane Huttoos 2 cArieti fi\ncy Wove Sbirts 2 e*i*‘a Bl%ck aad W'b;ie .Mudlia CUHCM Reyatta I'rioio I c«ea UiiQiioK. Ked, White and Biat ' pa^e I.OB|( 8^%wls I ^^1* Re-dy-Mfc-Je ijloiuicr I case Coreelts, doop fklrm, Hoaterj, 4« 1 case Pilot Cloitt I bale CtiAitimcre 1 .'i»je tipool f’ottou SHOF.S. Sic \ 11 La-lien and Oentn Hhoei ■i case# Army B)uoherT 1 ctpe Cavalry Boots 4 ca«?efl Boy’s 8boe« 1 owe Calf skins 4 cases 8upr Chamois Skinit 1 t>ale atioe TLrevl 8TATI0NAKV. 5 oases Stalwnary (..ettor Papers, Peas. Pencils, *o COTTON CAED8, Ac 12 O MCB CottOD Cards, 600 pair 1 ease Superior Car t Clothing. 4 x 84, 10 bales 8tii«hiiig Twfae QBOCERIBS 72 pack*g.‘S superior Oreen Tea. cties's, half chests and oaddies 101 packages Black Tea, obebla, half ohests and oad- dies. 22 barrels orushe J Sugar 22 bagtt Jainaloa Coffee 50 holes Adama.'tline Candl 17 bAgs blaok Pepper 10 casks Chickory 5 barrels Starch 5 boxes Starch *2 casks Vinegar 60 barrels M%ekerel 10 half Ba.-rets Mackerel 36 kitts do kitts Salmon 56 sacks Liverpool Q A Salt 10 catiWs Table S>»lt, 102 doi o%*«ee Spiels HAHbWAUB, Ac. VIS ke^B Cut Nails, assorted sties 54 drituiS Nails ■* ‘ Rod Iron •1 cmek t’utlery I cise Hatchets I CAfie K>spi 1 Pirttol Cartridges t case K*tl« w'pern and girths 10 Oases Uud I'aps I cask Shoemaker’s Tools ~ OILS, &c 132 tins Kero.ieiie Oil, 5 gals each ly made a raid on Tensu-, La., capturing a large number of negroes and mules, killing Mr Kolli- son and Mr. Matternalletb, after making them dig their own graves. UlCH.MOM*, April 2t».— Haltimore papers ot the 23d have been receivetl, from which we gather the following items: From the Potomac —Advices from the army of the Potomac indicate active preparations lor the campaign. I,iarge numbers ot sick have been transferred to Washington. All sutlers—2,^00 in number—have left the army. Grant has established hLs head-quarters in the field. From Rfi River.—Additional y&nkee accounts from Red river, not deemed reliable, claim a de cisive victory over Kirby Smith’s forces io the battle of Pleasant Hill Among the rebels killed , were (Jens Morton and Parsons, j -4 Fleet SoiUd from Xnr Yjt!: —A lot ol' I war steamers weut to sea at -N*ew York on Wed- j nesday The fleet will touch at Hampton Roads. It is said orders are not to be opened uctil their I departure from that point. I A'-iP 1 yrit Mi/ifiii fa take tkf Fiehi.—The j Governor of New Vork is determined to call out Ht*te Militia Reeiments, to do duty in forts ! around New \ ork, and allow forces stationed i there to be trarsterred to the field. Hta»t Butler.—Butler demands to be relieved River Falls. Official news the capture of a gunboat (,n the Vazoo river car rying eight 24 pounders. Her guns and were removed, and tb j boat burnt ' Dk.mopolis, April 23.—A di-pateh Iri.r,; ton, 22d, says: Gen. 'J’aylor eaptuied 7,O(»0 „• soners, 40o negroos, and P* pieces ol artillprv i Louisiana. Mobile, April 2.’> —v\'e«t» ru di^putcht-rt ci n . firm Hanks’ defeHt >u tbe Uth and lutli at (li ; Kcoree—loosiog 4,;.l(> prisoners, with caml cm!' ' p*-ge. On the iStb, 11 boats, earryin^r the I-Vd I eral wounded, passt'd Konnet Carie. Ranks in j Fort HeRu.stioy, railing lor reinforcement?. I lor followed Banks from Mansfield IJeinforc'. meut« are going from New Orleans and IW I Rouge tf> Banks whose army is detroralijed j Taylor well up, pn?feici:. Vaz .o \ alley cleu- ot lyaiik.cs. { t-ifXUn- of a Hicii.Mom, \nr,l ; —'^he following official dispatch wan received leparture tor • at the War Hepartment. yesterday: I l>KMoi-onis, Al.\, April 23d.—To tjfn ^ i Cooper:—Brig, (icn Wirt Adam», (^omiDandiu., (Cavalry, on the Yazoo River, lelegrapliH me from Yazoo Ciiy, on 22d inst, to this eflem: i have the honar u> report tbe capture >f a xun- l*oat to-day, near the city, while lying ii«xr the shore. She waj atfaeked by a section ol artillery and a i*etjicbur_nt »»1 *l«Hrpshootcr.s uader (’(I Uriffitb, wh,. drove the u^-ou from the finally tbe crew ir,nu tbe boat. I removed hti fane armamen- t^r.,ry-four plunder ai.d the most vaiuuble stor-, and Lad her burned to the water’s *-dge. 'I’he .t-.puin and pilot ar. prisoners io my band.-, and a number of the crew My casualtits aro s;uall, Pul.K, Lieut, (ienerai Another npnrtnl Virtury F.rr,.t.^\)^^, TON. April 2.> -A lady who came rlirouah th lines to-day, reports that I'orrent attaektd"ijripr son at ])e.-at.v, Tonn.. killing Grierson and cap turing a large number ol prisoners. Skirniiihe>^ m imr,jia—, April ’.j —Tbe enemy’s cavalry capturcd 24 ol our cavab near Spring Piace yesterday, and kil'ed the bieu tenant in command Gen Wheeler bearing ol u, ordered Coi. Ros.s to make a da.-h od their picktts in front of Tunnel Hill at duylijrlit tli. moriiiug, which resulted in the capture of ;ji. horses and killing lifteen men. -Northern dates tr» the / V'.ni V'eafern So.-th f aroliria —The several buodred strong, occupied Burnsville. Van cy county, last week, riome of the ciiizet.B M t.. this place, others tj McPowell county. Trwtif were sent^ forward to dislodge them, and ol J*aturday Col Palmer went over to uke couiruaod Great anxiety is telt tg hear something Irom him, but up tti tbe j,re.>ent », ritiug nothing is known 11 th‘* enemy liave the nerve to stand, a severe fight has or may occur. \\ e have, boWevtr, seet enough ot tory movements to induce to ques tion whether they will stand “s^jUaru up" when the chances are anything like ejual. » A dreadlul state of affairs exists in Kast Ten nessee Men whn have been true to the 8outh. are, since Longstrret left, subjected to every outraiTO Rubbery aud a.s.'Ja-^s'uation are daily occurrences. Hanging southern mec seeiii.i to be^a tavorite pastime with the Lincolnites. A gentleman who e.'-caped through the tnountaiu.' t J this jilacc, a few days since, gives such a de scription of things generally as would'lead one to conclude that the devii from hell, wirh all hi« fVom his present position, or have control of bi» depHTmeoT'”'”' “I"" The Letters frotii Havana men tion tho arrival of the Florida at itamidious, (yU- I ba, on tho 11th inst .'Several l 'nion punboatti ' have gone to take her. —The New \ork Herald says (Jhase has , sold all his surplus gold, and it is evident he will j be compelled before the year is out to buy gold I to pay the interest on the public debr Gold i closed on the 22d at 17.S. I tareign Items—In the Hou.«e of Commons on the 8th Mr. Layard said the government wag taking measures to investigate alleged kidnapping of Irish emigrants into service of the Federal army. A large oompaoy has been formed in Eogland, with a capital of 81,000,000, to purchase steamer.® to run the blockade and bring out cntton the defenceless people of Hast Tennessee. And the yankee authorities wink at all these outragei*, if they do not openly sanetion and enoourage them. 1 he \ankees are orgFnizing a negro regiment a* M(^rristown and one at Knoxville To fill up the ranks they are takinr all the negro men in the country, as well from Linoolnite a.» from .''outh- erncr.—Ash.f viiU S'eic»^ '2\gr PoKtscrijtf —Since our form was made up, we are informed that Col. Palmer attacked the enemy in Burnsville on Tuesday morning last, capturing some 15. The rest had “smelt a mice,” and skedaddled, as we predicted they would. Mont Ray, ‘he leader of the band, ecscaped.—Ib. t rom Arkantas—We have been kindly fur nished, s.iys the Chattanooga Rebel, with a letter Thei^^teamer Matilda, built at Gasgow for the from a citizen of Helena, Arkansas, to an officer Confederates, bound for a rebel port, with iron and steel, was totally wrecked near Lundey Island Maximilian wa.s to sail on tbe 13th -A. great part of the city of Demerara destroy ed by tire—loss from 2 to 83,000,000 T)t,e t reach Tobaccn ft ill at Rich nt'nuf.— Rich.MOND, April 2.').—Butler’s fiag of truce boat arrived at City Point yesterday afternoon. Butler in a commuiiioation to the commanding officer at City Point, says: “The limit of time having arrived, which was fixed by the Convcn tion between representatives of the Empe^r of France and the United States for shipping To bacco at City Point, I have sent Lieut. Paine, of my stafl, for the purpose of delivering a despatch to the commanding olficcr of French vessels. The Frenah steamers left during the afternoon. No tobacco was sent r/i, in the Army of Te^'nessee, from which we make the following extract.? The letter was written on the 25th ult: — “I find that most of the citizcns about Helena have taken the oath, it being made compulsory on them, all for the want of an organized force near. A small regiment well managed would be sufficient ‘‘The yankecs have been making raids through Philips, Monroe, St. Franci-s and Crittenden counties, in small squads, and capturing a goxl many of different commands. A man by the name of Fisher, who used to sell fish about Helena, heads theso raids He is very success ful, and the people fear him. Since Dobbins has been away the Feds have had it nearly all their own way. I>obbius came back the other day, got the boys together, and met a raid of 300, coiNing out ol Helena, and fought them nine hours. My ifforniant says he could not learn the particular^ ol iho ti^cht, but he saw come into town while he in htlcna, eight wagons load t«r* ^ 1% ^ . ) . » . me Wagons loaded with o»ski Whale Oil 1 Osal Tar DRuas 10 cases Super Mas« L'quorioo 2 oases Lltjuorlce Kooi 101 barrel>« Ka|(Meh Coppaeas 64 kegH Bi Oarb Soda 80 drums Balsam Cop«iba barrels Alum lU cases Blue Maes 7 oa^ks Epsom Sails 11 barrels Epsom Baits 4;] kegd Epsom Salts 12 casks Alcohol 11 barrels Borax 3 barreU Soda Crystr.Is 3 cabes Care Gaotila Scs^), 360 lbs 8 eases Magnesia 2 casks Qam (Camphor 2 casks Extinct Logwood 2 casks Potash 1 case Gum Shellac 2 kegs Saltpetre 4 oases Tart. A cid 2 cases Baking Powder 1 oase Morphia Ao**.. and Med. 1 case Phosphorus. LlQUOR8,,&o 3 half Pipes Pare MrTtel Brandy 8 halt Pipes Old Bam 46 oasks Rum 26 casks Pale Ale, 4 down eaoh 48 oases do 4 do 90 eaees Old Tom (3ordial }io 60 oases D Doha's ine Qin 146 oases fine Holland Qia 162 oases superior Gognao Brandj 20 oases Sootoli Whiskej 40 demijohas pore Holland Qin Wilialaitoa, N. G., April ^ (jouji ileriUi OeprKtltitiona uk lH»nmerce.—.\ doemnout of wa.n lately published in the Congressional proceedings, ... . which gives an alphabetical list of ve.ssels captured I ^ n by Confederate privateers, reported up to January wounded. .{0, 1864, with the port of clewance, destination, “Gen. Hurlb’irf.s eorp.s, or mo-st of it has oass plaM of capture, and tonnage, prepared by Capt ed up the river, alter getting whipped at Yazoo •J. il. Upton, Secretary American Shipmasters’ have just learned that the expuiition up Association. This list, far Irom being complete, j Itiver ha.-j rctarne l, having made a failure giv^ as the total number of vessels captured l‘j;i; I minus 5,(»UU men. Diek Taylor has disnn«P»? of total tonnage 89,704; value of *688018 at fifty dol-1 them. lars per ton 34,486,200; value of cargo at one “Confederate money in xMemphis is worth ->5 per (on $8,970,400; total value cents on the dollar in greenbacks.” 81iJ,4oo,t>(^. Of the vessels thus captu'^ed thirty I ■ five were from New Vork, and their tonnage wa3 j FKymouth l*,-isi,ner>i.— Rica.MONU, April 2(5. 15(,3t)l, which, at the estimited value in the table "'easel aud other officers, captured at amounted to S06S,050; the cargo to 81,i»3(i,luu! ^%“outh, arrived at the Libby prison to-day. J WCQtV^thrCG of tKl> ^Antiir^rl vtaooaIci /»_ I ' * wen^-three ol the captured vessels cleared for 7tonnage of which amounted to l-,ol^, worth 5()15,t)00, the cargo 81,231,200. New Fnterpnses.—^. U, ^TcTYisher, of Jjynchburg, V a., are making percussion caps— army and sporting^an a largo scale. A factory of knitting needles has been estab- 'Wie Goldsboro’ Journal of Monday says 220O of ‘he white yankee prisoners captured by Gen Hoke, at Plymouth, en route, for Americus, Ga., reached Rocky Mount on Sunday. 6V«. IJoke Promoted.^The admirere of mer- it and gallantry will be gratified to loarn that FrcMident Davis has conferred upon Brii; tJen Sixty thousand sets j Hote, the hero of Plymouth, the rank and mission of Major General. The promotion, as Ushed 4(it Colunibus, Ga. have been turned out. _ David L. Clark, of Abingdon, Va , has com- j we learn, was awarded of the PrMident menced making nitrate of silver. motion, and the dispatch announcing the promo- Georgia i8aco« r»VA«.-RicH.MuND, April the (fonfed- 25.-It ifl officially estimated that tbe tithe bacon nIZniL i ^ I of Georgia will exceed 5,000,000 pounds. omotion dates from his victory.—Rich. Whig The Savannah Il^pubircan^Bayslhe^jQtroduc- A thattanooga.—DAhron, tion of the new currency in that city has brought I v.o *• j reported - that Grant down prices considerably. I »>Tived at Chattanooga and taken command — 1 I of the Army of the Oumberi&nd. A telegraphic line between St. J>etersburg and Irkutok, in Liberia, has recently been finUhed The distance IS over 4,00Q miles, and a letter formerly ^k twenty-four days between the two plaoes. Wow a message ia sent in a litle Umq Mvea boui. more Yankee Force at Yorktown.—Reliable infor mation from Yorktown has been received to the effect that Gen. Baldy Smith had been reinforced by two army corps, laising his whole force to about 15,000. The remioroemdnts conuuenee^ •rriving on tbe 140k Stm.^ 2^, I \ i OB FA~1 THCRSOi ♦ ^K>V W.. arc uiithoi At^SMJJEE Wf«k. (Mny 3d;) f At t'jtnTMi AT RtTTSi «>!’ Miij: and nioriitifd to aud Lyn> hburg renwrks agjiiu.-it aiui ha.-,ty t**le^ thi*i place on ih may the'‘c paper as tbe h, th of hjs Wilketiln.r lines are to hall' not them; pa{M*rs the .'Jpe^-eh realh it just, or wise, count as thirty I ppecf li, a.-* a tfiui the bravest and t and thus ^o^tri^>^ weaken him and the Kxpr*^s says official duties fai if, a^ 11 say». the inier^sts ol t why not allow its undiiniuished, by a.S€ertain whethe said auythinir itu these papt-r.' v\er»' well know th y a done more to he! halt’-oM'k upon in lican jiroit th now between Vai seen a vt-rv mark sp€erh >t tiov. V has ‘-broken iow bis sjK erh at Wil lleputflioaii ha> it The K.\pr*'s ol; Fresidt-nt l>avi.- sition.- I"r {wat t to kno'\ how tht cures'.' " Well, It Hue^tion; 'The I’r precisely a.s he ha ken them. It it dtttion” TO takf su take them then'; It with great respt Kxpreas to as.> tunes or thrve him lo the yauker- why he has not a is that he did not In this he thouj^ht in Deeeni^ier ia^t 1'oaii.h -trort. an«l the suggeatioii as tion. Uf had no bly degrading,*' a> it would be met’ teared that ii mio Tension ol wcakiw To this conclusion he knew that the at heart a.'^ ht- or and provin' • to d of time. 'Fhe obj»-ot ol It was H VI ry propt plished, wius to ,'^h petwe, a** th** Hold' thing but iiitcrmin months airo w riii This wa-' the true followers, he did effect ot whioh wovi and depress our the President aud Gov. Browu, aud make similar app* the false preU‘uc confidfuitiiil frifud h/‘ard that he hiil The fa 't IS. that to institute ue^'oLi patriots inny ditr Holdeaism and it in all it** ph;t.-*es, fourth ettort mipht dation, but with l)e North, and m Kuro tho grouiid. and him than we could desire for pea^ i oiinel ihattiu- time think that It ha> ar will be deterred fr( ineasuraMe deqra The governor' he did show, that the mode of iieL’'"ii tbe con.^tifutetl aut ernnient, uud that of the llold uit4-' for tktii mode is they could only ac venlioti to Take N' racy by a Beooud lican will f^ee that between him and The Kxpre-i.. that no ui^ii en (juently advocate war as the true roa in his s{M ech h justice, Hiiil to th of his competitor it Retali.atiox. inflammatory artie Forrest of th renderetl to him i at Baltimore, e.vpn he was Inve.stigatin bution shall as >ur some of ttw pri.sooe ecuted in retaliatio! it is not true. W human war wa^^ed would e.xcu.-e such world. A. l>. W the Memptii?' Argu which he participat till bnt few were prisoners; that F refuiiilig quarters tored, was paroled, was lecaptured^ tuM it iti lei

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