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The Noth. Carolina gazette. volume (Newbern, N.C.) 1751-17??, November 15, 1751, Page 1, Image 1

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- V 1 ..:': ' . '.,.-. - - " ;-. . . - ," .- 1,1 . r . . 1 I ' i:., tii vi and.- 4 a . )omeflic, ; All tt r lb hs J u p iiiTe ted V ?bra Sbiilinrttbz firit..Week, and' m Slnllis ior cvcryYctlc atleri- -:r::;-.::'.; "7;- - ' ' ' ' apprcaCh'd i.s Gi oy I 'trt 7-v"'"-A.':-": Fc'WDays-ago L'had'a'n Account, of the IIar- gajiig ioHwrtlut. Uuiil ever beheld, -"SliFwas.-ciaa htti :aa ' i - in. ri lot'r:arFri ci i J . When Occurrences oL . a yfiite Teiulgfrit !Gafirrt?rit7rid her Htad'was enciritd wjth p ' , ir'A- ,.' this . .Naturir.ak'i; f ari; . Liipreifipaupon. -the 'G(ry.:f .' . ? '.' ' ; : ." r . '. 1 " r K'lrml; - it is iiiinfiLIy barayed into litdc 'The next Attciattvras ' riimdv-eriions. juppn tlum. was my eeous 'Apparel, ''nd full of htiillf, evc:i;l)iljraclicn.. .'Sh -C:ifo iii an exti-orfiirury Manrti .j for having "Wuicd (bme was ' -tended -along; by gay Striplingj vtarir.g a . fime on tins -Incident, J feh hvto'.T.n' e.:fy Sluriil-er, whea; Chaplet of Flowers oirhis'Iiead, and VVings Qttite.Shpu- -Far!---;fium'drtc iubjvci and'U''; d; out m the ioii6vv- ccrs:: . - A: ' ;j ; : Then'appeaf ed - ;feria J'the FSgure or an old Man, :, ' rht 1-was. in rci ii'iihRt rheed ) the jjaundanes hieani Iv.-atiiied ; bis Lves vv.cre the-rves- ot Hawk, and f. lis r infers curvecLanunoinieu uivvr, iii-vt uic i aiuio ot 4 oac '-Us PLdn ; in (iei iU of vv.;ch ivas : pfefented' . of Marriage. At .a fhiJl iJikance ireni mc l obltrvcd ar-;rhq-..RLtinuc .was cic-k' 7iy, cVcr yarying..her.t ca- LiOVu OI ' UOlilj. v K a i. . i I o v vj ciiiAis.ii! tuvbiii3 uit -mrCS. anU IJruS.V I1U WiH.l w-s vwj v..- v.AUUWiumuv, iiit-v JiLiIuiii, in order ti coeovaUjl.the CtteniCiiy oft-:e God. tiiou'rht fiie. clrann-'d ' in all. ; There was (hut ceil'' uv;,uug' theina Oxmcn, whofc'l crm-,. the Tem-i was ill peculiar, and :vhc e bway wit!i the Xultinide p bis-Head gently trr;verhil, that Fihalf Jire :xive tnv Reader a partic'uLr Do lecliu'd on Virtues iJofoin.' Lbzr and BfG::ty?ock their- ciipticn of r lt fcvitis tne Name . of this, rury was Stolon on tl'.c uight iland ; and outhe L, wereifpoletlr LvJ- iu. t? .i ; it f hii;. ' he carried the Dihe- "JVtalih zv&Jauj. -" ..." - . T - j . fs'cf a hui:ah fron -"the 'liudieownwarus he' The .cfctuickly. proceeded -to the. GeTeb ration ; of ;thc V...; . jrc. the K"'-:-r.bL - "or aGoat, his-EVcs wire turgid.-; Ntiptiai JbUte? ; but t.litre;;wi.? fuch o:Ju-fe;l. .Spund til ''.'fpa-d'iii g, ai J ii.riiej, fas-." Com 1 -'icir was . very" irtgg'u-iTihs 'CMd' Laughter," that 'I could: not ivc the Attn ntiori Lr, -atundtd Jill i- e. :nf'il fiidcTf -'Franlnions i ron? a . viiich was-requlfice, - iiv order to pi cfentiiiy Reader with tlrcv janruie Ri-dvto a livid "'alcifs.and a" Tremor irccTuri'tly. favcraL.CRCuibititxs'. thiit .occurred ; only 1 tokJNotice, fciz'U cveVy Meinle;. Ciote. tbllJvcdliunl2tfiV,'''j til' "; th't ir.any of th if Matches. wue fo very un;.aual, thattl(5 , . r iVfickiy .C'oin.tenuijce d (gpuciikius Eye.; itm.i At-y.t', Gil yoktu them -with ReTuClance, anubut fTah' ccrifentcd h with his'Iktsflapped oYer"bi, and a Vvcnn. tniavvinir to liis dwrrfniKoiUon. ' r' ' " "'. ; Lis Y.ii... 1 vaG 1:ica Kwd at l-iti inon'itrcajs 'Af:-:Kar:uiccs;. ' After the Ccmnunv was over, :iencc was proclaimed , zmftt!inortK),-to-ohv hw IrrrvCi'Virt idufJbViL'i y"adctsriniicd .to decide 'a Ccntclr tures'.ve into t!ie .impious Ac.uggrjlion oi" 'the '4 vnion wIulIi had been oHcig iTiiLliig UKl'wT-r tile lrfonagcs;'. r frHr;twliat;;i)yu'don .'nrrer.Ap'j-.roach. that atten-ed.t'x Alter., iUjoii thivewone wlKdc' :: lor I took -noii'.c that Hreath U-s- of fic!i a r.ul:naiit Multi'ade divided, and accoulimr to the nartici;Tar ImpuTiesJ" luuVt--tdrthoiVvho-fuiil) its in- ot th ir Paliion'i, Jook'the lrtyofUie llveral Competitor . f.i;.:nrc, were nrcftnrlv intoxica!,- aiiu-dcp'ned'cr -thiir- The Vou?i lied ranked thcinfel; e on the fight Hand of the Throne,- while others ot mere advanced- i ears, had . lUafcn. J v;. in Tuch a Lorsftcrnion at thu Difcovcr'y, that I ooflcd thcnifelves btlm.d thJli:puUnts on tneTcit. lfiti.ttd'ibr a whi'e, whabcr I linuld enter into Cunver- Love begiin with entering hh Lcmplaint againlt healthy futic ih th:;Mit!iCLAdertijrti5 lov'mcriy nu'-ntioufd. . In - .fctihig forth, that his Ai.tag.:nilt had llduled fach . large, tHeTnTiuitxn.iy Sufpence tin re came io wards., us a g:;,ve Ad Numbers to. his rentimcntvj that as ro lumfelf,' hislntereit .. v Gcnt'ennhcf 'a (teddy and ccmvx.f'i-.i Alpccr, wh?fe. Kn-.c( very vif.Lly declined every D. , to th'e great Prejudice of; -was l'lilcratic. He, was bie of the j itrcipal AgeiKs he-- that- State,' wherein the Gov's had ddin'd hitn the l'rO" longirg t:',thcTernple, and fo hip.h in :!ie Goa's'j.itctm,; hemirvce. While he was p,:Air.g his Arguments wjth; ; that ihmen -was v ry,. r:rclyv known to ive. HIaHO. - great -Warmth, Pmrry flepp'u R.:h hsPJ aniidil the Crowd, ciidtiorrut.J Coi ulicn-cf the .Ceremony to any Cvji.plc and lurtu the )duhg PlaititF fiA "in tiie Face'; who wa . yho were 'v ufnciyu inty hjs Prtefcnce, ly thi:; veneraale fo f ij:tenM at ; 1 1 is forrovvful Counttnaiice. that he' fluttered " CrT.ctr. .Upon Ki$ j6imi!2 the Comcany lioAhc M;1aiitv of. lib I'VnioiVi in order for Fikht. Vhcii tVealtb rifmg'up .' which I. found he wasa nciiVct transvt Uhac. wai ex- addrutui tiie ludre; with iltwincr the NecefiUy. of his pre lied a:i univerfal UiicaiinLili ;.rd' Diftoi,unr arid many, tomake the Married State aj replete with Hap-, of them induftriciufiy avcide'd alF Conviffation-Ttih him", pine!';, as it was criginally intended by its lnllitut ;'j togc- Bur it was very remarkable that all theft-, v. ho thus irnpru- tlier with many other Arguments, which, if they had been:; !ently turned their iiacks on this valuable Mci.itc r, ih thtir delivered with'the'farnc Moddly us Force, could not have Return from theTemplcj were fuzed by one or Loth of tiie fuled of creating ; a -fyiultitude uf. Cc.jfits to hisbidc, xnehinchulv Attcndantsof the Fury. ' ' . j'Fhls hp Speech v.'as-fo'lov.x'dAvitli a , ""Imdr of Applaud - ' At my Rntrance intofthe iiriUinfr, I obferved the Duty,: from' the Co;, ,pany behind.- Upon .rlncidcnt the o! i . n ix . " -'.r r. .- . .r . 1 i L:. T:e e. marcning at a linaii iiitancetpvvarus it. i nc nrit in the Man began vj tnumpn, ar.u to rei roe . uiwaimtr Prqceirion was Love, in the Form of a Cuid ,whp vas con , When, through the V ioknee of ' hiV iLmooons, his G ; - : tinitdly pradifing a thcufand little Aria and Graces, to dr nr. mcnt flcw-cptn, and. betrayed to View, ' the Form . "I upon hiin the Smiles of the God ; and by the tender Rega'ids qfjru!turt:r harming at' his Ercaft. Hereupon Love ftc.j - which Uynen 'call upon the Child, I found He was a very, ;ub, andAvoulJ fain' have rcuTumed htsCatifc.." Wi)lri:n A Jreat Favpurite. ; 'I'he Gcd fcUQwcdncxt, holcllr.g in his 1 -who -well knew that the Prcfencc of both was of the his Hand a illiiriins utnioIl.'In:pGr;rj;cc in. the Pcxformai 'z cf his Mitutionj - I , - " . , J ....... it- -.

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