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North Carolina Newspapers

The Wilmington post. (Wilmington, N.C.) 1875-1884, July 29, 1875, Page 1, Image 1

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Mm Mil Jy mow Ml AT WO VOIJMK VI WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, THURSDAY, JULY -2'J, 1S75. Single Copies 10 Cents.' NUMBER .'V7. WILMINGTON POST ADVER TISING RATES. - " ' i i Z - j i. '. H i 'iii- I ..( I .!( ... I 1 . lie W it xi i ; . I hi I U ii ' 1 ii i x ,i i ! I ! ii'..' I th. . i v pap l in I. M I i . iii- ! i '.i r l i ii i I i li i.i- i i 1 1 1 1 ' - L . I ' i i i I ' : III - are ii i !irin i i. ' " 1 1 I ini'i i' w i p. ! thi I ...pic ! -: -i.-:.v-i u i m x i : J 1. - .1 ..u I V ;--i. . M .Mix e m li- ..i i:- 1 1 -j - . -. l I II ' I - III ' .1". . . I '. .;i x . lit i"ii i j j ! 1 ii J 1 1 1 ' in I' ' a a - i ..X Will .III I. I IX 1 ..111 halC .1 pi',- -!: tin- . i. I". ,h. l ax h i i : hind .i xx oxall A 1 1 i : V tin I t'l. W.I I I t, t i nt ..ur log ii:i-. I n ;i-lhaid t.ilWng-. l'i hi I - -ne--. til.- in l'i ! w i - ., .M i . ., .ilk ' oi en! . ! . li.l I -olii, ,i:- i I '.m- . I ' 1 It i- alw.iv - dan HI. I l-l.-l'l i o' ''I a l- l. l!. I" ! I.e Me in r !., r '.in i i oi-t t' ii : i "i i ; ioi . i; .; -. . , 1, I In peeph- of N. ., -lilt '.MIX. Ill' V .11 Hl-J ,l! i X o. 1 I 111 I I'X 1 1 ' e ' ! e-! O -i' v ..1 Ol VI n it :-. the p II -'.It, . to . i, '-. i - ' at . ! ! V. ' -' . t . 4 x . I :r ,i x i , .'i ox x .in i.M'r' x. , . i x in t, ! x I . I t ' r. , i-x - x a ' 1 li. .1 V ' ' ' , ..I XX III 1 I'll - t ,.!', x '. : t ' X ( ' , :i il a 1 1 1 I ' nit tin el.i '. . let--, e.m h-la'.x i'T I mn, n:i... I i i n i . I nt x , oi. it 1 1. i . a I , i- ! .1 not a''-l te t'..i-i.i. i . o -i i x .i : . I - X ell .1 : : i .1 X I . 1 (H op t ! X Ml..- I. 9 ollld 1H M ! -X I- o.i - - :ix '.itu- li'-v -t'lv t f. in o, ; , :: ji nr.. M I l I - 1 - X X I . II X W X I -i.lje Kil-s-i.i t il I ll d il- ti - e-.i-ri tr.p '.; , v n. lie I a i nob!- rs , t ti . Ntst jih1 on x .iiti.i'i xrx (,.- ;v, , -j !. x .ha: she fs'pV t.t .. ,,.in, try te 41 i; l of t p;,, , l..-,.u;hl xn 'ri -.r. , y , ,, . j , an i j-c n.-t ; .sf,,. f .1- XX , , Hit in . ant .... X .1 r , , Ijj; ,j I IX .l. 1 V4X,.'. .1 j -at it lllx I :r nun ho lixsr-i u, thtr :tc l I . IHiinl k w.l in lV ..M,.9 - - - ... .... - - - ... b 4 riiit to oic. .SECESSION Alt A IN. does it mean.' There nre twi-nty-livc of the membftH of the Con vention f 1 S : 1 that took North Cux i'ina out of the Union, candidate far the Convention of l7o, besides the cx ( 'oiif-ilmitf State Attorney -General. W'c believe it mean secession and .mother war. I. crv man who lias lived in the county t Kiity djys and the Stale twelve month-, Urt n to vote. Go tip mid tlfi your ln I if rrfiHrd demand the rhcht to vote ol tltc Registrar, and p-.ll holder-, and if you ie then refus ed, pi he lore a 1'iiitcl Slates Cominis--ioncr and have'theiii nrreted for n vi ol. it ion of lav. Ikvtide-, sue theni for Innate- iu d UuUvd.jiUUi.C.yurt, a thcUw ayw.s ynjiY'er to iv.f , For flit? lVt. ).l l!i:tfS K K AMtfUrtRD. II iiml i nil ol l'oor ineu of the t'ouuty 'ppo.-cil io Convention-Taylor I iioi ly Annihilates Cowitn wfci're t ii r llo Meet 111 in . f nti-ohcr of anli coin eiitiotiists t AN" i T m i 1 1 I ii i have hut recently re fTiio'd Ii mi a Ii e day'.-, trip in the i in in m ii t inn (.f I '.in n-x ir k county. !'ii i -.i- 'iin.' 'lie interior of the 1 1 1 1 : y t ! i e i'ii-ion wen- nalUrjdly .iii t aluioi very white maif Diet and - i-ed on tin- road-: "JIow do you -i. iii-l on . niivriii imi .' 1 oc-i llfc present i .' -nil '.on.' A re yoii content in hv iin !er i:. 1 lie mi-wiT- given in . 1 7 1 1 1 1 i i iv in-',. nu e w r--, '"we Kir nun .m- i j I to ('invention. The '! -1 il ii : ion w . now t- nironl-t'tiH the i.. i - t i : i have ever had , and v.. -j-. i i ; i .in- w i! 1 1 ii- t lixtf under i' inii m i, .m l t u r: In r, nv know tluit !i..m. -: .m l !r;ilh!.il I'.d Taylor is ojt-j.i-i i to i ..i: in! inn, and we will cither i.:. ! .I imii .ia-f iin-t the ari-toeratie ' i in. -i nc will not vole at all. Nov hi-; lei! jeoiU' in New llanovtr til..: li-.- i .m- our .-i nt inuyits. We rc- a d ! ii on t-ni ion i-i-ue A a no-jiarty jl si . Ol . .Ill we, although iVniocrat- mi political' .'.''illation, foci that we iinist mute, s ilii the pooiinfii of our :a" ii ii'-j'i 'iie a- to pari- and sweep I in vei h en ci-tenee this rich man's iri-to. i. iiie convention molrcmciit. Ill ,h ! our heail-good to heaf these s, uti- nun!- iiiiiiu. i:om iione-iL nam ivihk- ' - i I J in j iiii-ii ii lb iin-xviek, and they were spoken xxiih looks of !eti i luinatioli .mo --tiii. 'e louml the an: i-conven-Monisi- o! l'.ruu-wuK i-mj .,. Wii.-ii we ! ached the lower portions of I'.inn-wi.k we wen- made to feel stiU more rejoice 1 by the kind treatment extended to ii-by numbers of citizens xvi.o x . re ..ppo-ed to convention. hi n thev u.n ued t'nal our party ,omc twelve in n -imb. r, had come over to visit them and laik :i'.iiii-t convention, tl .. . .! i-. ainl n- like bets they and Ia . n..,.r.. ..iMti. lit lllll-tl xx ei . ox it cag'-i m -n - -o m nt- a.eain-t . onv(iiti..n that xx e had fo; ib-ti d.iitioii. At each meeting held i i :!;. - etion. t' the convention utterly failed a- a speaker upon x - . . I 1 . man. eoiix cntion imuimn:-. .mu ine icasi -non; of enthusiasm prevailed fhroligh- ...iit ar.v o! h -peeehes. All was dif i. u i! xxh.n Taylor spoke. He com .i,tilx i .e.itt d Coxi an and h:s eonven t, .n p.ntx. lh spedres, we're replete with : i -ouud argument, and secur- il,. undivided .attention d his They mere puivly or men md met with marked lavor n .i lei it i i i xx th th - ho were present. ft wa ain.i-ii', to notixe h.-xv Cowan wiggd an.; -.jiiiiiiud under i'a lor's gmml . ii soiiiid talk.. In ml t .null ing featref the trip -irxellie scowl anil forlnvsl- 'X .1- I ! .ll-pH lll.ll Has piaiinj ir .x- npotJ tl-.e ix nuUii.uue d" that thick '-knU le.4 k-he.ide.1 or iff, Kufus Ciul- I oxx a lli- nr-t aMiioiim-ement aftrr wi met urn "I will arEcj4 any attempts t pe.ikMiyrc to-ilay, ..I rr .. I . " II.. m ii xv h. ill ! I ii h ! t'ne an t ewitu anil iimvi. letter of his llict U i-hieM I'ovt.iu. and. Im Wvn doing during tin' enure Wc olcrvi.l lhat h. must be a kbul of bKly crvAiit to he rtick" cbTVlvl tho w an . a- i- .1 I f- nia-ter, ready lo do all dim w"rk that i aquiniliul' uch the . t is. He l.Hkl Irightenetl to dralh rrcTi-r he saxvth WUii eon vritionil. 4 tit! afwaV' ftole j.iv iike a nhippol bound rarlj in the day. xx ah his sjddle lag hanging urv.. Li, arm. lie Irlt ui 5c(r of the ' :i . '.!. to cijx- the hpit!Hticm of the x.i . u evxiixentoxn oeplo of lUuns- . . . i ,. . ...niii,. a. wax, .i uuniy cirnHxi. .n.l he t. s.r:. tnl ... llOll.s; 1 'X UIO rjis l.J UCIXM. "lU'NU iii I'.iilti k. i-fS Ill iciit Honrixt l-'.l IjxL.i ro-viit.n. br at lo! n ii ,1 .1' I ' , ..... - . - - - - I : x XI , ..... - . - - - - - . t,.t j ry io make it ihht" '"wif iuvt liil to Kt lhat W hraxloii .fiipwiat. ' Mjn r toiiiiKl, lu n halo, kjigebTd makr a lew jsfxo. , . . INxwr ocBrrntin ki ant (iallowaj. ' t . X . . - . . . a piaCi I mi nuiirnui'a uvji timui m . xlliirJ, iaick a; jiloU II. ) CITY ITEMS. 50 HANDS WANTED To cut wood. I will give regular em ployment to the above number of good working men, for the next six months tf W. V. Ca.naday. i I wish to purchase a good milk Cow. IVr.-tons wishing to tell will please aply to Kobert Kennedy, office of The Wii7mix(;tox l'osr. Jee every vote! " Coming the hotestyet. Next month. When you go to the poll-demand the right to vt te. Shrimp selling from 111 to lo cents pe"r qunrt. Try the St Iouis TJeer at the Clar endoh Saloon. Souittlling we m net get u.ed lo the dog lights around the market. Improvements can be seen all over the city in the shape of graveled .-idc walks. If you. don't believe il i-. hot, walk ilnwn street between 1 and ' o'clock and you'I find il out. iceiai( i.i-i i;.v I i:s CnfKT. r.elore Jus- y Ann (iiles. Two case 1 ijsiiiisHcd on payment of Cost. We noticed on the rivr vs!cr day a line boat, built by one of our Smith ville eiti.i ii.i. She ia intended lor the coming i .wes. 'Hie body of Nep Jackson w.i- found lloaiimr in i he river opposite Mr. .Van -Ivokkelen'.-. Ill-.tiih ry. He was drowned yotcrday evening w hile bathing. L'oro nor llewh tt iuipaiu led a Jury and Ir. !u?c made a post m-irtem examina tion. The Jury returned tin- following vertliet : " That the dcueii-cd tame lo his death from dislocation of the nock, from causes unknown to tlie Jurv." Ki ft i;i.i: a s i;ki:h.. a r Fkdchai. IJolXT. J. 11. iiiythe, llsi., and Win. it. Moore, F-"j., adilreei a large and X"iith isia-tic meeting i f . !. c'.ur at l'i ilcr.u 1 on xt-I.nla . iiriing specc u- weie made and greiit cnthll- !. :t I 1 .i l hhimii viriiiiun, ;inn im- nieeiiii au- journed with line iou-ii.g cheers for the rogirnr nominees ol the Kepublican party. For the PM. liul.inor.o', .ialv l'7, 1s7". Dkau Post: -The bull is still roll ing and tlie campaign as it progre.-aes shows unuiist tkable signs ol a mighty revolution. You may cm; cot old Wayne to turn up a goi d n :;;ority again-t Convintion. )ur canvassers are in the hottest ol the battle, and are iloing yeman si i vice. The trap set by the Pemoerati'! County t'onvention : t this-place, which they baitid with a' young and incxpt riciiced school boy1 uix.. li.-li.ncs to the . mrsuasion Friends, in tlie Hope oi caicning men votes, does nut iatih worth a cent. Our tiuakei IrieiuU aie not gennerally caught with salt or chaff. We arc having .warm limes in our canvas. Our standard-bearer, the Hon. W' T. Fair rloth, puts sxiine strong questions to his opponent which have completely un mancxt him lie is evidently aware that the people -ce :.o cau-e for a Convention. Ft cry ihing has pa-sed oil a.sweil as totild becxiicttil,cxceptat the Fork Tow ulnp, la-t Saturdays hen I aii c, a s'ii e Mr. loi ti h, I the demo cratic candidate,) attempted to and did iu the moj-t hamelul manner abuse and vilify the'll n. .1. T. Fciii-on. I did iv-tvbeiirve that lortch, with the aristVratic pri tx iisiotis and seeming exemplary tl- "Tillil Ml X' . J-x. " I ... .. .,..11. tlem.U', could -loop t vile and indecent Ian u:ti r map-: -tlx ll i'"! I am still ol" iho opinion that ho um-t have I" luTuishcil with some of thochoiccoa h from lion it iV vocabu lary.' I cannot believe that be learned theui at the auc Mrhcnd. Frim all the indication' it must Juic Ucu prc-ar-raagvd, t.d i! "ilcino to make a row it Mgnallr faiUM. Mr. IVnison dca!t some of lii charax.teiisti'c-blowt. which put thim oil, ilbc lVitcb ci5nd), io frgbtiog jmd, but a llfi failol to Mrt nf en it rrdrd will:xt any iKHly' lUHtiiug xr tallng .-njlhitf bck. To judge by ep-rieiKV, Ue njtltiip wu'ser brother ctf iVxrKli, cmllnl lu-rt IJrutcnaut. and a dVf(gi.d -IXXitUCL-f Jktt.BUXUJ by" t lie name of Cobb. There wm ctkfK Ut I d:d uvl know thrir iuK. 1 1V irr rii.t to frichtincii from oaf , , .... i .?i i - - - - - - , i i i . .... K,. .--!! 1 1 rlvt pfollruo xklilo their oallinf a to publn ly abuo UcpuMivan l cu?c tUy cUfor .ljiKa!ly, e baU, if xjrt d4rt t d. t kt Ui piPi've Watch for friocl : Lumheron, July 2i, 1S7-5 J.DITOK l OsT, Ufr- Air: Jncloscu lind a report from Drandridge, to the JiobcfoniuiK in regard to a Conservative meeling in Britt's Township, and as I am not running with the Conserrative party iu that, townhip ucw, the Rvhc- toni'tn would not pubfish it. lie said it w ould hurt his party to let the public know that any township cpudesccndeU tq vote such a ticket. They made the j nomination to carry out tome pertoicil ! oreiudices. and would not have it mib. I - -ti - - - w - J lishcd. Please publish the conimunicii tion as it is. .Your?, C. liKAXDitiwiE, lilt in's Towxs li 1 1, Kouksox Covxty, N. C, . July 22nd,' 187u. ) Kpiick 1Ioi;i:so"Iak Dear Sir: U-KV'SfcpwtolliieCon-i.vative meet ings in ISritt's Township for the last ten years, if you will allow me space I w ill do it twice more ami make out the dozen, tjiii being the eleventh time. Un the J7tli, eight or ten men claiming to represent the Conservative party in I'ritt's Towndiip, assembled at llogedwav Churcli and organized by making ii. T. I'.riit chairman. ,Mr. D, F. Kdmonds then arose and said we have met here to nominate Townhip olhccrs, and I recommend the following ticket, to-w il: lava Laws-jn, Kepubli ean, lledding Kiee, Coii-ervati ve, fr Magistrate-; .la-. S. .Thompson Clerk: William liice, Ilepublican. IT. T. 1'opr and John l". 1'ieenian, Coneralivis. for School ( .'ommittee; and Win. Smith (. oiistitlile. Al! I have to -.iy is, eoQie im, brelhii ii. il'you tan go o-u eye thi tinie, by August To I think you can go the her round. We don'l need von, hut hav'nt o,'it taken in yet. Ke.-pi ct fully you r . IiI;amh;i!)'.i: For the i'o''t ; '. i.i; 1 m't be in! imidated.' .lelf. Davin" ."peech. . Hon. John A. J. ( 'reswell, late l'o-t-master feneral of the United Stales in a speech made nine .wars j'g. had occasion to quote from one made by JciVerioii Pavisiu I'ebriiiiry, liA, at Stevenson, Ala'oama. wherein the latter Used the following language : i "AVe will carrv the v:ir wi.e.c it is cav to advance wlier food for the s,v,r,l ...,,1 .....;. ,,',;N llr ; th'1 densely populate 1 cities." T'lis was done when Pa vis wa on lis way to Montgouierv, the temporary fa ,'! J--'".Js- Jay.wl.j....... -y n . I., rebel. With the changed condition ot things, and probably with hopes of once more being in the United States Sen ate, he now denies having given utter ance to ;-ny -ii h lanruago. Mr. Cres well piove's it upon him, citing various authorities. Iht!, th.- editor of the ()maha '" itails the thing in ti e fol lowing emphatic way : -- "Now. while Mr. Jefferson l-avishas no ivcollection ot ever having made a j speech at Steven-on, !!.; editor of the j happens to have a Vt ry vfvi l recol- lection of that memorable event. While th nbel chief denies tliat ever j ' ,.t...i-...t or eniiteiu'dafeil tlie -1 ! 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1.1 1 t.(MI;i,ed to him, w are prepare.! to . ! suh-tantiati- Ueneral 'resw ell's charges ' hv indisputable documentary evidence. ! In lxi'1 the editor oj the " was -ta- tioned at Stevenson, Alabama, as mali nger of the Southwestern Telegraph (;oiiipanvsoff;ec. I le wa- t. re-en! when I i .letler- -ii Mavis, tht-n on his way t"1 i ,-,,)! jvated by a . r pper, unle-s othi r be iiT..ugura:i'd I'n-ident of the Con- j vvjso "between the parties to the, made his -peeeh. lie wa- j j,.;lf. v, v,r .igiei iiien't. any anl all crop onc t'.e ceniie!:tee ot three -..! led o!. -aid l.ui.i -hail Ih' denued and by the c'ti ' '1-of S:e en-in to x ait oi . i, j :;, i ; t 1 i.i p.vs-.-ixn, m the Jeffer-on i- and invite him to make ; r , t t;..- t.,;id m the h -sur "T the that spc eh. He happens to vcrv 'it hi repor.e 1 that md"'.al itbv '.x'egr.n h .-eh. the N:sl'.vi!h io. .-. Tills t.u ! ' -lib--mtiiited bv M r. loorgi W. Tia'.-ie. J;-trn sap. ltiten.h'.t ot the noxv Wester!! Union I". .graph Na-h- n'.h -' ' X 1 1 oe; " , 0picd that pt ax h a! the N i iv:lle ' office. Mr. Ira ni i i i.: , s , enii. -- A! a u e x 1 'oi. ' h rat il I ' 1 1. " I .VV ' .irint- il! i i- bould en! it te h im i i . i demo on fie pan!!. I mm-. i ar- ! therm ire, tlie .liary written at !rveii- o:i, Utiw tu "iir jsxi-x. ion xon'ain- th- following record t . '.bat . mcin-Table event : Fr.n - W I'1 l.o-;aiy 1 . I . vb-.i iud a i.'l-V ol "Jr.'l l'avij i h t.. iu.iL ot the ckiix t." !uio, . d tlicv pr (!..uo(a1 d .ii m ai conn t a- ii could be n..oix I I'-ipie I '. tor pu.-.i cation in the l' -L !'-: t. ' , the i m:i papor. I tele -i.ip:"e-.l a U NasliviKe. and -a?n i'-C ruiwu r, t.-.k well. l'.MVr bit' isuvl xxtra-. ail!,s-r.i! hi' l tii; -.i.-h to Un .soiatol I fi - . Now, if far d x t " 1 'sfMIil - will it tin iu the;.- pjj v n it nn.l e.-liT. -ib-iiriT i ho ' t !ii'- holding :p lefftri. m Ui n b. .vie wlco -hal! fe-: iiu' iivid 1t lluul somewhat S'f.c of then'. PaxL J nt a tit tn:i to bo i' iS Ailv:.a! Ijeri!titrc a.tjn, 3; I u" frio.', l:w .: a o J V ','.' s Thcrr uoi'v i vv-. i thin atxut s'.u-n a prx-ps-mn - i. ' i . . inxnitti) th North. If the IPlth craM ho known, wc rsj-r: tUc jns.j i: oftlio ?NMiih lo iv ? a.Ja:1'r )J sn co tvn r svj wr.ij.--j;5 t-J Ijsf v54VO o or ti tVy fool tV Re feUrt3 I !ki. iKKa'f - iwtT than cimtR'tano rh tbi ne : Tha Eue-l-ptus iu California. The Los Anedes Herat:'., of the 23rd ultimo, lias this- very interesting ac count of an cxperintcfit on n large scale iu pjnnting'turest trees in that country woe in iiiu mint oiiOti'NSiui uew eu- ierprLses inaugurated iu this county is that of the forest drove Comnanv Tfte'tcunpanv was organized last De- 'comber for the purpose cf planting 2lK) acres witti eucalyptus or blue srum trees. Some- 40 00 trees have been set out ' i' ? i i , anu are making a wouaeriuuy rapm growth. The seed was planted in small boxes and the plants grown until about thrtw inches hi:rh. 1 hev are then tran planted intu boxes twenty by twenty- four inches, in rows two feet apart, and left until the, young trees arc six to eigut inches Jugu. at which time they are rcadv to be transplanted into the nciu.' -ne ground is well broken up and put in good condition. The trees ax-8tfc eight feet apart in the rows. Irr setting out the trees in the held a "transplanter"' is used. The transplan ter was invented especially for this busi ness by the managing atreiit of the com Kinv,and is oik of the most successful in-jtrunienla t vor used for transplanting trees. It consists ol an inside and out-ide cylinder. On the outside cylin der is a handle for pressing the outside cylinder down into the ground, cutting out ;i plug ot earth. I he inside cylin der ha- ;i iiiu shoulder on the lower end, by which tin plug of dirt is press ed out. After cutting a hole in the ground where the tree is to be set, the transplanter is set ovti one of the plants in the box, .iinl a plug of earth contain ing the roots ,.f (he-smail tree is cut out and set dow u in the hole first cut ( receive it. Abwit a pint of water is then pou rol around eachvplant, and it re u i res no uiur.e water, fsomo 4t,lKXI trees, .-et out in this way when about ten inehe-, are now, witii le.-s tlian two months' crowtli, uearlv two feet hi-jh. md are making, a vigorous rrwth. At Hie pros nt i ait,' the trees will be four lo teli feet high by next Peeember. The company have some NiMMK) pbnts on hand, with which the remaining part ol the land will be set out. The gph-ei-and the -ouiricls have been exter- minau.i witJi poison. One man, in Iiout one w ix k lime, poisonuig go hei s from . M. to :'. V. M., and from I 1. M to 7 I'. M. each .lay, has killed nearly every gopher on some sixty acres ol land, th.; land being completely in!c-!eil when the poisoning commenc ed, i .anting blur-gum forests is des tined to be one of the most profitable industries ever inaugurated on the coast. The timber here is rapidly dis appearing, and insid,. t,f twenty or thirty years will 1. veU- scarce indeed. Thi-if I. .rr-ts r.-iis.-d in This country will be of fabulous value-, and can never be planted in nillieieut quantities to glut the in rk I. .s the country hero and back int Aiima settle up, the con sumption of timber will Ik- increased and the supply cm-tanliy dimini.shed. Iu lour years tin. -a trees in this country i'.lL'i'J ,;l Jl;gt..rL'..tJCJ.v.eAa..u'ul-l.lU growth iu sixteen months of twenty-five feet by twenty iueht'i iu circumference, from plants a foot high and stalks as long as a common lead pencil. When M il go to tlie polaj demand the right to vote. 1'OOU MAN, 15IAVA l 1. : "iaiiT -'.'U, Act., ol ff7l-"ia-An Ait to A mend t'li.ipti-i- sixty Tour f'. lll'e'.s IIex -' Landlord and 'Pen a n't Art." iion 1. '.'(.- it'r;,-r i A -. )'' i A'" ' io i ' '( 'i f, l hat chapter ,jxtv-foin of IUh.1l s fl. visal shall be .um"Mded a- follows; Strike out- all of -retion.s thirteen, fmrteen and tifleeu, aij jn-ert in lien thereot the follow ing: See. 11. When lands shall be rented r l.-a-ed bv a-'reeiiuut xxrUten or ver- f.r.i-,., nhnral purpo-x -a-r -hall be ! p.i'lv I' un.b r th' agrv-ment to , m-iii tii. uiii .i-. 1 hi- a -isos at all ; p Ii!i -i ! 'le I'll! lof -lid land -hall i-. p.ii i ."! ! Hon a ! ti.e -ip!il.ition-i , - -ii' lii'v. ' , .. !. a -e r agi eeini nt ; -! .iii Krlor.'HI or dam.ige i'i lieu Ilhti.oi y.i.l ic pud lo Uie lev-.r or i p. ii : x i hi i'J- i x u.iie;iie rent, lb' ,,. i.. ... until llie -.m p..r;y . I- -r, ,1! be p.iid for !' "tid e jwiw ic i -a in.r aid crop. all ad. ir . men! eai red l.n m i's i.i ..,.,,1 Ull!,: .,..,1 i s v or ins, assigu 1 .xil claim Miid ..u j d man !- a i: . , or tropvr. w niefi :i i-.T-nn- io ,i;r-i mrr.i. iih n or vi re'. !t tw, t n the j -;? nlmiild l e a. ..t:i eu ;il x r p. vi lou'nl l iui i . .-a; . i sji.l top. lsiAt tlll.-LILN -!ii!. t: n.i m i. 'tnii iiln"-: Mc'h 1 "d r.f party rnlit!el limit r l!ie cneiiMiii t. mtiic tni kr -.i d ',. i! -..:! !n. a in-, -li'd be cn Lt'e-d .g.u'ixi the liiisi v ti eipor t .-,y otin r jh is n xxw'j -'ioJl ratbrx ot r. u 'ir .i.x par. x 1 ail x roi wtthenit ttf c-m-vht . I -j;d vs-s.r oi j Mly ra- ...... tit'.e-l t fmin tie fin!, and to lU posvsKioi f the ,;. uaiu ViiJ in-U -sit'-t-- -.1 S,y ia tsi iu? rraio- ! a- a I' I ml lr - llliOii' iij-'ii A x ivl ' i- f - ! :' -i ,'.x d-ii w- , li x. .' . . , , -:.a . v. I lit Pl ctM.-a- . ; .-.--!' x.-: xiif ui itrta! t--- pf sKiv4 i x-rc ! v . w i. .j . ; -t it uii 1 . ... . -. . . . , . . cx--4r: f a JaMitn .( - rct if U j;- 4.:1 Ur fees uuui it ' i -:tx j ,,;ii .m w sup"" . I. vp;; v lif va:j &; C f-rft2 . itaK;i, if h4 irwul 'ux.l i . cs me tii-. ; fc'frl 4i5. fr l it lLo S.ate I iaas Iks ' 48 j i afiUit vf tir cllaAl MtUK ' forth the amount claimed and the pro perty upon which the lien attaches, it shall be the duty of the Justices of the Teacc or of the, Clerk of the i?uprior Court in whichsoever court the suit shall be pending, to issue an order to the Constable or Sheriff as the case raay be, directing him to take into immedi ate possession all of said property, or so much thereof as shall be necessary to satisfy the claimant's demand and costs, and to sell the same under the rules and regulations prescribed by law for the sale of personal property under execu tion, and to hold tho proceeds of such sale subject to the decision of flic court ujkhi the issne or Issues joined between the parties. That in all cases da the Superior Court arising under thi? act, the return term shall be tho trial term. Sec. 3. Sec. 15. Anj tenant, lessee of land or cropper, and any person who shall remove any part of said crop from such land without Ike -Hnsenpf 4h. owner-of the land or lessor, or party en , titled to receive the rent." and without giving him or his agent fire days' notice oi sucn intended removal, and. before satisfying all liens on said crop, SHALL BE JTILTY OF A MISPE.MRAXOR. Sec. 4. Tho provisions of this art and of the act to which this is amendatorv shall apply to all leases or contracts to lease turpentine trees, nud when such lease or contracts to leasoare made. the parlies thereto shall be fully subjert to the provisions and peualties of said ict. Sk . 5. This act shall take effect from and after its ratification. Ratified the J9th day of March. A. 1)., Ulo. See every vote! yi: i r a p i j:iusi:mi:n ts. SALKor I'liNliKMNKD IIOVKKXMF.MT Proper' v. Will be Hold m puMio nuHiaii to the liiliost auvl lit jj l.lil.ler lr eahli, Ht 12 o'clock, Jitivii, of S ciliics.lrtv, flidiltli lay of August, unt, at Hit- Pul.lic store. Wilmlnrton. N. C, a lot ofeonoilmni-xl Jtrv- euue .Marine Projierly: Alt ltirormatlon as to Hie sale may l.eob laiucJ at l lie Ciikloiu HoiiM-. j .UlSKPH r. AltlJOTT. l oilx.tor. Wilmington, X. '., July 2s. f7'. j'i'x -i. ,;-it. CIVIL AND MECHANICAL K N (i J N E E R I N G VT TlIK KENSSKLAKU PuLVTErilMC INsTITPTl". TliOV, N. T. Instruction very praetleal. Anvantnecs iiti.surjias.seil In this country, linulimten uhlii'ii i-xeeili nt i', wit iout, Kcoiiens St-iL Kith. For I lie Annual lt.-i;tti r. contutnlni; linproveil l oiirse ol siiiilx , mi l mil pai tlru lars. address l'lau . CiURLhX HIIOWNK, liiroctor. ' . Pay Your City Taxes. On u s or Tm. xsei; Rl. X X M '. i !.!. IK W ! I..V I XTn, N. . V .inii -T.ii, is;., j CITV idli: 'i TV TAX la i iks l.n: n AV ing bu n re.eiveil at thU oillef. Un- un. .l.-rcicued is no xv pr.-nirsl t) riil'.- t Un I'lly Tiuo. on K-:il K-ln!e mid l-i-o:ii"l Properly lor 1S7V ALL PAHTIK-S ;uo Ilii ii'Mir luiiiil tl nnd W r--ti. .Ho4' TirVviUx, ' fn ixaynipiit of City Txe. T r. xKKVoss. Tri"ur r and I'ol lector, july f ffHE I'NIVKIl.-slTY IT NnllTII ('AIM 1 LIN A. Tins in-titntion xx ill le ir-open.-U oiillie 1st Monday of September neat. Hie lerin en.lini; the '.'nil Tlmr-day In .lunr 1-T'., xx llli a .L-HUoilo lx xx.M-k ill ClHUt mas. ft has l.e.-n ro-oriiiiit-i.M on Hie I Ii- syKtem. .s.nilii n l nir lioxx evi-r. Ihrt-rur. iii-ular erf Art, n-Iid.i- uiul AKrunlUire, I ii -true! ion will In I x ni In I lie lira nolle ol learning u-unllx lauclil In the 1"s ( .lrge. S,.t-iiiJ i n-t i act ion j.r.ixldi-l In .Verlrultur and ll.o Jl.-ehante rU. nnlle K.ienlly U.i.s appoint, i. Mi" l.nlldliiK tho roughly repaitasl furiln- r.s-. pllon utseTrtl hundred slud. iils. Kr en -en la I - e pl.oi.itorv ot the iilmre p p'ly to K KMP P. P. ITI K. i Sxs n larv lUuid f Trust- . :ileli:li. N. ( AkrKMKK & MALLARD, i -l'i ' l .e'.t.s toj " . Tfil'll AM C J. i i t t; i n w i n 111 H H J 11 IK lii;ii and rhoain'M Aurtnicai ' I ..i' T.., l . in 1 1. I'm. I ot l Ullix.s. hi i ur- iit. -.MIIT. OF l.l. KIM.-. U US 1--- 1 1 1 . Us. s, M'PI K I.I V N K 1 s- 1 1: v i mm; iu -i ki.s iPii.-K. uuriii.s- CfltHi I oUI. s.Al'liU.l. llVUi-VV Alt I.. h V IU AP bK AMI. dxe .i 1 v ;ooi NKWS. I '111. IM'KI.'ll'M.H rtnultls. .il;.! f oc irtli l Iha- rt f-r i, Inl'tfm.Rg 1 1 t Hi. a xn : tut i.4lti nd liiti ulit rM rali thai m liKAXO 'FAMILY EM l SloX cu i:; i.i ;ii I akiu,u:i;v j t,, .aim ; lk-"i I.i, i. I . J .( i .q T'i ik .. ;jr.i r. l T i". o I m t tlli.ltMI . xru MxtMll( )Mi.'l ! T ' i- - iiimi ;p -t u.u.i i uAi.i AT c:r i km . ! Vw, .awiXX n tr 13w f Sj 1 mi ft m : ii.i-a : wry a t rrw. MtaitM' ( Trmi j n .t iuxjiitx X It UIE.ll.i. .V IP ADVEH TISHMFS X INSURANCE AGENCY OK JNO. W. (i()IUHN. $40,000,000 Assets Kepresfnled.. FIRE l.lRi.lllIMI'.tMI Liverpool fi London V (J!ol FngUnd. Hamburg llremen, Herman v. Mobile Uuderwritcri', Mobile, . i Virginia Fire and .:. r, Kuhmoud. .CftyVCkhnuMi. ! ., , Southern Mutual, IiiJiond. . '- i-f f ''- Old North t?Ute, Watreiitoii renn, Philadelphia. Home, CulumUis, Ohio. I Amazon,. I meinnati..CJ-i Al Mnnnsi-r. for (,. ,ii MMIxUlliLirAN IMsl'KAXi I.e. .MP V NY. f. Y. xiood A sen Is WHiilr.l for l.n, ,,i.1 I u l'OIII4UttW III Nil UIKMVnplKl loll II. il x oitlw on PriuceK. I i,.i,i .m.l XV alr otr.'eU, Jylylftir r WII.MIX:.-. N i If! M.XU UliliS Xexr ami heanttriil ,, kiiis . cxl A.l.lress KDWAliD IHHs. tou. N J i io-. , , - i XX :.., l Hi 'iMtr.itr. will iu: an i i.i . ;n. him, I ixl llie UKUiil hIIiiih pliin -; ,.i, i in rnx l liurMlay In AnnM. l-r ,. tu x, , ,,.,,, eounly Tor llli elect ion ol I In ,,,i,i township olheers, M . NVll.MINl.TON ToffNsHIl' .. x, M m.. 1st rati-., one To vr iidil p I'l.s U iu . . ,ti -1 .i.i, ixinl tliriH- Mohool I on i mill, , KKDKKAL IVUST, MASoM;. n,,. h ir NK1T AM) CAI'K H Ai; . vs-Hlp I'xxd MiiKhil rate, one cl.-il, , imi.M,, and three. School foiiniillt,-, i a. t. NKW IIANU LU A.Ni. I'l Pkl;... s. Tll-Ss Tim m ie.-m-to il,, m ,i. , . tlittona! lui Vxlillon. S. II MAVMNi. Hherilt of New i . . ui,. July l-4w. PLOTTS -.ail. ORGA'flS ("omldne Imii x-il.iriil llii an. I x..i it. , M i for lllulr:il.-xl i MtMloi-iie ..;.i. I-, . n. Addri-u His iiiaiiurneluii I. I I uji PLorns, WaahltiKlou. N J ,, . . , WmkS judi;eV mid GITCS UNIVERSAL Saliflioii. Ily H lillltiil ne of Ho- V pul.-nl knet w-ll. llie ii.ii. . x.iix-c. rm;iii Hon llule 11 k r note lo a x oOMio . .- . 1 i I .1 -..Or I I I I'liMirpasNM Ii) an lihliuirr.ii. The prxiprn tor !..- ie.t. . liianx yriimtli.- 1 nx-f lv I i-n - nr f ! t"i-exl In-li u ii it in - .ii I .in - ' Ileal erlt nee l Hie tlllTl c1l..l. Uiul '"' - x I lesultxxxl In Hmj pt.l.'l 'e ,l lone w hl h ulinill. ... - ' r PIPE Ollli.U iltlllTI That II l dim, nil '! .lio tlart. Tl.l l i .1 1 ii . , i i, i i All fkf l,atrt Intprou inrul-. txl pxii'i iiiLHi. i. i x w . . fi i . I : i .. Ml lllb. til, k Wniix ii I... i tl.rft' WILL NoT CKM K 'K W Ul,. i'..,....t.. . m nl ! iiiii.K A BEAUTIFUL 11 KCK n KUK N1TURK Tl . 1 ttmt nl l ' ' , r. n..l and 1. ol4 .1 I Mi.l n i . 10V 111 11.71 If. . I . ati -a.,ud Ultmi . ll i. no ' ' in r irHartr. ;OlltM 'llll4,l. MJ- - hw !. ., .-. I mt i-4 fii a c i i nmm tnW . t " c. NhmH. lj.. . - . . rl M 11. imi tct ... aia a4 ft Im I vf-r. mMtrtfl A4Jou l u. .,.. ..a . - KHWAKh I'l.iWS. Tonorlal ICrmo . I I.I1"X 11 f -t.--- - 44 .--. iff , HlMtMl 4 J I ? - 'trtm'-- la lC- tVrf L.Mtly .s ' llM Vo.rM1 4 14- I U. V Ulli blUoJimX,,.. M p ily Wo -U cm x. kxil .,, u tH a4 f t" w l.Miy V w Tty t - " "' Citl TO ' tX l V stT il? !c'. n' VVT. Ut 2 -M I. I J '.!

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