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North Carolina Newspapers

The Wilmington post. (Wilmington, N.C.) 1875-1884, April 18, 1880, Page 1, Image 1

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iKiKi im rrrri'r nm VOLUMlvXl 'rFsTFRFI AT THE l'oSTOFFK'K' AT W,lmiJTos,;N. C, as Secuni Class Matter 1 1 B4TS OF ADVERTISING. Fifty e.cnU per line for the first in ertion rami twenty-five cents pc r lin for each additional insertion. Eight (8) lines, Nonpareil type, con litute a square. the subscription price to Tim W'il jhjtoto rt. is $1. 00. per year;: sfs-montli75 cents. ' j Allcoihmunicrtionson uusinessuoiuu ,'be addressed toc THE W Post, Wilmington, N." C. . W ll-MINUTON All advertisements will be charged a V the above rates, except on special con ' tracts. . j' TIIKCONVExVTlUNOF'iUI-; UE pLT.MCANri OF THE 1ST ATE OF NWUT1I UAKOLINA, WILL MEEl' I.VJHK CITY OF UALKHili, O.N Til IE SEVENTH HAY OF .JULY, r KS-sO, FOU tiihIuui'oseono i- I N ATI N . T V ( ) El . EUT( US A T- bvui.i:, andVtaxe ;oithei..s. IJV Oil PER OK .STATE EXECU TriVK COMMITTEE. Late General News. It U stKtcil .that W. II. Vandertilt is lliDowin-r l if ,!('' ,000 ( jrivicrii ruetit f, in r i r ccrrC boniN, ami that if hie M'ils nil liis (Vnlfjil stock he will own $100, v (MI000, or inn- fnuri cent Ii Hall which -. , . -.' i . . HIP 111 I MitfllCe. . Ilitoo in tit' Ii to leliec thai Wlik-" t.ikt-r, the colored Culct, cut nil' liis own earn, t i ! hinisflf hand and loot, and transformed himself into a -..condition of iirlificial insensibility and iinconvcious ncn.' The supposition is as improbable . a anything 'I hat can ho co';ccicd of. iHninir the -fir.i' twenty-live vcar of rxwlcnee from I S 17 1 1 o 1,72 t)ie I'.hUmV Sia't s Life t-'avii(g r'rrviec". n s- ' i f. i iii ' ,,, ,,r m .. v. r.,.. , m,l ,y ptrv.ns, or an .mrV l ' .1.11 1 .. ...1 r- Kli..... liu ..iunr.. ..-. .;-.- " V -'fc"!" tvmwV fall .f 171 the iiumlx r I...H..1 t Wi-n n an a-vtiajre id a war r M'.i'i in a'l. in the vcar -h.Jiil' n-h .hoi.- ,"iO lat. L'.OP.) i-erst'iis n, if ihi, wlin h siiois that the ser vi e iM.ilj oil; -.'.i ady in fli i i ticyr l'Jie alui- (' the vessel. that; ii-ft i veil tlio a4sit;aiice id' the si t vice is fl.'.LV-'''. : 11,1 ""'ir i:rgoes, : ;.'i,r,li nrakiiig a total i f-$2,887 .SStv Of tins aiu-uiiit iiiie half lir $1,117,000 .i,s wti'd. Nearly two tihiids or $1; snr;:,i; ';,,-inipcrillcd on the! Atlantic .a-t aia ttlnitst one half cf ili; rc- fiiiiipihi 'on "the I'acitU". Compared niih.ilie tiiiiuiiut of 'gooil it docs, the lift' mv'hij service is probably the clicnpest t.f nil government services, the to'.at atiDiintxpen l.d during tho year 'bving $:U;:t,.S7.7, ol which j;;2J,.'2d was fr salafbfs ol nicer s and clews "and ll. .,ai..t ftlJttihfl 11 I I M I. ird tue' f r stations, Ac ......... N'i vices in coiiiiucir.Mratiori el the ilrjilll .of Ahraham Lincoln-were lu-ld jtt.j'rin.tiehl, Illinois oil the 13th of tbiiUouth, the anniversary of the great marjyr's aMAsiu:tiou.' 'i'nclc Sammv TiFldcii still sticks and iiiH-sn pivc u, tho ship. Sam Ran- J'JJtlio lefts' a rlosi intimacv with the 1 ofGrauiercy Fa.k, rnd ca;i peak J. i . . i oiUlhoritv. s.-i v. tint lr. lilden has. , thought of withdrawing An rea of mor j than fifty miles m Icitita and teu in.les in width ha bcftii bhrnrtl owr in New Jersey. Muci game o I tme cattl ; I: ave be .mi destroyed, uj tbe smoke is su:l'ocaUiig. - Tin Grefiikboro peple a:ul other K'ntlfmen h?ll a iueelinv; la-t week for purpose of making pKtns for tuo cmi Irno'ut of'tln' battle of Uuilford dvirt llu,se. tieii. Scales rs trying to g. t an; . ,pnyr'uiioh through Congress i aid ,ef ih. occiki' n, but it is " thought tht I it ill U a big ihiog any hw KUiu't ('. Cowdin, a disiiiguilnil "J Wi-althv Kepublican citixen of Ncav Wk City, "has dietl ijuite uuexrcvledTy f itrirlit's disease of tho kidnevs. He " Kru in JainaicaA'ermont, in ram to New York from lWton in and r . i n .. dki and ribbons. Ho was an vx-presi- ....... .. ... ............. .v.. eiuvi the vw i:ij:Iaud siHiety and ee president .f tho A'l'niou l.eairno I " tloWud H menilH-r il,.,; IV..I...V Ckb. ; , ; Tl... i:r;. t ....I it-. .ii'i.i:.,i .... ii ---.,.......,. ...... tae Keutueky packed hepnHiCAH ention, stood for Craut m anu wrani, ana uau re. Otero; the attempted aaiir of Wing' Altani.1 f Hiiain, has Wen eicvutcd hx v lkrmtn-.not withstanding theQen rpflv4 lor a commwutiou of kt k- truce. Iowa Republicans send a eolid dele gation for Blaine. ;An American -citizen named Melcon Marian, accidentally shot & Turk to whom he was friendly. By the terms of the treaty between Turkey and the united states, an American cm"... charged with an dffencc against Turk- ish laws, is tried uclore our tnuiai court, But the Turkish tribunal tried und sentenced Marian, and Mr. Heap, our Consul General at Constantinople and alo acting Charge dc Affairs, refused to give him no. ! . LoriUards line chestnut colt, Wallen- ,tciu, crying pounds, came m hrst at tin- Newmarket Craven meeting near London Ten horses ran. AVAnnsteiu has u'i.ii xfii-ral triiimnliii inAmejica. lv ,. ,' "i.. i;L ihti and was .Inppcd to Lngland i iikI placed in Mr. Lonllords stables at Xewinaiket. ' . - SIXTH DlSTi'.lcT 'Tiic executive committee of , the (Uh Congressfoiial District" 'assembled at XV dfsboro on the l.lth inst., and select- od for delegates to the Chicago Conven tion, Col. W. ',K. Myers of Charlotte, ami ( ).ear Spj-ar of Harnett county. Til r. V-Otc;iJ i)V A IA H A C 1 1 U M '1 TM. i ii;V... ., tni t ant M Masraclnsftts assembled at Woriccslerl oii the l'ih inst.. consisting of l.OGO de!c-:ii.-. Consequently 5'3l were nec- essary t- a majority. The for delegiiy at large to Chicago, resulted iVs loll . v-: tJ.-or'gn F. llonr, IT.). LJ. ,E. allI ! -I. I t -ill- f '..- I It Vri, C. U. olm in, O jI , aud . . He, .rSI. Fx (5 iv.'A. II Rice Ihi Jr. int m it . d (Yrni ficti n. i v i V'vi'k i ...: . t( though i -'i him- o iji . '. - j'.. ,u lilrt.. i.'J.ii(iij paly received 2'.)'.) votes., This may be I .i ....! ruin I Mir innn i.nrjm.'iiiir I 1 - - .. - 1 taken at the relative strength of the 'IM.inl Term in the Old Dav Sta'tC It isfevident that that pestiferous doctrined i : i I li u I i i'... v i !i ll!:l('k CVfl from thfl lio- ....... . ...... publicans of the stalwart old co nmpii" ... ii m-unii. - i niin;nS uiu vuc. r iumc- Secretary Shcriinn as fallows U. Wo believe in an honest currency, with every, dollar itpial in vklue to 3. r.L.eial UyMe... which shall saeredly guir.l thd liatioll!ii f tii U Hn credit, and HssWe the ' I I cnt iuuiinee of specie pay mentis, and I ..... irn n .tin it. ..1 tfei i r.r i-iil i.r i . , ., i . j I :niil I n con ill rv muni I CiHisnie.uous I H U l . 1 1 l 11 1 V II I IIIU IMC ilMlllllllSVIALIUII I . .-. . 1 . . F i MICCC.-.S wiili wtiicn resumption lias been ici'!iip!i.-.heil. commercial confidence roti-rcd, and the public debt refunded and reduced under he ale manage uu hi of the present Hecrelary ot the Tn-a-iirv. ' The cr)..vcntiti.v however, i i one of its rcf lut ions contained this senteuce liile we do . not instruct -our dele gates, we -commend to their considenr- tion u Republican statesman ho pus sei'cs in an emineiit degree sue h tniali ties ami requisites lor the noniihatioii ol Yi mou! I Thei! e seemed to .be in, sonic sort coiupi einise on the part of the strong Slieituan clement in the state, For llik rest, the resolutions hre sta wart, inlpexildv in lavor ol the suprcma- andisinviol- e sowrcmu'tv, but there is h -Hrong l!:iv or !' .i,i,l n itiire niiil clui-ei fiiliiess , , .. iv.- . in tticir itc.araitotis,! aim a oi.uiici holttitli i r .i . i J i . li. OlBl Ol llll" l l.C IM.lllCII III I 111 Ullltll. j , r:IK H isST PJIN I' OUI liAtiK- i r..iII.. ih fil, if AnriL i .I.ihnson C. Whittaker. colored. ... -r from South Carolina, was rtportet ab- ' . I cent -from dutv. When the guard cn- IcmhI his rdom they found W h linker lytii' : the lloor, nearly ur.consc bus, cuvered with blood, his hands anti feet tied, his head on a pillow u In r;ite.l with blocnl. his wBicn was tlotues als -.t n.. i i .iL covercu Willi pioou, uu u e iu.. ..u.c Ol ins reom iu vuuiusivu. i ing to consciousness be told n is story , , substantially as follows .that at about 2 'Jcck three personsv masked ml drcsvl in datk clothe, enteref roo'vi, jumped ou lop' of him, bound him, rut boih bis cars, struck! him heavy blows, and told bim "If ycu diu't be still v-iu will It a dead man don't J you ho'.lfr," that he cried "Help! help'.' but cot no arswer. and the bWm got no arswer. and the became ' .r I near) lv u..coitscifu4. TheWvurrcnce created grcatttciu. luicnt at West rint. WhituWr was sent "to the Academy Irom Cbafleaten I sT i' in lSTti ami waa to hate- Wen i . , - - I i . i ii, Tit ii a Ili Mf graduattd the coming June. Jtr. nowever, lie was a uuituotn w ' I ' 1 atuciea. and it was thougnl ne wouia have-to be sent heme, but at the urcenl rwuet of Geo SchoBeld he waa only rcsum oi vta.evuoucivi ' aet back one year la hw staodins. so ft. ' i . . . a t. a 1 w " VMV "- r I ih.i i. r...l.l iw ivn tniiih'r rraanee. lbca be greatly improTW.atw J" When the colored Cadet FUppf . the Acadeiay hittatcr get Hoa well, for KUrrr 'r wch, tyj after I Hipper weoi away he found it 'harder work to grt awog. The neabrs of the 'OmM of Cadet opolf tapreea thf i rretel itdiciUo m it4Ur, WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, SUNDAY, and several of them bare sought inter views with (Jen. Schofield Urging bim to investigate the affair fully.' Ia his testimony be repeated the same alory m substance out in c invrem form. The storw yas started that WhitUkcr i Jid ,h wliAlrfthi'n? himself, and the !ost gurgeL Rave- testimony corrobn- ratiDg tbU ibeorj. Th n J, tj r Towusend of the Department ef Justice appeareJ at the Court ol luouirv. and presented ,tb following telegram : To th$ IIon Martin. I. Tvwnscml, on the 1:30 train to Ktw York : f "" " -! T v, nt repreHeny,, Apartment in the inves- tigatisn into the tircumsUnces attend- ioc the late outrage upon Cadet VVtit- taker. - A' letter lor you bus been sejt in care of Ue!1. f tfcb,Qeid. ilease acknowledge receipt. ALEsASiEa UAM4EY, Secretary of War. lie was refused attention by tbe.Ke- qorder of the Court, but who finally as. senteu to lhe presence of jMr. Twwnsead in belialt'of the' Department of War. Gen. Sckofisjd finally appeared and in troduced Mr Towusend t--ibe icembers of the Cwurt. , ' . j Iiwth Mr. Tow:sond . and Mr, Fioro, are convinced of the Cadet's entire in-. nscence. Mr Fivro has told General Scuot'ieItl ll,at U,e We,it l"i'i"t aUlb'ori wca cominnieu a sciiou uiunucr in washing up. the II lor and walls of Cadet Whittaker's'-reoiu without waiting for the inve..tigatioi!. The court visited me room yesteruay in a, uuvas everything had ;i h :is!ii-l. n,' and put t' rights, i iicy ii i-i t' xc rcisr their l rT ofinuiioii vr - i nu.-i, i 1 1 i. r i i a stated yste.da;. I i ii m 111. Ill .1 1lll V Ill l.'l..! Ill II' I l.lil unu ii-i itiv'-t . ... .... - -: --- ...... . - His l...w. v r, .haw; ;e .." al niost unilormiy u.ivcie I i proving Whittaker mn guilty, and li..e is the . . . . . . hightvst egal aiiili ri y lit f.r s.tyiiig 'J , .' - SOTIck fin.-, sii isi-ri iflrs :it n.'i! i ! ... combe cotinty,-. U., comj iain tbat they do not get their paper. Now, it' ieaves ftbi; ()iice regular, it . J r , .i o . r ; ' the fablt ol the 1 o.tolhce Dep,.t- r i ment, ani Nmo what we can team, ihe Postmaster at So.irw. N U . is the mn lo blfline and if lie don't . !kout he 1 may nave to maue a J v to Newbt rui ..;., a,. r.i.i .- ....;... w Pr,...! l,J -" ,r,''-c " We have fully make up our mind that Postmaster '.s cannot destroy the Posrj The subscribers must have the papen; and whenever we hear cf complaint. "creatter, conceruirg th. se Demccratid Postmaster's refu.-ir g 'to deli v. r thd POST, we intend t prosecute them We leel it lo lo our duty to "give these fcl'otvs ftir notice, ami then if i Marshal Hill has to taUe a trip to Al banj with tl:eiii,it i!l i;ft tm our fault As strange as' it may serin, to ci ii-..c-t people, there i mi lead i 200 ct'p'u- of our paper uiro nl . wry vu(i- by Democratic Pustnia-stf iV,' wl d refuse to alio vi' the subscribers t h.. vei' tht in. Joe Martin is oi. of the 1m n cn in I r .... . 1.... (',.. i I ..." i ........ ..i .. .i I vv -. i' Irom coing nr i.un nian i:e x:cs wrene. out w lien we nmi we nave uor.e . -. . , . . I nini in usiicewe i.stcti .o mc I j, . . : i coricction. e puoiiMi u tow ins it i ter in full, which Uxplaius the whole niauer. uu vre iitnj .-..ij m jii. .u,u tin that we are riy the u.Utake 'as Iua" - W'S tu 1 " eecuings in.ti.e .ii-i.i I iu n v hk w ia f i.r I " J ' a.l-v v... ...... ....-v Epitob ok the Posr: Sir:-Iu your issue of 1 lib inst,. v. u do me gross injustice, : and 1 write to i reouest you te permit me to nave my "explanation ' published in yur paper. In the article refetrtd to vou sav. "Whv . ,.: i." ' n,,t v. v,ltl, to keeo no the dut on . . - - J - r , paper. We are cursed with ring cluines and monopolies, and we bope I Mr. Martin can give some good reason consider an outrage against every poar man in North Carjliua. The pnic of paprr u wa .- oo -... liia h these moiioiwhes. and Mr. Martin is aasistiiig inrm." -, . - , - . Now, Mr. Editor, it is only necessary to call rour atteatiort to the record aud J respectfully request you U exaravne the I ... ..I .I .Vm ... ... I I I . . "''r.? v' v'.rmv '.' coru orn aP J.',. w 4 Upon this exlmiuatiou tou will V." VI .JV , WVft ,vft wV.ftft .-,.. I, . - .... .. . ... iniDCTWiweii me vote upon ine duu intrjuw4 bT jjr Xownshf i .h5llk . j tajoai C1US 0j complaint at your, ...... - - i article. On page u-I the record of -Jiarca .T:n arrs.iu.iun, wis wnaing 10 the word, "nrO, Thatch conimiitee on the revisioa of the: law aucharged tro the further corU i in a nmi . wihu. kmitil a u it i im M aiKoargea itvw ?i inw www. I .,.ii i ih I. ill ll. II 5!li rt r, opoa thi vote it wa deckicd not Totir.r 49. Ut Tolt is nrcVrJl ia I . i .t ... . 1 the necauvev uaox. ai u awa aee lor I yonneiL JVa arfty frvrri iw ai Araio. Mr. Canaday. look on mco 37 oTtbo record f 6th of April Mr. Toonaheod U taptl the mk and fM tho follow ia bill; Mr.' RichJTd W. Townshend intrc duced the following bill: a BILL m To revise and amend sections .twenty five hundred and three, twenty-five hundred andr fourr and twenty-five " hundred and- five of title thirty-three of the Revised Statutes oi the United States. - Be, U. enacted by the Senate and Houst of Representatives of the United Statee of America in Congress, Assembled, That sections twenty-fiye hundred and i iree, twenty-five hundred and four, and twenty-five hundred and five of title thirty-three of the Revised Statutes of the United States be revised and amend ed so that the doty on salt, printing type, printing paper, and the chemicals and materials used in the manufacture of printing paper be repealed, and that said articles be placed on the iree list. This vote upon suspending the rules on this bill was the test vote upon which the yeas were 112, nays SO, not voting 100. Examine carefully the re cord (which I mail to jou this day jUnd come' out like a man and say whether your article is a fair and just 'criticism upon my public records I concede your right to criticise me or any other public man indeed it is right to do so, but justice and fair deal ing require your comments to be correct. Now tell yeur readers that I voted not only to have paper and type put on the Iree list, but 1 .voted to place salt on the same list. With this "exolanation," sir, I hope you will do me the justice I ask, for considering our relations it was unkind to me, to say the least of it. Send me a c.jpy othe paper that contains this explanation." Respectfully, J. J. Mahtin. . The following letter will explain it self Those parties wh. have been claiming that Mr. Faison, one of the delegates Irom ths Second North Caro lina District, wa- a Grant man, will be disappointed : GAursi;ur.(;,N.C., April 12, 1880. My Dear Si.; : I de.-ire to inform you that the sta'e ment made by Mr. John H. Collinsi that I am a Grant man, is not true. told Mr. Collins that the delegates were ! not pledged, which is the case. Air. Abbott aud myself, are Sherman men, and it was so understood when we were elected bv the District Committee. We are for the man who was fjr our free dom and in favor of our rights, before we could speak as men and act for our selves, aud that nun is Jtihn Sherman of Ohio, j Yours, j C. Faison,5 Delegate: from the Second North Caro lina District!. CI I X ITEMS. Chew j Jackson's Best Sweet Navy T.iIk.cco. We republish the letter of Gen. A. K- i : ,im.! niiV.iLliP.1 i-it. wept .. o i ncc-tmtoi tne gross v . v.. J m liist pul iic.itioo. Hiirhti iiitennents in Pine Forest this week. Ni intenneiits this week in Bi-llevuc Ceinctcrv. - - Three interments this week in Oak- tlale Ceinctcrv. T he foundation for the New Market in the First Ward was laid on yester day. ! ' " Ycst'erdav was the warmest dav, so tar, ol j the season. The lli-giftc-r of Deeds has issued live inarrialre licenses thij week. I .... , Mr. J. Ci S-.evenson hai accepted an invitation to a;', as Chief .Marshal on .mctuoiuli i. t.1 Ii K Minimi !i,Mr n of liis Bramsh hens, which measure! GJ inc,J0!, r,,un'! ne WiT auJ 8 .inches the other; Suiau Waddeil wa fund to have destroyed her uew bo bab. and the was commuted to iail hr the coroner rf await the action ol the grand jury. w T.,.1 i.-.i-.r.! t' .at ., S ' . . 11-. I IO" lir.trt lh. IIi.Iaii,..! S.idnlih Sa. VIVIV .UV . IVI M U . ft,tVU..W ciety n Tuetdjy evenioie 20th it. ...... wt sit --K.! Rm. J0hoon The I suojevi ieing rori Jtmnwu. uc puDiic are inviteu to aueoa. j Kike The dwelling owned by Mr. J Harman II I ihtx'.-vo the corner of I2ih and Market street was consamed hr fir on F.i,lav morninr. The baildin; I . - - . c- -- . O adjoininy, tKcupied by Dr. Thomas 11. .. .. ' . ' oi:ers wa copsumeit mere u - - ; , some injranc oq the property. bat oot enough U cever tne km. I.' ' iaiijioiva wnyj a lh annual mteUPf of the atockholder. v;i,:.,rt (Vviiab ltttti fcn - of lh n Mmitc bU .. ,. in iaiui'T ibwwj.w witira oi in fidrrt wereetctrd toem fertfcf eta itT Pirdnt IXmaid McEae. Vke-lVeidit--V8. A. French, i feccreunr ed Trrasarrr Walter u!,!?. ! ilvwiwhi, r. amam,.. Worth, J Am W. Atlioioo. APRIL 18, 1830. lo tarn gray hair to its natural color and beauty, use Hall's Vegetable Sici I tan Hair Kenewer, ths best and mest reliable preparation science has given us. Supreme Court. Opinions were delivered; by the Justices at Raleigh, ast Monday, as follows : Wm. Gorman et als vs. M. Bellamv et alsrNew Hanoyer: judgment affirm- ed. R. O. Burton, Administrator vs. "Wil mington & Weldon R. R. Company. Error. New trial ordered. ' Aldricks Adrian vs. A. R. Carver et als, from Cumberland. Error. Judg ment reversed aud judgment for the de fendant, j t.LLiGATOE.--A couple of veryTarge alligators were shat by persons on the steamer John Dawson, on Friday while the steamer was on its way to this city. Ona of tbW sink to thfi hot torn: but - " a! .., .i r....i u ' eleven feet in length, five feet across the arms, eighteen inches from the tip of the lowe to the lip of the upper jaw nnil Klvfpon liifiii.-' iprnsa f lift mnlltll his weight being estimated at about four hundred pounds. v PH0Dix.'E Exc'iianoe. At tho an nual election held at the Rooms of the Produce Exchange on Tuesday hvst, the following named gentlemen wee. elect-. ed officers for the ensuing year : President R.E.Calder. I Vice.rresident -Roger Moore. Board of Managers A. Martin, R, Lilly, B. F. Hall, C. H. King and Thos. E. Bond. ! Inspection of Election Doualtl Mc- it i- j ' Rae and J. 1) Wood v. 11IK "Pkn." Shrriir Man ning carried the fdlowing convicts io Raleigh on Wednesday last, convicted at the last term of the Criminal Court viz : . Moses Pearce. false nretence. 6 vears . weorge urn, larceny, o years. f1 . : TI ll . Henry Crews, arson, 20 vears. Shade Bannerman, v larceny, C years. Lewis F. Lipscomb, larcenv. 8 years- E. Walker, hreakinir int store house. 10 years. Ben Moore, larceny, 8 years. Frank Mack, larceny, 5 years. IIOTKI AT hMITIIVILLE. A afL'C and enthusiastic meeting of the citizens In. 1,1 nf tli.. ( Hit j ( f iiiivil I iiiv ii H'; HvavK w iiiv v u i- House on Friday night, the ninth of April, with a view to form a joint stock company to erect and establish a lirst class hotel. The meeting was organized by elect ing Dr. W. G. Curtis, , President, and Philip Prioleau, Secretarv. l liie I'rcsidenr men exniained tlio on I n. -1 . . V.I I i...f nfthi, nii..-.inr in n niniuo lina! . - . i'i. :..? .1 ness iiKe liiaiiner, insisting inai it was to the interests of the entire community to encour.age the enterprise and to aid in building up Smithvillc as a great southern summer aesort Judge S. W. Watts being present, was called upon, and urged tjio propru: ty and importance of ciectiiig a tirst class' hotel, with a view to invite and accommodate the people of our own state and of other states at Sinithville, mis liie most eligible, deliglitlul ?and beautiful location on the whole. Atlantic sea coast, as not onlv a summer resort but as a great perhaps the greatest sporeing place on the coast during the winter. Ho stated we had a climate equal to that of the (. yprian Isles. that we had in suiniuer, cveivlliimr to delight, re fresh ami aniusc the sojourner, and in winter, fish, ovsters ami wild iraine ol everv description. lie showed that it was to the intercid ot the entire com munity and of the business men of the citv of Wilmington, to take hold of tin enterprise, take stock sufficient to erec t the Jiotel aud to make Sniithville a great summer resort At the close'of his speech the follow ing geut'.emen were apiointcd bv the ehiirlto solicit, subscriptions. r. : Dr. L.'Frink, C..C. Morse, Philip Prioleau, I I. L. W eiiitf. R. M. ecett. 1 . M to I Williams.' S. . W atts. I I 1 .1 . . . i . . L , . . ... . . . . . I tnlM..nMiiin Im iiittlriir.l.1 l,k l'.L., mill. . . " '.-V t 1 1' tl V . . . . .V . U senpuons on uie oasis oi a snare. I lr lri..t.-ail niA It a .p.1 I.r I ,-.1. ft I ivn an ,.., u 1 I ' - I - . , - . nntli.o-iH- that nil th.. idvl- lir thc companv oald 1 devoted lo the I rw r ti. 1o!.1m,t - that au Mirnr e town and ren- nUng the Cm I . - . . ... miwionen". he coald a.ure them that an eligiblo water fmnt woold be donat ed free to the ompany. Tne mcvttng adioanieU to-nn-t-t agam on Toofl.-iv tiiht. on the Ji)th inst. Axxcal RtroKT. The following U the repoit ef Mr. C. II. Robinson, Pres which I " Uu iubmittd it the rrco!ar aaooal i -r mttt9l on Monday last: (Jntlrmtn ef lit IlVuuaf Prodmrt t! I snail jree nt as tneflf as f the siatistics oi the pt year, wti nmxtt M u. lhcJ as poa-ibW with KBca . rea aa ay jxw . , . m.ulmikiL - J The rrceiu of petdot fra Awil with prevo jeart are a lIer: COTT I ApeU 14. 15I. t Apnl Irf, :J ".'- IS3r.,.-..;: , .., . Ii Ul - DtTToaar Single Copies 5 Cents erimrt tubpihtike. April 1st, 1879, to April 1st, 1880 . . i 103.G69 casks Apru 1st, ma, to April, 1st 1879..; ....109.67 Decrease. 5,905 ROSIN. April lt, 1879, to April 1st 1880...... 5G3 183 b!s April 1st; 18 1 8, to April 1st, 1810. ..581,7 39 Decrease 13.551 " TAB . April Ut. 1879, to April ! 1st, 1880 45 623 bbls. April 1st, 1878, to April IitM1879 78.110 " Decrease....... 1 2,403 CRUDE TCEPESTINE. j April 1st, 1879, to April I lst 1880..... 132 375 bbls. la a APru lat 18 8, to Apri 1.79 ,.,..164 -085 Decrease. 22.010 APril l3t 183D, compared with, previous 1 .a., . I J ' COTTOX FOREIGN. April 1st, 1879, to April 1st, 18S0.. 31,214 biles. April 1st. 1878, to April Ust, 1879..... .. 04,431 Decrease . j.. 30,217 COTTON DOMESTIC. April 1st, 1879, to April lt, 1880 30,258 biles April 1st, 1878, to April 1st 1879.... 38.850 Decrease....... -,. 2,598. SriBITS TUBPESTINE FJBBiaS. April 1st, 1879. to April Ijt tttRO 7 72S99 casks, April 1st. 1878, to April lot. 1879 95,397 Decrease 22,798 Br I KITS TUUrESTlSB DOMESTIC. April 1st. 1879, to April 1st, 1880... 2Q 302 casks. April 1 t. 1878, to April ioi a; ia.oou Increase 13 442 j rosin fobeion April 1st, 1879, to April 1st, 1880 5ol,C8o bbls. APr" Ut 1878' to APnl 490 337 " I Ii crcas 41 340 " r rosis domestic. A pi II 191,10 1,10 April 131, t... . . El , . 18iW... 30,811 bbls April 1st, 1S7S, lo April 1st, I ' ecreae t 30.0S4 TAB FOIIElG.V. Apr J 1st, 1S79, to April 1st, 1S80.. : April 1st, 1M, to April 1st, 1S79....".: t 11,900 bbli lit-cte i e ...-.ii . . . . TH DOM KSTIC.. Apt ii lit , 1870, to April lit, 150...;:... Apiil 1st, 1878, to April 1st, 1S70.... . .. 4-I.H9 bbls 3 i, IfG j i . Iocrease u Th. tieti:ifiiey io c-Mum rece'.p'.s sh jnld ree ive e nsid r i' i , an 1 ll :r:i:e-Iy ho The small deficiency in spirits tur pentinelaud rosin is only a natural rje suit, as any crop ; my vary according m till' seasons. .n uu-fi'iwiutiiuiijui tar the previous year, causing a decline in value below the cost of producing! is naturally followed by a reduced pfo- duction sufficient I for the demand at fur nrieet t V .' . i . It Lhas been customary to elec' a new Pre.-ident afir n torm of two vears ind as I - have O n 1 - for thi, lod. Ld beueve ii . miom a good onr. l ciiqer ret" to make room (ofr vinvjj.uc- ft !V r, at.d with , only a few remarks, vi.: There sheuld be a ; deeper interet shown in the maintenance of tbu Ex change, and there should be a closer attention to.thc meetings of the lloard of Managers than has been hown Jur ing the past vcar. I he I.epcrt of the cecrelarv and Treasurer will shew vou the Hnancial condition ot the Exchange, abd I ffin commend his correct and careful official discharge of bis duty. On the Uecord Book I find the fol lowing entry: 'The New Inlet, mouth of the Cape War River, closed Saturdar Jnniri 14th 1S7-). Col. William P. Craihill,' jChiel Engineer; Henry Bcon, iScioeer in Cbarre.' I The successful completion of . - v I ... . .. . ! great work call for an exprrrtlion gratitude te thone who draigned carrirst ut la such atlf factory :rrulu this rot. rpitse, and we, atanoUocioa tne thmhoid of the dereioret, cannot tr ;A .m. arsi . A sa svasl ! i i f - - tor the future of oor'city. It U. now asserted en rt S'ub'.e aalhor itv that veswela drawiof eighteen feet can uv be carried oot en thel aaia bar, Ihsa makioc oar port &rtla. tho river will We corrr;o4tegtyi deep- Aai;y. fe ' ! n an4 tin. allow aar veU, tlal asI can cooko over the bar to ota op lo L- ur. i tl T r tho city. J. s - i'ai---.- '"' i ' m. w Thaaka to Divioo PreTleoc w a t . . Mr ox wrt aay meaber el u vafe oy mrmiM oinrr vse year, i .Ti'r., tt." ar tlaak tho oxawbrrt of this Us chase j "-U-aMtotrst . xmuZ. a4 Board of Maaarm foe oai&sra. w . w.fctlixt u kiWaea cosing. adW wah tor Zz JfWf . m -ft.piipii mtj riii.iai t w mmrw nj eacce or thp oaaoo osffort ti4os,a4 fartyo all frwprit haroioejsa. , I eey roafoctlon. . OtaaUJal It. tkMKt4yt lma4rl WO. froim ExchAc- NUMBER 15 XJL'tr AJJ VJSKiZSEXXAfTS. uf 1CE CITY CLERK TREASURER, City of "WilmiStox, N. C, - i April 3J.1SS0. NOTICE. rVX-UdTERi4 will attend at the City liall, TucsUay, Juuc lit, at 9 o'clock, a. ni., and for twenty working days thercalter, lor the purpose orreeelvlng thoTax Lists of the inhabitants ol this city upon all subjects of taxatloa which are to be lisiea tor i Uy pur PCS"S. IIKNUYSAV-VUK. apl llSt Clerk and Treasurer. ' NOTICK OF SEIZURE. CUSTOM HOUSE, WlL.MlN(lTON. XC. COLLECTOlfS OKFK'F. -MARCH -7, ISct). To whom it may concern : . f "' iwin.iiisnert.-iiy Kivcu. uuirett N.-clion I tkair3, umilucroMOWIUlJVOOtlS Wore t'itl at wilniineton. N. C. rt'siiei-iiv.-ivi .... n... JJndday of May, lsr:. and December liu 1S71, by reason of violation ot the revenue laws of the I' oited suites uunieiy rwcuty-Fourhiinakerehiers.jlk And siik lnixtures. Nine tons Bituminous eoal. Any person elaiuiiu- any ot the nbove nr. ticles. is hereby nolilied to appear aud tilo with UnM'ollector of Custoiim lor t Ills His. trictof Wilmington, liisclaini tolticwhote oi uy poruou niereoi, witliiu tweiily,ita s irom date of tills pubUeatlou. W. V. -CANADA Y. -mri. M. Collector of CuhIoois. New Jewelry EstalJlisliiiieiit. - J. L. WINNER, NO. y, s. FRONT , . Street, Wilmington, N. C-, Desires to Inform the public that lie Is . prepared to repalrjw jtehc., Jewelry-mid vmuuuuicii-ts, buu aiso io io nar Miiuer work. Any work sent to him by ihhII will uo promptly attend to. up I Jl ly. Ricinnoiid aniPeterslmr Railroad Co. jfea?uieasiidEaqt rpOMMEXCIXt. Sunday. March :1. j trains on una roud will run as follows: LE.VVK RICHMOND, SOUT1I. ! liftj A. M., Tiiitoruu Mail daily ronnect Idk for Charlesiou,"' Augusta, Aiken (via Churlcsum i, SuVau uah, Kalelh, Hinl Jackmxn vllle. stops ut Manehester and: Che ter. and Half-Way on Muil. .Vlil, P. M.. A(x)M.moiation TitAiN, daily. a'seiiKers Inking this trniu ' .will make clone connection ut Petersburg lor Noriolk. Slop . hi an Bunion. j V. M., TiiKot t;n Mail dallv c-itinet. liiK for Weldon, W ilmlngtoii, j Kulelsh, Cliarleston.aiid Suvim nah, Columbia. Aukusu. Atlan ta, Macon. Mobile, .loiii:oiiHry and New Orleii)n. l'ullniau sleeping Cam froln WavhiiiKton for Wlliiitnlon and the South. Stops at MturheNlcr Hiid Clurs lr and Half-Wuy tm mknal. A. M., KHKliair Thais dally (except tSunday l.pnssenifer car alUicliul All trains leavitic rcierbnri; will miirL fmmtht) Apx)mnllux ht-pot. MONDAY Kx.criu.lox Thais-, leave Uirh mond at A. M. imd 1. M. L rclersbun; at A.M. and 5.71 1'. M. evirv Sunday. r. u. KI.IM'. I racti'Jstr f-iiteritncmlent. FAST MAIL AMU PASSENGEE RUUTE T.0 THE NUIITH AND EAST, VIA. THE KICH'dONU, FREDERIGKSBUHG AND I'OTO. MaCKAILR-JAD. I - 'l I jr-'. vXwm! r-i ii - ltt.i. iiV Knllr I in n mu tliiow-.. !r. hi . i iii;rs 1,,n asniugton, m.. in tUi.u uuiiuui VUaD'C.., . ... . ' . X, ;,,,vm UaveRiciimomi f...i p t,t - - s.-a m Huuday Arrive at Wunhinsl , m ... ;.u, i.i i p m. Sumtay retu t..i Arriet luiiinuon- ai u . : j m ij.,i' a.c, p AivVpn.l!; . , , , vuJ . . - p in, Sunday rxi- i u-s. Arrlv? l New Yolk il .Lia m a:id l o p iif1ttnday eXci pKHi. rill) man la:ar- s;r-pSj)- , ...j . .,n !, i 3. in. train to New ort. ou ll. .. lu.Jtralu. lo Aafi!iltiiot. " 1'. A. 1j -U. i.-ii r.a i u k-1 .. i.i. E.T. l MYKlH, -i-a i. i. nu b 21 if I - PETERSBURG R. R. CUMl'AN i . urncn srrEi;i.M'i;Nin:xT;-' tYtMi-r, V .. ' !,. Jit, . : " I- i NLWrJ u aV!l:,' 1 mm at vrja.a '.. .". .T '" ' souitii tipm, inu-. tbu I Ar.V. w.V.T".T - L' K " hanr i, . I ' v . . ' ... of I "' f aod wiu. ! f. I Je York tiprtM iram w;4o; I . iVZw, I aft sat 4t aal LI p. I j i - " " I- r ti.iNi Nitm. .'. . Xi a aw t s tm Amrs at ttmtrt -at. m.oi -mna rut.,Tt i, ai lSkTia, rs Wetiua. vt i4ar. ai Amvva at Iv-ibi.r-j fci t ft -i i f Xmrm mi : - .! a i. I ptm4 raa tnsiva avi u-aiw a3 taaua7 ai aaaa SMay Saut jmm.&0 M - S tsKHaaewsMliaa. A4w la a t !04a ,-.- I" I f . ' , 5 ' , J " . . - . . ft -. iii.. i -1 - : it i rr . .. J ''-'j-ii- i 5 , 'If- ' ' . . i Eft. i- I : i -; v - 1. ll r.

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