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North Carolina Newspapers

The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, March 25, 1880, Image 1

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(Chatham Mtctti. H. A. LONDON, Jr., 3AT33S KMTOE AMI) rilo-RltTOU. Al) V UUTIHINti. en .iutu, tuc in---rtl-'ii, -Otic square, two iicrilloiis,- One Miuarr, m,.iali, 1.00 1.50 TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION: tp C'r, on'jpjr, - - One copy , ibrvo munttis - - f3.m HP VOL. II. PITTSHOIUy, CHATHAM CO., X. C.,MA11C1I 25, 1880. MO. 28. F"f lrtnr4.rnwirriUl!lr'ii,,rciitrnil!, wlU P. A. WILRY, C'aabtar CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK, Of RALEIGH, X. V. J. D. WILLIAMS & CO., Grocers, Commission Merchants and Prod-uco Bayers, FAYETTE VI LIE. N. C. JOHN M. MORINC. Attorney at Law, MnringiTlllr, C'hmliron ( ., '. f. 3- ns M M MISft, Of Chatham. M.FRIB A MOBINO, Of Orange MORINC & MORINC. Attovnoya -t Ijaw. l! it II a h, . r. All bualnoas iutrnstod to them will reoeiva ;pronipt Attention. THOMAS M. CROSS, Attorney at Law, I'lTTMlOliO', N. I'. Will praotico ia Chatham aud sarroun oonnties. Collection of claiuia & specialty, ding J. J. JACKSON, " ATTOR NE Y-AT-L AW, riTi'suouo', x. c. All liMlintvta rntroolcd to him will r Je prompt aiteatlon. lOO Buggies, Rockaways, Spring Wagons, &c. mad i f tliti last mate rials and fully warrant ed, to bo void regardless of cost. Parties io want will cn'irnit their own interest by exam ining our f1m k and prices he-fore buying, aa ara determined to sell, and have ciit down onr prices o they cannot be met by any othor ton o in the Mlate. Mao a full stock of. JInnl I;il I Ini'iiemH r.r.PAIIilN'.i lioi.a at bottom preen, and in btsi nimiii r. IVnd for pr,?e-n and cnta. 4. A. Mi K1-: THAN A SDNS. Kavetn-ville, N. C. h. a. LoriabN, J r7, " Attorney at Law, 1' TTMHOUG', .'. ffs...-'""-li;v,iiil At'oti'ion Paid to Col lm i tiq. Certain and Reliable! HOWAHDR ISFAT.I.1IILK WORLD RE NOWN F.I) HEM I'. I T FOR WORMS It now fur sale by W. I,, f.nni'on. in Pitt.boro'. All tanas who are annoyed with those Penta are adviiia.l to aall and grt a package of this valual Is remedy. Thia eompnuad ia no bnra bnr. but a grand succaas. On agent wanted in every town iu the State. For particnlara. ail.e-a enr-loalng t cant stamp. Dr. J It HOWAII). Mt. O'ive. Wayne comity, N.C. NORTH CAROLINA STATE LIFE INSURANCE CO., or, . CAR. F. II. CAMERON. PrriMrnt. V. E. ANDEKBON, Vi.-t I'm. W. II. II1CK8, AVV The only Home Life Insurance Co. in the State. All ita fund loaned out AT HOME, and anious our own people. We do not aend North Carolina money afiroad to build upoihrr Bute. It i one of the most eucceaaful com paniea of Hi ai;u in the L'uiled Btntea. Ita as eela are amply audk-ient. All I user a paid pro:nptly. Ki'ht thousand dollara paid !n tin liat twoyeara to familieH in Chatham. It will eoat a man aged thirty years only five centa a day to luaure for one thousand dollara. Apply for further information to H.A. LONDON, Jr., Gen. Agt. PITTSBOKO', N. C. W. E A.NPKIKO.V, l'l.-tiliut. READ THIS. North Carolinians and Others! THE CELEBRATED LIQUID ENAMEL PAINT! MANUFACTURED BY NEW JERSEY ENAMEL PAINT COMPANY Hit been sold in y nr EIOIT TEVR Thoaaiudi of gallons having been diepoaed of. In '! cat l.a it failad to give Mtifoti ia The dneat pulil o bn.ldiug. in Baltimore are painted with thia elegant Faict. TEE CARROLLTON H )IKL. HIE NEW AMEItlCAN OFFICE. THE A H.MS PRONO. tlAl'oR CO.'a BUILDINO, THE HCltSr. ri'RNEuL CO H Itl'll.DINfl, THE THIailTV 11. E. CHl IWlll, (HOCTII). And tlegant l'lilVAfE ItESIDENCEri all over theoonntrv. Mixed Ready for Use. Haruple car by mail on application. O. P. KNIGHT, Sole Ceneral Agent, AND MANUFACTURERS OF'INll, BUII.DINQ FAI'Elt, AND ROOFINO CEMENT. 93 W. Lombard St., Baltimore, Md. WILLYOU SELL THE FARM? Chapln'a Farm Agency, Dr. A. B. CHAPIN. Manager. NORTH CAROLINA BRANCH OF OKOltOF. H. CHAPIN'S FARM AGF.SCY, BOSTON. MASS. Special attention given to tLe eale of Horth Carolina Krai Eitate. No charge made until a eale ia effected. All ptnpi rty p'actd in onr hand for aa!e wili 1 e advertised in the popu lar work, Tlij eSoatu ll!u-tmUd, free ot sx pense. The Charleston News and 'mirier aa;e: 'Ererjbody baa heard of lito. II. Crispin's farm agenry. and few aro unacquainted with the eucceas which haa attended its 0 i-ratior..' The New Kugland Farmer n.ya: 'Goo. H. Chania bap a'lvoi hia fur rut to theamoum of 50,(.uS doring the pact year. Wo commend Lim to our readi i.' The Aiken. B. C. IleTiew aay: 'f o one fcwt done mere than CHo. U. Chapin iu the cauae of Hunt hern imm grKtion. Onr Tillrpe ia thronged with Northern people iu a arch of Southern liomra, and good inlo aro heme made. The 'doutb Illiutriited' ia doiug a reat work for u.' The New York Trinnne, the I5olo:i Hcra'd. Journal. Trav.h.r, Oiobe. and Adveriircr t-peak ill the liignext ti rma of 'hRjn'K Farm Aki nov. N. B.-SMAI.L I'AllMe (i -aitionlarlj) are wante 1 at once, OfHjc Fuller Uuiidiiig. ItAI.F.IOH, N. C. T. H. BRIGGS & SONS. Brigga Building, Raleigh, N. (.'. HARDWARE. WAGON & BUGGY MATERIAL, SARII, DOOItH, TAINTS, COI.OIIS, rrriY, WINDOW CLASS, LIMF. CEMENT, flash: it, MILL SUPPLIES. Correspondence tolicited. JCOB A 0. ilXCK, FIIFD A WATSOH. Of Cttrltlmin. JACOB S. ALLEN & CO., ItAI.KICSH, 1ST. C Building Contractors and manufacturers of Sash, Doors. Blinds, Mould ings, Brackets, tod all kiuiln of Ormimoutnl, .Scroll nul Turned Work; Window and Djor Frames mitdo- to Order. WUive m n call bofore orderiug. Shops looato.l on 11 trringtou nt rct?t, where it orosaos tiio lUlcigh and (inston Railroad. Steamboat Notice! The boat! of the Expreia Bteamboat Compa ny will ran as follows from the first of October until farther notice: Steamer D. MUflOHISON, Capt. AlonraOar riaon. will leave Fayotteville every Tuead&y and Friday at 8 o'clock A . M.. and Wilming toa every Wednesday andHatutv.'ay at il o'clock P. Jd. Bteamer WAVE, Capt. W. A. Riboaon, nil! lea.e Fyetteville on Mondaya aud Thuredaya al 8 o'eieek A. H. , and Wilmington on Tues days and Fudaya at 1 o'clock P.M., connecting with the Weatern Riiiroad at Fayettevilie on Wednesdays and Saturdays. J. v. Trii.i.fAnsA- to. Agent! at Fayettevilie, N. C. Any One Can Apply It. Over My Window. Over my window the ivy climl a, Ita rootH are iu hnmolv j irs But all the day it lo iks oat at the inu, Aud at night looks out at the ti,rd. The duet of the room may dim its gr eu, But I call the breeKy air; Come In, come in, good friend of mine, And make my window fair. Hj tho ivy thrives from moru to morn, I e leaves all turned to the light; At.d it plaldi n my soul nith iU tenth r grcou Aud te:ichc.i me day and night. What though my lot is in lowly place, Aud my spirit behind tho lai? All the day long I may look at the nm Aud at night lo..k cut at the stern. What though Iho dnat of earth would dim, There's a gloriom otiler nir fibat will awecp through my onl if I let it in, And make it frei-h and fair. Doar Ood ! let mo grow f oui day to day; C!iu;:ing. ami minny and bright, Tlioueh plaiitt d iu i-ha ; TLy window is uear, And my leaves may turn lo ILo light. JOHN, CARTER'S SIN; ok, now m: v. nr utiri. Jol.u'or was a CbriHtiau miiu by profesKion, nud iu lu-nrt to:, but he had beou Horely tompteJ to a grent 8iu; it iti. os tot mutter to r.a what it wa. In a (date of sueli denpoudoupe, bukL de spair of life aud hiijipineBH, such diep ulToctiou fur others who Rufleri'd with Lim that he fc.urely cared what ho did, and forgot all things t xoopt the presold dihtrosH aud the offered eseapo, ho did a thing that ho kucw was wrong uud wick- d; a thing that would have blasted Lis rt putation aud wrecked hia diameter iu all iren'g eyes if it were found out. it was not found out; it hung about his neck like) a secret millstone after the da-tress that tempted him was gone and the biu done with. There were years when he could not pray or read hiu Ili ''le; wbeu memory broucht mi to him ull tho texts of condemnation and none of the merc.ful wordtt of Heripture. Re Hftid to liiuipe.f that ho w-ia nuotber F.-wi, and could find uo plnco of ri-peut-nnce. Ilis voieo wim never heard iu prayer meeting; ho avm.Ied the com munion table f rami eg somo cxeuso of illness or making absetiej from town uecewnry nt thoso sUted timeR; he conild not pray to his dying father, though the pale lips whinpered areqiirnt that he should do ho. Tho bitterness of death con; passed him about, un l though ho loved his father deeply he was glad the good old man died before he knew his S'-u's iniquity. Time after timo the wish rose iu his htart that he could confess to man his transgressions aud be freed from the intolerable bnrden of thia secret, but this could not be dou'o without bringiug to bis family a disgrace and grief he had no right to involve them in. He had, iu the world phrase, harmed nobody but himself by this transaction, since ho bad some omt of it without exposure; had been successful in covering tip an action in itself criminal, but harmful most to himself. The position was peculiar, and ex quisitely painful to a man with a tender conscience, for to Bneh sin is misery; and yat they fall into it as easily as worse men, as ull history assures na. Mut aftar a time of heart broken agony and hopeless penitence John C itler be gat; to find out oiico iigiin that Ood is merciful; ho eeaprd to look into hiu own heart, and Ux bin eye npon thai S it i ur who c; to fave from sin as well irn from sin's penally, numbly and slow ly, like a punished child, he crept back into a new and r ligious life; wounded, it is true, crippled to a certain extent, but submissive, repenteut, and filled with charity for his fellows. He knew that he could never recover his self respec. never forget his fall, but he nc cepted that as tho result of triusgrei 6ion, aud said like Jeremiah: Wherefore doth a living man com plain, a man for the punishment of his sins.' All this was within himself; to bis family and his friends ho was only a lit tle graver than nsnal, as many men be. come gravo with increasing years; he was now a constant attendant at churi h, gave freely to pood objects, and seemed to other mm a quiet, earnest, kind hearted man, implicitly to be trusted, leaning rather to generosity than to jus tice. What endnred in all thia time was known only to himself aud to Ood; his conscience tormented him continually; it was by a constant recnlling of thu promises to repentant sinners that he endured life. No doubt he knew a huudred who bad sinned as deeply as he had aud as successfully concealed their their sin, but he did not know that probably in all the hundred not one suff ered such agonies of regret and repent ance as he did. To them the thing was over, done with; their bnsinoss was to fi e. to this day's work or duty; they put the past decisively behind them not bo canse they ought to but because they wanted to. Rut to a sensitive moral nature like his this course wos impossi - b'e; even though he felt asm red tbut for C.iri-t's snko his grievous tin was for given above, he ould not forget its ciiinaiissiou. Day afier day he retraced evtry ttep of his temptation; recalled the half crimed state of mind in which he whs for weeks; the sin itself; the con cealnunts ho had resorted to, in them selves degrading; the terrors of discov ery; the agonies of remorse. lie grew morbid with this introspec tion; perpetually thinking of himself, life bi c '.me bitter iu all its uses. He ntv.rweut into socii-ty without think ing, 'If these people krrw about md' Ho received a cold 1" but ho felt that possibly the who ave it Lai fath omed hiit secret ai d i!ojpise.l him Ovi r uud over he fa d to himself, 'What if Sara knew il?' and his whole heart sliiv- ered within him. He did S ira u In wus his wife tho greateat ii-j is'ice iu tins tuoiipiiv. hiu-wai a wmun than usually loTibg, nnselll.sli au 1 f -rgiv- I iug. if John eoitl. I have told hor which I wiiso itof the question oui of h.'r sni et j c mpiiss:cn te-udt rucm ho would i b'ive felt Lis way hue!; to heal. by tpir iit:al life, 1 ut without the ton. li of Lu- mat. sy- puthy he fouial ii h;.r l to lay ! hold on tlio divine, uud ruw en-n iLm l .iuei who loves LtH erring el. 1 ri'ii, and welcomes them back from their iv-iii-lering and starvation, with eyes lilinded by h:.s own unshed tears. It was 1 though I va ver pic b nd d to bo a Chris in t'ii: sort of m-iod lhat he- fi 11 in, one tian, you have pri-iii-hid rue tho let year, jiiat befoic Thauksg'vir.g day, with atl old college friend, a hard-working luimiit:-r iu r. city,tt man that had seen more i in than John Carter ha.l ever ireanii.-d of, aud combated it in all its protean shapes of poverty, ignorance an I degru(i- n. Where are you bound for Joe?' John sui'l, as tin y met at a railway statiou . '11 mud f ir b 'nil', man!' miswcred fhe R v. Johi ph D.ier. 'Win re e-l-.e shou'i I a man be going, this time of year, but lorao to the old folks and Thauksiv nig.' 'Do yo:i always f. el in tho mood to be t lit-li kf n 1 , then, on (ho Bet day?' To bo stiro I do, Jack; why not? There's always enough t b grate-ftil for; the IJiblo wou'du't say, 'Iu every thing give thanlis,' if there was not something in all things to bo thankful for.' I dou't know about that; there are things iu every man's life for which he can't bo thankful. Y -u cannot exur-ct any man, for in-tauee, to bo grateful that Le bus sinned?' A certaiu thrill iu the tone aud a little quiver of Iho eyelid told Mr. Dyer's keen eMr and eye more than John Carter meant to tel'. I thick a man sorrcl'm s ought to be more thankful for his than for his g' o luces, Jack. I don't mean for the sin as a siu, but for its use to his motal life, if be receives tho lessen rightly. How on earth ore you going to feel any sympathy with sinuers if you have neve r fallen? Only Qod iuciruato could do that." Hut think of the sufftring Bin entails on the siuner himself; could jou be thankful to have a dreadful wound in- flie'ed on you?' Joseph Dyer looked a his fr'eal again w ith eyes pitiful at:d penetrating both. 'My dear fellow, I've so- n a man heartily glad of a wottLil that male him helpless simply because it kept him out of temptation; r.n 1 a sir n r whose con science torments him because of one great sin will never commit such an other.' Hete was Mr. Carter's idalion, aud as he left tho cir ho wrung h's friend's h: n 1 with mjueeess.iry fcivor. 'Po r Jaekl' said Mr. Dyer to himself, little knowing how nt-.ieli he had eloue to help the weary burden-bean r. It e-hauce'd, as wo fo Is say, that the icxt weo't au ee came into John Carter's tfli;e; a man about bis age; not a friend, but a person whom be constantly met as business men do meet e'seh either. Mr. Pierce was ordinarily a Hi rid, prosperous man; to-day Le was ghastly pale and looked twenty years older than nsual. Carter!' said lie, hoarsely; "can I speak to jou ft moment iu private?' John C.irtcr turned the key iu his office door; his dork hail gone home to linner. 'Nobody will disturb us, Tierce; what is it?" Mr. Pierce groaned and turued his head away, then ho resolutely faoed Mr. Certer. 'it's uo use! I nnibt tell. Carter, I want ten thousand dol' I have been a luscul; 1 have speculated with tnom-y tbat didn't beh ng to me and 1-jst it; 'o morrow the giri's guurdian will send for it. Hlio is to be married. I don't know why I came to you; but I did! I want to borrow this money and save my wife audeluldie i from disgrace, and uiyn-lf from prison.' 'Tou shall have it,' sai l John Carter. It almost seemed to him a ray of heav enly light, this chance to help another man, another sinuerl 'I don't ask without security: I have made out a mortgage on my house in th street. If I borrowed anywhere but at onr bank it would be told against ran; borrowing thert would be worse.' 'You shall have it in an hour,' was I Mr. Curler's answer. Pieroo sat down in a chair and looked at him with his heart iu his eyes, but he eioulj not 1 speak; tie sudden relief overpowered hira, '.Stay here (ill I draw it,' Mr. CirUr raid, aud before the Lour hud paused the money wis iu Jacob Pierce's ptiektt. 'I can't thank yonl' he said. 'Don't tryl' sniwered Mr. C.irtt-r, smiling. Tho year passed slowly away, aud with it went much ef John Carter's misery. He felt like a mai on a desert island who has slid lenly fo nd c mpan:o:uhip in the surviv-ir of au'itlin- w.eeh. He mot Mr. Pii rce coiit.'nuully, und a hewty hauilshuke or a c irdial word ulwujs passed between them; the borrower, ttrii.i ia to spv, felt no servitude to the lender, uo dreadful weight of debt, there , , . aud mauiier t ii at set Pierce at h's ease he fr't es sure tha! liis secret wr.s safi j as if in 1 is owu bosom. Tie unconscious', j ntmo. pbere of charjicter is one of the in - (l.ietiei's w mule little account of, j-t it is weif hty us graMttdiou, nud inevita ble as iife. It was the day before Thanksgiving i'(.u'n, aud theie came to John C'.irtor in his c flit e a nu'e and to tl-is j t ffect : I 'Dea Cakh-r: I have been luclsv in I ii... r. ... ,,t ; ,Li, i.. .....i ...... will tin t herein a eeitiileali- t!i -posit iu i nr buuk to tho niao'in! e-f v.ur hi;.n and interest. 1 want vim to knu-v th-it sermon I e ver he-.r-', uud pretty m;ir ! cobv-rted me. O ld Llcss yon! 'J. PiKucn ' John laid his be ad on bis desk in i itn iige, sweet, yet bitter arur.zoni' nt ejouicl it oer ji", uie siunrr, au exsmpi tor ami oi u;msir rjti.jiieniy ine-re swi -pi a.-ross bis mind as with a breath of divine power the ek-votio'i and nspiin'ioti of David ufte r his ft II, the. work of Peter, who before deuiid his Lord; the tender forgiveness held out with sue1' pat ent love t j Thomas. II seeded to l e ir the sutii'! i?ear prticious vo'Vo sayit.g to him: 'Reach hither thy t' and behold ny baud, reach hither thy bund nnd tl:ru.-t it itdo my side, aud be not faithless but brlieviug.' 'Tho blond of Chris, eleanscth from all sin.' Aud like Thomas, bi.s whole bear ')tirt;ed wi'biu him, find bis white lij s whispered, 'Mi L nil and my Ood.' The next day as his children were cluttering ulx.ut him in the sunny par lor, aud his wife, with the baby in her arms crowing and trying to rea"h the roses iu her hair, stood looking e n, fsr lovelier and fairer than in her beautiful girlhoeid. there was a ring at t'.iti door aud the servant brought iu a basket if exquisite fl iwcrs directed to M s. Car ter, aud on the card wms wr.tlei. : 'A thousand thiiuks lo hel;) join Thanks giving!' It wai n phasant mysb ry onlv to Sara. John Carter knew the hnudwrit itg well, aud the wtrJs Mr. Dyer had sail t) him a year ago 11 its Led into his mind. Yes; to-day he could be tkai.kful even for his sin; it wis forgiven of Ood, his grateful heart well knew, and but b r that experience would he tvir hove res cued Jacob Pierce so willingly, so joj f ally, from tho depths where he had fallen? Could a man who never had stayed have Lai such intelligent pity for another wauderer? or would be him self Lave known throi'ith any either tetehing tho exceeding bitterness and siuiuluess of siu; have appreciated! its wiiroj; or vol 'led its weight e.f degiada tion. It is true h:s soil was seirivd, I u' scars nieau warning as well us (-bain-. Ho felt sure toy that l.o earthly te-uip-tathm would e i tim him cgm1; that f- r all his life the tste of Mar.ib void l warn him from strange fotiLtiiins; and iu the iuinost recessi s. of his heart re-coi-'iii.itJg the g-o-1 that Dtvlu," power cau bring out of evil, he thuuked (lo.l and took eouraire, iu spite of his great siu. The Sensitive Telephone. The marvels of the telephone arc in numerable. At an experiment made the other day beiwei-n this city and llarrisvilic, IP ar Fho nix, a distance ol sixte 11 iniies, the ticking of a Watch could In- heard distinctly. A sentence uttered ill a whisper three feet from a Wake transmitter was hoard at iheothei end of the line. Mu.-ic played upon a piano standing forty feet from the tele phone was beard distinctly. It is not uncommon for a man to a.-k a question of a several mi its away and bear, in the li-ieuil's house or office, Iho con versation which precedes the answering of the question. A very striking instance of this sort occurrt d in Hartford ihctlnnhiy. Mr J (i. Ratterson called one of the hotels and asked the clerk if an acqiiaintaiici was in bis room and e on id be seen in half an hour. Keeping t he telephone at bis ear Mr. Hatte rson heard I he hotel clerk cull on a waiter and give the mes sage, lie heard the steps of the waiter as be went up-stairs; heard him knock at the genllctuan's itoor; heard the door open; the message delivered; the gen tleman's reply; the returning steps ol the waiter; his conversation with the clerk, and was in possession of all thi facts before the clerk reached the tele phone to reply to the question asbvel. Vrovulence Journal. The Paterson silk mills employ 10, 000 hands. How One Can be Mistaken. J i iililMit see the s; i iilcci . how with ynu" " Not si e I hi- spn.kci ? Why, sir, 1 weo two. j Thus, ui-t-ortlit!; to an i piirruniniiitist, I spake Pitt ami Dumlas us tin y wi re en-jti-iing the house of roniiiiuns altera j dinner where old port h.-ul Unwed freely i for both. Ni less mistaken or less honest, says Dr. Wharton in the new I CrinUii'it Law Mny iziu': are sometimes the le.-uliiig witnesses in iinportaiiti riin j inal trial.-.. I,:uly Tii-liburne recognized j the elainmnt :i ln-r lust sun, and other ! wilnessi s swore po.-itivi'ly to the s-nne j effect, while tln-re was a mass of t"sti- ' showing, on the one hand, that I 1m' W!,s !ln Australian busbinnn by the i n:lIU'' "Castro, and. on the other, that 1 ''' W:IS Arll,,ur 1' ,,m' ,()" tri:,1'f .' t rhster, the Jlarvard jilofrssor, for nmi iler, several will: si s testilieil etu- ph.-ilicaily that tln-y h.-'.d so ii Itr. I'.-ti Mlitne when he was un iloiibti illy dead. Winn an ingenious attempt was made to perpi Irate an in surance fraud by fal.-i-ly n pn -i n! in l' I'mli-rz-jok to be dead, a cnrpe, fraud ulently pl'cpai'i il for the pUfiose, Wa" iilentilied as his by a number ot wit- nesses. Altii waid, w hi n in reality L nib look had lain killed, si-viral persons who saw iiis dead b-ly testi- tinl that it wasnot his. Two men wen- eecei.llv ll-l, ,1 in I'll,' oul f. .,- l,M,-'.,i-e . ' ' - . ' i o I io io i oo ill l til' infill Ol mi 11 'I. I , - lay. toher ill, l-7:(. Four wiine to havini' seen lie in at tl i place of the butvlai'y. The an alibi. Two,ve witm s.-c-ti vi !y that on the evi ttitiir the aci-u-' d were at home, skillful eross-exa tiination i s ti-.-tilii il I illie at 1 lie swore po.-i-in iticsiioii The most failed lo shake ibis evidelice were aeiiuitti-d. Il mill the pri-oiM is flel'wald appeared that each of these I weivo w iiuces was wioiiL'. They all agreed that the nijbl in .iii lion was roiiifji, stormy ami dark. Jit ol' Sunday, October II. was in ol Ibis il-script ion, but t In- nL'ht ol Sun day, October '.'I, when lite burglary was coinniilteil, was cli ar ami mooiifli. The wilnessi s had confouiiil' il tin I ivo lOL-hls. In the Howlaml wi.l ease. I'riif. Fierce gave the expert tcslinmns that the improbability of two irinuini signaturi s In iriLT ixacliy adke was. on the doctrine of chance, so anal a.- to amount to a practical impossibility. Against this eviih nee were produced a iiuinbi r of genuine siL'ti.-itut'es, w hosi likcuos amounted to exact coiucidi u -i.. A TiiiM'-VavIiig Invention. is atij.aivn! ',y no limit to the There is a;i practical appli at: f electricity lo tbi U-e.- i very day ule. 1 !c e.ectric Ikdit has i-iiisc y followed the telephone, and the latter La become an (rilinary commonplace affair. Since then, uo-coiilin-i to tie- S i ntfi Anii fii-iin, :i novel and important improvi iner.t in a special field of teli phonic um- has been i-eporiid from l.o::, 'on. Our readers an- familial- uilb tic- piitt 'inle oi Mr. F.ilisoti's elcclroupilorapli or lollil spi akinL"- tec -pli'iii". Iiy cmplovinu' bis small e.i ctric motor io turn the chalk cjlindirlhe telephone is made auto matic. Instruments of this sort have been placi d in, and a large number more are in preparation, lor the London 'Itm newspaper oll'oe; anil the reporters ol the paper, say in p iriiam- nt, instead ol reading tlu ir shorthand notes to copy ists, and transmitting the longhand opy to the prinoT, as li-a-i'lufor", now read litem directly to the telephone, thus saving the tim" of copying and carrying the report. In the pi in! ing nlli.-c the compositor sits at a tj p --si iting ma chine and, as the ivpott is dc ivetcil to him by the automatic telephone, he sets the type as one would piay a time upon a piano. II iving no copy to ileeiplu-r. bis whole attention is given to the set ting of the type ami iMioihor great sav ing of time is i IV -cti d. The indications are that by tho use of autographic and automatic telegraphy (in conjunction, pi rhups.with sten-1- :; phi ti ', -i vi iters) reports ol public up -i lings will soon be almost instant :v transmitted through long ili-'anei s and at a Iruetion ol ex pense which such work now involves. By the same process, e!r:i in.'s as w ell as writings, will be transmissible quickly and economically. Such invi n tions open up lines ot progress too far reaching for tin- boldest imagination to loliow. lining to Siberia. Tl,e i . ir of all the Ittts-ias basan im uii t,-e. cold country where he sends his . limina's, and he punislcs lor vi ry - il.l i lb nsi s, so he has many people lo send. These convicts leave S: I'. lus burg at nibt, the men baitig th- ir Lands chained behind them, and w- liv ing I. i ohainsof four pounds weid.l all the way. The women go in gangs by tl i msi Ives, wearing black cloaks with hoods. The men who conduct l In in to ibis desi dale land are mounted on horses, oi I have long whips w hich t'n y Use lor t'o-liasl ptovocatioll. Once tin re, they work iar afii-r year in I be miii.-s novel sc iegtbo liiiht of day. Tb'-y sleep in reci -.-is hewn out ot the rooks, into which they i-i-iep oil their and suns. They work Sunday the s-itn- . iuv otbirihiy. No man who has ,ioi.i ! in I he mines is ever allowed to i o-, in u hone . When he lias lost tin- ue oi l is limbs, which happens iu a few i at -. he is hauled up to die iu the poor house. N dicing the many idle rucuin Augus ts, tbi., who complain that they caunot get work, the Von-Htufiojitiiitl advises them to g iutu the country, faying: 'There is u demand for labor. N man need staive iu this section of emr conn try, nnloss hia pride pre vents him from wo-king iu tb field. Pride and laziness keep hnm reils of able bodied menontof the fields in O -oria and other Htates.' ITEMS OF (.'EMr! UAL I WE It EST. There arc s.yono Knglish women in India. Thene.xt Fo -miry with live Sundays in it wiil be in I!U0. One IJ stou firm has chared ? 100, 000 in leather since Set t. mber. A Baltimore couple have bad nineteen ehildieii in eighto-ii years. The game of cricket h-is been a diver tion for more lli-in -Vhi years. In the north of I'lck-md a habit of ether imbibing i: sii 1 to ptcvai'. Of Kmrlish farni'-v, 1"7 were bank rupt in Is". M'i iu "7s and I -1".l in ?.). 'J'i.c-are, in room! i:imo-oi s, VJ0,. oi. oidii on il'-posit in the Mew York State savie '.s banks. France is s'.reng'. icning her army. Five ii"V g.-'iefals o! 'division have been -ippoitili d and eleven generals of brig-i-le. A telegraph operator, named .T.-tekson, of Ottumwa, fowa, has put forty-one bundl ed words on one side of a postal ear- Chicago has .3.000 liquor saloons, at wbi h ' 11 (liiti (i hi is spent, uud Illinois the annuai expenditure at which is $.v.'.eiH 'I'" Cboc-ra swept away over ioa.onn J. i nan' l-i -t yen-, y t ia l"" the I'ni'e.! St -it - wore hori-ilii-d at a yellow V-. or of only 11 onti. Ti", ing to get a b-isbrul young lady at - n i" v lo g: v- vou a song. is. in one r- ct. a plca-c-sing lu'.-OLUurn IU--u ''('' in. Tlie pen with v.-ldcli Hovernor Cor nell, of New York, signed bis first mes sage was made from K gyplian coins 4.0oO years old. Ohiouns achieve mucin vai'To'.ls ways. It is the proud iio.isl of one family ot seven that tin y ate l,l j pies in 1HT9 unl survive. Chieago has the largest grain eleva tors in Iho world, and twenty-one of thoin. Th" total capacity of those ele vators is 17.00O. out) bushels. Not iess than ' I J.liooddOis spent very year to maintain the lninis'ors. The sadons and tln-ir a-'-essories l'C juiro ')(Hi.(iiiii,(iU(i lor thei.' supjiort. Alex. II. Stephens' latest notion is a gold four-dollar piece, to bee:d!ed 'stub la.' Imagine a tac.n r-ayiLg 'I'll but you a stilhi. ' Dr. Curtwrifht, in his report npcu yellow f. ver ii- N -w Orleat s, fays: 'Five thotniiud iutetaperate persons died be fore the epidemic touched a single sober mau, so fan as I can get ot tho facts." A man po! angry in a di cus-sion at C xiperstown, I!'. and shot ut his oppo nent, but missed him and hilled a by stander. Taking more deliberate aim, ho tirel a second time, and another spectator feli dea Terrible distress and mortality pre vail at Adriaiiople, especially among the refugees. KifL'-e n of these were found dead of hunger in one day. In the mouths of the corpses were pieces of wood, with which the unfortunate persons had endeavored to satisfy their burner. Andaman island widows wear !'.e skulls of their d.-'ci as. d husbands on their shoulders. At a reeci.t lu tureon ethnology at the royal college of sur geons in l.i l.di n. l'i'of. F own- showed the skull of an, lo which was Hitachi d an elegant webbed sling by which it had. been suspended to the widow 's neck. The H sh its of fie M"t!io.list Eoisco PU C iiir.-li t.rc all up re than fifty years old. B s!io; 8 tt is seventy-eight, tishop P vU siitv nine, li.sbop S mp- so;i six'y uiue. M.sbop H mvuhu sixty thne. It. simp Harris sixty -three, P.i-hop'ir s x'y, au I Il s!.op Wiley, liishop M- rrtll nnd Bishop A-.i hreAH eich futy- live years of II. e. Siudeiits of national history will be interested in the information given a re porter the other night by a man named Wo f, keipci- ol the Absccum (N. J.) light. Tin-keiper said: " 1 have act ually caught lloo birds bet ween the Hit ting and windows ol the light. Ducks, brant, geese and other smaller birds are ollei. a;tiaetcd by the light into P,y wife's kitchen. The pair ol geese which you saw in my a iary 1 caught by the bind legs as they lb w about t he light one stormy night " ('. K. Blydciiburgh, the phenomenal young marksman ol the American ri He loam that eat l ied oll'the pt izi-at Creed moor, in the centennial match, met with an unpleasant adventure in Wyo ming Territory one day r ntly. lie stalled to ride from K iwlins mines to Cheyenne, when a simw storm swept (ver the plain and I he thermometer fell to thirtY-livc degrees below zero. lie was badly frost-billon, but, after in tense stiff, ring, was torlunatc enough to roach l.araiuie. It was oflio ally announced iu Louis ville, Ivv., that a combination had been formed between the Liiiisvilleand N ish villo and Ocorg a Cnitral railroads, to lust for live years, which gives theLmis villeand N isb ville Coaipauy the control of every port oil the Mouth A'hiutio coast, except Brunswick, Oa. At Hivac- tab the nulrotd will eonnect with large lines of steamers to N-w York aud Liver pool, el it is their calculation to carry freighi irom S . Louis and the other Western cities to Vw York cheaper aud as qnicklv as over the Virthom trunk lines. ..JIWWI.I w s

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