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North Carolina Newspapers

The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, July 22, 1880, Image 1

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ate H. A. LONDON, Jr., OF llMTOl! AMI I'UOIMUKTlllt. ADVEUTIHINO. Olll-.sili:ill', till" I'.T, One Mi.ari;, tu.i iuv ill. .11.-,. Olio i,,-. urn- i.i..nlli. fl.W l.JO it. IN TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: OttflCti) y, one ywr, (Miututy flx iiioiilti - - -Diiut'opy, tlitvoiuuulli, .Ul VOL. 2. ITTSIJOltO', CHATHAM CO., N. C, JULY 10. NO. li). Poetry. The Delinquent Subscriber. One ilay l.ixt ttf'k, wlill" Mid ninl As W" W.'lll.-.l, Wi'llk IIIKl Wi lli)', Arrupx tin uiiHwrit tl r. V iil Hint tt Ki'iiUo tiiiilni; J'li'-u U Iiithiiic un cariii'Ht r.'ijlnt At our Miiu'ltiiii iliitir. Oniii" In," wi'nnlil, while vl ln "inli'ri'l, All'l ill hJIflli'l W't'Htlll W'-llli-rcl What for tin i'i.iiM In' In stoic. Tti'ii 1...II Ki'iiily liirnlni:, u hi' walki'.l our I'lin-k wiim litiiiiliiti! TliiMiKliln f crimson K"r-. "Vn- you tl'o 111:111 wlu il'K'K Hi'' vulilin; V (Wlml Kuril w ill rhv iiir W illi llils 1,111 ll-liun. j iml.-kly Hn'iik'lil hi- "'i ruii'l o'i'. "Sir, wo iui'," wi' (!i'iiilj'.l"l'l lilm, N0.I1II111; lo Hi" Ihivk I" li.'l.l him. If In' irli' l 1.1 IxmI 111 sore. Thin you'll pli'iii' i;li' ni" ;i i-rolli, ijin(li' 1h.11 Hull- .1. I.I'., l-'.-i' iw'o IIIiuh more 1 Ilk.' v.. in- 1 :i.i'l', an. I will Ink', il As lonu 11s you will sinu- in maki- It As PhI ;ls il lull, l.iril l-i-Iorc." Vi J11 nifr-1 hr .l...i;isl -tlins wi mlssi .1 lilm, tir ui' siii'i'iy .,ii.l have kl.'si-il Mm, No iiiiitli'l' II III" li")s .11.1 I' lll'. i bi-ioiu iri'ii'i-il in this iitaiini-r, U, fell tin Inn .1 lo .ihh' l.osaiaiali . I 'III) lllis.'lll'l ll.llllll , tlK'I'l'. Tlu Oak ami Hie Vine. A pr.V.rful nnk. with tuiuirlii r r.n ami l-M, l.lvt'tl In 11 ion-! ir.iy wlih v'-hin uhI Urn, Ami III 'in it r I. It many .1 irl tiitr Ml, A h'n.h r Win- I'lvpt 1 iih i m.": limit A lit I vly in hMt-.l Hi-f. Wimt ..ul. I it im .111, li b'u.lillf t.iu wult Ui '- i-"-k.f jtn-fii .' )..w M Un fro! tlii'i ak ltrt !n' vlm CfMiKhiiK fur I'rr frwn an April m.'i.iwit; AiiI wli.-ii It r ;i' li" I ;U"Hii-t Hi-: In m l ! luim, H ciin-.( airl l l I; ltl"ii- fti'l.i li. in- In hour, Ni'itror ;ui1 lM'.uvr with i ;n-li rHInj: suit, Vmil Hit- surj'lM t'il vii'iiN iii;itl- ilit'in "lit. All antuiiili rvninir, a ttn'snti wi-iit tluwn, Wlillr Iliiui.l. i H lliiiit iH Hit- s!..nuy lyrr, ItA hum In h I lit tin- whii Uviti.l- rp.Hii Ali.l UiUrlu .J tin- li'liituiu: lipa-Kul ("lit'1'-' "f 111. llir iui 1 I "ii, tli" sii'.'i.u i ,ik 1"'V.''I l:s l or, I'- kmc 'l'.uii, H ..iw til" .fii".. villi- ili-.-i-l. m l II:'- . .-I I III tllll" I's ti Ii li ils . llnn'.li ..r nil" r tin. v. i:s 1 ..,. i OYi I nf nii.l l', tiirnlir 'hi in :.. p l-l, All.l I" III" lll'lll III" Mil", l..-, iilrli-.!', ti ll, lint win-Inn: r.-iiii-l :l .-ik tin' ..-hi-, w.-r.-fli.-wn ' lii'iii-"f..i'.!i of wi. I'' Hi" It'll. l--r iii- It t'l fc'r.ovii. Si, In tli" imilis of 1 1 r . no iniitti-i' wlii-i'i', In rii'.!.' .r 111 ";i)u,t.. w o ill flit-l hir.'Hi; nu n wh-. 111 th- lr lioari" will uiwavs l.i-ar 'I'll" riii-t-l"ss uoiiii'l "f v.liii" S..111" win- has lu In. -I. Nil, it" h"....ii l. W1..-I-" i-ii.l"ss .In) ll'lii l.r. aks, A t.alai for i-ai tlily .,111. 1 iui-1 hi-.u'l ilia' a- li. ? Selected Story. WIMFHKir.S FLOTSAM. II whs no! ln't'iatsi' In- was 11 wo liiitu listtcr tint! (iuy Avi'iiil, i:t M-vt-ii :iiiil ! wfi.l v, wa-i still 11 liii' l.i '.iir iiiii llClllt wliull'. l'llii!l!l!S silMMHT It'.' hi. I iH'vt r lu'cii rii-li t'!!ini-!i in suji Mi!'t a wit'i-: il was iiliansl moii. llmi; lit- roillij do to t;i';-' c.'UV of lliltisi'll'. hi lie tliil nut ful jii .tiiii '1 i.i inyiii,; attentions t tiny l;u!y Altliou lie w:is iiuliisliions and t:tl. lik-,1. clients Vicl'e frw ;i nl f ir lie-twi-en weir :iliii"st unknown to tin- leservii! yoniio-l;:wvi r until lie del not so sorely need lliein. OniMveek nueh is t!ie jiel rl':.ity of fate :ifler lie j,'. it Hews ( nil illicit' liiid tlit d itiul left liim liis sole lieir. and found tlint he wits sure of mi income of nearly two thousand a year, then the world s::ddi'iilv re:i'.ied that youn Averill was it very promising lawyer ! Hiving a fjo.itl iiiconii' and jros iects of jilenty of remunerative work. (5uy Averill lie":ni to think seriously of 111 ttiiiii'iiiv. and rather eit''eilv ac , , 'i i- a 1 iviited an invitation to iiccoiniiaity his i . .,' Clliiut. v iissiiisi i:ueia. in tin- time town of Xcw Myrtle, where said chum s fiancee lied. For this t'iiiicce. Helen Treiu:iine. ltatl two sisters, ami Mrs. Averill agreed with Cassins liarclav that there were not three such girls in the world as the lhree Tri-maines. Mrs. Averill had met them one w inter in Washing ton and afterward had spent six weeks at their house: hence (Jay's invitation 1 hough he had never seen out) of the family. He knew them all by description. Helen was not pretty, but was domes tii-, accomplished and very charming: the next one. mitred, was a great ,.,,W vieiiiener mcliei- in fact "awfully fast," though magnificently ''t"gth 1.. get him tt) land, hut sue beautiful; so (iuv felt a strong pre- hd it and none too soon, lor her ow n sentiment that while he would like 'strength was giving out. Helen, and tolerate Winifred for her'."1''" heavens be praised, cried sake, he would be very sure to fall J"" Fatteison. It is lucky lor poor captive to the charm's of nineteen. Mr. Averill that he wast, t alone with year old Marcia. the L'ent le. fair lova Miss Mama! Its strong arm and 1.1.. .m-1 l.Ms.n.ictim').... lc.l sn much eomagcoiis heart you ve got. Miss admired. When he fust saw Marcia he was a little disappointed: her picture Hut- lentil her. but he soon forgot that in co iteuiphltioit of h, i' graceful ligiue. her gentle voieeaud her tpiiet w t.inaii. lyways. He loved to see a woman till womanly, thought a needle and mt i a lien should be hertool, belicMil that. thd fireside was woman's sphere, and ho on; all of which conditions Marcia tilled. "Your sister rides beautifully !" ex claimed (in v. a few hours after his ar- rival at Mrs. Treuiaine's. "Yes," answered Marcia. sweetly ' She ought to, she spends hours on her horse." "Do you ride !" "Not much. I don't euro forsitch- Rtu-h violent exercise. In fact, I don't have much time for it, I have a good ileal of sewing to do, and Marcui 1 hesitateil ami shook out iter work jather ostentatiously. J didn't know you had any little , j folks in the house. nid (!uv. hi; :tt ' tt ntion thus draw n to the smitH iijn i n in her hand. j "Oh, we haven't ! This is for some of our jioor Sunday school children.1 ! When J tun at a loss for cmplox incut 1 always know where to turn, in a ! liiaiiufii'.'tiirino: town like (liis there is , so much suffering." j "Do your sisters aid you " I "Helen cant, her trousseau keeps' f her luisy now: and Winifred -well. I'tl lail":li to see her doinr such work." "As what J" asked Winifred, who had just entered. "Sewing "i"etiili-oid"r'ii;!'." answered Mania. iio( iiiiile truthfully: lint (iuy. not knowiii;,' (he dilVi renee lielwi-eli Miihroidery and l'laiu sewin-f, was none (he w iser. j "What is iiliiiirdly known as 'fanes' work 1 utttily iiliiiiiiiiiale ! It i-ecms t i lite ti fin at waste of time to pass hours and hours in making hi Icons tidies and iimt.s. or hioh art curtains tiiil of t ii-L i 1 r and such si nil'." "I oi'l you iiever sew !" "Not il I can avoid il: cert-. inly not 1 for a.iiusi'moiit." ' "Not for tin- .'" j "The OiMil' .'" j "Yes, us .Miss Jfarci "() - h ! No. I don't poor as Maivi.-i docs.' :l -li.c-i.'' W.ilii fur til"' ttii-i WinilVt'd's contciupl nous reply. And (Iuy was tli usti d. How was he to know that the Siliic apron in Marcia s h.'ti.ils v.. mid 111 cr have llC.'ll liiulloiitof il (i.lV A ; ill twhii-.!' mother had Viiiitcii of his lnc I. a w oinaiily w 'liiieii ) had lio'i heen ihere to see an. I hear it lint t'-otiidi he disi;iisted wilh this at 1 1 let ic vim it"; w 1 in inn's sen I im. -iit.s he was liv 1,0 n.eaiis with her. Her dark 1.1. ie ti.lin- haliit .howed htr supph i'.iiiii to perfection, her will lip iv. 1, hair, 1 u!':lc 1 I,;, the wind, and her cheek:, with health a ml i;or. and she w as a ;; i u cmlia-.t to hi r pa'.e hi'ine kc".in ;.isti r. And as the days passed, (iuy was compelled lo clta::je his lirsi opini'"' of tiie i,lcs. Winifred's,! spil its and tempi r si clued to lie i i feci; M 111 i. 1. 1.11 the other hand, some times l'oi"ot her would he eiiilcliess 1 atid showed a smippi: h pt till. nice that ; amaed (iuy. "What il hi lpfiil. eh' "i'y woinan she Will' 1 lie': (iil'y. l-ul Hot ,.f Maveia. "o he tduchi s. im sulks, no sharp speeches ' Im,! Ihcl'e. in a wife one needs do;. ie :;i. virtues at well I'., a K"1 di'l'i.-ili -ii. h"f lii!i' toila tee and 1 ide. . skate and su iat. ,!io, .1. 1 iri e. w il! In .1 kit i my el. it lies in m der. will l.ot direct the household. 'ane this lovely youu;:' Aluaoli tl'vili;; to cook 11 steak if there sh":i!d I..- a re hcliioll i:.' tl:.' kilehc'i.'' I' tho'i 'h (i,!y was filly 1" tcrini'ied to i..".iry seme one like Marcia. yet Winifred ruled his drt.iiiis hv dav and 1 ii'l.t. At last hi ..t to this 1 a'ss : "Will such ;i 'u 1 ( vt 1 set tie dow 11 to ihciifsti. :!:.' lait l:tU"h ;ti ;: e ,i i lit to Will speak v. 1 lit life la:t of l ie .'" ( iic dav Helen and (is.siu to a iieijrlihiiiiii' tow 11 on lui-im and Marcia. Wiii'lred i:ud (iuy went rowiiioT on the river, a narrow, deep and rapid stream. Just alii rthe"ii is had landed Marcia spied an empty hasket tloatilir down the stream and declared that she wanted it. :'o (iuy lowed alone to j,'et it. Suddenly, tiny nevt-r knew why, Ihe lioat capsized, and (iuy in ti vinc; to regain il was cariied yet fiirtlur dow n the stream. . ! iiiiiul iiie . siioiuc.i .... .. , , , . . Wimired. "Sw im ashore, t he current ..V.. ...... 1 ll... 1 t -' .1 ..I very stroiief. Which (lav at last concluded ( do. When nearly i'i shore he was sudden ly seized w iih cramps and could not swim any further. M ..via shrieked and wrung htr hands, ami cried: "Oil. hell drown --he'll drown!" "Hold your tongue ! Kun t- I'at ters.iii'.s for help." cried Winifred, per emptorily, iit Ihe same time sp.ang into the rier herself. In :i few moments she was beside the sinking man. clutching him (irmly by the arm with one of her strong liands she struck out slowly but sure Iv for tin-shore, (lev was tall and Well pro pol'UollCtl, aiHUI I'M 1 her vunnrtM: i tunc, .-.tie, tcii.i a n.-imi. 1111,1 "yn '!in'y but he s heavy. , , . 1 lu' ductor was sent for. mid (my s ii'lT"'tmie cramp proved to have ,,''" 'ills,',l '.v 11 l'-""h i c.l system, e.'iise,piently he was tpute ill lor some ''.'.vs. His mother was sent for itu.l .lie had the best of care, thou gh hew ould rather have had Winifred with him more. It was always Marcia w ho fanned him and read to him in his mot hers abst nee. though Winifred a!- ways brought him his meals, and somehow the heretofore admired sweetness began'to pale. He sighed for a little breezy chat as on a warm summer afternoon one w ill sigh for an umgnnuing scaoiei e. -.Mother, said he su ldenly. the lust day he was able to sit up, -w Inch tin you like liesl. W mitred or Maicta .' -.iiist tin' quesinm 1 nave inteiuii it to ask you," was Mrs. Am rill's diplo m.;ti" reply. Wnnfl SI JaJ; OUH NEXT "Marcia is very eentli ' t ry: and so ijuiet." " ieii'ivd is strong, well ii phv.-.ically.'' "She is iiu admiral. lc lnentally lis 'irl." ("haily lie wei-.l.l get no decided were placed under military rule, and opinion irom his mother, lie l.'gaiithc Southern Slates divided int.. ao'itlll : The fellow that gets t ilherof them , 1 i wife will he lucky." A'eiy true. Is there any pros pect that my hoy will he so lucky.'" "I wish tin re w.'ts" -with a sigh, "lint I fear not; she is so strong minded. is Winifred!" thought Mis. Awiiil. lint sho said: Who .' Man ia .'" , ' 1 "' '""r.1" " . i ;.. 1 it. .....ii 1... 1 1....1 I never Ilioiieiil you it I'!' :.e SiircilS tic! No. I Hit all Winifred, of course. Hear, courageous gill! 1 owe my I'fe to her liliixery ! " "Indeed you do." "What I fear i:, that so gTand. so large In iiitc t ayii! oi.e so full tt vigorous life v. ill never consent to settle down i:i the tpiiet way in which my wife may hac to live for a little while, for two thousand dollars a year is not limitless. Fancy Winifred not t' liii"-oer dome: ti.- details, revel ling the scivants and ordering the dinners! Fancy my ipiccn in a dark, dirty kitchen !" "Winifred Tiemaiiie will nt-ver per iiiii her kitchen to be dirty! (lay. who do you suppose has prepared yi or lea and toast, your beef lea and toast, your bl inciiiitiiee -! jellv.vtuir Tl .c. l your little dainties of all sorts, these three weeks past .' Why . the cook of course !" "liv mi means. Winifred has her s"lf prepared exery mouthful she has brought voin she makes every loaf of bread and cake, every pudding and pie. that is e,. leu in this house." "Vim amaze tin- !" "Why .' I c cause the don't make a show ol her work .' liecause she en joys outdoor life after attending to her d. Hiiestie ihit ies '. She is not only od ridel and all that, but she is thoroughly ami pra-'t it-ally domestic." (iuy didn't say any inure then, but he did coiisid"i.'ib!e ii, inking. A week later he said to Winifred : "I have never yet ihaliked you for saving my life. Mis: Tremaiue--" "Please say mi more!" she cried, hastily. "Yhiit tl,.e could 1 have done '. " "And I am not going to (hank you until I know whether my rescued life is t. Ik-one of happiness or misery. Winifred. 1 love you dearly! Can you love me a little '. Can you eon conseitt to be my wife..' If not. if you give me no hope. I shall blame you for not letting in" drown that day. Just one word, darling!" "I I I don't like to be blamed." And (iuv didn't blame hi r. Cassius liarclav always calls his w ill "it'icii in i.iw ii niiai'ii s law "Winifred's Hot sain." and st s : "Hel.-n. your' sister's llotsam n allv . is a lit tie ton goodtn hae heeit left '.ts flHn f,. ,. tis.s-- Women. In one of his recent lectures i London. Dr. F.rasmus Wilson exhil iled the j,h,ph of a woman Us ....... . .1.1 1 : . .. ... .1 li . .. .....I..... veins old and tie feet tie inches high, whose tresses, when she stood creel, enveloped her entire form in a gold-u veil, itinl trailed several inches (u tin- ground. The longest fibres measured six feet three and one half inches. Thirty inches is the mean length for females, and three feet is t considered a very remarkable length.; This instance is exceeded, however. , hV two American women one whose is ;lii- measures seven feet six inches, ami another, the w ife of a druggist in Philadelphia, whose luxuriant cheve 1 ,s i,in(st us long, and so thick that wlnn seated upon a chair she .mn compli tily cover herself with it. FXIE3XDEHTT AlJO VISE - IliUicnck's Famous Order. The people of the South can never forget the (lying times that hef.-ll I them after the war win over. Thcv j "Military Districts." The people oil 1 1 North and South Carolina were es peciiilly unforttii.iile. for their luililaiy satrap was the infamous Sickles; l.ul the inhahitaiits of Louisiana and Teas were blessed in having ( iciieral lbilicoi'k in command of those States. Instead of oppressing those people he protected them, and they will ever . , . . . llolil 111 111 rralc ful rt lueinbiiincc. Jiou liiKing couuiiauil in iliose rilates (ieneriil Hancock issued the follow in oitler. which should endear hint to every lover of civil liberty: iii;Nj;U.U. OIlliKIt No. ID. IfKAPOt'AKTiatS ih'll Mil.l'I AI.V DlsT.. Nkw Oiu.r.Ass. la.. Nov. lSi;'. 1. In lu'cordalieo with genera! ol der No. SI. Headtuartei's of the Army. Adjutant (icneial's Ollice. Washimr in, J). ('.. August tilth. IMIT. M.iior (iellt lal W. S. HauciM-k hereby as suities commaiid of the Fifth Military District and of the Department com posed of the Stales of Louisiana and Texas. '1. The (iciieral commanding i.-. gratified to learn t hat peace ami tpiiet reigns in this Depart ittei.t. It will he his iiirpo.-c to preserve i his condition of things. As ;t means lo this gr at end he regards the maintenance of the civil authorities in the faithful excel! tion of the laws as (he most ellicici.t under existing circumstances. In war it is indispensable lo repel force by force, tunl mi rthrow and tie slroy opposition to lawful authority, lint w hen iusurrecl force ha been overthrown and peace establish ed, ami the civil autluu ities ale ready and willing to perform their duties. tin i i ,i ( i' , -i ., i. ,,. ,1 .. .. l.n III. ne ...,.., ........ I.. sume its natural and rightful domiit ion. Solemnly iiiipicss,ei wilh these iews. the (ieiit ral aiiiioiiin i s thai the great principles of American liberty are still the lawful iiilel iiinee of I lie peoj h and ever should be. 'Ihe right of trial by jury, the habeas cm pus, the liberty of tin- press, the free tlom of speech, (he natural lights of persons, and the rights of property must be preserved. Free institutions, while they are essential to (he prosperity and happi ness of the people, al w ays furnish the strongest iiiduccmcnis to peace and order. Crime and oll'eiises commit ted iii this district must be referred to the consideration and judgment of the rc.rulai-civil tribunals, and those i.;i..,'..i. ni 1... (. .I ;.. ii...;,. ful jmisdiclioii." ' .llil ... I. ..-.t.: . i .-. i iioiuii i. ii ic ue vi'. i, ni-nis oi e.;s ing laws which arc not 1 1 1 j 1 1 i r - I inl i by civil i.iagist rates, or should fail-.: res in llieadiuiiiistiiition of justice by the courts be complained of. the cases will be reported lo these hcadiplar tcrs. when such orders will be madi as mav be deemed necessary. While the (ictiiral thus indicates ,,is ...,,, , ,,.s,, , , , ,;,,, ,i( s . 1 . - the people, he wishes all lo under stand that armed insurrection or for cible resistance t the law will be in stantly suppressed by arms. liv ci iliiliialtil of Major ( iciiei id. Oliieial. W. S. IIvvock. The Colnreil Insane Asylum. The asylum for the colored insane now aht tut re.-ulv to receive pa- tients. and ill sujierititendent. Dr. took charge Monday. W. H. Moore. getting matters in order for the open ' mg ot the liistitutmu in the course of another week- (iol lsl-oit) Messcn (jer. rnESZDEIUT. Kuniaiit ic K'.'iiiiiiin. The New York lleiald piil.iish. s lite foil. iv, ing l'oinaiil ic and si ion il narrative : "Ha I u Ha l iioi'"e Th imtisoli licd 1111 1 If 1 1 1 II. '.. lie V.i.IlM iiteli ... i'. . .. . f I " ' i " i t'' ' r young man he made his escape ll'.nii i,,,,,,!';,,,,.. lie was l.oi n a slave and worked as only slaves were woiit to work, upon his masters plantation, in Ihe Slate of M;ir kind. I'.ef.u'e lit escaped Lis wile ami children vc)v sold to another person, and were tiaiisfeired further South. Thump son came to Newport, h'hn.le 1 land, where he found many fiicinls. Years rolled oil. and he liecl' heard il word 1'i'inn his nit'c ol' el iili Iron tiinl in x.'iin tj, w l.,.., ,, .. . . ,lit l. ketp uii a pioiitici.s corns polidelicc. At lellgi II. heliev ing her lead, he married n Newport woman, j by wIuhii he h-id st-vci'itl cbihlreii. Less 1 1 t;t 1 1 six years ago his Newport 'wife tli"d. and he was again alone in th" world. Tv, o years ago. by mere chain e he heard that his long' l ist wife was alive. He acquainted his fiii-uds here with the Vilcoliie int. -lb gence. il'ld il W.ts nol long- In fi i'e the cltii lis siihscribed il liberal purse, to be used by Thompsoii in liiiiieiiig his wife o Newport. lie was soon on his way to the Sunny S. .ul h.w here he found her from whom he had been separated tor i iv er t Itil t V Mars. The mee: ing hi I ween t he jc'ed couple i-itn better he imagined lliall deselib-il. lieieoii in the poor woman was -ooii dei hiolieil, the sho.'kllpoll llli'l ! ill;.' her being' too great for her alrtitily overtaxed nerves. As soon afterward as possible the aged couple took up their residence in New pin t. where they were cordially received by the husbands childieli and grand children. The children of wife No. 1 died in the South soon alter the cruel separation. Mr. has been failing ill health for some time, hut his friends had no idea thai he was so mar his cud. At his funeral today Mayor Slociim and several prominent citj , t its and their win s showed their re spec! for his memory by being pics i til and consoling I he ill iiicl.l etl wo man. who. through those long years, had remained true to her marriage vo.-.s. She will be kindly cared for. and v. iil hot In- allow etl to suffer. Her husband bad cared for her the same iis though she had been a mere baby, and his only regrets in living Were that lie was to leave lit !'. Some Obi Savings. The :ra-". Pulling' the call Li can boast of glen lil'st hi I II Ijllole.i b; I tiiei k writer, near o. Francis Uabclais fore tin- hois, a.'.t iieily. h:iv ii L'iciaii. the 'ii Iv I.TtUyea'sa Hie I re:-cli "I i n gam .ia .1 was j Hid wit. VV ill the l.laccl ! ,;l.!:-.hed l.l:,.c. "lie y i ;ir I .Yi.'i. I, a-, i n I he can i.c;e I n f del iva'.i .' ..f il c nteaiiiiig; is v t ry to I hose w ho bei the wrong t nl. pick with von." I- l!.. slti.l." No I .c given, but I he '.ions, iiinl refers to do it I lung' ill I lane a bone In a phrase that is Ulicoiiiphmelitary to the ladies at starting. It means, as is well known. having an unpleasant matt, r to settle i.i' : j i i- . i Wl'h von. and this is (he oiigin ol the I'lira-.c: At t he man i.tge bampicts of th" Sici'iH.ui poor the bride's father, n'ter t'he meal, used to hand the bl i. leg room u hone, saying. "Pick this bone, for you have taken in hand a harder t isk." The well known saving (hat a shoe maker should stick to his last oi igi n.'lled With Appelles. th" celebrated (ireek painter, xv ho set a pic! nre which he had linishi-d m a public placn and concealed himself behind it. in order to Lear the criticisms of parsers by. A shoemaker observed a 'defect in the same, and Hie painter j forthwith torrccUd it. The cobbler eaine ajiaiii the next day. and. en ciiura;'ed hy the Silccess of his lil'st remark, heali to e .ti lid his ceiiMlle to the le;; of the piciiilc. when the aii'iv painter thrust out his head front liehilld tlie picltlle and told the shoeluaker to keep to his trade. "There's a Lfood time comiii";. hoys, a -rood til. ie eoiiiiio';.' was written .'!d Mais afo y Jlr. Charles Mtickay. and sun"' with popularity hy Henry Ihisselliii hiscttuct i l sthi oiioh out i he lii i.slalids. (ioilljj the whole ho.Lf." Tli t ' phrase o! i:'ii.::teil in Jrel and. where a shilling has het-n called "a li.i ' time out of iiiiiul. In Ireland, if it fellow ha. in ns to haM' ! shillili''. when he met his ti if nds he would announce the tact llial lie woulii staml treat, t veil if t hi' evpeuse reached t he w hole amount in plain words, that he Would ;: the whole llo" to :'l'at ify them. - J Troy Times. Onus in India. The Mahratta mode of I vci. crin del t s is cm i.iliS. W hen the credilor .cannot eel his inoiiev. and lie.rins to see the del-t is rather desperate, he sits dhiiriia ' upon his delitoi --that is. he s. pints down at tin- door of the tent, and liecoiues in ti certain mvste lions ilc.'iee the master of it. No oia- ;.'oes in 01 out without his appro hatioii. He iieit her t ais himself inr sutlers his ilehtiirs to cat ; and this faiiiishiii;!' contest is carried on until the de'ii! is paid, or the creditor lie 'ins to feet ihat want of food is it greaii r )iiiiiishm."i.t than the want nt money. This cuiiot.s mode of en foil ing a th maisl is in universal pric lice among the Mahiattas. Scindiah hi.iiielf. Ihe chiefum, not heing e , cmpt IV. iu it. The man who sils the liiu.i n.i' "in s to t'n- h Mise or tent of him whom he wishes to In ing' to terms and remains then- till the affair is settled, during which lime theonel uiider restraint is confined to his apartment, an I tint sulVered to coin lino ic.tle wilh any persons hut those whom the other may approve of. The laws hy which the ilhurii:-. is legula ted are it i well delilied and uluh-r stood lis iliose of any ot her custoin whatever. W hen it is meant to he ; very strict, the claimant carries a number of his followers, who sur round tin- teiit. sometimes even the bed of his adversary, and deprive him altogether of loud: in which case, however. i ti.Uetle prescribes the same abstinence to himself. The stroii'est stomach of course carries the day. A custom of this kind was once so pic a!cut in the province mid city of lieiiares. that I 'lit I ilttitts were trained to remain a time without f I. Tiny wen- then stul lo du ll, or i f some i ii'h individual, vvhei-" I In-y made a vow to remain without eating till thcv should obtain a eel tain sum of IU V. To preserve the life of a I'lahiiiin is so absolutely adutv that the money was generally paid. but never till ii good struggle hail taken place to ascertain whether the man v. as r-tauiich or not. i'. ir inoiiev is the life and soul of all Hindoos. A (b-ntleinaii. The Ih st mill I; of a gen: pl't p -r re '.aid fol' the feclim man is of nth el s. ami a man s ovv ii good bi eeiling is the hi .si secuilty against other pen pic s ill manners, (ioml breeding is tin- result of lllllcll good sense, some good nature, and a little self denial for the cake of others. (lent lily is neither in birth, wealth, manner nor fashion, hut in the iiiiiul. A high sense of honor, a dctcrmina t ion ii. vei lo lake a mean advantage of another, an a. I lu i t nee to the tru 1 1 1. di licacy and pi 'lilcness tow arils (In isc vvi(!t whom we have dealings, are the esst n'.ia! claila leiislics of a gentle man. The Sin o (iod remained f. .r Uni ty three Mars amongst us thai he might buil. I up in himself, and in his pe fed specimen of the true man. a model that every man should form himself on until the end of time: standing before us as the great migiiiiil. the grain! man, tin man, who. in his own life, showed of how much grandiit ss iind sanctity a man was capable. ( iod created man in his ow it image and likeness. The likeness is pi iiicipally in the soul of man. and the only standard by which il gentleman can be judged is the di v hie stali-lard. I icing pi sir is ii..- of itself a dis qualification lor being a gentleman. To be a gentleman is lo lie elevated above others in sentiment rat her than sit iial ion. and I he o. n-iit-ia w ilh an iiilai'gi .l. piii-c. christi inied iiiinti may be happier, too. than his rich neighbor. Let the former only look tit i.alui" with .-in enlightened mind licit can see ami a lmv the t r. atnr in It's works, can coiisiiier tin m as tie lunii.,! rat miis of His power. His wis il"i:i. I lis goodiies-. and His truth, and this man is greater in his pm city and happier Jam the other 111 his riches. The one is but little higher than the bt i.-ts. the other but little lower than Ihe angels. Mobile News. )l nrder. There was a murder cniiuuittcd on Liiile Livtr. in the upper part of L'ichinond county, nne tlav lust week, Vance Little, colored, was struck in 1h" biea.;t with a hoe by another man and killed. The muidcicr, whose name was Tom Alfred, was arrested rind lodged in jail. -Sjiii it of the S.mlh j STATE NEWS. Tutllis'lM' HoilOITll. The decree of 1,L. I.)., has lieen confei red In the Koclicstcr I iiier sity of New York upon A. W. Tour Kirli ( nlle-c. Diivi.ison College, N. ('.. lias now availiJile assits amounting to iVKI. and real estate worth lnd.OIKI. Its delit is Sl.Hl-J. havin;,' been this year decreased .11 2. Franklin County Wheat Crop. (lie of the lies! farmers in tuu county told us one dav this week that tin- wheat crop this year was larger tlian any crop m (lie county since the Will'. The prospects for a splendid coin crop nrc also very Hat lenity. - Loui. li;ii " Times. Lamp i;dnsiou. A fc.v niiditsav'o. while Mr. Sellars, of hislow county, as sleeping with it lighted ktlniiit the head of his lied, the laini exploded, and Mr. Sellars was liadly lnii'iied on his hand while trying to c.vtiiij'uish the (lames caused hy the ci)osioii. Mr. Sellars says the lamp w it 1; laid lieen "spitting tire" for si 1 "nil lii"hls. caused pi ninthly y an i 1 1 ! i l ii .r iiialit of oil. Xcwlicru Nut Shil'. St iir It Fannin::. Stock farming pays well in Meck lenliiirg: at least Capl. S. Ji. Alt-Minder is niakiii.'' it lmv wt-11. This year he has lieen overrun wilh orders for sheeji. horses and cattle. He law .cn -..ecial!y successful in raising the lirst nautc'l. and linds a great de maud for the superior I iree.1 -i. He had over 10 oideis for lamhs which he w as niiahle t i I'll, and almost all etjicilly large demand fir I lo ..led cattle.'- - Chariot )hserver. Stitlilcii Deaths. Th- ( (range county correspondent of the Ualeigh News, writing from Hillslioro, Sitys there litis been much sickness and :.cvi ral sudden deaths in that section, among them Joseph AV. MeKee. of Little I liver township. He died a few days ago with apoplexy, .Mr. Meixee was out-of the late census enumerators ; was a useful man in his neighborhood, and a man of educti tion and a good citizen. He was teaching school at the time of his death, ami died in the school house, near his hoiiic - Itnigileii as an liwleieii(eii(. The ( ioldslioro Messenger says that x (Joy. lirogileit is working un unite a Congressional boom in that section. Leading liepublicans from all parts of the ilistiict an- urging him to run as an independent candidate for Con gress, -and we learn.' says the Mess eiigii. "that the (inventor has the subject under advisement. They claim that .Mr. Hubbs was nol fairly liouiiiiated. and they will not support him. The In ling in the county is so intense that (iov. lirogileit would doubtless carry Ihe almost solid Re publican vole, and we hear that in the counties of (ircelie, Wilson. Lei loir and Northampton the dissatisfaction with Mr. Hubbs is . ry great. The frit-mis of the ( loveriior claim (hat hi: would poll N.Oilll colored voles ill the district, ami they hope for enough democratic s ppm t to elect him." Inhuman Motliei. On M011, lay List the attention of Deputy Shi kill' liv id was attracted by the screams of a child proceeding from a house on factory row. near the jail, and hastening to the house he found that the child was being cm illy and unmercifully dealt with. He iiiii in and discovered a small colored girl, about six years old. lied up to tne rafters hy u rope, and near her stood Ihe cruel loot her. with a strip of poplar about half an inch thick and about four feet long, w ith which she was adniiiiisl, 1 iug a severe and barbarous whaling 011 the naked, ten der person of the child. Seeing the. little one was nearly exhausted, he forced t'.e woman to dsist. ami cut the rope by which the girl was sils pen. led ami released her. Hut for the timely interference of Mr. liyrd. the inhuman wretch would in all probability have beaten her to death. Fitv eltev illc 1 '.-timer. Rapt izing Comm'cIs. From a gentleman vv ho was present we learn of a singular ncene at the penitentiary a Sunday or two since. There an- two "churches," sn lo speak, among I he conv it-Is. and ses eral had I11111 coiiM-rled lo the I '.up tist faith, and were to be baptized. The place chosen was the immense, excavation within the stockade, from xx, s,())) for the walls ami building had bet 11 taken. The Vockv sides of this great cavity rise to a height of more than :i hundred feet, .111. 1 present :k wild appearance. At the bottom is a pool of water as cical as crystal. In t he aflenioon the sides of the quarry were lined with con viets. Above them were the guards, posted as sentinels, whilti deep dowu around the limpid water were tb converts ii-.vaiiing baptism. The cere ninny began amid a must impressive silence. The words of the minister, the responses of the convict conveits, Honied to the upper air with h strange, softness, mid amid a slilluess us of death. No more strangely impress, iv' ' singular scene was ever wit nessed Observer. I I' ! r.- ir'! iMi.' ft k ?ig m Si isi- A. Mi. k ' -. r t

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