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North Carolina Newspapers

The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, October 18, 1888, Image 1

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She Ijatljom Uccotii ftkttam 11. .A. LOMH., EMTOH AND PKUPlillglToK. HAT US ADVERTISING TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, (Mir SqllnrC, one insert lull dm' square, two i Tint rt imis One square, one month - fl.00 l.iSO '.'.St ONE EOLL&K PER Mi Strictly inAdvancs. VOL. XL ITlTSllOIIO CHATHAM CO., X. C, OCTOHKIi I, isss. SO. 7. For larger mlvrrti-crimmts IiIhthI con traols will lie iii:i1 . II ini' Itoiiu l. Tl.esu , -1 1 1 -. down: the tin- tops show A lei lor, lin giving utter glow, N faint ! oiiiml - R'lVO si-Spy W Illl' "I W'.'irV V 1 1 1 -'t An 1 s'lvpy s nig lni'dling sine;s Tint's lioinewur.1 bound! Th"shud iv ct'c'j ii'i-r inoaibe.v bind And o'er th- f-!-! nil I river Mil ls An I 10. 'k v gronn I; O'er fr sh 1 .!.. I li-. I.Is n:i.l barren pint 3 A lid ''! til 1 1 IV I plow-boys fllt'O Tlml s li .in bound! A fihvr v.n w ,rl, faint nn I fair, Has m'iiI 11 c, 11 t I limn -.h tin- air An 1 nil .ml 111 1 111 (!... .'...-t'lll light, 'J h it grlo. :!i- il i who, nt night, - li n;ii w .if. I I. .un. I. Tap .link ttmt wi-.i;.tlt and sia Urines ib-cums of sweetest rest to inn An l joy .r if.'Uii I; Kit 11- tli day- ! ! li p-.s in" by Thoy tiring m ' " " nor Heaven - f ir I Am li' in w irl Itiuin I! Home tuin not f ir IT, it ni'iy 'J'luTf'll . I iwn tin. il tys ,.f ilny for lilt-; Then n't r tlic urmriil 'Flint hi. If mi' r.'ii 11 simple stono With just the-e iil'Io w.u'.ls nloiio - .lint "II on. 01 nd I". nul l"' - Ilv.i r.e-t.iu IV.-.. 1'ivsi MR, BRENT'S BOARDER. "Why arc you so con', to mo, Mi Hester?' "1 a:u not cool to yen, Mr. Kings bury." "Yes you nro; you don't like iro, ci yo 1 don't like my being here; 1 can't quite m ike on: which it i." Along pause ensue I, while Hosier I aocd over tin! g itu swinging Inr straw li it, h-r nt night br.w . c m r :n ' d i:it ) a sli Jit I'lcui. '1'ho plain print 1 1 : . i-h wort' tli I nut disguise tho Ij'ipoliiiin of 1 ti ;ur , nod her clearly tut featuies mil -oft .1 eye hnl 1'iovjil a Muro of rt lit lasi i iat 10:1 for ,1 t k K 11 lt -!i -y. It w.h a lurky chance leil linn to n:i-w-T an nlv-r-tMt'mcnt for Minuiifr I for a -iile Ufiitli'tnai. Hi.' ffiiol tho inrincr a .ijil naturo l, j" 'y fellow, in I hi ttifo a snoot-fam l, la ly-!ike womiiii, win tro ttu'l hin: in a son; hut their 'taught t w.u an c niiri. ,1 .c knew hltlo aliotil fanner l.oi;hleiN, ami w.u iiiito uaprcpari"! lor tho iutelli ;ent.'e ii'l ijiii 't ilinaity of the yirl wlumi he InJ exptcleil to li .il a stripping, rcl f'lceJ Iihs who w ni l 1 ;ijtt him to i h-ilT with her ai.'l pay her Lro: il rum p.lnu'iitH. Hotter iit iii.iliy iivoi'leil him; I lit .lack llll'l hi II '.! of cotirelt, m il rjisone'l tlmt a!ie likul hii att-n-ti:n well e ioii'h; -In) wm a little shy, pci haps, but wouUl wear olT in time. "The horso 14 comiao; out of tho lnrii, Mr. Kingsbury; you will h- late. !ur your tiianer if you th) not start." "I'll rt thero ia goo l time," saul .1 o k, loo'iiii! at hit watch : "you have n't .'in.W-Te l my ipie-tio;i yet." ' Wel ," gni.l 1 1 itur, turning ns she poke, "if you mint Know, I tli I not approvj of fith r'a ilea of lalii ipj a l oinlcr. I tin not like it." Mie spok fortilily, ami without wailing for a ro ply walkeil oil to the huu-u jmt in t!iu I'M ay c.imo t oil iJ. .t ick, feelia vory much k if some 0110 hul hit him in tho far , ju:npcil fiti the Wilson ami ilrovo clT 111' lou-tly, V'jntin hi own I n 1 temper on the h ro with sharp cuts of t i 1 w.iip. Mo lull none to tli 10 with a party of yuuii fellow nt tin Pri lilt) ho 110 niul lliitor foiin 1 ht rc'.f woiuh rin when he wolil'l conn) hack; the hou-e Was so li!la:nl lonely when ho wis out; she knew she hail been null ju-t hforo lu loft, I tit then ho w.u so couci itel. Well, slit) wouM try to utono for it when ho canio homo. Supper time panned, I'lit ho ha'l not coai.', si Hitter wont out for a w ilk'a'.on tho 10a I, whi o tho i'ttiii sun 11 joJo.I tho li 'I I with a I'orgoou crim o 1 liht. SI10 wa'.ko-l a long timo beforotho soutI of approach ing wheoU male h;r !! 11,1 anl alio b.iw Jack Ki iijsbiiry comi i.; al on n in th bu y. Hj 'lrow up at tho si.lo of tho roatl. "Will you jjt-'t in Miss Ibtstor nnl il rivo homo with mc.'" Hostor no lihil nsit nl anil sprang in. At a branch J. t' i turno l tho hoMo. "We aro on tin wroni Mr. Kingsbury, " sni'l Hester. "1 know it," returned .1 ick. "lint it is growing Into nu l I must ;et home." Jtckmii'lo no reply, b'lt tlrovo 011 rapi Uy. Ilestor laiil h"r hind on tho r im: ' It ii'.ly, Mr Kiubury," she sai'l, "I wiiU to n'lhome.'' In an instant slio tell tin .Tin about lier. Not before you have -;iv:i 1110 a ki'sto ntono for your cruelty Unlay," .aid Jack cxcited y. As aha turned to look nt him Ilestor noticed for tho first timo thai his fnc was flushed and hii breath heavy with wino.'S!io puihod horsoif away from him and aaid with a forced laugh, "You arc joking, Mr. Kingsbury, and you know I do not like j iUcs." "It is no joko " nhouseJ .lack fiorco ly, "I wi:l kis you." 'There you have knocked my hat off--go a'ter iter it wi I bo lost in the d irk; I will hi 11 th" horso." M.ittoriig oir.cthi g under his If "ill, Jick jumped oat and wslkoJ to wh'-rj tin hit lay. As In picked it tiji ho hoard llio snnp of a whip, nail loiking forwarl saw tho bu;'y vanishing i i the tlntanre. His wrathful c xpiesi.ins are best left u irecord il. It was a gool ihr. 0 mile to tho farm, til ling :icroi liild, an l tho fresh mouiitaii soon t ioled .l ick's oxeitem -nt. 1! fora ho had gono two m: i h ! ilktl liimst'lf a fool nnd an i Hot ai l hi admiration for the girl's hi,'h hari le 1 way of ridding lur self of bi n ;;r w with tv.ry step homo waul. "Ily .love," ho xolaitneil nlou l, ".-he's worth 11 tlo. 01 city gjrl! What u fool I w is to in u t her; sho never lorgivj it. 1 know her well enough for that,'' ami ho wnlkcd oa ngaia I 11:1. "1 i 1 th .11 ;ht. II ' found the door of tho farm hiu;ii open, n'.ti after laying her hat cuoluliy on tho hull table, went straight to hi room, threw olT hi coat, and lighted a cigar. Tliero w is a knock at tho door. "Mr. Kingsbury!'1 "Conn ii!' shouted .lick. "You ain't seen II st -r anywhere; on lli.'io id, M -. Kin jiburyf ' queried tho farmer, s'eppm into tho room. "lli-n'i . he r 'turiictl yet ! ' cried .lack i i a-t uu-lim -nt. "No, and tho old'i a bit ner-V..U-; Iml 1 tell her I reckon II :st:r's topped ia lo sc.- a friend, an 1 liiiC as not slio's forgot the tini ', thou ;h t'aiu't like li ster to do it." ' 'Sit j shou 'l h ive been hero long ugn, Mr. I'.rent," sai 1 .1 tc'i, springing up and throwing oa hi coat n;ain. "I fear s 111 tliia:; has h tpp 'n"d to hor. I mot M1.1 II -st-r near itr mk farm on my way home, an l- well - t -the s,il -ho wou'ii diivo h 'in , anl I walked atrots I the !H'I:, so ymi see sh; ought to havu I been hull" lir-t." I'.iiiii r I! ' it's W" ither beat 'n faro had a 11' e I, appieh nsiv; look in ho followed .1 n k down tin :ai:s. "Wait a bit - w. I get laiterns!' ho shouted, as .1 ick opened the front tloor. ISnt ,1 ick was airoudy out in tho road, tearing alotig by the light of tho moon, fur ahead ot tin f trtn r a i l s una o! the farm h:indj, who followol with lan terns. Hi li- wont, linking car . du ly al'teit hint, 11 itil ho cam1' I 1 the loot of a st ep, rougli hill. Ily tho moon's light he roii. I di.t iuguidi 1 lar ; , dark otij it lyin g 111 tho mi I lie of th ) roa I ; th" buggy hid c i.HO ti gri 'f. .lil t then Irom a clump of trees cioso by cimo tho wlumy of a hone. .lack sprang ti tho sp i' fr nu which tho si'ini't caioe, ami at the loot ! a tree, wi'h th" li 'i striding clio bosi do her,, lay II -ter. St n)'.l:ig, ho rais.'d her 1 1 bit ai 11 in I spoke to her, '. ut no sound p t-s j I I n lipi th it w T 1 as wiiit ) in her tire. II was a p.'verlu! young fellow, and, lifting h;r eai:y in hii arms, set o it for tin farm jmi a l'.ir 111 t 1 S -on t cam ) u;. "Sli; h is b 'en stunnil," stil.Iiek; "I'll carry li'T I10111 ; but 1 foar your w-igon is sin i ho I, Mr. I! out, though tho horse n s'ife. Tli y inn t havo como to t-rief on tlo.' hid." V I1.1t tint w Hi hoiu) w.u to him, .Ink Kii-sbiiiy iiio'T lo'.d; but it se 111 "d as il year passed b.'foro he laitl Ins li'cless bur 1 in 11:1 tiio h ir I hors! liair sofa in tho -itting loom. "Fool that I am!' ho iimltere I t himself, ii detpiir. "Oh, Hostor! Ib'.ster! I loved you aid I ii avo killed you," nnd ho pioe.l hi lip passion ately agniust her white forehead. Ho thought .-lu stirred in hi arms onco, hot he could not bo sui ", nil Mrs. I'.'ent was startled by hi hi;garlfaco when h: bn.u hi her in. Hi helped to administer rostor 1! ive until therj wa a faint sign of retu aiug cou-cioiittioss; : lion he went out and threw himself in a hammock on tho veranda, only lo start up every few mi nit; for now of her. At two o'clock .Mrs. H eat stoppjd out on tho veraad . "You mint go to li'tl now, Mr. Kingsbury," sho said, "lleder resting tpiiljoisy now, and tho .lit lor say there's nothing s. riom beyond th 1 great hrtii! on h-r ho 1 I. Thank you kindly, sir, for carrying tin chil I lmm '. I fear it's been too niiit'h fur you, you look so white." " me!" exe'.anol .1 ick, with a harsh laugh, "you vo liitlo to th ink mo for, Mtb. l!,..Mit. I'll go to bed. il thorn 11 mulling 1 c in do for Mm II ster or y .11?" it wa Into when ho nwoko next day, and hi hurried through hit toilet to get news of tlniuvalil. Sil wi. littler, le r motliT sii I, thou ;h th) pain in her h vid wa still so lad lint she would slay in bod until evo ling. .lack spent 11 solitary day. II) took a long walk and did a grca' deal of thinking; tho undi t of it was tint ho went to hi room and packed up .VI hi I longing; th m h i ca no down alter supper with a small bag in his hand looking for Farmer llroat. Tin farmer and all hi hand wcro out in tho Hold bringing in tho last load of h ly, and hi wife w is putting awiy the ton thing. In a hammock oa tho veranda lay Hester, looking vory pal a Jack su I denly cimo round tho corner of tho hous". "Why, Misj H.sttr, what havo they tlone to your lfi.utifnl hiir?' niol J it k forgetting everything ia hi - tonishnvnt a ho caught sight of tho ' crop of short golden brown curls which covered her small hei I. ; "Oil, th"y ,Mt it ,,T 1 ,'. night," sail Ulster, scire. y rai ii; llu long, dark lashes which hi I her li :1 eye as tho color crept slowly hit li r check. "Mis- 11 '-ter,' said .1 rk n-nin, hi tlcep voice tieiiiii'i 1, "1 di I not in tend lo annoy y n again, I til I forgot for a minute, coming 0:1 you sotiu x- pecle Ily. N don't : p ,," n sho oponc'l hei lip to reply. "I know all you would say to me; tut yo.i c iiinol say anything hilf as ba 1 as what I havo said aid thought of myself. Y'Steidny I went olT vexed with you and in a li-a l!y temper, then 1 driyk loo n ioh champagne nt dinner, and when I met . you I acted 'ik- we I, I havei't word . strong enough to express my contempt , for my own uctinn ia the wayon, and 1 you served mo quit's right. I admired 1 your p'uek in getting lid of j 1110. Thank Co I ! y. 11 wrro not kibod, ns I f are i when I 1 picked you up. 1 thought you were I dead, and through my laul'. (.! Hester, you will never know how 1 lo t then. And now the least I tan do in return for all your kindness is to re- 1 lievj you of my presence. 1 t-ime down to ask your ft'.her to lend m a v hie 0 to take me over to the 1'iolie tonight. I I'll send (or my nth -r thin ; tuuorrow. I see hi ll coming over tho lidds now; but before I go co lid von bring vour- ! sell to .say j i-t once, 'J it k, 1 loig:vo you?' You will never se i mi agiin, though, (i l know-! I leave all my happiness ii leaving you." II 1 held out hi h 111 1 a id sh 1 u' hers into it. ".I ick," sh s.i-l, in a I w, unsteady voice, "1 forg.V' y "i,'' and a great tear tlropi'ed on hii bimvi h I'l l. "Il-st'i ! ' In n ling ov.t her, ''are you ,' li il no, you c m'l be s Try 1 : 111 going; it i b ciu.f yon aro '. stronc, nnd I htvj tired you." lie dropped 011 nro kneo b si lo i'j hammock, so that hii f io . i a level with hers, and !. : . 1 long lashes weio wet. " Yon would not ( lire I stay, II -t r, would yo'i? realy 1 1 -1 i iv t an I do pi-o 111 tint her hive me Don't y u alter nil 1" Sue si ...k her h-otd. ' II it, II -ter, it cri'l b. ; you fee! -orry for me, peril ap, but il 1 lay it 11111 t be forever. I mil I 1: v. r luaie 10, '-elf up to anol her p 11 1 1 1 " Sh turn" ! h"i l! i. h ol laeo from bis earnest gi'. , but very suit and low ho caught tho wor Is, "Stay, Jack.'' K,mch. Tln Structure of I lie .lell v-llsli. The iictive .I4ly-li h ii as lilTerent from a I tho members of the by Iroid coiony a 11 1 .11 1 1 1-: tl . i from a caterpil lar. When fully .grown it is vastly larger th in 11 l.y li.i, an l it hn a wi 11 developed swimming .' in, which i under the control ol a nervous sysltiii, which again i broiighl into relation w ith tho external world by incms of special sensi.. organs. Il is a gelatineu bell, Irom tho inner surface of which the pendent stomach hangs down like the b ll-clappi r, wiulo tho Ion ;r, grace In!, thren l-liko lentnele are attached nt regular interval aroim I tin oponing of th bell. The locomotor muscles arc so distributed over tho inner surface of tho bell thai their cotitm-ti on squirts out the water in a j t which p ope'. tho an imal in the oppo.ite direction; they nro then icoixed, and tho elastitity of the gelatinous sub'tanee of the wall of the bell causes it to expand nnd lo draw in nnother su j'piy of wat r, which i dis charged by tin next 111111 ular pulsation. Tim tentacle nro so ila tie and hair liko that they nro hil l by the resistance of the r, ami 11 re drawn out behind the a'.inial into li le glassy thread which are thrown into 'graceful undu lations nt tech pulsation a il :w ims through the water, and, when il comes to rest and -ink slowly towards the bot tom, tiny form a web or net which i almost invnible, but far in ro danger ous th in any sj i d.-r web, for ev.'iy thread i covered with lb" (erriblo poison-darts. - I'lpu'r Science Monthly. Arabian Table lltiijtictte. Tim citing operation i per for mid by tho Arab in thi wii 1'ive of them sent themselves mound a largo bowl of rice surmounted by a skinny fowl, all being curried. Two sei.! tho wing with their lingers and two the; and simultaneously tearing tho-e "IT, havo tin carcass to the fifth, afterward tak ing out tho ticu by handful and dex terously conveyino it to tho mouth with a peculiar j ok. One mirk of hospi tality shown to git""! when at tnblo consi'ts in tho ihiel's lolling up sumo rice into a bdl in tho pilm of hit hand and aiming it at bit guesti' wid Iv dis tended jaw. Oi one occasion I his piece of civility was shown to myself, mil not bei 1 an adept nt tho nit of swallowing rici ba ll whei so pro jected, thoi lTct w .s nnythi-g but what my kind untert 'iiner I, for inde pendent of nearly choked, tho craiu w re ; cattered. tr r it Ii r spliit tere I, over th' I !! ii a in inner ihit ciii ite I ro il s o. 1 11 hi 1 even fio'iitho (grave Artbi. T n, o c oi;-.e, wa tho lit 1 xoe iiuo .1 oi tile kin I tried upon v Kii.i .MN. It In II 111 MH'. Aq r bui io i.i, i.en t . -'!..-'i. And wi.s no to all - "t lii-cix 1 licit '.1. tiln'ii np-i I-.l ovii, V. 11I. I pa-.s f-.r th luine '. t;.. wli oi i sk. I liis nee l.y n g I o!il ilatlie, Tt.i' e. oi ne 1 1 y ungsier sm.. ' I'm 'i when I st in. I on my le"' like this. I'.nt ti w le n I -1 o .I mi tt v li. ii.l :" I ll.11 1 . i's Y. niig I'eepl.'. III. till I tUrtni.r. Siinetimis .1 grii" lo-es nil her looo I but no', ai d, on one such occa-sio- , tho 111 "tur's iitlioi were 11. nth like tho c re. ii. I ot lb- (huik-w i.l' s widow. A! th' aip'iiane) of the gun ner she th: w h r-elf at hi feet a uui1, mil lor 1 mom 'nt even in 1 a I h r ait and wile.; but tli- little one, j not tl iring to I -a voh r, rnder"l lii 'iu li e! ess. S eing tl.i-, slu besiialed a inimit'iil, th"ii n'iu 1 ; th.- rhicli by it j down leat'i'Tt with her I ill and ii-in-, i sic II iv awiy with H. Sli" disappear -.i in a ll o k t, I -aving ill" gn hot wii l 'r- I ii'g I li r ing-iiiiiiy. The hunter who 1 o'.e I tills w is Wilson, I!,.' 1 .1 in . 11 . A le 11. in it! 1 li.'li. gi-t . an I h" say: "li would have i'-rn imp" t-i V.o lor m- j 1 hav- kill -d Inn uiT -c moth-T. ; w h h id 1 xhi i: "I'll ha 1 1 x laiple o! pie em e ol 11. in I. le 1 o t : 11 I s un I I Hid gill -lit lis 11 u ! hive e Vlicid the j most bigote I a M at -Iiiit''. ,M. Su I a.l . n 1 1. 1 , I, ol lii'l iu I, a I 01: fjn.lS.1 .s..- . .I ol) one ol ill -in, 1 c r 1:1 with all th all eli This h 11 p 'lied -" i...:im . on th iv t i"i.t j e rgle :.,1 .jite I two, th on a '1 li 1I1 he i ' ; llio lilt!.' go, ling n ol a lea mother. 1 ti hj ago. Tli" 11 i'h-d, ninled it- g"..i ig ::r'tv 11 , ll self, nvi li 1 :il I v in 1 t py :gr indin t ' i -c o 1; -l'ng'. N w th 1 In r o il c ires. .-sli" t le e I'le t h" bap III., e olii' r little eagle 10-11 lie all ii t Veil III t ! u-v in I anxioin ov r tin, brim I than she w .is over th or mother. She'-eg lliein to sh re h .- fool, tli-y shell r un ler he wings a ternately w it b t hi ir own nu ll. ei; i'; l, i i let'l, lliey spend more lun i:i I ho 1.1 I,' cigo I ban roaming li'tct with their ow 1 p irent. Tli" goose and gos.iiig hav : Ir.'U access to the ad '; and when tin y :;re with her sha isalw iy. very iiiucli c ited i: strangers ip reich" I in h r d si.-o to pr 't cl lliein. Th eagl i's in ..-er, Mr. Pike (in whose lovely grounds sli-. his livtl for lifleju year,), is tli: oily per-on sho illows in h-rcige. II' may car's her and rub her legs, wlnl; sli! l! it tor willi plensiire; and sin s-ein quilo hnopy exce) t wii in tr. il''!".! w ith lean 'ileoit her totter gran icbildre 1. I'ic nyune. fel'lllt ilull llli' HI tt)'. It wis the lii-l day i.i v c it ion, yet l' tty was very lini y b r It- In. I found -oil!'! : rv ieil le- - ,ilay babi".. She had I een out ill the t ill com that 111 r.iing with grnn Inv, and they lud coine upon some tiry rr en pumpkins, nnd giaedina had to d her that sin u-ed to ilrcs thorn u;i in iin'.e pinafor a and piny I lit- til f, I tli'lie when she was a lit tlo girl. So that afternoon r. :iyliad a wholo row of them set u; on the I ii;, ll it rock at th ! e Ige 1 f tin- wo 1 1 w ii ioslie had p aved ",e.'p hoine" nil -unini T. 'I hero 1 w ,s So. -,b .l inn nnd Ann M tri:i nnd Tabittra, beside a Polly and I '.it 1 y and :il h 1 inc. (irnudma named lln in. ('oii in Tim cune tv r to pay with I ; Ily, and ho brought Si il l along. Scud was n goat. N w Sen I was always hungry, which was not ti lu wondeied at, Icing a goat, l ii! In have him in a family of bnbi ., t'i'cii.i ly wii 11 the babies woro as toothsome a were II -t!y was some thing of a trial. II' would ktop nibbling them whenever lt.lty'. or Tim's eye was not upon him. I'll st, li Inl a pi co out of Sir.nh Jane, then i.ipp'd Ann Miria, and liually (Oawod the grei-ii all olT one side of Patty. Then I! tty ignt a string and I if I Send lo a lush, and In bleated so Ion Ily that I! 'tty ami Tim ran down to tho orchard to gel him some sweet apple. They were not long nwnv, they thou ;ht, hut when they ca ne buck Send was gone, an 1 there was nothing bit oil the rock hit six Illl le pinafore and a few pumpkin seeds.-Youth's ( 'ompniii'.vi. Wonders of .'lotb rn Invention. There i an establishment in Philadel phia where some ol Ihe womhr of mo lorn invrntion aro iilu trated by a coin bi'i at ion f patents. A person miy I ill, 1 1I0 tin gniphopbine, and while ho is sitting in I rout of tho instrument, sec tbe n; er itor Iran ciibo his words from the gr ipli 'i h 'i i' to tho keyboard of n typ' stltin; innchi-e, (n 111 tho en t img-tn x "f which an autinn ilii- ar rangement ca: ri tho typo lo a mall pr inl big press, w'lete thn impression i ut once st ruck i ll. I.ltf mil Construe (inn. Irate father ( n vming li nks) S, o her-, young mm, tli lu t I till you iv vor to enter my gate a ; nin f Y. ling I'.iiiks Ye-, sir, and I didn't; 1 cum over the feuce. Ju Ige. IIORSli WI1ISIMLRMRS. " iihfir Mystorioiis Ascendancy : Over Vicious Lqiiines. Tho Woiidoifiil Achievcnionts of Con Sullivan of Cork. ll it commonly beli vd, sny the I Fanning Wor d, that ih-ro are u- i iloiiut'lly ii.y-;;iinu i ll loncs by I whith an iinm liato n-c n l.mcy is. gaine I over the hor-o in b p ii lent id the process of teaching or prompting of 1 IT ttion. Tiar - was linni-riy living 1:1 th: c 01 aty "I ( oi k, Ireland, a fan.i y wii 1 1 11 1 I 1 '.ami to th : po. se.biti of a cen t by whi li tli - wi!d :.-t i r ill i-t vi rion ho se c. u d bo lamed. Tins if crel is sai I 1 1 hive b'en original ly im paitol by a I'.ih-mian , vp y to the then h".'. I "! fanicy, 0 ei.tii-y nn 1 a ha f ago, an I to Inve been regularly traisniitt i, as n parting leg. 1 y at th" time ol death, Irotn th- lather to the fd-tson. th Te m y be il the loii'ity ol Cork a scion ol ih; fami'y slili practicing, willini'ieor ies sin-ces-,thoait ol "hor-e wliis;.t'iing," but it i nn indispt liable fat ! th it at tho com me ic m !:it ol the pi 'nt c i.t.i y the f line o! C 11 Su, th ' then h a 1 of th' fin, ily, for nil-..cui"U nir of vic ious horses, Inl spieal far and wile thron ghoilt Inl m I. Ameigtho liny v, d-ntte t d . c 1 11 it. of tin w 'ii 1-rfn at l.ievemeiits el C11 Su l.v 1 1, "'I be Wei -c r :, " tin -ia vi" , w hie 1 In 1 00 . I. red t 1 Colon I W ; 1 nin. w ii nfli-r-w iid sti -, co 1-d I "li till" o: K ..;n we e tin talk ' tho w li le c uni'V. Th" col im l b 1 I a pi.' ;di I r.u- horse call d K n li'.nv, and ll w is irix: nt to 111 1 him tl tin ;.i nn 'In Cur igh of Kil lare, bo In- w is so vn 1 an 1 vicioil that hi. owner Ion 1 1 tin! hi '.i 1 - ;iv up all Ihou ;!' 1 1 f ' '..1 ::- bun on .r.i! :.i:i;ii:i j iiim. ll 1 wo,il 1 Into veiv ont: win went no ir him. Ii'.o tin I r -ent I. ird l-'.tlmouHi' s brute, M i-ey l'.l i', win " avig' i" the bit.' Fred Aifho's arm. and ll wis nece-suylo li . 11 1 Li. h id w i.ei ! li groo n w',,0 at- tend "I iiim w 1 w ith him If a b'T-e I clinic, d I b tear lie wa nro I o bilo j hi:n .0- try !; n I th b-gf the jo, k-y who alt. 'in; I -i lo e.t.u it old not I c-c ipe hi - f in g;. I I. ad 1 1 oieiv.l e d 1 In knew a e r son who 1 on' I di e U.ut and a w ager ol !Vinil was I ,l l 1. a l.l! inatt'l'. A lllcs--eag r was d '-pat- h d lor Cm Sui' who w as kn ov.n lit: on do 11' the c. iiuiry ile as "tin w hiipei'T, " from the -up-po-itiou tint ho whimpered into lln h, si ', ear, by whn li in 01ns In qui to I such as were mini y. W h"ii In w is told tin state of ( 'i.' nel W i,t o ra'. hor-e he desired to go i .to ib st.. Ii'.o to seo him. "You must wait till lilt l.ea 1 i' tied up," "a sail anl repot!''! In those prcs"-.l. "N' occasion," snl I C .n, "bo wo ,'t b'l in ' S 1 in li" j went, niter ivy enipt 0 ily tod 'ling 1:0 one to loll tv bin tillaeivel sijnnl j should imply that 1 hey Inl hi pennis- sjon. He linn ship the door f U' the un-'n- viable lete-a-t' te. In a llll e 1: ore lliau a quailcr of an h. ur t'ne sig nal w is In .1 d. Tho-e win hi I been waiting 11 al inn for th r-sii t rusln-d in an I found the h.T-e cl ;i b d on Li, b.c i play nig lik" .1 kittn w 1: h lln whisperer, w ho w . . qui, t y sitting by I bun. I . ,1 n lio:e n 1,1 o; er.n ,o a rl I'. ,th holse o ld oi erati.r a 111. '".red t xhaiisl 'd, pi'ti, u' irl y tho Lit; wl'.oin it wn 1 seiiy lo i di'iini tei brandy a id other sii in! nt, be coul I be reviv) I. The ho- w 1 p r- fcctlv tnmo and g. 'i'l: Irom tint day. In th - spring of is M M . W holcy's King Pipii w.u br light 'ii! to run nt tli Cm raoh of Ki dai". II.' Ins been ' ilcsci ib.'d a I hor f t h 111 -1 snv ige 'and vicoiit di-posi 10:; ho li id a liai i' ! of living nt and w orvi , ; any person I who Ciituo near him. V a 01 he con d ! lu 11 his hea l rou id h w nil I s, i bn I rider's le ; wi h hn teeth 1- I dm . bun ' from his bac. Tin .Inli uby of man ! aging Mi'-h a ho:" m iv be c iuce:ve,l,:tnd ! on thii ot'ci ioa it wa- imp i-siulo lo put 'nbiidlo on him. Tin whnper. r wa- now sent for. II" 1 nnined shir in the stable all night. Pippin was seen tlog, lying down In Ihe morning King follow lag him like a nt th word nl coni- I mind, nnd permitting any person with- I cut nsista i'.' t 1 put hi hi ml into hi. I nioiilh, villi1'' he stool "gentle a n lamb." Ibt was brought out ia the ! course of the meeting, was 111 1 and won I the rice. Tho I' 11:11 of the whisp ter hnl row i spread through nit '.he cnuot:y, i.n.l hii ! service w ro in extoaMV' demand. i Thi extr 10: diuury person had hen notice I in many and various publica tions. Cro'ton Crocker speaks of hill! in hii "Fiiry I. g oul t ' a un "ignor- 1 anl rmlic of the lowest class,' while ho I bears ample testimony to hi cxtraordi- 1 nary power. The Incorrigililc ISrollior. Snnpkin Arc you fond of in 'huge, Ml- liovelari 1 Mi-s I.. - Ah! Ind el I J.'hui y (her little brother) Of nuirse ihe is. P pi siv h ought to bo fond of caldiiige a : I greem as bmg as sho keepi c; inpaiiy lo match. jOutali.1 World. (liih Fa nil. "Tlir Nunuij Mii'cp" Th" crnl s me sent u. thi, cily, says ! Mi- lei.e nl lo.okmg from l l"""u ,1, New Yo,l, Tel 'gnm, from I.-ng ! .-.m-.-...niu f..''M: ' ' ; . ,,ltA, , v l..,v..e.p i.'illig ae II." Willi Island, New J r-iy. lle.uwiiie, Mali- , hi-. r. hind, Virginia and perhaps from bayi ' ,, ,f .., mui,.,!! n ijht v -t Is h nl burst their nnd inlets luitber toulh. All prr-oi;s I , ,,, , who go to 111111 k.t know h nv Ihe ciu-t- : l'..r th- w iid whit.- s,..,p,,f nr-enm-i.ceaiis iiro ship pi d. They c me in It .1 j '" ' '" 1 ' ' slatted Luxes or crate, winppc.l in j The si... n, ,!i em -le s ns w ariiiiig s:i:n ; tho 1 aiiio. sall-siiitlliuo seawetil tr giif'. I'licy are vtry cheap nt the water silo ; and lather t xp, tisivc in . nu r'..i t. - ' r" imp th" tiuest crabs al j found in the waters nl the 1 1 daw tie and M. i:lind , potii i-i'l 1. Tin Chesapeake and it t hutidr-l of ' ibu'aries on one side, and j ihe Atlantic, with it many bay nnd ialtls. 0:1 tin nth r. a b. urn I in all good i thing that swim. N ,t tho 1. n-t of the-e i the rri!'. From Iliv.t! de linceto Cape I Sialic, 'he :olt ''" j ei .1 b is t at en in ubtrulanc.! by tin in- Iin: it nuts, ad the Miq'liU is shipp'd h to te.'d the epicures of New York and N-w II I. The -liai.ow w ite,s about thincit e igue 1 .la id, on I '1 A' I t 1 1" si 1 of A 1 1 oii'.a. f 11:1! y. Vtr .hi la, - A ir, 11 with ,-o.t he. I t r a 's al. th: 1 n-on. W.u 1 v. r goes to I .line 'lea :U liid- set b-foie j b 1 11 nl di hut 01st. os ii at 1 a-t I t Lie -ty cs, wiiii' pnli anl ir.ihs. Hit bread is nn invaiiiLlo i.icoui i.l inenl. ll.w.u in Sins' x c 01 ily, I' ia'Vate, is p ihtps lln only crib larui ll tin woi i I. ll i- : 1 1 I i 1 1 1 i'. r, n shal -.ow strei n tl i.M ig nio lili in I! v r biy, anl I' In me I. odd y enoii .1, I", oae ol tin few .iiiv.viig I., Inns of the pen 1 .-11 a. Tins pi: i.-ul tr lu 'i n i i tun of a -cere ci su u!io I hi lii-'ir ow 1 laiid and iiv" in 1 ml!, d a i.e in any whit - iiihtint nit nt tiitur native -tit'. Mr rigely chou di, too, 1 ., y li iv ii s,l, 1 ! sy-t" 11 ol th ir own, I'etau e ill y wi.i ii..t '-en I their ih:l Ireli I" t 1" -t bonis set a; a-t lor col ored ibillren and aic no'. p"imit!ed to sui'i lliein lo th schools (or wlnl . Tin crab I nn, i a v ry i.' e -slu' institution, while tho -lud n- the w iv . of the ' r 1 , prnvilo or bi n llio 111 Ost Milium bei-l aiel pr. inp! y ti, 1 1 i ill nil ot his ualitio ele 1 c 1 ' when the 111:11 kt t tiler the in is 11 .1 enent. llu .tired, of tri'e of - 1 h I. crabs nro sent 11 1 lioin tho peMiisiil 1 1 v r j s'uoii and a lew of : h in c.ini 0 Irom I t lad 1 m IIv.t i r.tb .1 in. Shameful Pepper AtlulleratioM. 'Ihe p' .p.'i of louiuii.rce is lii'uii-h"d by liie Piper nigriin, or bl n k ij'' r p! .nl, which grows in tho List and We t I. oil-.. There are two v. .1:1 lies o! p'lqvr, kiii'iiu ns "olai 1," n:;d " .1 hit.-'' pei p 1 an 1 both are obt.ii .e.l iroiu the same plant. I! .11 k o round P'pptri. the entire bcriyol the plant r, d-tel to 1 .oid r, while Ihe whit' e 11 i 1. n! lb" same I 1" ly di co: ! icat d r depriv I f i's . uter blui k hu-k or civiriug. T ' oomuu'.er of p.q.p 1 can be nccouiino late I with an arliele :i 1 11' -I t. .ted t 1 a:.y t xteiit Irom te 1 lo n incty eer t int., and if ho prefer lo do hn 1 wa ain't r.ti'n, a N-w York "man 11 t t'turer . ;' -pice nil ! 1:1 ' will supply hi n with th-- r qui-it ' lutieru', while lue'.hei New York li -' tl e wii; make "e. 10 Is t 1 cider lor whole. al.- giccr and din :i I '' nn-l fur': i-h '-pico liii tu i's.'' 1'i uii ii-.q'.iiy a-.i ng the li ido lu thi. 1 ity 1! wou.d s i m that th 1 p. p ; : n ixt'T 1 an I e iuri.ish -d at limn w . 'o lie c n t pt r pi u d, w hi.o puro p pp 1 will f '-t ai on: ci - litem cents , p. 1 pioit: I. Th I 0 . d St ,t es a rieul ''u ai ! pa: I .neiit ilinui-ls loiin.l bran, r astcd -li li-, corn, 1 1 acker-di., char 1 coal an l tb"..ii, matter ia sami'ksif p. pp"l I', ii im ir" S 1 1. .inili Ongiiialeil Minialnres. Ti.e .: i in ol I be w.od "minial ui e ' is ns follow.: In the gold ti day, of 1 C 1 ; : an lit r ..lure to be a successful ai.thor was to be a. great n n Ui ig, tor king looked to then po' ts Im i :n in o 1 1 1 1 1 : y, ' a . An :u-l u 1 ( .e ar did I o I b r u e. ! II lice it w.s to be 1 pi c cd that nut hoi . would f. el tin ir importable) and tlisp'ay I more or less v irliy. eof their weak i iie-se wa to see tie ir portraits pni .ted , in ait i.t if fishi n in tin ir paicbnient i books. Thi. work was intrusted to ar j ti-ls c ille.l "u.i' iatores," lint i ;, intHs : whose iv, ik was largely done in vcinii -: ion, a color extracted ftnni cinunLar, 1 and called bv the I! imans "minium 11." I Those "miniature ' chose Ihe nva! form I for their beaut duly brilliant poitrms I on the p iiihtneiit books, and he: r the ! origin f ihe term "niiniat tire," n small, hau l-paiiil. d oval or rou id portraii. , Philadelphia Call. Antiiiiily id Itrichiiiiikiiig. lirickuinkiig i 0110 of lln oldest trades in the world. Tho I'.gyptiins taught to the lire 'ks, and I hey iu turn taught It to tho K im ins. Somo of tho biirks miido hundred of years before Christ nro still iu existence and they are better than the modern nrticlo. The wages of bricklayer Invo been st adily increasing. Ju Babylon a brick layer got forty cents 11 day; in Homo, under tho empire, ho wa paid n dollar, ami iu London in tho sixteenth century he got two dollar. Tho nvernge pay for a bricklayer io thi country i 'JO for a day's work. ''' " I " .' -'"' e ei .;eb .'II -' diueil fast tier, IsS til" -!: 111 V sk' . Along He s-,., 1- (I:,. iv.!i I'oani g'tits ill h.l I i -I' 10 HI ' loll.'l. .-r . 1 will wltito -!i..p.f No way Bi' i-..iiiiiig !. 1 i" l -i-l. w,.. n.,. 1,. 1 - ,0 iid lo. l.s, , ut from I ; 1 i'. th" . .0 -to Wi-i'iilh" -.m l . Ineaket-s' call nlong !l- I.. I....H-, To le T ,.. I . ' i. !' "1 I 'g I !'. th .'I-l '". . I .. 1 ... I . 1 ... ,.,! 1. 1 . . t !,. S. a w ay p nro ,. nee t-. 1 : . t .: I. ' i'lle U . As I s ,. it-. ! v 1 1 fr oil , :, , -T 101. nt its . ,,; ; - tl." brmd b. 11 1. 1 -wii s 1. u in.!. I. U I . n .. .. I 1 Willi- sleep of N iv nn: ,- 1. .0 t 1 th- i-i !. : .1 '1 r 1 the -Inl. ;,l a I ought," tho -1.0 n -Id - nl' . - - iv, X I '.' .IllOi ' li eu el . ill ' W.I I" of liell - Ih 1 11 s, 1 , 11. o-, hn i!a,,, .1 i rt, r io.) ' of s' .nn and lie. 1 l.e.l I, WI.ell the ill w ..1 i" ;. o! ll eui.iv v.. ro e t- lie- I-! I. in en 111 .1 - nn.; I' "ii'!, leo-e ill ( h' I h.'l'e I- I ll." I . I 1 1 1 11. I ...... , I I il' I':" blast Ci'lllO nl. r 1 ,: of . lentil or wreck 1' e.v l.l - ! l.'i.l- .1 1 . .,f , ore. ,iv are g t tl, I I 11 th Ye n- ll oil,,!. 111 tumors. For::! p.1'1: :. !! u in to neces sity. A r :co lor I n :c t .1'. - II 'Ut'-in cat t e. N. ptune is pml. .. ly a du le. lie i lln oc in - w el . w he ir ol. I' . gl: di - j ,1 1 m . in t mg'i pi" -i'"'. -f :.u!t.i-pi ii i.-r, a. it weie. y 1: -,u cm .iv e.iihiu his income. Tin tnn le 1. t.i live wr.huiit. an in ccin '. It is a queer rei'it i Ion, e that rod is male from'l-r, :.n I bulls nro undo mad I "i- by red. ' il.vo me a c: :i -bonk," said a boy in a Look stoic, u-.d tin clerk handed him n co y of "I'i -liana " link Age: I Then I can't pcr uido you lo bu,- th- "Life of 1 1 lad-tone i ' Wit Icy N', sji. 1 (limit const ion lii 11 Iv lake a y tunn's Lf . Nii!.e: I c ,: ! dortei! Ily mistake I gave ihe patient a .pnilifui of ink ill steal td iiie.iiu::t'. ) e'er: Well, make him cud lili tti .g 1 a; r right away. lunoi-eiii Y.iitli How I u.i in i 1 1 Mi s Ti :n quil.e's t.i'oeii---! Su" i:t ver loes her seg.p.Msi s-i,.',. Tan M .1 Ion An 1 11. v r wi I. N i::e of the yeung ineri wa it her. "Have y.01 a iicune M 1 iv ? ' asked (he young ma", as the -ii! wa seat- d al tli" er g.u".'oi-c t piny the ot i' in," rep', .cl '.', "1 11 vt r hear 1 of nit h a thi 'g.' ' "Oh. ve-, you ir.ud ll.A e a lic.'Il' to pe lal." I tin I'ltily who stole 1 ut umbrella wi.l tc'uiii il to tin per on Irom whom w -lo'c il that pittyui l I' t irii it to it - 01 1 i 1 a I 1 vi mi, lion who'u it w.i boriowl by nin. 1 her f"llow, who hung up t h ilea. or lor it. and 1:0 i,u .-tions w ill I.e n-ki '1 Why :i Corn I it-Id Changed Color. A t : : a 1 k a . ! o :,!,':.-. o ; discov ery lit- iu-l been mil.- in (I rnia-i Al t'Oibur . a mi. a 1 t .w i In t ween Vienna and Pic-iur'g, 111 Ihe I).i",ub '. Fn m detail 1 i.iili-li. 1!, il appear thai Pro. fi'ssm II hit, tinier whose direction th ( ,.1 11 i:t;t 11 til i avatiiois are t an ied on, 1 v r en lln rtlirt, lull for a iro-ilh pl.t 1 I, .civ I the coin- of tin extensive con li'i. I, whith vniel in tv. ly part, lie I, nnd an 1 L-v -tod post of observa- lioo, and, alt r a w 1 ek's 1 i ntei'tion, I it to be hi 'i'i n t hat tho corn lie'.d w.n -i owing over lln site of an :i::ten! ninplut b atr". 1 1 is draw i ng show -I lln.' to,' t .;,,;) ' ccatri piece was somewhat toit tve, at.d 'bat the c mi wa. quite tip' in lb t pail, becnusti tli. re was 11 11 h soil In una :i I lie n and the Pott. uv. n th tin ntr". ellipti cal line ol gleon, -row lug paler the high t they r , showcl tlo-sent, nnd lines fm ming a radius Irom tho ccnlro slinive I the w ills suponrt ing thn cl'i pli ca! lews ol sift;. Tlie Pr lessor waited iiitpati( inly b'r th t corn to lip.-n, ami the moment it w as cut tbe ixr n ations began. Tiny ltnx'o show 11 tlmt tin n'.-tno-t incretlible siiggestion was perfectly coircit. Six inches b' low Ihe soil tho topol Ihetiultr w ill wis fouti I, ard Irom there the soil r o I tl illy -lew Ihinnor until thn bi.tiom t,f tho niena wii9 reachcl, tin pavement of which is in pTlcct cm d it io::. From the theatro a paved road hoi Is to the camp of Cnr iiu :tu!ii. As ma in tho theatt i has been entirely freed of tho snj; cnviiag it, id th i incasiiremei t will be taken, nn I il will bo nsci rt nine. I w'tnl .rem it I.-- I L''udoti Tiiiich. xtniWMMi

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