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North Carolina Newspapers

The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, October 18, 1888, Image 4

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j 4 FOR FAS 31 .1X1) (iAUDE.N. Prrpii-.n; Ituiki fur Jlikit. AYIiere- ducks uud ijccsj are sent to markets requiring thorn drawn, th.y may bo scti'idcd ; tlun wnvi th-'M ia a cloth Tor two minutes, wlici tho feath ers nud down will coma oil clean. Very onrly in tho bc.hou small chicks sull reailily, bccaiiso of tho sc.iu-ity of larger sizjs, but tho usml preferred weight h from, oao to ono and one -half pounds, but later ou tluso of two pounds are prc'orre l. lu w inter all etock can bo shipped Utter and more economically whoa ki. led and dress d, but in Rummer tho best mo lo u to ship poultry alive. Xjw York Observer. U-ui iiiK "ill i'ii'- ( omen. It grows h irder c; i ll year to iudicu any oao to clear out tlio foaci corner'. Sjiuo farmers d not even keep a scythe as they find so little use. for it. Clear inj; the laud of and stumps to mike it smooth fur t h j mower or reap er has made tlu U r.i-e corner the catch all of the ti I 1. Anions the (.tones and other aciuiuiliitiiuis ;t ii a!mo-t miries siblii to mow. Tlie result is that weeds seed, and bu ll s extend their borders ti 1 they crowd hard on thj cultivated parts of tho till. l'eacjs thus Uopt Me expensive luxuries, though jjeueral ly are of uli nit as little me as ornament which is littlo enough indeed. --.Y'lieii-caa Cu'tivator. (itioil l.iliiri ilnl .-niiel Him!'. Profess i Siioora, ii th' Mi rjr aid Farmer, that the i li inieter of pasture '.ui'ls ii an important inline ice ia raising licet steer-, and that the jnvr Njw K ; i'.w I pa-ture stand in t.:e way i f ruwin th s lest hih ra le stock hero. wry poor lul.-sile jia-tures :uo profit.ib.o !or only !ore-t-. tiood pastures lir con-id 'is ill-; corner-stone to th'j m jst succ it type of l.irmin.'. To the p 'Vj-ly of New !'. in land pasuires he rec imni ' i U ch -iiucal iVrtii:. iti n, yai'1 m anuria-,', fei".llii! stock ul pistures, a i l !i'.tt'r:i.Uh be tween ti". U :ii.d pasture, il yon 1 this he udviics tii t rot . 1 1 - : i o.' crop-; inclu I : having all nr. be' land ia pa-iur: fiom one to tl.r c years iti rotation. then the -iiii fe dii.r cf '" d -t.vrs sliouM be a roaiinent relimc. The i I lv. Not noar.y o lu.ieh iijury ii r p It ed from !h- ilud.n -' as former v ; r: vaiied. V.;ea it w- iir-t ir.trod'ioe I its ha. it- were mt u d-rslood an 1 it proved v. ry d- 1 1 -ii. t s v : In -om: sec tions w!o';t -it-, wit.-r w .s -:! a -. lone I for a s-.-rie-of yeus lo t i:v: the ins 'i t out. As it w:'.. n. -I attic's rye, th-.t ;-i.;ia was 1, fated for wi.e t wl.i'.e the starvi i ; r- ess was .-i-iri on. Av.o'.her reason w liy it i !os ie-it uctive r.ow ,s becauso a p ir l it.; h is ! i en feu:: ! which keeps it in ch.v'i. W. cm tlu I'.y was tir-t iTou.'lit irotu t;ernia".y by the 1L-5-.-iau soldi .1-lii.i ; our revolutionary war, i'. c :i::e tnitten.Kd by th.' p.traMt th it in '. i. -ope had always; repressed it; num.'.-rs. D.-ferrinj wheat s .vi ' ; i;; til tim: .'or frst is o:i! in -t'l-s-l of prcv-.-nti iL,' its i:i crease. Wliv. th; tly di.s r.ot tiiid w!i-ni plants du-i'i:' August and early Sepfii.ber on which to I : jv..t her o.?-,, .she ii ol'i :cd to p'aej tlu-m on tlie t'r-iss oi .:h r pi ants hero the insects w ho i ll. v ii :tch :-. n . t their prop er : on i ! 'i'.i lie w:l. t. ay her (; . - ;.i tor If. si c m, s. Tile i-c .t-ti-red wh at plant' that sp.ri;i-. u;i after ttli'.-.ti. ii ii v -t-d ar? -dteu the ll.'cd-inupl-ic-s for the lle-si,ii tly duritiir late nm;r and early Kill Aaiencaii C'altiv.t.ii-. tltltfliiu ' :' l-.lllil. A writ -r i i 'h N K ;..ia 1 II vne--tead s.avs; ' K i d i .1 beto Ii: -noli land. A y ours- of treatment that wi.l c!;a :-;! the phy-n-.l c nd.ti.ia of such a soil is a lien. :i . Ki iinir admits nir, the heat of the su i and action of frost to a poriini of the soi', c'iiii,dnir its;r ci.tir -iy an 1 tilting it lor a time so that thi more v.litib.o farm crops can b proiuo-i witli r.-a-on .aide siiceess. The -and - li "ll I be very deep. H would i-e a rev lies, t-xpenso and poor farmiio to i id Ilia laid of Mich eilistnictio is ii 1 1 1 i way, however. I! i;;s sh-'iil I 1) reinov-el with soino (h rp i i-tM.ineiif :md iuriie'd, an'l the meadow then e-ov -reel with j.l-t sand I '.- v u up tiie U is not nee e;.,ary to us saad if common loam is more ceia venieiit. Haul it on theie cii winler a i-l 1 avel t the- de-i-ired thick-iess. "I I d dr " -i well i e' necssnry if yoti w:i.ild !i v .lo- u i'b-rtaUbi;; a suc cess. If y.eii iiu jli-ct tin- you will oli. serve t hat 'he t.-n leni' v of the s ul will l e to re-v- r; t-i its il conditio:! as far as to-. iii'tion va ual'le urisses is ci':.c r: cl Wh retheliud ii well drained ivxt -iimiin-r, co that you can e;o ou with a li-ht tc mi, h ml on a pooel dressiuLT u lich stab'o mniuro and har row it elowa well. sw li if f a Lu-hel of hejiils Tass and 1" pounels of cluror lo tho i.cro, anil, cec.ditions favoraole, tho followm; tea on you will cut iho heaviest hay crop yon ever hai vested. Till l. Ml ' I IT IIIK. Tin main point to ue ooservel, whe n constructing :i jioultry home, is to se cure as mm h -p ioe on tho floor as po'si b'.e, nn I to avoid too wi lo a roof. Tho obje'ct is to g.iva expense, as tho roof is the most codly part of the house, whilo th.. real value depends upon the area ou the li r in proportion to total cost. Il l .died t of ilu-iejns of pou try houses liavii been iliUstrateel and .ullilielt iut, uufortii iai' ly, each indivi lual h;is certain preferences which prevent per iod unanimity in coa driictiu them ; tlu mo t heV niible plans. It is as ca-y to Uuvu ab ii'jrco upon ono common plan of a dwellia liomj for hum ins as for fowls. c.inu'.e, soil, breed and spaco nro all considered when inikia; the designs. X) matter what kinel of a pou'tiy house may be preferred th-i fact must uot bo over .ookeel that ilurimj a great portion of the w i iter, who i tho snow is on tho ground, the fowls mud to kept confined in tho house. The great er tho space, especially on tlie ll or, the better they will be enabled lo exerciso and keep ie proper condition, nul a yards are often of u,i conseepi -cce dill ills' a severe season, success may de pend on I .o invest. n nt of a fe w el dlars more thin the amount originally iu temlcel, and it o.ten happen that loss occurs simply for want of room on the llxr. If tin area on th ll mr is limited to asm ill propeerti)n for each h n, and the h u.o cannot bo conveniently cn- arijod, then the stock mii-t bo re luceel, in crekr to vivo those remaining more room. It will not do t focel the hens and then havo them sit ielly about tloiu n. iiii i.'. They then bec me uMict -il to f -ath-r j-u'li f ami o:h-r vico, while t h feed lenels to fattva th in by reason of their i.iM-livity. hoie should have le: ty of siinligh', so as lo b e -me warm anel aUo li;ht. The li-ht i tho most import mt thii of nil. T 'w '.s have tlu urcate-st :.v. rsi a to vlooiny surreiun line;-. Th -y wi 1 be perfectly satisli .1 with we.l-li ;lite I, comfoitablo up iitni'-iits, but piflcr the bleak i ut side to a house that is but dimly li ;hte i. P.itiaj; the diy the hou-o ishoul I 1j ke p- epou as ir.uc'i as p'ssib'.e, proVi li-el tin; birds are not exposed to elr::u;hts or c!:ild n; bla-t-, so as to urify :in I v mi til .te it, bet elu:in. lh' nie;ht, in ceild weather, th lom-a shoiilel be warm ai'l c'ee-, as po-nty eif coM air Well vet in; li. u' th- ii-e" of v-ntiiators. Th ibject -In-ill I bo to have the mi i.bcr in the llcvo::ly l.are eaoiuh to uti.i: th- e n the lljor te ael -vantage.-. l! to.i cn w b' I they will not lay, as is we ll known by many. h are aw ere that vmctiuios the-ir m iliiiora u'cl mice ei'i:s from a suoill ll ck than tl ey .1 i fr. in lar.'.- ll ck--, and the sei-rct is tin: they hav plenty of room fe i e x u i-e. Th - ll'"i' -lioil.l beiare eiie u.;:: !' icrniil ! p aces lor scratch iii;r, elustii. r u -t: ; atiel laying. .1 l-t lin'v li ne ll spaeeniay be' re.pi'r - I elope'l. els up ! 111- i. -. f '.ll ' fl 'Ck. We tl.i -k i. !i case loxl'M'c-t noi.e toe lare .or ton feiw .. it ! :: . lire feet for eu.'h hen. ,Tl.e lVu try Ke-per. I'.lllll ilei'.l l..lrlltll ttecse u.iiv l-c ke I once in s-ix N'evi-r lenve :i horse standin; un hitched. A fruitful cause' of iliscase amonj; p.. u't-y is in: pur" w at r. 1 1.' oar!-,- potat )es as soon as they nre ri, e i- a v -o I rule. '1 ho f:;r :v. r w'i i rai-es crops at: l fecdi them, has ,1 c .- p: tits. I I ;.eli -.! .i-li :.u tiu lest feitiii Z r h: eo.v:-. f r the vineyard. S' in hot I' rnic-nthi v, unauro is very in :uio:is tia h-.rse's feet. :c-e'-s d p :1s more upm vood mi' :i eni'-nt than up ui til: brcel. Wn.iev. r h'-arl o! a farmer that lost mom y ou a lot eif joo 1 el::.f. colt-? I I ie v. e 1 lirecle 1 str oke of tho boa at a w. e"l iu-t i'i':,' t -ce'l will sav., !.-. .:iy s'r.ik s :.i x: y e r. . fe w iron t ails, er a pi'co of rusly ir.e'i kept in the 'I i.iki i ; w iter makes il .', ee 1 t.'llio i'lr til ' loW.S. Th e'f of shce-p -hiiu'el b cleaned out e i e-a iuna'.ly iii.'l lu-p.'e'ted lo dii c. v ! if loeit reit l In-j inning. 11. '-.'S should be se-rv d alum lantly on th fi iiicr's table, aael ii .-ue-'.i variety as not t" them tiresome. There sliou! I be a -u;iply of red p ,. p. rs i.e-pt elu: iu:; the w inter to be fed t ill-' p tl'.try with til.' if re:;. liar foi;.. I . not cp i-t your lursc to be enpi-il-ly ;. e .! .V; aytlii Tii! horsi', te. in en, ii. ust be all pled l his work. To r nre; a cat of i-ite iin"; chickens, i;;' i. ll li. r tail ju-t back of her curs, and lio n lop-dress her with two feet of ciu : h Pastures .should r.eet be fed too close. If t!i -r' n a r iiuv sje'd, iipp'y any "0'iel fe-rti 1 r; includ : pla-tcr and a-h:s in the .ist. Most fruit tr et bear fruit nti short spurs of hist year's ltowiIi. Tiiii fact .sheiu'el be kept in mind while pruniii"-. S III ' voel.l f. Ilit !:relWlT.i thl IK bt'ot te trim nit litt! . Prosress in .Modern .ireeco. Sine I "T the advance in the King dom of (ireece has been very rapil. Tho country now has in. ire miles oi rail way than it then had of common high way; brieves h ivo been buiit, harbors have been improved, the canal acr.jss tiie isthmus has been du ;, prepar .tioas aro makitti; to d rain marshes. Tho number of acres of vroiinel devoted t" agriculture has lai-.jjeiy increased. Th" population of Athens his doubl.ei. .Many Greek fnmilics which have loin resielo l out of Cireeco aro now returnin; to their country, brin"in; with them both energy and capital. The pcopl" aro better educated. Kxtcnivo archie -logical cxcavitims hivo been coa ducted; the mu cu ns havo been en riched. Tho lanel has been innelo far more attractive nn I ncecssihlo to for eigners. 15 i ami i " has Icon put down. Thu kiu;dom is rulcel 17 a mini-try moro prudent ainl umr tirm y i stiiblishod than any which hivepre-cil-el. The lanel is still fullering from r,,v rty and from biel political h-ibif, but with the frugality ami Icmpirancc of tho people, it mu't i-aiti wealth, eli nily. eeflel authority. ,S rilujr's .M in- HOW GAS b MADE. Extracting an Illuminating Fluid From Bituminous Coal. The fids is Cenoratecl in a Rod Hot Retort. lleiw few people can intcdli;ib!y ex plain e me of the most or lieary ihins in i-wry day do ! An e tlici el e f tlie city pas works was hear I to -ay not lonv thu: b he mi,d,l jul;e by tho run ber of times he wn askel for informa tion nut inor tiai two people in ten know how c eii il u:uina!i:iv gn is mole. Tiny all seem to u I lersl iu I, he sail, Ih.t it comes out of the soft coal but th y are i ;.ior i it id the process by which it i- cx I r .cti.'d. V d ) not doubt t:u, at all, for. as w j Ii.vj se.i.l to Vein s v. r I tini's, it is th.- very com mon things that we -ire apt tee oveilook in otir search for inform .li in. Ye ll w ill u i-le-rsta-iel, t herel re, why wo select siilij'i-ts to t ilk with which you an 1 cv.-ryb d else on ;h'. to be lainili T. Now, lot us :;iw you a v : v simple explanation oi e; is icnia. Hr as up a pice of hi'.uiiiin nn coil into -mill friniciits aal li . th; bowl of a clay t.H'iicco pipe with them. Over the mouth of t U 3 ! owl with wet clay and then tlior-'U -li'v Iry it. Put the bowl of a pipe into a lire wherj it will et re 1 hot .ml yon wi 1 soon see a y '. low i h smoke c :v,i. out of lh; st.'m, an I i. you tei'.icli a ei.h'. lo th" smoke it will I urn briefly, for it i- nothing in ire nor less thl". lh' is freim the Ye ii cm puri y ami c i'.h ct thii vas in n very iinple w iy. Till a bottle w ith water ami turn it up.idj ebewu i i a b. w. of wate r. Y il know th) w iter will no! run out ot the Lottie bee u.' Ihe nir pie-iiio on the wnler ii the ImwI will prev-t:t it. I'at the end if th' pipe stem nailer the mouth of lh" bittle nn 1 the as wi.l iul'bls up thre-ii;h the wate-r int i tlu ln-ltle uTielually ells placing th' water, a el if th; pipe wcrj .iil je e-n.iu ;li tii mak" a reat ileal of -is li bottle w ml I be entirely lid:. I wiili r. Y ii I. .v-' so, i: th-- iiniuen-! epi-mti-tie- in i-.i:s - w'ucli th- y it iv) at lh iw works; tlii' i. w . it 1- loitoft'u: coal af: ' r ! h ; is 1 a . ;i--n bin u -'l e-ut e'f it. I . k i-c ir:. n, on y ii sni.i; pirt of what w..s m th" coa. lux.n ; :; olT w it h .h ; as. Tike til" e 1 iy cnve:in; i ll' y- ur pipe' an I yo.i will ti i I the bow! ti 1 ' i rt itil this ,'lxO. N w, ehat is pti'eis-'iy ih? wiy eas is :u . I li 1 r : .pii !it:os ihe u'ns Wei. -. IrCi-.el .i. pie.,. : i.w 1, thoy uu I: I to:: - and til -e .r.' lo at el red hot y firn.i.-, tor th- ti e uri-t tie out-ide of th tetoit-. II a in ; t ei d reel b.-t in i eb'se 1 ictott i- eiy d-iT rent from burtiin.' it i i lh' open nil. A larye pipe fteun th ) ie teir: cnies i :1 tii ' of li." i .i', i e.'i -i . i:i-o 1 -! am,, air in 1 amm ' i i, n- we.i as :i-. The am inot.ii ..n I the tar vo into tanks and the ;:o i .to c.e-,.er a-; I then over lime', t ek's tip th aci is il it, into lit J iin i-.e- s. iron : as-liol l,;rs which you ii v s h.i :it t ll : w ,.r k s. Th so h.! I j r s nr" op.-n at tlie 1 ottom, i -tan l, e r r idur -ai.iu'. in tauki of w .tei, .'.l i; iilji-tel iy utei-.s of wei;ht-. As the as cnuici int ;!i in tii y ris: up o i' el the water, bat I i.' i---.t '. nils are al ..y- u unr; 'd eithit ihe ':is nieiiot c-cap". 1 !'' -j .-pip's i-r i:i:.i:is, m th"y are i.illel, ccn ct witii tii- holders, and t lh.; H lhri.uj;ii the -tr -te to the hou-is iili ia it is used. Teic pres. ur' is uiveu t i the izi by th- weight : t h ir ui heil lei wl.ieli are always ie. aria - do'-v i .n th" ; is thy c intiia. I lay is a I'mie i lul I'ci I ili."r. In Yit i'.::i.t an I the sirh, wh.-r-' tlie ocelli an I -tick chimi-.y :ire l.iu,il cir eib; c's, i:i t oo.crvaat I'iraiers Oil! t lit VD llOt e-'el, wh 'tc -ill-ll .1 chilli- i.e-y h.ii b "ii pu le I 1 1 'iv i, lh it th: soil : cc iiii'-s r.-ni irk ii ly In .hi n.i I f":ti! . A i l y t lew, p.rhap-, have piu-ol to i epiire t :i reason I..r ii. N'.i'.v th i au-ei, a;iert from the pres ence of soot which Is a p.ewerbil fe'lil, lie. ii th :act I h it bur. it clay is also a von I f. l tl.i '. -:-. li.' Inki'i; :iu I burning: ill. ! -Ill 'Is-' drying clay lo-es i! s mlliesiv : epi tlit y, nil so breiks up iii-l r 'ic al s i nun ly h i I Inab e, anil it s sal in.: el ni.ntsiire -ct free an 1 mall .ou -li'. !' -i I s t hi tin' burnt nun i . f -e a e i p ii t ei le nbsei-b :e in m:i i.i, nitric an I car eeiic aci Is, ., which yie'el n oiiri-hui i.t to cla p . Till import mt r -sult of burning cr I akin" clay h s not been u'lli. I to the . x'e'iit that it shea,! I h ive 1 -:. It il i vi leal t int con el a.ih.'-ive- li vis li! iit ji'ct s,,i;).;rli, i ill v to a pivveifu! heat lh - epu i y e.l the s ul would I...- ;ieatly iuij r-ov.'el. l..r ;ar b."is, viney ei le, oi cha.lsail plats of sinil are-i tin W li d no' see m to be u ebtli iill t:ls.. If such ';i'"'au I were tir.t ri l;u l s.i as to cxpo-e a v..- I d e a! of the clay mi: se il, nnd Ih ni Ceiv red e v.-r wi'h a elen-o l.iye r of in u-h or w )ll S'a-.iae.l woe.. I, such a- old piie in:!', ant t hi e mater i it -ct or fir - and co -.-irc.!l on the land, th; hen won d t - -1 1 : t t.i j ii vi-rii ) a food d a! i : e . i v. an I in ik i' fri able a d i '.d . tv . In i hi s w ,y a vcoil p'-r i e .t. either y ot th- soil woiil I h pel m neat y treed of its ten ncee il e; i i y. i s ine:t clem nits re lea e I a . I ) iu i I more ferti'. A :d cetteinly t!i' dii'isu of th; a-lus wool I re ii i j i' V . forlh's', to , tend t.i r -id vat I- ei: 'oil il lis. a 111 -tdv. f. iy : I h ie ur '.el i i ti i th i -iin.i- i- li ... iia I lids iippil I t-i c.eis i -oils t i i I -r them !.'. re opeu un. p . .il i,V '. It is t ell v .- i a lew dol lars ll, V t I in l.iireu d t'iiy w i u d o , i : a w -1 tt.o sa .u j ii I out In- I :ti . . . ,1'-- '-'rsb'-i;"; O'-W) Index- Api o ih (jl'.UNT AMI triUOLS. Moh iinmed was hern at Mecca. Lyon has tho largest riliLon fet '.ftiieS. T.i uisvillc, Ky., is ca'led City of tin Kills. Shipi wero first "copper-bottomed" ii 17S.1 Tiie Knvlish l.uij;uie consist of US, - : .'Oil woids. j The longest ses-ion of On ;resi on i record i- II I'i d ays. i ( li run rou ntes the prico of irrain in the wi ibl's in ii ke ts. i N w Y'Tk a elYcimoit is mi I way ! b.tweeu the V. putcr and the N oth : I'oi". j A: ti Z'poor, on tlu (1 litres, tlu u- sun. is of l i re pH t d wnh ro-es lioiii which the lauuiii attar of roses ii I pfllK'" I. I II. ul rci'b': y is u ui' y ascrib:el to the : I'. :t .dills ; but the .elo.:i ri i cx"'iled j m i! anel it ie in oiti i 'd i i 1 1'.M li C. A : r i v le-r i'i ii in say- that tho jlir. ek lalie;ui;c ha- in ver el ied, sr.m ) !l w bfie'l ii'.e i It i a-,- ai w iy i spokei tiie rl i.sic il i'l om I tlh t c hi a try the news pup rs are th ihi:f prom a. ri of ; Ihe liter irv 1 m ; il l ;e. j Tiu car: oi on the ii'.nil rente lilween jYilOipll, and I'i iii) dil 1'llien, Wis., ina lo Iin hist mi li t week an I the ' reitil his be! di c 'iitiiiu -el. ll tlie early days of Vi-e'p::.i.i ii veineir 'iiiek j ll e 1 to ditve :i -l !; e'li t Ii i 4 roeit.i. j Thi' "w:ic;:.i' wit." whu-l. w n strii k j near Yiicoine-, Li.l., pi.iv- s to luv.; bee i c.use.l ly ab, ut bul iaric.i of ri 1 i-r bavin; been spe i.-.-el seuu" year -, r.n I ihe c ! tent- -i kin-; u til tii 'y etiiii'i an i npi.. vised st latum of city. A mountain hotel poj ulsr niinv.iv ar- ; lists h is a i i v 1 ij;.n I ourd th - t v. inv : ftoui .an iron r u ;ht I rack. t at tlie -i.le of tlu i in. ll d-'-i.Mi, pni ile 1 by I in nrti t, r p'iseiits a bear and fox Ciippiu; piw iu piw over ihe mnon'it ! ail.-. I A hum me 1: diilo u.j keeper hit a j -uppiv e f p rlolate l pa-t.'i'i aid 1" s j i 1 whte il t I. rep ill: e i lb it ll ,v ! iiciai - I ill iii 'lv.-s in il ia-; I the .i h.h u.- tower. A ill my as 1 birds, ileal e-r a.iv, hive been en ! ir .ppe 1 iu a -in .1 .- iei;bl. ! A p' ttrait ... il'i i'i M er.luritl cf 1 I:a'y, j . i :i I - 1 : t i ui-i-'d i i one itla-s by l'r. fis-.'i' M i'. tn eel l'.iu ii, ha- i b.eii added t lb.) a: t ract i ins if tlie I I:'.lian i xl.i Hi 'ti in I. mdon. It has (ken l!u aiti-l two years of ivrtaot iabeT to i i IU'. li t" this w rk. Mi-s I'. I i If . It r, a-. II -iishwi'iiri:', i liie : u'.lior e.: - t r.l suci.-. u. -(on,:, j for vim : tc.'p e, wii- -tiin iinelcr the i eye by a i c , an I appied nuiio simple j icme ly. The swe.ii 14 di I not I -town, nn. I i:: a short time she invoice from a s'.e p in a convulsive tit aud iiicil withiti :i miaul-'. Tin -I laticn 1 of t he .0 :e i ixi.teaco , of Ann ilea l lain i s sc. 111 to b iu or j :1 r. Amongst i tli rs v . h. I not of a j lonv, liu w u r of tlu F.1111 ! worth house in I I li .1 sh -ubl in t i-c j forjntt"n. Se'V.-i ut' lii'ratiois of t'lt : family h V) b en lain ai l brc I in :lu : old 1:1,1:1-1111: a record lo t olte . 1 epi t.leel I iu this country. j Thomas S'.cVi u, a I! ni';or lawyer, I hid lor a di lit a widow iivin; in Ilta-', Me. S .e refii-cd te j v bun what he i I em ecoleel an I he ha I her nrresle I and i liire.tvu into jail f or de 1 t, n thi latitat I has 11.1t oi curre I thv.' f--r ve-ir-. lb' i p.,ys h -r ooar I iu ih- i al and she -ayi slu will make him pit it for ten years I Ic. fare sho reives i , l:. It ii ;h', P.'ofcsmr of Auaton.y ;it the Olii U nt il College, had Ids r,n i:e irly e it,-a t it by a I ' - i. bear :.t tlu I'inciii a a i ,. logical ! r- j den. II had thr-M I is ban I throu-h j Ihe bar of the c;i .; to eivo the benr j seem peanuts, when the brute sei.-d j his wint with his te eth an I bit Ihe j band alino-' i IT A- a elei.ti-t Dr. I Kni.lit 1. pn parol I' te -tify lh at a bi-ar's teeth are a u.o-t jiro- j duct of nature'. J ! Arabian Tea llnlh liriuk ami l ooil. i W.i'-n Mr 15 11 w-n 1 1 : vt 1 : r in ' A'. i! it' llll " i l b ' had I" rlalin tliohus-l : pit a. it y o: I lie liuiatshy Arab. , The mi-tresi of the tent, lacin'; a ke ttle on the lir -, tvip" I it c re- J ; fully with a louse's i.n', ti.le i it with I water, an I threw iu s, nu c arse tea and a little salt. Whe n thi. was near Ihe , I b, ilin; point -h" toss.' I tlu lea al tni' : i wi ll a brass lull' until tlu !h inr he ; came very brow . and ilun it wa- . ! poured olT into a-oth r v-s-ei. (.'leans-; I ini; the ki ttl' -i. I't.iro, tin- w 'tivi i set ' it a .':ti:i on th- lir I i cub r to fiy n -. paste ot 111" l. and fle'-Il butter. I" HI , this the t ; i a a I - inu thick e i"i"u iter. th u oiire I, the ia lie- i.t 11 Hep. id tion aai i, ail af er a tim" tlu whole; taken ' th" t". r - - an I set a-il tc. i: o!. Half-liu' lea mu ; Were h in-led 1 . i.rotrid in i I -i 'all d i to Hutu, thii ' to.i foni'.in; meat ami drill's, in I satis- ; fyinv hoth 1 ii u'.'r an I II iw-1 ' ever inn le, tei i. a bli'c I i.v ntim : for the weaiv tiav . l.-r - II uietvi!;'. Traitors In Tlirir t'nuiilry. ' i j ,:. . , t ... : lirii'tiii-- i'f .-iiiie r - .-.-iti- tfttii .I;.-, a tl er"in I A pub tc i: e.'ti:-.-; at Atui.on, in .,.,,.,,. .,.!.,r. t ,u..rmt which N iepii l, ."st. M .1 u i mi I I. 'u'uerro spokei in I ii v r ot i 11 uilii'iecr' was held in the lar -e c of nu ian. Wl.i.e Saii itor N. i i.)t---wlw i: rnther eleni---tt ii liii lii; forth, a lie- l Weis about lo 1 iy an C'.-:; n ' 1 in aau Ii cack.e vi;or u-ly by way ol a ; memc i-o. t e iuct. 'I he iii.liaai.t orator, i ell V- in.: tlie noi.o pr ecni lei Iroin ono ol hi i cturs, i xi iitiii.c I : liio-e who iutoniipt inj ri mch ( ashi iii t r j Iho worst cm miei of the re- 1H i Tlii . statement was received with tro Kcnelous applause aud loud lauhtilf. Lop t ahi n Success. Wlint nilslliH yotinu: inenf Ife l crt lianelt a fatlier le-lt linn n fortune pf tweiily inillioiis. Ho was Irom ill . I Ii. I rwiitl iii luxury; lie iviviv eel n -ienlid elue alaeii Willi an esHH'inl liicnau i li t a tin roiiidl hieeiw li .li;eoI luili oa l n iiii.ii'ini lit Hil l was e xpo leal 10 Mieves'el bis fattier as a ncb'eiail liinic. Within I Ins e v. ars nfier the re sponsiledi-lie-s wlucli his fathe'i's eluatli threw upon him we-io assume. I. bo is ia .eei te'el n IimI.i ii .lowii ii en li, with n.iinl mill l,i-altli su maiient ly sluUte re I. i ii .ri;.' law is liiinili'T voimc mm loft with millions of money, who is I'-peut'il iimou the "wree-ks." His fatlie-r. Ire'l a st. tn-man -li was of iiuitiisi. i-iuiel stroll' Ii, w itli e'eei in ii-iii at.' I r.eiu pow.-r, so lit 1 1 e'ailic a ;iejt lei'itia ti'l'. I he'll il I'.iilriia.l kui nil 1 l.-II li-i'f a ilo.e'ii milla iis ..r his on t.e I ssipeiio. 'I lie' yeuin.i man is a sue' c, ss ns ii ilis! 'Ihi'fi'llll 'l.'lsol he th Of Ihiw le'.lt e-stale'S Wife iiiein in the iiieesl' ivailis of 1 fe, 1'i-u- strong, iinniially mi l plivs cully, bv s tuple living and lieeiu-sl' an. I eli-velopc I ititee liii.aiie-iei ..aiils. lh n sons ni r.' lear.'el in III" lap if in x in v it ii1 iici loii el into in te'llt'e'ttial ptnii- s. Tiii'Hiiiit lin n e.f e iire oiiiiirv have not. ns a nili.. ci.ini. fi.-in Hi.' i-li'i;.'iiit niaiisiiins of th.-e itie s. hut fi'i in lh" 1. 1 a; Caleiiis of tho un al .I'strie-ts. S tuple, wnvseil lie an;. froo ileeiu tr-eii .1 s-i ateien mi l e iie'i ial i oloa--ui e, inip!i" ri'ini'.bi's for ib"' -a. (.iVe'ct ive mill m Ii it-li loan' no pu Mm in Ihe slc'ii. di' ll-liip hiaWllV. I'llllllV IIH'll. W li e e lillip '1 tllO world lo ri'i'tini.. Ihler s' ri-ncl h m.d p "i'r l lii' wliolfsoiii.'. oM rashioii.,1 I i- i;il. n li'ini-.l ! ll'.e. Ihe'sale-t :i tie I sllll'sl lorfiniilv ii t 'in ur ni.liii'-tliers know le w l i pie- I till' tile' I' 'IIS .111.1 M rilis. e.f I'. eits. I l l Ls ,'.e I Hlsilllis nhli'll ili ivn ,is,-:,s. ..'.It of tin- si - le' III let natllHll ill' tlle-N nil. I le'ate ll.i afl. l' lil I ll.'e S 'I'll 111- St I til I'f H i'' ' I I iu.ii' I'. m. -I.e-s wfie-, :ifi. r '..ii : an I -e ar bin; lllVIl..lll .HI. -I- III'.' I I'V II. II W ill II". . e.f wilo tin fanio. and ar.. in ni i at nil Ivr tlm "h..-tlille, I'f lh.' llal.ill- lull..' l ill l-ee's Iu; I'.'ll'UI l-eilteiile -.. :..i;uhit.. ill" r.'Cii'.ileir with Waiiii r's I ei; Cielei sal -:. ai'itla. .- ii- w th puce 1 I- I HIMHK healtli. string I li. Ill- nlal .and b "blv I Ull!'. VOII III IV ll.'ll.' t" H' !! I l'-sflll V wiih ti e iiiosl at 'iil'C liiiain'i"1 prol'li'in- iif Iho hk". xx il In lit urct'k.liK hialtn and iiiiin I I. At Wink Iteiunilh il lliicr in il I'neil inatic ( iii-soii. Th-. i iv-s i iv of iii- in cei-secn I III to I I l le.W tho S 11 till'.' I f tho Wilt 1' Willi. I III- I'li'lV pe'llllls til 111" '..llllilM inch. Its ( M'. ct up ni Iti--in 'in- ' i" - iiii'l w. r'liior ii l!n' cnis.nn hsli'in CHI' 'I'lllly lie'! el 111 V.lli'lS W eU'hs. , n I Hies.' ili'ifis ai" s ''ia'' nil's von ri niis: th" Ir, .U--i:i "I i-e-s liiiiii-ui i-in cr ns d. th ii.'to'ii nf lh h ait b"- Ctelllt s ex. UN d. il id lll.lll p' l-nils b,- t n- ulVe-e-li tl b. wh.r is kt'i'Wii n tlu "cai-s ni eli-o i-i'." w'ii is a. c ti j atiii d by cxti'i lii" p.iili and in iiiiiii.v c. is -s iv- stills ill 111. ! Ol' ll M . ill.ople!. l ii'-.i'v-Ss. " Tile' IX ''lit I'll Hi wi'llill II lb i p pll'-l lllati.' I' .i-seri is weullia ii i t ii lit '-. r.iii-i'1 I'.tioi. dine' ub in- lh.' siirfai'i- eif th" wate-r is n ! 1 1 s v l.iicc rnuitu'i'il in layiu.t I lies did I I h'Ii eif ma-, nrv whi -h nr.' tee slip, nit the st I 'le lui i'. t ir a1 .b n i. Its li 1 1 ii - tn ii s and lay tln-min t lu ir propel n -ili i.-i. I'iiwi villi pumps. :,-,. '.-i-,-i:i.; mu-. r l:i 1 1 and lit iiiiifeenn pr. s-iii'.-. tl ri ljell I lb. S t III- I'll, llll!" T b-lilW. t l.-.'i- sieeiiully a sir. ni.i f i-aud iiii-I w:r r is-u -s w ith - i li .. h iiy fi'iim lb" d s rhiii'i." pip" Hi ei. in th-' tii-. lit (he. :r..- ti- 11 e.f III" lir i.'b' e ll ISI S It le. In .t liko n sir. :iiii' I livi'i'.: lir. . I'iirli -1'W is ail'itll l'1'll-l t.'l'.'". I llel !' til ' ilte'ilt iuvsmii-.. and nb i -i i i il iii'i-lf ul e'y j i-i li lie f woil, w.t'i an lo-r . wha n inlo's it 11. p Is b !' ll.'ll 1 tela' Iii- -- than a i.-w h-'ii's. 'lie walii' I'i'.'iu ti.ilinilt i- niil.v I,, pt limn i-nte-r- inu by the- st.-u.iy a -'i f lb-' ptuups bir nbeeto aii.l u-y..i. I lo-i r ci ui' ia d . All il'l'.'-.'ulal' ' Itle no '.1 til 'i! .'ti'iliirn luv titllle'tlll'.'. -"-ll' "lid 111- ll'SO. lit I'f till)'ii In- ail'. -' d In n it - 'lid iliul'T its . .pie'. 1 II 1 III. ell it" ill el j ' 1. 1 1, ie 1 1 U ill' tni, in -1 t I"- i 1 1-1 " . li the i-l"-!i'ui- ti.lll b - a ....' II lo .-' Ii ' cllt .'IV e.'.it -l.lee th i de i.Tid ).: II. i it,;. tii e h. nob r. lac.t i.b-l's in i-t b utid 1 Mi i : I -itid ft :: i in-: I- b.'-l.' i up by Ida- i u. Tic X'-at . iti-m in '-.' in st ic and I'l'Viila:'. A ,1. , mt d li .'e !' Iio-liac ti:.- lite - . ! tii.' " '.f. rk. I-, unit the xi iii le t In I -'I,-.- wi.h which tln-y hat . ne'e- inpii li d I h. v ! avo vin- di'l t.llti 11 i- r-l'lll el I.. , it o-e. Illlel lldllli- ratie'ii. Idle Hlllcll. N ul I- li't- "Hi tho pHivhl ur. M r. ll if. You art I'lio Mt li 1 , In' Ille' ( ianvtt lo'Hliii' 1 1 '- e'liiur- liedn f i .-s !'. . t In- w -iv. bulb's. I liu. .- n ... ,'n:,n.l ..,- .,-.i'. Why aro um like. r.ic i- i. rs .' Mi-...-s Nul "'.-.loi- il.i; picl.i i's oh wht. Mr. lout,:,'- (iari.'tt ll". tiu Ib-raiise ''nil iiiviil Wilts ..11 tile' -tn 'ji. j Mi-s Nub .id. r i ie ily: (liiib' xvorthj ,'if Vein. sir. j .Ml--, Nina .MH's'iMcr I ii k T. it'll Onlr lletll. in,- lii -l. I'll III I ll il. I . Mie'.lltt, I Iff. IC. 1SS". I Pate l'i-eti ii-iii,' Hi: i Moil i ll's 1'm.i.s I'.ii ll i' !a-l tltii I. li 1 1 al--, itntl il.oiih hate't.eee II i In- I'lliitll - il, i h.lte- l e-ta I' 11 iiii'I'ir 111 I III Ii.'i;-!-. e i - i.t tl, re.- tan- -. ie i ,-n tti' h.ttl ou i'U tii lid- , i I let, r.ti l.i. h tve -i lialii-hi-i let 1 t i,;.'! ee'i- eir ,e 1 1 1 1 1 M , I , 1 1 ' - I'H.I.S, Inn.- U-' .1 ihrfia ..i mi -e-i I'.I iiii ,,- llii e-i- a niLlr Inr ,t iiii'i-.ili, l..r lit.-r reehiplititii. ,t spep-ia llllll l eet.slij.illi.etl. l 1 1 ' ill I'll . I Till 1 1 p-. IS 1 1 1 ' l"!i. ill lli:e--!e..le. e.e,e ,,- nt.i llll 1 MitlKl'U': !'II!-Sii.t lil-- tl.ll'O.'ll -e e.Ilif. , UtX le I'iil- i- :i!i ll.e' ii.i iii. an . l -! it.- n-.piir,- in flit V. e ii-- li.eMi 1 1,, iiinal I-llt. i-eel.l- i al nail. hiii. m-ln--. ai.el :iie.i:ia- hlnntl. 'line i rtu li.iit' la:. 1. 1 liiill., ail the aline ei.lli l-la.lil.- He tl tea lew elat -. YV l l.l l iti W. It. SI i i.i.i a. ll fill eli-.If I,. 1.. Mli'y, I ear patn-hl ) . el. -ll lie.. I. l.tniri ill Tle.iip I f nil III.- Ile. a'e- eif I ' 1 1 . l- . . .'1 1 1 t .i nee ill tare- e ill. e , I. a i,. . , .-,. .1 e I e-.-a -l 11 t.i I In- i-ll,i!'-i .'s. liei-.t' e'l I l.l').' Iltl'l !'.! . -lit ll ,1 I- allt'llili-.l It II h an fin.: Ilie.e:- I -lea: el - I. the- e ,,111111-IIIU t . He..t ll'. le I, l.l- It- -i-rl.ill- It I in' ilnlll Itlilili I- I lie --i-i,.i:ei l:. i; .-' lll-sl- lllll. klle'tHI ,1- I l.ll-tllMlle'll. .111.1 l'H. I' lllllll -Hake nl ih iin-i inu .-ii. mi in- i. i ii. i. ia pillili'lel ll. .ilm, 1,1 llliil lift le 1 II I' 'i lien: in iilt-i le.l. a l..i--eel in- -iue--i-li lit i I ii l l pin .til. t- st-ia. nis I - i.t ki.lne i an. I 'on a ill- i it-.-, iiialaiiiil i ri ml .! a ail . Iii..i.i -It -ei,-i.a I Ir. I'l'-l'i I-'- I'l.-a-.'ll.l I'lllVa'iir I'l'ilel-llle- l I'le velitltf llll'l l ine i'f 111.-.- l-. The) itli- prn llll'l. -iin- llll.l eth-elitl-. plf.lsalit u lake, Hlnl iin-iiiii it hatiiiit . There nre im creitit'i' priiiles ih.-m il,tt-t W eellle 11 W I. el B Hue set Tel lllllll-. WlllNKR'S Cllein leilni"! ie' e.'.l fl-le. inlll el. siliele t t.nil tell llll - , Ilsftl llllle- lilts,,! Ml" lenrelt I. -r. l -II l.i l -. .lie "I-I. I I 11" ; - I-I. I ".'lh ri'liahli- " 'I :,. . eiiiij-i i-ea "s.-ti . i-m i a.' "Il.ips jtlt'l Uen-hei I :i-lni'i ." "I 'em.; . .Oiill iti- s-einiinii,ii li am. It ." "ll.tii- T. in, ." "I. o i a. I." fx filial ami Inf.- mil I -i . " I '. .-t. a--."' "linsf l -rt- on." f,,r I 'al.ti'l Ii. alui "l.ti - a I'ili - ." I'lt.t iin- I i'i I ll . lit II II. Wan., i A is... f V:illifl's .-.-iti- Itfltii .lie-, a el er"iii- IniViil.ilH'lis. All ill i-e-l - ki-i 'ill iire.-ile l f t lele lie f lie lit llior.l el'.ill ti-l l- 1 '-i" ' 1 '" "" Tile I'lHlltii-; I o-lel. It is fain i. el l. a --l.l'. :n! l I'i iI lit. lltM i'nliit'1 v- ill' ill Iin- li'liii i ! a I if. i i . hill i lit I ..e.ili'll .Me-.lle .11 H f.l : I ' lie H I'll ,' I Ujlelll II III 1...1.I I lialH. t.'l s. Win el 11-1- t . In i-it Hint Ii n'l i-i lie pi inn-ill " i'l I e n'l lifil. II IllllillS I" I'.' ...,. I. HI IU. I".. If.- I" f-Mlttlliili- In sell. I t.nttl tsfe.iti I ie :i t"l,ii 1 ne ! mi-l . imI p.-u-ni ei-a.: . n - i - u 1,'et hut .-,e.i to i'l " im : 1 1 .'l"l.'.ie- I. i " , ii,i-,',n-i', u ,':.'.;- st-li-in. Mr :.'.,:i...- la', ll Is a on-.' '. ' imi iv..icm j "' "',a'' l rt"" tVentnan's WiO-lt. Thi-rf Is noenel to the lie ks w liieli el ally oesn- rieenl lite cue eel lleeu-rwite. in mil nn i cs.-i in hnii-ekce'iuT. Ihe tii -l reiiii-ili' i- C" I lu ii in. 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Marasiiius, nnil Wast ing Pi-Ill dl'IS III' t'llillll'I'll, Sr en's I'siri mux of 'i:re ('ml Liver Oil with 1 1 VI" 1' ail-illMOS IS lllH't;lllllleil. 'I llf rilelelll) ii i-1: w Lie li t III elreii tn n lle-h iiinl ulreiiulit l: ) il .Me l t wtuitl. iti-.l. li.'iiel Ihelolniiv. ill.: "I II I. Il-e-'l . ei!,'.- lllllll Sielll HI e -l S elf link' I- i.tlil M tr.e-leins I.I le.ltu l it ml UllT. IHItl UV- I ... I, II...H I h , easeil Willi llio nsllll';; as In . vi rt i ns' t ..I- etiieiit ti us 111:11 ken' - J. SI. -M.iix. Nt it V.I K. W e i.:.,.i t in hearts of others when we open our ow n. Nn Urirti in r.-n's i nn- inr l onsiiini tain. ("Ill es w in iv ft her leliien lis lull, -.'ie, Ml.sii'. No. Ci r. yi'ii n ant raise ii crop or cioiiii i' l y iit.aiii it.: I' ril -e. il. THE ONLY 4 Brilliant Durable Economical Aie Diamond Dyes. They excel .ill others in Sire. nj;ili, Wily anil l a-nie--. None oiln rs ate U-t -is i;tsi l. Itcwaie of iniitaliotis tin y nre iti.ieb' of i heap and infciior in.iti n.ds anel (;ite pe e.r, weak, creefk) cobus. 36 colors ; 10 cents each. :-n ! . .. l et t..r i r-s-li.Sam.Ic r.erel. HefDriinns I e e I lliei; I'l'" I. s., tei tl.i.; lilli--t lllk e.t tlillPj (1 us. .1 ijxur, .-I. . I! ley I'iuiki-i e-i I v HELLS. RICHARDSON & CO., Burlington. Ifl. Ftr GilJing or HroninR Fancy Aitklts. t'Se. DIAMOND PAINTS. Cu'nl, filter. Brnne, Copper. Only 10 Cents. f CELERY ) COMPOUND 'ame s CURES PROOFS Neuralgia Nervous Prostration Rheumatism "ll ,. 11.' ne. ....'ie ,'f'tl I-r V t. t'h.ill .Hit e'll.-T I -t . ll.e- " 10,.. All . I s,..tit I lit, I. It 1 Kidney Diseases t rl- IV Cl-e-tl- ! .! has l-t m . I .. ' 1 All Liver Disorders :".:::,':,:'i I 1 1 jl ni I ll.t.'.-.o'.rt-, Vi. V's. I.ti'l CM'.IV 111. hi nil -. - - "ai-apa- ri In, "('oii'haii'li snmpliiin 1 cincily," "lions ntul Ihicbii, "H t r r t."- ''II n i 1 Ionic." -"I. iter I ills."- HI I .sl'flS " i I 'lll'l IIIS- I'llt'l'l r it'll! . '!.'ies ( icaiii, ' f ir ( aliurh. 'Ihey nre, lib Warner's " Ti ppi c.nii'i" tin' simple, i f f, i I'uv leiiicd cs of (he old I oj I libit Ely's Cream Balm rriei' .'ill I enlse WILL CURE Q AT AR R ijil) lillllll illtne m il lilt-1 r e I.V IIIIOS. , i Wettrrll St., N. V tut m i.i, am. Mt:inrit BICYCLES. Aliett nnnrntii '.lltt'KST I'ltK'KH. A. W. il 111' .V II,, llteitng.O. l.nrMeMl rot 11 1 1 ileirk In A mcrlri-l. : in OTTO, li'i'iry iirice iin. our uie Mnni. Ni In. " " " Mill. " " Ism ion. " - ' rsmi. " " mr" 41. in " " " it HI. " " l ID. 41 111 " " SSU II ' ' '.Tien lir.t-r iinte-k Also'iV'serisnil linnel Wheplt ItespKlr. lug Jt NiCeWeliiitf. liic'i:lt-t fc ouua Ukuti id IraUe. JONES PAYStheFREICHT 4 Tea Wm$m HeaU, lesi I.trt. Hud p.wtalet, Bim TUIMtlil p.ia B.i M 88O. Iwrt Mm Ai-tvl. fr rtw prUm Um ltH If IIM6HAMTII PJt;0lLUV-Jl "-t. '. Iti.l.t limn r"H"r Hi' " rillM " I If nl .e..1.r leaite e e'. ..,,.1 t e li.- Sr.,-1 l. le, l"r HlMslrl.4 nmmm0 fl Cairh Ihrm alUe wl; IF ft' Stynir's Sticky Fly BfB m VA IKK ni'iii iy nil nrutf af iflh t-r kph'iTii, or inuf ,f T. It. Hirer. AY llrrkmH ln ' (0 YEARS COWBOY. Knllff thrllltnfr H'lvrnturMi 1 lit l-mik yell hi- Im -lt I.H-kinir for, Imi dfl imt km-w h' n- tn v t. N rl AOO iMgfi, 1iautiiiill iH.tinil. IT AOr. . M.M.l.lKV It. knUtnwn.lll. FRAZEB AXLE GREASE ni DM!., Brit English Coul nt WtbI Bam. 34i raaa4. 14 rillfc letttM Sntt.rtiini ... II,, 1 ti-itluie-tet. Irml In. Neit'nre' Nn 1'av Tn lluiniiin- Hemrily lo., I.n In true. In I U r MT I D V . Hon I -kisessstn. nnlnM Fnrmn. link I'l-itinaiisliiii, Arm lleert'lllflllt telliiefit lit' Mill. I'ln-eilani frt-e llrrani'n olli-ue. 437 Main KI., Iitirlitln. N. V SBC VOII MlODICflO'' Ton are not. Mill. I WW MMIinihW I 7'' in in iMSi(y . wuirn (iti i UOVUthM .MK'U.TV, 11 ui ft, Minneijli, Mjdu. So lirstuniar ftufe-er RjlD "j'-r Jo., Holly. HI II af 91 Lit at haeeH inrt nuk- ne er. mtsnr. esrnrlnefc.i its ' lis UUeUJl ! eniTtr.lesrflM' lei lh.nrl.l I nhr, , I, fHta. irntii t.KK. AeblirM, IKeRA I u , Auetue., Maiut I 3.000.000 re linl sirlrii' lleerai ineel crettlin litnei Inrsnl. AUeiieu.OUUl.liV PeUltTKK.liallaa.Tr,. I''m "ii" IsaWiiitr tiT ira't to flv ils'ilan in KtibWr (!--t, unl at nit nr.i naif rmur Fxperirnr in ""'..a .''.1 e.'.t rem ,.. 'til l 1 : ' I ll't I"' r -- Mi -.1. I: -- SIM K. .,n I ..iii! " '. rn 11 s. lot i:.s ..1 i'...i..'- 1 eifts 1 e." a.. 111. el. I .a Tit t ein-ej d.iys. MrfliTRB' W ' i3Sfei ap sex. j 5 WET tito lo hi sorrcw Uifti It it narilly a tn-It-rr prutrrtioii than a fnon- juiio nt iuiif. n-'i ihut irri ctiat-Tin al Drtntt u Miiiy inifii mi, i.h ni fl If h dr not liMik rx ily l k Ahl..rilH"l'l?M HIUM: 'Sim r.i HEW iii'i ivft'"- n'i hh i f . '.rr:i-tlirratii:.'?iie. FRHSHt STRONG EVIDENCE. l'lollil't. fort Brroa, III . Mar tt. llll Lai Cartaf waa takro with lama back ait aaf l-raet Ksatlli. wai lanel iy Bt .larosa Oil aa ban betel aa ralitra ol pain jIAL'K UU.U.BF1I. (iUlr. ' Danw. Ill . T . ! I lalarael with pala In tack atsoat to aeoatka aio wiili b laat4 two alone hi I waa coro kf 81. JacoU Oil, oe tkara bi baao no iflm of Data WILLIAM TSHILt. rernianent. raatw. Mick . Mar It. IIM. A1.0HI Iba BrlD ol It waa ttke-n with arhtl ar J ptiul la blpl ami bark, waa t-aial hf ksl tle ol al Jacoba Oil and baa rttaamad prraaatat ,ln a CBKIB. rUHHtUL. AT ptOeJOIBTS ANb"PIALEEI THE CHARLES H.VOIiELER CO.. Dlllmore. Mil Diamond Vera-Cura FOR DYSPEPSIA. A fOUTlTB COS rcB 1NU10ESTI0N AMD Alt Kiomaall Tronlili Aniltit' Tliflierrtai. Veewr Vmfl'U ur llrmtui I f.l'T ui!l (T IVi'if Oera r.'f imi if ti,.f no'ii'i. hi '" .'. nr if ie i I Im trlO hi m.t .' nil rwijs' ' '.'' i". I ' !" "'I m j. tr..'f. "'i!.' .il i ' ' J'' :' ' THE CHARLES A. VOGELEfl CO.. Ballimote. 'ii- Blt I'lietllwlota lo Jelaeiuiae lui.iis- H S l IO DR. SCHENCK'G Pulmonic 3YRUP li liie r-Mc'-t .iii.l besl est ibbslir.l nie elicin-f-er tlii.'i l lie'.iiini'nl of 'i)ii-umiitioa and all .ili. i noils t i li.nn tt t 'n.'ti't nnel 1.nern liie tib-ri-lii. 1( It.e!.: tlie I.ui'fs of I'liruli nl ni-itter, e 'V.ins i'nel li.'.iK I!." S' e:e ;n ts, ; -I ri new blond .111-1 l.i'j. . i II i tll.'.tion, i'il'te Ills Ciller ll.'p.-:: e'f 111! i-ri Ii-i, nr'j'i liie- return i'l lb -.It ilfd tpuit, j:t'. where oilier re-n.t ilii s f.ol. i f-t f el In 'cn, for T'r Silii-iicV's nrw o , IJ( V ! .' t. iie.i; lii iu e t-n Hie l.tini;., IliS I ..'...oiel liie S'eiin i. li, v. :t!l I'-eir iIisi'.im t ,i;i.l i i:i.'. It alee. uiuls in t tiil't'iil iuluriiu- leell. il' I Will (JltU Vl '11 ielf.tS illlOllt lIll'SO nil r-fitis .m.l ti e lots t f be.ili!i yoe ti ier li. -I l ele.i". Sent fiee. V?.. C.CHENCK S MEDICINES: PURELY VCGtTABLE. PULMONIC SYRUP, JEAWEED TONIC AND MANDRAKE PiLLS fe- f.-r elf bv .ill ItrtiCi'i is. luil prinlrel :.' H- tl llll I'.H ll ' . I leV- Aililo'-S illl re. iin.i . .tiie mi . t.i 1 u. J. i 1. 1st bt'utk Ot Son, Mlli.le.i-.,,lel.l, I 'a. UUKtS WMtMt ALL HOC ruact. HI T i mi'. r ".'i i'j tiriik-t i-i-- 1 I believe Pisn's Curo f,tr Cuimiiiiil'tii'ii unveil inv life. A. II. Hnwn.1,, Mditor l'.iieiiiii'i. Kelen, N. '., April 'S, IW. Is Tbn HI-r I 'iiiiIi Medi I'iuo is I'lstis iTui: um ruNM'Mrni'N. biblreii tuUii il v it limit object iuu. Ily nil driij-'ijistM. U.M-. l i Lliiil vtntiet All tut ne'e rS:l !'.-', i .einrli (snii. I hsh s pI. I I 1 etiti'n... ,s.,!,l levilrtlfe-'lrts. WEBSTER .nonii tiit.rf W.-r ls mi l in iei li' yono nmro Illiin li.iuetes tlt.ttt itnv fili-r Ann ri. mi liieliniuiry. An Invaluable Companion in fv. rvS'l..'t-l iiii.l nt t y iy 1 ir.--i.le. .:.-! 1 1 f ail rs. I'.lu -trut. . l'ltiiif-iil.-t I- let fr. '. C.&C.MERRIAM&CO., l'iil,'r-,s. tiiu.-r.t'I'l,M-i- COMMON SENSt ounn For, BAY FEVER, ' i. ti. .. nail . i'id- tii. :t .-. ei-. . i '.-iiliiiiie-i!- rtirn nl e.f ....III. .1 Hit (" te. Itetlinif. t'Hrl fmw en 1 In-.iiie J ll i itr. tiiiWtss ll ..liter t. ei.. -ie.- fail ,i Htael art. t uiril 1. V fr laatti. ,s while I'.-, iv HKNT OS ;,'.'.','i',n! v'l'iiev 30 DAYS' TRIAL . I I. ..-tr et. I IvTHl - f Hll'l s ,.f t... e'-l I.HIIv-S S, let I lt-ii'lt tef 2 Cent C.-i:::i:o: Sense Cura Co., . : re St.. rhlfjif.i. III. l't JOHN T. LEWIS & BROS., WA II K A STKI) I'I'KB V!ids Lead, Red Lead, Lith?rge, Oranqt ' n-ral. Painters' Colors and Linseed Oil. I illl It ESP., sillKM K r.OI.11 ITKI). MARVELOUS 'SCOVERY. Anr b-oU IfiirnMl In nf rpsllii(. Ml nd wntiilrrinu t'tiri'tl. idCfiklnu It I mil linn Vhil iinltki Hrlitii'lnl i irm-i, Ilnrv ntnih iMiM'il hv f-iirrmp iin. tinmt in l'i-'in ntK ti- rum -("ihI. nri- t-lu- Irii.i.i tf, ith .-I'lniott or 1-r W in. llnti hiahH. Ibr w.-rl l-fniM' -t si-ti inlir-l iti Muni iim..( , jnirl I ii-ri-nli'Hl Tliotni nii ttuwr- a' Ivy Ii 1 Ovrmt,.l. U. Iliiikti'v. I. If., Kiltfr.-f ll.. ' (iVii i.f'i nt.-. It t.tvtrl frmlor th Ninlit. ui'l otti.-n. K'-nt 'Ht fr.siy SI60 Alien HlinK's Itiitirnt l ireulni .i ti- 11 ill Vlith 1' 1 ox lleltlll llivtl- '1 Ji- JsJylf-J linear siniiilta- issi'HJftifTlir, Il.sieiK H.-t t.erk 3tti&&lZ!iSi&''& an.l Iioul'ie y,.. iJi J--sssj,-: r rentrie Fri.-t,..ii 'f0iT'Pz Jissl. Manilla.;- -Be" !t--stc.r 1 ox lleitlti It Ktp-IM I'ri.'iN tt iibkii. Snl.-m. NMWHUsffrrire'illi-. ABTHhrlACUREDH tii Irrma n Anlbmit I urr tiH-wr :n..l' itHif1 r . . fi.. f rufl III lUOWir?-tr'PilrVtiell.f-Wl. 1 f ; ..! fI.mi i . t :T via ru rf w h-i-n. a 1 n hT tni a fl -fn-. r v.n"Mhm.ifkn'tft. I ru-P uV. ft" ! J i64 .M,'.tirtinfii-i-orvn.i.l. Sum l- l it KK Hs.4..Ksv:..VH We uti'r Hi in -n nit. i.Ls" Lrsi.a (tl'i tly It) Brai.'!il tint will li.t-p him dry in i'"' 1-iiJ.m nt r ii. It i r:M ! l li'H HMl i.ltAN.i f 1 !"K l .l:, m I'limc f.naui.rr :-i r-i. r VwAf.y n.i -.. i; .- U- -I. VV :i i. 1 1 I He'll eel lei. Ul- 5 PURE oi cr I VO WHITE J V ; S AiUAf a. p S '- i i P FARMERS X. rte.itts i iiim SAW MILL. . , it

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