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North Carolina Newspapers

The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, June 20, 1889, Image 1

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EI)f Cljatfjam flecorfr. l)c 01 Ij at I) am flecorii. II. A. LONDON, EDITOIl AND PROPRIETOR RATES 0- ADVERTISING TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, One square, one insertion Onu coiiare. two insertions 11.00 l.r0 - i fiH One square, one month - ONE DOLLAR PEE YEAB Strictly InXdvanct. For lurger advertiseuitnU liberal con tracts will be made. NO. 12. VOL. XI. nrrsBoito', Chatham co., n. cm junk 20, mx curt The First firanuVlilld. ''Orandmothcr!" called llio farmer, mul there COlllO Out lint mil tlejvino wreathed Hiri'lia Mils' -ing iluuio, Burprisil ami eager lit llio stiuitgo nrw 113111". The eliH'k wit liin lung fert'i llio chime for right, "A im-iii? Head It quick -how can you wait?" Hit husband, smiliii";, l:tmv upon the g itc, At arm' length holding in his trembling I111111I Tliu crisp, whit" sheet, iv hid' ho the writing SC"ihI, Tll'il I'l' I'l (IllCe lll'ill', with vicei almost un 111111111111: " "Thy gi'iunliluugliter salutes tlioo, "linliy Hell,'"' Mother iiikI child, thank (iixl, tiro doing well." A iioiu.'iil'ii silence on lh) proud twain ti ll hdie biol-t. it soon, "(iriiii'iriithcr I urn grut" "What, iiic!" Hi" 15 n mini crhsl, lifting his lint ariinlfiilhir? -mo? I hadn't Ihought nf Hint !" bum .1. Yes-fim, in neper's. IN THE NICK OF TIME. Mis Lily Suiiifi -1, it j 4 lit telegraph operator nt the Flood wn id station, sat before her talilo on which tlio l"legiaph instrument clicked busily, a thoughtful expression on her face. A fine whoso expression w:n its charm, tliut never could bo ruHeil pret ty, Imt tllilt, nevertheless, sugge-lcd 11 possibility only u posililily of being handsome. Fur there is a vast dilfer enco between pretty an I handsome. Pretty people si Mom know very iniicli; I ut to be linii'Isonio a person mud have bruins, mi inner 111 well ax an outer beauty. Flood wood Win 11 fui lot nly dciiolalo spot, ami one wlicioaity woman, except Lily, Would have been afraid to com", much less to stay alone all night with nothing but the Vtintl sailly sighing llir ugh (lie wiicsoveiliea I and lln-shrill shrieks of tin; wild cats away tip on the 111 1 1111 1 a ' 11 side to keep lor company through lur nightly vigih. Hut to her there was something fuscln aling in the very ile illation of the place. From cur ly childhood she hud been iiccustoinc I to commune w ith nature in her wilder Miotics, nii'l playcil mill wandered ill w ill ill the ii : 1 1 ti 11 1 :ii 1 1 ;;lt 1 is ami c;iuoiis. Willi no foolish oh) woman or silly nurse gill to frighten her childish senses with sto ries of hideous ghosts mill monstrous goblins, hIii! hail grown to womanhood nut orally brave ami fen less, In truth :ho iliil not umleistaml the meaning nf thu won I fcur. Her ullicu was nothing inoiu than a roughly built shiuily, seven or eight feet .quale, with a small window in each eml anil one in tho dour which faceil the railroad trae'e. It hail been hiinieilly put together with green lumber while the load v as in course of coiistructioii, with tlio intention of only using it ti'iti i in ily until 11 better one coiiM be built, but, 118 usual in such cases, it hud iluiin duty for its original purpose ever since. The rough, llnp.iinleil bon is Wcie I a lly warpu I ami shrunken by long ex posure, to the elements, ami in many places large knots had fallen eoinil.-lcly out. No doubt iii the w inter time (lie Idoak IlHMinlain wind cheerily whist led thioiigh theic many npuliiics, ami while one tide of the unhappy opcialnr was lining nicely browned like a piece of toast by the red hut stove the other side would be refrigerated like 11 rabbit. It was nlii'iit 1 o'clock in the morning when Lily icccived an order from the tliliu dispatcher, which read as follows: To Ol'KllATult, Kn lint il No. " J an ives. Hi I I No. 'Jl K. K. C. l.l receipt of this older she ilnuieill ill fly disilayed the red Mgrial light, which is fuiiiished all telegraph stations for this purpos ', in a coiispicuoui p'ace, in plain sight f I'assing liains, ami also where it could be H.-eii fn ln tin! cilice w iudow. The m ci s.-ily for this older mid posi (:o:i of the two tiaiiM, bii lly Hale I, are 111 foil, ws: N. had anUi'd at Silver fleck, tell IlliUs wist of I'l 'odrtood, 11 few niinutei aftci No. '.'I had : . e I K !.l -wood, which wai thirteen milei end of Floodnood. As No. Si wa lale and could go no on the telle loir, ac cording to the rules of the road, they would be compelled to lay at Silver Creek until No. SI ariivcd there, unless they could get orders by telegraph to ineft tlieni at s miii otlcr at itiun. Flood wood bcii'g the i nly inti 1 veiling tele graph ollice between tlio two trains, the dispatcher give the abovn order to that i-t itiiin, and 11s so mi as it w is properly acknowledged by Lily h i sent another order to No. 2'i nt Silver C:eck, which rcii i in this manner: To L'oNiacTOH asi Knoixekii No. 'J'J: licet No. '.'I at 1'liHklivi'ikl. Approach care fully. K. K. l The intelligent reader w ill readily uu dorstand that by moans of these orders Uu two Uvui would uivct catU ether at Flood wood ill perfect safety, uotw ith stnnding that one of them knew noth ing of the arrangement. To explain: If No. SI should urrive lirst, they would be stopped by the red I ghl, which showed that there were or ders for them a' this station. The con ductor and engineer would immediately proceed to the telegraph ollic, where the operator would de'iver them 11 copy of the order to hold tiiem fur No. Si. This would be aullieieiit, and they would wait until No. Si nrrived. 11 No. Si should 111 rive first, the execution of thu order would he yet more simple. No. Si would take si ling, and ns soon os they were 1 lear Li'y would be at liberty (o lake down the r d signal lantern, 111 1 allow No. SI to pass without stopping. No, Si having arrived, the olij 'cL of tlei order was ahead fullilled. If belli trains shnul 1 Inppen to arrive at the same time, the red signal would stop No. SI, and as No. Si had iiistruetiiins to "approach carefully," they would do so, expecting to lin I occupying the main track. Lily perfectly iindrrdood thu import ance of the older she had just received, mi l during the I11114 hour which worn slonly away she kept careful watch of the signal light which, however, con tinued to burn in brightly as ever. At last she heard a rumbling noise away in the west uhiili gradual y became louder ami loud' r and more distinct. l'.y this lime she knew thai No. Si was coining and would proliiibly get in oil thu siding before No. SI should arrive. 'l lio rumbling hecamo loti lei mid louder each moment; the earth began to tremble, and the pec uliar i m in the air which gives wauling of a rapidly appto.n h iug 1 1 lilt hummed loudly i l her ears. She began to feel unxioiis, 11s they were evidently coining at a high rale of speed, mid not appioaching as 1 an fully as their order had insliin lid Ihein; slut also had not heard the whistle which is always sounded hy tiains when ap proaching a slalioa, and this omission increased her that something was wrong. It it she was given no time for fur ther relleeliou, as the train now dashed annuel u curve not 11 hilmlied yards dis tant, running at full speed. I. ily lb out and stood hetween tlio tails sh inging her hand lamp wildly across I lie tiack and shouting at the lop of her clear young voice. Itut no at tention was pai l to her signal, thu train coming madly 011, with such a rattle and cla-h that it drowned thu sound of her voiiii. Thu routing, rudiing train was now upon her, and she barely had liino lo spring fioin the Irac't and e cape with her life. With a rattling crash and an awful rush of air the hissing, throhhing monster spe I swiftly pat her, whilu the clang, clank of the car wheels passing over a loose splice near by was so rapid that it resemliled the rapid haiiimei iug mi the anvil in a blacksmith shop. For a 111 i nt Lily was unnerved and benildered, but hii Idenly arousing her self lo action shn rushed into the ollice, ami sci.iiig a piece of tireliriek thai did duly for a stove leg, she turned and hulled it through thu window of the calnosj that was just passing. An in stant later the red lights in Ihu rear end of (he (lain had disappeared around a t-iii ve in (he nil, and the rat Ile of the tun -away (rain quickly lessened in thu dis tance. Lily's hear! throbbed painfully and she was seiz 'd with a sudden lit of shiver ing, which mod peisiina of delicate or ganizations ar.) subject to when under great excitement. As soon as she had somewhat rciovcrcd she went into tlio . ll'ue, and calling the train dispatcher, who answeied at utice, shu said: "No '.S passed at full speed and No. S I not yet ai rived !" "My!" telegraphed back the dis patcher as swiftly as his f lightened lln-gi-rs could f"i 111 the letters, "the crew mils! he aslei p. They will strike in that cul and pile up titty feel high! Heav ens! This is lieri ible!' Li'y Ihea weit on to explain that she had attempted to awaken them by throwing a I rick thr 11 li a caboit -e win dow and on hearing this the dispatcher opened his key without waiting for her to finish and said exci'e Ily: "Ibltl to the cast end of (he siding, and, if you see (hem backing them up, linen the switch and let theiu ill 011 the siding. No. SI is not due here live minutes, aad tin 10 is a cli iiu c for Ihein yet." "I have no switch key," sai 1 Lily. "lireak the lock Oh a hammer, a rock, or anything,' was the quick reply. "Hun, Ily!" Lily seied on old ax that was lying handy, and, with a vague idea that she inilit also uee.l the nil light, bhe took it into her other hand ami nY .v up the track with the spec 1 of the wind, lit the imminent risk of falling and breaking her neck in tlio inky darkness. Once she stumbled ami fell, ami the laukru was dashed (row her hauJ, nud. v.'o it rolling along tho ground far be. yot d her reach by the sudd 'il impetus which her fall had given it, but without pausing to regain it she sprang to her feet mid b mil le 1 on. The switch at tin.' end of the si linn was fully half a mile from the ollice, ami about the same distancu from the beginning of the cut. If No. SS could back in on the sid lug in time they would In safe, but if they utt'inp'ed to back down the main track pa-it tho telegraph ollice they were liabl 1 t) be overtaken by No. SI before going half the dis tance, as, according to Iho dispatcher' ligiltes, No. SI bhould now i v I) close. As Lily reached tho switch a pair o gleaming red lig'ils suddenly appeared aiound the curve i 1 the cut, and she knew that the train was .Vividy rapidly backing up, and (hat she had not a mo ment to losij. Fei ling for the lock in (lie darkness, she then struck it several heavy blows with the ax, which she still retained. Luckily, one of the blows taking elL-et, the broken lock dropped to (he giMuml. She then grasp"J the sw tch lever and lied to throw il ov. r, but it resisted her ill most efforts to move il. The (rain wa now only a shoit dis tance away, mid with the energy of de spair shn braced her feet against the switch standard, and, pulling forth her strei'glh in onu mighty effort, the ob stinate lever came ovi r w ith a sudden jerk and No. SS glided safely ill oil the siding. The shrill scream of 11 w histln was now heanl in the cul, and as soon as the tiain was clear she again exerted all her s'renglh an I threw the switch back to its loiiiier position. A headlight nun flashed mound the curve, mid a moiiieul laloi No. 21 lushed roaring along. Lily, by her hi. 1 vim y, promptness mid picseiice of iiiiml, had aveiled nleniblii calaiuily. At the ollicial invest igat ion which look place a few days later the entire crew of (lin runaway (rain acknowledge I thai they were asleep, and thai (he eon doctor had been awakened byabiiek thrown in at the calmo-e window. Thu only excuse they had for theii neglect of duly was that they had been on Iho road for thirty two consecutive hours without si -cp or red, and that Ihey were completely wiuii out. Notwithstanding the fact that the management of llie road was 1 esponsibl.i for requiring the ncn to run tin.' long double I rip, the entire crew were sum marily discharged for neglect of duly, as though mini's endui nice was all iufal ible bank, lo be drawn 1 11 at pleaMiiu! The Hutching of Lobsters.. Mr. II. A. ISrackctt of the Ma .s.iehu setts Commission 011 Fisheries ami (iaine is making arrangements to commence the 1 ropag ilioii of lobsters on the Alas-sachu-elts coast ( in ly in .lune. A steam launch has In en piuchased by the com mission ami is now being titled for this work. Mr. lhackelt has uiadu Iho drawing! for hatching Imxc-, and they are now I cing constructed. He expects to be a I li) to turn -I 1, 0011,11110 young lobsters into Ma-saehuscfts water this season. The experiment will be watched w ith a great deal of interest hy every onu iti'c rested in culture, as this is the lirst attempt made In propagate tho lobster artificially. The lobster fisher men are interested in the cxpeiiiiient, and have promised lo give all the aid and assistance in their power to help the projeit along, and it is from Ihein thai Mr. Ihackel expects lo secure tin fe male lobdt'is, and, as a feiualo lobster of twelve iiudii s in length carries firm 110,000 lo 10,000 eggs, ho will only re quire from IS00 to I 100 (.1 furnish the rcqu'tsile number m eggs lo make up the cnoimous manlier ho proposes to hatch this season. Professors, (iainicu w ill be detailed from II maid Colli go to assist Mr. Hraikclt in this gteit un dertaking. (Ii'iui Humor. Il w is at Tonqiii i. The young Count d j T , who w;n serving as a piivale i i a light iniantry FprtCi legiuii'iit, had his skull fracture liW a fVilVl dining an engagement with the Mack Flags, lie was taken up for deal, and unlived to the nmbulauce. "lie won't n cover,'' said the surgeon-major; "oao can sco the brain." Al this word, the patient suddenly opened both hi, eves. "You can sco my brail?'' ho a-Ucd; "I beseech y n, major, write at mice lo nppii e my father of the fact; he made me join tho army, because ho pretended 1 had no brains." Arijon t ut. Not an liiteiiliiiiiiil Sin ihl. Mis May Moriiiugsidc --I'm very sor ry to hear of your brother's death, Mr. V il I its ; but you'll pardon me it I say that I seo no reason to smile over it! Mr. Yorke Villon Oil, dc ir, 110! I'm not smiling, don't you know 1 It it inu-t be this eyeglass I'm trying to keep in! " A bju writer The Hteurajilicr, CIIILDKrIN'S (OI.IMN. A SAI) KKASON Foil TKAIW. There sat n silly little lass l'Klll a bed of JHisies, Her tears bedewo I the summer grass Ami tw inkl' d 011 the roses. 'Now, whv Is nil this Krief':''' I said, "An I all this doleful cry iik?" Tie- maiden sadly shook her heu'L And niiswercil, softly si;hlni. "All y sterday I wept," said she, "And tlcii t'ds morning I emild sou 'T was quite without a reason; H i now I mourn the stupid way In which I siicnl that lovely day The fairest of the sea on! d nr I denr 1 1 dear O d'-ar-Tho fairest of the s asoij !" Bo (here sic s it, the silly hiss. An I not limn emld content lu r; The losesand Hie su mil"!- hihss No);raiii of fort lent her; Nor any word that I could say Would ease her doleful crying. "I can hut weep for yc-terday," She nuswereil, sa Ily s hiiuc; " "l'wasnll si 1 fiHilish -tlial I ws A. i-u t Hie worst," s lid she: " T i- not iiiv ure ile-t suit w; I can not cut - I e intuit sleep -And all the day I wii'p, mul weep For fear I'll iv.s p to-morrow! ilcnr-i d'-ar ' dear - ( ) Hir I fear I'll w sip to morrow !" A'i"'' & Hmnslni'l in SI. .ViVAo'iis. A IIKNI- Uol llilltSK. "Hilly," a horse at (ached In a polici patrol station in lio-ton, has become known throughout the Hub by its liber ality. A nu mber of the mounted squad, while answering roll call, tics his horsi to thu post foi tiling onu corner at lie hea I of Hilly's stall, and, 111 soon as tin niiimal is fa lened, Hilly picks up t mouthful of bav, fui ces it through tin iron grat iug about his stall and waili until his guest hai eaten it. Then hi rcp'.'ats the I'j cralion and i onliiiues his hospitality until the olliccr returns foi his horse. Hilly began In do this early in (ho fall, without a:iv suggestion from the men, and he docs it twice a day, much lo the satisfaction of his vi-i:or. Mo Yur'c Willi, .1. A l'.T AIlKI'IS A KAIU'.IT. Squire .1. T. Mulkey has a eat that possesses motherly iiffoclioii, though sh( hits never had any children of her own. The other day, in her rambles, she dis covered a net of young rabbits about the sizu of little kittens. So pussy grabbed ouu in her ituuit h and started homii with it, her tail straig'it up in tin air, iiianifciting a high degree of cat pride. For i 1 hours she nestled mid purred around (he baby rabbit, as hap py as a little girl witli a biby doll. Fi ually some one of the family took the rub bit away, and put il in a box where it coiil-l be fed. At first Mrs. Tabby mourned for the loss of her baby, but after awhile she slatted ulT t it I brought back another rabbit from iho 11 est , and she lakes great motherly pride in wa'ch iug over her new found haby, ami if sin could feed it her cup of feline happi ness would evidently be full. 'JWcm ((it ) Mhos. IIOW IllliUS THK AT Wlll NMs. Some very interesting ob-crvaliixis m ule by M. Fatio on the surgical treat ment of wounds by birds were recently brought before the Physical Society ol (leneva. In (h 'so il was state 1 that the snipe ha I often been ohseivc l lit re pairing damages. With its beak and feathers it makes a very creditable, diess ing, and even has been known to soevre a brok"ii limb by a stout ligiture. On one occasion M. Putin kdled a snip which had 011 the cheil a largo dressing composed of down from other parti of the body, and securely lined to the body by coagulated blood. Tw ieo he had had snipe w ith interwoven feathers on the site (f a fracturouf one or other limb. The most interesting example was that of a snipe both of whoso legs he had unfortuiiate'y broken by a mis directed shut. II only r covered it on the follow iug day, when he found that the poor creature had contrived to apply dressings and a sort of splint to both limbs. In carrying cut this operation some f athers ha I bcconio entangled mound the beak, and not being able lo use its claws to gel rid of llioin, it was almost dea l from hunger when found. In a case recorded by M. M iginii, a snipo which was obsciveil to Ily away xx ith a broken leg wai subsequ uit ly found to have forced the fragments: into a puallel po.itioit (tho upper frag ment reaching to the leg joint), and they were secured there by nii'iius of a strong band of feithers and moss iuter iiiinolcd. When Spaniards lime SnU'ragp. There me elections in Spain, but uni vetsal sulTrae is not ihcame 1 of. The franchise is peculiar. A Spaniard, to vole, must be of ugiyloiiiici led Sa years, contributing S5 pesetas $. as a real es tate tax, and double that as an industrial tax. Politicians in power do 11 l try to increase voten, but to diminish their number. M ulral, xvilh -100,0110 popular t ion, has an actual register of 13,000. All parish priest 1, nil I their curates, members of academies, and ecclesiasti cal vli (pier vau vote, PORPOISE CATCHING. A Successful Harpooncr Needs Courage, Skill and Endurance. Methods of Securing the Fish and Trying tho Blubber. Along (he coast of .Maine (here are several places where porpoise catching is eaiiiidoii extensively, audalToids the principal means of support for unity of the people living in thosu locali: ics. The 15 ly of Fuudy is an especially good fish ing ground, and I id an Heidi, bonl.'r ing 011 the waters of the bay, i'l more or less occupied the year lound by whites and Indians who do little (I.e. For yens the I'assanimpiuilily Iudia.i.s have made a pi act ice of cam i ig 011 the and ap Iji ig themselves ussiduoiidy to poioise bai pooai'ig ami shooting. The in'cr lish are the fattest and gi.ethe most oil; that is the valinbl" part of the cati h. The largest porpoises are about seven feet long, will girt liv.j feet, weigh .'(Oil pounds mul over, and yield fioin six to seven gallons of ml. The blubber is mi inch or no thu I. in warm weather, but in Iho winter dnible that. A fat tih's blubber will wiigh about 100 pounds. Tim Indians do (heir wotk in much the same way now 111 Ihey did in eatly years, I In: most primitive methods prevailing. In li ving out the blubber the appliances, ate of the rudest kind. The tins air built am nig pilm of sti iies, over w hich iron pots me hung. The blubber ii cut into small pieces and slowly united. The oil is skimmed into j u s and cam, mid when pure is Worth '.10 cents a gallon. The bed oil comes 1 1 .nil the j iws of the porpoise. The jaws are hung up in the sun, ami the oil drops down into a ves sel, each pair producing ab nit one-half pint. Watchmakers and others using a very line oil lake it in preference lo all other, and il commands a big price. The blubber oil Kivc a good light, I for years was burned exclusively in llie light houses along the coast. In ag I reason an Indian will catch nearly SOU porpoises, each yielding about three gallons of oil, but m-isl of them full a good ileal below this, as they arii no) over-pan ia I lo lab ir, and, us long as the returns of une catch will last, will loaf around the ramp rather than go out ngtin. Thu custom is to gel a few gall 01s of oil, go to Iho near est maikcl and si II it, then "rest" till forced by necessity to make further ex fit ions. The poipoisc's flesh is much like pork when cooked, and is a staple article of food. Tlie bravery, skill and einluiam o de manded of the poip lite c ill hers in Iheil wol k is almost unknown to I he outside world. In the morning, w hen I he men are going "porpoisiu, " the w omen and children turn out In see the canoes ulT. Kaeh It ;it hat two men, and when a storm conies up while they me out, or they ate unu-uilly late coining in, there is great anxiety among thosu on shore It takes years of training toin ikea good porpoise huu'el, and tho big boys begin by going out with the ex pet iciu cd men. No mutter what the walei's condition, bo it rough or smooth, if then: is a trip contemplated, the start is made. In calm weather ihu blowing of Iho por poise can be heard a long way, and guides the Indian in the right direction. Shooting is the most successful met ho I of killing the tish. Long, stu ioth bore guns, with big charges of powder and double It shut areu-cd. As the lish is tloaliiig, swimming, and diving about the water, liisl on tho sin face and then below, the canoe is pad lied as near a possible. Then, as the porpoise lifts himself to dive the gun's 1 -lunge is let Ily. There is s hb iu a f.iilute In make a sure shot, but ill' lish is speared In stop his lloiiuditing about in tic, dying stlliggle. It is then landed in the ca non by gt.'isping the pecloial I'm with one baud, sin l.i ig a couple el lin o-i . in llie blow hole, and dr:i::i;iug il una li e side Instill wa'cr this is c.i-v, bill when a high sea is t unning the iiinb r taking is hud and dauuvruiti. S. links are plenty, and their tins ai almost always visib'e, lulling the water as noon as a porpoise is wounded, the blood ill! la tin:; thrill. No en I of stut ics tire told of men having had their aims bit oil by a shark while they wcie leach ing into the water tn secure a porpoise, but old fishermen sc. lT at such a thing, and pay no attention to the dread ocean monsters, as they almost rub their noses against llio sides of the canoes. St. I.ouin til-'liC- ' mi f it. An llxoi bitant Charge. ConvV esceul "ll.'ctor, how much do I own you for saving my life? ' Hector "Sixty dollars. " Convalescent "Sixty dollars!" (with an air of conviction) It ain't worth it." h'l' ch. A houso kept to the did of display it impossible to all but a few women, ami their buccess is dearly bought. The Wind Illast nf the Avalanche. 1 knew well, for an holiest fellow told me that he was driving his sledge with two hor-ei on the Albula Pass, when an avalanche fell upon the opposite; sidu of the L'oroe. It did not catch hiin. Hut the blast carried him and his horses and the sledge lit one swoop over into deep snow, whence they emerged with dilli- cully. Another man, whom I count among my friends here, showe d me o pot in the Sehanligg Valley (between Chur and Sticla where one of his female relatives had been caught by tin l.awincii Duitsl. She was walking tn church when Ibis happen "d, the people o1 her hamlet hiving taken llie same path about a quarter of an hour before. The b'asl lifted her into the air, swept her fn 111 the road and landed her at the top of a lofty pine, to which she clung with great despcra'ion. 1 he snow lusiien under her and left the pine standin ;. Il lulls.) have been mi inconsiderable ava lanche, lb r neighbors, 01 lh"irway hack fioin chuieli saw her cluli hing loi bale life lo the slender apex of the tree, and rescued her. .Many such cases could be mentioned. A roidmak'r, named Schorta, ibis winter, was blown in like maimer into the air bdowlh iil in tic Kngadine, and save I himself by giap plmg loa til- I lee, ebe he would have been dashe I tn pieces against the face of a precipice; in il was he unly lo- his bat. I have I ecu shown a place lu-ar llins, ia the Hhine Valley, 11b .ve Chur, whi te a iiiiller's lioii-c was 1 an ied bodily some instance niiouon me air ny uie l.awinen llillid. lis inhabitants wile all killel except all old 111.1:1 about six y and an in taut of two years. Again 1 may mention that the tower of the luonas'cry al Hissenlis was 011 one occa sion blown down by the same ciuse. Cases are heqiieiilly met. wiih where walls of lent es, windows and door-, have been sin ished in by the will I of avalanches falling on the opposite llink of a narrow- taviiie. 1 have inysell seen a house wreckel by a Sl.iub Lawine, its roof lentiiveil in one piece by I he blast, and its Ice k wall and 0110 side stove in by the weight of snow and stone and tiles which followed. Itotitaiiee of (he Sunlit Sea Islands. A roman tie story comes to Wa-hiiig Ion from Tahiti, in the South Sea Islands, in which the I'liile-I St iles consul and a native prime-- Ii 1111 e a i I ho piiiicipa's. Tne cotsul ii .l.uob ,. Doty, a young 111 111 of twenty-two who was appointed to his present p idlion about a year ago. Young H dy served fur some years as a page in the S uate, and when be a-ke I for a pi ice in the consular service, all the lit -lubcis uf the body, Kepiibl icans and lleinoei.tts, gave, him a coidial indorsement. Shortly alter his arrival in Tahiti, Mr. D'ly, who is a bright, handsome young man, made the acquaintance of tin; Princes! I'abuia. The 1'i inccss is a beau! iful and accoinplishe I lady, about eighteen years old, a id a pet feet blonde. She is the daughter of Lord and Lid H'Aicy, her mother, Lady ll'Aicv, being a native Tahilian prince s, mi l lur f.. titer an Knglish 11 iblein in of distinguished an cestry. Pi i.iccss I'alnna has had all llie advantage, uf a continental c liiculi u in France and (ietinaliy as wel I as llngland. She is the pn-se-sur uf immense wealth, being in her own right, the largest properly owner on Ihu idand, with vast cocoa plantation, and pearl fisheries; valued at millions of dollars and fin 1 lur tcccives a laigo annuity fioin France under treaty stipulations. As may mil urally be supposed the l'titi cess has not lacked suitors for her hind, but she threw theiu all over for Iho young Ameiican, and ia. a recent letter from Mr. H.dy to his mother in this city the announcement is 111 ule ol their be llolhul. Lord H'Aicy, it Is said, de sired that his daughter should matt , in her own station, but I ke a sensible 111 111 waived hit objections when he saw what direction mallei's wcie taking. I he fact is, the young man can boast a linci;o quite as l"ii:; as his pi os pei I i e l.ilhi in law. II is a giati Is.ui uf l,o. Melbourne, who was half a c'lilury ago IJueeu Yi. toii.i's p' ime minister. He is also related to t he Wallaces mid Mi Flier sons and other families of nolo in Co at lit itain. 'o, 1,1 i'l-sl. All Aesthelie Tasle. Miss Notihcole Uni'l you adinirn decorated plates, Mr. ( Hduiansiiui i Mr. O ilinansiiili Indeed 1 do. Miss Not ilu oie. Miss Northcnle- What style of decor ation do you most fancy ? Mr. Olduiaiision Hash. Very '.rlslocratlc. "I have been trying for years t be a thoroughly aristocratic as you are, my dear." "Yes, Amelia." Well, I'm about to reach thonclitua al last." "Ah!" ""Yea. The doctor says I have nyiup touib uf the gout." 2'iMW. Tho Silver Lining. Above my held, beu.-ath my f.s-t The blin k clouds roll iii fury by: I ghiiic us far as eye cuii sis-. And naught but storm clouds till my sky. No ray of linht, no sunbeam rimiing No glimmer of a silver lining. About my soul and 011 my heart, The shadows fall ill sih-nee Kr in, The iniirkey clouds have ti led my brain, And left my weai-icl visio iiliui. My soul in ni l ( and who repining. Can ws' no t;l liming silver lining. t'louds of the past but roll nway. To let tin- pr-'scnt glisiiu iqip'-ar; While future years l is., ilark mid stein With threarningeloii l le ads far and near. The baud of bii- tuv M iles niug, ui-es Hie I1le-s.1l silver Inline;. lioll oil ll Il k clouds W illi Cl'icf oopn-.vsld1 Thy vaporing misls nu.-l pa.-.s away. The .mil Ijearsbiit itsd stine.l lu.i l I II sullen hol l ow s 1I1, by day, K Hele iiu bi i i by mists cut '.cuing, Mu. I yet diselo.e I he silver lining - .", in.l If .'. 'foil. Ill MOKOI S. Consumptive's e.irl stage Aback. Were the dead l.i'i vii ( , talked to ii.. 'itb; A foul lip - I'li iii'! lb- w.i br with u lead quartd. N it lire's serial slnry - -Tin; spinal col umn, continued in our necks. The frutii ier .111:01 who shot an Indian corpse ilidii t know it wa , Lo dead. The 11. an who male himself a new tile out uf fur was fur-lib' in resuuicei. When a man gue mi' for a "pin'" nil the m id he should Use a "top"' bug-!'V- lie Hi, you like lo lib: ia llie taint She Yes, e p.i ially H it is a driving slut III. Tn tiso (he language of gu-bing youth, the very pcrl'cclion of the beautiful is the stiiilo which now adonis the hoc of Hie -Cllsid'! lintel keeper. Mr. S oflleigh (appl ouchiiig Ihe point) - " The senti tils 1 hold Inward you, my dear Miss Koi ne, me so tender that 1 cannot expr : s I belli !" Miss Ixeene "Then you might si lid Ihein by mail." Pupil "Teacher, kin lue an' Hill go an' git a pail o' xvnt'T '" Alkalosis Schoolmaster There you go nvjnin. llow miiiy lions have I got to till you that il ni'i'l goo I grammar In say me an' Hill ;" Pupil --" What ml I In say (" Ten bet " Hill and me. C in'l 1 never learn you nothing." Ilabils nf Iho Heaver. Having to pass thu newly mil do lumber camp ol'lcii, wriles a Michigan coi re spiindeiil of i''.mt mi l S', I saw that the leaver h. d two nr three dams, and a huilsc built, all in s!ianio spend the w inter. The man w hu can u d lunch lo the it several limes saw the beaver al work carry big birch and alder slicks into their winter slure hous s. He said hu w ilche I them one d ly for tin hour, ami this was in the 111 Id Hoof the day. In November, alter il froze up, I set two tramps mid caught 0111: leaver, another bloke thu chain lo my trap and got away under thu ieo. Thinking he might have got last with Ihe trap and drowned, I be k t wo boxes with me inn! day, and 1 ail a number of holes through! the ieo along their mad. As the walcr in their liltll was unly two or tlllej feet deep 1 iiitlld easily see the liilloni, lull cuuld '.ml my trap or b -.ivcr. A) a last re oil I cul a hole in the d un. so as to haw the wider u!T. In ab uil an hour the petid had I iweri'd a foot. The In av. r ciniio out of their hiding plans mid made sh iiehl for the ho'o in their dam. We saw lliree of theiu, a id its Ihey swam past the holes we had cut in the ieo we caughl two young ones, two thirds grown, by the tail .and pulled tlulil out. l l the ice they wcie help-le-.s. They showed Ii ; 111 bill did not in ike much ( IT n t to e-c.ipe. The other was an old fellow, and we tried to catch him in Hie s.uue w.iv, 11 11 I It el hold of his tail times, Imt h" was ton sluing. .In I then a biluler hupp lie I thin" wilii il ;un and shot him lot lis. We wcie ei ;bl in I from li"ioe and hud tin way lo can y the two lue hcav.T, mi we foolishly killel tiiem, and I have b.-eii sorty many limes sine", as 1 think they might hive been lam d, nr I could have sold thcui alive for double what I L'ot fur their hides, S.'l eacli. Tho old j one weighed thirty pouud i, imd thu i hide b might me ti. I caught une twn I years ag thai weighed fuily-uinu pounds. Whence Hie Politeness. "Why don't you say 'thank you, Johnnie, when you are handed any thing f said Mrs. Hruwii at the tnhtu. "Your sister always says it." "Yes," replied little Johnnie. "Shu's; a woman and alwayt wants tn have thu Ifcst word." A I'oilunale Pentli. A Kansas mail bad a comparatively easy death the other day. Ho expired pl.t as he entered a railroad eating; house. Five iiiiuulcs later he might luivo tackle 1 a railroad sntnlwich. Piov idyuco, is more iful. Uuffdo Expntu

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