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North Carolina Newspapers

The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, September 28, 1893, Image 1

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Sl)c l)atl)am Hecorfc. ii. A. Xonijotn, " EDITOK AND rROPIUETOK. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, KATES ADVERTISING One square, one insertion- f 1.0 One square, two insertion 1.68 One square, cne month 8.60 For larger advertisements liberal ecu racts will be made. $1.50 PER YEAR Strictly !n Advmoi. VOL. XVI. I'lTTSBOUO', CHATHAM CO., N. C, SEPTEMBER 28, ISM. NO. .". (her An 1 Over Apiiin. Ov t ituit over ngaln. No mutter wlii'di way I turn, 1 always liiiil in tin- K iok of I.ifo Some li-s-t hi I hnvi to l'Nirn. must tuk" my turn at 1 1 1 mill, 1 nni"l grind "lit tin- golden grain, must work at my task with u resolute will Over and out again. Wo 'Miifint measure the need t)f even I In' tiniest Mower N'T -lii'c-k Hip ll'iw of the golden sands, That run through n single liour. Dil tho morning lcw inut fall A i I tin- ."mi and tli' summer ruin JliM .It tln'ir pint, mill i f.irni it all liver ii 11.1 over aaiu. Over mi' I over iu-hIii, Tin' I'ri' ik through the meadow flovs; Ami over iiml over ngnin Tin' ponderous mill-wheel goes, On.'i' il'iiiu; will nut suAVe, Though hang !" not in vain; And a III.- :i ; biilinu' u oli.-e nr tvvlco Jliiy ''"iiiil if w try again. Tin- path tint liatli oneo Loon trod I- IH'VIT S I rollKll t'l the foot ; Ami tin' I' "n wi' Dii'V liavo learned Is ni'vr s i Ii inl to repent. 'J in Hitrh . rt w Ttil ti'.irs may fall, A 1 1 1 u 1 1 nr s mis In hear our cries, Till' . mi-and tempests, wi'uei'lthi'm all. T i I'M'i' iii' ii- or Paradise. SMOKY ROW. HY IIFl.KN WHITNEY CLARK. "Very passable ii)iurtmr'rits very jinss ;i ;" Hiil Mr. ('ultlmni, eon- ili'. icliugly. "I hardly think wo run do an v better, Nora?" "I ilmi't see how we I'lmlil, I'm sure, papa." returned Norn, demurely. And so Mr. Calthorn and his pretty daughter b-o.ame inmates of Mrs. Cnt- -rill's "rfl at boarding-house" in Sllioky liovv. Il'i it got its name, lioluiily could fi ll, as tlir appellation of "Smoky" ah equally applicable to other lm;l 1 iiiifn in f Ii" rity ; 1 ? 1 1 there it wns a lnii! row of red brick houses, eaoh lent iiu nt exactly like its neighbor, ouch with its iloitHe hall-door, two tioiit windows, mid (light of n ilo.i II stone steps. I'loin ii hack view, the houses were counterparts iilso, eaeli having a olie Ktory kiteheii iittuehed, with a snia'l hiili -'oi'''h, ii liyilrnnt in the yard, mid ii eiinl linn. i near llie pate, opening in to tl II. y. Mr. Ciiltlinin wnsn lino-looking, cl .1. ly gt nth-man, with n gray moiis t.u'liv. ii choli rie f in i ifr, mid a doini li" l ino imuiiier fficntly belied liis niil kindness of heart. Norn resi'inl'led her hiindsonie fat h" r to mi niu'oiniiioii defrree, having t In' saliu l ieli eiilnileioii, lrishddue eves and warm, i eddirow n hair, tlionrli hhe ha I not inherit"d his niifol'tiiiiute feiiij'i r. Ii'ivim; a aunuv, if lit -lion it if ilisposition of her own. Mr. Ciillliorn was reinliier tlie iiiorn in.o lulier, w hile hi (hliioliter leniied cii the window-sill, at his elluiw, idly Wntehiiio the lu distrians jostliim eaeli otln r iiloiio the n il'low sidi rtalk. Suddenly .she divw hiiek, a hwift Mush, like a ihin;,vr-sioiinl, stainino In r eh"ek. The eauso of her alarm was nothiiio; Juoie for iiidulile than a tall yoiino man, with n droooiuo luown uniui-taehe irid a pair of i ry dark eyr, known as "miiiieiie," whoi.e fj l'ltii't-s had met her ow n n lla-h I' ii 1 1 n i i i n t i mi . Tuii'o liefore that Nora had eneoun ti fed tl:.' same vuuiiif liiaii, who was lei'.i ls.iui eiioii;!i t: turn any girl's head, mid each time hin eyes hud looked lioldlv yet resieet fully into her on 11. 'W ho eoiild he lie?" she Wolidel'ed, hall vexed that she eoiild not repress tli" thrill of pi. ii-.iire at his evident in terest in herself. "What are you doino in my room, fiirV. di ni uidi d Mr. Calthorn in a thieateuiiiH voiei . Jlo leid returned from an evening htroll with his daughter, to find 1111 intriider in the very centre of tho l oom, coolly pi purine; to lay aside his coat. It was vet enily ill the evonimr. The street lamp had ju t lieen lighted, and the room I'ciiiL.' in partial darkness, only tl ntlines of the hold intruder could lie discerned. "What lire you dnin hero I say?" Mustered the irate proprietor angrily. I!it the culprit, whoever he w;u, neeiiH .1 to he nunc eml'iirrussed than frightened. "I I Ii.i; your pardon, siv! I thought ii w ns my room he stammered, apoloo. tienlly. lint Mr. Calthorn was not to lie ap peased. "Thoiifrhl it was your room indeed! A likely story !" In scoffed. "liiityou w ill not pet i IT so rie, ily, let me tell i von. IJnn down stairs, Nora, and dis- j patch some one for a policeman. First , solid soiiio ,.f the hoarders up here to li Ip me di lain thi l'Ui;liir if he ut-j telil Is -cape. ! Mr. Calthorn struck a mutch audi JijJiU'd the s he poke, and Nua, lookinu; with frightened eyes over ln r father's sliouldor, at oueu recognized the intruder. It was the young innu with the dark oyes and droopino; liruw u nioustm he. "I u m not a lnirulai', sir, ami I t-hull not attempt to escapu," esilaimd the licensed, with ipiict diyuity. "1 have a room in this row of buildings. No. 13, and my preseiici here in owing sim ply to a mistake -" "A mistake hn, ha! A dear mis take it will prove for you, y oung man. linn, Nora" "Oh, papa, I mn sine he is not n linrnlar!" faltered Norn, earnestly. But her father turned on her fuming with wrath. "Do as I hid you!" he commanded, sternly. And Nora hastened down stairs, not to call n policeman, hut to rush wildly for assistance in another ipiarter. She quickly returned, accompanied by the luudhiily of No, 13, who promply exonerated the supposed bur-fchir. "Burglar, indeed !" she shifted, dis dainfully. "Why, it's Mr. Lionel Luthellyn as has boarded with me on an' (ill for the last five venrs. And as for him a-being in your room, such mistakes hnve happened afore now in this row, where each house loohs exnetly like every other." "I suppose it's all right and I am at liberty to leave now?" interposed Mr. Luthellyn, casting a grateful glance at Norn. "Humph! I have my doubts about it's being nil right." retorted Mr. Calthorn, gruffly ; "but if it really wns n mistake, ns run say, young mull, I would ndvise you to be more careful in the future. Such mistakes have an Hwkwiivd look." The Ian lladv gave mi audible sniff, mid marched from the room with her chin ntan angle of forty-live degrees. lblt Mr. Luthellvu bowi'd courteous ly, stole another gla'ice nt Norn, and took his departure with b isiirely dig nity. "An inipud"iit young puppy," com mented Mr. Calthorn. severely. Ami Nora felt 'that her first romance had been nipped in the bud. it was thn r four days later that Mr. Calthorn arose at mi earlier hour as was his custom, li t 1 hi t cold bnth made a careful toilet, and went out for a brisk walk and n breath of fresh nil', to get up a good appetite for breakfast. lie had gone rather fiirthorthnn u-u-al, and was beginning to pulT a little with the exertion of walking, when he discovered that he was in the rear of his boarding-house, and resolved to take a short cut and cuter by the buck way. He aci'ordiie.rly crossed th" alley, open d the back gate, passed the hy drant and the one-story kitchen and entered the dining room through a door opening on the buck porch. The room wns acalit, but the table wua spread in readiness for break fast, while the appetizing odor of coffee an I broiled ham, from thi culinary de partment, gave promise that the mini Would soon be served. Mr. Calthorn accordingly helped himself to u chair, drew th" morning paper from his pocket, uii.l was njunit t.i glance over its columns, when brisk footsteps sounded in the hull, uudisoou a tall figure loomed in the doorway, but halted on the very threshold, as if rooted to the spot. To Mr. Call horn's surprise, ho be held the countenance of Mr. Lionel Luthellyn. The young man started, the older one scowled. "So, ho, my young soupegrueo ! At your old IrieliK aguin, hey? Another mistake I suppose !" he scoffed, Mireus Hut tlie young ni'itpegrui'e" smiled good natnredly. "It certainly is a mistake sir," he returned ; "only the shoe is on the other foot thistiine. It is your mis take, instead of mine. Mr. Calthorn's. tim id countenance turned crimson, and his gray mous tache bristled with wrath. 'My mistake - my mistake!" ho shouted. ,;Vhv, you young jacka napes, you -you - you "Dish up the break fust, Hetty, mi' bo quick about it ! I hear the young genileiiiiiu a-comin' down!" cried a shrill voice. And with a gasp of consternntion Mr. Calthorn realized that he had actually entered the wrong house! Overcome by chagrin, he cowered in his chair like a convicted criminal. The tables were turned indeed, and here he was at the mercy of the young limn whom he had been reviling as a scapegrace mid a jackanapes. Swift footsteps were heard approach ing, and the unfortunate victim of his own carelessness felt tlint he was lost. I ,i 1 Lionel LutheHvii was eoiial to the occasion. "No one nei ds to know anything about it," he whispered, renssuriugly. "Only keep cool." And as the landlady, followed by Hetty with the hum and coffee, entered the room, he was saying, in a loud voice : "Thank you so much for e.illine on -tnc, Mr. Calthorn! And now il you sjt Up to the table all. I have br- akfu I with me, 1 shall feel that I am ipul" forgiven." The invitation was accepted, and under the combined nil! hi in f the coffee, (he broiled hain, w a rin rolls and other accoinpaninii nts, togith. r with his escape from an eiiibiirrnssiiig posi tion, Mr. Calthorn recovered his Oipiaiiimity, and proved u genial u guest ic- heart could wish. And what more could he do than to extend the hand of friendship to the young mini who hud so inngmiiiiiiious ly "heuped coals of lire" on hi.-, head! And it was not until after a certain wedding, which took place a few mouths lat"r on, t hit Mr. Calthorn. much to his surprise, learned that his soi-jn-law, whom he hud once ic'eun d of being a burglar and hoie-obr. aker, was really the sole owner an 1 proprie tor of "Smoky How," although the fact was not generally known among the tenants. Kven Mrs. Whyte the landlady of No. 13, was not ii ware that she was bonrding so important a personage. Saturday Night. A Seoul's Close Call. A friend ot mine who knows the ox pert Kind intimately told niethe other day of a thrilling experience of Doc tor V. F. Cnrver in the unsettled part of Minnesota while trapping with a companion mimed Jiivwster. Tie y ha 1 a "dug-out ' in a little valley and felt secure in this against a reasonable number of the foe. Lute one evening Cnrver wns alone in the dug-out mak ing biscuits. He had thrown all his weapons aside, and with sleeved rolled up wns working the dough, when a shadow wns cast from the entrance of the little cave. Thinking it wm his comrade, he said : "Hello, pm-ticr, you are back soon." In guttural tones came back the reply : "How Koola," and turning he saw three Indians, White Anblope, Whistler and Fat Hear, nil well known chiefs. Tin y had noticed that he was unarmed, win in terested in his occupation, nnd, instend of attacking' him, Whistler, who ap peared to bo in authority, signed to him to continue his work and pre pine a supper for them. CarVT obeyed, making the bisei it ready for baking, and placing; ii bea ver's tail on the tire. Then he started for home wood, indicating; by signs Hint wood was needed. Whistler mo tioned Ii i i n to remain, and White An telope went alter the fuel, llebroiight among others one slick about the length and size of u base ball bat. Carver pi 1 one end of thin in th" tire, and laid supper for his savage guests upon a buffalo skin. The In dians began to cat in n manner which made Carver, notw ithstaudine his dan ger, grieve for the biscuits which were so rapidly disappearing. Keulizing the fate which awaited him as soon as tlie supper oolMI oe dispos ed ol", Carver was devising soni" means for r aching one of his pistols, which were not many feet distant. Making a pi'ot"iis" of stirring the lire, he drew out the blazing stick of Wood, dealt one of the Indian a i tunning blow on the face, gave the second a vicious kick and leaped over the third, who was dazed by the (lying sparks and the suddenness of the attack. The next instant Carver's pistol rang out three times as rapidly as a skilled hand could pull the trigger, and the three Indians ns i pc'iiny I'l onino --goon iiininiis. for they wi le dead I Inlialis. Lulliii- ville Courier Journal. Si'Ornl Siirhl. Sicoiid Mght, by which is meant throwing a -ide spectacles in old age, occurs to those who were short sighted ill out h, and proceeds from the like cause that requires persons wilh lior iiiii 1 sight to use them, viz., the tint telling of the eye in the one case re quiring to ho corrected with magnify ing glasses, whilei ii the other case the snnio thittening of the eye brings it into its normal state. The Into .Mr. John Stewnrt.of Hell.i drum, 1 iivernesKhire. some time M. 1 for lteverley, recovered his sight and left off the use of spectacles long niter he was seventy. He died some twenty years ago, aged nearly ninety. The Firt I'lio. "Well, Johnny, who carried off tho tirst prize at school.'" Johnny "I did." "What was it for?" Johnny " Teacher m nt nie 'cause Jimmy, tlie fellow who won it, was too sicU to conic after it." - Chicago In tel Ocean. nUUiKKVS OM'MX JUKI.itl i I'HHITT. If It itrizl"? i;nl poi.i, 1-that any reas-m The weather iinloors ShoiiM I..' dull Hk" Ihe s.-n-" There'-: something inn!" 'o'iy,h T loinll.'sl j. la. '-. Call veil glles-V "1 I- tin- liglit (If the ..nill'-s ell ei. a A BRAVK Mill. Instances of the sagacity of dogs nie coming to light every day. The latest dog to bring eledit on hii. nice lives in Lettiston, Me., and was occu py ing a favorite position on his mas ter's doorstep when a runaway grocery team dashed around the corner, bent on destroying himself and any thing that might come in Ins way. The dog did not wait for an invit uioii, but like a lla.-h of lightning covered the inter vening distance an I caught the near rein, holi'ine the horse in clu ck until the rein gave way in a wink spot ami I .i. i j . i . t ... .i llll' lll'lh'1 IIH'illol oil llglllll , OH! Ill'1 dog was in the lace to stay, this time appearing on the off side of the luu-e and. taking a grip of tin- surviving I rein, soon brought the hnsty equine to n Btandstill. New York Telegram. SAOAl'ITY IN HOUSES. From the window opposite, ns I write, I have just witnessed an inter esting performance on the part of two horses. Bordering the park is a strip of land, doomed to I... built upon, but meanwhile lying waste, and used for common pasturage, on which the horses under notice were leisurely grazing. A pony in a curt having been unwisely left by tin- owner for n time unattended on the grass, suddenly started off. galloping over the uneven ground at the risk of over-turning the curt. 'The two horses, iipotiseing this, immediatately joined in pursuit with evident Zest. My first supposit im that they were merely joining in the escapade in a frolic.-oiue spirit, was nt once disproved by the methodical and business-like manner of their proced ure. They soon renehed the runaway, by this time on the road, one on one side of the cart, and one the other; then, by regulating their pa e, they clev erly contrived to intercept his prog ress by gradually coming together in front of him, thu; stopping him im mediately in the triaiiviilar corner they formed. Until the man came up to the pony's head liny rcniaiiii d standing thus together quite still; when the two In rsvs, evidently nitis ficit that all was now right, without any fuss trotted back again to lie lr grass. 'The sagacious conduct of the horses, acting in such perfect co-operation, formed u pretty sight; ami it wns ap parent that, instead of inal-in,; Ihe po 11 v more exeitod. they n ally paeilied and calmed him. Why should they not receive "honorable no mimi" .o much as if they were pnoid human beings? - Nature. now iiniiis i i. v. Can you tell what kin I of a bird t is by tin- way it Hies? Yon ought to be able to ,., .... j y,;, love birds and intend t-- become well acquailited w itll 1 In III. A celebrated writer saw- thin n good ornithologist should be u!!.- to Know j birds by their air as well ns by tin ii colors mid shape; on the ground us i well ns on the wing, und in tie bush as i well us in the hand. For, Ihonvli ! every kind of bird has not u manner j peculiar to itself, there is a certain something about almost all of tin m by which you can tell them under al most tiny circumstances. In the country you may soo kites nnd buzaids. 'They snil uroiind in circles, with wing- spiind but itill. From this halul of gliding they nie cdled "gleads " in the north of Kng html. Ow Is move in a buoyant manner, as if lighter than the air. Havens wlnn on the wing spend much time striking each other, and often tnin on tin ir backs with a loud croak, and seem to be falling to the ground. In fact, they are scratching themselves with one foot nnd hnve lost their sense of gru. vity. Crows and daws swagger in their walk. Wood peckers lly opt uing nnd closing their wings, ami so are al ways rising or falling in their curves. When they inn up trees they use their tails, which incline downward us a i-ort of support. Most i f the small I birds fly by jerks, rising and falling iik they advance, and most of these hop; but wagtails and links walk. Sky ai ks rise and fall perpendicularly as they sing. Woodlarks hang poised in the air. and titlarks rise and fall in huge curves, singing ie they come dovni. - j New-York World. They are having trouble with the Spanish fever among the cuttle in Oklahoma, SACRHI) BHXAKIiS. A City Which Contains Five Thousand Hindu Temples. An Interest In"; Description By the Late Phillips Brooks. 'The Century publishes numerous letter- written from India by the lute I'llillipi Brook-., the Boston divine. Bishop Brooks' account o Benares is hs fo low s : 'This is the saeredi st place in India. Tin-re are live thousand Hindu temples in Hi-nitre, It is the very Back Bay of Asia. You stniiilih' at i very step on a temple with its hideous idol. !l you hear a geiilleniaii or holy mutter ing behind you in the street, they are not abusing you, but only saying pray ers to Yishiiu or Siva, who has a little shrine somewhere in the back yard of the next house. We ciiiiie to a curious ami pathetic sight. Close by the side of a burning funeral pile was another, all prepared, but not yet lighted. Soon I saw a mull lead ng' u little linked boy some four years old into the writer of the (binges. He washed the little chap nil over, then stood him up bo side ii pile of w I ; a priest up above on a high altar said some prayers over him, and the man gave the little boy a blazing bunch of straw, und showed him how to stick it into the .o.idi-t of the wood until the whole caught tire. It was a wi. lower show ing his small son how to set his mother on lire. The little fellow seemed scared, nnd cried, and when they let him go ran up to some other children. ---probably isins,- who put his clothes on for him, then ho squatted on his heels, mid quietly watched the flames. AVhilethis was going on they had brought dow n the body of a child per haps seven or eight yearsold, nnd for it they built another pile of wood close to the water. Then they took the body in to the stream nnd bathed it for a in inent. then brought it out and laid it on the wood. 'The father of the child went into tho water and washed him Kelf all over. After he came out th" prie.-t at the altar chanted a prayer for him. Then he went up to an old woman who sold straw, and bought a bundle, haggling some time over the price. 'This ho lighted at the burning pile of tho little boy's mother, nt el with it set his ow n ehi h I's pile ill liana s. 'They hml covered the little body with n bright red cloth, mid it was the prettiest funeral pile of nil. By this time another body, a wasted und worn old man hud come and they were already bathing him in the Inngi s, while some men were gather ing; up the ashes (of somebody who wns burned eurliet in the day) und throw ing tlieiu i:i.. the river, where they lloai to certain bliss. So it goes on nil the time, while a great crowd is guthered niouiiil, simui. laughing, some praying, some trsMiokiiig, some beg ging. While we look mi, iiii interest ing fakir came up with a live sunk, pleasantly curled Mound his neck, and begged mi alms, while (ho boys behind kept pulling the tail of his hideous ik-cMiii'o to make him mini, mid jtisl down the slope beside the water, the mother was being burned by the lilile boy, and the child by ln r father. This is not a clnerful letter, but on less serious occasions the Hindus are a most amusing people. On tin e cool mornings, the whole population seems to go n bout vv itli its In d clotlies around its head mid legs all bare. The I'rcsli) loriaiis. Advance sheets of the ollioia! statis tics of tho Presbyterian church of the United States give these figures for the your ended April 30. IN'.U: 'Thechureh is now divided futo 31 synods and 22 presbyteries-, an increase of III per ei lit. in six years. The candidates and lic"iitiates for the ministry number re spectively, 1,300 ami I3."i, an increase of 30 per cent, and 10 per cent, in those items. 'The ministers now iniin ber i'i.TiOII iigainst o.V'.t in l. Of these :M'.i were ordained during the past year. The ordinations for the previous live years were, beginning with lo'xs. "JIO, 'j-jr,, 211. 21.-i.2IO. Ministers received from other denomi nations were 127, a much larger num ber than in any previous year. Ministers dismissed to other deiioui inations, II ; about the usual number. Ministers deceased, 12'.'. Census of ruling elders, 2."). 330 against 22, 13t in SSS; deacons, S,3.-l against 7.210 six years ago. 'The increase of churches during the six veins is shown by these figures for each of the years, beginning with 1SHS: 0, l.i.l, i'.,727, O.S'.M, 7.070, 7. "OS, 7, 2'.2 : churches organized dur ing the year, 1S'.I3, 1S7; dissolved, 7."i ; received, ."; d ism issed, 7. Coiiimuiii caiits addttl during the year tu ciauii- ' nation, .-)f).r,r,o on certificate; adults I baptised, 21.73; infants baptised, 215. 217. Jn each of these items a sternly increase is shown. Whole number ot Communicants, KVYOWi, an increase ot 2o.0iHI during the year, mid of 133,000 during I he six veals. The Sunday : school iin-iuber-hip is ln'.i,oii2. In j this itHu thole has also been a steady ' growth during tin- six years. 'Tln-re has been a steady growth in t In- coiit i ibnt i'.iis for benevolent pur : poses ill the I'lcrdiV teiiaii Church. All th" funds show increases except that J for miiii.-tt rial relief. Home missions j received . 1 . 023. .iM."i ; Ion ign missions, i SM'.i.'J.'i.i ; ediieuiioii, ;07o.mio ; Suii- day set I work. i:is,:t7l ; church erection. .s.'tls.i'ii'.O ; l.'.-.-ilom, SI23.- ; susli ntatioli, .7l,"i"2 ; aid I'oi I colleges. g2r.l,K3.i; ministerial r-lii I , IimhI. -S:T.TH. 'The chilli li eongiigu tioiial i pi ns. . during the year ale n- ported as .H.oN.12!, mi inetea-e in j 1h" six y, ar- from .H.kiM,.V.2. Mis eclhilnohs contributions foot lip to Total ontiil'iitioiis to nil oh j. its. .-I t, '. 1 1'.," 1 1 , Thi- do. s not in clude 11:1.-1. s oil the p'-rilllltlClit funds of tin boards, which during the year was about eTJo. 000, InT the interest on the theological seminary funds, which reached the sum of ?31 1 ,.VJ3. With these included the total is l.'.- 3.-).-.,:m-l. Six years ago the total in come, exclusive o'f these items, was .I2,MN.5S2.- J Washington Slur. Hc-foutlioioil the Turkey. A curious incident occurred on one of Admiral Fnrrngut's frigates when the Met entered Mobile Bay. It is related by an otlicer whose surprised eyes beheld the ornithological phenom ena. The im-ii were sitting down to a hearty breakfast roust turkey und other toothsome things when they were "piped to quarters." They had to h ave theuiiearved turkey mid hurry up on dock. They were being tired upon. Suddenly, while they wore return ing tin- enemy 's tire, they were sur prised to notice that the air was full of fnithii's. A cloud of feathers lloati d about the no 11 at the guns. It looked as if a new and strange kind of smoke hovei-.d over this particular frigate. luu little while the riling ct used and 1 he In. Il returned to the breakfast table. "Hadn't that bird been plucked?" sti one inquired, pointing to th" till' key. There lay the turkiy as thickly cov ered with soft, white feathers ns if they were his natural plumage. Like many other startling phi'iinim-iia, this one had a very simple explanation, which appeared when one of the cabin doora was opened. The room had the up pcanilice of having been out in a light snowstorm. Little v. Into fcathera lay ovt r eveiythilig. A -hill had gone right through i: tenth' r pillow on one of the bunks. ( hi.'imo post. Tile K.iglles (nnfessiil, Chi. f of folic. M. Kaiic, of Coll. y I- lund, New York City ' seaside re sult, has adopted a novel and highly smvi ssful method of procuring con fissions from tin iieeais with whom In- has to deal. 'The other day com plaint was made to him that a young follow hud been robbed of II .7o ..'old watch by some f.llows . mplovcd as "cappers" ill a gambling game that the young man had In en Irving to beat. All ot'ii'ei' was seiii out with the v iet ini and soon n t urn. d w ii h the ac cused men. 'The oh!, f looked the men over, and tie n, taking each bv ho collar with one hand, he proceeded to jerk and swing ami shako them about I he ofliee, ns t iion-.. h 1 1;, v a pair ol Indian clubs and he needed . x.-r cise. Tin pi I fo llinln e l.'s,-l about live minutes, and during its continu ance 1 he rascals les-.etl their guilt, promised res: il in ion and vowed that tin y would never do so any more if the athletic chief would only let them off this time. This new method of dealing with suspects has been dubbed the "Coney Island fourth degree." I New ( rh am. Picav line. Only Healthy PeiMins Snooze. Tins is a point alluded to by Jona than II iitehiiisou in his "Archives." lie does not recollect himself to hnve seen nny but fairly healthy persons siieoe. He puts the question with especial reference to the widely spread popular superstition that snoozing is a sign of health nnd good luck. It ia possible, he thinks, that this may have had its origin iu the fact that it is for the most part au act restricted to those in fnir health. Taylor, in his "Prim itive Culture," gives interesting facts as to the prevalence of this creed, and us to certain customs associated with it and traces it in part to doctrines of animism, but Mr. Hutchinson thinks the suggestion h" has given may also have some value. Sh.-llicld Medical JoUlLal, Ode to the Ben. pf rol'in am) Maf-hlrd ami linnet, Spring prot write j.Bgi lifter pnifp; rin-ir p' nisei" are sournled eii"h minut", By prephot. soothsayer nii.l sago. Pan not -ui '.' the slurs saiix together, Not sii tl reati'.ii of men. Ha nut . in' drawn a goesnfeHtluT la no I th" patient old li'-n. Ad h-"s ' and praise to tli" sinning Thai ' rs iq the wildw I in spring, I'll" e'.-l oil""! ions ..ft I. linking Jot. . hildhood oii l Hi;. I -.rt of thing, lint il'-a "Mo mo than tin twitter i if ro!.;a or mnrij:i or w ren. -lliai . ..nii rly i-hi. k when litler HI .-In- k-as surround tl Id lien. And h"i a id-winter .'le kl". h"w i lun'ry, 1 " . --- lis- i-.i'vv ii'-st she has mud", Ji n..til( - Im-iois aw-einy An. ah- . fi.-.h .a.-;., has ., , u ,ii.. And win i, On' old l.ird. aged and lii-ynnd f.c. J-. we!! -....keil wilh light ilutrif dings i.lel g'- There's ill . . -lr--lilt ! -II III that. A iin'-ri'-nii poultry Advocate. Ill MOKOI S. Th.- J,.), Mot a cheerful fowl. She brood- a ;: . at di al. 'The gnl win. hud n fulling out with h. r fi'eiid will tint try the hammock aguin. "Hon pi. nsant it i to bo tail." "Pleasant." "Yes; very body looks up to yon. " When a mail pomes to ail; you for your opinion he really nsks for your oonlii niati.iii of his own. Miss !'. lick "You say Mr. Skidds is n peddler. What does he peddle?" ! Miss Kt ed."l.-"He pedals his hicv- cle." j Someone has asked: "Where do ' flies go in the winter?" Wo don't know, but we wish they would go there '. in summer. i Van Belt--"When my wife fefeliys ; torical and begins to cry, hnw can I stop her?" Invalid's Wife- "Tell her it is making; hertiosr rod." Au Ohio man has put up a fur . lory for the production of vases to I hold the i-li.-s of crenintrd poisons. He must expect to urn a good deal. Butcher "Didn't you like that ham? , Why it was that 1 cured myself." Customer Call that hum cured? I Why. man, it wasn't even oonvnU's i cent." I Maud "Why did you break off your ; engagement with Charley?" Ellen-- "Well, you pre h" would wear shirts I a ml neckties w Inch didn't become my 1 ci'iiipl. xioii." J Judge "Three months nnd ton ; days. " Prisoner-"Can't you make, j it n shorter sentence, ycr Honor'"' j Judge "I call." Prisoner "'Thank I you. ycr honor." Judge "Ona j year." I "Now pupa, tell me what is hum , bug?" quest lolled the to i-y.-ar old soil j id a friend of ours. "It is." replied j the father, "when your mother pic- I lends to I... very f I of me mid puts I no buttons on my shirt. " "Johnny," said his teacher, "if your ' fiitli. r can do a piece of work in seven j days, and your I'ncle (i.-orgo can .hi I il in nine i!ay. how long would it take ; both of them to do it?" "They'd n.ver g.i ii .loin." Kiii.l Johnny, j "They'd i-it down and b-ll tish stoiies." ! The Cost of a Slack Wire. j In the course of reci rt discussion i on the propri. ty of sp. inluig public nioiiev for repairs, n i i itnin vote wns ! opl ed. ! f the adv. .elites of tliu i expenditure related the bdlowing inci I d. nt : A f.-tv years ago there was a s. I rious nei lit on the I iiehine I'll tin 1 lit ' Moiitieal. The wire from th" deck to J the engine loom of a c. rtain steamer j that vta- pas-uie through tin ennui had ! become shi.'k. The otlicer in charge- Oil deck pllllod tlie W1IC to llllg tll j bell ill the ellg-lDC loom mid stop till) I j st cii ii icl iis she eiiti led one of the locks. ' 'The wire Is ing out of order, the bell j did not rin-.. the steamer kept on nt j full speed, the lock gates were smashed ! by the collision, the vvntels Were sud denly h i out, ami many vessels insjrhi were greatly damaged. 'There was also nu obstruct i.m to biisim sk for several day ant a crowded i-eusoii of tho year, iiml n great licet of upward nnd down ward bound craft were detained with very grout detriment to their cargoes. Indeed, the whole loss wns estimated roughly at scarcely less than one mil lion ami a quarter dollars. Tliesponkor asked hia hearers to consider how much would have been saved by spend ing a quarter of a dollar in having that wire tightened before tho catastrophe occurred. I Christian Herald. Utile Dick's Kcon.unj. Little Dick - "Pnpu, didn't you t 11 mamma we must economize?" Papa - "I did, my son." Little Dick "Well, I was thinkiii that if you'.l get me a pony I wouldn't wear out s. i many shoes." flood 'e.w.

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