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North Carolina Newspapers

The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, September 17, 1896, Image 1

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(Sluttltum iUcoril. f)atl)ctm tUtorfc. II. V. 1-OIS lOIS , EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, RATKS or ADVERTISING One square, one insertion- fl.'0 One Bijuare, two insertions 1.50 Oue square, one mo'ith 8.60 For largor advcrtiticuniDts uieu tin ract) will be made. $1.50 PER YEAR Strictly In Advance. VOL. XIX. 1UTTSIH)k() CHATHAM CO., N. C, SEPrOMCK 17, 181)0. J M i if n ii .WM I T I NO. 1. THE POWFR OF MUSIC. Ptrnngc force, loiiccaicd in sonic furgnllrn Sellg, Thai dost past, hopes iiml dreams of lnvo recall; Ami ns ilii' notes hari'toiiioiig rise an 1 fall. I '.-i nsl bring tu me in llii lit but li clear imi.I strong. Tin- forms if i!i:ir ones wlio have ilept years Leg; Whom 1 thought chad, lull now they livi- nice more, Ainl nt tliy rail r.uiio smiling us nf yore! I', 1,11 me tirii tin i 1 ; r : 1 1 if tiiiir was wrong; That ail life's : pnrkliug hopes ngaiu are bright, Ainl these d.nk vears Im'Iwcc'.i writ- but II i'i.tsim: I.ny lmt tliy h.'rp aside, r cruel night. The child .if day's bright hopes, shall ii'it iiir sira!, Aii'l this Ki'-t li.uini'iit lmt a vision seem, While 1 again life's bitter wee must feci. - l!u Hon Jmir'ial. A HJtAKKMAN'S STORY it s iiiirl outside when the long freight train Would fiimi' in n standstill with abrupt, awkward jerk we ciiiilil almost hear tin- big, fii-if r"m-r Hakes us ti'ry fell. N'ni .i liroiih nf air v..-:s stirring .iu,l '" round inoiiii filtered down through In i-now si. inn with a white, sol'lciini light that revealed lii'.ir by objects iti ;i strange, ghostly .-.nt of u way. The Kofi-coal tiro tl::it spluttered fitfully in tin- itlil fashioned rast Inni upright stove lacked I'hi'iT enough to brents the spell uf die outside air. Without knowing precisely why, we sat mostly In silence or muttered mi occasion,".! monosyllabic observation as lo hovv .sum, wo ii.I-.-ht ri'a.'li Jersey City. Wo were four hours lirliinil tinir iitnl some where hark of us wr knrw was the West Shore express, likewise lirllind th:. ami endeavoring to makr up miiicdiiug of Its lost run. Kitting iu 111.' little red caboose In th; rear of the big freight train, ruin Miin: along tlniiiiLli a liiiuil I'm; of Htfow Willi ,i llyitiu' i our I Is tav. an uiiraiiii.v srnsatiou that I. for i:ir, clhl Hot n-lili iu Ihr Irlst. Tin-ilniiMim-r wli i 1 1 i1 li.ian'r.l tli t .: i ; 1 1 r.r Nrvvhiirn sit moiosrly on a pilr n" rips. whirh al'i' him a soflrr srat! thr hai'.l, wo hIi'II lniiriirs hlnitu; iiloii thr .hlrs of tin- rar. A rouplr of shippers aiiximisiy liisrussnl Ihr iiosperts for rlliti;: I i i i r stoi'U t.i .i:.!l.ef tiiiioiti having tlirm half li, ::eii to ilraih. At ti niraiii r of .lor, the liraki-- iiititi, h.i'.vrv, r. lie Kiniii Utile p.iny frr:ue. l-i ;!i:iv.' at nnr". Mr tinss ;u 11 oil' llir I'miii' of the List l i rar Jim', in lh:.iii- 1 1 1 : - in a riirrry, vholr.- imr -or; nt f.t-liii-n warm i! Us at our.'. '.!"." m:.! m i' of the sMppers, "lie vr piinj; l i rr.i'-h .Irrsry City afore" "Isn't t!i!i uni'l iii' Ini' j oil t.i live 111'.' II v.'.l J. ill like tg li.' oUi 1:-:.K Intr to liiivi i V" "Taint t:o snip, lhi:'s a f.iet," the hllippef ass. . 1.'. . 'Wo, yon Im ; it ain't." fa hi .lor, ile ri-ii!y. Jin i:i's ain't a pa trlnn.: to U :i II i: is iinrlimrs." Si'iiH'thin in i!r' in :i i l- i' i:i v.nlrli .'lor'iiuiiv tilir.i his r.iii .ij.-. took I! hi! of sii. k I'!' iir Hour, it into the lii-r an. I lit his pipe lowly Iiml I hniuiit I nli. , j;; liralr.l ill :i a sti ry nas romiii..'. "rli ini;.'," .'.li l .lo a! las!, with ; rumhiau; lu.i'; into ihr Hie ami a l'-li-', -l'Jlily I'll 'I .it llis iipr. "soairhow to nielli leiiiimls im- of t'nr day a Co re ( liris'ii.ias iv.ii yrars a.i. That was vhr:i wr hro'ih: .liiiiiuiy ! I a im s liooie. liiirssyoii inns! 'a known .lulmny," lie I. 'l.le.l. litiiiin to the sliipper. Xopr. Ilr.ilil of him. lio i lor. What the story V" "Not murli of a our," .Joe replied ,te-j'rrraiiir-'y. ".Inst a hrakeman's yii n. oi ly it's a lit'ie i.e.t of tlx- loiuiuoti li.n. The lirsi day I ever sa w Johnny llaine-, 1 tiioii-hi he was aliuiit the hainlsomrst lad I ever set eyes on. Ile eanir up on No. ti on her liisl trip. We used to tuei t often up ami down llie i-.iad ami yot to know etirh cither pretty well. I!r was one of these lads wi:h a fr. sh. pink and white eom plexioti and a jolly lmish that made yoil warm up to him at ome. lie was rtralht and siroiiu', ami ulirtt lie usnl to .-:aml jauntily mi top of the ear. the train Kniiitf forty miles an hour and lie not .srrmins to think it was moving nt ali, tinir wan"t a Kirl .ilotn; 1 1 1 road that hadn't a smiie for him as he vent by. The I. id u.i.i anxious to stick nnd worked hard, and, as he kept hit mouth shut pretty rinse, it was a Ion;; time before we found out anything nhout who he was. lie had little., ways lib ult him that made us think once in a while that he hadn't been broU;ht up to work, ami Ids hands at lirst were lis soft nnd while as a Kill's. Hue c I' the IVHiiws told us a story of Imw Johnny belonged to a piod family, but tut kicked out for some reason or cither, but we always thought he made It up, and, iu fact, we never did Iiml nut his story tuiiil that i'U!it. I mean the iiiht we took li tin lioine." doe slopped, pulled vigorously at his pipe for a few minutes, blinked rather nusplcioiisly several times, and dually the ratlirr husky voii'e went on: "It seems that the .nls name wasn't II. lines at all. lie took thai to con. real his own. Ills first name really was .lohiiny, though, ami. as that t as w hat everybody oiun! him. the l.i.: ili lu't serin to make so iiiueli dif fcreitce. When he tirst eauie on the road lie was a little past Ho, and his epen, boyish ways made some of the fellows jiuy him and wai t to play tilrk on him at tirst. Hut it didn't t.lko them Ioiik to Iiml out that he had plenty of nietile. A jan' of us were l.i.vimt aruiiiid tlie Albany rnuiidiioii.sti ue day, waltlin; for li train to he mace i.p. when T.ill' lAtrfi'.ii hiKaii to tii'.i; 1. i in and see '.f ll oouldn't net ; lllit f him. It getius lliyy had tjome troukle down the road, nml when 'Hill' had offered to liht. ilohnny had ru fu.sctl. lie trhld to keep out nf Hill's way, but when 'HUP said lie was afraid. Johnny turned and walked Knuarely up to him ami said quietly: 'Yon take that back,' I never knew Just how It uai done, but "HHP mailt' noiue bolt nf a feint, and the next tnniiieiit the bl, hulking lubber was lyins on the ground. JlilP didn't wem to know What hit hliu. Hut lie went nt Johnny with Htuh a Ravage look that u lad without genuine pluck would have turned feather. iHit when 'Hill' lay sprawling on ihe Kriuiiui a second time we found out that Johnny was a sel entitU' boxer. There was uti ui;ly Kleaui hi 'HHPs' eye when he ot lip, nnd in) he (,'ot close up to Johnny till of a Mid den he nourished a bin Jaekknife hi1 always carried. How he pit It out of his pocket I never could tell. He made a Inline, but Johnny dndp-d clev erly mid the knife Just .Taxed his face. lie was on HUP quicker than It taks to tell It. choklnj; the life out of him. We started to separate them, hut when we found that Johnny had 'HHP so that he could not do any ilamase with the knife we lot them tliiht It out. 'HHP dually held up his hand for mercy and then Johnny let him up. After wo pit them cooled off Johnny made 'Hill shake hands, nnd. tlioii'ii he didn't show It then, I think afterward T,!P came to think as much of him as the rest of us. "I'p thi road lmt very far from Al bany there Is a pretty Utile farm that runs down to the river, and riclit at the corner of It was a water l. ink. It happened that on this farm there was a dark eyed little girl who was the Idol of all the boys :;lon the road. She wouldn't liirt with us. she used often to come down to the wnier tank and p-t little packap-s which the engineer, who wa a friend of the family, used to brltiK' down from Al bany. She was plump and peachy, with dark eyebrows and Ion-; lashes, and under them ilie prettiest pair of eyes I ever saw. There wasn't one of id who wouldn't have married her quirk If she'd had us. Hut she was sort o' reserved and shy and none of its had nerve ciioiili t" make love to her. Ail except Jul y. All the uirls smiled n Johnny and he smiled on them. He didn't have to see tin: lass twice before he was head over heels ill love with her and it wasn't very Ion.'; bcfoie he made her know all .ib. nit li. To woo was to win with Johnny, and as his train pass ed the farm Jenny that was tin little dame's name was always there to n. eel. hint. Wo used to chali Johnny a punt deal over the I'latter, but we couldn't p'l 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 out of him. Somr how, ihroiich tin niiiitirrr or some body, tiioiiKh. we f d out that John ny was pilnif in many the Kill if he ri. uid p'l his father m coiwrni. lie c.-.i.'ldu'l very well Many on the sal ary l was Ki'iiiii,' a. a raw bral.e mau. "Thinns ran ,il"ti;: tiiroii-ii tiie sinn nirr and Into the fall, and v,r imtirril that Johnny hid i:,,; very qui i ami reserved like, and ;l) evldi liliy brood in:: over soim i hinu'. At last we found out .l.ilinuy had hr.-u promisnl a rais". and tliat aloiu- ab-mt t lit- holi days hr was in ho made a pivinip'r braUcman. and then he was iluinr- to ijft married. There wasn't one of vis mat w.asu t clad ol , or who cini. J him his piod lurk. The fall stretched way into the winter. I rnm-tnbrr, mid my. wasn't it brautifiil weather: Voii'd stand up mi top of a car. and as the train wound alotii; the river snore mile after mile, just di'lukiiii: iu the air and view, lliakiiu is a hard life, with lots of d.itipT and pretty slim pay. Hut ihoe days we'd forp't all about the hardships and everytliiny else. Johnny was on the same Haiti with me .and happy as a lark, lliinkiim how lie would marry and uo up to Albany M live. I Used to notice, til. mull, that every once iu a w Idle his brow would cloud up. as if he was thinking of something t' hurl him. "Such weather cuiildti'l last. Ihuiiu'h, ami when the ci.d came. It came with a !iiiall. 'I'he thermometer dropped forty decrees, and a mid. driving rain tliat had set In In the al'lcruoon turned toward nlpht into a dril'tin;, blindim; snow. We had a b!' train that nlpM. and with the snow and the sleet find the cold It nave us no end of trouble. She parted three or four times piitiK not more than twenty miles, and it was cold, danp'rous work slipping ahum the top senilis brakes or p'ltini; down to make eotiplinps. Tin wind howled ami whistled and the snow cut your face like pil:m tliiuitp'i a hedp'. It was dark and the lanterns didn't show plain throuph the snow, and every thing seemed to p wroiitf. Several times we thoiipht wo were stalled In the drifts, but we'd uncouple and send the engine and two or three curs through the drift, and then back up and take the rest of the train tlirotiph. We wanted to p't thrnupli to Albany, for the next day was a lay off, ami two days after that came Christinas. 'Johnny and I fought like heavers npiinst the cold, and. I tell you. It was ticklish work. I felt more anxious about Johnny tiViu I did about myself. fr I was old at the business and he was new. and i know how easy it was for a sudden Jerk to send a man llyiru down between t lit wheels, lint John ny wouldn't listen. Ile said he wasn't afraid, and just then the whistle sound ed 'down brakes." We were slltim; Id the caboose, shivering around a dirty little lire. I had frozen three of my lingers, and I thought my ears were frosted, ton. You see the stnliil came so sudden we didn't have time to get on any mutlb rs, nml the mitu'iis were pretty t'liii. "Well, we climbed out, and Johnny ran o:i ahead, saving that he was all right and he'd take the front. The ears on top were as slippery as glass, and we hid almost to creep ah f from one car lo another to keep fr.Vr Ail- J inj? off, for alio wan rumiluc at n Food' pace, and the snow on the tracks inttdo thu cats lurch and swlnjr. 1 looked up uini through the t.itnw mid the dark 1 recognized the landmark, and knew Wt were Hearing the water tank, where Johnny's girl lived. Just ut that mo mem the train gave a frightful Jerk nnd I saw the engine go rearing in ill j", and nhout a hundred feet ahead I saw a lantern swing wildly In the ulr and go duwu. I went flat on liic car and hung Micro for dear life. We stopped In ten or twenty yards ami I swung orf the car like mad. 'tireat (rid,' I thought, 'if that was .Johnny!' "Something made lue feel that ho had gone under tin; wheels, and when I crawled ulieail ft few ems there I found him, lying all white and still. Ho wan to.) much stunned to say a word. We picked him tip and started to carry him to the house where Jen ny lived. I saw that the wheels had gone over both legs- over one near til? thigh and the other below the knee. -My, hut he was a game lad. for all the torture of carrying him up the hill couldn't wring a word from hlni. We knocked at the door and said one of tiie buys hud got hurt that the engine had juniM'd the track. A white lltth; f;ice came to the dour nnd looked at us :t moment, ami then as smm as she saw lue and my face Jenny shrieked out, 'It's Johnny!' Hut she didn't faint or cry, nor say another word. We just carried him iu and put him on the lied and she tool; charge of iiim. One of the boys' rode over I get a doctor, but when lie came he saw at once that It was no use. It only u question of how long Johnny couid survive the shock. He lay there very quietly, and finally when the doctor's examination was Ilnished. he .s.iid: "Is there any show, old man':" "I couldn't reply, lmt he knew as I turned my head away what the .an swer was. Johnny was quiet for a moment, and then pulling Jenny's hand Willi id own weakly, lie said In a husky voice: 'Utile girl, I want to go home.' And (lull he ilisisied an all lie rest of the nigh:. We didn't thin!; that he'd be ulive by morning. Hut he :i s, and we decided to put him on board the morning express. Tin wreck ing train had thr. nn the engine out of the road and cleared !h-' track, and when tin' express came down we llagged her and took Johnny aboard. All Jenny would tell us was that his father lived In New York. Hut sin' 1'tive the conductor an address for a wire. "We didn't think that he would iast the journey, and iihoai half way l"Wti he suddenly cilltriird Jenny's iwud liai'.l and lli-n lay bad; sidl. The little girl threw herself upon him sl bing its if her heart would lire.ik, but it didn't do any good. 1'oor Johnny was gone." Joe i.i tis:'. I a moment nml looked into the lire. "Well," lie said, "to rut it short, wie-i we got into .Irrsry City Johuny-V, fa ther was there, li didn't tale mote than a gl.iurr ,it his clothes : : : 1 1 1 ills portly lir.llitlg I i teil tor lliat lie V,:ls a rich man. lie sprang into the car and would have pushed me out of ih.' road. I knew v. ho he was. an. I I held on I i him. and 1 said: 'Wait a i.i n U'o. Johnny was pivuy bi lly liiu!.' lie grabbed mr like a visr. ami .Mid. ill a set Voire, 'Can lie live':' I shook my head, and he gasped. 'Is he -' "I led him over to when' the lmy lay. nut Ic didn't want to see him. He looked very hard at the little g'rl nil i sat there sobbing, and s.aid. dow ly. 'Is this Jenny':' And then he took her vey quietly in his arms and kissed lur. "I weiif to the funeral l!i" next day. That was the clay before Chr'slma The old ina.i's hair had turned while, and Ids fare was as liur.i and rigid as ihoi'gh he was mounting; a sraf folil. Hr was twenty years older than the morning I saw him tirst. It seems; dial Johnny had been brought up. like must hoys, to iave all the motley he wanted. He got wii.l and iu with u fast gang, and, to try to curl) nini. tii.4 father, wli i was a wealthy banker, got him a place in a strre n cashier. Johnny's allowance wasn'i- eiiiuigii. and he made It up out of the tNish drawer. When it was discovered Vis father made up die amount, and lieu scut Johnny adrift, lie never spol.c to hlni afterward, and when Johnny, after a year's good service on the road, ni pcalcd to him for money enough to get married on die old man retarued the letter I found it iu Johnny's coat pocket the morning we took him limne." 'Plie train whistled for a station, and "Joe," grabbing his lantern, escaped into the night ami the falling snow. -New York Herald. Memorial to John llunrock. For in.'! years the tomb of John Han rork !n the. Old Ira nary burying ground has been marked only by the miniu "Hancock." The hroni marker of tin :nn of Uir Ainerlrau Rrtoliitlnn was plarcd iu front of the tomb several years ago, and lias since remained there. In 1Mi the Cetieral Court appro priated a sum of money for the erection of a suitable memorial to mark the spot. This has been completed, and workmen are now engaged in placing it in Its pisitlon. Just under die shadow of the l'ark street church. The monument is Hi feet high, the base is of Mill'oni gran ite fi feet by feet, and 1'U Inrhrs thick. I'll." shaft is 12 feet li Inches long, by 3 feet li inches wide, ami 1 foot li Inches thick. 'IMiiDjiortrnit on the shaft Is after Copley, and is surrounded by a wreath. The mat of arms of John llAiirork, con sisting of a shield, on sdiloh arc three cocks on a hand, bearing the crest of n wing'.Hl grillln, with the Inscription "Ohsta prlndpl s" will be displayed on the lop of the stone. I'nder the por trait is this iiiKcrii'iiiin: "This memorial iroctulA. 1. Ml'CCCXCV. by the Con-, luoiiwealth of M.assaehusei ih to niarlf the grave of Jnittt llaucki," UcUi Tutu., liit. TWO CUBAN NUISANCES. Veil oino on ( i-iiwlcrs t lint M.ikc 1 titue, Itiinlciisiinl. Willi the coming of the ruins In tin tropics, many of the insects and smaller reptiles which live out of doors In the dry season seek shelter iu the country houses and brtiratli slacks of wi" nml trash. While bitisnn I siinv.s li"m in sects are randy reported, still He y are more frequent ihnn one would believe. Of thus,- which do in I often ipniIiIi' mankind mil' h neiih of thr latitude of A l i t: " CI.XTII'I 1". Havana are Ihr rhi.or, or ".liggrr." which burrows hiiirmh one's Inc nails nml lays eggs wlilch deveh p festering sores; the scorpion and the cciitlpc l. Iu Cuba the scoipioii develops into a pest, especially in tl nitty districts; and. together Willi the eeniiped. Is u foe with which tin- Spanish soldiery are compelled to reckon. Hmli the ccinipcd and scorpion hide betieatli rot ten wood, the "trash" of the yard iiml catielicld mid fallen leaves. The bile of neither is sutiieii nt to cause deatli in tin iili'!t, but mati.v chilli-en have been killed by them ill every Ivlmid of the West Indies. These two arc die worst, ami it w..uld Seem IIS though tiny were endowed wltli almost superhuman instincts, for they i-pprar at tlm.'s and Iu places hen nml where least expected. The crntlpcd uiovi s will: die i.ipidlty of n streak of light, leaving behind It If It traverses the limb m body of a human being Its vctiomoii.v track puiiet invd in die skin. Its puiiiiures are Iron, the front pair of legs, which have poison duets or glands; Inn Us bit" Is worse than tin nn I Mill'i'lcnt lo cause vio lent fever in a grim n person. Willi its llilt, glistening body, its scores of legs twinkling like the mischief, mid Its tapid motions. It seems the embodi ment of evil as it ;s. 'I'iie island of Cuba is almost ns free CTilAX si ntli'loN. from poisonous snakes as is Ireland, and the only annoying pests n'-c those mentioned, line mihi stay iu llie Island for months nml years without bring Lit t.-ii. the cities, as Havana and Santiago, not being Int'cste l. ADOPTS AMERICAN MODES. ife of New Japanese .Minister llnr. Iiisciirilcd Native I'm--.. Au'oiig the recent additions to diplo matic circles Iu Washington arc Mini-tor iio-.lii ,,f Japan and his wife. Mine. lb. -.hi is about !"i j r.i i of age ami of die loost pleasing pe, -ooal ap pearance. She is shon. probably feet lo inches in heiah:. Her dark hair is very!. her l.ii;c brown eyes are soft, yet bright, and her coiii ph'xloi! is clear and rosy. In dress, her costume is that of the American woman. ,et as she has only leceiidy laid aside her native :;.n n. her ward robe of western robes i-. limited. She has placed herself in the hands of a tutor, in order m mister ih intricacies of the I imllsh language, and by nexi winter will no doubt b" able t.i pre side at a tea in llie i iosi aiipr..ed style, as far ns cotr. crsaiiotia! ability is con cerned. Mine. Ibislii has been married ten years, lmt there is only mi child in the .lAI'AXK.HK MIMsrr.ll AMI FAMILY. family, a boy of t; jcars of age. Ills name Is lloshl Kikaru. tind he Is a bright little fellow, wandering about die lions,' In evident loneliness for his many playmates iu the i'.ast. The wife of the minister Is a lino musician and devotes much of her time lo that art. A Wise Word lo Mothers. When die scl 1 days are finished and the home coming over, ninny girls are more or less discotitcmled In tin horn.' because there seems no special place for them to till. Ill school they have had duties and occupations, and have become aerusio.i ed to regular hours of employment. Wise Is the mother who at this try ing time Is willing to make a place in llie house for the Utile would be re former, or the enthusiast who would like lo put into practice some way her Ideas of house keeping and home -making. Let die new ways and the new ideas be tried, il ixl show some hosjii aiiiy to them ami s.ut. sympathy to other views than your own. A division of labors and responsibil ities Is a happier way nf meeting the ilitliruliy than a giving up ami over of one's ideas and domain to the per haps over.ealous iouug woman who bboiild have gained tart ami sympathy a, Hi l37' iKNt-.N'V r - n&v i: 1 and some know -ledge of how to I've happily with others if her school dey-i have been of any vain;.'. Fueourag" her to use her gifts. Iiol on!,? ill h'.T own honn but for others. The New York F.vciiiug l'o-i say-: tint Hi" girl w iio has plenty of rooi.i for e.pati'!o:i In her own hoicc is u.-ualiy tii Ici-t anxious to ii-y h.jine making under nn oilier roof. WARNING TO WHISKY rj'-'INKEKS t'li::i!r Ajj;tlillst Strong f'nfnlioili I II t 'I li.v a K en I uck y liru-i-ist. I'l'obably the bra est m:l II iu the 1'ii! led Slates is n dlilu.:'.si doing business ill Nichul.iswlle. Ky. llis name is .las. W. i ion!. mi. :iii. I he has titti .1 up In the lit. til of llis drug store what he calls n poison window, nml a liotile of llie corn Jiu lear to t lit Kcniueky heart Is i here. The w indow is a grew some thing. It is a w hole course of lessons to the maii who wants to commit sul ci. le. In ihr middle, while mi l g, in ning, is n skull, ( hitched I,, n.s te -tl, is the deadly i-igarritr, nn ash clinging at lis lip. Al die riL'iii of the sluiil is die lmt lit tilled vith the good corn juice ol llie Keiilu. -khan's dad lii s. At lis left Is a bottle of pol-l will''. Seat- tered nboiit in die forrgr id are r.ards, dirr and poker chips. 'I'll.' lest of die window Is f i 1 1 1 Willi small .jars couiainiuc liquid poioiis nnd papers upon which arc heaped powders 1 -:Q.iMtTi Wlll-liV AlliiM. till; li U -.ON s. enough of varlou.s sorts to en 1 the tnui Idrs of a regiment. Kvrry article is libeled. I'lolll the cigarette lo the piils sie M id. : lit! to pn-viiit all possible iiil.e.iid.o'sia tiding of his meaning Mr. ib.rdon ha- fronted tin- whole deadly collection with a stiiii': sign, which read..: "Kvery article in this window is poison." A PERILOUS FEAT. 'I lirrc W lieeleicn li iioi in l oiiiliaril v Antics on I tie M u t'licca iail n: ' Three New York wheelmen, en r-uro to Chicago, a few days since ro.L at a rapid p.arc ano:-.-: the coping of I great Staiiicr.i viuditri ai i-iuesb. . I'.-l. ben III lite center of the st lie- lure tin y waved their hats ai a picnic parly below, which watched their fool hardy tunics with breatiiliss Inter, m. The breaking of u pordoii of a wl I or the swcrin of a few Inches and , . j i- r-.-,.--r-- t n ,il A liiu 1 .11 A lt!i l It AT. the rider wold I have lie, u hurled down illlo die lieids below . :l di-l.llie,. i f over 1(10 feci. They were the iii. venlure sonic riders to pcn'oiiii die Iumv lirainrd exploit. Tow fil ly a I leer. The shores of I In- great Lake ( 'helan. iu Washington, one of the most pictur esque and remarkable lo,ie.s of water in America, abound in game. In some daces the lake is so narrow that a deer may swim il. A paper published at Chelan, at the fool of die lake, tells how a young man named Alan lfoyee recent ly made the capture of a deer iu the water. Itov. e saw the deer frolu the slmt'i. swimming nero the lake. Though the chase seemed hopeless, as he had no gun w il li him. Hover got Into a boat and rowed nflcr the animal. He soon saw that the deer was making Letter time than he was, but. iu die Language of yachtsmen, if he could not oiitfisit the animal, he had some chance of "oiit poiniing" it. So he rowed across the course of the deer, forcing the creature to wucr. Thell lie towed so as to cut eff the new course: and after a while, by hr.-nling liisl one way and thru aiu'ihrr, lie came alongside the f riiitetied i rent lire, and witli a quick movement It by the tall. Thoroughly frightened, the animal swam faster than ever, and made straight for the shore. Koyee got into the bow of Ids boat and held fast to the tall; he was drawn through the water much faster than he could have rowtsl. Meantime his pursuit of the deer had attracted the attention of Mr. J. A. (recti on tin' shore. Mr. (ireen got a rille and came out iu another boat lo meet t Ii.-lii. Coming quite near he tired at till' deer and killed II. eliding llie spirited chase. It turned out to be a very large and tine buck. Wild oats cost as much as ever. In sp'te of the fact tliat evcrj thing else lias been greatly reduced In price. PLAYING THE IMA NO. NEW AND IN TEf-iESTING THEORY IS ADVANCED. J'l oiiiiocn( I nut rue-tor Sa s tlu Siid. of A nntoniy, l'li Hiolivjr unit iiiiowl r.luc of Acoustic! Is Nccr--wtir.v (or a 1 linronuli MuMi-ry of Hie I'init'.'forte. Hints I o I 'i.iu i. m, II. A. Kelso, nf Han lei Hail. Cliin.g .. presents a new i!n-u i of pifilio play nig Itiised s.i'.'ii principles .f anatomy. i:i; si n'.ogy. iu-.iiist ies ainl pi-yd'oldy. and in e. ll.'IIIM it e winch I"' Ini.- pah lisiled oil III,' subject II n-li ri .1 k's i I show how piano 'i.!. ii:c may be reduce ! to a kc it'll' iiir ha-;-, lie adt'iM-s the study if .inai.'iny, thai the t. ..eiiei- nni.v learn I i detcl'-p a fool "maim hand" ! p'lj-i n!".jj dial we limy 1.;i r it Ihr filmlaineiitMl causes Hhidi .ijiernie in iiy pliyii.g. W'c learn, he sji,s, to axoid n i.J success- fllll.V lli.'lt Wi-'pilu; sinews aid llllis, riali's el'alup. I'. tin- liu.b'rst.i Inlil g uld iqiplic-l I .-"! of the 111'.' - elililil.' IJol-'lc -rnh.iii we learn toomiroi ;ni, hu-t bitid I'." ."'e'p I'.ii'.o termed is-i'i .:i eilerg.t . Ml.'-lil-i etel l.erte i-N'-Ut) Cilices pll sl.-.O I ui-ea.-e .'Hid ibsol-ll'IS t. iUle's interna! !--.i inn aieat s : s..ivi:ess is to re suit. M --lilrete I III re ener-y siekl.v tliat!-1 pl.'iteis .ni l unheal: ti. is die i-esui;. K Mr-arts l ioia Lis .-irii ! lelloW : I'.ei 'er nr. li s ,,f ,!,- ,! t l,e ;io-. o ii.einoii,:i:. .in I of pn-soi-t .n m.i. ,i -i: i I I l.e p-ip.J's i id ! i id u ' iii ,. . : r. i i . el: ..f ps;.. :i..:..j .- I -r, :, . T..,t ing." ii- v.e i.nihoi Li'i-.v I o.i i. :.-i 'I s ntinf. IVhil m.i ii.i .', inr:: i, io:uii color liiu" and die science of harmony are all b. Her uti l"i-s I iluou.di a knowl. dge .,! t'.e prop-rl i.-s of .-irons:,,',. A kll'.W le l:.-r of the .unit ;. of die Imml. . ri-:. f..r' and ii'iri' ami tlvr- die -iiidr.u gre.-ii'!' facility in iini i . . lu.i I iinisrnlar con!!-"!, in c .:isi -tuei.. I i he en : i'"l dii's ga.u id. the who'.V'M b.-coln. - lit. . eXpn'1 sie. . -rts ily-1. is :-. . fleet f. n Is- 1 l e produced le. t-rierixu: the in:: ..-le- ,,t the Upper anX IKld ill f l::c t'niL-'i-s. while I'ela in, flie w risi n i n-, s ':i. is ;i i.-ry lluji . 1 p" a . lit. I i- siiupi li... ..p,,'.' :.!' I "f I'-r !! eilitli.-ll ptih to,-. i thr I..... TI un r -i.!.' '.r lli" l.mi.l is n itur.el;. w cal.ef I ha :i l'," iunt r .'!.'. ,o t il is .!:; t as . - , i.iial a f , -tor iu pi:, , , : in I ,.y I'll lur h"n, t'l.-il b -i-s : a. "s: Ircpiei.ily v.itli t lie u . a in--t ti: -"is; heme ih.- -iiy ,.f bull hug up d uti r reuioti of I t.e h i n l. A ,!r l.'lo'iln, ill "I the ploini! mils, -les in ih,. f , l'e. II III le-i 1,-rs possible a "o,, posilioli et' .he haml l'"i play en: o'taves. arpce "ios. s,,-iles, chord- and mil- :ih I'm foitrdi ii le! til'th tm-t-rs. liollit.t.' rrt:ie playiiii: i- ,. I'.'iideui up..:, separate I ...uiro! ..f llie siipiieiioi- and pronator lulls, le. from l! I lie- linger. S I l.qilillS till' slloltellll," of hc I. He. II p.' lio I ,,f the iiuiscle. and tl'.i- can be ae.-rtu pllslie l only hy lakiuu up ih" si n k !' tin li ;i tons. Th" principal niinvto co,,-, r,. i in producing a e:i--,i!y siaeciio el'ic i v. it h limjer aeiirii i t lie r. tr'r ' r. as i,p,.u lln- inu-cle ilepriids ike br, iiy of t II; . ieiu'ii.J Ihr . l ist, cure ho; se, I litr.rr aid depress,:, - ii in t. J si ..-! ;. j' nil. tile I ! I is il, llie 1'C-I p..sslb:., p . spl.el l'..r pl'.ujiirilig the e", el. The phy -iolriy . f vol,.. Iiy play inn is a - ibje.'t of ureal interest il. pra. t ca, it adier. It, -.ur,- ;,. :s.,,,s rapiuiiy ..: IH'Oi'llie!,; is tin !:!: I. lor iiiiisrsilar t. is very irnisit.:, nn.l cmt.-;... of .I., ,,..: .Iriiiai, I ur-ai if rt. in ..the: - T'!er- ..t III,' V ill -.i '.I, - .1, , ,'ile '-' ... l.t-S. A Ml, ..t e-.p. !,i . ! II.- ,.l II.; , , :s i-il'T.l is I., iii j I., ..I.:a li a i.qil.l luocraicnt. I lias: i a : 1,,, is ,.f il,, s,. , I, ';,., filers may I ,- it--: e l in the :.;. tuiia-oiin. in I'eiii'ius;. I .....: 1 1; . r-e.t ins:, w alklu.-. and in piaii" .laying. I'l.n:cr i- .indioi i;y i'.-r llie siateuieiil llial win :, a lic-ve is sjl,,. ul'ii.-dl; action .if the w ill or other;-... die slinniitis r ''eni'd by the uerec ri ere:s,-s ji, inieii-il.v as it r. aeiies the iin.s 'I'll.' three .itlriblites ,,f .,lu. j,,,. ',,.e. pitch ur ! '.piahty. I'orec is ,!cp,i,d, n upon the ainplit U'!e of die vibration-. I'ildi is dependent upon die ihr.-ni.-ui'.l li n :ii I .er the "to. Her th,. iitiniber Ih, higi er Ih" pildi. I'roiu il:-si. fa. is , ,e tliei principles ..f s',,i whi, Ii are prae ti.-ible t i an i i : 1 1 : ! i :r--li I -fide:, I of pi an play ing. The "'. erioiM f 1 -ou-s s,,,n, led in the upper i-i't air .!' su.'h r. a' tibraii.'iial nun 1 . r tliat t'a , .ir tails to I -I iblisll a de'lll.le pitch for ihe'U. Th. n. iiciin. the w.i'.cs ,,!' s i. i, '.,::es :l . ... sh.rl that I hey x a :i i-li a 1 ni, ,s niiiueli;.. ly alt.r -.iiiu.lbii;. tlnoef..:, the p, la I. Wlcch permits the tone p, he re e'ltolce I. SloVltMKXT IN s V I v i. ii v may be us-rd more freely in the upper register than in l'te in ,1 l'e or lower, i nc tone sustained by thr petal in the middle is equal in intensity to about four in die upper register. It i- possible hy a deli caie manipulation ,,f the pc lal to obiit irate thr disrordnht harmonics in thr upper, without losing an organ point it, die Lover register, which s.illlrt illles of ii s-ity must be sti-tunnd by the pedal. A point which is of .e.ual importance with I he ma uiier of si inking is that ef I he manner of leaving th.- keys, lor upon ihis hinges die entire s.Vslrtll of legato i'tilr pliiying. Wide skips, such as a bass iu,e and iis chord, nnd broad inlervnls cither in 1 hr .'oviiaipauiioeni or niclo,y. may be male l" sound '.xj-aiii with, ill die use ., MoviMitxr ix .-r.M a to iii i will IM., Ml. I. V. i A lo ol ,.. so. ". the pi'ila!, by ri'h'.itMDg the finger from the key slowly. I bus 'lumping the lone grad ually. MniiJ Lciiiitiful cilecis i. iay ho piodii,"d hy this Use of the 'diil. Ail inovi'i.ii'iitfl of Die body nrv eilh"r' natiii-al. habit. nil or hei"'1 :l n r.v . In cer tain slates of coii.-i'i'OiMiesi. we bring mi play .vi" a ii inusi'lcs j ml as naturnily ii- wal.T st-d-s iis low,-! !e. 1. It ie f.; Ihis reason th., a pupil is -o'i:e'i;m'S lauglu lo play a pn -.sage wiiii widely d.tcr.lig ' i,,,v,,io nl. ,f die hand and iirm l-y ''f- ! feri'lli ; -;.', el's. Til 111 il Hot lllf IVqllClll ly ' I brj.pi 'is that (in in-t ruejor 'iiliers ' Lre.'i.j.'a-t t.v.-r the I.i n.l. tiiruugli Ins pu p s, pec ibar in, .m or. sins which he in I. -.-i in-1 from hi.', a, .-, .-tor-. Il may r. nd d.v I... seen thai ihis is radically wrong, nml that silcli Vo'ild l!"t le tin- .ilse were all learliiiig based on philosophic prilic'pV-. iu jilayliig lln piui.o habits will lu-es-sari'y I-' ioi-iu.-.l. ai."l nioveineiil based ,,a die i.atural laws ..f cxpresHion of I he l..-ly .'in m ie easily n.-q-itr.-'l. mnr, when linpllrcd, enable lis lo e.Vpl'est) Ihoi'giits tnore clearly nnd mure forcibly diati hai,li- funned nt Imp -hazard. Tech , iiir. us .' to piano ph.ying. is tin' i power lo express musical thoughts. 'Phis ii.M.bes i,i only the ability to play the p' .pi r i...:is with correct lingers, but rc- .piin s.: !, control of die muscles nnd j i.-.-n s .I,,,! all gradalioi's of loieil co'.o.' I it.g iiiaj It , pri sM' I. I'ii, i. u . laying has j l, en coup. ur I I,, an eieeiric current Ih' I innslea: tl ghi earn lia ie f rem the Praia. ipass, diroiigh lie nerves whicll m-.V' I li e .i,,.' lo be u-fd. the linger slr:k'- I tin- L.-y. die .'i.iiuriei' strik.s a w ire, w liie.i' j iu ii- i urn produces a lone, the ear run I n i. the tone ha, I. to die brain, thin i ooHiploi leg the circuit. Weak ur sl'! g'si u.ii-.'l then-fore. n,,'. readily yicl.i- li' - lie -ii s, !,,. to the li'-l V.-..S slilllliins ! 'I'.:,j l.--.i,i ii,e brain, v. ill I rrak thr cir cuit, ihd ih, musical phrase will fall .-hurt f li. ' id.' l! colicep! loll. I ii ;,::: : , p'-iy it g die purely menial in Id', ell!- J phlil-e lill'bl its I Npressloll .11 I lie I'ir.-illn-cril i d liiovel'li-llts of llie lill g I - and he nd. ii-ing tin knuckles ,.r wrist I' - the renter of doll. IhlsS.igoS ft'OIII Hai'li's "l'ugi:e. mid Inventions" adinira bv illustrate lids staleineiit. .li eiiei du.ial,, . I, 'in, I- inure liiS'do f In,, vrlno 111. v. Licit the In iniiC-S ef tile el I'HII - lll, eelil, r aid leuglil uf the I'uiearm lea Illy supply. Climaxes an I pa- -ioliale ., Ill blll-sts of If 1 IIM.'-.I I feel ing denial. J tiie added MietiHlh and .' ider -wii'i.' thr-uigli spice of in- entire arm I'lolll die vital I enter of llie l,,,l,ler. I'lom ii le.'iniic.-.l slaudp. iiit I classify .ill iiiiisi" im. br live general heads "' lave-, cl. -!-!s. arpeggios, -e.iley and em beliishm, i ts aid dies,, are ag lin sill' li vi, l -l. I ', Lives are of live varielle-. nn !y. I g-ito. staccato, l-relr-n. inter I", i,.i,,: a nl .1 -pi he. ' 'holds are eilht r biel.i u . r .11,1. 1 :i , ider I" play an nr pe.igio pi",;, rly ii nm-l be taught in ten ',: IV.elvr . I i ff r -e,'l I W.IVS. alld tllC pll,il witi -,' :i in, h island I...W :.. err, edy practice ac aiggi,.-. I in,. ally leac!i He principles of ar,.cggis befote al i.iiiptii'g ale--, as de niov etneiii s of i l:o anii. w and lingers me very much th.- ; ie In I : t. ani :, iv iu., easily pre !;- .1. -I in i .... former 1 ha a in I in- l.iil-r. I l, d, r li e I i I of ei'ibel'. sl, Ha uls I in el'ide nil .ml.- i. of trills. ,i'.,rl,'i,l aid ap;' ;iai nra -. I ...- s . i t'.e w t l-l the di-i riliiil illg c,-,;: a- f r ; l-r ,-:: ray "I I in- upper an I t'.'iv:,: li i- -sible tor i.rrv ",is -I ; in u' .s i . ..ii, tl,,. bra iii lo I - properly , !!, im: I ! lie !:v. r lip:- v. hen die luiii.;. !.. - tiia: pi. -s ihr"i,--h do- v, rl-t are li'i -e. .M:i, ,-1 eery p ip I beginning ll;, ij , p ai,., lias -. me in n r a i. ri. ' K . p. h , a- :.g lln -c had Lab, I- m, in u Inch are c .rn cl. -i 1 , loll of p'l- sit l!) , l-elil Ml ' t'-'i-icv. I. .1,-1 a- ihc ..i! - '-' I,- ! I. C l' sefl aid i'li- a ' ,- li;..- .1. -1 in;. i ll " de I ll , i I', r it, Is purpose the . -i . l-i - !.: . :, ;.. . Lix.i.g I ii-'- i ; :' ,: lite hi, a'!-. -. I -. - '; lli .1 i- i ' - . .-! ! " I L' . i s .' , , I, pel, ; he -, IV o;r I hr ail' f..r : :le - - : i . : ' . . .-n:i play n r-ipi I -in -. - i.'.i ,.f !,.!.- n.lii a given sup ply ,.f i-ei've energy, .ltd V i'l'll licit i- e ii.iil-: I v.- i:.ii-i .Ira .'. i ; a t in- i , s.-rv oir ,l,e I raiii l'..r at.... I .-r -app-y. I his necessity of ..iu- p'i.v-1' il nar.ire is lb.' basis ,,: rhytiiin. r.nd if the r. guin ly r. . niiiiig in. linn : ion 1" l.niid up the vvusie Is l. Iieallh ami s.ioneil, vv ill be nip a::,-!. I ' i."t w n't until a -rieai i..;i ,f weari less is .-'t t.,...rc t. 'e-'.v ing :!., energy, as wr id i -! play Willi . Mrin-'r I st,-, 'irili dm i -peal, w ;:h ex I, III--. -I I -vaih. l;.. , ., ,-, ,-,- s... luce kills evpre-.'.t.i. -1,,, v cry core : t h. i i ii" - y 1 in ..f i, , !, 1,'c-ll , ' pi ,11 I- eld-.., I ,.. 'II II llltirt's i tv i. r lo die pl-i.i ,-is. "S-.i'l the action . he w oil." which, f'ee'.v a l-iplod. inav be la id. I,, trad, "Sun ihr !.-, hnical inier preii.tioii ;' die inns., al ii.. ,oOi." ,, v i l'i in i it I n I in,, 1, s iii c.l.ncs. l'or walking. Iiiiviling ami general out in.; w car, four h..k or bin ln aim es are -.. rioet In gl: r pi, pie kid. th-' Inter being heavier limn ihr usunl dressed kid. 'these arc iu Ian. brown and gray shades. Chamois gloves ill white are cry stylish for wear with .oiioii or pique costumes, and as they wash and clean ca.-lly lire not expru--le. I lack gloves are well fa Mired In Paris w ilil light toilettes ll iliilued in I Ln k. but here they are i-hic!ly notic ed wilh mourning gowns, or with even ing gowns ,f black ami some brilliiint contrast. White nnd ticelie, very pule straw, suede are the fashiomi bio even ing colors for full dress, with peuil gray, hiM inler and pale tun following. White glace and suede gloves iu four hooks or bin tons, plain or stltchml mi the back with black, are worn ft r vis iting, cuiicerls. driving, etc. There is mud: favor shown lo such gloves In white glace or dressed kid with hook fastenings. After while llie Ian and brown shades are favored. Ladies' Home Journal. Mov i 'i i r i s i ,, i i , . ii IX I,. Ml.

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