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North Carolina Newspapers

The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, September 21, 1899, Image 1

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i)c tl)all)am Brcorb. Wat mm J7, -i. LOUDON, 4DIT0B AND PEOPB'TOB. :rat:ejs ' fl' I ADVERTISING I Oan mplKre, one insertion 1.00 j Odd erpif re, two insertions ... 1.40 J One spiare, ouo mouth 2.M i J For larger h duo liie-int-iiti Ub4Ttf .subtracts mil bo w. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTS, $1.50 PER TEAR St Icily In Advance. VOL. XXII. 1TJTSBOUO, CHATHAM COUNTY, N. C, TIUJIiSDA V, .SICLTl.MllKR 21, 18011. NO. I. ti t Cta 1 mm ' 9 I 8 i IllHEli'lEittl.Tfl 3 1 1 A T ' I 1 : 1 1 XIX. nViMtinuH.i IVkn l- Kh!ji:b was conducted to the c"l! in w ho h If -ihrt i eoritiupd, he fumd hi'ii 1 ' "ir tiio Our bi pribnbly .'l"ut 'i? !-! 1 -"niliMoa as a young rum '"il l '! b 'ii th-.Mirb he had tint the r .::!! f! Mm f hv h ' in t"n f;I:t-m' !: He r I 'hi !: hid hc-en drunk- '.ri d:"-k. and flu' i' must be for . !:i!r.!.i!!".- it'!' h b'H been irrestH. j Not H; i! !"': "" 1 "lollectinn hnl he I t lU'- cv -f -!;o rich? b-fre. as the !ap-t h.! I !!!f!rM;tH his abcrdmatt. 1 in tf.-lf h- ! .-! I iiiTiirf, to inform hire !!.at I? ni'!,' .Tv-it th :nr?ctflr, or-1 riT'!l- I Whi n lM ,r- h.m-1 the -r-U. "O var f :!-!!) .::-. ml mi hi? fitlitt id-1 ro ful 1 '-i- 1 1 j.-- throusU tho iron burs :!' bis .-ii. '. vhs man, with I nioju . i !i, ink nr-.-n h;s ".. thv f.i !.!.. f. !:'. V.'tl t!l- t-' 'JO'.T. ICfi : tb.f- aruii . I -.- f i'i.' r t;-n if.AtOM the : ini 1 i.: ' .' 1 O fr.h.r' f-thc 1 n-' --.-fcy to My'r ' i"' :.M' I h? Hak. "Aiii:, f.ithtr. I : i: 'la.iblo f is form :'; In -.a in rejoioine ov-r ! .ru!H-iv "-' : ii. in .lrnth. uvA in diii.k- r. h ill, .if Pi. isrong. t lott m..M'!f. '..... v l r-.-meuiher closing a dMi I I'-.-l b-K-Mi ariyhn in the Hoard "f I !rib'. . 1 - !,:-. . my s- irj ri.. I ha. I a j poli: i.i '".. -!.'-.'i:ind d'i!!''i'!i. The nicny j s !o 1:.; w.-h t,K brokers. I up. I tl.- !... . -f th ii dal inirelM a:e j I I- 'mi" i'Hiiii;-?te!y ir.pbri-. Ut'.J. 1 r L.".o ''i'.i;!;' In-fcri'. ' to usu: Tilt U: L.nvrt:: !'' I'-'iVn iu the tr-t. n .' '-r'i'.j of li'ing STeB'pd ' I y. . i.otPt- ia this. .wli'Vnj i. .1 1 -.1:9 m. 1 w;., n,-.i ;n'! ui r.'v; 1 Enoi'." 1 ii 1 rt' H' ot teens ! .1: !j;t eight. !a:e -ay at , -1. 1 v:'' -s!!;i):'i' '. Pi't :" "A!i:. f."! ' V- 1 I..'.-- V''ll iVl. "f . (jrav,' -i'Hi' tuHiiiiJ.i t:. VM..-. illlll i ; .'Hid Mil. K- 11 T. No. fi'hcr. n,.t th? i iy ho did r..t s? mo ia'n. ;. .,,.,'..,. V. 1 i.'.'.t.'.i..; an! :'!!"" il',.. i. . r...l a.v .. .., 1 i;i . n ai m-imisnt, it ''' , i lllll ll.llH'l'. I.' I 1 t'.il "'.. I: .!. ti. in;. I 1- nil a : M ' i,; Invl iiitln A ....l'i. u. if. At 11. hi "r 1 1 " I'll"' 'I rrj 1 in. iilli.i botnern M i,i-rn !':.-. a ilirl; blado buripd in his ! in. 1.1 ii. . lati'f..-. now nornii p rnir Laier.;.'.-: I'o r 1.1111:1: What a blow !.. b '.. ti I 1.. tl... in , ih, -r otnl lister nf I-a v'. : I i'. . niy d.e,i iliscrive, but thai -Ir, ."ii-iu !io,,ld i. tprrib'p. "j ' ': '.'' '." ln'lr , .. s'i.. the b.aukr. wiping t'. t-iri tfiii !. 'The Inspe.'tor infi.rbr. 11..' tin. tho ph. s loimif bopp to fat' !,:- bf. ." 'ha! lb.'; mar b nble ' I..". I i- lie "ii. n will be t rtsit i is bp.hi-1'- l awroT O mis n his way j hoiii" f-.m 11 ni- otiiiK of the bank iirpc- j t'.rs. II" nil ". niingly to tho pollop ". oilhaiS bud nit.'iiipi.'d t.. :is issinuto ! him. :-i i i ih. iilic.i b-sido bim. his hiin I , ' t f lit 'i''i'E 'h. !..idy hilt of the wonpnn 1 ilia' nr.. l'ri,d !n his breast." II'. l"-' mia'p ib'ii tho li-nd na mp ; fired. Hut villi .I'-l he h to HsSll- V a o a o ' " , 1 h. I'.lt.ory itlonp ...Hid ! 1 1,,. Mv 1 1 I...y. lo ,n: nnd re- . KPiube-r i.n l.'i.o r..,,,..r nr.n hoiiovpsj 1 u.t.-.-.-.r. ..,t. i:..hen K-Hom. : i.r... .ho toi'i;.l drunk and ni).--.,, j I.IIO'IS 111 tho eliltoli;, ,bp .lHEgor's ; hill. "H Ml" lo !! bo;,, to unswer to thp , tritr.p. I'' i ha o- of rtinr.1. r. nt l.t for an j a.Mi.iit with iuo n. to kill.- j Mrroif ii ;!: e,i." ,ho young ninn. I "And of l.-wt nitht's,-tir, I know I ro ., ,b,.n tho de.." Ihc inp. cti.r had lrn standini; br. lif. "";"'"'"' " "Hieni'ig in 1 yonni: man's fatniM s ' V"il rt tolflllj oblirinii- In the world t heu it wis discovered that a orim had r.'.-u rnv.iiilt'od. Kobrt," he t.ald. "Do cii r" "liiiizo 'h's wpnpon':" . "If mv iti'teils arp on the stock, th r- niri'r is mil" 1 or special reasons 1 hat ' caniod it f-r f-v-iD days. I had notWd I tba-.'i" veiioi, ,1, niissin" lb 'in'iai? ir hr. said the officii! I '. '"'"!""'' t JW. This- j h'..;u,K j. h.' 'Ink. t th wpanor. j arotin ! 'Lo Suir.-rs of your right hsod tre clasp. -1 v i"a -.on wre discovered ia the m !!;. Tho b''. w. h-9hd !n th Njfora of lerrv." 'Thai f. 01 ('!! ' I ii'vfr bebd t u"':! C"v!' 'To you.- k'v wlpdg." "Ahis. .... 'c :.'iy kuDi'-iedg? " ' Did y : i i-;'. th" amblics rooncs the rther sit!e of tile :tU last eight? Po yo'l know !b p1 U"v ' "I ku j'v th... place 1 as I--wai I tbert? ti or. think yet pvems ind'stinot f ri-mtmb-i coin!: 'o the thestpr. ( re member .ir!ii'i ." u: home. I rmmhr -hal" The y o'lt mar. iat t'aiing with a ftxd "tare ut tfco iron burs of his c!) Weil, what more do yoa reicember: ' asked the il:peetor. "Dimly, many things; distinctly, noth ing. I now know why I carried the re volver you have there. It was to prevent iD part what has occurred. Fool, idiot that I was. and recognizing the very man. If yen and fa'hor wi'l leave te for aa hoar, I may to able to recall more. Stay: luspotor. see the keeper nf th cair.biini; rooms You mar learn '' "I v. i-1 see h'm We will leaie you ow. Try and tocall some of the event of last nii-L. But what man did you rec ognize':'' "I.rave i hat until tou return." "My sail. I will visit Lawrence. He may be aid.' lo spe.ak uow." ' 0 father. 1." may be dad." "No, no. hoi ; hope for the bt. I will hsv your breakfast brought over. You roii-t .Iriok tl:.- "ffi ' imd oat what you .an. 1 ii! M1..11 be bin k. . d bless you: Yen ur no iiiiinb rer. n are my by tui an. aud I i'l n'iek to vou to tbt ! I You iimil" :i I'm I i.t-.vil. . 1st i-ijl.t. I v OTP nil tig')'. I' . .ill 1 iliht ." "(Jod bless in' 'I''-"' f l'l"'r. I -nil unworthy .f i --m - 1 r ; 1 - -: " " "N. yon'ii' not. Imv. o. i.n to . t'' Anil tho ipsp,-. :.,- Ir , 1 1. ..I. I iioin fr the cell, it cist himself, 1 pink. full loner.h it ( his 1 ot, ' 1 1 A I'TKH N. A hiilf hour .n'lt-r t-1 : tt t.,. m i'i",i Mr. K-llosc ,, ....,o ,.t tfe opflii.r - f his Laid.. ' A sad - a : err sad nff nr, m; rai mad Bin," said tko h 1 it k 1 mi in tin.' t!'i cor rowing mother of l.nvv!" snora ihi'P With ."."I I"'!'!'. I' ll b. '!iv ,,,r, o was not I'll-t -'hi my-1 ii-- 10 of our son." 'Robert"' v !-"m"! Mi? I n.'. - I nr.r understand: ' -Oh, then v. hit.; .-.'. t.-n o-i.o -IM or i.t.f pn titular of f.i'.t strange nil !S I p!!s-'r.ei -it t!;i. c,.utr:il .sti'.'.-o H,. 1. , b',u.r.i ,.'1.1, 1 ti,. iitior ,-.f t. ..,.,. Io:,o. ...l,.' J, . t',',- : , ,.0! u.t;. , .. 1: ;, . - j, m L. - i-i n, i,r.,,f., 1:, rj l-,. r 'n, ,!,; , ,..r f,.!. T,.e !MU . rna'l" an .!!. :!r ,j ,t.M, , HarJiy n., -., :..r.,., ,i...lf. M,t Terry, sin i:..-.t v.. t .-,... i., ,, ....!j'" 1 co: l;-: -, .... i,.j..v. parr.v .-2 ?fct. I-, h ... . UkI wi.t. th'.- hi't t H .-. ,,, t ..!, , ,,, -t, , Vl1s ns.oii!,..! ,l.,l,.. . I, ; . -Why, !i f I ": .i'lr'tie of !?:: I cumum iii.-i-r-t .:..,i ' t I't tl'i.-' ih il v ..;. .'o;. liu; 1S. ;.' tO . o . tb.. M;l? VJ !;...' . ' Th" i .mi .1.: 1 tii h ii-.. r iii, i:;.a. Mr. K'J!',': ISiii i i' . or .lai-flior'f nhotticranh b v ..v.! In,. i...o.,"'.iin Tho dor-tor i.-.a ,.,.1 .. .,11.,,. . ' "... s,H-ak, ,1.1, 5l.s ,..t,., is eritloRtlv c!ar. nud I can f,-that Ivsirc to u9 nmv , ,,t,v ,r.lri olmul that bam.. o-, ..r iv b. v" " fcx,.t if . . ,a,,,' I; ,v ovpii s.;fTo-.o.i ,r ...viu f.-.:i'isp-i tb rrime. 01.. r.vlti.f,' ..-..iM (.v.-i. bi.' 1m, fon!od di 1 mi-.m of Ibo , ,.lrs;. i.Imi let ... ,- I'.V ""il V . K-.l. -ri. i. 'V'Oili) h'lT. ;.i-.r. i;e i th H.. n,T v, i-,...-! i.;,.., ,.vi,1...i . ! :U!1". th" , , ,n;,.,; !r,., ,,. . w.,, ,. ,.. j!l i t-Uibi'. ! I,.- h'.- I'll' L'j'vr s.p'i : t, t.-,.-i 1 Mi- Ii:,-. i. '!'! s " ii-.' ma:, s .i,c ,, ,m ,f 1,,. !.,.,,,.,, 1 , o:'.i. 111 il: -I" .1.. rl, . , ., ,,, , .... tf , ., '."..' ... , ... . , ( ). , t ,,.,. . , v i I . : "Xjj , ,,r 1 ,. ", lt ,,. v .,. . . 1 i I II 1 I'm .inn I nn.ll t i.h n;l.:: 111 IliU .1 .-'.' 1!,. 1 .o,,. ..... .1. .,1. , , . leaved '.,. );',.." ' - ,u:,url ! A ,,.',..r iul: ,.. , , . I , )C,', r ,.,, ,, ! : K-.n!P th. ..s.i.,", fll. ,v U . termiiinto w..ti 1 .., v..i,r .. . , , -,. (r.. ,, ! Ti. Ji,,,,.r ,. , Hoi : " I ho oashjor p Slid ",os." n;. , f his b( "I Mi tli- f anp "Tho i,if'.rmaf.on tb n r. . , v. . w. tprdiiy m-rnini:. t.'.t:us 'hat -I .. 'i.-rir- m .-s n tl." iv.iy t" :. fp.-r Iv f'-r.-ry. mi., n .v l.,.v t,, r-.j. t.. ha t .M.'ai 1 ha 1 v i. 1, yon ei ! 1 1 1--1 -1 hi,., I... :,. ; ., , r, iin briato'l ..n.lit;..n. In ( 1, . ,V.,'H drunk." Aiaiti tho ,.'.,.,..;... nior.,, , of ,i. hrad "HI,.',, ,.. re. f...,l i !!,.. i tw. .... M,.,,r... M 1 Hip .11 rk- l.'-i.l i,. ., . Itober' iu. f. . !;.- i,..i0 v.,., )lU riirbt hand .ti..-!..J i!,. lull t!",'t .,,-. . 1 the blmio j., , ' A .'o-.k of pain a el 11 1 "i-m.. o-.,r. .,,-, of th" bond "f ill" loo,, , f, ,1 ,,.,,, iho birvr.!- ;l. '. "Mi .:, i. ,'-oii,., .i ,i, .... ,: ,.),,, ,'.,.,.. ,.,, ,! n;.u, ;, , ' assas-inaii'",.'' ' " h .1 .., .,, . , faintly. -I, wm. ..,,,; .,1... ;, .,, m, )if..." ' iijh f.!h H!. 1 f i, ml iho banker, "and a it..:iir "f . :i I.-..I l "on eiflod nf J..t.r ,o..'vsiv.'V-. rol'l" Vv . U"t th" m 'iro that im...... ,.,irir. Po yo't know n h i your a-a''aiir n i.V "I di not," w,as the nsw. llo ..t "i that ho had nss'..t"l I!...ppi to ,los.f i th t..i. . -'l undo... stand." said the H...-t 'roo, rhs rooms of a gL.tib!'", ho.,,0 v,s.h' to min 1, ho a..a"'t. j v.. .. was to,., dark'" s.vd I.a.,r,w f.,i,.ilr. ". .,. T h,.lio, ir to h .,.. . k .. man Hp 11s afx'-s'irg no to . nt-v Hot-ert to th h"'"! T think s-nrub'. ! ijln b a!'"l - f I1 t.i. Mini Iri," v no tnorp " That, will do n ." -md 'he d'C'v Vcnr so,; is 'b ar". ..oo........j . .ln jllo'i' LawreiTp to .'.Ik o" niorc. aionioi:' 'iL'd t v i'l ,. .-...i'i i:. ; o-, ,1 th" 'i'.ion " ' I had a pnr'ia! 1 .' of '!. nviu's fa-- before w roaoh.-l th iM-y." sa-l Law rnr. ' Soni'-wher t h-ii f - u I-f'.-r. Citir"'. Hot-"!' re-a!!- "Xo'.hina." said 'he banker. noihin; And not miothor ivoid -n ini. sp-k. o thosp till" rel.'iise nil- s n Sp-."- roither tini" nor tu .n.-v on t h - o'io. d : tor. I an1 enxi"ii that mv 'untro !' '! law shall s'"'" be himself again " ' I trust bis o-nOii'.-mnt will r."i b for long," said the doctor. "Should if. I fear I shall bav.. t . . a1! on. Misi Grace to p!;riu tbo du'is of cash ier of the bank." "I fear, sir, that I should m.- n"er'y inconipe'eut' I R3i v,,rv S 'irv r..r your ton's detention and rojoicp t1"" ho un to immediately released. ' 'Thank yon, my dear, nil' Ii -b. rt is a sood lxiv. evfn if ho did 'rati.-- end the lim its of reason on i'sterd.ay Ho is yi.'tnij It will not happen asaiiv ' 'Tlease do no' write I an-a o th m's bap. Mr, Kolloiig." "Bless you, boy. not doctor, if he must ocn lull, oil'. i n.n-i po. The police nins! strike hooiIiii They must round up some mr. siispi i t-." "What, In yotir ..pini"n. . the 1110110 for this irinio'r" tho I .; . thp two men wi re n -.irinx lb. l it! : "I 0111 lost to ooiic. i"'. d"' ii r. P is evident that the iutnt was wurd.-r I T II If 1 t'lMt rtO'Mllll plif-ll""! Ill ll min ii"i I mm II .i ;iiiinr ' f l'i" 11 I iroinl'lo in 1 'i k of 1 l.o . v 11M Irn o 1 ' 11 i,i liM'l tli f.ttnl." 11:011 iiv I.I Ol U- j I'l-o ., n;i ,i .i7 ".Hc l's..ito- linn'. ' ' IIom ii M-n . 1 ro I rrv '." n tl"i l i"'Mioii from tin. tiii'i't't. hi-.-I ' l'i. In' ill 'ii II tbi 1. 11 oh." Mini 1 h" '! i,.i. -.. ill I... I". 1 k Ml If" 'b-l. 01 l'ilirt il.iv- ill llii'-t. I!it yull IllM' I'.'i' v I' -iii: ii'ini in ronlim itji'iit." I 'H" in 1 1t;! i :" "I .mH'.ho.I Trrr.v I" H"mU. Ho sm'-- tloit it i;i in.t IIiiKri I"ll"i;i vli" mi ' li-iiiiloi t!n :i.-Msin iron," ' ."t jr -l.- r I K.-Mouc:" ( M-bii'.t,'- I ;nNit" tor ' Not ihf mini fonii'l 'vi''i h;s j Iriii'l rot Iniohine tho hilt of tl". nfi.nij ' j Win. 1' .. iii.l Ii.. no .i.or. I bn 10 s'ioi. I 'i:vl I "ill -:l .iBUl't. ihil tlio i is 111: M : 'l-l rot :t:r 9 what h" ftf il-ioc. I'-" I' I'.'- t:in' bo e'ii' Hi '- "i fc?n (ho Ji!-r t tb co . Kim 101m? ' jp!::"I the b!h- 1. I Vo--, 111.I am :'! fh?r. hit svisn-l J 't "l.-.T''s ir'i:!' II- mi? ti'.-r-i I'biviM i firo. 'I !i.- '!"a!tr t'ltcs iba ii'iotlior pon ! !ihiu w na ?i sin.d :i' !ho i-ib!" b-M'io h.'u. i i". 1 iioiioimI tho ,', .,v,,. :i;lv .t'i.'l l-r '!:r sid-'.-A-.r 1 ) p'M'.'.i th:i $oor, foiny ihjii t kMIlk nl'K tl:-'c 111!' Ci-!!.0 I'O fllKJM.fto'l 'llli' lb !". ! I'l'V.' '1 ho H01'l!!!:in i II.. l,.,.: o., "'Oh ill! i 1 - f !'-! Ut till' ib: I I'sitlo him a c.-ii ! i'! : ing and ati-'".l H,ib !-' n m tl' ninrk.uj i'.iii bo 'vns liable 1 n - k H slaio, f.inhi-r :ii !iiiivi" !i:i 'lai'-f 1 1 ''l'lv-l in-! irciuT'. 1 for m 1 hU-f 'hit hp b:id .lr;..i-l " Ho a-!-' I lorn what bad hi -.Ik Lis 1 . ,.t live .f mail rc liandk"!' tl:? fl ioi. d-'tl. v-i'li ! l-:t. II loi'liod thin bo bad b fr j'l-iri e io r" th" 'ilo.'t niill :i l.Uill ' !: i ( lid hi.-. I..UH' ".ii Torry nii'l n l:o fintf.l 'iiat Lf o.'ili'i ar'y him 1: t'.:n'. )!'.b ;-. 1. 1- iiiiJ, did no! v.isil iu n..j '!:iiaiiy liini :i!:, 1 ill"! v.i?r? ii'.r.ii'.e'.in-' as T.iiy d:.---J bin' .ff" VVh-it bocimo of '.his ia:taV afb.ol tho 1 'Til. T. " Why, notioiDg about thii t:'.!:", in' af"i' l!io pnirol '.vnijon !':i' d. ihc ibil-T ?'1T., ilat it was twdn. o!o k. bo rlos."! tl.e cauips, and nl! parth-a .:iri..d down 'l.c baok Mir. That is ail Us know about lh I'lat'er. mid it loin o. no ibmo. In my mind as to how the affair - oiu'r. )." pocs tbp d."i!or know who ilrJ nsan ' Why. ho s'a-os. Mr K.-IVli:. ilia' 1. lias vi;.-. tho I'liHt- liof-irv. b'lt t!a! !. not 'i"'i'ia'i!!C.l ! i-b his : a'..- Oh. !: !.; iu i .all r.'.di!. bv wo ;;,! j: b r.o ! . I'lrr.i d i 1 be Oil In -li. Th' To w i" 1: 'viilfKP' Of PS.'ilomoIlt "ll hi I'll! " 'rheii yo'i -rill p. i-siM in iltiitkiim' tin i.iy Mil w.m. t!',. c".r.b"i- oi t'.o . i'iii". in !' I"l . ' ( VI I .1.. .uh th'i laoi i ii. 1 1.. 1 1 b..- . Ii 1 oi'd I--- itiip . 1.. . in,.-1 1 I- 1 1 1! . -p.. -."ii .b.'ib -ilai' io. ii!.':" lite "l- 'i. t:st;ar.'lv. N .l a! all. not at a,. toy .!. : r : if Terry !i.oiid d'.' a-d I i.i-i to. i'i,, r a' lb" c-.r..ti"r' i'l'im i 1 'I Hl'iet ll'!'' rney. I llO'lId ii- d. f.;t" 'in' a siinpe.-t's fiith'-r ', ll -i' i'Hi 'jlioiidinn h mnrd. i. I mi the- n-iil -o. (Hi. !!: I " ' 1 1 . -ilii" 1.. ijv, Tony as-. ' . ;,. (IviT lfo rt ol'oi 1. a-ailant.' " V011 arp r'ubt." fini tb" bank ovonse 1110: b'H let ns visit It. 'I . i"! I in. i'i'l"''l" ' rt ""tor .'. U fifl v.. a ii" 410I iisoor'e'n if bo r-" !. t'mu of :ii.,im r.t." 'i'i-v cool.'it'vaant. if ' oil's for n-'-. ii'form them tint I l-ov." ' I haro pnti.'ii!" tbtil ri.o , 1 on." iid ih" do 'or. "imd if I .f 110 f'n tli.T n-n i' o till. I ','i illlll"!' llialr. ..I.lifi .1.., f.,'." ..aid tl.o l.'ink". ",, 10 I.n M ' K"! "k'H in I! 1 To .1 tl 's ell .i,ti.i'.."d Sonili i-ran'-iii.'i"' W11.1 S i.Pa'i'"l l..i"iis bil'.-.r 1,1 In. " 1 11 ill" IP i'iio ..f a Ml. 1111-11 - r an ' affair of li"!'n" "H 'h" 1'ilko oi "liii,L.!..ii . plan - ib l il' d I.i 'rm in lii-t 'I'M 1 It.'iiitnis' oil' es I ! ..'' rod in Halifax iilomt 'Ii" iiinlillo of ilio i'e .em i-enl urj . One ilni Ciipidin i:an-i eamo to ni" ho'lliiy una' nit), wi'.iili ami Ind na lion Ho said bo hud boon pro-sly n suit..! I-'. iViptnin Harvoy. ilio fi.T nor's s'.ll. Olid hectfod me to H'l lis I.i. friend 1 aciood. providod lv itroni'".l 1.1 do oa."ij as 1 .old liii!) Ho . So,,tn.l 1 alb-d or, .. apttln Ilarifi i fr.'ond r ip'ji'.i Poo.rkp. and w 0 asiitil hi ,a!'i '" .v 'll" P'jke of Wl'lliUElOil Old"!' til,.!, duplUns. which Uiid ju' i1" " l" ?u piounib i'p.,1 at Ualitax Wo i.iii'O'l "'it our iu'omiou is f-l i,.iVi in undo 1'iieh of our pvineip-i'- ivrito oi,r lj' OW 11 VO'.'-lon v. I'M' h'i 1 0 "Uiiol We thua illi'-'- I'! o'lipil" s"lo.-t...l Cululi'.d H.'l'U o' '" 'I '.' ' H'-iO'tlt'llt, ,'l .'b"t' !' I 1 "I '!! I 'll'l' h-!'P-) '" '"'ll fill' "1' ''it nl- -in prnval 1VO S.'Ut UltU 'h" w.l Stat.. monis. an.! lio dlro.-tod lis '.o i-oin" i Ins ll ojs" t'io f. iioM ioi: uiorii'ti " ''h '"'i Pi-I'i 1 l-l's t .ho aiipom'. d ' !'P" v ''i ' i' ' I a Md ,V.,;o sllOll'l 111'" "1" .Hll'l.f0..l0 We l.oilC'l t'llPlllllV t" ''Hell o'llel IH r.iss 'lie tab!", and a v ii'ed tin- a j,ieai ar' of our roi. iv. .'o!on"l Horn n.-.ii .o.i t'T'-l t'I ad lloss'I'S ril.1! proe 'n-.l. said. Oeut'oniou. in tli - rjrt plaoo. I onis' tbauk you for liai iuir uiad-' lux dun I'tlit. Noiliinir could In- !:;!" op.oi. ci-m-rotis ox ifOtatWinnlifc" 'Inn -..op s'a'"!!H'nl. The best :nlvi"o I . an -ivo ...i Is that you shake hii'nl-' an l loi-a.-' 1 il l' 'lit' Of" urronoo has eve. happ "!le I Tli y at c.iioo walked up t em h .ith.o and s'look biiU'U i'i".'linll I'li' i cr" the best of friends. imiI T'ioi louiii's ( '.iiupanliiii. In aiioien' linn" and n mnts Inliul pcoib' tiio possession nf n salt spi n was I oir.ii'ib d as a mi". Ini n'fi of the iritis. The I'haiii'.i'iitls in l-'piiu- ha! i.'io ivhli'h Hon o. pu,. a s'i. ain ii'o ro I hero were no lisli imd 'tl' b'U. lid was thai lloi.a. les bad nll nved llie'r tnre fallUM'K to llllVf SjHlt Hil uf IWU. 1 J' ' WORLD. THE VALUE OF ATHLETICS. r.lrl Who Whs n I'liisieiil Wrerk lle.lorcit to llenllli. As n "strong woman," Ilio fov iii k'tii year-old daughter nf a West Lwl iveiiii.' millionaiio of Kuinas City is t li o latest lmirvel. It was lnt duiio llial tho youuo lady ia icptiou was ?i'.iliiiteil fiotii c '1 logo a physical! ivi'.'id.. It mis thought tliat shu win coiui; into h ilei'linc, nnd many siieciul isls nolo ouiisiilted, but tlieio seeiuoil no ni'iiaiiit' ili-itiase, simply a filroiig teuilutu' v tnivnrd uei voiis liio.stiation. thugs wine melYecti vo, wulkiu was c-xlmiutiiij,'. Ortliiiary gyiunusties, siiiili iu aro usually praL-ticcJ iu schools for giiU. did lint fieeui to do any feou.l More iu n joko than anything else tiio youny callo.l at the studio of a i KilV'saioiial atLleto aud infoiuiud liim thai the waute.l to Ijo a ".strong iioimio." It did uol look veiy piom isiui,', us she M as slight, weigliiu less than ninety pounds, aud was weak aud ill. I;ut there ia nothing thii atbli to iv ill not try, and so he put her through Uia twenty-live different fli ts of dumb bell exercises u itu tho lightest bells, adding to theit weight as her strength increased, until she- could swing rive pound bells with perfect ens.e. Taking a set of beila home, she bo puu exercising before breakfast, and siciou found the work delightful aud easy; her appetite, incrcascil and begau to louii to do greater fonts, i'or variety's Mike nor iiistructut ullowed her to learn i ..veral weight lifting ex ercises, aii'l I'oac.l to bis astonishment that blio could actually '1 tluni, nnd do them gin, 'liilly and tlriuly. From one lent lo auoiiier biie wont, until now tiio l.a ; mastered every sort of a stroa;' feat, uud bei teacher himself gazes on her with nstuinsli j nieiit. Tiio young lady has a most i wou.l.nlul b.i.'k. and the muscular de velopment of the entiro body cones to its suppoit. Ono of hoi tiicks is the lifting of a big bar bell from Mit tloor v. it U oil' hand, turning it and holding it higii above the head with out a treUKr. This finiw bar boll him then places upon the tloor and lies il nvp. lint uii her back, with tho bell ut li !' head, and ruies it with both hands until it is straight above, her bead, then boi ling it with one hau l ..tilv. li-ies to a fitting ami then a staudiir;; position, with tho bell high above her bond Etill. This bar boll weighs Phi pounds. Another lout ih. uiiisi-iioir young buly dues ii il'n tbo same bell in con tpvtiou will, tiio " (iiunaii cliuii'." This elifi'.r lull a '.trap across the seal, into which she idips hei feet, thou tdi" leans over the back until her heal rests mi t ii o tloor, leiu'Ui s over her bead for tuo bar, and rises with it to a -landing position on the scut uf the chair, with thobell hi'h " or lioihea.l, I lion ilesociuls iu tin. same maimer and lays it on I lie above her head .i.oaiu. Those tents re pure enormous strength, as any one can easily ascer tain by trying them. Somo of her friend i belonging to a yacht club have been inveigled bv her brother to coiue ' home with him mid visit the gymnas ium on the top Ikmi and try some of thee feats. Kut with nil of their beasted athletic uehlovtuuouU ue easily iiutdist.iucos them all. 'I lie KiHiiiinep nf n Woman Philanthropist .Mrs. Kliiilieth Tiiouipson, who some years ago acpuii'C'l national proini neiioe ns a philautli! "to-t, diod a! Lit-tl.-ton, X. 11. Sirs Thompson was born at Lyndon, Yt.. February 21. H'I Hue was the launlitei' nf n fm ui.-i named Samuel I'.uivell. When l.o ias nine years l l slio became a maid of all work in tbo liiuisii nf a lieiylil'iir, reeeiving ti niy lilt- cents n uoik us wages. Kiel! under tluce cu c imslnuces she mi:ia-ed to I'du.'iitc herself, almost entirely uuaide.l. Sao a-i a very lieaiitilal wiunan w lion, in 1U, she luado a visit to I'.ostnti. and was there seen by Thomas Tiiouipsuu, a wealthy man of the city. Ho was so impressed by her appeal unoe and beaiiug that ho rough! iier adpiaiulanee. and early in HI I marne I her. Mr. Thompson was a nelbkuown pUtlautlnvpist, and much of his in come wis hpt-ut im benevolent pur poses. He die.l iu 1t1'. uud the in come of tho wh'do ot his imnieust-e.-tato was lfl to his wife. Sho fol lowed her husl au I's example, on ti ibutiug liliLi ully to all kinds of chari ties and donating lare sums far pur pos.M nf national interest. Mrs. Thompson spent more than jloti.'M" in jTovidiun openings in biinness fm nu ll w ith families, hundreds or luisi noss meu now iu comfoi tublo ciieuiu stances owing then start in life t hot. She gave Sl,.";'" to pay the exp.Mises nl ii commission lUthoriz.-.l by I'mi yiess to investigate tho yellow lYvci.j She tiuiud'.'il the dm n of M.ont. at the toot oi the Itoeky Mountains, and gave iil'i aci es ul laud mid iS 'o'Oj toe. I'll c do'iist. F. I!. t'ai pouter's well-kin. wn painliog, ''.Siirniug cdtne' Kiiiiiicipiiti .:i I'. Dclamatiuu by I. i u ci. In in tiio I'.'. nco uf His t'liiiini 'i.' was boucht by h-r and pvesonte I to t'on.ress. I.; , -usoipd-iieo of this the hee Uuu uf tho I! ..r of the ll "li e waa granted to Mi s Thouipsou. In I vs. Mi ,. 1 1: nupsoii gun- !", . HUH t.o. the .a hao.'enii'Ut of sciolitilb' rose.irc'i. She iv i- a stroll a advocate of an iiitei ii ili o al lepublie. and a ti ll ,' U nig her vieivs was slaitod in K'ul i.i l. Shu a . ul- .i an iriie 'l uphold. n of tcnipei .inee and i.'iivc lai no siiin" P. that eiiisc, Mon i ,. i "i; t It i ' not i.ui'x iiiuiiitiing to oiir i Int.'. ei en 'In 1 1 - - tlm siiiitiuer, m, 1 llalelv lilt' t tio doHtll of s.itne I o lalivo. I b. i .'i. ul.l bo w 1. 1 ii insii-Hi! I bisok muslin, black Uwn, black niuiis- : sclino .lo p. do, nml all the oilier thin materials hi dead black. These should bo made u it hunt nny while trimming whatever, ami, if possible, should be trimmed only with the same material. After six months u nuns' veiling trimmed with rows of dead black rib bon or a bit trcless crepe def'hine may be used. This, however, would not do for a widow; though alter six hioiilliA it might be inn ii by a woman w ho hud lout some near relative. These crepe do Chine gowns tinnpiol t3:.i'.: ruehings of the mine, and with hoiiio black lino do saio muiiud Ilio waist, in nke very beautiful gowns gowns, too, that ai n usually most be coming. Tim pi inee-is styio is very good in this miileiial, and tho mourn mg elVeet may bo heightened by trim mings of crape. The crape anil crepe do C'hiuo, tddlv enough, are very effective together, it might be sup posed that the two materials have so much in common that they would not look well together, but such is not the case These are fonio dead-black mourning silks that are very good, light in texture, nnd of to dead a black, that they look well vith tho crape veil. Haiper's lia.iai Ih Feuiinlno Cou&eleuce- ThereLas been no time fineo the in vention of lettess when man has not nmdo it his duty to expose and de plore tho la:U of conscience iu woman. It is a familiar topic in all lileiature, in all ages and in all naticus. and special attc-utiou has been diiectod to tho piool'a of woman's lower moral tone as evidenced by Lei untruthful ness in btatemeut aud her dishonesty iu money matters. And vet Low hard it is at times to reconcile our must (irmly established theorits n ith actual facts! What lo co men of the theory tinder notice when confronted with the fact reported from Chicago last week that two women in that cily, Mis. Cyrus McCormick and her .laughter, Mrs. Fmi.ious Blaine ilet their names be held in honor!', believing that they had each morn than a million dollai s' worth of tu aide personal j roporty, voluntarily reported this circumstance to the Ov sessors nnd had their name placed on the tux-books as liable for their proper taxation. To call such an illustration of hi uesly unusual or un precedented does not doit justice. Is it not absolutely uui'iuo an I wholly beyond tiio rung? and scope of tho masculine coiHcienoe? Would it not bo well to revise our estimate ot uoinun iu respect of her conscience until we aie nolo to iitoto im instance of tho censm ions sex emulating the example ot these two ood Amei i uii wviiiou iu Chicago? IMitoi nil iu Now Vol k World. I '.nr. 'Is I or ii Won. Mrs i;iii!ieth I I i-lr m iiphcl . lev. th" ol le .t wnn mil tele .riiiher iu tho world in the point of service, h,n abandoned tiio key uu l will hereafter superintend tho toreo of seven opera tors at Fiiion Station, Ifun islmrg, in . lii. h ollice she has received messages for forty-live years. Her health has been somewhat impaired of la'c, and in recognition of long and taithful service tiio proni"'iou was ma le. Miss Cugley beetau her career as a telegraph operator iu I.ewisiou. her homo, forty-live years ago, an I she leeeivod the message calling out the Logan (iuurds at the place in responso to l'riisideut l.'.ucolu's lust call for voluuteors at the outbreak of the Civil War. Philadelphia Press. Long l.l.ce Mitten. Women with thin or rod arms will welcome tbo news that the I"n; lace mitten is the grand chic thing for full dress, and the elbow mitten - also of lace tho newest thing for afternoon gowns made ith elbow sleeves. These mittens, when worn with acere mouiuiis evening gown, are buiger than the longest cloves, ruiinin iiuite to the under arm seam and ii ined to the shoulder witii short lewele l chains. There i n hole for tho thumb, which serves to bold tlu iii lit pln-'e about tho wrist and hand. They are shaped like the silk mitts worn eight uud ten years, but tit .noro perfectly, as they aro mado to order. Thev afford a most delightful chance to -'i mv off one's liiiudsome rings. (ilcitilni; Ft oi.t the shnn. Milch garniture composed of beads, spaugies. ciysta's and joivcls inter mingled. Hand painted gauzes and nioussliues do soie foi cveuiug conn in exquisite tlural designs. Light blue 3iiusha les n ith lacnuetod sticks to match with largo empire bow ou the handle. Howls of mauve crepe trimmed w ith a deep fringe of steel l eadings and motifs of real lace. Petaehublo fronts made of all light s'.lk and washable materials triroiued profusely with lace. Xew assortments of safety bni and circular pins for the hair studded with si iui-procii'iis stones. Much brown InrVun veiling with -mail chenille soots as well as di'Ter cut white varieties with aud without Small ' mantles in vari- :i form' I" i-hruiod from tho same material ol win h tho gown is made siuiply i t-!:il'uiate!y trimmed. l.o :e, stoles, cut like a circular cai't in ti;e Kick, of ecru euipure line I witli i lute satin ami trimmed will Inn 'k Mdvit ribbon bows. Many eostuiuea showing panels, muipi's, tu'n.'s. revets and utbei 1 1 iii'iiiing I. i"ii es i (imposed of nhitc ii'i'i oitrlail with ci earn lace in light uud medium weaves. Won. en ' V. im,. i. a ibessinn "Hoipios nia lo of while oi light -colon .! lawns t' inline. 1 in . -lit i ti mth loose (low i iisio ies H il l"ii c.l!a for warm nert'lu-i, uivligev fi. -Pry tioinll r.C'Uouust, MAXLMSMADK MILLIONS MLRICAN MAGNATES TELL HOW THEY HAVE WON FORTUNES. Ruasell Ki'. f. 1'. Iliinllnglnll, Mn. Iletti (Hern nml .Inhii II. Itockprollrr llvvval Ihn liiilea i.r C'nn.lurl oil W illi h I hrir I. lies tie llliseil. The Saturday Fveniug Tost, the ,iuiiUC and popular paper which Mr. L'lurtis, of the Ladies' Homo Journal, a now conducting, publishes the fol owing I eiiiiirliiibbi articlo made up of 'outribiilion.i from the leading linau .icrs in the I'liile l Slates: KtiiiHiih, W'oitl. Twenty Millions lliicli. l.iiHHoll Sage, the dean of American financiers, set out in pursuit of his present ?lilO,llHH.liil(i as an errand boy in a coiiutiy groieiy More. maxims are those I. li; tcinp'.-ra'o nud you mil be k"!T.v , - l'lam '-''-"'- ' '"iud nun sound sleep make a man young at eighty-three ;) Opportunities ate disgu-to I with men who don't recognize them. 1 Despair i-; the, foreruunei ot failure. Next to a fat purse in a "still apper lip. When a man loses his hea l be mustn't complain about the othei fel low taking an mlvauU .'t Keep cool tad frecZ'-' out the ctu.".nv. A Millionaire Who Never liortows. Mr Charles Broadway Kouss, who ia worth S'',O0D,UJli, and who began his business eaieei as a clerk ia a 3inall 6tore, rugosts the following seven toaxitus un cuibracing the essen tials of a successful business career. 1. The dignity of labor is the great est of all dignities, the ;:euim of work ia the greatest of all geniuses. 2. Iudustry, integrity, eojiianiv and promptness aio cardinal n-pii-ites ,. certain aud honorable success. 3. Merit is tho tralomuik of suo-ccs.-; qualit.N the true tcM ot value. I. Success is not in lime, place jr on cumst.iuc. , but iu the uiau, .". Credit and partnership mo the sc mrgeof e iiuinei cial l' uud tho bane of cniuhif rcinl t tpericnev (i. Jie.viii e of the gifts of the ' n ceks; llu-y iilluio that they may 'i.' tiuv: credit is templing, but Mini surely follows in i: i ii ii. in n 1 1 !g- r an I ie:u ii t' !'m both buiel tin i all 1 some 1 1 Horn v .ii Mikhitt Mllli'Mtt bfMiiu lite as n me seiiifi b iy in an Inglish woolen lac t":y. Me is ii'iv worth .s,u, in, Hon no I aid il'iitcs his i iso iu tin. .i hi; b'.'i'.i f III til'. :--.' Vl llple lo'ltl'.ics 1 ! l.'iliiis i tin 1 liian ilia I : ; I ' . ii to bee, nio u i n i 1 i i" inn i - , mal. mi. every thing c ot'it I' d tlie other Hun,; '.'. Sobilety, ho arc tlo" three m a" ,nel hitig is i, He Kiel u 1 1 v sslul bu iiioiis career. :i -.vj v. ith ml witii " ii lacishno- I is., uud Itcali! Ceil: ',.l! Illld V. ol deCoU'i l"g divide "i, -L'uon.r, 'pen 1 1 . llli tor aur i original iio u a . invest I s iie'.l aft tic ment s; u wild speculations. imd be returiir. Ultlsll..' fo.' no. it!i slow but mi o v investI. Weil W eilllli an I l.ii,i,liies. Darin- . Mills, tinaucier and philanthropist, started on his road to fortune with uothiiii; but a good physi ie mi I a largo deleruiinalion. He is i!"'.v v.. nth s?2",llii i,.ii0. and ho mis nc.pi.i ii iiiui auiouin ... money oy obsi mii; these rules 1. W.o 1. develops all tne good there is iu a in in ; idieuoss all tho evil, therefore work if you would be good -and success!', il. 2. Sic, . eight hours, wmk twelve, and pick your I cereal 'ous with an eve to their .1 1. 'suits. . l-i . . ie .I'diiir out ol I'H'iv ino',,,, vi.. you. i, ,' Ii i.. not alono the mei e : saving,. money that . 1 1 1 1 - ; ,t is the i int. lovtua' and nionil .!i-.. ip!iu.. tho s.iv'ir, e'l! .rocs. '. I'.c ti'iii.blo, not si : vile or uudig nilio I 1 ut i i-spectt'itl in tii" presence of siipull"! l-.lio.i .. ,lge, p'.-itioiioi is pel Hot'".'. "i. M"-t ju , Meets fail .ii in- lo pool bil.-ines'- t i.i'i.i .: .'in., nl . aud tint lip'-ins i pod in-ill at the In. Iio. '. Success is measure 1 by tun good olio does, not by the Ulliui el ot Iris millions: : the extent oi hi- power. so. ii,- I r:i, tiial l'c..iuiHiu Jo-vpli Pom my, one i tiio wealth iest ,".!iit! actors in I hiciig.., takes a pcs-i:nl. ti.' vien oi every business veio.. lie. He say-, thai hi: is always i-xpi.-'iug tl.o woit , happen, and is agiecaloy s.tipuse l v. hefi the reverse ocelli s. Co In , iii'iiuite friends he oflell "U'e.- tl.C.-e ll'l'l'l' 1 1 i .- of advice. 1. N.Vi'l ll.'llle wli ,t v. in proti's are going to 1 e. 2. Calculate wha! v,ui ,'-'Bsible losses will be ma a lent, no. Figure what the bon-1 letiirn will bo in u business pi oposili-i. with nil things uiiiai oi a'dc. ll n.a'tevs nun out favo: able ,ui tan st ml the rr pi-riiv t hat f 1 1 .. , c. . i li iy all t'o p: i ,-i v !' ,i vou e "i. ! i no . ,-i Icii .i ! -. -. :;'. Con rue: bud irr - t . - ' ,." . l.U'1 t o W ll! s-ol Tl Ml.' no r. lain, -I .d hi-: t by peddii'i', .a inning tli I s I ." ll". bu o s ma , 1 P.'ii'l talk to-.,, iu oi nes Iioin s. 2 Listen nl leiitu o! , lio.isiv. .b cide ,p ii. !,:. .'t. I'o w but yon i h in I. so i.n I by y.'in o'i n iud- i I Teili'h ,.i he: ". by v to 1 1 iisi v. ni i in i '1 i,-i t ! r I,;,. Nevei let your Colnpetil u know what your next movo will be; time enough to talk nfler you lime acted. fi. Have a definite niin, and keep your rye on the ubjictiv e point. 7. lie bold with caution, prudei-k wild boldness. Mr.. II. iiv (lirrn'l llrilpo I'm n Foiliin. Mrs. Hetty fireen is the wealthiest woiniai iu tho world. Without capital, friends or influence film has built up a fortune estimated at Sliil.OOil.lJOO. Tha maxims govcrniug her biisinesa life she ha:, formulated as follows. I. Invest iu real estate: buy a house for 8 Toon 1 1 ut can bu noon Bold for lilllll. '. Uj palicliod with a profit t'us pioportioii of which cm responds with 111,, -i., of III., inc.. still, Oil , Witiiitsti are seldom successful in , ,-umm 'icial iin le, taking., because they do not appieciuli! t':e impuitanco of ! mimbng their own busiues. j , laiiiaticii may be the aincereat i rl,.l!tiv biit the good ..1 it all lies with tll(j imiiHted. Success is a I , iraugei 'to imitation. People with I rnaiiev to invest .should pay no atten , ,.,I1 ,',, Uie doniy, of others, but look I tlnnirs from their own point of i yj );v ; V 'TUl; , of BllCt.08(t is Uot always ! reached bv the roughest road, the path ia an ca.-y ouo to and. that is why so muiiv pe-'plu miss il. Wherein M 1 1 1 1 iniao .-s lull. 1 Finnl l'oell. ficorgo (i Williams, President of the Chemical National Bank of New York, who U worth cro.iiilO.OilO, has worked his way from u clerkship to the heatl of one of tho soundest finan cial institutions in tho country by conduct founded upon tho principles in his five favorite ilictuuis 1. Thoie is no royal roud to suo eess Work is the keynote. 2. Learn to do one ti.inn well and do it thoi'iuchly. M. Ambiti' ii and common sense will wiu success foi any "iio along legiti mate lines. 1. The really Fiicvssfnl mail is made, not b"i n. ". potei i.iiunt great ma.'hiiio ot hi is the lever of tha hi. rri.tllr I'roniinii. tinl.l r . ', a rRaur.s, Mr. P. i. I'aisoti". int'lii-iuaii e, pbilniitbiop; -1 mid patt.'ii id colleges, says that too inles d lile call 1)9 S 11 1 11 111 f 1 up US loii-O'' 1. l'i n.'tl.".. Me a l.v icuamy. Pi not '.pond until y.-u lmve it t" speud. Bo sti ic.tly li'iin."-i and nt.ei take ad vantage ol men. Aioiltli'ii aud ex tiavagauie 1 se vom money to edu cate tho poor. '. Bo your nun ei.eculivo. Tiust no mini to a iiuii.isti i upon you' estate Vou cannot can y out ..f this ivoild any ituioinii wnli. vim ilt'i 1 lu'i'l'i I'heia i in use foi in.iiiev b. .ii I in... giave. 1. nt i ,i.,iink 4. i'". 1 1 1. ii-1 v With I :. filial da 'ob Franks, nh-i h lepiite l to bs i oi tli ,-s ' il;i, i. il.l.i, went ml., business in Chicago, when iuuet"eii louis of ago, with li" ilel'.o iiiination to f ,!!oiv t iia i u'e - -avo money. JIi lot inula i '-day i- 1 ((".ill ft ruin.' cannot tin less you nr.. ,iovide! with capital with whi"U to -.. oppoi'.iiiiiy when i! appears. 2. sue pcouey nnd be i-' Htlv to in vest. :( Never but row capital, never onend'lhii tha1 v-ni cannot pav on detiiaud. I'oiu- Lints lot ii Lawyer. A. S. Trittie, one of the wealthiest attorneys in the West, has long fol lowed those rules : 1. (let the eonlitlencc ot clients and keep it. Such c nitideiicc is aeeuiuu- lated ciiiutiil. 2. Form u morganatic alliance with clients. o. Buy during panics wheu others are frigh'ciiod an, I evpctuig the bot tom to drop out of secuiities. I When the storm is raging nud forked lightuiu:; appear in tho tiuau- i n est in propel ty that will be injured. others fca Hot ki'r.'ll. r li eatl. Del.t. P. Uockefeller, the "Oil John Jving," whoso wealth t niches the 12",0 in, ini'l inaik, won his Urt start in a bu.-ir.ess way by working on a Neiv York farm tive'vo hours out of the twenty fom for twenty five cents a day Ho ha; earned his position as a inulti-miihouaii o by alheiing to tha pi maples ot the following maxims: 1. it should be every man's duty to get all the money he can. keep all bo can aud givo away ail he can. 2 Buy only what cau be paid for, and look upon debt a n u i-gro that first paralyzes aud then kills. Live within your means, aud don't think too much of your neigh bor's good fortuue. I. Keep a record of all expeudi tin i s uu l receipts so that at the end ot each year you cau tell whether you rue saving vuoiigli money to provide ngaiiist tho luewt.ili!.' rainy day. Any ouo can make nioiuy. lew can savo it. o. Lli'o as ihoiiiih every act of yours was under the s.oitiitiy of your buteies'. tucitiv A Vo, I ll-l.l I' p- . r ... i "H'i .,i t.'1-.g lb -,.i ll.o . Tl.o I;- !t 0 ! U I .u.-aulus, liui.u. Chi ii'iociiipieil. i :i I duties, I,i a I, lit', I': tiir I red. or I e. III:"!" I lime (., not as in on I iis'itute of , b,l no. wiita .": I l on. In i, day I o will 'O'i. tho mall lii.oti", iii a net Vellll'g .It'll voi Willi I e 1 1 cs hin ready fu a ok9 OIl'Mlil I n . I'l.'pa: ik. ii'il and is al l n 'I v l'i it SI'HI I V by I it j.i, d I V ' icllPt al lias I. 1 I. -1": I lo! I he 1 "lo l t"UelPt s college fund, I if' .,,.t (UL4J,4JJ'I?"W

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