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North Carolina Newspapers

The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, January 03, 1901, Image 1

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hi- ii riifi'iii'mriiiii iwwmn AV CCltittltam Qgcovd. I) at l)am lUrorb. KATES ADVERTISING One square, one ineortioik fl.99 Cue 8Uuro, two 1 insert iona 1.68 Oiiu io, uare, one mouth. 8.W II. A.. LXrvioiv, KD1TOU AKD riWl'RIETOR. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, $1.50 PEE YEAR Strictly in Advanct. For Lirtfjr advertisementi liberal co. tracts will be made. VOL. XXIII. riTTSKOItO, CHATHAM COUNTY, N. C, THURSDAY, JANUARY WOl. NO. 20. N w A NARRATIVE riy Si:VAi:n (P.irri:ii;'!T js v xr. (I'dSTlNl I'D. Tho two dtlmurs and Miss Arnold fat mid gu.ed at mo woiideringly. Jlut I told tln'iu mi more. Tin tiuio to toll t bem my 1 1 1 a u s had not oouio yet. When it did, . I frit that I would liuii tliem ready lo nid me. Mr. Avery heaved a sipjli. "Well, Crickmorc," he said, "yon lonbt le."n know your own mind, lint you aro running into great dau fcer." "Xot more limn I nm here," 1 ro jilied. "Here v.o simply wait fol death to come to us. JC death miisl bo my portion, J propnso to meet it half way. This iuaelivity is irksome. 1 muT do Hninethiit'-: toward cU'ecting our release." Tim weight of the subject was too much for evei'yh. ,.ly. Alter a i'lttilo ultcmpt to resume eonviTsa'ioii, Mr, Avery and the two .'ulnars w ent away. As tiny were leaving, I once more ro. liiiiii'e.l O.-o Hark i f his promise. "Oole!,, do si - it liar," ho said, "I I will gather iho l:u k before 1 slery. this night. The good teacher cu:: i bring it to you in the morning." ' And one other tiling 1 want,"' I I paid. "Hring mo n suit of clothes j similar to those you wear." ! "That,, Oolek," ho sai l, na 1 they were gone. "What in this dangerous tiling you nre going to do?" aiko.l Mi-s Arnold, lis I was leaving her villi her dusi.v co:ii:tititii. "What plan have you'.' ' "J)o not worry," J n plied." 1 shall do nothing rash. 1 nut going union-, tho people to study them, lain puinj, to study also the resources at cut- com mand. 1 ilo not fed that ihu Tii'uio.i chiais have doins themselves ju.-tiet in submitting for l,veiily years to Chinese rule." "An. I then what? Suppose you find resources thill have been uvi.1 looked; wlui. will ho the result V "War." cii.U'Tn; xir. nr.". iD'j.iNM'.'i.i iii war. "What is tho nauio of thin strccl, Mr. A very V 'This is called tho '.Street of thi I.osl Children. ' That broad avenui Htret.diiug away to tho ea l.viud i: called tho '.Street of the InvaUis.' 1 was down that avenue the con .jiicrof;, twenty years ago, nn 1 it Wie the scene of hutch e.irnag) and out lu go. Thee sire. Is h.i 1 other names before tho fall, bai in these gruesome titles f.u .) ulnars lovo to lunpctuale tit , memory ei' their s irrow." A'o were s tan.lin on t ho porch c! Mr. Avery's Ionise i;i C.ilncir. J!) foro ua the wide Street of tho Invad vr.s Htretelied away i ut j a plea-ia vista of ; prea ii:r p ilms a'l I comfort a'do house , Thee lueise-i weri nearly all of one pattern, sonic, how ever, luiii;4 larger and nioio preten tions than oihers. Mr. Aveiy'sw.i' the lare.-t of them all. It was well adapted to tho hot e'ioiatc. Ti.t rooim wero well liu'hted n:i 1 uired with plenty of win. lows. A v.idi pinch nearly surrounded the house. 1 had taken my first meal with Mr. Avery in his own house. It was my lir.-t i: p icii ranee in t fain cor as a .1 umar. I ..i.-. as liiown as O. o-lhirk hihisell', mid sought to hear my.;eli' with tin Spr.i-taii-lilie c.iliu:i- s of ( 'urn-Sunk. The corrov, fill li:iiiiv:'.lil';i:i knew i,m ni once, and Imu.!.: constantly over mi chair while we were at too table. "My ;' io. I llankauna i," Mr. Aver had said, "do not annoy our l'leu n lie calm in our p;e-elice.'' "Ah! Is he not the Hoick?" s!u cricl. "1 o-..s he not know tin- -.orrov tif my heart'.' Call i i - li.-t s mtlie if Can not restore tu me my liur.frci my son?" I i-i.eiuded to Mr. Avery not t Bpeak harshly to her. This woman, whose faith in me um s i slioii;, wh 'tut reidily accepte.l the authority w i;': w hich she beiieved me t be investe .1, would perhaps bo mo.t usoi'ul tj in. iu the future. "lie eaiin, my (jood iraukanna.i, b calm," 1 said to her, putting my linn 1 nil her head. "All iu fjood time. I.' your (iurret is now at t,luieutal, fe.u not that you shall not see him ii-jain. It is not time now -but soon." As I have said, after our lueul, we Stood on the porch. "Crickiiiore, you arc -playing a dar in.ogmc. 1 do m t know your plan, but whatever it is, there is ilau jer in it. I do not seek jour eoiitidoliees. When it is time, tell mo what is to b done, and 1 will help you." "My plans are yet very crude," 1 answered. "Kvcrythuii; depeuds on Low I lind tiio people w hi ther tlu are all willing to place in methoblin i faith that the two Junius we have seen havo shown, and that still eater faith of llankaniiau's, fir whither 1 shall bo calle 1 upon to ti.;ht my way lulling doubt and misttu-t. Mr. Avery, I am (join" t o teach rebellion. "Ah! 'Ueholliou!' That ia a mighty word. Crickmore. That uroh liotid who holds court iu tuieiilal would crush rebellion uuder his heel, and loava no lives to bear it3 mem ory." "The arch-fiend will of necessity be rtp nu l doiii to crush the robollioii 1 uui going to lead. 1 am simply de veloping my plan on the lines lui I dovvu by yourself w hen you advise I wo to allow myself to be considered ;l king sent to tleli'-.r thesj I cop! ! (1014 bondage. UX cau wilii Jout NA" SEA OF ADVENTURE. W." HOPKINS. IloxsT.n'a Sow.) ftsslsl.incd Tlrnily implant in tlici minds tho belief that C can lead them to victory, half the battle is) won." "Hut but why, f am staggerer by the stupendous project. You haw no guns no army, llow can you ex pect to succeed V" 'Tioforo J strike, all these must b obtained. J'ut it is too soon to tail af that now. us take u wall through the town." Cuiliuor was not unlike some of the rptaint old cities to bo found iu Span: .ir rural Franco. There was, however, x striking dilVerenco bet ween it and any iiuuint old city J had ever ictii. It was cleaner and more healthful. We walked through the Street o: the Invaders, and 11s wo walked wc talked. Kvidenees wero abundant that tho strange people among whom Mr. Avery hud lived so long fully merited his unstinted praiso as to their industry and relinouu-nt. Wo pa-sod tint 11 v houses that would I have rclleclc 1 credit upon an l-'.ngli.-li in American occupant, to scrupu lously clean am! neat wero they kept. Many of them boasted of .'aidcns, 1 md these were kept with ,'reat cure, j J'he houses, 11lmo.1t invariably, weri . af the low, wide portio-ied and pia:a i style that was so conducive to c -mi-i fort iu thai salubrious climate, where 1 most iif tho time mini lived tmt-of-: doors. In some of tliem the woli.ei. it. -mid be seen at their work. Tin ' il ulnars hud no idlers. Kvciy man innl woman seemed to bo bu:y. ! "Now, there is a house I like," 1 ' aid, pointing to one a little larger 1 than the others. "Jt is, ia its way, i imposing." "lha:, said Mr. Avery, "is the residence of the greatest living .'titear uoiio other than our friend (larii Saak. Ho is now at the mines. See those mountains beyond? There hi is al work, i'ut Lis wife must bo at home. She is never anywhere elise. Let us go in." Mr. Avery ascended the steps lead in,; to the wide orch, and without ceiemony opened the door. "Come, my good w ouiini," he called out iu .luiearese. "You have a guest.'' At til: t there was no answer. "Sho is prolubly iu tho -rui'del). Come, Anna line," he called out in ii lotiib r tone, "w j want to see join face." "Ah, tho Rood teacher I Is it you?' asked a penile voice. The woman c.uue in and bade us I t tcaied. "I was busy," (ho sail. Then, Ii oUi:ig at me, sho said, curioii-'ly "lint o'.ir l'uetid he is a Jttmar, and I ilo not know him? Whence can.c ho? I'crhiips ho is a Kalek and uwav from iho his task. If the soldiers o neniur will bo pleased to lim "lie is ft Juniar and he is a Kulok,' ii plie I Mr. Avery. "llow? That is not easy. Can yov explain, good teacher, bow ho is i liii.iar ot tlalncor uiid u Kalek u llroiiipoii.ih m one?" "Listen. Anna I'ac! Can you keep a scent until so say to you: 'Spread tiio in w.V.-' ' ".sire, tint wife of (lartl-Saak cat. keep many secrets. I'l her boson, lucre arc lo.-ke 1 many now. You cat: tell." " Tim! is so. Well, you remember yo.l eaiin) to me one day and t"ld mc tiiat the women, when nt juayi r one day, s.iw a man dressed iu gold, beck oning to them." "it is s.i. 1 remember well," she said. "This is he." "Ah! This is the Oolek. T know. I hint Saak has t il 1 mc, but 1ms hi I me seal my lips." She threw horseif on the floor and kisse I the poli.-lied wood before me "Look hue. Mi. Ave.-y," I said ii l.:igli.sli. "This is veiy embarrass ing. 1 d 'li't know what to do with hi much wotship." " Tell her to rise," he sai l gravely. "llisc, my good woman," 1 said, ii. the native tongue. "I do not want he homage of my people, but thei; love and obedience." " )o!ek, you w ill have thetu both Wely upon Anna Hac. 'J'lie wife i I tiar-l-Saal; gives you promise that the women of Calueor will t:erve you and Help vou a-, we can." "That is well an 1 oil that can In isked," said Mi. Avery. "New U us go nn," In this way wc went through Hal tieor, meeting and speaking i nly t dioso who were c ni-ii icre l by .Mr. Vveiy to be tho sui'cst cistodiuus o: ur seclcl. Wc passed out into the country and saw maiiv beautiful farms. They v, i-r-all wi ll 'eared for. The people ha every means to promote prospeuly. ;! tho iron grasp of the t rant could um bo shaken. The ground was tm ly t . give forth in ereat abundance. T!.. mountains hi I va-t I'ortuuea not y : iii; i o 1 or disco i cre l. (u our way back, w o stopped at the farm of t'so iho big Jiima. saw us as we were entering the gate. Ho looked ugly, He w as c irryitig t wo pails of milk liotu tho cow -beds into the house. He sai l nothing to us. hut we followed him iusi ie. T apple bended that something was going wrong. In tho living-room of Oso-Dark's lioilso there sat a Chiiusei oilicer aie' soldiers. I'tawu up I iho porch wan a wagon, to whin., a heusu was hatuessed. la Ihu wncjon were several largo cms. 'J'he daily rounds wcic being made t i collect- tho milk innl honey of li e is! u I'd for the garriMiu a! Ouiei tub U'lie i ()so-lark had poured the milk iniothe nearest cuu, the ta-eai hi n r -n ; nn I to leave. As he p:o i d us, lie drew his sword and wautotry pricked Mr. Avery's arm. 1 made a motion tor ward. J was going to knock ti lis- creiint down. Mr. Avery held mo back. "You would ruin all," he said. "!. not be impetuous, 1 am accustomed to such ns this." My own turn came, and I too felt the ollieer's courtesy. One of the soldiers kicked mo as ho passed. My blood fairly boiled within me. I wondered how the fellow would act if ho knew ae was kicking an American. "llow much longer shall this fii liire!" moaned Mr. Avery when the lends had depin led. "Not longer than !od Almighty withholds from mo the power to bring ;heso fellows ilowu," I replied, .'avagely. "That was a rascally act. Jiut wo shall have our day. I'ut I am thirsty. J suppose, Dsn -Hark, your milk is all gone to feed our dear friends ii (,luieiital. " "Not nil," replied the .Tuniar. "F isk having my cows ruined liy tn.t miking full, j'.ul 1 finish when the .iixuieii have gone. Come, 1 w ill show Oil. The cows nf nre small, fat iniinals, slock and la.'V, but tli-'y give ich, sweet milk. "See, I divide with the governor," laid Oso llaik. il-s k.i.iii hud a small supply of die white, l ich li'iiid. 11 e handed mo l cupful, wiir.ii, which I drank. "J drink to tho downfall of Jleii-Ko-lli," I said. "May it be .men," aided Mr. Aver v. "After dark," I continued, turning '.ii tho J lunar, "1 want you and (hiru Sauk to o ilo t i tiio cave. I havo something to say to you." "Wo will he there," lie sai 1 simply. On our journey back to Mr. Avery's house wo passed a guard. Ho was 'mounted on a lino horse, and as ho rode along ho gazed ut us impudently. "1 wonder w hat that fellow w mild give toliud you out," said Mr. Avery. "It. would make him u general at least." "Is there danger of treae-herv?" I .sked. "Not ft bit," he' said, with emphasis. 'If tho 1-hnpiro of China Were tho jribe, no Juuiar would bo bought." "You will come to supper with me," said, when wo reached his house. "1 want to talk to yuil about soai" liiing." "Very, well, I am at your servic," ho replied. We passed into the cellar and then inln Iho underground passage. From this passage w o wont into the .-.iibterraneau .iver-bed a wide, smooth roadway to die sea. The sides oi this extinct ivaterwuy were very steep and high. "It is of this place I wi.-h o speak," said, pointing around mo into too .duck depths. "And of it -what?" asked the mi: jiouurj. "Wo must now begin active1 w.-rk. Wo must manufacture arms an I ii.i iilemeiits of war. I piop i-e to e"'.i!' ish workshops and forges here, and lave the work done iu tiio i-oorccy of :ho night. The smoke will bo a bud 'eature, but Hues cau be cut near tiio ;oast to carry it away." "It can bo done, but it is danger uus." "So is inertia, my frieul. If we risk nothing we gain nothing. We .ill I see what the .lumars think of it." "They will iigreo to u-ivibi" g you suggest, but I myself doubt the i-uo-?ess of vour plan." "I make no promises. I can do j nothing alone. If 1 have united j nipport of thopoople 1 can iievonip'ish ! uueh." "Ah, you aie safe." sail Mi-ij rnold. when wc entered that portion of the euvo whore she had her abode. I "I hive been imagining all sorts of evil things. I am glad your lirst a 1- ' venture brought no liana to yi u." "It has bi ought me mine of an appetite than anything else." 1 rai l. "Has tho good II. mi. aim. iu brought us of Mr. Avery's bounty "Yes, jood .-oul that sh.! is. Sho has been hero two or tiiteo limes to lay to tell me tuiil sho had received word from some passing woman that Mr. Avery was scon at this or that place. Of course, I know that if ho was safe you were also. Here is our supper ready. ILiukiiiiuun is u master huiid. Sho loves to make me feel omfortable and. if possible, happy, md her own soul is bowed down with ;ricf. It would bo a great day for llaukuiiiiuu if the lndepeudi-nco ot i'uluiooeh were restored." "t hat is a long timo lionee," said Mr. Avery. I did not reply to this. The old man ,vas the victim of tho luck of eou i donee, that ha I held tho J Ulnars dow n or twenty years. After supper, Oso -Hark, true to his iroiiu.-o and habit, appeared iu tho uve with ( iaru Sauk. "You had something to say to us, lolek?" said tiaiu-Saak, in liii gat ural voice, standing sternly tu f i ro ae. "Wo await co nai iu 1-." "I haw no c aiman Is t i ;.ne," t colic. 1. "1 your ht Ip and a t- I siw that thev v.-t rc '.icaiiy plea -cd. "You know tun liii.i. - ei i i of lie.) ,ver 'ue l under lis?" I a 1. d. "Yc-; wo know ," t i.-y a-i - -cicd to ,ethi r. "il iiv f.u- t it i the l iu I 1 i -s it i;. end?" "Many mile-," said (lani-Saa!:. " I'tie wiles; ait is ,ri b-r ihoaipor :lll." " I'l. it suits exactly, l'o, s it nn car in.1 nunc- '" "It runs t,.i'ur the ineU'ila n be in I liab.tor, v.'t-rc l he uuite-) . e " iJ Vt eel.MlIUT.l'. 1 Till MEIIliY SIM OF LIFE iTORlES TOl.O BY 1 HE FUNNY WEN CF THE PRESS. In- IVartMl lie I) tiiililu'l-. n Intf-i-mirt-.ioit Il.i A.lrili linn- lie s Well Ml.' II. I I 1 11. -in lilt, ii llltf 'iii-i:'tiliiil A ICiirc (o-lthtH, l.t'.. Si - -,'..!. ..-Minis. "J'w.ts '.ilia1 I '.' linn now '" pi.. ."-; He tried lo be raliii, hat lie t-'iiiiihi't. Mie w.i- ner, .hi-, "i linie fir him i.uw 1 i .i.,o..i- - ."-lie 1, .i , i il vei v liui'li Ilia' lie w .ni'dn't. --I'llll.Mleli'lll.l l'l, All IllllTllliKi 111. "How Is .vour cliil) for the protection i ! birds coming on'."' "(Mi, we stop meeting jn.-t hrf.,re it h t'me io thinl; about turkey.'" Uetioit In e Tress. Ilonte At I itt ff-1 i i ri Mrs. flaibl - Thai new miuistrr icn't, Illllell on vi.-ii in", is lie? Mrs. thil-h No; I guess imiivIi" hi; wife is a puny good ejok herself. N.w York V. i kly. lie'.. )ell Triioieil. "Iihl you hear what tliat man tu x:, tieor tails his bis fiet kliil hhui'l wife'.''' i:inlie?" ".No; In- rall-t In r '1. title Sunshine' " Indiaiianoli.-t .buinial. sin- Mil. I I In in tlfh-li, t-'he-Isn't it str.iiie'e .' 1 had a pre .' cut intent Her i In-1 am! Itn!-i d? I had it pre s'.'iuinttnt that on were noing to liav-: i-oiiie kiml ' f a pr .- tu iiiient. --Puck. Ili 0itin I unity. Miss Aikyus ho you know. some, times it ft tins to me that the girls marry th" lioinelii st nun? Mr. Wilkyns (promptly) Am I homely enough for you, Miss Aikyns? t'oniirvillo Jourtial. A loin- lli-iiiii1). Ci itit iis D'Aiil.i r is c-.M'tainly a finite'. J'aleltf What's he been tip in. now? Criiieus - lie lia- just sold a live liun- divd-ilolhii picture of a oiie-huuilrotl-I'.ollar horse. Chicago News. 'I III' l.llli -l lull. "Allele," sahl the foml l.iothr-r. "is l"- ndiiiig the .;ge where a girl naturally thinks til' mat-rhige." "Title," plb d the father, rcaret fully, "but i!d you sniipose we can af ford a son in-law? "- Chicago Post. .Iell. e D..IO- til l.ilvl. "Yr.tir llonnr," said the clerk, "I havo to report t'.iai the jury is hung." "It is ipi' it." iniisi d tlic court, "how rb.'U'.ec w ill i-otiietimt .- cxeeiitt: a just sent. lit--. Have lln' bnilies t ut ilowu I'!'.', removed, Mr. Clerk.' Hinv.r Tiiins. Il Was Nil Mo n i-inn. Morrcll - I." very rose has its thorn. For a man may rei't-li tin) iiy iiinnacle of and still bo iir.haii,iy. Wtirr. ll- That's not sr.rpi i-ing. Hid you t-vir sit on u pinnacle'? - I'm! lei phia Press. A H lie's l illt ll. T ib.n'i like to make calls wi h my Wile." "lii is sic pick you up al'ici-waril oil your ;r;iiii:i:..l'i" -No: but sin- tnakts me .he her ten ei 'its t' .r tmi-j- lie 1 tell." In Man npolis .1 hi it in I . Tin- to-ill Ttil-lll, "Yes." ;a:.l Mr. lieiip 'l, "1. too havo my favorite Mowers." "And wnui may they be, pray?' sin i r .1 his v. il'e. "They at.- th" ones Hi. it 'shut up" at night." Ic l-r.-uly manage. 1 to allien late. Ha: r's llazar. 'I'll!' ( lil-.-Olit'!llioll tlf St tcll't .i-l. Trefi -.-orTlicre arc only two I; hub cf scietil t.-i -. imiuiiiitg Mind What are lle y. pro- fes-or? Prof, -so;- - Well, we classify tl: m a.i bitctet iolegists and way-back-l'-i i.ilo r.ists. ludiciiap.ilis Juiirual. Ilii Cem tllitlnt . "A pint has sail that there ate soiigt in the sib '.ice." i-etuarked the oung m. ill who tarries u music roll. "Yt s." answer, d Mr. lllykins. "Tim troiibl-- is that so many people refiiso to b t well t iinimli alone and insist nil Ur.ijwit'S 'em out." Washington Star. Mill I ni'tuit iui-iMl. IirnedieU--ii is said that most of th? people who ci ttiiiiil sulfide are rh d. llow arc you going to gel around thai ? ii l atch - fill, wi ll, 1 s'pose after a fi llow lias In en married a whtb' he g I i o he can put up with alino.-t an.Mhing. Suit-It. I .lii-l us ell. "I'oti'i you t'aink .'. man a real ma'. - onuht to .it-know ii dge w hen lie is in the wrong iu an argument with hn v. lie'.'" "dli. I don't know. (It tu gf new r t vens up, but l,e goes and buys ie soiucthing fi al in -' and expensive.'' - 1 letlolt I'l l e Pi t ss. Alt AiumuI lt llel liriimin. "It is true.'' she said, ill rutting toms. ;is the nu.iiiel waxetl feieir. "ii. at 1 had uotliii'u when you niarrie t inc. It is line tliat .Mm gave me a wi.ldit g ji.tiiity an unit the world, bin you lad no :t Hiding in soiicty. sir. I have intr.'duet .1 oil into t'ao ff cot b s! ' "Then h. w. in t!t n itn-1 of l":t lei'' he vet if. l ait -I. "cm make itJ . i!iare'.'" I n cago Tribune. icnoi- in-wiiiili-il. A seliooli.ta-.ii I-. not famous for bis pi I s.-lial In lllli J . s coped th.u n i n t lie it.alti titiM- boy ami t - itud lim tbaw -iii i-ari. at nit s, lie picked up cue and i-Uid the I 'V iu a Voice of thunder, Is this men -.n tot nn--" ' "Please. s:r." said tin1 victim in a -late of til lor, "phase, sir. 1 tlid It moan to i.uil.c it s i lib ." Th- master desirovcl iho pic, etc an. I lei the lli.ilii V dl p'il tiled e. I STOOD BY HIS BAI'OAIM. ri.e loo tut si i-ini-.i u r.ii :iiiei, t: ot Ho 1 I lie loo tut s nil u r.ii iitieii, t: ot Ilo 1 Was Uillii.g I.. I It. I "It's hard life." .b-chii-id ,he '.,. I ir.i'.s !,i;:n. aceo rding to tie- liciroitj I'ree Press, "itiid I ahviivs say at the j a .Hillin close of every m asmi that I nut miiit-'t-'-lln-inigli witli it. lint th. -re is some- I ,. .. thing ill the life, the smell of Hie saw- 1 i.ii.-i liny, me giiuer aim nois", i,,.,,,,,.),, ,., v iv pie'tiiv : v i;.-,n.' it changing scene, that appeals to n man .,,, ,-,,., v,.Ull ,,. , ,,, .. , :;lill .. , ,. who has once I it In Hie business, and ,.u. ,,.;,,.,... it uilh .,'' v ry it is seblolil that . -ii. leaves the life j w .,,1 , ,r;,i,, Jiut 1,11 in liny 'ol ' until den III steps in. There is a ti ' Hrai-.'iit lines, 'flu ii'...r may Ie ileal of bitnioi- In Hie business. 1..0, ns ,,:) (lf jr (lf ,,. v.;li,L Viji we are linuighl Into eoiil.-tct wiih all ,,.-mii it Thi., is i' in. . t .1' d "ii a sorts ami conditions of im 11. iwait f 1 11 ani-wiiii.- -r p.-.l st'i'i "I iiui rcinindcil of n funny Hdng ! where the coil. :r is of r. 1 set in. n n iy th.-lt haplielicl to me il go.,,1 ma ny ; , , 1V,.,., , ij,,.. ,.f lh.. L..,;,l !.;:,:,! v ears ago when such a thing us nun in ; ; f jnatclui.i: 1 tiiVs lui le'ii.i .', gi. 'ii. . a eireiis by rail was nm tlioiiglit of. II was part of my work ;il that liin. ; Tin- Mimniii.11 1.1 tin- ntr. lo tlrive our Kt-eitt Slo.noii i harioi. dot I "fling.- on Ie r hi e-i s !" I, .i l l'"-, only in tin1 parade, but between towns if me "i.i lis. on Ie r i f - " will not as well. What Hi He sleep I :.,! I had satisfy He- fair on- if -' ' I- 10 catch here and tier 1 my seat v hit d w ii I' t be la'-.-' cv it y i'liii.-- while we tiitr way to aiiotlier pair of 'ills on l'f ei: o.v cf It r town. Hie night my tloc Inrncd itn o , s'-. c . I'uiTs c e : .i.;i d to I e'oir.'. a soitml sleep, and when I awoke I tbs- lo lie f ' a.:-1 f i'c . ;' v.-: !.. i"K covered 'hat liie leant, left withoiit a for a pk in I :tt'.d :u ti:" v.11.-'. i.-r if ilriver, had luian il inio a farmyard i i.i'l.s of din'' n n' .-i i; . 'J " s!i-"i i-i' : 11 in I coine 1.1 n tioi liel'ore . haysiack. t paul. te.-; 1 r ".! v ,." ;:: : tt where they vv. re ipiielly eat ite.'. ruffs in t I'l .1. ap,..: d a ti:, I was rubbiiu my eyes and ii-. ina to 1 msiz" ins-' ! t.i' :i '. v. ii '. grasp the siiuaiii'ii the obi man whir 1" iN ln.c : .1 1 i. .a ',: .a v.:o! t" ..vvtied the bay c ml where I v .is 1 shoulder ihe . ufl" lies t.w !. .1 m'-!- .-iii. I w.-ilk.-d ai. iiiel the charii.i atitl ' v.i.y on Hi" ! . vc ;.'. or j-.-i ' looked ii .nn- wiih a critical cc "Well." said I. w.'h :t grin, -uliat do you think 1. 1 it '.-' "'ibish.' si ill In-, 'ain't hit jc' a trill" bit gaudy '. "Well, what do you expect V" said I. iiiiliLtiiaiiHy. at tlii . implied ii 1!. .- lii. 11 upon the .rial i.e-ral sleivv thai I i-i l ii si-ntt -tl. " -Well.. 1 Mippos.. is .'ill riel;l. niiswiieil the old man. t!..ul: fully. ;is be 1,1,'U, . it over ici. inure. 1 or tiered hit. iind I'll stand by my bar gain, ll.t Si -i n 1 s let- in.- 1 !,at hit i. ji s' a bit I. aid. P.ut I sti p I ain't used to ci:y wav-.' "It was now my turn to In- .-'irpri.i-d, and I was alum, to ask him what be was ilrivin-.' ::l. w ! en be added r I . -1 1 I ini.uht iis well uiibil -h. ,-is the funeral Woiildifl be uiilil tv.o iu Hie alter- 1 llooll. 1 "Then there were explanation; ad i iii-i.tiiid. It seetiis 1 hut tl,.. ei man'. wife hail tlic I. iind In- bud sent to lie- nearest city for a i'lim-rul car. and lad ; mistaken t.iir -'f, at eliariot I'm- it. There had b.-eii a good ib al ol , rivalry iu th ii.-i::!il.oro,iod in t. -ard to funerals, and lite i-M imiu 1 1:1 I made ; up his mind lo outshine tl,, m all. an-! 1 think In- was di-appointe ! in lln- ctid when he iliscoicrcd that he had beiy misiakeii." ; WORDS OF WISDOM, A geoil conscience is to the so'd What health is to the body. Il p;v- ""' serves a t-onstatit case and seniiiiy I1 within us. ami more Hum countervails ' all the t-.-ilamiiics and .-till i. t i. lis wiii.h ; ! call lios.ihly lel'.-ill us. j ' To meditate daily, to pray dally, Set HIS il llle.lll.- indispensable for breaking this surface cru.-i 1.1' form ality, habit. I'.iuilne. vvhi.h hides Un living Spl'illgS of wisdom. Never be ilisootiraeo-.l by trilb s. If a spider breaks his tbr-ad twenty times, he will 111. 1 0 1 it as many. Per- I severance and path m v. ill tieeom- plish vv mlers. 'fo 1-0111111i.-cr.-th1 is seiie ; liiua more than to give, for lootey :. cxicinul lo a man's self: bin In- w '.. bestows t. coiiiiniiiii. ales hi- own I'-spise not any man. a;,,l .! 1 in. I spurn auyihiii.'. For tin re i 1.0 man that h.'itli not hi- hour, n .r i- thero iinyihiii- thai bath not its place. .Men- id.-ab-. inise, urctl by del-, are like llllf rained piclnr.'s. 'lie 1 do Hot long retain their freshness ;ii,, whole- lit ss and beauty. I o-llci osll '. . to tlcne t'.e Uallie,. eou.pi i-cs 1 lie t i-lre and In 1 licit lo bent-lit ot Iters wnhoiii rcf. nine .0 sell'. The lovclici thinas in bt',- are bin shadows, an, I 1 In j cotuc and :,i, ami ih.-ingi1 and lad- away a- rapidlv. An avowal of povtrty is a di.-arai-e to 110 inati; to lei.k,- no clloi t 1.1 ..e, froiil it U iiui' til tli-araecf ul. Iu friend-hip. as in love, we arc til'tt 11 happier ilir.. lull our ie.uor.iuee ' than our knew b di:e. , Nothing can be further apart than true hiinnlily ami s.TViliiv. I i iilmti l.itiilinli. Many of Hie Vishnu ( 110. m r-diir.iie.- their slay in thi- i.iuii iy pickitl up a ft vv wolds and phr.i-c- oi lliiabsli. lie.- in, aiiine. oi vv iiieh in. y hardly liudcistoo,!. .Near 1 in- I n:cr sity of 1't iiu-.v h auia a coal carl ilriv er. who was standing beside his leant, slaricil a 0 in 01 -,.i i.-n vvnii a stout Cubiill S, nor. .-:..) - the Piiil.idelpiu.i Hccor.l. "So you're a t' are yt.r.:"' he ll.-ketl. "Sure." was the rail.- r slangy la ply. "Yoll like I his ciiiiu: I y ':'' "All right." 'Were v tut born iu . ul-.i ':" "Sure." "How cbl ate oa': "All righi." This 1 inb d 1!' 1 et'Vi r-at at. it- tat to.ilcaii diit.-i' app.n cii' It fell that his well nnaai if 'Ms Wile let ad..' tpiali ly row iirdc.l. Hie I-oiiie rti.:, inn. A lady of literary fame i t. e li-iptc-t. it Hi-. , il. tin. ,-, i t rail .1 lie. di- ! cal wi'iu r. to call at her h..u-c. I',' j sure you i',-i-ll, i- the aMi, -.." -u 1 said as she tpiitteil 111 1" ,111. "No. 1 ! Chcstei field s'rt , ." "Madam." - 1: I Ihe tloctof. "I a'l leo it:', .it an ieli'i ii . of polil 'ii' s- io tei.i.-i.ilii r I'i, ..j,.; Ii. 1,1. itn 1. 1 !- tr. loo s, I1..I1 1 m i 1 , U t Number ue " Auuitiiu:- t-i'.yr Af ',u""r ' ' KJf ' . F'Fi t VtfMEh! v i-.v 'l intt-li on t.'i-.t iw, "hell on r ) :: ::) tiep t'or yout hfid w '...I. r.i is list now ti.-- correct Ion i n.s is the t-lb. w j iii lii" sb'i" l.:.s I is bi iii- 'Ill II!:'--!.- t'li.M..- ii, .: -. The 1 !! , tl'.i-l. l'?i, Hi.l- I '1. tl:. i.t'i.-r :; s a ( I io- Oltt'e- 1 n to an ircl .-: t f th" 1 it 1 . ' t".'s if, if, pip. -1 w i' : x I or cue . I ri y 1 cl'ch f:". S ; t-f t ii,- I,!.,' ' 1 ; w 1 I- - ! ! -j I wiih ' ' ; : . ,; j , 'v., ; , - . ;, j' .1 1 1 1 A V 1111.11: .-.1 1 ii '.!. v 1 1 . If i 1. 1 : . : io t I1 I! 1 l'l CI .!!.!. l - ! !l V. S 1-1 II". ii 1 niiiy I'-!. - 1 - - a v. i. i.i-i y 1,1 I a n a-. I : a v 1 . i.;-. : ; : t:t ! a lo f.o ,1, i 1 j,;,; . ... t , t i.- a 1 w :. a a 1 c! f it:e ; Lala I. ::..- I ,.-. f , 1, ; ...j . ,. :. It,,, ! ,s ' ,.r j ; mal I f.. ,. ,:; m: ! ,, ,. , ' .- . : ! i v, ; i' "'' in - t '" r 1'" : 1 . t.l - v. . i I 1:1 ' 1 ; ;" ' ; " :i1 " '' ' ' "! " 1 ' hi b . I'.H u-. p, : , , ,r t , , ;n I e. m 11 ii:'- I1' -: .... ,1 ; l I , f I 1 f l, : I ; i. li t: pi , Ilia! 'I, . i. I si 1 ;.' v , a : ,.1 ! . : I 1 r I o , c. .- ; i 1 al i n- a i e 11- ,1 1 M ens; v e- I . iiin I ii v 11 1 :: .1 1 ': toil. :f Iv 1..1 w.-or bit-, an. I for llliiiors, v.e: itr, ,: 1' 1., . kl-.d 1 -. I 1, i'i:- 1' i' tie.-, tdniiix Mil iinviu, ! -i- 1 -'r le i : - ! , -'t'.l b. i' In .. . , ' ,, e, ,',!:, !l . 10 I . 0 .1 -. folind.l- pi .1 I v bi',' '.': 1 e lis f. y I , - I vi !v 1 t on i.t w rap-, 1: is 1 d". 1. : t'- i- .. : : .'. 1 '' ctv li i '" r oi':. .- n i T li. lir , ?! l'r ,. !i j, vv, !i y Is In hind- 'I I tl lb' v d" ' be - t1 ' I , :, , n goltl. t I .. -n tl ,!- - iuns tlceoi-iiti' v ' i" a! 1 1 " -i' ' : "it: ' 1 i' . .-iM e bold,-.' I w .1!, i n gold, 1 id 1 1 " , i" i i . : s'ai -i ia : . ; ,1 t lie r.ov e.l y 1.1 I 1 .: . ' on - i - si .11 'ic ' 1 I" " ' l,1,r ST. '" ' ,., li.unl -1 iias, I Kohl wtiln.ill anv ov 1 1 11. I p. I. t . No 1: iu ( '.' t, , , " ' !" '' ' " '' v. '.: ;, ., ,, I,,, utucl bob'iii has a W.ill au ! ' " ( ,, ; h, , ; Myle is not .0 s'Vl' " i t In. ll c i 1 ti lii' so-ii vvolii'lll. I ,,- v ,; ,.. I bed I'i,, -1 1 ii t-i a b-tml at Ti ,. ,.,, v, - " '- -" ' '' '" :i;cl ii Ilo- a- :', ' ,11. ' i . .1. ,: . ' " I ' !. '.., . 1 - id 1 ,,v, ! 1 e l'l 1.1 ll," to'li. -1 ti' , ' lui' '; .- ' ' ' f to b e-e l a!,!-, without bre.iiltinr:. I".-:.: -. .- . , . :' '' ' '"''" 1 ' '-" d. and bn- V II V. .1 li": -'..' ii 'lCii'll I'i'1 V ic tt- " li!' :.t'- ! -d liltll-,r i.r ihe bit us i . . . a 1 .... I I "I '- , ' ti e :, li id li," lit..;.!:? ill t Iu h- it, 1 . , ! 1 1.. f:.. 1"" ''- 'I. ,! .,p, s 1 in piidi.g V '1.1 (o;d . to :' 1 :. 1 1 f In. it ' ' v ' i - 1 f 1 1 !i I ll." to :a:t. 'I 111 lu ;e- : i . .' . i-ii i A v--j e'cv.r 1 1 in! i ! ,1 1 ion of i",!i,i't of air ill bv. i'i o ,i,- .t! . inti .vcl by ,1 daiing titidid,' is bin1, bnathing very iitt . ' :'.: v it ich , I ,.w and silver. Tbe fro.K is of pile fib. them is t'i-i- .- I In f : e- 1 ,x due saiui.w itli ernln-oiileries of silver pitiitinn. sitelt a.- a- ip.v:!' 1 ' uing i-vcr p itit-m of Ictiioii-i idorcil tb old. "rt.ii.lii 1! a! ,. it ml cd -'ilf.'t n. Ou the bo-lie-' thtre Is a fetch is forced i-ul. an.i r 1 ! i . I b. f li al. .1..: Iitt!1 silver Li'hro iined with tho '1 his. in turn t-timu li j u? e.ic.ibu.oti, .til.iv thitloii. rnd thus the whole pro'-f-sr-os of thai I . iy are help.- 1 ami viiaii. tl. The (mat injury is tloiio to tin) 1: 1 e.,t.- i e . iialiii-m of the l.irnvx by fi'iii,,-!.! . 1 '..-, 'li;e vocal eorthi are ii. , ! . .1 1 -il inflam-sl. and si me 1 ini" I it jar. d i 1 yond repair by thc.-e repi'.il- 1 I ,l:::.ililllia!ioilK, lll.ttiy of V. Licit t-ecir i'l 1 Ii : !'!Jk ojiI. One sir. 11!. I inj. be ovcr v. I'.m.- i. al i.litiii1 ill anciit.-, btti ii istni ! tiny ai'' injurious Iu the vocal ' 11, tils. The bull r are also very suse: p '. t Lb' to tin- t i! inliiiciices of irritating ' c u-ili! i. t:s. Air laden with impurities, s'l. 'u as stnol.e or dust, passing through tlic tun row pas.-aec forint il by the vo tal cords lea ., s its ilelel . 1 ions impres.j upon ihem.-Dr. (Iracc Pe-ckham Mur lay, in llariit-r's Pazar. ?.!,.-. H' is to have prceedeiict! t vcr .Mis. .Mil, s in prt.c-. -.-ions thtougil tl:. V.'lti'e lii.U.-e. A tiiinib' r of e'ever v.-cunen in Palti-!'-i,:c. i!'.-i:iie to tarn money, have s':.:;td inu.-hi'oeli! f.itt:i.-. in their td- ' : Ameer of Af;.'ii'it:i." t an has had a v iiii.iti f or a no -'lit al .-oh isi r, am! ;,: w- 1. .Mi.-s I .ill in 11 Hamilton, is f. r 10 1 .: i:. ii a story of .Median I11 . ; 1 if Inland ;'.!'.) if 1 1 ; : .0 , cr, atneries - : : w 1,:, - ti . 11-: 111,1 .! a v.. ? -. lei a ! i.i '-. 'no tiit d reecnt- 1 1 ;!,- ;: .:' 1 .::!.'; y if.-, was tins , . : - it: . : -., in 1 i. 11. iv 1 ,1 t : in Posloti f , v.e : . ti .-' do ',1s .Mis. II il" h- alsj 1 1, - i i 1 : i 1 . 1 r t . !' ni ; 1 1 y i- ' iks fol liiildt'en. Th- Ci'Uiei'-s Tolsioi. li -piie Hau 1 .! id a l.-rge fi.uiPy. ! i she is tbe ,..!" . r i f t Ii i 1 1 , . 1 1 1 !i:l ': ti. and i in -,.ii in. nice ti-::' . '' an -M 10. limls t -i,ie 10 a - . -1 ii 1 ti i.-i. i-: I it' his- liler- s '!. i .',,;: I" , Lit., lias .1 woman as , I' .1. of 1 !: i ". , urt. Mis. Dur t.i s i" i'.,' .,.- t.i'1 K, !iie salary as t ho . a . in, is 1,. !: 1 1 1 he ami as ' !. 1.- In ei It many vcr.-. if may ho ee ... A 1 a i s'.i- i!-.--rv-.- i. .!'-. 1 , f- :i :-. tbe s..-' r t.f Arthur ,T. ': i:',-!i:-. s.u, t :.ct. id It .oh r in Hi-.t i i. u.-e td ( I'uin.ieis. is n it- d for li'T .' u . i ;;i to 1: t I,:'' ':' in - 1 .-is. aifl ' :::. ti :a-s Ha -1 in' bis :t 'fairs, sons : 1 -i" !-:m 1 iii ii. Iv fi. e for his pulii- i i I H.'lb. : ti.-.- !"!.! Ct-fi' utiyke. of Tmiinna. has 1.. . 11 s ut to Kill. 1 la. to. where tH in ... tf :,iii . -iouai -ie- oe- ut 1, d a .! ii:'... Mi s Cioeiiiiyki had spent , ,r y, e,'s iu Af will uin!, r- :. ! tu r, 0,.: ' ne : 1 be ni'.s.-ioii luilid-i-e- v. li'iii vv, re tl-.-ifoje'd at the timn 'I ! . s II loh a'.d K-.hel Long, of I :: .'.1 , i ' . I iid . 1 w , 1 ,e y, a is of a-.: . are I ,! .-. alel 1 Vie , I 1 i'l ' s'iois. 'I'll. V .!..- li e. i!n r a! ddln ult tatg, Is. and : '.'.'i:i ml s. 'I I:.- r. mar! abb- si il! of t! - twins I;::' n 1 1 i-aet.-d much alien. I :..n. but to : t-f t In Many offers to an p. a-- in c! ':, h.,s t vi I In n eon.-i ' ... i as 1 1, y a: t rlet .una tents. ...i.,e ( . i 1 f tin Moscow ObsefV ,ii -1;,. ha- in v.,.l 1..- 1 uus con! rihuteil time to tie .-,;,'' ,.:';..-: loiiomv. 'fvvo v . ..: s siiic sii. !,..-! d.-eos , .-, ,i a varl- .-,'. Ie M.,1- 1 f lb" ii.ol ivpe tliat is, In.v ii.g it- !:el:t ,: . in ; a i -io .1 at r .uiar i;i! I va!- bv a ...: e tnpiiltioU r. volv- ii :. .il.illlid il l..l .- til lllote I'eei lt!y a r'to'.id Aleo! v., liable lias b' ell tila . ovend by In r. i fr. r -ei I'elllli.s if V.ii. lia V.' tilths ad' '. tl I! li' .::, ii V 1 i's ,11 c tit) lulig, 1 wot 11 1; ', 1 I. .-1 I v., ,111, 11. . , I V 1 ' ill , l , 1 1,..-! IlliK s will : ! I. . r !' ' I as Well a.- cii'i ia-;.. ; i, c,t' II , III! illnl In 'otllilig top- . , i.e ..- a ! . , 111 ti, , :ai for t liior- 1 . . . . ; .-' 1 i ' .--. !', i .1 - .,!', mi', t f ttart'ovv ti!i- i, e. ,;t.d !.,,-,- in-. 1 thin, to be worn oVi-r id v. I'.o.i : in taw rial, rial called ii. - ;., i,... ,1 t',,1- 1 v i nine p.nw ns. v. M, ii in,- , ii. ii in.ide of t ml roidcted lie tew fir noiif is long. I!ab 1 ti ll ,i V'.iin.iu ,-t in, aiiig. :nii ha- ivv i--v. ; cf I til-, ten at the top at, 1 one an. - lb, low. - 1 ,lge.

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