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The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, April 12, 1923, Image 5

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"piTTSBORO NOTES \«vs of a Local Nature Gathered Here and There—Personal Mention • ' ** a,rOT *™ B IJIBLK THOUGHT for today. Proclamation of Peace. be to God in the Icghesc, and Gio : h p e;lC e, good will toward men. 2: 1U Register and vote. ,r t> \ Glenn, of Durham, spen; his family. filing bee next Thursday nigl at toe court house. A well laid out and well tilled gar-! den is one of the most attractive parts of'the farm. n f the garden work can be odd hours that otherwise might've wasted. xwv <tir the soil or subsoil of a Jr' pint when too wet. The soil gu£ injured as a result. Afivs Summie Vv illiams, oi Sanford, A has accepted a position with JJU- 1 A C. Hay as stenographer. One good picture that you can’t live .r l Allt better than a dozen on the S:s tilt you oughtn't to live with. Ti e wav to save moisture for the *Li is' to keep the soil loose. on top by frequent, shallow cultivation. ree d a copy of The Record of Mo Hi 22 and one of March 29. We will "appreciate any one seding them to us. Miss Elizabeth Bums left for Fay rttevifle last Monday where she goes to Highsmith hospital to tram for a nurse. The Pittsboro Case’s banquet tast Thursday night was well attended, many ladies being present. A salad course and cream was served. Rp cure to register for the town elmion to be hSld on May 8. Mr Eme«t Williams is the registrar and can be found at the Farmers Bank. Don’t forget the spelling bee at the co. it house next Thursday night, Ap ril 19, given by the U. D. C. It will be a splendid event in Pittsboro. County Agent Grover Falls, of Pas quotank' county, helped his farmers to buv 150 rolls of wire fencing for pastures at a net saving of S4BO. Phone us the names of your visi tors. We want to print them and un less we know it we cannot do it. You owe it to your company to le tus know about it. If allowed to roam at will chickens soon leam that a good garden is a regular pie counter. Fence them out and save th pie for yourself suggests C. R. Hudson, State Farm Demonstra tion Agent. Os the 1,310 students enrolled at the North Carolina State College, 551 are taking some of the agricultural courses. This is over 42 percent, and looks good for the future progres sive farming in North Carolina. The county board of education at their recent meeting accepted the ap pointment of G .W. Womble as a member vice J. H. Nonvood whose term had expired . Mostly routine business was transacted. The old Headen house is now well on its way to the new location south of the court house and the vacant lot left to the northwest of the court hru e presents on entirely different view. Quite a little interest .was excited on the streets last Friday when the 12x15 room, formerly a part of the* old Headen house, was loaded on a truck and moved bodily a mile from the court house. Spring time means home beautifi cation time —a few vines and flowers planted now will make a vast differ ence this summer in the appearance of the house ar.d yard, says home de monstration workers of the agricultur al extension service. Preaching at Brown’s Chapel next Sunday morning, April 15, at usual hour at which time sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be observed. There will be services on the same date in the Method: st church in Pittsboro at night. On the west and South sides cf the Record office is a vacant lot, about an acre in size. Last Saturday this space was filled with one and two-horse wa gons of farmers from the country, it is said more guano is being used this year than usually. From the ?. of wagons going out of town it looks that way. Lp in Hickory last week the ladies that city organized a club by the n ? m T e°f the “Business and Profession al women’s Club.” As Pittsboro’s Chamber of Commerce has been dead and buried for some time it would be good idea if the women of the town would get together and organ- Jzea female chamber of commerce and sotf ot Ift a single man join it. They roult * soon have the old town going some. is a strong prospect of the establishment of an underwear factory ? ein £ established in Pittsboro. Some ‘ocal capital will be needed and a guarantee of 7 percent will be made on the amount invested, and a con ation to buy the stock in within five SL ar ‘t at P er share. Decide now Whether you want to assist this en- to come or not and if you are l to invest a few hundred dol jP condition, please advise lne editor of this paper. x daughter of Mrs. J. I. Henderson has been quite sick, but is improving. David Smith, colored, \ son of D. Manley Smith, and Maggie Ramsey, - ere married March 15. The Chatham road commissioners . ere m session Monday. Mostly rout e work was transacted. Mr. and Mrs E. P. Johnson and .lildren and Mrs. E. P. Morgan and children, of Durham, spent Sunday with Mrs. R. A. Glenn. f Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Dobbin and Mrs. Arthur Hackney and daughter, of Ra leign spent Sunday with relatives in Pittsboro. Mr. W. J. Thompson, of Albright township, has been a magistrate for 27 years and he thinks as soon as his term expires he will quit. “Tuck” Perry, who holds a position with the road force in Mitchell coun ty. is in Pittsboro to spend a week with his parents. Mrs. W. E. Smith and daughter, Dorothy, of Raleigh, are spending this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Griffin. Nat M. Hill, Jr., of Kinston, mot ored to Pittsboro and spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Hill. Terrell B. Dowdy, amil carrier from Bear Creek, has instituted proceed ings before J. Dewey Dorset, clerk of the court, to change his name to Ter rell B. Beal. Edna Marsh, of Goldston, was lodg ed in jail Friday for safe keeping. She w T ill be taken to the hospital for the insane at Goldsboro this week. Mr. and Mrs. Vander Johnson, who have been living in the Nooe resid ence for some time, have moved to FURNITUREI I NOW I WE WILL SELL IT TO YOU ON EASY PAYMENT fe lg PLANS AT PRICES LOWER THAN YOU CAN GET H M ANYWHERE, we guarantee it. » WE DELIVER our goods TO YOUR DOOR. H I Carter Furniture Co I igSANFORD^H STATEMENT. UNITED STATES BRANCH OF REINSURANCE CO. SALAMANDRA. COPENHAGEN, DENMARK. Condition December 31, 1922, as shown by statement filed. Amount of Capital paid up in cash $ 335,000.00 Amount of Ledger Assets December 31st of previous year; Increase of paid-up Capital; Total, $ 4,017,129.13 Income —From Policyholders, $3,656,756.76; Miscellaneous, $1,122,891.75; Total, $ 4,779,648.51 Disbursements —To Policyholders, $1,939,581.47; Miscellaneous, $1,103,523.39; Total, $ 3,048,104.86 Fire Risks —Written or renewed during year, $701,978,352, In force, - $499,495,566.00 All Other Risks—Written or renewed during year, $51,267,011, In force, $ 41,822,040.00 ASSETS. Value of Bonds and Stocks $5,463,210. <6 Cash in Office of U. S. Trustee $ 188,903.88 Deposited in Trust Companies and Banks on interest $ 73,745.59 Agents’ balances, representing business written subsequent to October 1, 1922, $ 22,812.55 Interest on Rents due and accrued $ 87,359.04 All other Assets, as detailed in statement $ 253,901.64 Total, . $6,089,933.46. Total admitted Assets $6,039,933.46. LIABILITIES. Net amount of unpaid losses and claims $ 874,501.89 Unearned premiums - $3,387,643.07 Salaries, rents expenses bills accounts fees, etc., due, or accrued $ 14,476.18 Estimated amount payable for Federal, State, county and municipal taxes due or accrued $ 100,000.00 Contingent commissions, or other charges due or accrued $ 65,000.00 All other liabilities, as detailed in statement $ 18,000.00 Total amount of all Liabilities except Capital $4,459,621.14 Capital actually paid up in cash $ 335,000.00 Surplus over all liabilities $1,630,312.32 Surpus as regards Policy holders $6,089,933.46 BUSINESS IN NORTH CAROLINA DURING 1922. Fire Risks written $1,984,071.00; Premiums received, $25,698.09 All other Risks written $ 103,972.00; Premiums $ 448.47 Losses incurred —Fire $ 20,830.30; Paid, $24,603.86 liosses incurred —All other $ 745.88; Paid, $ 748.11 F. A. Meniel, U. S. Manager Home Office New York, N. Y. Attorney for service: Stacey W. Wade Insurance Commissioner, Raleigh, N.C. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, _ lx INSURANCE DEPARTMENT, - (Seal) Raleigh, March sth, 1923. I, STACEY W. WADE, Insurance Commissioner, do hereby cifrtify that the’ above is a true and correct abstract of the statement of the REINSURANCE COMPANY SALAMANDRA, of Copenhagen, Denmark, filed with this Department, showing the condition of said Company, on the 31 st day of December, 1922. Witness my hand and official seal, the day and year above written. STACEY W. WADE, Insurance Commissioner. m Durham where they will make their I future home. I ! ; Early Mitchell, who was tried be | fore Squire J. R. Blair last week for I making liquor, was a white man in- I stead of a negro, as the Record stated J last week. j Mr. and Mrs. Carson Johnson, • mother and father of Mrs. L. N. Worn | ble, have moved from the country to the house on Fayetteville street re cently occupied by Rev. R. R. Gordon. j So far as we can leam only three j old veterans went to the reunion at I New Orleans from Chatham county. They were John J. Hackney, J. Dan Dorsett and J. B. Bradshaw . I J. B. Stinson brought to Pittsboro Monday from Bear Creek township a small galvanized still, cap and worm. The cap. was made of tin and the worm was an iron pipe. Rev. R. R. Gordon and family have ; moved to their new home, recently purchased by the Baptists from F. P. ! Nooe on West Salisbury street. Mr. I Nooe has moved to his new house on Short street, i j Sam Harris, white, and only 15 | years old, who was charged with a : criminal assault upon the person of Pauline Strauglian, 11, was before J. Dewey Dorsett, Judge of the juvenile court, Monday, but the case was post poned until Monday, April 16. 1 At the moving picture show last Friday night many of the white chil dren in the audience kept up such a noise and racket that some of the peo ple left in disgust. No one tried to stop the disturbance although person* with official authority were in the court room and witnessed it. I They are getting them a’coming and a’going. Saturday Deputy Cal De zem and Wm. Cole went over into Lee county and captured two big stills and destroyed a lot of beer and other stuff The stills were turned over to the Lee county authorities. Mrs. A H. London, Mrs. W. E. Brooks. Mrs. J. E. Morgan and Mrs. N. M. Hill attended the auxiliary con vention of the Episcopal church at Raleigh Wednesday. M v s. Morgan i° a delegate from St. Bartholomew’s church in Pittsboro. School News of Cool Glenn. The Cool Glenn school has started j on its last month of school for the i present term. ! A slight epidemic of chicken pox j has hindered the attendance of the; pupils for the past two weeks and as a result the honor roll is lessened. Honor roll for March: _ Fourth grade—Howard Anderson, Margie-Lee Tyson. Sixth grade—Kriebel Tyson. look at your label a WANTS 1 S . Good co afield bean seed for sale at J. H. F6x’s and Square Deal Store. tL-B-C. V AUCTION SALE—I will offer for . Ss *le one Ford truck at public auc tion for cash to the highest bidder at the court house door at Pittsboro, N. C., on Saturday, April 14, 1923, at 3 o’clock, p. m. David Baker. lt-B-c. DOG LOST—Bird dog, white body, blue spots, with brown spots over the eyes. Goes by name of Shot. Reward. —J. M. Gregory. It-p. STRAYED—One red and spotted sow pig. Notify Chester Cross, Pittsboro. It-c. SUGAR as long as it lasts at 10 1-2 cents per pound. T. M. Bland & Co. DON’T wait until Sunday. Have your tank filled with gas Saturday at the Square Filling Station. ts. FILL your tank with gas Saturday at The Square Filling Station. ts. FOR SALiJ. One Ford roadster with practically new chassis and engine. One 1-ton Republic truck with cab and windshield, rebuilt and repainted. One 21-2 ton Republic truck with cab, Kelly-Springfield tires. These trucks have been overhauled, new parts put in, rebuilt and repaint ed, and are guaranteed to give good service. Terms to responsible parties. See or write, THE B. & W. MOTOR CO., S. Main Street, Apr. 12-H-c. High Point, N. C. NEW GRIST~MILL—We are now prepared to grind corn in the old fashioned way, on old fashioned rocks, and you get the best meal. Locat ed at the James O. Brown Sales stab les, on Fayetteville street. Beard Brothers, Pittsboro. 3-1-ts-c. WE ARE PROUD of the many new customers we have in Chatham county and we want to again tell you that we have all you need in the jew elry line and we are experts on re pairing watches, clocks and jewelry. Tod R. Edwards, pioneer jeweler, Siler City, N. C. May 1-B-C. FORD TRUCK for sale in good con dition.—David Baker, Bynum, N. C. FLOWERS—For flowers for every oc casion, see or phone your orders to Mrs. P .H. Elkins, Siler City, N. C., county agent for J. Van Lindley, Flo rists. -ts. LAND POSTED NOTICES can be had at this office when you need them. BEAT THE BOLL WEEVIL by using Armours high grade fertilizer, 8-- 3-3, $2.65; 8-2-2, $2.35; Acid, $1.55; Kainitt, $1.60. Sold by D. J. Vestal, Ore Hill, N. C. Apr. 12-B-p. FOR SALE—One 3 1-2 ton lumber truck, chassis 16 feet, and one two ton truck, chassis 12 feet. Both trucks in fine condition. Good bargains. Pennsylvania Lumber Co., Greens boro, N. C. Apr. 12-B-C. GET OUR PRICES on repairing your car and all other classes of machin ery. We are prepared in every way to give you the flat rate price on all work. All work guaranteed. BONLEE MOTOR & MACHINE WORKS, Bon lee, N. C. " ts-B-C. YOU CAN’T be Happy and you can’t do good work unless you are com fortable and you can’t be comfortable if your shoes in bad condition. Mail your old shoes to us. Vass Elec tric Shoe Shop, Vass, N. C. Apr. 12- R-P. PINE WOOD WANTED—Quote low est price on cars and freight rate to this place. Address P. O. Box 172, Raleigh, N. C. Apr. 12. B-C. MONEY TO LEND FARMERS; in terest 51 per cent. Chatham Realty Co., Pittsboro, A. M. Riddle, Pres., V. R. Johnson, Secretary, Oc 13 ts MILL TIMBER FOR SALE—Oak, pine, hickory and poplar. J. N. Hackney. Pittsboro, N. C. ts R-C. LUMBER OF ALL KINDS and qual itv. Florida kiln dried ceiling and flooring; we buy cross ties standing in woods or delivered to road. W. F. Bland. ts WANTED—Men or women to take orders for genuine guaranteed hos iery for men, women, and children. Eliminates darning. $75.00 a week full time, $1.50 an hour spare time Experience unnecessary. Internation al Stocking Mills, Norristown, Pa. June 7-R-p. ADMINISTRATRIX’S NOTICE. The undersigned having this day qualified as administratrix of the es tate of D. R. McManus, deceased, late of Chatham county, this is to notify all persons holding claims against the said estate to present the same to the undersigned on or before the 11th day of April, 1924, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons owing the said estate will please come forward and make imme diate settlement. This 11th day of April, 1923. * Mrs. ADA M’MANUS, Administratrix. May 17-R. Bear Creek, N. C. | ' | j||| Our stock is now complete with latest styles in dress f|| <yv> goods, fancy notions, millinery, clothing, gents furnish- M ings and shoes. Give us an opportunity to show we can iMjj please you and that our prices are right. M I W. L. London & Son I lhj - iM W PITTSBORO, I®' __ _ . iM| i ■■ ■■»' ■■ ■—■—/' 1 11 *' ' 1 "■■ ~ p THE LEE HAR Dff,ARE C 0 M PAN TrT^^ || HEADQUARTRS FOR ||| 8M Oliver Plows, ! jP Cultivators, (pjj M Stalk Cutters, IfeJ! m Disc Harrows, M Moline Implements Kjj i Field Fence. M J In fact Everything that the Farmer Needs. iMj I LEE HARDWARE CO. I P SANFORD, wants you as a custo= F7 mer. Do your banking l|| with us. WE APPRE- Q Cl ATE YOUR BUSINESS fe A. H. LONDON i President JAS. I*. GRIFFIN Cashier jsgm W. L,. FARRELL If Asst. Casiiier Mm Last Round For Collection 1922 Tax For the convenience of those who have not paid their 1922 tax, I will be at the places named below on the dates stated. By a special act of the Legislature the penalty on the 1922 tax was withheld until May 1,1923. Therefore I urge that you arrange to meet me at the place stated below which is most convenient to you and settle your taxes and avoid the penalty which will begin May 1,1923. / ... I will be compelled to settle the 1922 taxes much earlier this year than has heretofore been the custom, so please let me again urge that you pay up promptly for the longer you put it off the more it will cost you in money and trouble. T. W. Hobby's Store, Thursday morning, April 12, 1923. T. E. William’s Store, Thursday afternoon, April 12, 1923. T. B. Coles' Store, Friday morning, April 13, 1923. Dewitt Moore’s Store, Bynum, Friday afternoon, April 13,1923. W. A. Wilson's Store, Saturday morning, April 14, 1923. „ Fearington, Lassiter Bros. Store, Saturday afternoon, April 14, 1923. Bunn Thrailkill’s Store, Monday morning, April 16, 1923.. W. M. Scott's Store, Monday afternoon, April 16, 1923. } Harley Kelley's Store, Tuesday morning, April 17,. 1923. Markham's Store, Council's Shop, Tuesday afternoon, April 17, 1923. Merry Oaks, Farrell's Store, Wednesday morning, Apr. 18,1923.. Corinth, Buchanan’s Store, Wednesday afternoon, Apr. 18,1923.. Brickhaven, Fearington's Store, Thursday morning, Apr. 19; 1923. » * * Moncure, Bank, Thursday afternoon, April 19, 1923. Meronies, R. L. Beal's residence, Friday afternoon, Apr. 20,1923: Farmville Mine, Segrove's Store, Saturday afternoon, Apr. 20,, 1923. The DOG TAX for 1922 has not all been paid. If yours is among that number be sure to call for the DOG receipt which is on a separate book. Please remember the place and date most co? also the unchanged fact that TAXES MUST B Thanking yoif for your co-operation, I am, Yours very truly, W. G. BLAIR 9

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