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The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, May 10, 1923, Image 8

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it was Mother who shielded you when life began; it was Mother who guided your first steps; it was Mother who helped you with your first lessons; it was Mother who solved your childhood problems; it was V who guarded you through maternity. And it always will be Mother who will be your best pal as long as you live. Consecrate Mothers’ Day to the me mory of her love and care. Just some little token, insignificant in itself All her heart with gladness. Let the merchants, whose advertisements ap pear below, help you. * eii > The Adenoid Clinic. • The tonsil and adenoid clinic, which M was conducted five days in Pittsboro M last week, operated on 125 children, g JlO white and fifteen colored. About 9 40 percent of the above were free, the a parents of the children riot beng able | to bear the expenses. The nurses in i .attendance, besides Dr. J. B. Wright, *§ were Misses Birdie Dunn, Elizabeth Williams, Rannie Williams, Bertha 1 lockwell, Idell Buchanan, Flora Ray 1 and Cora Beam. | <y.[KZ* K •] 1 WANTS i j $6 j? I DON’T wait until Sunday. Have -J your tank filled with gas Saturday £ -it the Square Filling Station. ts. T| HORSE AND BUGGY for sale or will | exchange for car. Apply care The fl Re ord, It. H HRING ALL YOL T R castings, brass, ' H copper, rags aluminum, lead, pld g rv' ■: hoc : hoes, beeswax, B hides, calf shirs. Jr> fact ah kinds of ju..k to the . a oad station Thursday i ■ F f lay and 5..;. dav, May 10, 11 and i 5. 12. Will be V j r take it i LG. i G TIM 1M oans, 10 . ?arsj at 5 1-2 percent; 5 to 7 year loans j -'f r „ 0 -.-rr - ■■ * .*r.r> - ' I t piiliii • 'SiOiiO li-OITi-* *>4.4 1 • 1 INo delays p» 'ot - o I ta Desha. .* .. ultivaled fax ms. A . C ay, cer . a-dr t for C atham Cou ty, Pitts 1 oro, N. C. ts-E-c. ONE CASE T!: VCTOR—Second-ha-d i be t of co: dition No. 10-18, tak en oo trade for e\v machine, for sa’c cheap. H. Bvnum, Pittsboro, N. C. * ts. DUMBER OF ALL KINDS and qual ity. Florida "kiln dried ceiling and flooring: we bnv cross ties standing in woods or delivered to road. W. F. Bland. . ts POTATO SLIPS kept on hand at all ‘times, fresh stock and best varieties Chatham Hardware, Pittsboro. May 17-2. WE BUY WOOL and pay highest market price. Bring all vur coun try produce to The Chatham Hard ware, Pittsboro, N. C. Ma^l7-2. FILL your tank with gas Saturday at The Square Filling Station. ts. i IF YOU WANT your wagons and •buggies repaired promptly, horse- ■ shoeing or other smith work, take it to Hammock and Harper, east of De pot in Pittsboro. May 10-c. WANTED—CIGAR SAESMAN—SaI itry and expenses selling cigars to jmerchants, to young man between the ■age of 18 and 25. Experience unnec essary. We give full instructions. Send stamped, addressed envelope for taply.—Greensboro Cigar Co., Wilbur W. Scotten, Sales mgr., 503 South Elm ■street, Greensboro, N. C. lt-B-p. WESTERN ELECTRIC VACUUM Gleaner for sale at a bargain. Hen ry Pike, Siler City, N. C. lt-B-c. HAVE YOUR CAR washed and pol ished at Bonlee Motor and Machine Works, Bonlee, N. C. lt-B-c. HONEY TO LEND FARMERS; in terest per cent. Chatham Realty <Jn v A. M. Riddle, Pres., V. it. Johnson, Secretary, Oc 13 ts WANTED —Men or women to take orders for genuine guaranteed hos iery for men, women, and children. Eliminates darning. $75.00 a week full time, $1.50 an hour spare time Experience unnecessary. Internation al Stocking Mills, Norristown, Pa. | June 7-R-p. ® EVERYTHING AT COST until stock - is sold. Failed to get satisfactory x price at the auction sale Monday and % we are selling out at wholesale price. § Call and get your. Little and Farrell, % Pittsboro. x 1 § WANTED TO RENT two office desks. | Hamer-Green Music Co. Phone 155, 2 Siler City, N. C. It-H-c. | IS YOUR REAPER ready for the har- j west? If not let us weld and re- 2 pair any broken parts. All work < guaranteed. Bonlee Motor and Ma- < chine Works, Bonlee, N. C. lt-iS-c. < BRING ALL YOUR castings, brass, I copper, rags, aluminum, lead, o batteries, radiators, inner tubes. old robber, boots, and shoes, beeswax, hides, calf skins. In fact an kinds of yank to the railroad stetion Thursday friday and Saturday, May 10, 11 and 12. Will be there to take it up. You Are Next j OUR LARGE STOCK OF J Furniture, Rugs j and j iiousef urnishings l Will Average 20 Per Cent Under Today’s Market | OUR CUSTOMERS ARE GETTING THE ADVANTAGE § OF THIS SAVING. YOU ARE NEXT 8 The Lee Furniture Company S “Home Furnishers,” Sanford, N. C. |i ■■■■ ■. ■ I II ■■■ ■ !■■.■■■■. ■IIWI . —■ «.■■■■ I I . ■ I w -'I 0% __ ■ 711 IWT/PT- —~ _?r% T tSW— ■— —OBI ——33KBPM—B—y Y W e Take Farmers We know the farmers of Chatham county, we believe in I them and we know that in helping them we contribute to the prosperity of the whole county—in which we share. Therefore we are at your service and we want you to con sult us when we can be of benefit to you in any way. THE FARMERS’ BANK T. M. BLAND, President. J. D. EDWARDS, Cashier. A. C. RAY, Vice-Pres. ERNEST WILLIAMS,, Asst. Cash. # #■ mmmmmamammammmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmßmmmmaßmsmami Time to Rake ’Em Over Just a few days of sunshine' and what a difference 5 im the appearance of nature. Overnight things have turn ed green and the very air has changedL Many things need attention but there’s one that must not be neglected and that’s your garden. We have almost any artiefe that you may need for use in it— Hoes, Rakes, Spades, Diggers;,, Wheelbarrows, Shovels,, Shears, Plows and all other essentials. See us now and get a select ion df the things you need. The Chatham Hardware Co, UNDERTAKERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS. Court House Square Pittsboro, N... C. |W e Sell to Sell Again | When in Need of— , , | | ROOFING, BINDERS, HARDWARE, PAINTS, LIME, i I CEMENT AND PLASTER. | | “ •* . < | Call on us for Prices —■— ' j I THE PAINT HOUSE 1 CAPPS HARDWARE COMPANY, j I SANFORD. N. C. \ % i j SEES INFLATION COMING AGAIN J ! Banks Should Encourage People to j Hold Buying to Essentials. At the meeting of the State Bank- | | ers’ Association, held at Pinehuvst last j week, J. Q. Seawell, cashier of the! Citizens Bank and Trust Company, of Siler City, made the following speech: “The banks can best conserve and advance the interests of ths State of I North Carolina by instructive adver tising, by warning the people against j 1 investing in wild cat schemes, such as mining and oil prospects and ques tionable securities. Hundreds of thou- j sands of dollars are lost from the I State each year through such schemes, usually secured through circular ad- * j vertising—they can stress thrift and savings, keeping constantly before the people the fact that a few dollars put i at interest and systematcally added i to will make one independent, and | keep before the people the fact that depositing their money in a bank and [ paying all accounts by cheek is the best way in the world to keep a con- j stant check on one’s income and ex penditures. “One of. the greatest opportunities j really one of the greatest duties of j the banks today is to encourage neo- j pie to purchase essentials, and to ; cease from buying that great class of { articles classed as luxuries, a habit} ’ormed by all classes alike during the ( great period of inflation immediately I following the war, and which is again j rapidly descending upon us. A! great number of commodities have, practically reached the level of the j. high prices of 1010-20‘and-a great j many laborers are receiving approxi mately the same wages as they did’ then, still they have either not learn ed the lesson from the great period of deflation of 1021 or they are willing s o try the experiment of spending their wages or incomes recklessly and | permit the swarm of agent' - now in- ! festing the country to them thou-, sands of dollars worth, of things that | are absolutely unessential and which J after they are paid for, leave the neo- j j pie little, if any better off,’ when their' money is gone. If the banks of the ! State can stem this tide they have! done one of the greatest services to j the State that it is possible for them | to do. Thev hold the key to the fin- j ancial situation and can do muoh more ! than they have done along this line heretofore. “Again if the banks of the State < will give the proper encouragement to \ manufacturing enterprises of the State <i w r e shall soon have other lines of in- < dustry at the top of the list just as 1 the tobacco and furniture manufac- j 2 turers of our State are now standing. 4 If they will give them the proper fin- ancial support, they will enable the < manufacturers to give emplovment to thousands of people, and build'up the State so that we will rank near the , top of the list in manufacturing just j as we do in agriculture.” NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain deed of trust, executed by E. B. Jemigan and wife, Mary E. Jemigan, to S. S. Rog ers, Trustee, dated March 26, 1920, re corded in Chatham county in Book “F S,” page 261, default having been made in the payment of the note sec | ured thereby, and the undersigned having been called upon to foreclose the trust, the undersigned will offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash at ' 12 o’clock m., on May 30. 19234 at the court house door, Pittsboro, N. C., the following described land: A certain tract or parcel of land ly ing and being in Chatham County, ' State of North Carolina, bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a 3take and pointers C. J. Bright’s corner in P. E. True love’s line north 86 1-2 degrees west . 26.57 chains to an iron stake and * pointers in E. E. Wilson’s line; thence > south 3 1-2 degrees, w T est 16.24 chains I to a stake in said Wilson’s line in the > center of Chapel Hill road; thence | south as said road 23.34 chains to a I I stake and pointers in J. D. Richard » son’s line; thence south 86 1-2 degrees t east 13.87 chainsHo a stake and poin £> i ters said Richardson’s corner; thence > ; north 4 degrees, east 37.50 chains to J the beginning, containing eighty (80) > acres. This being part of the same > land conveyed from D. A. Stephens > and wife, A. R. Stephens to A. L. Wil > son and E. E. Wilson. Recorded in JI Book “F. H.”, page 33 in the regis > j ter of deeds office of Chatham county. > j This being first claim. * J, This April 23, 1923. ! S. S. ROGERS, > May 171 R-C. Trustee. 1 1 Guilford College has come into pos- session of a Bible printed in 1759. For Cross Country or City Driving From the handsome luggage trunk oi* the rear to the nickeled drum head lamps the Buick four cylinder touring sedan, has an air of smartness that is distinctly new in a motor car of its price. This model combines the rich luxury of the fine closed car with practical every day utility for business and social motoring. Touring is made comfortable by the luggage facilities the trunk provides and by the broad vision afforded by the wide windows. Fitted with every convenience for comfort in winter and summer and completely equipped for restful driv ing and riding, the four cylinder touring sedan is recog nized everywhere as an exceptional motor car value. Fours Sixes 2 Pass. Road. $ 865 2 Pass. Road. $1175 4 Pass. Coupe $1895 5 Pass. Tour. - 885 5 p Tour. - 1195 7 Pass. Tour. - 1435 4 3 Pass. Coupe -1175 _ _ _ . . 5 Pass. Sedan - 1395 5 Pass. Tour. 7 Pass. Sedan - 2195 5 Pass. Tour.. Sedan- • - 1935 Sport Road. 1625 Sport Road. - 1025 5 Pass. Sedan - 1985 Sport Touring - 1671 Prices f. o. b. Buick Factories; government tax to be added. Ask about the G. M. A. C. Purchase Plan, -which provides for Deferrsd Payments* ■ D-IMINP | * ——— ■■ -i-> ■■ , ■ . ~■■■■ 1 » ■■ 1 ———————— mmmmm ————l———l When better automobiles are built, Buick will build BROWN-BUICK SERVICE STATION, SANFORD, Distributors : Chatham, Lee, Moore and Montgomery j List Your Taxes £ Take notice that in accordance with the Machinery Act, < £ Section 18» all persons in Chatham County are required to < ► list Property or Poll for taxation during the month of ; l May. J > Ih each township in the county there will be a list tak <; er for the purpose of receiving your list, and he can be ! [ found at his home or at an advertised place of receiving ! | the same. It is your duty to look him up. ■ | After June list, the tax lists for the County will be closed and we csdl your attention to the fact that j I FAILING TCI LIST WILL RESULT IN YOUR BEING | Severely Penalized J [ Remember you must meet the list taker in your respec < ► tive township DURING MAY and Kst all real and person* al property. Be prepared also to make your farm repo l " | as required by law. I Corporations &re also required to make their returns of | local and personal property to the local list taker, same so |> returns made to the Corporation Commission. f Done by order of the County Commissioners. j C. C. Poe. PIANOS PLAYER-PIANOS PHONOGRAPHS -AND RECORDS Write us for catalog and terms. DARNELL & THOMAS C RALEIGH, N. C.

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