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The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, March 27, 1924, Image 3

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Don't ruin your butter by allowing the cows to eat wild onions. t i Buy good seed and half the battle is over with your garden. - m • SEE YOUR LABEL $500,000.00 EDNA MILLS 7% Comulative Preferred Stock Dividends Payable Quarterly flie Edna Mills are controled by the same interests that control the Henrietta Mills. It is one of the most successful textile mills in North Carolina. We recom mend this stock as safe, conser vative investment. Additional information on request. Price SIOO.OO and Dividend. American Trust Co. Bond Department. Charlotte, N C. Frank B. Green, Mgr. WHO GETS YOUR PAY CHECK? Are vou using l it to buy the things you want and need—and to provide for the future? Or do you fritter away a good part in passing pleasure? The answer to this question is a determining factor in your success, for someone is put ting a part of your pay away as a Key to Op portunity and a step to independence. Is it you or someone else? Each payday put part of your check in a Savings Account in this strong Bank. Then the money which you earn will earn for YOU. The Farmers’ Bank A. C. RAY, Vice-President. T. M. BLAND, President. ERNEST WILLIAMS, Assistant Cashier. VICTOR R. JOHNSON, Cashier PITTSBORO, w * THE UNIVERSAL CAR Make Delivery Certain! "VT 7TTH the entire factory output of Ford Cars ** being absorbed as rapidly as the cars can be produced, it is certain that plant capacity will be greatly over-sold when spring buying reaches it highest point. % We advise that you place your order at once, taking advantage of your dealer’s first oppor tunity to make delivery. * *. t « Detroit, Michigan ✓ * If you do not wish to pay cash for your car, con venient installment terms can be arranged. Or you ran enroll under the Ford Weekly Purchase Plan. SEE THE NEAREST AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER. • wtc • REGIONAL S. S. CONVENTION. Announcement is made from the of fice of the North Carolina Sunday school Association at Raleigh that seven of America’s most noted Sun day school specialists have been se cured to 'take part on the programme of the four regional Sunday school j Conventions to be held in North Car olina on the following dates in April: Sanford—April 4,5, and 6. Asheville —April 8, 9 and 10. * . Salisbury—April 11, 12, and 13. Tarboro—April 15, 16 and 17. — > i The village of Dexterville, Wis., founded 76 years ago, has no church. LOOK AT THeTaBEL ON PAPER. Do Yourself Justice i When you want a real shave or hair cut, bring your face and head to the new barber shop over the store of J. J. Johnson & Son and see what we will do for you. Always on the job | and service and satisfaction is our i motto. H. H. Hackney, Expert Artist. Pittsboro, N.C. M. P. Conference be Held in June. The annual summer conference of the Methodist Protestant church in North Carolina will be held at Weav erville, starting June 27, and contin uing for several weeks. A comprehensive course starts this year with four divisions: The chil dren’s, young people’s, adults and gen eral, each leading to a certificate. Many well known speakers have been secured and the meeting promis es to be a good one. i a Convinced. Capper Weekly. Two Illinois business men are fined $20,000 and sentenced to jail for six months for attempeting to bribe a prohibition enforcement agent. They now are convinced that the eighteenth amendment is a part of the constitu tion. ■ LOOK AT ON PAPER, CATARRH Catarrh is a Local disease greatly in fluenced by Constitutional conditions. HALL’S CATARRH MEDICINE con sists of an Ointment which gives Quick Relief by local application, and the Internal Medicine, a Tonic, which acts through the Blood on the Mucous Sur faces and assists in ridding your System of Catarrh. Sold by druggists for over 40 Years, F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. SLAT’S DIARY By ROSS FARQUHAR. Friday—well all I got out of skool today was plenty trubble, sum J buddy had went and put chewing gum on the teecher’s chare & chewing gum earlier in the afternoon and then I wassent she dissided I was the one who showed the most gilt and just as we was a getting reddy to go out she sed this was a good time to settle up the little matter and so she grabbed time by the four locks and me by the nap of the neck and hailed me back in to the room. And the rest is a closed book to the curious eyes of the Public population. Saterday—Jane is a geting en tirely to smart with her tung here of lately. I thot I would entertain her a little bit today when I seen her over by her house and I up and ast her where does Joaks cum from She looks me over with sort of a sneeerish grin and then she sed. well where at was you bomed. Mebby she thot I woodent get the point. But I did how ever enny ways. Sunday-r-Well the radio witch I have been making is not such a success as I imagined it was going to be. Tonite I was reddy to make a test & had all the gang in to hear it and see if we cud hear frum up in Canady or Haywayian Hands mebby. But when I twisted the but tons and listened with one ear and then with the othern all we cud hear was nothing. Then ma pops sum corn and a good time was had by all present enny ways. Monday—Well we went to a vode ville show tonite and seen sum wanderful dancers frum Grease and when we got home ma asts pa what did he think of the close they was wearing and pa replyed and sed. Well I don’t think they are any dan ger of any of them getting arrested for carrying concealed weapons. Tuesday— pa was argueing vs. wimen voteing and sed they wood always choose the best looking candidates. Ma sed. Youre crazy we diddent do that when we went and choosed our husbands. Not all of us enny ways. Wensday—l seen in the paper where thew was a going to operate on a boy’s head to make him behave Personly I prifer the way pa and ma operates on me. Paneful but is soon over with. Thirsdav —Ma says she has got a cuzzin witch speaks French and english and Italian and her hus bend tawks english and Spanish & German and Porchageese. Pa sed Well I don’t know them but I’ll bet on the lady enny ways. BRIEF, INTERESTING FACTS Figures and Historical Mention Os Interest. Dearborn Independent. * Sixty six kinds of birds in the southeastern states feed upon boll weevils. For the first time since 1896, the St. Lawrence River at Quebec was this winter blocked with ice. Missouri bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 8,789 farms of Missouri farmed or supervised by women are more profitable t;han are average farms controled by men. Wooden houses are rare in Bel gium. Real estate is high, lots are small, and the yards which Ameri cans enjoys are unknown except for villas owned by the well*to do. Utilizers of electric light poles in California find it necessary in many cases to impregnate the entire pole with creosote to prevent serious dam age by termites to the tops and cross arms. Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanganyika territory, Africa, is 19,900 feet high, the highest mountain in that conti nent. It is near the equator and is covered a third of the way down with perpetual snow. Three men in Brooklyn, New York, who have not qualified for a license to practice medicine are said to prac tice on the licenses of physicians who have retired or died. It is not known how the licenses fell into their hands. The expression of “Lo the poor In dian” is from Alexander Pope’s Essay on Man. It occurs as follows: “Lo, the poor Indian! whose untutored mind sees God in the clouds, or hears him in the wind.” * A signature book containing signa tures of parents, guardians and others is used by a teacher of the Proctor ville, California, high school. It is proving to be a terror to those stud ents who would play hookey and write their own excuses. German troops in the World War failed to reach Amiens in March, 1918, because the soldiers discovered large stores of red wine whose demoraliz ing effect on the exhausted German soldiers prevented their attaining their objective according to a German pro fessor, writing in the German temper ance periodical. The people of Czecho-Slovakia, re garding the late president Wilson as the founder of their republic, have named various parks and streets and buildings after him. The latest is the new Wilson Station in Prague which is the meeting point of all railroads leading out of the capital to Poland, Germany and other countries. , The foreign born in this country sent $400,000,000 abroad during the last fiscal year. This together with the expenses of our tourists in Eu r^ 0 . o’ir gifts for relief Durposes and Other items not only wipe out the trade balance in our favor, but it even appears that Europe in 1922 got the better of us by about $500,000,000. The orginals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution have been placed in public view in a specially constructed shrine ip the Library of Congress where they may be viewed by the general public. The shrine is of marble and the papers are in cases covered with specially prepared gelatine films to exclude all light rays that might fade the histor ic documents, A German woman newly arrived from the old country, believing she had arrived in the land of wild In dians, of whom she had heard so much while living in her old home, refused to leave a train when it arrived at Leavenworth, Kansas. It was neces sary forcibly to remove her and not until she saw her sister and had been assured of her safety would she be lieve she was in a civilized communi ty. A primitive people living in holes in the ground ahd believed to be de-f ascendants of a race antedating the Arabs in North Africa, were found by a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society a few hundred, miles south of the Mediterranean Coast in Africa. Here dwell more than 12,000 souls without tents or houses, living in sub teranean homes which are entered through tunnels. They are Moslems and extremely fanatical. They are building a bridge*between Tampa and St. Petersburg, Fla., that will be six miles long. It will reduce the distance twenty four miles be tween the two cities. ii i The fellow who keeps smiling never needs a face massage to get rid of the wrinkles. "Hi The fellow who stops to tie his shoe strings in the race of life generally gets left behind. < i i SEE YOUR LABEL SALE OF LANDS UNDER MORT GAGE. Whereas, on the 18th day of May, 1920, Lilias C. Brown and A. C. Brown, her husband, executed and de livered to the Bank of Sanford, a corporation, a mortgage deed, which is recorded in the office of the register of deeds for the county of Chatham, in Book “F.S.” at pages 291-292, to which reference is hereby made; and whereas default was made in the pay ment of the debt thereby secured : The undersigned Mortgagee will, on Monday, April 21st, 1924, at 12 o’clock noon at the court house door in Pittsboro, Chatham county, North Carolina, sell at public auction for cash to the high est bidder the following lands, con veyed and described in said mortgage deed : First tract —a tract lying and being in Oakland township, Chatham county, North Carolina, adjoining the lands of Peerless Lumber Company, W. B. F. Johnson, Stedman and others which is particularly described by metes and bounds as follows: (The courses and distances follow ing being ascertained by actual sur vey of the property made in May, 1920, by R. B. Lee, C.E.) Beginning at a stake, Oren Johnson’s and Wm. H. Bums’ corner in the W. R. Pat tishall line, and running thence N. 83 E. 1460 feet, with J. A. Stedman’s line to a stake; thence N. 32 E. 300 feet to a stake; thence N. 12 E. 895 feet to a stake in the run of the creek, O. o. Johnson’s line; thence as the run of said, creek about 174 feet to a stake, a comer of Isaac Johnson thence N. 85 W. 2090 feet to a stake, hickory pointer, in the run of a trib utary to Calf Branch; thence down the various courses of said tributary about 940 feet to a stake, where said tributary empties into Calf Branch; thence N. 80 E. 535 feet to a stake; thence N. 5, W. 1050 feet to a stake, Isaac Taylor’s line; thence S. 68 W. 1270 feet to a stake, rock pile. W. B. F. Johnson’s comer: thence S. 6 E. 1200 feet to a stake at the Bridge across said Calf Branch; thence S. 38.25 E. 710 feet to a .stake at a spring; thence S. 77.30 E. 833 feet to a stake in the public road leading from Asbury church to Cumnock; thence S. 6 1-2 E. 391 feet to a rock pile; thence S. 25.45 W. 632 feet to a stake, pine, the beginning comer, containing 119.7 acres more or less, and being the identical tract of heretofore conveved to Mrs. Lilias Brown by Samantha Gilmore. Bv the terms of the said mortgage deed, the foregoing lands, one of two tracts described therein, situated in Chatham county, will be sold at the time and place above advertised. This March 14th. 1924. BANK OF SANFORD, Mortgagee. PAGE TRUST CO., Assignee. A. A. F. SEAWELL, Attorney. AprlO-c ADMINISTRATOR’S NOTICE. Having qualified as administrator of the estate of Mrs. Lucy E. Mead ows, deceased, late of Chatham coun ty, North Carolina, this is to notify all persons holding claims against the said estate, to present them to the undersigned duly verified, on or be fore the 21st day of February, 1925, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons owing said estate will please come forward and make immediate payment. This the 21st day of February, 1924. C. F. HOUSTON, A. C. RAY, Administrator. Attorney Apr. 3-p. ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE. Having qualified as administratrix of the estate of O. M. Dorsett, de ceased, late of Chatham county, North Carolina, this is to notify all persons holding claims against the said es tate to present them on or before the 6th day of March, 1925, or this no tice will be plead in bar of their re covery. All persons indebted to the said es tate will please make immediate pay ment. • This March 6th, 1924. Mrs. ALICE DORSETT, Apr 10-p Administratrix. Rt 1, Cumnock, N. C. t J||||f \\ |Li| Nemo Self-Reducing No. 333 I is a real bargain. It has a low top I and medium skirt. Made in dur- f able pink or white; sizes j| 24 to 36 —and costs only $3.00. | If your dealer can’t get it, send name, ad- j dress, size and $3, We’ll send the corset. ■ Nemo Hygienic. Fashion Institute T * '2O E, I6th St.. New York Dept, S.) * NOTICE OF SALE UNDER MORT GAGE. Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain mort gage deed, executed bv T. L. Philips and his wife, Mattie Phillips, to J. L. Fields, which is registered in the of fice of the register of deeds for Chat ham county, in book “F.N.” r.t 97, default having been made in the payment of the same, the undersigned mortgagee will on Monday, April 7th, 1924, at 12 o’clock noon, at the court house o° < county, in Pittsboro, N. C., sell at public auction to the highest uidd • for cash, the following described tree; of land, lying and being in Gulf town ship, Chatham countv, North Caro lina, which is bounded as follows : Beginning at a pine, thence south 94 poles to a stake near a small branch, in Josiah Temple’s lire: thence east with said Temple’s line 30 poles to a black jack, Temple’s corner; thence south with his line 100 poles to a stake in the old line fence; thencq east 69 poles to a dead pine in Emer son’s line; thence North with Emer son’s and Hinton’s line 194 poles to a pine; thence west 100 poles to the beginning, containing 100 acres, more or less. This the Ist day of March, 1924. J. L. FIELDS, Long & Bell, Mortgagee. Attorneys. 3-p. NOTICE OF SALE Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain mort gage deed executed on the 7th dav of September, 1918, by H. M. Nichol son and wife, M. A. Nicholson, to J* H. Henley, which mortgage deed is recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds of Chatham county, in Book No. F. N., page 58, default having been made in the payment of the notes and indebtedness therein men tioned, the undersigned mortgagee will, on Monday, the 24th day of March, 1924, at 12 o’clock noon, at the Court House Door in Pittsboro, Chatham county, North Carolina, ex pose to public sale to the last and highest bidder for cash, the following described tract of land, situated, ly ing and being in Bear Creek town ship, Chatham county, North Carolina, and bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a pine corner, Phil lips’ corner in Tally’s lines and run ning thence as Preton Phillips’ line, N. 112 poles to a stake in Trogden’s comer; thence as his line east 29 poles to a stone to another of his corners; thence as another of his lines north 29 poles to a hickory tree, his corner, thence as his line east 31 poles to a .pine his corner, his comer m Gilbert’s line; thence south 126 poles to a dogwood in H. Trogden’s line; thence as his line west 89 poles to the beginning; containing 61 acres mnrfl ni* lpcc This 20th day of February, 1924. T. H. HENLEY, Gavin & Jackson, Mortgagee. Atty’s, Sanford, N. C. Mch. 20-c. MORTGAGEE’S LAND SALE. Under and by virtue and power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Mortgage executed by O. H. Pickett and wife, Martha Pickett, on the Ist day of November, 1920, to secure the payment of a bond of even date there with which became due and payable on the Ist day of November, 1821, de fault having been made in the pay ment of said bond whe ndue and de mand having been made for the pay ment of same, and the said bond se cured by mortgage deed as aforesaid, having been made payable to J. Frank Jones, and said J. Frank Jones being dead, leaving last will and testament with Alma Lambert Elkins as execu trix, and she having duly qualified as such executrix, and said mortgage deed having been duly recorded in the office of Register of Deeds for Chat ham County, N. C. in Book “F Z’ page 418, the undersigned will expose to public sale at the Court House door in Pittsboro, Chatham County, N. C., on Saturday, March 29th, 1924, at 12 o’clock noon, to the highest bidder for cash, at pub lic auction, the following described tract or lot of land, situate in Mat thews township, Chatham county, N. C., and more particularly described and defined as follows, to-wit: Beginning on the west side of Mat thews street and bounded on the north by lot No. 71; on the east by Mat thews street; on the.south by lot No. 73; and on the West by lands of J.W. Wright,, and being 70 feet in front and 175 feet deep, and being the same lot conveyed to O. H. Pickett and Mar tha Pickett by P. G. Maulden and wife, Sallie Maulden. This 27th. day of February 1924. ALMA LAMBERT ELKINS Executrix of J. Frank Jones, deceased. J. Frank Jones, deceased. R. F. Paschal, Atty. Mch.27.c

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