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The Chatham record. (Pittsboro, N.C.) 1878-current, May 06, 1926, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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PAGE EIGHT 1,363,000 FRENCH | KILLED IN BATTLE " i Statistics Are Striking Appeal Against Wars. F’aris. — The most striking appeal against future war is contained Jo statistics finally worked out regard ing the lasting records of France’s war losses. M. Gaston Cadoox, for mer president of the Paris Statistical society, now has made reckonings which peace organizations In every country might well keep in mind for future propaganda. The population of France at the outbreak of the war was 39.000,000. From these the government mobilized for the army and navy 8,355.000. Os this number 1,363,000 lost their lives. This figure represents one-sixth of the mobilized effectives, one-seventh of the masculine population of the coun try and one-twentieth of the whole. If the dead alone might be drawn up In a serried line It would require the Twentieth Century Limited, trav eling without stop at sixty miles an hour, some nine hours to react the end. The entire mobilization of hu man material by France would have reached from San Francisco to New York if placed shoulder to shoulder. Comparing the percentage of losses suffered by the principal belligerents. M. Cadoux reckons that his country had one dead or missing per 28 inhab Hants, as'against 35 in Germany, 50 ir. Austria-Hungary. CO in Gnat Brit ain, 79 in Italy, 107 in Russia and 2,000 in the United States. France’s agricultural male papula t!on of 5.608,971 lost 099,219. Os 1,327,150 engaged in commercial pur suits, 155,977 were lost. Os 915,080 artisans of the building trades, 108.747 'did not return. There were 235,320 men of liberal professions mobilized and 40.432 died. Transport workers numbering 00.972 failed to return of 06,7,029 who went to war. There were 21.420 civil servants. 2.712 eeclesias tics, 50.190 students and 9.493 persons of independent means without proses slon killed. The statistician’s reckoning shows that the return of Alsace-Lornlne did not compensate for the ghastly hole lorn in the populace by war. Where as the population of France was 39. 000,000 in 1914. it has fallen to 39,- 209.000 after these provinces returned lo the fold. Records Show German Soldiers Were Sold Berlin.—-Investigation into the man tier in which some of the fortunes of Germany's former royal houses were acquired, In connection with the ques tion of Indemnification by the repub He, has disclosed that German prince tings up to the Nineteenth century had sold 296,166 of their subjects for $3,750,000 to England for army serv ice against the American colonies, the French and other enemies. Duke Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand of Braunschweig sent 4,300 men to Eng land for S3B a head. It is disclosed lylth an additional Indemnity of $22 n head for each man killed in action three wounded men to be counted as pne dead one. Landgrave Frederick of Hesse "sold” 12,000 Hessians at $75 a head, with an annual “rental” fee of SSOO. COO. { There has been produced a letter from the Landgrave of Hessen-Cassel tQ. Baron Hohendorf. his commanding officer In the American colonies. In which the writer commended the bar .on “for seeing to it that of 1,950 ol the landgrave’s peons in the battle of Trenton only 300 escaped alive.” : “Be sure to send an itemized state ment of the losses to London,” the letter continues, “as the English in in Ister wants to pay me for only 1.455 killed. I am entirely dissatisfied with Major Mindorf. who. according to dis patches, succeeded in saving his bat talion of Hessians.” Tokyo Girls Object to Marriage Customs Tokyo.—The modern Japanese girl — a canvass at a girls’ high school dis , closed —does not favor the present-day system under which most of the mar rlages are “arranged.” In opposition to the prevailing mode ' fifty-three girl?, in one school said that to marry men of whom they had no f previous knowledge was dangerous ? Sixteen were opposed because the ous tom ignores the sentiments of the ones to be married. Ten objected to the use of a go-between to make arrange ments and all agreed that the mar rlage question should be more serious ly considered. Ranking preferences for husbands were, government officials first and then, lh order, business men. educa tors, fa"mers, physicians and army of ficers. Third Set of Teeth Cushing, Okla. —Rev. D. A. Me- Laury, pioneer minister of Cushing, Is growing his third set of teeth. He has now eight new molars and others are “sprouting.” They are not as large sis his second set, but answer the purpose for practical use and will eave him a large dentist’s bill for a new set, he declares. Would Fast 100 Days Oklahoma City, Okla.—Frank Wolfe, a farmer, thinks he could go 100 days without food, having fasted half that time recently to reduce his weight. He Is challenging Mr. Jolly of Berlin for fbe world’s championship. Jolly has . just fasted forty-four days. BUSINESS LOCALS Put in your orders for potato slips vith the Chatham Hdw. Co. The Old Reliable is on hand, fie vill have a fine lot of fish right fresh rom Chesapeake Bay Saturday. unt up D. M. and give him your, rdcr. Prices are right. ; GRADUATE NURSE In Pittsboro for the time being, ( Miss Lucile Peterson, a recent graau j ,ite as a nurse, offers her professiona services to the people of Chathan lounty. FOR SALE —White Wyandotte eggs. SI.OO for setting of 15. Also a pureDred white Leghorn rooster, for J 1.50. C. M. Lance, Pittsboro. 1 v • • • • r You are invited to become one of the OWNERS of this newly formed public utility company * * ; CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY which furnishes, direct’y or indirectly, ; electric power and light service in 130 ’ communities, including Raleigh. Ashe- I viile, Goldsboro, Henderson, Oxford, Sanford and Rcek’ngham, North Caro- I lina, and Cherav, Florence, Marion and The companies formerly known as Carolina Power & Light Go Yadkin River Power Comnany, Asheville Power - ' _ and l ight Company, Pigeon River Power Company and Carol’na Pow-er Company, have joined together into ONE COMPANY to be known as -. y CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY The Company invites you to become one of T its owners This you can do by investing in . | Carolina Power Light Company’s J ..'A. $6 CUMULATIVE PREFERRED STOCK Price $93 and accrued dividend per share ; t Each Share j; Q~/ On Your < „ Y- Pays Nearly Money Vi # T* A V ]FT?T'IP Free hem North Carolina and South Carolina State JL rVA. k Personal Tax and present normal Federal Income Tax Shares for sale by all employes of the companies fox*merly known as Carolina Power & Light Company, Yadkin River. Power Company, Asheville Power and Light Company, Pigeon River Power Company and Carolina Power Company, but which are now known as CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY ... / I CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT COMPANY, Investment Dept., Raleigh, N. C.‘ (Mark X in Q meeting your requirements) I Q Please send me free copy of booklet telling more about your $6 Preferred Stock and the Company. □ I wish to subscribe for shares your $6 Pre | ferred Stock at price of $93.00 and dividend per share. Send bill to me showing exact amount due. i □ I wish to subscribe for shares your $6 Pre ferred Stock on Easy Payment Plan of $lO per share down and $lO per month until $93.00 and dividend # j per share is paid. I Q Please ship shares your $6 Preferred Stock at I $93.00 and dividend per share with draft attached I tbrough ; : | Name of Your Bank j ■ . „ " i 1 V*' : ■■ • I Name .* j # J _ B 121 WHEN YOU HAVE GLASSES fitted by Dr. Mann you have the satisfac tion of knowing they are correct. i Dr. S. Rapport of Durham will be at Siler City Wednesday, May 12, from 9 a. m. to 12:30 p. m. at Dr. | 'Edwards' office, and at Pittsboro from | ii:3o p. in. to 4 p. in. at the Blair ■Hotel. On this visit the Doctor will examine eyes and fit glasses at greatly reduced prices. FOR SALE—One Purebred Hamp shire sow, one year old; good for breeder. First check for $35.00 gets her. Estimated ♦ weight about 175 pounds. P. O. Box 177, Siler City, N. C. ' lall is still dloing it. What? Sell •L"nd’ prices. THE CHATHAM RECORD 50 bushels of high-class Mexican Big 801 l cotton seed for sale. Only $1 a bushel at my plade between Pittsboro and Bynum or delivered at Pittsboro. Lonnie Oldham. j Get Happy Feeds for the chicks i and make them and yourselves happy. Chatham Hdw. Co., Pittsboro. OLD COLONY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY of Chicago, Illinois, of fers agents a wider field and increas ed opportunity by writing man, wom an and child from date of birth to age 60 on the annual, semi-annual or quarterly premium plan, for amounts going up to $5,000 as regards children, while for adults the limit is $30,000. The Company will give a very liberal commission contract (direct with acme Office) to a good personal nincer. Apr. 29, 3tp. 1 Dividends. The dividends (or wages earned by the money you invest in this stock) amount to SO.OO per share a year. | They are paid every 3 months, $1.50 per share on Janu | ary 1, April 1, July 1, and October jrhich time divi -4:„ dend checks are mailed to stockholders. V- Fully Paid and Non-assessablo. Every share of this Stock V-, is fully paid and non-assessable. ‘ Easy Payment Plan. You can buy the stock for $lO per 1 share a month. i :v. I A Resale Department is maintained at J our offices for the benefit of local stock■ holders who may wish to sell their • shares. Darlington, South Carolina, and also supplies the street railway and gas serv ice in Raleigh and Asheville and gas y service in Durham. The total popula tion served-is estimated to exceed 329,000. , _J Have Your Car Washed at Boone’s Service Station Just out of town south of the Court House. No sudstitute with us. ty. give satisfaction Remember us f. Gas, Oils, and Gennine Service. R. E. Boone, Manager, Thursday, May 6, i 926

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