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The Journal-patriot. (North Wilkesboro, N.C.) 1932-current, August 24, 1933, Image 1

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i /jwL.v^ A’ t-fe m rtsr^y.^ f'}''i4 f^i-i rOL.Xl^ NO. 78 PaWsbfed' Mondays and ~N(»nii i.00 W *ro BTATE—11^ OPTC OF THBH^ :|TmJe Carnival Week Is ! Expected to Attract Big Army of Thrifty Buyers In Kanns BockI Begii»TomoiTowi““;Wi«^i. Alrf To Continue Club On The NRA V %■ Until August 31st: Prices On Cotton Goods Will' Advance Fisst Of Com- j ing M(Hith j I'^PBOCBSS TA^ IS CAUSE I Merckaiits Here Arrange Big; ,, Event For 'Oirifty Buy- I efS Of County | A big Trade Carnival Week Is aB&ounced toifey by merobants ot North- WilkeeboFO^ and a big army of thrifty buyers are ex- bere during the coming' week. I Special mention Is made In the j announcements of the merchants tbe fact that all cotton goods I take a sharp rise in price on ^ptember 1 due to the process tax which, goes Into effect on that , date. "F^w people realUe that the price on all cotton goods is bound i to go up, as we are telling them,” ‘ die merchant stated yesterday. “Yet It is a fact. We are endeav- , ‘ orlBg to convince our customers | ' that this is no advertising scheme ' i to get them to buy. If we suc-j ^ oeed. Trade Carnival W e e k | ahould result in a big saving to thousaods of people who trade In North Wilhesboro.” A large number of the merch- -ants ere .,.oo-opereting in .’erent an# thr[ y. the e^fully tS^fr^^wegCT an_ ttar ate e*aertls*n« a truth when they state that prlc- wUl Increase sharply the first of the month P. W. Eshelman Secures Char lotte Man To Deliver Ad dress Tomorrow W. M. ■>lclAurine, secretary of the .American Cotton JIanu- facturers’ .Association, will de liver an address on the NR.A movement at tomorro w's luncheon of the Klwanls Club. P. tv. Eshelman, president of the tVilkes Hosiery Mills, will be in charge of the pro gram. The Cliarlotte man as secre tary of the cotton group was on the inside of the negotl- ation.s incident to the adoption of the code of the te.\tile in dustry and is familiar with tlie government’s program. A large attendance Is expected for the ^meeting tomorrow. Escaped ConviMsCaptur r Above, Tom Boyd, Kansas State treasurer,_ and below, Ron ald Finney, bond broker and grain speculator of Emporia. Kas., central figures in the dis closure that forged bonis of the Kansas School Fund Commission had been deposited as security at several banks, to the amount of $658,000. D. J. Brookshire Named Appraiser „ . For Hon^Ownersj ^j^ther Meeting Of NRA Club To Be Held Monday Well Known Contractor To Serve As Appraiser In Wilkes County HE ACCEPTS POSITION Announcement was made yes- [ (-^airman Reins, R. E. Wal- Brookshire, and E. M. Blackburn terday that D. J prominent building contractor, this had accepted the appointment as ler for the Home Owners' iTiBank, of 0piiS}W2i Broolmlilre apRolptet^, sever al days ago, but the Information was not released for publication until yesterday. Mr. Brookshire will serve as appraiser In Wilkes county, fur nishing complete Information to the bank regarding property under consideration for a loan. The Home Owners Loan Cor poration was created by Congress at the recent session and Is under government supervision. Mr. Brookshire is emineirtly qualified to serve as appraiser To Name Committee BRIEF MEET TUESDAY club, presided Tuesday and the announcement of his ac-,''find brief talks were jnade by ceptance was enthusiastically re ceived. Revival To Start Holmess Church Will Begin- Sunday, Septem- , her 3; Spray Minister To Come Here A series of revival services will begin at the Pentecost Holiness church bere Sunday, September ♦r The pastor. Rev. C. W. Mar tin, will 'be assisted in the meet ing by Rev. R."J. Shumate, of! Simg, a well known evangelist, who will do the preaching. An invitation was extended yaaterday by Rev. Mr. Martin for ^telphers' ot all denominations to attimd the services and assist in ■>^0(1# for the Master. rj^nic of Fruit Growers Friday Brushy Mountain Folks To Rear Snyder And H. R. Niswonger J. W.’Snyder, federal aoll eros- — ion expert of Stateevllle, ajid P-iifagard to the status ot the small ^ ' country merchant under NRA. Further Instructions Expect ed From National Head quarters Soon Another meeting of the North Wilkesboro NRA Club will be held at the city hall next Mon day evening, it was announced at a brief meeting Tuesday eve ning. By that time full instruc tions regarding the functions of the club are expected from na tional headquarters and a com plete explanation will be given. J. C. Reins, chairman of the evening V- ' -- - — - pria^pal speakers at the annoai ' i p^lo of the Brus^'' MounUln. |i^tt Growers ' AnsoeWion at Sonjwood Lake loihoriw. - ^ ‘ The annual pic«Ie“*p*ogTam nrtll get under w«y a^nt 11 ^ o'etodk. RoRpwing; ®be hidresses, r a JPlenlc dinner will ie aenred. A ^^'^iargc^ninber of theigtwiwrs and };0ielrjamtll«i nrh expected to be .jgBmtiat. ■ ' iiimday dcluolt To fi^yT»f At4:00 Country Stores May EoUst NRA May Secure Blue Eagle By Applying At Their Local Post Office Country stores may secure their Blue Elegle and enlist und er the NRA without any restric tion as to hours of labor, provid ed no olerks are employed, ac- cortHng to a letter received by the oonnty welfare department from Dr. Roy Brown, technical adviser to the Governor’s Office j of Relief. I The letter reads: | Some question has arisen in i the secretary, E. M. Blackburn, W. H. Clark. W. R. Absher, D. J. Carter and others. Chairman Reins, Secretary Blackburn and Postmaster R. E. Walters were authorized by the club to proceed to name the necessary committee to carry on the work of the organization. The general understanding was that the club would have as one of its functions the checking of any code violations. It was al so undrestood that the committee would be called upon to make the house-to-house canvass for the purpose of enlisting every business, no matter how small, and every individual under the Approximately 160|j Cases Disposed of' At 4-Weeks’ Court Seven Murder Cases Were In Kumt»er; FfYf Murder V Cases To Jury TWO TRIED FOR LIVES Cases Against Grey Taylor and Dallas Moore, Eugene Haupe Not Pressed Approximately 160 cases were disposed pf during the four weeks of Superior court for the trial ot criminal cases which end ed Saturday. Included in the list of cases re moved from the docket were sev en murder cases, two ot which were nol pressed' and five tried before the jury. In the five murder cases tried, two defendants were found guil ty of murder in the second de gree, two were acquitted and one found guilty of manslaugh ter. Results of the murder cases were: Glenn Walsh, 30 years in pen itentiary; Hersohel Richardson, •22 to 30 years in ipenltentiary; Partee Davis, six months on road: Poster Smith, acquitted; Squire Hutchison, acquitted. A nol pros was taken in the case against Grey Taylor and al so in the case against Eugene HauTO and Dallas Moore. Thfe trial of Walsh required five days, while the Richardson trial lasted three days. Two days each were required for the trial ot Smith, Davis and Hutchison. Following is a list of cases dis posed of during" the closing days (Continued on page four) County S^¥o1sTo Open September 6 Instead of Fourth Two-Day Postponement Is Announced By Superin tendent C. B. Eller TEACHERS MEET ON ,5TH The opening date of the Wilkes county schools has been changed from September 4 to September "6, C. B. Eller, superintendent of the school system, announced ■yesterday. The later date was arranged so that several matters prelimin ary to the * opening could be worked out. A general meeting of all the school teachers in the county will be held at Wilkesboro on Sep tember 5. Superintendent Eller said. The two-day postponement is mandatory upon all schools, it being planned to start every school in the system on the same day. SCENE IN GERMAN FOREST Mixed stand of shortleaf and Virginia pine at'farm of Mr, J. M. German, of Boomer, this county. This field of 26-year-old pines gave a thinning harvest of 13.5 cords, with 341 choice trees, scaling 18.9 ^ cords, left. These pines have paid taxes for the life of the trees and given a net annual income of 6.2 per cent simple interest on land valu ed at $20 per acre. Thousands of Speakers Are - Called In Blue Eagle Drive Cabinet Membw’s, Judges, Senators, Representatives, Minis ters and Literary Lights to Assist In Campaign to Place Bhie Eagle In Every Home, Factory and Store W. f. Cranorls Seriously III R; .'Nlawonger, extension horthjnl- . ittriOist of Raleigh, wlU be the may secure the Blue Eagle by W. T. Cranor, prominent local applying to his postmaster. If he man. who suffered hemorhages owns his own business and em- of the brain Tuesday night and ploys no clerks, his hours of la-; was carried to the Wilkes Hos- ^ _ r.1. _ s J^ hbr are in no way restricted.” Plorida Gets Relief Fund Washington, Aug. 21.—^An ad ditional grant of $576,000 to Florida for unemployment relief was announced tonight by Harry L. Hopkins, federal relief admin istrator, bringing that state’s total up to $2,347,032. Mrs. Aroian Triplette and ohll- ■ |dren, Robert and Ray, spent sev- Bngage Meth-, ^j^ys last week with Mr. and ** Mrs. J. R. Foster, at Purlear. adjiv-. TMc'intcraoon At :.fWlripMBBds fhKjdhiy^rlan and the t "iui^ay schools will ler this afternoon in Ihat will have an im- ji^rlng upon the base- Hg^fenship of the local pital, was described by attaches at the hospital this morning as "no better.” His condition is regarded as extremely critical. Mr. Cranor is a brother of Mr. P. T. Cranor, of this city, and At torney Hugh A. Cranor, of Wll- kesboro, ^The W. C. T. U. will meet this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Lula Hubbard in Wilkesboro. Everyone Interested is Invited to attend. Great Wilkes Fair Premium List To Be Mailed Out WithinFext , aaawaasaj w* Premium lists for the Great catalogues will certainly be rMdy to stay they applied to the- Wilkes Fair will prol»bly be mailed odt either the -latter part ot this weak or the first of next week, W. A. Rousseau, secretary of the Great Wilkes Fair Associ- tror »o ■*»ted yesterday, Brery effort la being made to itlon grospeetive Sh'rorer the Baptists in .aeries, tbe Metho- d^o defeat JMdt Presbyterians. Dr. in fine is by the middle of next week, Mr. Roussean said. Arrangements for special .at tractions are now being made and W. A. McNeill, president and general buainew manager, directors ot the assoeiation are leaving no stone uatused to at 4 —B —the Liberty TbaatM.gdva abotuf the -fw mite the four daya of the. tair, ea to each jd tham^'’’^'C 1*. thq. ."’IPhey _ .wliioh ..BP Washington, Aug. 21.—^In ris ing crescendo, starting next Mon day, the rallying cry of the NRA blue eagle will be heard through out the land. Recovery headquarters ibustled today with final preparations to make the blue eagle articulate in a summons to all remaining in dustries to code-compliance, all consumers to code-co-operation. One thousand "national speak ers” were being assigned to key- city platforms. Twenty - nine thousand local speakers were list ed. Louis Alber, head of the speak ers’ bureau, announced final plans for the August 28 nation wide, over-the-top movement, said Sunday night has been set for the “army of volunteers" to get their "final marching orders” from Gen. Hugh 3. Johnson, "field marshal.” Notables to Anwar Plenty of martial fanfare was scheduled to (help Johnson swing a nation into tbe spirit of con certed action;' Music by Vmy, navy and ma rine bands; S'speech by iMadame Ernestine ^Chtimann Helnk, who learned how to say stirring things (Continued on page four) Walsh Taken To Ralegh Monday Glenn Walsh, convicted slayer of Policeman James R. Grayson, 'was carried to Raleigh Monday to begin serving bis 30-year sen tence in the state penitentiary. He was taken there by Sheriff’s Deputies H. C. Kilby and Silas Shumate. Ii^Ie To Go To Lmcohton Soon S. D. Moore, Of Chariotte, To Be New Patrolman In This Territory Carlyle Ingle, popular state highway patrolman who has been located here for the past two years, has been transferred to Lincolnton, and S. D. Moore, who has been stationed at Charlotte, has been assigned to this terri tory. Mr. Ingle will move to Lin colnton next week as soon OXiuiuaipC. . , » coinion D©*t -wwen. aa —* Carl Oakley, sentence# to feom patrolman Moore arrives here 4 to 6 years for an assaUlt .^h jjy (Moore will work over the a deadly weapon, was alsd talwn game territory formerly patrolled to Raleigh by the officers. ky Mr. Ingle. Family Of 11 Seejr"^. Motion Pictui'il’^r For First Quits School F(w-Pa^lt Lawrence, Kan., Aug. 21.— Dr. Samuel B. Braden, for 11 years dean of the school of re- llgion of the University of Kan- Mr. and' Mrs. John Helton and resigned today in order to their nine children, of Low Gap, Igccapt the pastorate of the First Surry county, saw their fint {Christian church of Paducah, Ky. moving picture show last Friday-j,jj, Braden win assume his new night while In the city. .'^duties September 3. The Surry folks were making Baptist Revival To Begin Sunday Services Will Be Held At Wilkesboro Church All Of Next Week A revival meeting will begin at Wilkesboro Baptist church Sunday evening at 8 o’clock. Tbe meeting will be in charge of the pastor, Rev. Avery Church. Singing will be conducted by Wm. A. Stroud, choir leader, who will direct tbe large choir. Members of all denominations are cordially invited to attend and assist in the meeting. Linney To PrMch At Mount Church Rev. W. B. I#BiWy» of WUkes- boro,' ■will preach 'dt Mt.’ 'Ollye " Baptist church Saturday night, August 24th, 7:30. The public is invited to bear him. Miss BUlilbeth Berry left Tues day for her borne in Columbia, Va., after an extended visit with her gtondpelfents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Wellbwn, of Wilkesboro. WiHh» Officers GetMenWho Away h Dai Arrest Was Made Tui In Longbottotai Section .Of County ALL ARE LONG TERM^ EDis Brattmi Was Amons^ The Four; Officers Come Here For Tlieni Four escaped convicts ISDin^; the Mocksville chaingang . wet*i rounded up in the Longbottpm section of Wilkes county lateV Tuesday when Wilkes etfic^nj set a trap from •which the crim inals had no chance to escape. The four men taken wer 11s Bratton, Ed Smith, Griffin and Bernard-idUiH* all of them long termers,- 'jtho escaped from the Davie county camp last week. A stolen . automobile, 'wUeh. contained smoking tobacco, glens tumblers and a variety of mer chandise, was also brought In’by the officers. «- The officers noticed an a©- (count ot the escape of tiio con victs in the state dallies, .and. were on the lookout, euspeethig' that Bratton, who was arreetod here about two weeks ago when, he attempted to sdlj rtotea •wheat, would again head ib the upper edge of Wilkes. • The officers went to the com munity and completely surround ed the home of Philo Csudll!, where they had learned tltai 'the men had arranged for supper. The convicts surrendered wfth- >out reslstence. T^ Capture was hjade by Sheriff B. Somers, '"Chief Deputy OM Wiles and Deputle*^ H. C. Kilby. Elijah Sheets, S. I" Shumate and Luther Prevette. Authorities came here yesteij day from Mocksville to return tl men to the prison camp. Sentences of the four m^ range from 6 to 16 years. It wj reported., , i At tSoAlmo of' Bratton’s ar two woi^,;4ifbv bn autpmobUa.g owned by’f^fbnce Rni$^ pi : city, was" recovered, en to Mocksville to server ont term, but escaped* wdek along with the tbi(Wi|;otiltor mon. , His escape last'weelt'Wa8.^Jii,^sbo-^ ond within a period weeks. Judge Hayes Speak At NbeZioa Federal Jurist' Is Secure®. For Morning Session Sat urday At 11 o’clock Judge Johnson J. Hayes, of Greensboro, a native of WUkea. county, will deliver an address , Saturday morning at Mt. ' Zion ; Baptist church at 11 o’clock. The Brushy Mountain Bapttol ■ Association will be in session at the time and the federal JurJa| i will speak to the assemblbd | group. Judge Hayes will speigk ; on law and order. ' Colvards Secure ® Agency For Shel ;^ Are Distributors' In Alto* ghsity, Watauga, Ashc^ f Aim! wakes ^ their way to Caldwell county S Adtfi came here from Elkin on 'a ' ’truck. Without money or any ■Clti'. 'Welfare department and yrere given meals and rooms at the Central Hotel. 'WheiT it was learned that not a single member of the family ot and eleven had ever been to a motion pletnrt house, thp management Oxford Orphanage Concert Ga» To Give Prograni Here Friday Eventag •>'- - t- A l~ ' ' '■ * '!■ The Oxford Orphanage spne^ the concert tour u4 the clasa tt row to. present thei^annakl coir cert program at the NortA Wil iHi&bvo; high school au&taifiua. ’fbe ^ beglas at S «. A class -will come to the city toSioP^i from the. large number of MBdeqts. stndylBg mo*!** . and «pr« . - ' F^i^elaM ;ig.JtK to tb* Mr. W. B. Colvarde of thto of West Jefferson, have appointed distrirbutors of Gasoline, motor oils and es.ln Wilkes, Ashe, AHeghaiT- and Watauga, It was asT yesterday. The popular-Skell t>f will- be available Ss these connties upon.-shoit prompt servloe vrlll)^' the new ageffty. Shell .staUona will 'be- Jjss rapidiy as possible. It stated. ■ ' Ice Cream Si. Beaver Ihe public huBoetJ voice tited to attend per whleh'pbmneb J BaturdaF.> it isrt IT o’etook tNytkiL

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