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The Journal-patriot. (North Wilkesboro, N.C.) 1932-current, May 31, 1934, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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■ '? A. large E^rore to jpreack. Mr. dellTorofl a very Intar- ■ermoa. . Glaa Huttaam tUlea Wa DBtlOy MPPolatsHi^;; at Oak an eknrek Sataraay and 8un- .jxt; orWrth’%maakoro. ytott* ed Mn. B;;Dtfebert’« pareata, Mr. ^and Mra.T. C. Beek^ra, 8un* Hay. M O' '■/if'.":' Fdl» ^ day. Ha aiao rtelted tbe Saaday ^ aohool at tha tfkool hQOM.^ Mr. J. B. Owena nuuU a bnal- '7 sou trip to North WllkMboro, 'Saturday. x. Mr. rni'orotOB Staley' made ’ # business trip to North Wllkesr :^ro Saturday. ' Mr. Bob Beabnan, of North Wilkesboro, risited bis parents, Mr. aud Mrs. M. C Beehears, Sunday. USB ODOM’S c. c. c. BsBeTea Flo. Colds. Coughs, Sore ^llBeat, Graap; Neryauanesa. \ FOB ANY KIND OF RADIATOR or WELDING job see the old reliaUe Williams Wdi^ & Radiator Shop (JA8. P. WILLIAMS) Now located one mile west of North Wilkesboro on Boone Trail Highway. We also do all kinds of Body and Fender Work and General Automobile Repairing. DO NOT BE MISLEDl PHONE 334-W . / / ’' >• / /'.• 7'/ / / f . • . Sx. ^dba Selectos alg« never sold/for less than lOc.^ Yc now can buy the saa^ else and quality Ibr’se^Ja^think, long Havana and ImBorSed to* { bncco for only ofiaFLOR de llfEt&A .get the .LLwrltCiawMfs.Ca.Makm Ntwark, N.J. MELBA ParMrNews Sunday SchooH|rily Day Lasge- ' ly Atteadedt Prof. T. B. Story ’ tweaks PDBLIAR. Mayf?J».-rR«:. Avery Church is helping in a re- Tt«l meeting at Cove Craek Baptist church. He preached at New Hope Sondso night to a large trowd. There will ‘be preaching on the fourth Sunday- night through the summer ip plaee of Saturday evening. The pastor of Core Creek church supplied for our pastor at the eleven o’clock service, Sunday. ■ i. ■ Earl, youngest son of Rev. and Mrs. P. C. Watts, who has been very slok'-wlth bronclal pneumon ia the past ten days, ft Improv ing, hib friends will bo glad to Inow. ' The Sunday school rally day at Moravian Falla Baptlat^ohurch Sunday was largely atten^d by restdenU 'of the community and many from distant polnto. The dsyft program opened with Sunday school at ten 0*4 clock, followed by preaching service conducted by the -^stor, Rev. A. B. Watte, of Tartofst rule. As the Tam''CrbdM A3 minis* tratloA rounds di|t iti t^ year’s work Production Credit ^mmls- sloner 8. M. Garwood ^ reports. ^ .. that the farmete jifoduaion Born to Mr^ and Clyde ElHer, a son. May 26. Mrs. Fannie Johnson and chil dren, of Ashe county, spent the week-end with her aunt, Mrs.^. 0. Paw. She said they had frost at home Saturday morning. Miss Lucille Phillips spent the week-end with her cousins, Miss es Lucille and Aline Hayes. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Com El ler, a son, last week. At nofn a picnic dinner was spread on a long table on the church lawn and sponsors of the;; occasion wish to publicly, t^nk' all who helped so much to inake this* part of the. program so pleasant and enjoyable. In the afternoon Prof. T. B, Story, principal of the' Wilkes- boro high school,' addressed the assembly. His address was listen ed to with rapt Interest by the large number of people present. He Knew His Law Constable: “Pardon me. Miss, but swimming Is not allowed In this lake.” Flapp-er: "Why didn’t you tell me before I undressed?” Constable: "Well, there ain’t no low against undressin’.” Kelvinator Sales Event Ends Saturday, June 2 The annual Kelvinator sales event conducted by the Southern Public Utilities Company will come to an end on Saturday, June 2nd, and all special offers and terms will not be extended after that date, the management of the local branch states. Kelvinators are now selling at prices lower than they will be quoted in years, it is stated, as materials and labor continue to advance. Already many customers of the S. P. U. Company have taken advantage of the special prices and terms now in effect, and dur ing this week many others are expected to do likewise. The management of the local branch office, as well as any member of the sales personnel, will be delighted to give you a demonstration of a Kelvinator, any time and show you just how convenient and beneficial electri cal refrigeration will be for the whole family. Rhoades Reunion The Rhoades family reunion will be held at the old home place of J. G. Rhodes one half mile south of Mountain View on the first Sunday in June. The day's program will begin at 11 o’clock. The public is cordially invited to attend and carry along baskets well filled with good i eats. PAINT MACaiMB IfAJDB JENKINS HARDWARE COMPANY “Northwest North Carolina’s Largest Hardware Store” NORTH WILKESBORO, N. C. credit assoeteUons, which were organized last winter and began' to do bastnefs in volnme in: April, have handled about 500,0(10.00. ot spring finanHhg, “The assoelatlons have ad vanced |8‘7.300,000.e0 of this amodat.’i Mr. Garwood said, and the balance of ■117,200,000.00 has been. allocated to the ac- .eoante. of. borrowera. M»t of thte balance goea to farmers who are .getting their loans in a series of payments daring ^the season, so they will have ‘sthe money when they need It ^ and mAnwhlle save 0 n interest chargeii. ' “hjost of the loans niade this spring have been for crop pro- dnctlon,” Mr. Garwood contln- ned and while the spring sea sonal demand for crop produc tion loans has now passed its peak, ithe gradual Increase in the size of loans indicates that farmers ,and stockmen are tam ing their attention to livestock loans and loans for general farming purposes. . “The extremely low cost of money this spring ft very en- ed workstock, borsea, easlpu^kt, mhehlnery, /wpairs and improve- menta. "Such loans must be securedi hy first llene on sufficient Itte-' stock or equipment owned or purchased, to secura the loan adetfuathly.'" m reduce iha interest ritai on loans to S per eantt. and this ter M edililliig nuny fsrmsn ^P^ get loMs who ip until now have .9B5W IfpPP m Loaes la- Battle To i^om From Prison --r'-r. Orleans, May 22.—All who made ■ kV New. . "Scarfa^” tiapoue, gangstertem a sihabol of the pdo- hlbition ei^ , must continue to wear prlso'n' Strips in the fed eral penitenttevy at' Atlanta, Oa The federal ctMiiit court of appMls here todi^y denied peU.'^ tlon tor a writ,of'habeas corpus, sought ^ the former beer baron,]! Capone sought his release on the contention that the offenses for which he was convicted, were barred by the three-year statute of limitations, i $175,000 To Teachers Raleigh, May 28.—Mrs. .Thom as O’Berry, who has been at tending the national conference of Social workers in Kansas City, thft,i.v)rehteir>ing'''- ham mailed. - 'I rrHlI ^ i|0 HERE« the PAll0Oi4 A.-/:. Herd’s a irashir thaf^ citanges wash day drtidf* ery foto a few n^utes at, easy vrark and gives ectnt; '^ours of pleasant thii^ to do. It Washes whit«* ’ faster, easy on dothai^ 8aj^..,toonomical, and with wiring. YOU CAN HAVE A COJiRLETB LAUNWlY IN j^YOUR HOME AT WW COST - WILKES ELECTRIC COMPANY ^ W. BL DAY, Manager ' N»jt B^r to MfflerjLong 828 ---S-Jt”. •Mrs. O. H. Elledge and chil dren, of Hays, spent the week end with her mother, Mrs. Julia Nichols, and other relatives hhrec Mr. and Mrs. Edd Hayes and children, of North Wilkesboro, spent some time Sunday in tbe home of Rev. and Mrs. F. C. Watts. Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus McNeill and children, of North Wilkes boro, attended preaching at New ■Hope Sunday. The New Hope Intermediate Sunday school class has been having a contest the past two months on number present, read ing chapters in the Bible and col lection., The supply teacher. Miss Edith Church and the loosing side of the class intertained the class Saturday evening from six until eight o’clock roasting marshmellows and playing games. Mrs. Claud Pearson has gone to Davis Hospital in Statesville for treatment of her head. m ■ : THAN ANY FORD EVER RUILT T he smartest car that Ford has ever built is the smart est buy your budget has ever seen. The new Ford 'V-8 is the most economical car that Ford has yet produced. That big Ford V-8 engine, which is capable of a generous 80 per, is actually miserly when it comes to fuel. It consumes less gasoline than many engines that have less cylinders and less power. Ford V-8 is equipped with aluminum-alloy p'lstims which SEE YOUR NEAREST ni^j^imize carbon formation. Tungsten steel valve seat inserts virtually let you say “good-bye forever” to mlve grinding. In addition, the Ford V-8’s de- pradable springs—which give you foeeaction onattfour wheels —have shacklee that require no lutnicatlon. ^d the whde en: Is so reliably, so strong built that you will never be plagued with Impair bills. ^ ^ .iBrfbreryottbiiy any hir at price, drive the smart and economical Ford V-8. OPEN HOUSE WEEK * June 9th FORD.MOTOR COMPANY NORFOLK.VA. Everybody Welewne — Gome Visit Our Plant , and See How Ford V-8*8 Are Built. Open from ’ UOO P.M. to 9j30 P.M.

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