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The Journal-patriot. (North Wilkesboro, N.C.) 1932-current, November 24, 1947, Image 1

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North Wilkesboro trading radius of 10 serving 100,000 Northwestern Carolina. vSTvV • Y. M. C. A. is raisa building fund for the erection of a modern Y. M C. A. plant. Support it. _ The Journal-Patriot Has Blazed the Trail of Progress In the "State of Wilkes" For Over 41 Years Vol. 42, No. 60 Wake North Wilkesboro Your Shopping Center Published Mondays and Thursdays - — WILKES COUNTY'S FIRST UNDEFEATED AND UNTIED FOOTBALL TEAM *-* ■ ■ The Wilkesboro Ramblers pictured above are, left to right: first row, Bill Byrd, Johnny Garwood, B. B. Banner, Shelton Prevette, Malcolm Gambill, Bill Craig, Perry Lowe, Jr., Charlie Vaughlt (manager); second row, Edgar Terrell, R. H. Parks, Tony Emerson. Don Pardue, Buddy Hubbard, Jack Glass, Joe Garwood; , HOLIDAY FESTIVAL PROCLAMATION WHEREAS the, Trade Promotion Committee of the Wilkes Chamber of Commerce has displayed a progressive spirit in organizing a special Christmas program in the Wilkesboros from November 28th through December 24th and ' WHEREAS a Christmas Festival Parade has been scheduled in the* Wilkesboros on the morning of November 28th and \ . - , WHEREAS the citizens of North Wilkesboro and Wilkesboro extend a cordial welcome to the people of Wilkes County and the surrounding territory to visit the Wilkesboros on this day. . WE THEREFORE DESIGNATE Friday, November 28th as the official opening day of the 1947 Christmas season in the Wilkesboros. T. S. KENERLY, Mayor, North Wilkesboro, W. E. SMITHEY, Ma^or, Wilkesboro. Dr. Thomas Tells I Kiwanians About Tuberculosis Aid Specialist From S&nitorium Urges Support Christmas Seal Campaign North Wilkeeboro Kiwanis club held a very interesting meeting Friday noon. Dr. J. H. MoNiel, program chairman for the day, introduced Dr. C. D. Thomas, of the Western Carolina Sanatorium, as the speaker. Dr. Thomas addressed the club on the subject of ''Tuberculosis." He said that the number of people who died years ago of this disease was much larger than now. The reason he said is we now have higher standards of living, and the present program of education. But, there i8 much yet to be done. The diagnosis of the disease has been i greatly aided by the X-Ray. Now | it is possible for every one to I be X-rayed. There have been pro-] vided portable X-Ray machines and this county should be looking forward to the time when such a machine could be used here, said the speaker. Dr. Thomas said the best treatment yet discovered is rest. Everything else depends on that. It is an infectuous disease, therefore the need for isolation. Our state now has three Sanitaria with 1,080 beds. There is great need for 800 more beds. Through the years much thought has been given to t&e treatment of this disease. It is much better for patients to be In a hospital until It is arrested, then when they return home there is need that a proper rehabilitation myogram be worked out. Our hos^Hals now offer Occupational Therapy, which has proven good, bat when the patients return home they still need much guidance to keep them from a re lapse. The speaker said, this Monday the T. B. Christmas Seal Sale will begin and everyone is urged to support it. Guests Friday were as follows: Judge J. A. Rousseau with J. H. Whicker: Dwight Williamson with Paul E. Church; Troy Foster with H. P. Eller; Mrs. Ivey Moore with R. E. Gibbs; Dr. W. L. Bundy, Dr. H. B. Smith, Nick Lawrence and Dr. Thomas with Dr! J. H. McNeill. o Deputy Governor Cashion Tells Of Lions Activities >> Paul Cashion, district deputy governor of Lions clubs in district 31A, speaking before his home club Friday evening related progress being made by clubs which he has visited in (die district. The program was in charge of O. K. Pope, L. G. Critcher and W. D. Jester, who presented Mr. Cashion. Mr. Cashion explained that there are three divisions In the North Carolina district and that the divisions are divided into regions. There are 11 clubs in the region headed by Mr. Cashion, and the membership totals 611. The clubs are progressing well, he said, with a total of 122 activities under way in Che region. There was a large attendance of members at the meeting, including Lions here from Taylorsville, Hickory, Sparta and Boone for the zone meeting, which followed the North WllkeSboro club's dinner meeting. Sam Poole, of Taylorsville, ®one chairman, presided over the zone meeting, which was attended by many of the North Wilkesboro club in addition to the representatives from other clubs. Prior t» the program Glenn See — LIONS — Pag© 5 third row, Joe Brewer, Dan Foster, Pete Glass, Bob Parker, Dan Linney, Sherrill McLain, Jack Groce, Junior Groce (manager); back row, Bob Story, Ray Triplett, Bill Wbittington, Bill Joines, Dale Staley, Harold Dancy, Coach Eddie Adelman, Supt. Wm. T. Long. RAMBLERS DEFEAT HARTSELL19-0 FOR TENTH VICTORY OF THE SEASON Undefeated and untied in ten games for their 1947 season— that's the record of the Wilkesboro higih school Ramblers—the first high school football team in the history of Wilkes county' to play a schedule of ten games with' no defeats and no ties. This splendid record was made a certainty Friday afternoon when a big, husky Hartsell high eleven of Concord was defeated by the Ramblers at Wilkesboro 19 to 0. Starting the game without their team captain, Jack Groce, who played only about half of the game due to illness, the Ramblers won the toss and elected to receive. The Ramblers, apparently, were on their way for a score, when a fumble gave the ball to Hartsell. Two first downs were racked up by the visitors, but on an attempted pass play the Hartsell back was thrown for a hig loss. Hartsell then kicked to Wilkesboro. Jack Groce came into the game, and although he made some fine gains, Wilkesboro was forced to give up the ball. After exchange of punts, with both teams playing on even terms, the first quarter ended with the score 0-0. A few minutes after the opening of the second quarter, one of the prettiest plays of the game materialized when Substitute quarterback Johnny Garwood, with lightning speed, shot a bullet-like lateral pass to Ray Triplett, who timed his catch perfectly, skirted quickly around his left end and raced across the Hartsell goal line without a hand touching him. Captain Jack Groce went into the game to kick from placement and the kick was good, the ebore now standing: Wilkesboro 7; Hartsell 0. The half ended following Hartsell's main scoring threat of the game, Wilkesboro taking over on it's six-inch line. WilkesBoro kicked to Hartsell to open the second half. The/ Hartsell backs, handling the ball,| ftlmbled on the three-yard line. Hartsell kicked weakly to Wllyard line, and then On the next play, Ray Triplett wsent around right end for ihls second score of the game. Groce's placement kick was wide. The remainder of the third quarter was a see-saw game, with both teams fumbling due to the bad condition of the field, and the wet, slippery ball. However, the crowd was thrilled with another (beautiful run by Groce—6 5 yards—-which carried to the Hartsell four-yard marker. At this point the third quarter ended, and when play was resumed the Ramblers were unable to take advantage of Groce's brilliant run and lost the ball on downs. Hartsell again made gains on the ground for a first down. Then their pass was intercepted, Wilkes boro taking over. The Ramblers chalked up a first down. Then Groce ran through just about the entire Hartsell team for his first touchdown of the game. His placement kick was again wide, and the score was: Wllkesboro 19; Hartsell 0. At this point of the game, Coach Eddie Adelman sefat In an entire Rambler second team which played Hartsell on even terms. With time remaining for albout one play, the first team went In and the game ended after one play had been made by the Ramblers. Ramblers Play Fine Defensive Football The Rammers' line was outweighed In most every game played, but they were quite stingy with touchdowns. Only three teams of the ten played were able to push across touchdowns with the first team on the field —Granite Falls, (Corpening takSee — RAMBLERS — Page 5 RAMBLER STATISTICS AND STATE STANDING Ten Games played with season's results as follows: Wilkesboro Wilkesboro Wilkesboro Wilkesboro Wllkeaboro Wilkesboro Wilkesboro Wilkesboro Wilkesboro Wilkesboro 19; 250 Granite Falls —.— 6 Cleveland -— — 13 • Jonesville :—« — 0 Mockerville —....— 0 Boonville —_— 0 Mills Home * 1 0 Jonesville 6 Boone 0 N. Wilkesboro 1 6 Hartsell — 0 Total ~ The Wilkeaboro high scnooi Ramblers are In a threfe-way tie for highest state footbajl honors —•Children's Home and Shelby having both played ten games with no defeats and no ties. In nnmber of points scored daring the season. The Bambler8 stand second—next to Shelby which ha* 272 points to Its credit with 31 for Its opponents. Wllkesboro's scoring record Is second with a total of 250 points, with opponents making 31 points. Children's Home scored 248 points and allowed .their opponents only 24 points during the season. 5th Sunday Singing At Moravian Fall* Chairman P. J. McDuffie announces that the next session of the Southside Singing association will be held Sunday, November 30, at Moravian Palls Baptist church. The day's program will get under way at 11 a. m. and there will be dinner on the grounds. All singers are invited to take part in morning and afternoon sessions. s > ■ 1948 License Tags To Go On Sale On December 1 Here Tag. This Year Will Be In Three Prices, $10, $12 and $15 For Cars On Monday, December 1, the Carolina Motor Club office located in the Motor Market tbullding on Ninth street in North Wllkesboro will place the 1948 automobile and truck license plates on sale. T. C. Caudlll, manager of the office, stated today that there will be only three prices for automobile plates this year: $10, 112 and $15. There will be two plates for each vehicle, except for motorcycles, Which will have only one license plate each. Auto tag8 will be classified in price range as follows: $15 for Cadillac, Lincoln (1938 models and older), buses, hearses and ambulances; $12 for Bulcks, Chryslers, Lincoln-Zephers, Oldsmobiles and Packrads; cars not included in above classes, Pords, Chevrolets, Dodges, Studebakers, TVift TV - i t «6nt of Revenue has advised the North Wllkesboro Carolina Motor Club that It is very important that everyone wishing to purchase license present his or her 1948 registration card when applying for license. Mr. Caudlll suggests that license plates be purchased early to avoid the rush during the latter days of the buying period. The Carolina Motor Club here will also sell North Wilkesboro city license piates Cor cars and trucks. Vehicle owners are requested to purchase state and city tags at the same time. — o -— Twenty-Pour North . Carolina 4-H Club members will attend National Club Congress' ln Chicago when it convenes the first week In December. MOUNTAIN LIONS END SUCCESSFUL SEASON; DEFEAT ASHEBORO 47-6 North Wllkeaboro Mountain Lions ended the 1947 season with a crushing display of power in defeating Asheboro in a Piedmont Conference game 47 to 6 at Asheboro Friday night. There was no doubt about the outcome of the game after Carl Swofford took the opening .kickoff and raced 90 yards for a touchdown. Swofford is a freshman with three more years to play and he gives promise of becoming one of the outstanding backs in the state when he attains a little more age on his present 14 years and some more weight. Brad Davis galloped all over ^he field and the Asheboro boys could never stop him short of a long gain. He scored three touchdowns and at least two of the five extra points. Stoker, starting 'bloek£oig 'back, scored two touchdowns and McG-innis one. The score ran up rapidly and Coach Howard Bowers used every man on the squad, but the score continued to pile u®>. Charlie Porter, Eddie Shook, Joe Church, Chip Caudiil, Bill Absher and Paul McGiniria played their last game of high school football, all of tihem being seniors. But their substitutes Friday night indicated that North Wil-j kesboro should have a good and well balanced club next season.1 The seniors played one of their ibest games to end their high school footiball careers. Caudiil was hurt early in the game and saw limited action. Two Juniors who have been backfield aces watched the game from the bench and looked forward to next season. They are Julius Hone eeau, Jr., and Jack Badgett. Their ball carrying ability endeared them bo North Wllkes,boro fans until both were injured and out for the remainder of this season. Hudson saw limited action at Asheboro hut was able to do the kicking. Dudley Moore, with only one week's practice, played at center like a veteran. Plagued by injuries, Dudley didn't have much chance to play until the latter part of the season but will be ready next year. Jim Winters, end, found himself playing defensive halfback Friday night and turned in a stellar performance. The list of players used by Coach Bowers Friday night follows: ends, Steelman, ' Winters, Hadley, Finley,' Ward; tackles, Shook, Adams, Forester, Absher, Caudill, Hutchison; guards, Forester, Church, Moore and Day; centers,'D. Moore and Roy Stoker, backs, McGinnis, Stoker, Caudill, Davis, Swofford, Hudson, Pardue. In the South Piedmont conference the North Wilkesboro Mountain Lions ended the season in the first division, having won three, lost two and tied one. Victories were over Barium Springs, Statesvllle and Asheboro. The Lions tied Spencer and lost to Monroe and Thomaaville. North Wilkesboro's record la the conference is considered exceptionally good tor a first year team. Outside of the conference the Lions defeated Sparta, Elkln and China Grove and lost to Boone and Wilkesboro. The season's record was six wins, four losses and one tie. MAMMOTH PARADE WITH SANTA CLAUS TO TOUR STREETS OF THE W1LKESBOROS FRIDAY AT 10:30 # ___________ * To Be Here Friday Free Parking Here Friday Morning Christmas Parade! Mayor T. S. Kenerly and Police Chief J. E. Walker have announced that use of parking meters In North Wllkesboro will be discontinued on Friday, November 28, from nine a. m. to 12 noon for the convenience of many visitors expected here for the Christmas festival parade. Use of thp meters will be resumed at noon on that date. m street from 0 to B, and B street from Tenth to Seventh street tip Gllreath Shoe Shop will be cleared of parked cars, in order that spectators will have full opportunity to see the parade, and to protect vehicles from damage. ] Notice to All. Boy Scouts In Wilkes All Boy Scouts in Wilkes county are asked to take part in the Christmas festival parade in the Wilkeeboros Friday, November 28, and are requested to meet on E> street between Ninth and Tenth streets at ten a. m. Friday. Gordon Finley, dlsrict Scout commissioner, requests that the Scouts >be in uniform. Many Sections of Parade To Usher In Holidav Season In Community The Christmas opening festival, with a long parade, will open the. Christmas season Friday morning, November 28, in North Wilkesboro and Wilkeeboro. Sponsored by the Trade Promotion committee of the Wilkes Chamber of Commerce, the event is calculated to offer entertainment and holiday cheer to a record crowd expected in the community for the event. Plans have been completed for the biggest day pf the year in the Wilkesboros. The participants in the parade are asked to be on E street between Ninth and Tenth streets at ten a. m. The parade will begin moving at 10:30 and will proceed over Ninth tp D street, over D to Tenth street, over Tenth to B street and over B street to Sixth street. The parade will pause at the North Wilkeeboro city hall, where J. B. Williams, president of the Wilkes Chamber/ of Commerce, will present Santa Clans with a key to homes of children. From Sixth street the parade will proceed to Wilkeeboro by Memorial Park, reforming at Midway. From Midway the parade will proceed through Wll"kesboro to Cherry street, pausing at the Wilkes courthouse, where Russell Gray, Jr., vice president of the Wilkes Chamber of Commerce, will present Santa with a k|flLto,.h9»e«i pf chiliJ/en«JiJ^ia children. Santa North Wilkesboro Iby plane 'rfndl will be carried from the airport to the parade formation at ten a. m. The order of the parade will be ag follows: army and navy color bearers, men on horseback, North Wilkesboro officials, Wilkesboro officials, Wilkes county commissioners, North Wilkesboro high school band, Girl Scouts (Mrs. Robert Gibbs in charge); Boy Soout8 (Gordon Finley In charge), 4-H clubs members (Mrs. Annie H. Greene, Miss Margaret Morrison, R. D. Smith and Dwight Williamson i n charge), veterans (led by Major Roy Forehand, Ray Stroud and Ralph Williams), sound car with Christmas carols (furnished by W. K. Stnrdivant). The final feature of the parade will be the fire truck with Santa ClauB and beauty queens selected from North ' Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro, Ferguson, Millers Creek, Mount Pleasant, Mountain View, Traj>hlll, Ronda and Roaring River high schools. The Liberty Theatre will give a free ticket to every person of high school age taking part in the parade. The parade will be escorted by police of North Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro, and the State Highway Patrol. Carlyle Ingle will be marshall of the parade and will be in charge of formation and line of march. Merchants are reminded to have beautifully decorated windows emphasizing the Christmas theme. The expanded Christmas lighting will go on for the first time Friday night. -o Girl Scout News The Leader's Club of the Girl Scoot Association will meet Tuesday, Nov. 25th. from 7:30 to 8': 45 p. m. In the Duke Power Company. The new Girl Scout Program will be explained and this is a very important meeting. Mrs. Hight Helms, who recently attended a Senior Girl Scout Conference in Savannah, Ga., will talk bo the group. It is requested that money be brought from the candy sale. Notice To All Girt Scoots All Scouts, ages 10-60 are urged to take part in the Christmas parade Friday, November 28th. Meet on B street between 9th and 10th streets at *48 a. m. and wear uniforms. A ticket to movie will (be given each one in the parade. Isuppo™^:*.

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