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North Carolina Newspapers

The Old North State. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1869-1871, May 21, 1869, Page 2, Image 2

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m J' dv , i i ...i.ny.. fr I .- - Uil"ajiiJi . . , miiin'i' I aw' I !)cliXocII) State SALISBURY, FRIDAY. MAY.iil, '69. LEOAL ADVKUriSEMEXTS. 8iw time since we addressed 11 circular letter to the various newspaper puM4ehr.t in North Carolina, proposing to establish uni form rate and adhere to the cash system for the publication of Court aim Justice' orders. Several papers west of Raleigh falling to re spond to our proposition it was not adopted. Ami it is well nuiigli that it was not, for man) of site advertisement of that character now sat us are ntort than twice as long as they were under the old practice, when they were nearly of uniform length it was easy toti and adhere to uniform prices, hut now it is impossible. We shall, therefore, charge for advertisements ef this character the name rates which we chftrge for all other adver 1Uc:nnta 1,00 per square for the first in sertion, and fifty cents for each subsequent insertion, one and half inches space leugth wie the column to constitute square. At these rates tliey will range from $5 to 15. Unless they happen to be of Very great length we will not charge more than fifteen1 rbi of advertisers ft much as possYCle anch notieea will be set in the smallest type we tnayfiaveat coin maud. ADORERS Dcl'trered before the Memorial Association of Raleigh, oh the occasion tf the Anni versarjf, Monday, the WhofMug. HIT I.J. W. M RUCIIIX8. . XAXPLOUP AXD TENANT. We publish on our first psge this week the important law in relation to Laudlord and Tenant, except the firms of procedure in cases of summary before a justice of the peace, which we will publish uext week if we can make room for them. This act is one of general importance, and our readers would do well to file this number of the paper iu order to preserve it. in lAttirr. " 'We see it stated that a paper is to be es tablished at Boston upon a capital of $50,- 000 for the purpose of advocating free trade. We are not at all prepared to hear this. Tin position of the two sections is bound to change on tins question. Ten years hence the South will be a unit in favor of a tariff for revenue wiili incidental protection while the North will generally favor free trade. A tariff for revenue with incidental protection, would be a fair compromise between those who for merly favored a tariff for protection, and who were for free trade and direct taxation. Snch was tlie object of the Democratic platform ; adopt' d at the New York C.uvention on the 4th of July last. The amount of fraud per petrated iu the Internal Kevenns department, under the present system of excises, has done more to explode free traU ideas in the South than all the arguments ever made against it. Tbey might have survived the attacks of Hamiltou, of Smith, of Stewart and of Clay, but they are not likely to survive the blow has been given to thein hy the tobacco jakey rings. But a more powerful :. and the one which influences when all others fail, is that it will i ths interest of the South to oppose free for the future. The surplus capital of outh which was heretofore invested in Ladies of the Memorial Association and Felluw-Cititei.s : We have come with sad and reverent feeling to pay our annual tribute of grateful remembrance to the uotilt- dead and to hold communion with their spirits. Far away fiom the world which worships only tin' fortunate, wo have come to lay our tender offering and drop our icul on Ilic Oust ol those lor whom no victor's rhaplrts will ever be woven, for those who strnflid and died for s cause which is dead with them, and who fell beneath a banner which once floated fair and high, hut is now folded forever. e have come to do honor to men to whom Fortune has allotted the cvnress and not the laurel, hut who have left be hind them a legacy of undying renown to their country. The. words of sincere grief are unstudied and impulsive, and we are not here lo-dav to speak or. listen to cold and lormal phrases, but to pour out onr In-art. These 1 , I , c . . , juii- our oioiiiri h graves, nome ot these fl fallen heroes had their childhood's home ou tho shores of the ever-sound in Gulf. nnder the palmetto of one sisfrr Carolina. From the banks of the Chit t.ihioi hie, the Alabama, the ti.iv.u.n.ih. from mountain and from plain, they came at the coun try s cull, tee champions ol ft common cause linl hjBWfhcy fh'rioprnrr herr, under these grassy hillocks decorate! by fair hands, and they all are our brothers. Many of their names are unknnwn to us ; but we pay our tribute, also to the un known dead, for wc know that somebody's darling sleeps under each ot these little mound. The heart of mother, wife, or sister perhaps ached und hoped long for their return, but they never came. Often when evening twilight was settling down upon orange grove and jessamide bower, loved one. , in the home far away, have gazed forth wistfully for the face and form of these whom death has consigned to our keeping forever. The eye has look ed and the ear hn listened for them, but tney cine not. Unly night and despair came. Let us drop a flower and n tear on their graves, and hope that gentle hearts and fair hands may this day do the same for our loved ones that went aud never came again. W e are the children of a bereaved and saddened land. The Souih sits to-day as a mourning matron, clad in widow s weeds, weeping at tho sepulchre of her noblest ons the sons who died for her. Well may she weep ; lor no land ever la mented more glorious heroes or more de voted patriots. And well nwy shecheibli their sleeping dust, for her wealth, her splendor, and her power, are gone ; only "her honor aud her gjaves arc left. It is not my pnrpose on this occasion to discuss questions which have uten de cided by force, nor to re-open controver sies which the sword ha se.tth-d. Nor is it in my heart to speak harshly of those in tho list of crushed and bleeding na lions, where the names of Israel ana Car thage and Barraatia and Kriu stood before. And like those down-trodden sisters iu misfortune, she too has (ho proud consola tion to know that even Iu defeat her glory shines out with an effulgence which dim the glory ol tin conqueror. ' Jler (lend chililien, however elsn dis- comfitted, have conquered for themselves and hei a place and m name on History's proudest pagesl It is l.ixlnoiniliin Willi some to sneer at the brief existence of the political fabric which we erected. Foui years was indeed a short life for a nation. But wliHt a four years was that I It was long enough to achieve unsurpassed re nown nnd bequeath to the future a sjory that will never perish It wa a frivorite notion wiih tlieorixers ha fore the war, that mir climate and insti tutions were. unfavorable to the growth of a vigorous race of men, and that the -out h was occupied by a degenerate race w hom Indolence and luxury had enfeebled and made contemptible. This Southern sun which had warmed our temperaments and given us enthusiasm, fire, and passion, was supposed to have relaxed our sinews and destroyed our eni i gy. In the day or trial the world was soon convinced of its mistake. At the first lap of the drum, there cunie forth from mansion and from MU"f f. mJI.hvi r nut . uiwv .eltma. -tiuaa pereof sons of idleness, but Stalwart men with heart to dare and hands to do. Full of fire nod dash, they were no les noted for firmncs and tenacity. If their heroism Ion the field was wm.d;iful, so was lluir Tperseverenee against difficulties, their for titude amid hardships, and their cheerful ness iu suffering. There nro those here who were witnesses of their high courage and noble firmness in the day of battle, and which it is but t-implo truth to say were unsurpassed even by the Tewi h Le gion of Caesar or the o4l Guard of Napo leon. And these fair ladies who are lis tening to me to-day, hut who a slsirt while since were ministering angels in the hos pitals have themselves seen how nnmur intiringly and unflinchingly .hr pangs ol disease nnd the tortnre of wmiuds were endured by the Southern soldier. Amid cold and hunger, hardship and danger, those peerless hattaliion struggled on; and az.iin and again did they wrest the pulmfrom overwhelming numbers I brave and well appointed adversaries. hat urray of ancient or modern d ys ran point to more brilliant victories than those which ihose men won at Fredericksburg and Manassas, Chaueellorsville and Cliicka horainy, Spottsylvania and Cbickamauga, tho hundred other celebiated fie!;! where the Confederate heroes saw the backs o( their enemies. The wild yell of those charging brigades yet echoes through the world and will continue to reverberate time to the end ia defeat or deal! that groat soul aud a divine mission to ftjnalish sometimes in noble efforts for a tell whether the RcciBook of the Etcr Who shall say hearts have not cause? Who can k (he working nut ii,v si. led purpo- m . iial may not disclose of the itiicrntable an ses of God in this wJ by the seemingly futiltr to heroes, than by the vietorioes f One thing it leasffsnre can bo despised whi champions such a Im hen men shall sjieu cause, and of the ai ran point to hi brill a our triumphant v gum, who, in luttire that grave at Lexin the grand career of there, will perhajie l which he fought was in the eyes of God. The Confederate successful iu conqner place iu Ilistorv. nndfc the respect of their enemies. The J have done more titan that ; they havv-t'iriut d themselvi forever in the heart Jf tlit'ir countrywo men of the South, m fairest, the no blest, the loviest race women who ever made the world briglitaith their presence. 1 U is tuu.ii.rh r --'-- t -- heroes along-side yout. .'For, whatever glory was shed upon tb land of pride the sun- was aided more lion of defeat achievements of No cause tuber among It Jackson ; and fi. 1 t . ,. isciousiy oi mb its defenders, we ind sain: ly mime atlon.. The pil s, ahalt stand by and muse upon euro who sleeps if the cause tor g and wicked ters were not only for themselves who, in the late unfortunate conflict, fes wi We acknowledge the receipt of an in- Ition frem Edward R. Stanly, Esq., Pres ident of the Atlantic and North Carolina H. JJ. Company, accompauicd with a free pass pver his road, to attend a public meeting of the 'Stock holders of said road and of th North Carolina road, proposed to be held In "New Berne on the second dy of June next We make the following extract from the cir cular : "The object of the proposed meeting will be to elicit aud interchange views and opin ions in regard to the practicability and im portance of consolidating the North Carolina Kailroatl Company aud the Atlantic and fl C. Railroad Company ; and an opportunity w ill then be nltordeil you tor personal inspec ti. ii of our road and for observation and ex amination of Beaufort harbor, as well as New Berue, for outlet for trade aud commerce. We presume there will be a full attend ance, ;aa the Stockholder of both roads will be conveyed to the meeting free of charge aud it ia hoped that the meeting will accom plish something for the public good. Onicard, tot June has been reeeirsiC-aarf is quite up to the expectations created by its predecessors. It is certainly a very readable ami entertaining Magazine. taking rank with the best American publications of the kind. Addrces the publishers, post office box 19, New York. fumidY' for May has a particular ly attractive look on aceonnt of its number f , short , bright articles, and its striking pic tures. Nineteen different subjects are treat ted in the forty-eight page, and no one in reading has a chance to get very tired of any one article. Fronting the number; is an orig iuahind powerful picture of a Giant, accost ed by-two travellers, by John La Farge, and the first story explains the picture. It is a relief to find that the twosinall men escaped w ith their live. Bans Anderson has some characteristic Sunshine $torie. well fitting the month, of May ; a pretty picture by M. L- Stone.,ie it. Jnsob Abbott ex plains the phllueopnj: of the Hoop, &eY, etc. There,! something foXsverybodj in it. Hard and Houghton, Publishers, N. York. $'2.M) per aun'im. The Hearth d- Home. We bare before called attention to the Hearth and tJome ai a literary and family journal of a high "order of excellence, and worthy of the patronage I 'f the Aiuencau people. Uar opinion of it ha not changed; Iu the next number will be coinineuced a new story, by Mrs. Edson, to be eutitled Marrying Well, ' to be illus trated by Stephens ic Perkio. Address Pettingill At Co.. 37 Park Row, New York. factum and Builder for May is at bund. We called the attention of onr readers ,to this Magazine upon its first ap pearauce'a promising to be nef great use- fulne. We have pot been disappointed in It. It is elegantly printed and ably edited, and is devoted to thf "practical interests of industrial progress. Address, Western it Co., PubiiW, 37 Park Row, New York. fought for the cause of our adversaries Doubtless man' of them were sincere pa triots, as they were certainly bruvc men. Doubtless many of thein, were inspired wih noble sentiments jurnd were honestly nnd enthusiastically Atvcted to a cause wbicb appeared sacro! iu their eyes, aud ifaueaiLi i "is n in i i in rssen- lial to the welfare of America. If (hey really fought for Empire, and not for lib erty, they did 60 unwillingly. Nor shall I say an) thing with the de sign of awakening useless leelings of dis content with tin; results of that gigantic civil strife. I recognize the n-rand princi ple, and derive consolation from it, that "There's a Divinity that shapos our ond, Rough kewta'eui as we will.'; And with a firm trust in a superintend i ig Providence, who moHlds the de.-tiny ol nations as of men, unblenchiiig we can look the dread, mysterious future in the face, and fearlessly await what it may have iu store for us. But while I would do justice to our late adversaries, and would not encourage vain regret over their success -and our defeat, nevertheless, iu the name of these sleeping heroes around us, I the world to do justice also to their motives, their charac ters, and their deeds, us well as to the cause in which they perished. As for the cause itself, I care not at this time to en ter upon any extended remm ks respecting Its merits or demerits, i he time has not yet come for that Men's minds are not Yjet sufficiently impartial Posterity alone wilt be calm enough to weigh these great questions, after time shall huve brought to ripeness all the iruits of tur overthrow, But I shall be pardoned for say in;', in a single word, w hat was our own view of our own cause. It was, in oui opinion and in the opinion of these men who died or it, a contest for the right of pell-gov ernment. 1 eri State and eight million of men claimed the privilege of governing themselves in their own way, and it was denied them. ' i , On the same fields, les than a century ago, our fathers fought for the right of thtee millions to govern themselves ; and i having established it, they niiade this gieat principle the foundation stone of Ameri can institution. The woild ha ceased to call them rebels, and now honor them as patriots and sages. If ai struggle Hor sell-government was their glory, by what strange alchemy is it transmitted into our crime Noue ther than the. diflei encc of fortune. Successful, the world calls them heroes. Unsuccessful, some daro to call us traitor. But, alter all, it is n unsafe rule to measure virtue by its good fortune, and make success the test of excellence. This never' can be true in a world which ha worshipped demons and crucified its God flight makes right among savages only. But, wise men, who look into the essence of things, well know that while fortune is fickle, truth i changeless and immortal. Upon the defeat of our armies we lost the privilege of self-government. Stran gers now dictate our law. Strangers fill our offices. Strangers occupy our places at the council board of the country. We are as aliens in our own land Liberty's holy shrine opens iro door to as unless we crawl as suppliants or oasety lorswear our selves. Strangers and servants bear rule over us. Our once resplendant and still fondly beloved South has taken her place yHjbHi - T --- - " ' ' ' ' - along dowu ihe corridors of Oiost distant ages. Must we speak of ihee things with ba ted breath, lest we give ofTcnce to those who are jealous of our renown? Must we forbear to praise the sublime deeds of our sons nnd brothers, lest we be accused of disloyally? No! w e will prove our claim to lo vali v by being loyal to Human Nature aud to the sacred memory oLonr imttrhle braves. They pave their lives for us, and in return we will tin m all that we can now bestow our proud plaudit and eternal gratitude. Even if we sliotlltl become so iterant to nil ihe belter instinct ol the heart as to forget th' se things, the muse of History will never forget them. Future ages and other nations will take up ihe undying theme and recount the famous story, J'ootry will seek among these lecoids the material for its most euehaiit- inrr rre. items :ind flittliaiicf, '.ill love to ' Huge r here "ml wreathe cliaplets of amar anth around ihe deathless names of Lee and Jackson, Polk and Stuart, Bragg and Beauregard The Confederate soldiers won a plape even in the respect of their enemies.-- There is no man with an American h--sr who does not teel that their high courage. their knightly cutnteav, ami their sublime patience, have shed fresh lustre on the Anglo-American name. Look at that gand exemplar of our liviug heroes the peerless Lee. He who saw his nalVe Virginia devastated by the enemy with fiie and sword, and Ihe" pre vious relics and treasures ot hi own home at Arlington carried away by plundi pt ; and yet, disdaining revenge, w hen he h ud his columns into, ihe enemy's country, toruade them to toucu the private property of citizens without compensation. He, who unselfishly aud magnanimously said to hi staggering soldiers, when they re coiled from the fire girdb-d height of not to blame,- it all my fault!" It w hoot a Hundred ay South, -in Ure late contest, by the lion like valor of A'-r sons, it cannot outshine the halo wkfcli was throw u. around her by the herofyffevbtton of ItV '4HfTteMt. Such heoe only could be worthy of such countrywomen. It is lilting that you tend their grave ; for it was your patriotic emhu-i i-in hi i' inspired I hem to rush to the field, and taught them to despise danger. 'Twas ynnr smile that bared their bosom to the glittering steel ; "and the hope of your ap proval made them charge so gallantly up lo the canon's fiery lips which spoke only of blood and death. Thonghts of the no ble spirit which you were exhibiting at home and in the hospital of the sick aud. wounded, fortified the soldier' courage aud invigorated his resolutions ; and it was such thoughts which made them stand like a living wall between you and the enemy, while upon that wall, for four long terrible years, the waves of carnage dash ed. No culogv of th ae noble soldier is complete which does not accord the high est praise to the fair ones whom they de fended. History and song shall link their names together, and together they will go down to the latest ages, eclipsing all Ito man and all Spartan fame. But Ladies, if yen were sublime in those terrible days of conflict and danger, b tenderer beauty lingers around yon now in this time of humiliation. You were no ble when you buckled on the sword of husband, brother, end lover, and hade them hasten to the field, freely sacrificing your dearest treasures and forgetting nil but your country' danger. You were no bler stiil when yon gathered around the prostrate forms ufyour heroes iu tne hos pitals, pom inline In !i:.g l) .!m into tin ir wounds, and if yea could hot rharm death away, smoothing their pathway to the lomb by pointing to the home beyond, and teaching them to find it. Bat you are noblest of all now, when strick"n and bending low under the burden of grief land humiliation, but still fuitbul and un I forgetting, you gather the ashes of yoni j sleeping champions hi. d lay them qiite'Iv down lo rest in tho beautiful citie . f the MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. Watering place hotels are already pen- William B. Astor returns an income of 1,078,12. There are in Austria 3,000,000 acrea of native forest. California 'shipped $4,000,000 worth f wheat and flour last year. Earthquake and small pox cost San Francisco $200,000 last year. Ruslem Bey, a Turkish General, b among the visitors at Washington. Tho Roman Catholics of New York have subscribed $44,500 towards the sup port of the Amcricau College iu Borne. Mia Braddon ha written a letter to say that she has not lost her senses, as was reported, but Is busily eugageu on a uew sensation novel. A hatchet, with which the lamented Washington is said to have hacked that cherry tree, has been deposited iu a mu seum iu Alexandria. All the roaster workmen ana mtfti nnuV ., places have been before the Committee. A three story house, 40 by 18 feet, Was'btttlt complete- tn nineteen Lancaster, Pa., the other day. i Kentucky is about to re model her State House, at au expense oi $760,000 L C. R. R. Co.") spa, N. 0., ay 18, 1800. ) at the Wa hxamiug The "converted coal heaver" has been preachiug revival sermons in London to such crowd tliat persons in the audience have beet) irampled to death. t The Court of Queen's Bench in Eng land ha recently declared that an ac ion for breach of promise of marriage could not be maintained against a person under 21 years of age or au infant by law. In i he case under consideration, both plain tiff and defendant were under 21. Sixteen drawings by Turner, who is so much praised by Buskin, were letely sold at auction iu Euglend foi 810,000 iu golJ. In the Island of Hawaii there are two lakes side by side, one of fieeh water and the other salt. Boih are far above tin level of the sea. In a letter to the Peoria Transcript Mr. Ralph W Stewart, of B-ar Creek, says that under a bet of $20,000, contractors on the Central Pacific railway, near that point, laid ten miles aud 1,800 feet ol track ou the 28ih of April. Four ladies are employed in the New Yoik l ustom House, at a salary 81,200 each, to seat i h lemale smugglers. A man teeently trnvellid across Manhattan Island Ironi river lo river, un derneath the city ol New York iu the sewers. A S10.000 case of jewelry, tiven by a Cuban family to aid the revolution, will b. rallied for at the Cuban Fair at New Vol k. at S5 a ticket. PitmDKNT'a Office, N Company Shopi May To the Stockholders of Ihe N. C. R. R. Co I Gentlemen AdMic next annual meet ing of tho N. C. If R. Co., a queatlou of great interest will be presented to your consideration ; and in view of the weighty responsibility that will rest upon you Iu determining that uueslion. Would it not : :. . . ' . be well for us to reason together, ana inun to prepare our minds lor a proper decision. For be assured, there never has been a period In the history of the North Caroli na Rail Road Company more pregnant with eell to tho road than this great ques tion of consolidating the Atlantic fc North Carolina Rail Road with the North Caro lina Rail Road Company. To analyse this question, and to present in all ol its deformity and naked ucss, would be to consume more space than this communi cation would allow. Therefore, we pre pose to present only a lew plain pointed objections, which we regard as eonclcstve, and cannot be easily controverted. First : This project originated with the property holders of Morehead City, and the creditors of the Atlantic It North Car olina Rail Road. They fear if lbs A. N C Rail Road If left to itself that it will never be able to oav the debt it owe, and will be finally sold for less than the T debt, thereby causing iis creditors to lost ' I - . . .k CnA !,., Uv ali cb ouiocas wii movemerrr ft unn einwaswsap crived for sinis er purpose, aud not the "broad, patriotic, State pride" movement, the advocates of consolidation would have you believe it to be. Certainly the stock holders of this 'oiiipany cannot ye, would not blame these gentlemen for try ing to save their debt in a legitimate way. Yet would it not be rashness, yea, folly in the extreme, lor thi-m to involve the North Carolina Kail Road Company (now prosperous) with the debts of the Atlantic Si North Carolina Railroad bv consolida tion State of North Carolina, niwScfy. SUPERIOR COURT J. V. Syuion, assignee, P'lfL ) sgii:t Summons. E. Q Henderson, Deft ) To E. Q Henderson. a non-rerident : v, hnrebv untitled that a summon In the abovo entitled case ha been Issued apuinst you, wherein yon ore summoned to appear Us- f.. .1... i '1 . . i L ..I , h.. Hnnurior t'liurt of DllVllUoll County st the Court llousa In Lexington, on the 10th day of July lsKli. and simwer the onuv ulaint therein width was filed with ths clerk of aid court ou the 17tb day of May IBtttl, a copy of which, and of the summon were deponed in tho post ollice at ths time dtreotea lo vou i and notice a given that judgment would be taken against you, If you failed within thst time, to answer said complaint, wherein tt Ual Irgmt that you are indebted to the plaint iff there in? In tho sum of (V3U.I7) two hundred and tblrty-niue dollars and eveutesn eenls, due by note, with interest thereon from ths HMh day of April IHtWt and In the further sum of (135" ,03) thn-e hundred and fifty-eight dollars and three cents, due on account for board, less the sum of ($9.8) nins dollar snd eighty-eight cent which has been paid ; that no part thereof has oeen paid. . . . You are also notified that the above named plaint ill' ha sued out a warrant of attachment sgainkt your property for the amount of mon ey, and for the cause ol action therein set lortb, returnable lo the Superior Court of Davidson County an the 10th ol Joly, I8'19, when and where you ace hereby re--quiretl to appear and answer the complaint, iu default whereof, the plaintiff will lake judgment against yon as therein demanded. lice in Lexington. Ihe 7th day ol May 1&69. LKVI JOHNSON, o. a a on-nr u-f tip. ' Stat of North GatoHrm, ROWAN COlJNTt. . attaciimkrt. Alexander Lipe, Plaintiff, 0.t INST D, M. Basintjer, Defendant. NOTICE is hereby given that a Warrant of Attachment ha la-en issued ucaui-t the 'estate oi siuil ileletnlaiit, I , ,1. e ' i , - ... . I n,i u,-inimuin, xini ik upjuuu ine inniK oi . .u0.,,,,,u ineui iinuoiiMy )m h,,,, , nvor of AlciBinlcr Line, and they only w ish lo coioolii ate according to tho relative value of the stock of each dead winch your hailfi I 1 i the lime of sirif Kled with proad iiuti i ave decora , your ze ,1 w is iiialiou-i of honor Utiliysburg,. "you are is splendid victories, and the woild'n applause never made vain, aud w Iiobo equanimiiy remahis unmoved by the shocks of defeat and misfortune; who having astonished mankind by the brilliancy ot his militaiy geuious, and shown himself u very thun derbolt ol war, i v now alibrding to his countrymen, as a private citizen, a nobh example of devotion to duly aud obedience to the laws! I not ibis man great J -Ought not such a character to be irtver enced. And if we turn to contemplate that grandest of our fallen champions the great aud good Jacks ril, -who shall find language to portray the pnrityand nobility of his nature, or the glory ol his singular and wonneilul career! mx years ago this day the christian hero "crossed over the river" of Death and "rested under the shade of the trie ' of Paradise. What a meek of prayer, and yet what fiery and terrible warrior ! When thinking on his character and his fate and the f ite of the cause for which he so nobly fought, how is the heart, oppress ed by the unfathomable mystery which enshrouds hitman destiny ! Is it possible that a cause, for which such a man bit tied i lost? Going forth, as he did, from daily communings with the Deitv, inspir ed with fresh courage aud redoubled vigor, drawn from those sacred- audiences with the All-wise, most we, after all, believe that those sublime energies were misdirect ed and those god-like efforts wasted ? No! no ! our hearts cannot tolerate sncb a be lief. Thongh we grope in thick darkness nnder this great my etery, may we not be lieve, and find consolation in the thought, that the Omniscient Ruler of the world ap proves sometimes the honest struggles of His children along the path which seems to them the path of duty, though it may niu ami unul triunipli; now it can only sjtrinjr from ihe perennial fountains of your affec tionate gratitude. Lkeall crushed and stricken lands, our Sunny South, robbed o' its material power ami splendor, will per hap now become the favorite dwelling ace of Art and (jrenui, hmqnetice ami ig. A laud ot moral greatness and ! sublime thought ; traiisccndhrg in loveli ness a'l rich aud fortunate lands, even as the crushed flowersjfnu have brought here today emit a snecter fragrance than those si ill growing on their Um. And when w Southern -bards hereafter tuuu... theii harp and enchant tb'; world With tin ir wee' lays, how can tlfy strike a tenderer strain than when tht-y idng the daughters of the South weeping at the graves of our dead heroes, a lh!rtrriide.ii of Israel an nually wept for Jepl'tba's child on the mountains of Gilead f Dulce csl"pro ' palria mori : but how much sweeter w hen fair woman stands ap proving by, with smiles and plaudits for the brave, d toar and flowers for the graves of the fallen I A gnat govern ment has gathered? up it dead, also, and laid them in costly mausoleums, tendered by hirt-d officials. But no monumental pile, reared by official edict and naiif for w.lh public tre.tsnre, marks the resting nlace of our poor boys, lint vou have de vised t,r them a htgnVr honor, and proud ly they repose in the tastetul cemeteries which have been prepared bV those who loved them, with your fair hand to scat ter rosea Oft their quiet beds, and your hear! for their monument. Their hover ing spirits look idown with approbation Upon your annual free-will offering of flowers", better far than any gorgeous fu neral pageant bought with gold. Sweet ly they now repose after life's fitful fever and deadly strife. Soldier not ot Empire but of Liberty, they heed not now the re proaches which the sycophant of power may cast upon their names. Iou will cherish the meihrn-y nf the vtrW ; and the "dull cold ear of death" wHI never hear the slanders of those w ho revile them. "Lightly they'll tslk eft'ie spirit wlia've gone. Ami nr Hipircold hf upbraid tlieiu, But nothing they'll Sees if sllowei! to sleep on la the grave where tt. r sinters have laid tbsm.' The Hun. Fred As-islaul ecu chased (hi rick W Seward, lat irv ol-aute. lias nur- Ajnnng man stepped into a book simp and said he wanted "a young lean's companion." "Well, sir," said the book seller, "here is my only daughter." New York, May 17, M. Stock weak. unsettled Mctney easy at 7. Sterlb 9A- Gold 3St. N. (Vs 60. New 5, Flour less active. Wheat dull, two to three cenU lower Corn dulLT drooping. Pork steady 31,101. Lard steady, steam tSj. Cotton quiet 23J, Rosin ?,65. Liverpool, May 17. M. CoMon irregu lar7. Uplands 11. Orleans 11 J. Salca 8,000. int' iestof Mr. Thuilow W eed in the N. Y. Commercial Advertiser. James Gordon Bennett, jr., has appro priated 8,500 toward supporting an au mil gold medal for conspicuous and mcr itorious service in the lire department. Maine produce better potatoes, than Pennsylvania. South of Philadelphia the potato is an uncertain crop. Near the hue oi 40 r lie Irish aud sweet potato grow well sioe by side. The report recenllp circulated An Kng- lmid, thai the Prince of Wale intends to keep a stud of racehorses, is coutrndicti d. Fast train on the railway line between London and Liverpool, now travel at the rate of fifty miles an hour, and traverse the whole distance in four hours, making no stops. Water is taken on while tin t i n ia running at full speed. The Spanish Minister has informed the Stale Deparrhiciii that should litis enun tiy recogniae the belligerent rights of the Cubans, Spain will n-gawl it is a declara tion of war, and authorize the lilting out of privateers, which cannot, but do great harm. 1 ' ' During a sirm in ' Indiana, on Wed nesday, u lady wa sitting near ihe fjre-tihh-e in her residence, at SharpsviHe, Tipon, county, holding a young child Ou her knee, A bolt of lightning ran dowu the chimney ol tin' house ami struck both mother and child dead upon the instant During the war a lady passing from cot to cot iluoneli the ward of a hospital, was shocked to hear one fellow laugh at her. She stopped to reprove the Wietoli c... patient "Why, madam" said he, "you have given me a tract on the sin of dancing, when I have got both leg shot off." A writer speaks of a hut so miserable that -it didn't know which wav to fill. and so kept standing, 'I bis is like a man that had such a complication of diseases tliat be didu't know which to die of, and so lived uu. Company - grant the assumption this Company would be the loser it it wers to accept the A. Ac N. (1. Rail Road as a free gift, and be compelled to keep it in goon running order At the last session of the General As sembly of North Carolina a bill wa pased allowing the stockholder to con solidate if they thought proper. This eOHSolidtttion act could never have passed uKii its own merits it was lorced through by being attached to the great omnibus Rail Koid schemes. If you will examine this bill carefully, end com pare it with ths original charter of this Company will see at once, that if we were ever so an lions to consolidate, we could i n think of such a thing nnder the present act. See for a moment. It wipe out all of your original right, and dic tate what per cent, shall be charged, 'and no other," upon ait'cle- sent over the toad. !t is plain to see that no freight w ill ever reach Morehead City under that law, and no through freight would eve pas beyoiid G i eensboro. With the complications attending this i d if i s ill the least restricted to a certain per cent, and "no other, you. would soon discov er that its income would not be sufficient to keep it up and pay the inteieston its d tit. In fact, it would soon be as tar below par as the Atlantic Road is now. 1 ee by a circular recently issued that Mr. Stanly lias called an elect loneertng meeting at Newla-rn on the 2nd of June. Doubtless ever' artifice will be resorted to, to g-t your consent to consolidation. Vour proxies will be vigilantly sought air ter, and every argument of a drowning atari will bo brought to bear to beg yon to consolidate yonr road w ith theirs, which only means to help them pay their debts and keip up their road, ll you are op posed to consolidation i would waru you ty be careful with whom you confide as a proxy. If the opponents of connolida lion stand firm, we can detent them by large majority, and thus save our road from destruction. Freights and passenger are gradually increasing, and our through connection will soon extend to Atlanta, Ga. When this take plate your road wjll pay you a liandsome itivitletui, and yonr stock Will go to par. But. it you conolidate all is lost, and we will have to depend entirely on way station for support. W A. SMITH, President returnable before a Justice of the feacc. for tho d county of Kowan, on the Mia day of June, loiW, at gall -wary, lor tho sum of seventy-four dollars with interest from the 1 si day of Decem ber J80. Tie said defendant is hereby notified toappear at said time and place and defend his nuit, or Judgment will be rendered agaiui-t him. Witness, Peter Williamson, a J-istice of the Peace tor the county of Kowan, tbi the 1 4th of May, i&tV) (24wpd4S) PETER WILLI A If SOI, J. P. DANCING SCHOOL ! Ml? ROA CAHNt itn8hftpit.ipen ed a Dancing School at the Hoyden II... .v where she solicit" the patronage ol ihevitirei ol Salisbury and Rowan County Tonus Ludie, Misses and Mters' classes on -s, Thursdays and Salurdais a 41 o'cle, k. P. St. Gent' clasc on Monday. Wi duesdavs, and fcidM'aai P. M. Terni$H for sixteen lessons in advance. Soiree every Toesdny night admission tiek--ts lor Gents 50 crtii 19 3t SWEET QUININE! ARKS the place of common bitter Quinine ; unmet, and is palatable to Infant, ai i per sons of uchcate st much. J NO. H. ENNISS, 19 3t Druggist. V SVAPNIA ! T HE new preparation of Opium, containing all it desirnMe properties. Act like a charm without leaving any unpleasant fleets. Onljr at 19 3t i ENNISS1 Drug Store Worm CONFECTIONS I LEASANT a Candv. safe, and a sure enre lor .Worms. Only b Vents a Mat Only at JNO. 11. ENNISS' 19 3t Drujr Slore. MAR II I ED : On the 2d inat., by Rev. J R Denton, Mr. John L. 'K'Curry to A'iss Nancy lay lor, all ot McDowell county. At the residence of the bride fuller, on the evening of Uy laili. bv the Rev. Mr. Dally, William II Frost to Miss Alice I Thoreloii, nil of Wilminirlou Iu lialeigb, yn the 13 h inst . i' Johii (Litling, of G Hi s. Co.. lo Mis riallii". daughter of the tlou. &. Jf Mire. -. In Biltiiuore, on ihe 12 inst., Dr. W Hawkins ot V. C. to Mdtlic II. White. In York county, S 0. on the Hth int., Mr. D. T. Crook to Mis M.utha Q VHIson. i liI)lED : In Beaufort, N C, M.iy 12th, 1869, dnlia Howird, daughter 4f I). II. L. and Fannie O Bell, ag.-d 21 yean, 3 mouths and 24 days. In Mecklenburg its- a- . inst, JUr Isic At. mm eonnty, on the 64b aired 50 rears. -M : Sarah l'ai ks, Df John C Woeren, Medical Profes sor iu Harvard University, said : ''So far as my observation has extended those persons who afe in the habilNnf avoiding ! I worldly cares on the- are tin i most remarkable 'for the perfect perfor in :nce ot their duties tbroogb the week. Ti e influence ol a change of thought on enped by'himselef and adjacent tobis' .1 .1 T I. r L c. I lie .iou ,;o uj't'n i.o- uiiiiue o iukh per son, resembles that of a change ot food upon the body. It seems to give a fresh spring to the mental operations as the ilenonf'r St Alii Also, on the 9ih iu: aged 69 years. X In the Jersey settlement, Davidson cm. t v, on the 26lh April, Mrs ILirrtet Ellis 'Bradshaw, daughter of the late An Ierson Ellis1 Esq , iu her Goth year. NEW AD VERTISEMENTS. Celebrated Vermont Hater I s r . .. Vl RKS Crtneer, Sctofn, Rhenmntisni and nil blood and kiu disuses. A God send to suf iei ing lain , n,it v. Hold only -it J NO. 11. ENNISS' 19-3r l)i no; Stun.. n v ! NO CURE! NOPAhf Banif Eiarrhceo CcrdiaJ, A KHAN' TIC I) to CW, Diairin-a, Sonuner mplaiiits, Flux, &o.. fte. Prepi. iiand sold only bv J NO. U. ENNISS' iMt prtlifwiat D, le OARAWAy, -AX i) dealer ia (Sracciics riiOVISIOKS, HAP.t42i:. ftiu.jmrr!l9Y an, nan rup r. urn- dow Shadf, i,r tr. to nriler. mirl to the sale ol Cotton, Grain, Nnval Stores, Tobae co, DueU fcruit, 4.c , on, Coiuuiioion. COURT HOUSE BUILDING. aprflO-IJy NKW BfcUN, N. C- i cf i latter does to the physical,' TQ REXT 1 ILL lt 0 tolier' next, and if nselbe, to 1st J.i. 'iii.' i , the Krick dwe'liefr at prt-eiil oc- Store. ' The House has 7 moms ; Gas fixtnres an stmndant m ell of water, and a fine Garden spot. well stocked with cuoieu ve(. Ubies. May 20, 1800. -HtO. EDWAKD SILL. A COTTON Factory and Machinery, (inst Mill. Oil snd aw Mill, atid 3fi. aeron ol l.-.m! air. uittedoi) Deep Creek, in Yadkin Co.. tor eale. For ioforTtlfttlfrn addrea J. H; JOHXSON. ttmvT 18tf East' Kprid V P Mrs. N. F. JACKSON. TAKES this method of infoi-minir th In dies of .Salisbury and ricjuity that she has just inrued from thtr North with a large and haudsome assortment of Spring Millinery, embracing all the latest styles of Huts, Bon net. Flowers, etc. She is oreoared to sell goods at unprecedented iow prices. Hats and Bonnets made, trimmed and repaired at the' shortest notice. Also, stanipiue done for Braiding aud Kmhroi ery. Give her ft call at her reaWcawa opposite the Bad. n I i for the preseut. . 1- It NOTICE Six Years old, a PUAKTOX and Hamem for bale. Apply to U. U. U8LPK8. (Salisbury. If. C.,' April 83, 1. lo- if ' ' i - f

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