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North Carolina Newspapers

The Old North State. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1869-1871, November 26, 1869, Page 1, Image 1

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A o r j t y i- s ! SALISBURY, N. i0. 47 VOL. IV khtv thousasp casks ok hoops were shipped fmiii our bouse in one Year, to iimilics.clubs, ami im-rcbaui. in every part film country . from Maine tu CaUilornia, amount il.g 111 Vllltle to OVtT ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Our facilities for transacting this iuiuif use bu siness are better lb.Ui cwr la-lore. We liitve ngci,i in nil tin- irinoil cith - to purchu , t'ntii a!, ihe MuiiuEarlun'rs. Importers, it nl nil. rr-, ti'i Cash ' oftcu i ii immense auditive from I in- hi filial cost f product Our stuck, consist., iu purl, of the I'nJInwnijr ginul : Shuuii Itianket. Quill, Cotton, Gin)hnmn, Prrt (i I'M. T'lhle l.infH. Ttutl, Mutiny. tL.V.u. Mill'". ' .'ret, it-' ' . fr .... ... o. ..f..i..i r.-,i.i Il,; Wart, Qlin . , ... f ... . . Ifu.f, Table and Vvcket ('iitirry, in (fat vurirty, h'lr-innt French uml Grrrr.nn Fancy Qtot llntutiM Vkoinyraith Alb ll.c nmol and rw-M: j Uurmwaud VU'I l-iiidii ji-i. !:rntccu Ti'ovclling Hiy, Ilttndktrcliitf and Clui-c It'ici. tbc. 0 ,1,1 .(in I'ltttml Jewelry, nf 1'ie nen-enf tyle V.'t-Imvh almi made arranameutK witli..m nl' I bu IfHiliiiK PublWduir Hiium;.tbtft will rua blr iik tu Milltbt anilaid and luti'nt work uf l.)iii!ar author at hUuui one-huH ibe mgnlar ,,nr..: mik-U t.VUuX. iluOKK, liVRKR, Mil To, and TKXHTauM'ii WokKS. iWull (iilt and CI; li jiudiu(t, audhundri-d of other. Tact iiiid eViSrjUUMS -1mi for One U'tlliir for r.ieb Arlldf. V: do not urt r a iiifclc arlicla of inerchan-di-r, that fan be olil by nyilar dlrii at our jirnv. M (jt tin not ak yon tu buy itikkI.s iroui . u.t unlHoMt run ?t ll luein t-heuper than ytu . '.-i . . 1. . I . . 1. . c.iii o'JfWa tlii'in in any owvr way ; iu' neatc I'rt't of our goods tv cold ut aliout One half (he lttgular Jiat-9. We wont jjnod rtlia!il(. ajronl in every pirt of the Country. Hy ruiployinpyour Hpure fi:no to form oluhf and Hcinliii u. mders, yuu t-an oh'ahl the nio-l lilicrnl cniniiiiKilii, either in Cash or SSorchandiae. and nil good sent by ii" will l; a reprewuled. and we guarautec Mitisfaotioii to every one dcalmjj witLoumouse. Agt'iitn should collect ten cents from each cn-'turner and forward to n in advance, lor I)e criptivti l hecks of the (foods we sell. The holders of the Cheeks have the privilege f either purohartiujr the article theieoudes rih i'd, or of exehangiug f'fr any article luentjoned on our Catalogue, imiuherilif m or .'toil different articles ; not one uf which cm he purchused in the usual way for the same money. TV. wdviintARC ol first sendinir for Checks trtese -. W we venslautl y liuving muatl luU I' vory v .v.,,.., fn-. -kWh V ,.t on oor Sfit.;ilii!rii.-. un.l ff.r wt,t,-t, i,..,.v- all are r..Iii : hesido-, in ei erv Inrgeeinti we wtit IMllVhmks for Wawiik., ifviL-rn, IIlamkkts. iiukmh I'ATTSWts, or nmiii of herarticlri "i value ir;v'iiil some mmbttrs 'l th elul tin .M.,...n mi ty of pnrohaln(l an article foi admit one ij'iarter im ae.- In eve-v orW anioHiitinif to over fuO, ac eninpanied bv t!'e ensh. the A (rent may retain .X , unci in every order of over 1'J0. J. . Ot" muy We retained to Tay tho Szpress Charges. This nfT'T is more especially to assist Apents in the Western and .Southern Mates, but is open to all in.-ti iners. ronniMioNS. A (rents will be paid ten per cent, in Cah or Merchandise, when I hey HU up thvir entire club lor which below we give a partial Ln t uf Commissions : j For an order of $30. from a club i f Tuirty. we will pay the Agent, lis comuiii sum, '1 yds. Urown i Bleached Sheeting, tiood Dress Pattern, Wool Square Shawl, French Cassimere Pants and Vesl I'altcni. Fine large White Couuteromie, etc., etc., or :t CO in cash Tor an order of $50, from a Club of. Fifty, we will pay the Agent, as (.uuininwion, 4.Vydi. Bheeling,' one pair of heavy wool blan kets, poplin dress pattern, handsome wool n nam shawl silveriise watch, etc., etc., or jfci.MO in casdi. Tor an order of $100. from a club of Ore Hundred, we will pay Ihu agent, us com niisKioi), 100 yds. of good yard-wide Sheeting, Coin-Siiver Hunting Case' Watch. Kieh Long .Wool Shawl, Suit of all Wool French Ua'ssi inrre, etc.. etc., or $10 ill cash. We do not employ my travelling agents, and en .tomers shou t not nav inonev in lersnr.n nuruoftiug to be our agents, mle's personally ! . h , ' acQuaintcd. Send Money always by Register ed loiters. ' For further particulars send for Catalogues, r Annan & oo., 98 tC 10U Utimuer St., iuston, Mas. Oct. 15, !;'.. 4' y BUte of Worth Carolina, f ALEXANDER COUNTY, J Snpctinr Cewrt Edmund Kerley, adminittrator of Alfred Da vidson. againet Isaac Russell and w.l'e Elizabeth, G. W. Sweet ' and wife Cynthia, Robert Lowe aad wile Susan, John Davidson, Margaret A. Kerley, William Davidson John P. Davidson. Dan!. S. Davidson, Huldab Davtuaor., June David son and William- Davidson, heirs at law of Beiij. L. Davidson. To Wiiham Davidson, one of the defendants above named, a non-resident. You are hereby notified, thnt a snmmons, in Ihe above entitled case, has issued ai!sint yjoii, and ihe complaint therein was filed in ihe So lienor Com l oi Alexandci County, ou Ihe 17th of August 1;0. You are also notified, that (iie summons in the case ia returnuMp to the next term of the r. - '.' X. - ... , . , ft . a . .. I U a ... Superior uouri sioresaia, tot oe nnn Court House in TaylorsviliV, ou Ihe 2oih day orD'ecemocr next, when and where you are hereby required to a.pear and answer the oomplainl m default wheieof the jila-ntiff a ill apply to sa d Oourt for the rciief deuiaud-e-i in the mplsint. Witness, E. M. Stevenson, Cletk of the mid Fupetior Oonrtat at Taj lorsviilc, the d llou tlsy ir. August W'J. K M STEVEN'S CS. Clerk Snperinr (Viurt Alexander County. U Cw,:ipr lee f Id) ONWARD: UPWARD: Ilariag Diet with iriVsws. far tyotnl ourexpec tAU . in the pnliliestioVet the CIIARI X)TTE OnsEBtEE, w is' e this method f otTeringonr nj en. DA1LT, Tltr-wkEfil.V, AXP WEEKLY, s sranng the best atirertir ing iue.liur.ui in Wrsiero l 'aroliu. A.Joirtieanrttti SoUrUcd Term MJLr-al. niF.M ; '. m ! pRXafTcilu .! ' W-effer KIVTvalashle Airicultm-sl I'ltF'f MS I to r'son t.eouig ip t tens w.r u wrrnt i ; ..- . rs a si . . i ' V litt ....LU. i-sef nn. jy, blUliL '.VAT-tiN- A ro,, . Ai 37 a&. fkartatle N.C. I nr. GODDIW 9 COMPOCXP C.KXTIA.V HITTRHS, 'The Great Anuriatn Tonic and Di- I untie ! I Reeomr ended and prescribed by physicians wbereu'i known. 1 The "Oirnpniiod Oei-tiati Milter" are made (if i In- nureel initl bc-t Veiretable Tm ic and : Aiotimiics known lo Ihe piole-sion They n!so 1 coin h in Iwenty it. i cent nl n v v ii v .' & I Which makes them, bey Mini a'l question, the best DIURETIC III exisieru-e; and for l)i ire-s-.l K nl ! , Hladdei and Uucarjf Orjrans, ' Im. .' no superior, if any jihi1 ! Th-wri who Mry th-iw,. w- mm g ijisew-t- , !..,. ... ,. "ITT"' ONU ' '""'"" -" , , 1 I .... .... . u..... 1.1 ......' I I l . ' fit , . ' I I T . 111' 11 r nil- . 'iiv " ........ ..... ... C'uills nd Fever, mid ull Malaiiul DiiesMs I DYSPKPS1 . INDIUKSTIONr, SlOK-STtlMACff, COLIC. SICK-H E.VD.VCHE, BKONCHITIS, " ASTHMA. c Lis .'. pi iron, NfcL'KAlAJlA. 0KNEHAL UEBILITV, Diseases of Kidneys, (..lavel, kc, anil vri Diseu.e requiring a general Tome imprwion. fy Km Duteaae (looniiar to FeuialtfB it u almost a specitie. gr In L'oiiva!ccence from TyplnHti ami oilier low forma ol Feer it is the very be.-l Tonic lhat can be iijnf. The CouiHiuiid Gentian BitH'm nrvt with iimvcral farorKainl have lecened the slntlig e( te.-tiirioiiiul? ever given to any, a lew of which we. Append below: This is iu cc.-tiiy lhat I have used Dr. God ilil ! Con 1 1 Kill nd dentian Hitters and clu t i lnl Iv reeoniniciid it as the very heal Hitters that ran oe useu for ordinal y dehihiy. sick ttmai;ti fc.. K. M MOLT, M. D. I.inacotnb. O'ange eo , N.C.. Na 15, OS). I herehv ceriifv that I have been using lr Ooddin's "Cutopvi'lid Gentian Sit'eri, lot Co"gh. General Debility. and I am full salislieal that they are llieb. -t ll.tteis ol w hich I have any knowledge, and the beat Tonic ol fcred to the American pciple. ROBT. Y. SLATER Henrico county, Va', June 25, 1S00. Dk. Goddiji: Dear Sir: I have been 'itTer ing lor twenty years with an affection of the kidney, prostrate gland und stricture of the DivOtr.; V-n uortwr tl.w itwimisul uf 1V".- ryWtkns In th uoiirilry, one of Mrhom is nuw a piofessoi :n a iiietllenl ...u. Be. au tailed to iciieve me. 1 finally tiled yum Com ImmmicI t.eiitiuii Uitttfr ; iht. etVeet Wum l.l charm one bottle uave me coniph lo relief. I believe LI to be the best me licine I have t-vei imwI, Vcrv 'ire.-'int'tfuTTv. J.S A FACLCOX, Liitle'on. N. C, Jan. 7th, 2801). Prepared i m I v bv Dr G.Hblin. JAMKS T. WKiCilNS, Proprietary Whohale Aasnt, NohFtiLK, VA. ffT" For la'e by Dr. G. U. Pwulson, Sali bnrv N. C. 3811 40 YEARS UEKOilE T11K PUBLIC. IF OTHER Remedies FAIL RK BKONCIi.Ac A.MJ LIVKH DI SEASES read the folic wing : t'homss H. Kaiu. v. Ks.i . (irauvilie eo. N. r ssjs: "I and your I'Uls to ue me et-si niiiiev uieui etne I leive ever used. They have pniveii very hen efleiilt in my own ease. I have la-en very lunch nl flicted !irNReen years, ami have tried every kind of medicine that I could get, hut have fiminl more e lief from your Pills than ull others. My diastase is tironchial afflietii.n, ami a complete pre.-tration uf ,t. iriieVi.ilS llVStSIU 1 htrve- Bted tltem mivn eitfif- teen eases in "mv family, am) Hiiiltl.ein to he the very medicine lor nearly sil family disease's." The Cere is Thorourh. i Kenneth llnyiies. Ksq . , ( lei k ol Columl ;ountj ! fconrtssmtes (April 2. 1863:) "Hilling the latter iartortlte yeui IOKI I was severely am.cteu wim i diseased liver sail many nijiiit while in-bed the pain I woulu become so excruciating ttial I waseouiii , to get out nt h'-d and sit up 'unlo Ihe pain would subside. I froi-ured a few hoxcst.l tl.?Sl JUTHKUN i IIKi'ATICI'll.I.S and the tinitdosei Uwik gave me I creat lelief. I cuntiniied to ufc Hie I'Uls lor tun ; weeks, and Dave not surTtied frum liver disease i since. I have recommended them accordingly, and several pernotts are ut i aut uf them . Ail disease issn enemy to the man system, and I is st m ar with It and will eniKiue-r it. unlet nature, with all the sssirtsiiee it ran receive from strength ening medicines and suitable nourishment, . in conqnertlie enemy ; which would be best, to take medicine he fore yoe get si.-k. to Mceiitsickness or to take medicine sfter yon get sick to e .Ve sickness, yj- s word to the wise is enoii(rh.TS Kxerciseyonr own iudgment iu the means of de fense; the eneiLy will come, lie ye sis', ready with She Southern Hepatic Pills , That "Iti, Umj known and mil trirt) remedy for ail Hiliot difttti. enned by a DISEASED LIVER. ALL KMICKANTP. Von are almut to Make a koftaa fr yourselfaad family a a climate which yon nr tliev have net Ishb ajeiistonfed to ; you will, of course ne eiposed t" all the diseases peculiar to that climats yon should lie careful to use such Med tciees as ie.a'dpt.l t.. the diaeases uf ti.a t e linials, foil will find the grete-t security la t'ne ue of in:' SoftuiVk llxrsritf I'm. They cn be seat lo any point iu tke I'nited States by Kxnress. PRICE Foroeehei.tftee. f .-n. t.R I'aMOrss. $10 Out Thret! finis , tVI- live (Jl.. ..). Theoti muni either aeenmpatiy the urder fur the Mfdi rine or It ei!l b.l CO l. Or 'rrsshi.uld be i)ilr ,,l Ca u. W. DEEMS. Ko. 'is, Sona Cl.aar. SrsttrT, II. I i e . Ms. ettere Oi-y wlM he prnmi'llv ttend(l lo. nr Hi-is Veillclnet ell on all res'ecibl . ugftils eTrivwtirrs nd CO G. b. poueson; July 3-9B ty Kalishbry. N.C. ISawtAlollawataocl. LEPAGE BROS. & Co., GENERAL Commissiiiu Mmm5 CO TT0N 'FA CT0RS, Cotamercc St., Ifforfblk, Va. ! FiSpiitT utlfntkin paid to the sale n fSWAIV. COTTON and Ail. other ('0( N IK 1 rIKrt'l Cfc. , . - . -- . tr LTTterai. advaneef on nd ytempt ratttm. enns cf n me jul)'.'7- I 1 OTIjc Dlb NortI) Slate ri RMKIlED WltrXLT lit jl m xa w z m ha v Editor and Proprietor. H t rK Or M H( 'fill' 1 this Vicar, pnynble lu advance. ... I Six )1intii. " " k- (Kl . I . .Ml IC.'.O .,lil 5 (tipies t unt' address IU Copier, tu oiieadd"es nq. Oue Square, rir. t iuserliofi. For each ndditioual inserti. .il.OO ."ill Sueeiai UuUL'CS Will oe C.I irtn .v in cni higher than Tin-above rules. Court and Justice t- inters wilt lie iiuiiiisli- ed at the tame rates with other aJveilit) - nients. Obitunrv notices, over six line, charged aaudvertitemeuts. t OXTRACT R.VJTEH. KPACE. g z i C S JIB . ? f ' i ' I Square. '2 Square. I '4 Squarea. j 4 Squa'ea. J Column- 4 .Hil U IV 1 1 t it i (Ml S0011 (V) ii none ool IS (XI 'J4 (VI ri .Kj.nt no, 22.(W uiKiiootii ao.ofi 15 (Mi'2.-01 37,50 20 (HI WOO 45.00 iK) (X! 15 fa) 73.00 3 ( inn. 1 Column. ,JW (KI.40 W) 50 00,b0 (W.IMO.OO From Temjtte Bur, for Sotenber. 8FRVED OCT. In the year 1S3 there lived at Bordeaux the last or one of the last of a loug line of scoun drels who had made that part of France infa mous i to our ideas 1 by a succession of cold-blooded murders, committed" under the sanction of what people were pleased to call the Cade HjiLt.r. This was a certain ( ount tie , . . , . , a man of great physical strength, mipimnrbabhs mngved, and rehntless cniehy. Not n had sort of companion, as some said, when the lit the dueling tit was not on him ; but this cami on once in aiiout every six utonlbs, and then he must have blood, it matter..! little Whose. He hatl killed and maimed boys of sixteen, father of famiiic-. military officers, joun.ali.sts, advo . i-'.,; country gentlemen. The cans. of . i i.rr. 1 u of no im. .rtoni-v ; If one del iMil prt-eent itss-lf rout:1., he made one ; always con irivmg thai, ii-rT.r.ltnn t.. il.u Kr..r:iit lie should he the insulted liarly. thus hsv-tiw jsS eitotiv Ol .M-i, ,...! "' -""t " 11 ..I ... i:4l'..-.ilt for lis to r .1'.. n -fate of -M'ietv in wlin h -nu ll a wi itl !.-cat ismni -iii ii, ii im II 1 1..." " - -- be perinitks! to g. atTaf.- j Mlt W(? fclWIW it til lie hisioricallv true that such creatures were'eudtir- ...I iW I- . , ...... i,l.j it..,v.uri..l that there mat ttu-re were at one time wolves in Yorkshire : only the I less noiome vermin hud it harder time ol ii as j civilization progressed (nan wasueu.t out to the human bruit 1 he latest exi of the Count ue V pn violis to the story I am almut lo tell was to Mil a i ion r young stuucii; into a cna.fengu ; and when il was represented to him ihe hoy Iiad never held a sword in his life, so tl. it it would lie fairer lo n.e pistol, he replied thr. "f. sal-sometime made ;..i-:akes wit!. pito!sJ' and the next niorntf ran him through the lungs. The evil Ii! w i on him; but the bin nl tVis shesl tpiieteat him lor another half year, and r ither.niore; for public opinion was unfavora ble, and the air of Bordeaux became loo warm fur him. But the scandal blew ever aflera time,' and l e i-im.. back to his old haunts, one of which waa c"e bv theriver side, where many us. .i to sjiond their Sunday. Into the little Harden ol i!u e--t iblishmciit our wolf swaggered one lim s'l'iimcr ' afiernooi', with the heavy dark hs.k and i. r vous twitching of the hands which those who ! wa re acwiaintetl with him knew wel1 mt.uit nns I chief. The evil lit was on him; consequently j be found himself I lie centre of a circle which ex 1 panded as he went on. This, did not displease him. lie liked to he feared. He knew he I could make a ip.i irrvl when he ehoo.j, so he j looked around t'.ra victim. At-a .tahlo.auu.ost iii .wnhUti ; ot the ganleii sit a man of about thirty wars of age, oTtnToaile height, and an expression o countenance wnieh at lirst struck one as tnild and good humored. He was engaged rinding a journal which seem- ed Jo interest Imu, e.uing sUMWocrries, nn oocu- patlorr that iliH-s not call any latem u engin ot t.,aracter. Aliove all he was profoundly tineon- ,.-,,.. ( .1... DreMa.. of M. le (.unte tie V , and continued eating his strawberries r.nd read ing his paper as though no wolf were in that pleasant fold. As the Count approached this table, it became sufficiently well known whom he was about to honor with hfe insolence ; and the circle nar rowed again to see the play. It ia not bad sport, with some of iis, to see a fellow creature baited especially when we are out of danger ou twel ves. The-strawberry cater s costume was notmrn as w;ls ordinnrilv worn in l-'rancc at that tiuTBTT and he had n curious hat, which the weather lieing warm he hatl placed on the table by his side. ''He is a foreigner," whispered some in the dressing circle. "Bcrhaps he does not know Monsieur leComte." Monsieur le Cointe seated himself at the opposite the unconscious stranger, and called loodly, Gamm I" "Uureon," he said, when that functionary np peared, "take me away frorri the nasty thing f (dinting to tlie hat aforesaid. Now the stranger'a elbow, as ha read bis jour nal, waa'xa the brim o" the 'nasty ihing.' wticb wiU a very good bat hut of Britinh forro and maks. The gareon eroharrasaed. "Do voo hear me 7" thundered the Cennt Take tne that thing away, I No one has a right lo place hie bat on the table. "I beg.yvur pardon," said the strawberry-eater, politelr, pi n ing the offending article rin his head and "drawing his chair a little aai'ie ; "1 will ruake room for Mousieur." The gareon was about lo retire well satisfied, when the lill called after him "Have I twt cnminnnded you to take lhat thing which annoys me awnyr "But. Mi usieur le Cointe, the gentleman has covered himself." What ihs that matter to me T "But, Monsieur le ( omte, it in imptswible." "What ik itnWisilbla ' ' "Thnt I should take that gentleman's hat." "Bv no mean," observed the stranger, itnroe- ering again Be so total as to carry my hat to : r .r . .. i ...l. u... .... ... - Iw. ttie laaV at tne cotuuer, aim ns ue., on u.; i nan to nw m -i - --ej. . .... f-.-. .m In .m.,,1 r ii. -., ..I lilt. . Hit Ol." FI V..... , "You speak Frent h passably well for a for eigner." and the 4illy, stretching his arras over j th-table and hkiig his neighbor foil in the ' (ace -a titter of cm tempt eoing ronn.1 the circle, "I am Mt a tm-itmer. Monsieur.'' P "I am sorrv for tltat,'' . "ao im Vs I f .I.a "May one, without hidLacraliah inquire why ?' ". ertainiy IWanil, ii' 1 were a foreign, r, 1 should b . si.aretl the p.iiy of soclng a conintriot be'h'iv ug luiuself very itjjcly." "Meaning nic' "Meaning, pre-isflv, you." "IK. tii i knew who I am ." ftd.itl the "o-.nt, IcnT turniug lii oa. k upon liua), and i.wiiig ihv rs- n, us m i h as In toy, ".'-i iilhthv ! i . . will brush 1 1. is (hi ir er. ainn ." ' "Mon-i -itr," r. plie i l!i -ir.t i,err -caler. with Hiliielie in his lone, "l h..v. the liuiior i.ol to know von." "iK'.iiii oi' nn .iiVl I in Jit Comiedv V ." T..e slriwli. rry-tawr li.oi.rd up, and theeay, l'.v,l-n.,iirtsl iiutr was gone, (n it place i I Of:, w.tli ,i .. ei :iv crew Welch ll i-.icil liite are. and S nn. 'Ill (hat set il-el. vi rv lirtii.y. b rtiu I lunli. .1., V ' 1... r. '1 ! "1 1 1. , 111 , '..'. ."Ves Mniieur n l what have vou to nv af,.,.nw. j,;,,, " j "I ? O, nothing." "Thai may Is., well for v oa." j "Put there arc ihtue wfin -ay he ! toward "That i-eumuh." aid ih? l.-il.y, slai -ing It. -this "tcti." Monsieur wiil lbl iusj muut hwOM.Al this a! Ires," handing him s card. I shall not uvuble Uiyseil feci! Aloniour I lo Cpniie.' reoliisl the strawUrrv-eater . liul tearing the card in two. "Then I shall sav of Monsieur what h milting himself to lie, said jut now of me, "Aii.l liiat is?" "That h it a coward." per- "Vou inev nav what vou nleaae. Monsieur le Comic. Those who know roc would not heiie ve TOU. and those who do not -mv faith! what care I what vou liunl: . "And tho;i- tlimi art a Frentdi-msjn!" No one 6ir a Frenchman could have thrown so iniieh disdain as he did into ihe tauu.' The strawberry -eater matie nn reply, 'mi turn- ed his head and called '(.iareon !' ' The w. or treniidinc creature eiema np age in, wondering what in w dilemma was rrenarcd for iiim. and J slissl quaking some ten yards olti "(iareon," said the stranger, "is there a room I vacant in the hotel." "Without doubt, Monsieur." ''Hut certainly. They are all large own spar' mcnts." ! " Then engage the I irgijst for me to-day, and I another--no matter what lor Monsieur le j Cointe." t .... . ... . "Jionsieur, I give mv own oroers when ne- I J . ,. . . . r ,f you please this tu the w tiler. ) and prepare my room.-." Then the straw lierry-witer returned to his strawberries. The bully gnawed his lips. He could r.ol make head nor tnil lo this phlejrmatie opponent. The circle grew a little w ider for a horrid idea got abroad lhat the omit had not found one who was lilcelv t i suit him. ami thr.t he would have to seek el, where what he want- si. It. ' VJ "-nA roused the bill- , . ,, . n. Me j jjK'UWi tft a w,r yj"'n -rao"tt "'L". ol no" ! ... . . , ., I ' . . " ' I "I 1 winc'i auioii'.' i un n oi noni " i. Ill Monsieur le k nw is fill am..ns; m : . r Cointe possibly n" honor ." ask rediiliiy. me. or will you ;.i full . iv l.imelf tin p.irtui .'lit -a It U'li f," r.pli.-d Ihe I e,t me other. w i;h a !n"i "I In "Will vou figh! yieirself with I iiol ! ' niiiiol lc ' omit, gnadi .1 j " If Mijnsii'ur ie ' t . . e -..-.i I triMthle to iu company me toihc ;i I no doubt i-' now in. .pa:. .! lit.' n .1 I.,. - itisf. IT, I. i sir.i'.i r. rising, "i nil .1 " -aid i' king .1 v -.1.1 i ha; 1 ar. i:i lhat smile. w 1 1 c.ia.i-. i :ii:i v, ; inariiK. 1 only beg to oh o n anus ; but if you " t h, don'i iru'iMc yotu lid : Se sti-.iiurer i1 !i u . not air lid to fotlow me , I This iu .-.lid ii. i ..;..- snfli. letiily l.ood fit: ' the ncare-! :. ie.'ir, an I Mie eir- ie pirted ii- ! and lell, like s.l i.ttd slut , , as the iw.i v.a'i.c; ; lnW li d. til , muse. f no one to ci what to ii - i Wa th.-re no one lo cali 'p.ilitv,'noonc ( and ii -seii ! The tli.. -a 1 "1 -i d eVi! II on ; and every one bre.ithcil Iree IV now in it he Kin V I the victim was -elee' -d. M .."lOvi r, no one sup- I ponl it would end there. ( the (.ouut and his ine.n-1 werciis'mreuiii- ! to the apartment ptp.treil for liie latter who, a- i soon as the gareon had ! ft, took of! his coal and i pri.eeile.! ti-mve the 'wuitnre so ii to leave j the room free for wnal wasofnrMuw the Count standing wilh;'u tj" ! while. The deck, being cleared for action tliel stranger Inckrsl (he tlor, pi t "e l i!i i !.'L'y on ihe i m nitle-pieee behind him, and said : " 1 think you might have helped a little, hut : never mind. Will you give, mu your attention for live minutes?" 'T'erfw-ily." "Thank yon, I am, as I have told you, a j Frenchman, but was educated in England, nt i oue of her famous public schools. Had I been sent to one of our Lycecs I should, erhaw, ! have gained more book-knowledge, but, as it is, I have learned some things which we do not teicti. and one ot them is, net to take a mean atl-j variuurc of anv nun. but to keen mv own head with my own hands. Do you understand me, Monsieur le Cointe f " I cannot Hatter myself that I do." "Ha! Then I must be' more explicit. I learn ed then, (hat one who takes advantage "of mere brute strength against the weak, or who, prsi ticetl in anv art, compels one unnracticecj in it to contend with him, is a coward snd a knave. I ... j: , Zu Do you follow me, now Monsteur le OmteT I come, Monsieur- . Never n,nAt" wn8t ,n,: fon,rn, with what you will get. 1 or example to fal- , low what ;I was obserying-if a man skilted '(N the small sword for the mere vicious love of qnarrellmg, goads to madness a Isay who has never fenced in his life, and kills him, Uwtrnan ,. a mnniercr ; annjuore-a cowaru.y nuirtier- j . i s. i . fa I I.- LawvL 7 ii.iv i 'i--ajei inii . i ni 1 1 1 1 . iii1 i' ni. "I do ;ne to e smwherri,-. with pis- j !ia,ne..(aryora(oiy, have the young I . COBTltlcwl h him uolmoTt lUt tola in my pwket replied the other, m the i Secretary bv his impetuous eloquence i which , (h. ,wA h,,nrii .1 .nd fifte. .WmriiV.1 sne calm tone he had used Uroughotit. -Al- wn for Vuu from lid I.vfton We litle trf "the ' ttS tow me to continue. At tie school of which I lurt of delaite,") by his tremendous powers J . ,V n 8,1Preme hleve spoken and in th-society of men who have I f k'n irolly and merciless .areasm, came off Court decides hat we are not ' General As grown out of it, ami o'hers where the same hahit victor in neartv every contest. Certain is it that r"bl of No!,'b "ro," ,l"nk nf ,b conf: of thought prevails, it woultl lie considered lhat t,c great Irishman, whose skill in swaving a ",on would ensue, (be interests lhat would a man who had been guilty of such cowardice I muititiide can never be ouc-tioiied, learned, as'00 affected; "confusion woise confounded," and knavery as I Lave mentiontsl would lie just- pope said of Addison, "to tnat more civilly" j and no mas can measure the disastrous results ly puuislttd If, stime day, he should I pjd in 'he yiaiug patrirJan, who ei.u!d boast of tuote j of that conlnsion. It se ms to me the proper hl own coin by mooting some one who wpul.l than a mould v pedigne. ! C3uie. lo pursue is to ask (he Supreme Court take him at the same disa-lvantago as he placed j in isit, then Lord Stanley, he split with the to indicate to us what its decision may be. that poor boy at." . j Whig party on the ipiestion of the Irisli Chtsrch j ttaa question of such importance as to '0- I l . r s, , -!, ,1 u t rour ur ..,. I anil iotnetl the Tories. ffc ace. lit cd otli.V tin- : ..k il.u C.ui.1 n!,,.l..A nrnn,.,i.n. . I McJnsiieitr, sUthe Count ; "lot this farce end." i i xe-ntly. 1 hose gentleman, wi.;. i r ; ;n- I ions 1 now venttirc-to ex"rr-. not having that ' r-raae for blood which distimrniahal im who I , i . . . .. j,ave not nan a similar eiifurnteneti education , .au ,T" " OTW. r 1.1 ...l 1 1.. I . . . . I I SI 1 1 i nr a.. v ihtpi t HHHtl llliL' VflltlMI I r- .i Lh AiftMt. i... ;. ; k..:t:-.: . ligation beutting kt..-rv and his cowanlici " "Oh I 1 see ; I have, a !awv. r to ileal wiih," sneered the Count. ' "Tea. I liave stntiieil a li'Mc law. reit I re- 1 . it. x . his hi j, .. i i , i . i i (1 iiiiitii.;i,'i r .1 ai" grrt to y 1 nm aNiut io bncaV one of it pr.-vi- tons. ' "Ymi will fight me then?" "is. At the limd we have been speaking , of, 1 i. ir a I iiniongkt other lliitigx, the fist of ! my hand ; antl, it' i mistake not, I am alxuit lo ive yu:i s sound a ihrasliing as any b illy ever Hut." "You W'i'ilil take . Iv .i f vour skill in the'iox'.'" sii.1 the l oan , gu;iinia it: i le pale. "KxilT. Just yo i ii... k aalvanla're of ro ir skili in the amali sword with iH.r U ." "It ii it is degrading brutal." M dear M .nsiei;f " iiitn eimidcr. Yon are linnr incite lailernmi Ihiriv or foiiv bill- gr una heavier ll a i Ian. I have el.hun seen mi ;ine no .mi.tidi . ii vou were lo hit me a good win-'tmr Uuw il would eo I in I with m. In the iiuc wav, if poor rounir I) badgntoevr never h.ini us lo the rem ii k.ibie abililica ot vi ur L'or.l, ii mould have gone hard with yoi. I such a man. HwMhewrX ahali miiy.toiatJi..huUl J.Vtr eye'and ' Lord D rby w. an aceompli-hcd scholar i f perflnp dei'rtve rrrt rf n loath or r, nttiMppik the oiu.CuhlouciI type, and du.'lnxfie last rcrir in froiti : wli -reas you killed ilim." of hi life emuaivod his leisure in Irm-I I'iie. " I will not ,i r itiis barb irons eneo'inter." h ... tlone inll.ii .' Would 1 ou t'l'isl : I h'lle vou like a little brand.' before we begin ? No! I'lac" vfMiie'l on g'u.rd, then, if viei pleae. I W mu I U i d'Uiv with y.i, an I o i -re tit to ' appoa-. then ymi sbnll have wtirrwven,Te- inn.!-, tfien vim Nluitl ti.irewurrwven.Te even ! Willi Hie fiiian swoitl, n y.ei pieusc. ai preaeni Millv ivward knave, uke that, and that, and And the wirv little Anglo-Frank was ns good as bis word. In lex time Uum it takes to write it. the irreat lirairirart was rendered iinieure.'nt- able for maiiv a long day. That luiiniwr one tauetsl him il. sec fifiv suns beaming ir. the fir- marncnt wifh his right eye : tAol nuuiber two pnslucc.l a -inular plienoniciion with his left ;. I f.W numtier three ohiigetl dim to swallow a i fruut Loutli. and lo observe ihe ceiling a liltlc I more atteuiively than he had hitherto done. j And when one or two other fttis he! completc- i iy cowed him, an. I he threw onen Ihe window and called for help, lite slrawlierry-cater took I him by the neck and well another and lower i.i .i i i. . i r . ii. i iwrt, and Hung uiui out ot it on lu Lie ItuWer Ls-i. hull That strawlarrv-enter remaintsl a month m Bordeaux lo fnliiil hi promise of giving the ( 'ount his revenge. But then, again, the bully met with more than hi match. The straw berry eater had had Amrelo for a master as well as Owen Swift, and after a few passes, the Count, who. was too eager to kill his man felt an luv bleasant scnsaiion in his riirhl niioul.ler. The seconds inlri-eel. fuel there was an end of the LLJ urn It was hi last duel. Some one tiriiH.'-'f 1 " C liriMllusU ed a sketch of im as he appeared lieing thrown j out of the hotel window, and ridicule so awful lo a F'renchman rid the country of him. The strawberry-eater was alive when the battle of Alma wa fought, and i the only man to whom the above facu are known who never talks about them. I)RD DERBY. The death of Lonl Derby, so long the leader I u: ihe- Tory party, aud UierreieiiiaUyc of oue Inc. . Thai he was a gn il man in the hiIic-t sense we cannot claim. Sir Robert Peel's remark that he was a marvel of chwpictitv hut no statesman can scarce! v be cau'eeivetl. Ami vet that he Was h-.elei of in mv and g f , versatile, tHi-lsl-t , of i , u umni ite c mriuie r. i I rehires, few u of his bitterest political ailve. -aries can de- So bm- i .I.-. -!. In- I I nasi a LTcit part in the I.i tory ot ir c i . pn-ent in hi Ii'. md m i-i clmirahl rintrv, so completely did he nil thai is noblest ami liest of a ela- destined probablv ..oi -ai. " ill our'en lie I.n r, tin: a brief sketch of tns mie i -l ! in ue of hi i !t...actcr may hereditary inner and not be iiu- a i i ' a!i:e to o t: n-.ltl.-r. It", was Isiru Man h '-.l b, 17?'. at Kuowslcy, I the tain, ly scat. His huaiiy have for . lu ri--lioiiT been leiiowiiisl for courage, gciu-rO'ity, ail j tho tradition tl kiiilitlv virtue.- leliiKTe.l wiih a .-eriaui we-uiu .. anil '. ii-ilsen.-e - di iiiigui-b-ed u'aive all ' their Irftincity an. I holding inst ! to their iroad tnottu Sins Their irinie, unlets!, is interwoven with Eng- ! lish hisiury in evi v pin e in warriors, schoi- I ir-, nioo-of-letter, i. ver oi ieni'.., k. en smul- ! men. Tin- most oeKdirated i prescnijiive inihc ' unity oi' t i i r.i 1..' i 'hi la-t elan wn tho j raudl'ather of the late E trl, a fal inan-aHiuit- own, who drunk "iu'altlu five la'iio.'in deep" , with t!!mrles Fox and married Miss Fairen the 1 lieimlif il actrc-ss, anil whose great claim lo im- ' iu irtalitv is lhat he founded ih" worhl-renown-. d rav'Ci'of ".he Dirhy" antl "ihe (wks." Lord j I Jevly .Eton and Qxfuril, which i latter place iie icl'l without taking his degree, although he wa reckoned a line classic! s hoi- j ar. lie !i .' d to become afterwards Chaneelior j of (h it fainous F"iver-i;v. In '1821, then plain MV. Stanley, he entered t Parliament a the member for Siiavkbridgc, but j never addressed the House until 1821. Ilia first I speifli won unstinted praise from no less a critic j than Sir J.iiins Mackintosh. The whig Ktrty, into who e ranks he itiiulied hints: If lit accord- I au.'c with (he traditions of his house, went wild with delight over the brilliant young orator 'fhe t.irtv was lamentably weak in Parliament i ami .(' P'l.liam.ut, and such an accession to Mr. Robbitis sartl he did not think the Su their rank kindled hoie agnin in despondent preme Court was the proper tribunal lo deter 1. l easts. The young Oxonian did not fear to I mine this question ; that each department of measure himself with the greatest o( the Parlia- j tle government was judge ol its own consti mnitary ieatkrs, aud people owned that the i ninnal powers; Olympiana cenerallv came ofTsicond iiewt. Mr rj, jMy miA ,c believed that this was a I nder Lonl t.-rey i administration he wasaiv , qnstioh, a qnesiiou that the Legislature, " J., i.n-.. . . . ... i fT "TJS iZ"JZYlT ill ! t onnell and Imc-i it, the mcinoi v of woich sun i KbilM ,r rec,,,,,,, of many living Eng- i i,hme... OTJonnell alhVted (o look down ion the lad, ami went so far on one occasion as to ! fo uu. ...j ,, ,,-ineof l)irth j;fcH bv his vouthful rival. This drew ! . m,m,r of OTonnell's own partv, Sir ! J b(,rt pw (U MilmK teptho flave I ' ,h(1 - Ut nUetnaii taun;ed ! with .rist.aratic demeanor. 1 rathef think ! . nnuuiu ... ... .. . ,.ti,.,..., v., ...... "v.v .. , ! worealmt jHwcrfuf opponent in dtb.ite. 'ri i.i-. i j. it. a I FI.-ie who Iistt ucMl io Ihetr f nsN of rar- tier P. 1 1 amf became a lower of strength to the . p-irty lie uuu so long opoetI. Jmt lie anil I'eel , were uot calculated bv their natures to Work harniotiioui Iv. He resisfcJ IVel's meiesiires , . ' i j . ... . .i . leomng towaro trve iratie to tne itteat i-neis ui , I . . . " ....... ........ ,1. ... (I... ' . .r .....I I i i:"V'rrr: ".V -TurJ V2 . -in' J - 'iiioiiou - r.i... t.,' ...... a. -..i.t Ke fi,S l.imwir "V Mil. m-'J I ' J ' ' " - - . allieil to a parte, which, through the inevitable t rhangw h.-ougiit about lime, and nolablr by the I .kf cti..n of P. elV immediate fid lowers to the j oi j o-itii -i, had iH-eome lamentably weak. He ; rliad a hi active supporter i nly two men of ' ... . ird 4la!;:y--L.:J George IWi.UihJ. 1 ! and Mr. DUraell although he w is npheM by l'ie ioHuituv of "the Iron Dike." The opposition w.t now tron in iiumien uii'l stnuig in nteu of experience, chief ainnmr whom 1 i Paliiieralo'i, who s.on afterwards al- i uiinetl theehief powur. Willi the changes and ;r.iggM($ilie n tt iwentv year, during which i.'JPri 'aim f .n i" e i -1 1 v- Uic first in in. nr readers are familiar. Thrtce, again: tre- uieiiieiiis e l., Wilha curate an I conntaiicr which will ever endear Ins name tu his partr did he .now Lord Dorbvi light his way into ucwtr. until, warned bv the ranid udvancea of , old age, he resigned in' 18 W his psrtT into the hands of his ablest lieutenant, Mr. Dfcracli. To ids policy lor the last thirty year, we ourselves naturillv e-. I oiip.xcJ, but such antagonism can the Iliail of 1 1 omer. He has giyen us a version, which, of all tii. ...ii.. translations of the immortal bard, h i long ltoeu our favorite, and which would have given iiim no mean name in literature iiad he never lieen known in history as a great Parliamentary leader. In private life he is said to have been singu j lariy genial and mtrry. and his splendid beue- I tactions during the Lancashire l ..... ! lexm le forgotten by thotnands .f necily ocr' ! fives who owe so much to h's great-henru.; I duirilies. lie Uied without Pain at Knowsiey, tt, , in his 7 1st year. lie is succeeded hy his son, ( Lord Stanley, who, in solid ability, i perhaps superior to his illustrious lather. THE LEGISLATURE. ' k EN ATE. Fwday, Nov. 10, 18C0. The House was called to ordorat 10 a in. The Secietaiy pioa.-we.Ic-d to read iho Jour nal ol Wednesday, which Was appro veil. A message was loceived from toe flume ol Ri-preswiitativM, transmitting resolution, re questing the Public Treasurer to report the anount of bonds issued to the various rai,i..i... The tesotutiop was concurred in. Mr. Graham itttroduord a bill to secure the teiurn to f fin Public Treasurer of bonds issued .o eT'i.i.iiioi i.i s'i e.iin 'ant, w..e:i T...I..M l..i1..... A r-.r;.r.-a .. been declared illegal by the Supreme Court. i i at en on me caicuuar. Mr. Respass, a bill to repeal an set authi ii zing Ihe Secretary ol State to furnish the coun ty office: s with blank books and station eiy. Referred to the committee on Propositions aud Grievances. Also, a bill to amend an act (o regulate the proceedingo in the purchase and safe of real estate and personal property. Relen ed to the committee on the Judiciary. .t.!,i ii,.-.-.e. ,n cennitf-Case."- Beterred I..!- c .'limit t .-e on Education. Sir. Jimes iTf WaTce, a riinofept 9 ot an a. t suspending the code of civil juoce dure in cei lain caees,' ratified March 22, IbG'J. lie'crrea to the j.. dietary C 'mminee. Tilt: CALENDAR. A bill to repeal an act concerning fisheries in Car'- rt eoiin'y. passed its ihml readings. Mr. Gin'iiun s l.'e-sihitioiie propoeii g to'ayse a committee to investigate and report in rela tion lo .Slate bonds issued to ihe W N C R ii C '.. was taken up. Alter some discussion Mr Sweet moved tTis t lie lesolutio.i be made the special order lor fill sd iy next. ! A.; i co.isidi-iable di-enssion the motion o! Mr Sweet to p s-none theconsid raiion ol the resolution tiii Tue.-d.iy nt xl prevailed. A mi's...;" tvs received from the 1 loose en rrosstnga hid w hich passed lhat body nullior ,..i. a (he State Tieashrex to pay per diein and nilleMge, lor ihe coiiMtleialion ot IheSennle. Mr. Ii, sia3 ii.Uoduce.l a tell Hi relation lo ! o ni teily repoits lo be required liom railroad ompatnes. Mi Sweat moved that (he reo n dor f oin Orange, an. the bid ulionsof the , proposed by , s Mr Iti?: ass ne placet; on trie caKT..;r and made the special order lor Tuesday next. Toe motion prevailed. Joint r.-soluiion in relation to per diem and mileage ol' members reai! the second lime Mr Jones, ol W. ke, offered a resolulion in f.iVor of Ch u ic., M.-infey lor the sum ol 3 1 - j - . - i noon Ins claim againsi li.e Inane Asylum of I MnMh Carolina. Referred lcj the committee on Pi opositions and CV:ti. j Mr SiV 't-l said he desire I to offer a resolu- , tion requesting ihe opinion of die Supreme Court iu regard to the legal term ol the Gener al Asseui- Iy, as he desired to know what would be tin construction of the Constitulion in (his matter when (he subject would be pre- senled in due foimnf law. 1 . m lis opinion, nan not tuip power to ueeiue. " the Supreme Court was the pro- ., , , . r PU,J ; J . . . . Mr Sweet said he cncarred with the Ser.- 'r("'' -Kowan (Mr. lhat the terra ol office expires in August next and he wished to have (lie opinion of the highest tribunal iu the Statu it. at such was ihe case, ne disa- greed however wilh the Senator from Rowan in his decisratioi branch of ihe Gov- , mment are sole judges of their constitutional , ,fteTT.Te 'WtJTTwr WW : OtHIV UmWS T I IS I . . I MM orirr mid tht Snptvme Court decid- .!,.. ti.a : l Ifivn - decision. The eonstruelion Would he accented accepted tn this body without a single dissenting voice. I trust that this decision will be requested and the, whether it be for two years or tn,.jtvJ,.H ill be aeeepttd by this - j - " body as the law the land, that (l.e subject , . " T be no longer a matter of contention cr i ... V, .5;rf"' .' ' ... r. U is offered a teeoln -on that the term of (he psesent General Aaaembly will expire in 1S70. Mr. Welker said it was a matter of perfect iiiihCcrvtKa. 10 ililB Witat the Itsult.of Uus 4- ciiiou minlit be, at itl any caw he did not ex pect to U in ibis body alter the pivsrr.t term, but he. differed Irom Ida liieud, the Iroui Crareu, in regard lo the it rpretat ion of the Constitution. He always iusiaied that Lii UurwtltiMkMuil Convention did make lite term lour year, lie was anxious that that tnaifer thool'l go before the bupremc Court, for lit i ery reason that jve oaiimit delennine the mat- J fr. 7. ,hH Jj?1.. W" mmt l! " rtM I 10 lt,-' niay ko to our homea so i l t!,e c',' 1,1 po to the Siii.i. me Court, w'.. It I 'y decide ditl' ieiitly fivrn the opinion rd th niajorily ol this bode, which can end in I oilier w ay b it coiifuaioa lu all the deiiai tinent i , ol the government. government. Mr. Graham said he believed this political qmstion cau ouiy be deciued by the Congrosi ol the UniletJ S aie , that this was the "etlled opinion of the rvpre of the North Carolina, and be believed that no power outside ol Con gress was competent to decide. Mr. Hayes moved that the Senate adjourn to met at 10 o'clock to-morrow. Lost Mr. Jones, of Wake said he believed this ' ut Ujti,wiii(i(porAo4 ou4ftii which could owe before thi btidy. Ju tte last ses sion of tnis body he did not desire roMiold the seat which he- now held, but the people of hi county bestowed on him honors which he Sid not expect. 8o far as his connection in the matter was concerned, it made no difieience whether it held for two years or until H72. j He had 00 hnentnlioii in sayioie that the term . exteuJ tn IM70. It was uot oidv hts oniu ,: b , .l orMnion of thA i.utiei. r ' i - . j - ' ' Opinio!! judicial bench. liu was in favor of the resolutions the mailer to tne Supreme Court. to carry Mr. Beiiamy moved for the previous ques tion upon tba substitute offered by the Senator from Forsy the, namely : resolved that the term of the present General Assembly will expire on the 2nd Thursday in August, 1870 and do hereby beclare ibis to be the construction of ihe Consfitutionol provisions va the sjI-jjci. Yeas 38, Nays 3. Mr. Sweet did not wish to vote either in the negative or affirmative on t i u j . i o... u (he General Assembly woul . prolong it ses sion beyond l.fTO, he woij i lender his re.-ibna-tion. Mr. Beeman Mid as there was a JinVrence of opinion in regard to the term of "in c m the General Assembly, lhat the qii ha submiUed to the Sqpreme Court. Yvaa 't&, nays 10. On motion the Senate a until 10 X M., to-morrow. . . - HOUSE OF REPRESENT ATIVE& I B1P.IT, NOV. J, Idd'J. Tl e met at 10 o'clock. Pioceediuga of Wedneeday read and appro v- rUuciii,ii, noni tuw vutnniittew- on Eelucaiion, teporle.1 back he bill providing lor itw-comrnwtior? oflSrtoofOrjTmrmleiW,- with an amendment to stnke out tbat ...towmg five cent" mileage. Laid orer. Mr. Welsh infrodnced a resolution proviilii for the appointment of a committee to invest j. gu'e alleged frauds in lh ininiii,m.. .. .- ., - - ... D . .v , - ' tu n ru-l p.,., l,r,n Mr. kVcIsii said grave charge? Im ! been mud ngamst certain parlies for peculafon and t ai d iu the management of bonds issue-; . ,: -. ... ben efit of Certain utilroad corporal ion. Ti,.--e re ports had been boldly circulated, and htd nev er been denied, and lie understood (he Presi deiitsof stune ol these roitds were anxious lor the invesiigaticTs jiroposed by the resolution. He moved for a suspension of the rules to place (he resolution on its passage. Mr. Ingram would Support cheerfully some measure looking to an investigation, but hoped the matter wont ! be postponed, in oiderthta bill, whfch bad leen prepared, of much stronger ,,. n.ieht ho introduced fill ill. I; .i,i-ttuft tion ol (he Iltiust. Mr. Sinclair, while he favored investigation thought to suspetid the rules for the puipo.-J named would be too hasty, an.! tnovtd ti.-,i the resolulion be piinted and placed on the des.;. of members to-morrow nwniug. Agreed to. Mr. French introdu'd a resolution direct ing the Public Treasurer to refund seventy dolla-s lo Henderson &. Enniss. Laid over. Vr t-tii;t'- llfcllLK.iM. -i- ,li. .i. a ,f ..i. .,i. in--ii- iu, a joint resouuioa calling a convention of the people to assembld ,u Raleigh on the 5t!i of April. 1870. On motion of Mr. French, the resolution was referred to toe Cotawittcc oa Pioposiliousaiid Gr.evance. Mr. Hani?, of Wake, introduced abi!I to ie peal sections 5G, 57, 58, 59, 60, (il ond 02 of chapter 270, of laws ol sesior. of lSuS-09. Ordereil to be printed, and referred to a spe cial committee ot three. Mr. White introduced a bill amendatory cf (he act laying off homestead and personal pro perty exemption by addit." tfi Mecliou 1, tho words ' hmeial exMsnes." .Relerred to the Committee oo Propositions and Grievances. Mr. Justice ot Rutherfcsj-d, introduced a bi'l to authorize the Public Treasurer to pay to tho members of the General AfSctnLly .!.t ir per diem and mileage, due them hy act of last ses sion. A message from tjie Governor was received, enclosing a communication fiofli the State Au ditor, calling attention to the same subject, and stated there existed, doubts as to ihe authority of rhe Auditor to audit claims lor per diem and mileage, die. Alter some remarks from Mr. Justiee in a !-v.-oacy of the pasange ot his bill, the rules were snspeotled and the bdi panse-i its several read ings. i1 ' Mr. Ferebee introduced i frill etendingttma to tbe 15th of January, t-70, for the Sheriff to aetlle with the Public treasurer, Iaid over. nr. Smith, ol Aliegliany, intiotluced a bill changing the line bttween the coimtiee of Sur ry, Aliegiiany, Wilkts nod other c -cntiea. Re ferud. nr. Vest introduced a bill to imipel Sher iffs jo pay oyer tsxVa w ithin ihe nine prescrib ed by law, under penally of forfeiting tier of fice ; and if they alteanpt to act in the capacity of Sheriff afterwards, five years' impr.sctioieut nt hard labor. Referred to He J .doi.ry Committee. CA.LES1MR. The reaolntion of Mr. Seymour, 'main taining tbe honor ar.d good faith of thai State arid toe inviolability of the public debt." was rea I. , . , .vs 1. Mr. Maloue offeretl an amendment fo the 3d resoiiilion by insertica altfir 'Hndt Lled- uet.a" tbe words "legally incurred and hou eetlv dtaptssed nf aa to h.-r bonded debt, r Mr. Seymour reganled tlif prootd anventlmeut as an kbouid one. To adopt it would Le lo cay thnt vrv person prop- I s i I 1 I jajxHxH

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