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North Carolina Newspapers

Carolina watchman. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1832-1867, July 10, 1846, Page 2, Image 2

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I ' ; : 1 1 t i 'V ; '. w 1 1 t '( I- 4- It 4 . i it. .i i r in jnnoiner xo umn-vy puuu i ' stable letter friW the j Patriot Sage o A&hland to a gentleman in Ndw York I Si'l . uih. Which he dwells, with a just pride, upon umn we puDjisn m the Patriot Sage of the beneficial reiults ofthat greft system OT national polidy, of which, In conjunc tion with Mr. Calhoun and the amented wndes, Iifj wai one of the founders, and ;THE CAROLINA WATCHMAN.; r"" 't ' Salisbury, C4' it nFRIITAY.EVENING, JU L Y 10, lW6.r. . . i I sistille affection tor hf farmers ahJjT djwa-shall manage to weave int6 Uieii4W speeches the folldwin - " ! x- If you love 89 we Your votes for u the FOR GOVERNOR; William A. : Graham, OF ORANGE COUNTY. beautiful iinesi : ore I g work will do. '"Ui news . 4.V toAvhich, while 6 fallen off, h has if4 a century, givi .il- Atliprs have wavered and w -r - t f for more than a quarter a, century; given a nr n, coiuuicni: auu - fficient sUDDort. This etter will doubt- ess provoke somn harsh criticism and per ians subiect Mr. Clay to ungenerous and injust imputatiohs. It will be Ba d, doubt less.1 that he is again preparing to take the :,, field as' n candidate tor the presidency, C and that this5 letter is intended to, keep his: ; name fresh in the memory ot tne-peopie ihd thus his assailants will hojie, to; im pair its effect, assailing the motive of he Vriter. iut the letter itself tvill show Hat it was naturally elicited by the occa sion, and we presume jvvithoutany design d its publication. We : have no idea, in leed, that Mr, Clay wilt ever! aain per mit his name to je brought before the A inerlcajr. people as a I candidate fori the Presidencv r and while we I would as cheerfully as ever give hirri iur humble lUppbrtjif he shjould consent to occupy Hat position, we unhesitatingly, at j the tame time, exprriss the hope, fhut, uriless here should be i great and scarcely to be anticipated change in public feeling, he will: never' again abandon the retirement o which the voi:c of his country by -a if jnost unfair expression of it, however v .' Juas consigneu niin. i no rresaaency; can ud nothing to his fame, which will be as nduring as the nnnalsi of his coimtri, on very page of which, for nearly! half a cen- tury, it is so conspicuously and gloridusly fjrnblazoned. His name is alrea ly histor ic like that of Washington. W ly should he desire ; a position or why.isjiould his Jxiends desire it for him which " cannot dda 'cubic to his stature," and the ; loss f 'which cannot detract from thk colossal grandeur of his character ? j One remark in Mr. Qlays letter is enti cd 1 to the scriojs consideration of,; the cjbuntry. It is this-that evert pjrediction rr We ire authorised to announce Hezeklal Turner, as a candidate for sheriffat the ensuing Au gust election. 03" We kre authorised to announce J01'; Graham, as a candidate for sheriff at the ensuing August election. - r. Git A Gov. GRAHAM will address o lzens at ipe piaces anu umo - At Reid's Store, Iredell, Wednesday, July lo. 20 " 22 24 25 The Charlotte Jeifer soman, paper under the management ofJ:pv.;. Hampton, well known in these parts, takes a very bold stand against all thoe jwho. have the independence to express their views in opposition to the course pursued by President Polk in relation to the Mex- ican war. Tories and iratiors are ij- It is hard under j k f. .THE FOUIril OF JULjYi it - usbured In here by the filing of platoons d martial rhustc at ihe dawn ofday by, the 'United , States VolunIeer& . under command of . Capt? Richard VV Long. At ten o'clock, the -facie company and the Salisbury Guards under Ca U Weant, assembled and fired platoons and marched to the Lutheran Church under Cohtl. 31. Bro wn, Marshall of the day, where ; a large nu: riher of citizens had assembled to join irj that part of th-'e'xercises. After prayer by $tie Relr. Stephen5 Frontis, the Declaration of Inde pendence; was read by Lieut. Robti W, Long. JUtier the close of which and after firing" a pla toon, A. H. Caldwell, Orator of the day,rose and delivered an oration which did honor tools head and heart in every particular": but espe-' r - ,-( i . - ciajly, was that part addressed to-thoser1 who hare so gallantly come forward at the call' of their country, beautiful and, eloquent. None heard it who did not admire it. As soon as it T " I if was concluded, another platoon was fired, whea W ilkesborough, Saturday, Jefferson, Ashe, Monday, Hamptohville, Wednesday Salem- Friday, . I Germanton, Saturday, i u deserves - the con- THE MEXICAN WAR There is a great deal 'of talk now-a-days about the justice of the war, we are now waging against our weak neighbor, Mex ico. The Democrats are strenuous in their ithets applied to such. many circumstances, to be thus branded : but when it comes from such a source as in this instance, it only tempi it receives. We see in the last " Farmers' Journal, published in this Towri an article copied from1 the Jeffersonian, I headed " Murder will out;w We cannot supposed jCaptain -Woodson approves the sentiments express ed therein, though the circumstance of his copying it has that appearance.. If he does, we are sorry he has so little respect for those friends of his around hirh, whose patriotism, he must know, cannot be doubted. We ask him to look around, just hero at hpme count -five jj ten, fif teen, twenty, and so on, until, if he j -will, Till! TARIFF QUESTION. THE CAD !;. .The Nat. Inteiligencer of the 2d insl. says; Messes. Ecu; 3 TV . 7 , ! w &e celebratioi. made during the past week, all debate upon the Tariff bill (the bill r. reducing some, and adding to other, Duties upon Imports upon ror i t. ' tr.. r t eiIu liuuuii ia tu erase in line uuuau ui ini" the Committee is to proceed to vote upon a t trtic a"e':rrt menorr.enis, arru unanj to voie in me nousc 5 parts of the Ccir.ty. upon the hill and amendments. - Tlie ftte of the bill in the Huuse is uncer tain. We said, when the bill was first taken up for debate,, that the majority on that que. Was not by any means to be taken as a lest of the final decision of the Houe on the subject. Our readers may also remember that it has been our opinion, from the first, that the exist, ing duties would not be materially reduced at this session ; and we have never believed that the House of- Representatives would, at this session at least, agree to lay the proposed high duties on those necessaries of life, tea and cof. fee. A peweteranco in schemes, of foreign conquest may make an . absolute necessity for such taxes, as well as for excise taxes on a num- 1 : vl! V : ing in love of countrj', home, and all its endearments ? We think better things of our Democratic friend; the conductor of the Journal. We know he is not prepar ed to apply these epithets as the': " Jeffer t support of the President, for, the course which he saw fit to pursue m the matter. he may run up to upwards 0f a thousand iney say ne am ngut, wuusi are inese au lories, irauors, etc., iacK: patriotic! sensible and good men, declare that he acted without law or authority ; and they urge, if the President is to be supported n such conduct, that, as a pre cedent, it may De me uius, o..c ui sonian- has done. ne will not, we trust, other, of upsetting the UDerties we now even have thej ingratitude to apply them enjoy as a free people. j to Mr. -Adams, who has grown; gray in The charge against the President, it oc- i the service of his countrylong before ei curstous is plain and easily made man- ' Jher ol';us had" seen the light of day, or r . mu n -r i r,u TT:)nj c. ( knew that our fathers Were ireemen. ifest. The President of the United estates rp. ; . r u' ri. , , . 4. here is one or two paragraphs of the possesses no power, to declare war against articie alluded lo which we are Certain a foreign Nation ; neither may he be guil- Captain Woodson cannot approve as a a... 'r e j 4. a. . 1,. tvt ' 1 c 4lL lu: iy 01 a course 01 couuuci lowarus any xn.- ; kuuu niusiianuu ui uic wniers &uujeci. tion which must inevitably lead to war, j We copy them, to wit:! j without! the sanction of Congress, In the case before us he was guilty of this very conduct! He ordered the American Army rT.-i-j cv. t"7...w . -.ii ', i9 cu hi 4 0 , her. of articles of-domestic production, home goodly number of the citizens of the town and , manufactures of , all kinds included. But the coonty marched to the grove just below the opinion jof Congress upon this point, unless we Church, and partook of a splendid barbecue din. ; greatly deceive ourselves, will be found to be, nef prepared by the Messrs. Bencini. Afier lhaJ affiant for the day Is the evil thereof; ,1 , , j j c tu. , ard that it will he time enough at the next sea. dinner, the table was cleared and the following . ,. . " , ., : , 0 I sion, if the continued expenses of the war shall toasts were aranK, viz : ! require it, to tax tea and coffee, and a' variety j I KtuUULtAU J OASTO. ! 01 oiner articles mai are inaispensauie to the 1. The Fourth of July: The glorious anniversary of j UBe and comfort of every household in the land. American Liberty 2. The memory of George Washington : He honored L ...u- u l. i: rr- I i: Our Country , May ahe alwava be richt. but rteht so far ll depends upon the House of Repre of Cabarrus, it may 1 a passing noiice i 1 a -Tlie oriiz3tU i delayed from two t . paraded for ihe fir i (of the Regincc:. Many beyond ihe . . cea; and auch wa j t! . that the people of. C solved to honor th? ;.i July wi $ fiid u; '. 'it- Early in the r:- r:. streets of the villa 1 1 ing with the gent i ; Be.a:.; - . Iter beamy t; ! ' 44 The sua ti.::- , You Bee the jil- might."! But tf i U : hero of , the Reo!i.-. i ' f - : j " Sevr. V Hi bril i-, f MAnJ : :.: i M He remains arnorj -t 1 For it while, k-jer! niea engaged thi-.- . But soon every eye v, - s a uce of the " Ca'.rr-. -the officers, who Vt-re the neat and elej- . form, their man!j. ! and determined ff-p. : them out as the L uy Jjiiturdav morning, we suppose, we shall j an(i admiration c 1' be enabled to anounce the fate of the Tariff bill, azzaa, porticos, a:tl sentatives. The same paper of the 4th says : The bill for the reduction of the Duties on the importa. tion of Foreign Goods and Manufactures has at the opponents jf the Protective System j to take a position in a country, (to say the as been uniformly falsified by j-esulk least of it,) about which there was a dis- ihey declared thkt the revenue would he s much diminished as to lead to direct taxation yet the revenue has always .4 been 'larger while the system wak adhered t6 than when du ies have beeiv reduced tothe f revenue standard." THey asser ttd that! the prices of the articles upon jhich the duties ivcrc limposed would be nhanced to the c insumer and they have Iwenjinyariably r nlucetl. Theyj affirmed thaj it would ''des troy commerce,, while the nnntmi Kepots of the Treasury De partment show thn its influence 'upon'that hranch of nationid industry has not been llss benign than 1 pon all others . i Richmond Whig. i pute asto title, and which country was at the time, and always had been, in the pos session j of another Nation, The Com manded of the American Army obeyed his orders, and marched directly to the utter most border of the disputed Territory, where he built a fort, and pointed his guns directlyj against a city, of the other claim ant situated even bevond the line. What " Nations, like individual?, to merit success ip any un dertaking, must have right anc justice 6a their side, or the moral eense of the civilized world will condemn them; and though by brute force they may trample Upon and conquer a veak enemy, they are as effectually disgraced, as if defeat had attended their arms. Let lis, then, take a case of individuals: " A and B go to law. A employs a lawyer to defend his cause, who gets up and says" Well, gentlemen of the Jury, tn;" client of mine, A, is a very bad fellow. He ha very uniustly protokej ihis suit, without'eause or au thority, and has incurred such heavy expenses that ruin threatens htm and, hu family. ; He ought. not to be sup- or 'rong our country. 4. The Star Spangled Banner : , Forever wave that standard sheet, Where breathes the foe but falls before as. With freedom's soil beneath our feet, i i And freedom's banner waving o'er us. I passed the House of Representatives. The 5. The Mexican IVfir : As it has progressed in glory, majority on the final passago of the bill was, may u end m triumph , 1 nineteen votes ; exhibiting a combined effect of 6. General Taylor and his Irave associates m arms : t r, . . , rr iV 7 , While we honor the living, let us not forget the dead. k,pculive influence and Party Drill, against the How sleeps the brave who sink to rest, M i unaouuiea wisnes or tno reopte, ana, as we sup. pose,;ao;ain&t heir artual instructions to a por tion at least of those Representatives ho com posed the the majority on the final vote, such as has rarely been witnessed even in the popu lar branch of Congress. . Tea and Coffee, the object without which no advan'ae to the revenue can rationally be, ex pected Irom the passage ot this bII, were struck out of it by acclamation; but; to secure the ! Hv all thfit rrinntrv'a hnnnra Klost ' . i ! , , J - w.v.. 7. The Volunteer Spirit of the Land : The atronirest Citadel of human, liberty, is the hearts of freemen,! . 8. iThe Ladies of our .Town and their Banner pre sented us : While their motto is, " Rowan thy daugh ters cheer thee onward," let our motto be " Dear Wo man.' : 9- Our own Moved State, Xorth Carolina : The grave of our sires, the nursing mother of our children, and the home of our affections. 10. Rowan County and it3 Company of Volunteers : The first in the accepted list ; we say to our brayecom- I votes of the Democracy of the Empire State, paaionsin arms elsewhere, that we follow wherej any j (indispensable to the passage of the bill,)adu- ; 1 1 y of twenty per cent, upon the value has been main pillars of our national prosperity. ' - laia upon uie article oi Salt, tDo most mdis- 12. A shake of the hand a touch to the heart to all pensabie ot all tne necessaries ot Lie, without true lovers of our country. A the daily uso of which the poorest man in the The Fair Sex : Our arms their protection, their count rv" would be unable to keen Lodv and soul i j An examination of the proceedings ! J 1J ...1 r.u ; uaic reou, ui icnu nucie Ulljf uure IU1IUW. 11 i Agriculture, Manufactures and Commerce -T.- :n r: .- i . ' llll 12. tel 13. arms our reward. VOLUNTEER TOASTS. , By Capt. R. IF. Long, President of the Day. The rr jell: i . 1 . ported in such wrdria conduct and extravagance: but.: Ylucera u. u , uuaer mY commana ? always obe- then, since he has got into the; difficulty, I arri anxious VT" u,e1word,ot command atten you should give the rascal a verdict.' Would-iany jury ! T0US to d "8ht ; ,hese ai together. received the f re est daoghtert of t - 1 beheld, wafted Ir's v of approbation. jVL ni3tlins breeze iud'.r' stripes.' Thetf y The gp:r;t I -r:. told of the - r;i r, ; war.j The process" or. ;.v ? ! ei to the Preslyilrij . tain one-third c.f.? ; ing begin with 4 f-rx Pharr. William :C 1: can Declaration of V. cible observation cn '. the work of volu:. although one pary n the less ready t i !.-.. r Country's ned. . ETh S. Harris. For fe I. could have harJ y t : In fact the litera;v nr. I these speeches, j 3 a ', remark. With i c usual in such pnt!u ; : torical allusions end Tlie proccssio j t!. ; Harris, where thri-e ! of ihe land" t' withstanding a wj there, who volu'.f rt Mexico, the reir.frcf ; resolute landlord nnJ post, with reluctant !: cloth being remote, I D. Coleman and too give A a verdict after such a defence of his cause 1 and would not A feel like kicking such a lawyer out of the Court, House as a traitor to his cause, and his worst enemy 1" L ". , H i ' ! ); i ATEU EUOM THE RIO GRANDE. of yesterday, and of the Yeas and Nays on the several questions, will show that this duty pro bably would not have passed the House, could live in ranISS, and j ,n l.ill fiir ctrmmnrr Amoran M f t inno rArAchHAiir n ' . 1 glorious and brilliant success in war. ulGl leseni protection nave ueen passea witn- By Dr. A. M. Henderson, Vice President The Ora- 1 out xX' So that the majority may almost liter tor of the Day. ; j ally be said to have been procured, as children ByTirst Lieut. Cowan Gen. Taylor and the Amer- j in the nursery are told that birds are caught, by ,CBy Second Lieut. Robert TV. Long Mecklenburg, ' 5Pr'nulS a!1 pon their tails. There are oth thef first in the Revolution, must now yield toold Rowan. 1 er lh,nSs also III the proceedings which our By Sergeant 5. W. James The memory of Major :. readers will find well worthy of their attention. Brwn, who fell nobly defending the fort opposite Mata- j The bill, having pae-sed the House of Repre- raoros : tnou?n ne De dead, yet will he live in the hearts carti;-oC Ua .,nAm .,.Mnr,i;nn : r ; ru n.. at j?i,f tt ti .1 i i ; "u "ruaic. uai us iixrunuu iijt-jr: miii uc, casion?, courn ub in . i'B"1" ncrc iu nu? rirroes WHO I i , . ., . t .1 1 ..i. mi. r a i -i i .i r- . . :i iv fl hni'P nn mpane nr inr!TinT W hnfrtvor ita I Pennine entnU.wl.ll. doWciln 'iiaitlm. A mti tvt . i vn tine lain oi .'prii, i mo, sirucK tne -nrst Olow in de- , . . ' b"o' ' .u . . i fcJI : t.ui XJ. 11 U UUU 1 1 L LIIK i lanro rt Atnarionn trff.Hm.i : IlllimniP IHlf mflV I r Ilia M 1 11PIV. Tl Vr KpnrPCPn. f " A is hfr mpnnt tn roni-ncfln ft-in TTr-.;f,l might have been expected, m such a case I States and B the Repu1Ic of Mexico. as thisj other than what actually took j The lawyer employed, by A represents place ve cannot divine. The Mexicans, ' those persons who condemn Mr. Polk on insulted and menaced, pursued the very ! account of the! War, tht Jury is composed , of his countrymen course which we, as a Nation would have ! 01 1 .,iaccs. we suppose, as they are taken under like circumstances. after call for Vo!n:e( r promptitude anJlo! :' , made by Capt. ij'.iivo. ger and others. f Au i kled in the jpaysi roj a ed from every ey V A thousa And all wci r.: Such was the ' V witti uie staii t-i ; a- 1 ' The James L: Dav arrived nt NpW Or- 'Jiana on the 23d ultimo from Brasos San- i; ago, navitig sail :u metice on tne Siuth. mong hc 'passengers she brought over ; ere Lieut. Col. Payne, on las way to j ' Washington with Mexican trophies, Ma f'"j6rs Erwitiland Fowlerj Captains Smith, Sltockton, and Page, and Lieut. jSturgb ;i a5l of the army. , I i; ' 1 . .j , , Tho riews by this arrival is njot of great iinportance. The capture of Reynosa by t Col. W!iIsort is cot Grmetl ; so isjjthe report ! t!iat GaneraJs Arista and Ampudia'had ! J It is stated that Gen. Taylor will go u v the river to Revncsa.and nrobablv tn H? -.i . . .. i inargo, in a very snort time. I f t ITl.. J L n ru li . 1 1 uov(; nentierson, 01 l exas, nas tiecn raustcred into the.feervice as a Major Gen eral. ' , Ileynosa has ben almost entirely aban )neuby vts inhabiiants.asalsotne ranchns :! betw een Matumor6s and: the' former place. ' 1 The 'Republic of Rio Grande." of the ICth instant; coatuins the lolloping pW . rhs: . ' j ; ) i i.T,m hcJIcx -n Amy. By a IMexi. ..1 can citizen, direct from Camargo", we are j informed that the Government as ordered ! !h immediate nnnearancR n(,i rianaiaia Arista and Ampudiam the city 0f Mexi co J the former to explain satisfactorily tho causes ofthe misfortunes which befel t id army in its late unsuccessful attempts , pbn the American forces the latter, no c oubt, to sustain some verv serious chare-ps jvbich he has performed against Arista. The .representations made byj hese two ; jtcftains, judgini from casukl express 5bns inimrdiatrl lifter (he dekructioii of eirj united lorcM, dilfered materially. J ellersonian thonfrhr it rco incf Aviii., i t) ...nt t?a tu. ,l i ;...if I 1 1 . . ( '"TV8 " . juok UAavily I v i-iw. 1 ire uujr nu uiaiuu iur lues- warned the Commander of the American 1 winding up matters when this case was I win dawn va the Rowan Volunteers with light A.rmy to, leave the position he had taken, j made out. The shameful conduct of A's Orator of the Day-The Volun- otherwise a resort to arms would ensue, j lawyer, who is intended to represent the 1 teefs of Rowan: give them elbow room at the table or on He-refused to obey the order, and we all ! hig party, would just;show exactly plain ' he battle reld : they will do their duty. now me mtng was working. Miserablo , rir r s . 1 itti 1 . T er- i 11 1 wivn HoLdiers are wanted for Mexico. Ort ! Who, but the Jeflersonian, WOUld i j : The! Rowan Volunteer are read"o go ever have thought of comparing the SOV- j And whether they like them or no. : ' ereurns of the !' and. to a ccra hired n yi' thlm 0 touch of Palo Alto, httives of 'the People who have manfully battled i jetT era t ify i n - t T t ! don 1 1 ' know what subsequently took place. But here we are met with the questions " Well, what else could the President have done had not a Minister been sent to Mexico to settle this question, and was he not refused V This is all true : a min r . r rr r - - lawyer, when in controversy with one ofl nied him children, that the nation might can mm rather. their servants.! Are free men bribed, or hired to speak ; in a certain channel in By M. W. Cole The memory of Maj. Ringgold. ! against it in the House ot Representatives are ! entitled to the thanks of the friends of Home t Industry all over the United States, a3 well of Uhose who till the soil as of those wjio prepare its products for market. 1 " One effect of the passage of the Tariff bill jin the House of Representatives will he to pro lion the session of Congress to an indefinite - . . n.i .r 1 -1 1 1. j .1 would, in all probability, have ended on this day gratifying H t! of personal and ... purtr waters of ?.tr. . with one voice ui yy lour of out piriu J Mtxico producr. sue when we meet ch By Col. . M. Brown, Marshall of the Day Success ! fortnight. ister wis sent toset.lethisdifficulty. That I '" rZS ho"l -1 we,fare ! act of ifself implied the fact of an unset- jce( hiredt or Qribed t0 speak.for a miser- retumhc tied boundary, a disputed territory. The i able client ? Where is; the similitude ? It j tVtBlh? President appointed Mr. Slide 11 to this is the duty of tfie one to examine and pass duty, which appointment was confirmed i uPon the conduct of their servants accord by the Senate at the next meeting of Con- I Uto its e"t,or demerit. It is the duty gress. Mr. Slidell was refused, and re and practice of the other to conceal inju rious facts, and bring forward the favor- turned jiomc without accomplishing any , abje polnts in tjie case of his clierit Ve thing. That was all regular and accord- suppose Mr. Polk is not the Nation. He ing to law. What is the next step on the j is the servant of the Nation, and if he pur subject by our rulers. to the Volunteers of Rowan, who have volunteered their ; After finishing the Tariff Quetion vesterdav. ices to go into the Mexican war ; may they triumph ,ne House of Representatives adiourned orer ta great success should they be called to the war, and ; ntj .u .11 . . .u. t home with honor to their country. , 1 L "'.' , 1 'v athan Brown May the Officers and Privates of ; Ul iM-mier nouse 01 congress, mere. unteer Company of Rowan, wipe away, when a tore, Sits to-day. suitable opportunity shall offer on the Rio Grande, under j . fl rt rT&fr i 1- 1 n it nlKpr frnllan. Innlop iVio f, 1 1 1 imnn- j I he following interesting intell igence, is ta- be done. Does the President lay the whole matter before Congress and ask them to say what shall be done next ? -Tt25 wds his duty, but instead of so doing he orders General Taylor opposite Mata moros limits o him to tnake every security against an at tack from the Army of Mexico. Was not this an kct of war? lie knew very well, if he know any thing, that it would in- tation of cowards, and forever put to silence the damning ' stain attempting to be fixed upon them ; let us rally to i .u j i r ,v a i i 1 triotic enthusiasm let us vindicate the cause of our ' ken ,rom t,ic ?Sew 1 ork Gazette and Times: coantry while there is a battle to be fought and until her ' An expedition for the purpose of taking possession of arms are victorious in establishing an honorable peace, or rUf; j l i t else let us nobly die. California, there seems little reason to doubt, has been By James Owens; Esq. I am thankful that I have the , ecided uPn by the Government. - .- - . t. - i - 1 i ..I T l i i il 11T 1 -1 1 - t t.I. VVKt r,r,,T. ct.ll 1 sues a COUrse iniuriOUSitO the nonor and nonor to dine wun our Drave volunteers wno nave ten- : aireaay menuoneJ tne tact tnat a ueiacii- . nun nuuii : --.I ..... t .i : : : j..r.. r .u i interest of the Nation, ;it is the duty of if our those whose servant hej is, not to play to wards him the part of ai hired lawyer, hut to bring him lo a faithful account Who but the man of the Jeflersoniati would ever -have conceived a different idea. It try. coun- ! ment of the 3d Artillery, about ninety strong, were to as abovo stated, to the uttermost Is vvorthy, alone, of thofee whose Ipatri ot U , . . . j, ' , , ism looks to fees and hire. I he JelFerso )f the disputed country, and orders n-an .g consieIied a . affair, altogeth- evitably lead to war. That ! march a By William Walls f Here's to our Officers and their lovely wives, . Hoping they may live peaceful and happy lives. embark with their guns, in the course of ihe week, in the store-ship Lexinston, for Monterey, and that, moreover, estimates had been csked for of the probable cost of fit- hy R.B. Pendleton Gen. Ampudia : The shirt tail ting out the line-of-battle-6hip North Carolina, to traua Mexican. He catches urn " low down in the bock." ; n ,fie ,roops to the same quarter. All passed off smoothly not the slichtcst ! " We ,earn now that Jona,han D- Stevenson, of this i . . " .. i0 U. :. t m. .i.-. .... P. S. The ".".t-cl The reason of tils I , dictated from a r, ; ble county. It t.. rrisin of otir can i'rv' good people of OuV tb occasion (as t'.rr t coanty alone all t .e : They prefer, as ipy ! to put theniselrc on : to their own ach:v. : t a Uon andcharact r : ea to abstain fre t ; boat M Tories," of Miy,1775,- "l V. and such like then . i pared to join her I ' ' i a t Die manner tne I: i " aneestry of Mec!i :.' the children of N : world ihe nakejrs - - john Buliy.. who has been 1 . al months, for .i frofti his parent- i ed pom prisoo ci! been hanging a- thing occurred to mar the good feeling which seemed to pervade every bosom. Long will the day be remembered by all who were present. Hi Ocn, Arista passejd twelve days ago o f Mexico. Geri. Uie yay of Tarn lReti' through Mohterevsome npon jiis Aval-to the citv Ampudia proceeded by CO. f 1 x of C.irjr, Pri:e'8 Rkxcixa Com- !rr!lnl rtf this company, on the morning of the 13th; 1V(5 arc jnlormed k the safe arrival and occupation ot Key.nosa by LiehtL Col. Wil- on. it met with nooinnnvWVrv,,. !.u. vay, but found, a s they anprbdehed Rey tosa, mostly all tl e farm-hotfse ahandon- t . W ' T 1 id I A I . Vur command reached thern Wrt er, and its conductor is so much accustom ed to speaking' within the contract! that he thinks it treason to speak without bonds. i Our friends the Farmers." This phrase ; seems to be quite a favorite one with the con- j ductors of the Farmers' Journal, " just issu- ' ed in our Town, as it appears in several of the ' editorial artieles in the No. befre us. Why ; i thy should have taken the Farmers under lAeir ..... .... , ; have intended to nrovoVc hostilities: and ! L.,..i.; -i. AuvaA .i.tnvOH, epec.Hl care at this time, we cannot say, unless . j auuti icuiij ii uo V4vatij m vii tig taj n a k . t Vl ASAlVkSA V la VOOnAMAikl a Km IaIaJ i . ..: . r ( ",v"r,u1"'' iwuiui iui hip iiuuu j (jreans.: It is published m the ew Urleans and treasure which it has already cost the I Picayune of the 24th ultimo, and is couched in country, as well that which it may yet re- the lancuarre of a brave man. i The fijliowinc j Captain May. It will I be recollected that frvm !mA rinnn nr. o 1 o erit n tl c w'f rl an(lat wara hostile force into a country under such I . .. f v . , , ,, i . ! J : sent ty citizens of ISew Orleans to this gallant circumstances as these, to menace her, j officef token-f ,beir ajmiralion of?hiscon. and not expect a fight on our hands ! The duct on the batlle fieu 0f ihe 9th of May. The President must have known this he must I ,B a)v rUoA !. ik rtnn city, haa received authority from Washington with Un sanction, we presume, of Governor Wright fa enlist in I this city a regiment of volunteers, to be employed in the i service against Mexico, wherever the War Department, j may judge proper to send it. The enrolment of thoee j who choose to engage in this service, it is stated in the j Poet, is already begun, and active arrangements are ma- king to have the regiment in readiness as early as the ; first of August, which is the time fixed upon for its em ; barkation we presume in the North Carolina.'' i 'It ; the iuburbsof thi town, i Thursd rncnninmnnt .J L. i J . .. . T...r...VIM, wa, tcmuvfu uho the nub k c snqare, the inbabitalits offering nd op. lositum. Gen. Cinale8l,upo l thc SuiUy irt-peding, had cii used to be published in leynosa n bando or order, llv I which! the jltizens were Allied their aliWian Ln,! toninianded nottdholdinterdourscortrade J. .tJ .1... i o that just now certain gentlemen are in need ol the votes of thr Farmers. Rut, let ihis be, as il may, we know the farmers are not to ! i. .' .li.j i .. ii,: . ii .7.7 . . .t nnirfi to snttln th rlifRr-nlt v . k:e ..t; i 5. .fl.M .Wlti.nol .. 1 uc S,,ieu u- ,,U3 same oia cune nno ,ne SUP ... 1 : i- 4 nort nf r.andinatps tvhnp nniitipnl nnr n L . 8s" . i i I " - i -" uiu viv a i i ; inimical to them in all respects. It partakes - The .high estimaHon which you have been rer much of the dema Indeed .g an pleased to attaqh to my services on that occa-' . , . , . , f lion, bears with to me, an additional value, ; msuU t0 lLe eood 8Pnso .of ,ha' respectable as it is an expression of approbation from diss of our country, to think they can be led friends of my earlyyouth. ; away by such stuj. ' In batlle opportunities ;are afforded a few to ' ; . . perform deeds whlch.if successfully acmpli.h- j Thc unkindest cul yrt.The JV Stand. ed, are attended with so much brilliancy as to j render less conspicuous other deed equally j ar 8a) s meritorious. i i f f He who votes against the right of the peo. . In the action of the 9tt it was my good for- pie to elect their own Governor, will vote, when tune, notonly to be one of this favoredfew, but i opportunity offers, or when he deeini it neces to be supported by officersjand men whose gal- j sary, against educating the children of the peo- zans here and elsewhere will labor in vain to exculpate him. The fact s are too plain. Interesting. It is a singularly interest ing fact, that the Democratic candidates : r l 'ii r . i . s. 1 1 . : ' , " f runes- ivuwau, untc, au ui lucui, a most re- Wyoming, ihe lOthjand enenmn ; ! t.-i r-J.u. r -j...., a ! ics of the country. Mr. Ellis. Mr. Fisher. . , From the National Intelligencer, of the 4th. THE SUH-TREASIJRY. The plan of a Sub Treasury now before Congress is a very complicated machine ; one, I will venture tossy, that very few understand, except i:s projectors. Rut there 13 a Sub-treasury that has been, and now is, in suc cessful operation ; simple in its parrs, and well under stood, not only by the statesman, but all men in busi ness: and thru is our manufactories, taken in the segre gate. They have the happy effect of saMy keeping the hard money that is. the constitutional money in the country, indeed, they hare got to that prosperous ex tent that they hive become an article of exportation, and consequently bring monry into the countnt. It is now and even old bald" find it impossible to conceal their affection. What a pity the Whigs had not the good fortune to select candidates otlike passions) But it is too late now. ! Whilst these Democrats ar VI , '3;- " 1 V. ... V . VIVfU s-v? ji 11 clue 1 1 a. . ' ivith the invaders! ThR skrviH ilprrWoo i maklnS tneir confessions, the poor, cold published at the differerit Jplack where it 1 hearted AVgi if theyhaVeany Jove ati a . t ! i nil Lraan ir iaaI.. j r .1 - - i American lorccs were Lanales himself keens ras supposed thd ikelyl to arrive. t n distance, a:W would fain represent nt-gvrriiia parties ot pttjeij times,' all, keep it locked up in their, bosoms, as were too "sacred W-trjing to make :a about,-; We inst feihesegentle: liivii w no recently conceited such an irre- brother officers; to say, that any onefof thera j u., gionea It) Hie jnppuriuui' wi iea.u- Ing the charge ttaV you hare thought projier to rintSrA ini wwh UJ .1 notice in such handsome terms Atrful, Fire.U&t. : Jbn has been fotaljy destroyed lost,. r - F ( Newfoundland,) by ire- t Fifty lives Certain prominent gentlemen of the Dcmo- the Anti-TaritT gp-nt'emen to red'ice the protection; given to these manufactories ; and, if money should belwanted for the extraordinary purposes of Go vernment on account of our Mexican war, the deficien cy is to he. supplied by the importation of foreign goods. But does it not follow that these goods must be paid for T which, with the expenses of our unfortunate; war with Mexico, will drain the country of all ita hard money will oblige the banks to curtail their discounts, and con sequently produce general distress in the mercantile com munity. " Let the Tanffalone, and borrow money." ' is the advice of COMMON SENSE. June 23, 1R46. -! :-. We learn from a gentleman of Stanly county day this wcekj he too! much. Tivic L 7 whipped, and now gcon, he wall .'is i:i 1 L . 4 . r . t icusk icrrur ui i.. Has he commtn ; i ' liyp by the evil c: f. S. Sinc t! this wretchedj r: ; "tender mercr.s" On Wcdnesdnl i; a rail. This t our protection; tho laws wouT I :. usj . Wc regrtjt i I as much as ai.v has been thc ; upon our coir.::, may never re tin: of such a scene r cratic party may well exclaim " Sare us from i ihat Mr. Suepard stands a little worse than n our irnus : ?,u w. juage iAjnier, uor. j bad chance in that County. He will not receive Branch, WeldanN. Edvards, Jud&e Bailey,;,, I . ,J , receive and other prominent Democrats, (who voted a- lh& Dernocrati; votes that would hare been cast gainst the right of the people to elect tbeirown for Leak. ;3Ir. Graham has gircn such uni. Governor,) say to.this libellous charge 1Rc. versally saitsfartion that they choose not todis- answ tbe night of hi HilL in ihis court-. HepryiW. Cc:.' Richards, on 1!.: . Wrru Stevens, Jr . Stevens, as pri L r .. . many inues m r not. Some cf l r er at our r p th pe.f c. " 4i 4 i- i . t ...

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