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North Carolina Newspapers

Carolina watchman. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1832-1867, October 02, 1846, Page 1, Image 1

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I ; " "-it- 1 ' ' -r- vi,;h . V !. . . :- - H..-I . . , - J ' ! . .. -.J j. -'J u : ; ! r " : i.:r.-".!- r-.i"l..i- iv:;:i;-K:lv ;;f- ' . -A' 6. it r- of r, itt ,10 111 at he hr LI. I 1 ..J.I t I I ' . . Jo DiLtAS per annum in advance. FOtiUTEt . .i.t A HCJITll Ok-SAyluTmioMiJURorE. Thj. UfrC.imbfM arrived at Boston ifroiiii iifrWtf .among 'hom are theHo inA Bi lilainck bctlnlr oniesnatihes ; and , .t ' .,1..tUtt..n Cxuikshank the carl- catunst- ERUNBR . & JAMES,' -I, Editors Proprietors.' J I t 1 IS f Keep, 4 "cHtcK all tocr SAfE. JltLEHS. Do THIS, XD LlBEMT Geu'l. Harrison. NEW .SERIES, - v NUMBER 23j OF VOLUME Hi: i. 4 r- 'A r Josqr4vnry,vchp fired at tl c King of has '.been'.ehtl'nced to jhc gallies Tl I . France rates to 3; pep ccut n The grain f-rops of j.nglahd pave been Texas Aas the test for President of the United ' States at the last Presidential election, so wuld the annexation of California, if riot the entire of Mexico, be the test at4he elect ipr of Presi dent in (he year 1848. . In gaining possession rjjf iMatarnoros, the United had gained the key to Central jMexio, and were thereby enabled to introduce their manufactures intp it without pay. The MinVf Khgttftd lias lowered their 1 roent. of iany duties.. They had thus AVoripos- session ic cuininerce 01 :uexico, wnicu was in. itself Ji serious blow to the commercial Jand gnthcrciJ, and will be an average yield. ter several remarks' on the; unjustifiable, charac. Potat6cs etc4ywiicrtjwilhbe a fuilure. I tr of the means by which the United States t.; ivL ; ti.i-rA Wn k fair de-! wcrfe wUiS ut their schemes of territorial . We have observed in several Y says the National IntelSigenccr, a i! ; advocate as a candidate fur the ''. cy'the Iloii. John -3d. Clayton, c 1 ! a statejihan well '.ir.iritinj the he:, r. licve the motement originated will: . : 'per published in Delaware, whiclj the name of Mr. CviiTox-at tho 1 . - columns a its Prcaidcntial- candiu. .1 Lwou4 be duu- great injustice lo V.r. V to inferfrom tins circumstance 'that . :! : his name inlhU way ha3 been in-. ' and wc t -( ! Clayton's f , r 1 Tawferonce Cowrqion. : , , HEXICLAY -0T PROTECTION TO' havereason to know,' I Tfere' were presen tat the World's Tem- : 'AMERICAN LABOIUM - ' ie1 in bating, that Mr. Ci perariCe-Convention, recently held in Lon Afpocro aikw tt! 'jt;riLn7r..t i entirely opposed to this proceeding S.iUifiJ TTn. . Messrs. Albro.IIpyt&Col of Elizabeth-! "J.! - m"wj tuvuuicgaw uum luc win- , . tvt t ' i . . -t i .1 1 amuuion ana aim i.o serve ins c ted States, i Among these wereEliha Bur- -nuiaciurer fair de- pand for goAd-;Wc.4tcrn Canal Flour at 2GivCd toS. per bbl. The Wheat mar-v,4okU!;nr It advanced 4s. pcrhuartpMn tho 2ith ult.,and a further riscttWk iriaicl, j Subsequently the weath er phnngHl for tjio better, permitting the agric;tlurssti tp.ecure crops. Purchas ers wdrle rl'jltctanV to Operate, and business 'clinccl'$&'fpe.' quarter-below the rate cur , rent'on tlmt UayjweeK. ; v ! On Tie iirs t there was a fair demand for M'h&U; Wformer prices. Iiuliali Corn was at-iJis. to aus, per quarter, mere client to express any wish upon the subject, and therefore no answer was sent, itfbeirig under stood by the Government of the; United States that the communication was not bine which ne cessarily required an anwer, that they were left 1 at lilmrtv tn unnn it if thp.v rtlasprl. Knt ltint I ho umbrage Would be taken by this coiintry it 1 learnea DiacKsmun, ine nev. they abstained from taking any steps consequent j lyn ; Beecher, of Cincinnati; Henry C. upon It. I had, however, an intef-view hot long Wright Esq., pf Pennsylvania, and other aso with Mr. McLane. the AmdrScan Minister .'-distinguished TjhilanthroDists. The Ilev. who, I am sorry to say, was pbhged on account John! Marsh, Secretary of the American I n,r rcu ;f :i 1 ' . . bt l.iP9l W; tn tiri fmm hi4 nA4t hpr a'nd ! TnkkOMnAL ttL bc-o i it , , au iasnionea it exactly to; fit, and then turn to the United Stales. I am sure every Vo- ' t)eacon Moses Grant, of Boston, that the desPatcned t to itSy destination, accomna-; select as the best man for.lhe Ma dy wbohai had the good fortune of knowing that ;roc4eding Were marked by much talent. 1 nied by a brief letter in yvhich they ask J public. . v 'J aggrandizemeht, he asked Lord Palmerston to manufactarers of oil cloth. ... .. :, . tmTJi Jr caana obtained, without t e . p,8t as a Scnator th4 UnlteJ s,,, WWedge of Mr. Clay, the precise di- as a good cilteo-d a WL. , mensionsof the Hall oCthd Ashland house, wav, be in Yea(W .A.,,- , selected one of the) flo'pr cloths, finished oftlic Presidential candidate ho:.i V I party in its wisdom, at iu own ovJ : acc r. . ... ... .. ' O i T . J nistinnrnisriea man will rrrpatlv rprrret lhat ine ! a i- .J i r- t ; i Af r'1..'.. r: j , 1- u i r VT vi r 8, i." " . I rt! irHcr was i received . irom mwaru kj. iuw viaj a actcpuuicc oi. inat specimen , ...vr w , ' - . I IFir17!I w M a 1 -. n.. iX explain ne existing Siaie oi our relations jWlin ces nere as me uiyanoi cmnmunicauuu ueiwH tnpnrtihr t VrtrUl, T-n. tt Mexicofand pressed upon him, at the same time, ! the two Governments. (Hear,? hear.) I am ! SfP? S Worlds S Temperance Lmon. :.f taVinr .hrti- krmi.ifiiP ! saffsttpd tht. xvKrUr iKa TT:ii s.d ",sl suggestion received great attention, ril'VUIIitl VI W.. ..... - 7 - . T i UlHtVU KlUtVO IIIUT. I , ' . . . . '.ii j'...L r-.i"-ji I c. i n. ..i i J. i but Ho nlati vn.s ailnntprl. THp mttnr steps to. prevent ine annexation ui iubxico 19 iihuk. ui.iasena innis place, no man can ne Mr. Ch c k : ...f.i..ij . . ; ui niuciiuaii uiauuiaciures, in lolcen Ot I j their sense pf his "pany and great public j ver RPPr0P"a : i services." and of , gratitude for his pow-1 lo cf lhe Iliver ai the United States, and to put an end to.the hos tilities ioy prevauing between these two coun tries. ! He reminded Lord Palmerston! that on the 29lh of June last the then Minister of the who can hjivc at heart more strongly than he . . -1 J . 3 !..!' ' : T . 1 1 1 . 1 United Stiles and Enirland, or who can be pos- mgnam, riSq., arm unanimously auopiea.; spsspH in k hirrhpi- urPR nf nltsthosp. mialitins appbihtins a special committee to open Crown'had told the House that the V packet, which which miiht enable him to carry that wish in- j porrespondenpe With the state Memper S I Wslfinallrdfepbsed of by the passage of-erful vocacy of ll.e interests f Ameri- ' " "? 01 V ' e & rUolution, (moved by 'joseph Silk Buck- can lbor."-Ba(. : i iU,k ' tfce nvcr and, U . lhe oil cloth reached '-its destination t -o.. t i-'i-V i i' c , ... . : ,! , ' , oor oi St. Louis, which Mr. lJuu"lai, i : safely, and its reception is .thus acknowl- a fricnd pf ed fls . n?.; edged by Mr. Cay : i, j Uul tbc Sl JmxU llenubI;can &u.s t! Ashland, 10th Sept., 18 IG. the adjournment of Congress, the Pre.-' J . Gentlemen received your favor of the ; expressed himself to a cUizcn of -St. 1 10th ult., several wet-ks ago, and I have warm fiiend of lhe Administratiun.) t 07" The Richmond Whig ha3 t so f remarks in rclatif n t and Harbor bill 1 sailed on the 2d of June, had taken out anioffer was i mutjh enquiry for this article, and a fitni al Imrrick lias sent ordf rs for a do-t ten cygjesi! !'!! '! :.: Cottarijfcinco llje 28th ult. has been ve- ''tiimilnn ,ftrro nts tnucn nt ft nnnr. of mediation on the part pt this countiry to the Government of the United States. I Now it was stated iljy the official brfjan of the American Go vernment that! no such offer if mediation had been Signified to or made by to efl'ect. 1 (Hear, hear.) ! I ance bocteli of the British dominions, I found jfrom Mr.;McLone that such as I had and other paTts of the world, in order to described ihad been the understanding ofthe U. j ascertain how far a World's:Temnerance States ; apd as, fortunately, it lias fallen to my ! Union would! meet their approbation and f mediation had lot, since I have held the seals of the foreign de- to ihat extent thev mi-ht be disposed o 1 ? ! inu 1 ' " V4 Tum.r4,' MrPakenham, pa tment.lto exchange with Ml McLane the SuioV its sunrorV P , a fe,ay 1 trecclvcd fect thal hc haJ constitutional Mil. I 1 ; . :. :, ., mT . COnUOUie JOr US Support. thn mppp of P nnr Oi 1 At , U,-U;k if ! .1 r ii... t 1 . fi :;( fer pf til penny advance in pride on some our Mjnister at Washington, jlle concluded by ; ratiOcations of a convention with; the U. States ierdsting reportwere read, showing i h,ve kwilvi rented 1 ! W! X I ' asking Lord Palmerston what was the true state : for the se tlement of the Oregon question, , on . tllfi ,irofrrP4S; ftf tpmnonnep nrinninlmin ncn ou nae Kindl presented lrary,that he is satisfied that an r.j - ; of thelcasej with respect to this 'offer of media- the part if her Majesty's Government, have in-t x m to me'.to Cm:cr thc, llo?r n.'1 halL ' Jt 1 ou2bt to be made for it. imnrovci-m.i. nnnlitipHi Thni ftdviance i fullv itb on all a description sJ. This was occastoned by the vnp?niinVMin4nfrlit bv tbp II ibprnia that t hp ieu qes, iHexico, and lexas, concerning me . relat tionlj I. , f . ' J '! ! slructcd ilr. rakenham now to make the renew- Viscount Palmerston : I shall have i great t eZ oTe of mediation in a shape that shall re. nleasUre in mvinr mv noble fi iend an answer i auirc an answer from the United Stales. A cor- 10 ine; question ne nas pu?. , i irusi, nowever, if juhuiu" Luimujuiwuuii uccu the Government oi Mexico, ana, tnereiore, tue ofler having now been made to both lhe con tending parties, it will depend on the. answers we may receive to these communications in what degree the Government pf this country lhat the House will think I am pursuing that course 'which i is most befitting the position I hold, if I do not follow my noble friend iij those observations which he has made upon the past transactions between this country and the Uni- England, Ireland and America. . The the Jlev 1 rpsnnndin"' communication has-been made to i.auopteu DV 0 -- ---------- i . ... . i; J. ; uisseiuinu vote ; '. came in ut;riccL oru ir. uavinfT noz'n ntir nn' . ... i . - - ! ' a I" I - - 'MV i ' 1. ' I I - S. I . . . 1 lollpWing resolutions, prepared by ' with rpmnrL-.U, .-irp Tt nnw n ' uo w liI,nse recommcnu u w i 'd John Marshy New. York, were the nlar.n for wbipb it .w.cmpn slon of Congress.' tt Is unfortti.rvto the Convention with but one ; Trnt1v no'ir.wl iv. i;,i;tr r i, President did not -designate the it cms i iprniDg'Vdte f fabric, and the taste nnd beauty of the er and harbor bil to which he ol.J'd lhat in the opinion of this Convention, brilliant colors which adorn it Tt would stitutional "rounds For nn. w.i cv as a means pf extending the Temperance successively compare with any piece of ! ceivc why a harlior on the ldkeV.U v x refprmation.ithe following truths should be ? tnnr oil plmVi 'n r;n i V...t . ! ; . . , i , , , , , . ..w..., ...... v.. v,kU. u in iuiuj," iruT.-u i uic vjcnerai vioverntncni. i .jhvuu bin uvui'ui iiic tuiiU) iuai , COUntTICS crop would be lae. .No change ii Tobacco, Flour was hi demand at HavreJ Sales have been made sat 82 . ;jnf,;to; arrive. fflihltrit!tii: ivnti ' IrrwTn Tins imnrnvfd in oh to lhat country Avhh Texas, and the an nexation of lexas to the are matters which belon facts;- are historically knovv think, necessary or usetul tor me at present express any opinion upon them. (Heal", hear.) ; kmay be successful in bringing to an amicable Temperancp men and Temperance orga- j seen. I beg your acceptance of my cor- ...v.w... , ......... . ilHiOUUU. UC; CAtriCU lO : UlVU IUCU1 me I ilinl thnnU- .United States. l lieso j weu-wisners oi ootn Mexico ana ine unuea . widest possible eitention. 1 . . i .i c?...., 1.1 . ... . t...j !; . . t . g lO past periods ; me i oiaica wuuiu irjicu iu set) luuuiiiaicu. y. ;That alrohol thp n; and .-ft isj "not, 1 1 - There is another point, I thiijk, of some -im- hffi sub.lP poison 10 : ponance, as illustrative oi general pruiciuies American Tariff s .ThqlAnuiricikii provision market is iiia and grateful acknowledg ments for it. ' 1 i intoxicating princi- j You done me the favor to present me. , at War With the this Valuable nrticlp. its von nrp nlrnrt . ;- . , 4 i ., - . . , , ( - - ' jv. I ' " - 1 nhllfla infil oat mi I c?sj-iiol CkltI I'clifrinnc . . . n ... . that the United States having found themselves ""'V't lt" ,t..b. l0 state, lor my "many valuable and great services, and as u token of your interest of men. suiutionai lo improve a harbor ui t;. ippi. If the President thinks ihnt t!. essential difference, however, wellit-j in his next message 'furor, the duntn dissertation upon this thesif. We si to see thc ingenuity with which te c a hair 'twixt south and southwejt o; . I I fi V- i ' ! j ;.. . ...J .. !.L!.t i "HCICSV Jk 1U oir, mv nouie iriena ims exDressea ooinions us enjraseui in a wtir wnn .uexico wnicu invuiveu : . ,. 4 , , r... to the Injury which must accrue to British in- the necessity cf great additional expenditure, ii H ai it is gencraieu u tue processM s gratitude lor my M powerful advocacy of may bo equal to the task; but w leres;tsfrom the, war now going on between j military and naval, and finding Jhat their reve-i; . r!?lcntaj' aluI js the same, though ex- i tlle interests of American industry." this undertaking would be too in Mexico and the United States. I entirely con- nue was! insufficient to meet the increased de- ii istitlg in diflereht degrees in cider, wines, i 1 am happy, gentlemen, thus to have .i, .5- q' nti., I i . !. . . . . . . ... . . . . . . '. ! r. n,l mn 1 . A. . .1 l .l . I ' . " ' . . - . . . -w-.v -mv xl ... I. VUIIIUUII. , cur with my noble tnend that, in lhe present j mand, bethought themselves how thai revenue pim uiau-inuuis, as m uismcu smis. secured your approbation. In looking state1 of international relations in the civilized ; miht be increased. What was the step which, j fThat it 5s a perpetual fountain of dis- , back, from mv riirmpnt. nnnn mv nnl. . . Pnriihtnent had been prorogued on the 1 world, jit impossible that any great war can be ; lhe United States took for that. purpose ? That t ease, poverty, crime, temporal and spirit- ; Uc. career, there is no part of my "public 2ih ultimo, i ! carried on between any two coasiderabje and step was to lower the duties onj imports. They - ua, death, pever needful or useful to men exert ipns which I contemplate with more 4 . i. i a i i. . . . iiiui'iiiMiuirrii -i;liks w inn ii inn wnr n nr nnr , s;t i psh inn nrn re vr i h es m c 11 t ii vr. . in riniiiin in nnv pimp or nnv pmniov. -j-.-.r .1 .1 . i- 1 JJeJ! Ii. M. MiiMt the line, America, had I .'.,... , .7 " T ,7 , j : ' ' - - ... j "v -r j , sauaiacnou man ine support wnicu, . (!.'. . i . . . 1 : i I'l'lU'l'l-iailV IIIU tUSHIIICICIill IU)l'ICMUI ctllUUl- l MITII 111 IIUIC UI UCUtC, V 11C 11 : I IIO 1U1CI1UU 13 slIlRni, Miupya'ht state. k .... i ..i ii. iii iiiiii iiiiii . p . . . . : . ; : ' i T - v '"MHT-"l,w 111 Pe. er countries which may have relations of com- , ot less object to. us, but we must abandon them f "That total abstinence from it as a bev cic, collected op the west coajt of .Mexico incite Iwith the two contending parties And : now that the commencement of war required a. erage, is the only true principle of the oiiTI ! .I' ' .. ..J fPl.'. i: I in nrooortion as rnmnicrrp i frppd frnm nil ihncn ' trrenter anornpnlatinn nf our rpsourres. -''hat ! r . 1 1 tn i vi i ii 4 i ii tuivi , v ii 1 1 1 "y Coirvative President and dent ojrjthej hYciich Chauibersj elected by Jarge j majorities in proportion as commerce is freed from all those greater augmentation of our resources. That t Temperance reformation, the only hope . j restjaijits which tend to limit and circumscribe : circumstance is 'a strong illustration of the truth' .rnJua AllA rcJ.,rit fr tl, r. ' 'Thelilueleu of1 Spain is fd riCousiriiiWiDuko "d Cadiz. ". i .: . I its txtnt, in that proportion will it be the- inter have been , est Of all nations lhat peace should universall' i I previa! . (Hear.) Therefore J do look' wi marry her Rre4,e satisfactionupon ihe.progresswhch h dest son of 'a,e n lhoe doctrines of exten ,x -i J : 'v . . I r tu "nnnerco.wiiicu appear to me to attoid a JUon Franc SCO, Uulayle lontpensier. ! ditionajl security fbr lhe maintenance of peace At thb Chpe of Good Hopejon the 18th ! all pv.ejr lhe world. (Cheers.) of MaV, ten thousand Ca(fres, who had 1 ?hJ!nk however, my noble friend has in some Swarmed around1 Fort Peddie, !i dplTfPfll Pian-nrpr.ltpd flip fwifitv with vvbifh in were dis- 1 r "r ' , " J vw";. ii Ills nnillinn. tllP. I IlllPll Sl-lti m iv el;ih!lh ..:.. i,i.. ii.:n.vL.; .--.1 -At.-.-J.. I t 9 . . F f - . '"-"J jicrscii.ijy iriiiii ry miu mkm is, leaving u -large number of ilcad. The firing having .rlghtcncd the cattle which vero gather , cd bcrijpatli thtt walls of tbc fort for ' pro " tcciibilj th(tybrqtc loose, nnd 4000 or 5000 :vVcJatrpi':bif .the CatTuci, 1 On the 18th oj" June a thousand Caflres were. surprised between two parties of th of those doctrines which go to show lhat free- peace should universally j oom ot commercial intercourse not oniy conau- Therefore I do look' with ces to the dcvelopcment of ihcjcommercial in dustry of a country, but to the surest foundation of an "augmenting 'and prosperous revenue. (Cheers.) - , Mr. D'Isiakli considered the reply of Lord Palmerston to be any thing but satisfactory. lie insisted on the necessity of jour arresting, in a determined spirit, the system on which the United States Were acting- a system which menaced at once bur. North American and our West India colonies, and evinced a disgraceful desire for universal empire. J Mr. Bekxal expressed his satisfaction at the iheij- jauthonty and dominion over the - ter ritories of Mexico. Those territories are vast'virj their extent, and in -proportion to their vastiiess is enhanced the difficulty of carrying on military operations of an aggressive charac- speech of Lord Palmerston, and contended that ler within their limits, lhat country is occu- , we ought to wait and see what answer would be. pied by a very large population, of from eight to j returned by the United States to his last corn ten jniHions of inhabitants, of a race different "; municatiou. ! frorrj tlve people of the United States, oft a reli- Mr. Wakeley said he considered the speech. frltni itilfcrpnt Innn l?.i i ..H,ri.i .T tta TTiiItorl 1 . f . il o . 1 . . l. . 1 . .. . . U l. . r t . .8 ii - ..i.i ,. , fm-i K-wpiuu - iiiw .vmn u oi ijwru i uiuiersiou 10 e inu.sineecii 01 a peace-. British. vl hey defended: thehisel ves gal- i Statl-s; and though ft might be easy for the U..!-ful Minister. He was delighted to hear that the lantlVjbat several hundred of them Were Elates to incorporate with the Union a country noble lord was anxious for the restoration of galloped over nnd cut doAvh i t retreat. ! ,k Vxa,9: ,i ! j 1 .i , , 5 ; J 7 .-rw...vMU. On .the riSth Ultimo Parliament was pro- , veryj djllerent when it applies to lhe annexation; oi territories mucn more thicuiy peopled, and in habited by a race different in those two respects ! from the race which wishes to possess tiem.- I wiljj hpwever, say nothing which shall 'in any j degree affect that character of impartiality which befits a Govern me jit that offers its medi- parties i'i.l .1 Ji.ti. :U - .1 like; l exas, tilled and inhabited almost: mitirpiv nAX--toin,an .tU ITn'.iAl slintiic nrl Movipa Ual VIH U JVLritllvl CUl UUWIl III It.lIL.ill. . JT . J . ucvy-im.i.ii nit- i iiiilu uuiii o uuu mi- vu i I I i 1 i P tHt - V r , v . I i r-:1 s bu FT.v in,l Sfot0 i.i,.., .u r 1 1 ..... , . . . i- 1 woe. andnvhieh. tin rhp.ekWl. will con- t'fvtJnnfk' on iVno i vh krnvrnA -vr - Hm ; and hoped thai, he would not change ins policy. . , . , , " ' T. UMILD bl AI Lb AIM) LAlLAlOU. ! assUrel mv nob e friend and thc IIohsp. bpromps I ii J. .i, ,i:A..-. i .f. i tinue to sweep thousands of succeeding for the drunakrd, and of security for othe&s. "f That, the whole manufacture and sale of intoxicating drink as a beverage, thotigh a spurce of revenue to Govern ment, is a manufacture of human misery, and4 highly injurious to the souls and bo dies of men, and should not be licensed more than other moral evils by human Governments ? That, the word of God often prescribes total abstinenee to avoid existing evils, ancl that the spirit of Christian love directs us ; to shun wine, or anything whereby our brother stumblcth, oris offended, or is made weak. I " That all who are in authority, upon reflecting and influential men of all climes, upon parents, teachers of youth, medical men, ministers of religion, ancl all who love their race, to put forth the hand and stay the plague which is filling our world with I." ' Mr. "Haywood and the Stun.' Each sucressivn nnmbor of t! ard for wecks'has contained lab bittt r articles against Mr.'-Uny resigning bis scat in thc Scna: spirit of those articles may be : i I l r lruui inu conciuuin parapraxias editorial in thc Standard of the t stant : '1 44 We feel that we have THE RIOT OX THE RIO GRANDE. We are happy to learn from the subjoined ex tract of a letter to the New Orleans Delta, that if ion in London, Doctor Beaumont, physi- .1 vi i,ub utu uiiiiiiv i uiiiauitiu in WIU" .'rogucd by commission. The royal speech '' contains pothingremarkable. The Queen I .eiprcppc great iatisfactien that the Ore gori question has jDeen amjcabiy set t led, and ih'ri rponrrnnpl of flip Aiil. .; ri., ... i . - aiiwii iuuni-t-ii cm if neurit imriies. . ere oi lhe Potato rron. " vvhioh vvi onnsn i 1 i . , P 'i N' i k -a .M.-Tt' L. . V ' "5ar;i iU noI)le ,nend ie accuracy xvhich recently took place on the Rio Grande ,-aseriotls deficiency in tbc quantity- of a of the istatement which was'made by her Ma- , . . . c n . . ':-?.!. -'-Ii l. ' ... i J . i .. i. . ; 3 !. . between two comnanies of Georgia vounteers. Jjestys late government with respect to the of- ...... i ' c ,. - , , 13 llll.l .U II.I.UVC1 1IUIII 1113 7UI1U. 1 UC ICl-i Col. Baker, who was so severely wounded in (Hear, his humane efforts to quell the disgraceful riot throughout the whole of it. I constantly. zealously and faithfully gave to the in dustry of my own country. Its prosperity or adversity has been as infallibly mark ed, by the adequacy or inadequacy of pro tection, as the thermometer indicates heat or cold. 1 believe that the system of pro- ttiu.., ..u.iii.iu.wfc umiuMuuiM "We feel that we have air wmcn it has oiten encountered, has push- hausted lhe i.atience of our read, ed the nation forward halt a century in . subject; and, witlfa few word advance of where it would have been, it conclude our rcrnarks for (he J the doctrines o! free trade had always pre- M Havwood has noL in tLr . ,..i,i ..i.i: :i . - illltll 111 UUI UUU1IUII. MCIIJCI it will be pushed back again, to the same or any other extent, by the tariff recently established, which has sought to. subvert the previous system, and to embody those doctrines, remains to bq seen. I confess that 1 sprionslv a rnrpliml rrmt iniurv to .?. ji.. i?- a voice comes un from everv : .i V 1 T e . ' - , 'J'tu'I approve ms course uici conns up iiuui et r nrpnprnl hnsinpss of thp rnnn rv. and - ' . paft of the globe calling upon kings, and ulti--ato v 7,,! 7cvUe of thc Govern- XW"?. . . ii . i u..u . i i .1.1; ""'fe'-vv uit'iii. ii inuit; .-jiiaii uui ut; a iiii .luui- fhcm t.on to u e amount oi pur irnpor- in as his Address -fchows. tai.ons, ine ireusury must experience a c.oUnt,v and his narlv. 7,p n, large dcjicd. If there should be an addi- i0iiliefln v, thesis n"0 u h: tion suf hcient to comnensatc the reduction c .r of duties, the mcrcasp must be paid for Haywood for- i$ good coJuc: by an equivalent increase in. the value of (! wLcn hc , j hc fiior, mil tn v t-A I 1 1 i k Ln 1 n nin mncf rw o d. . " . . ! in thc most respectful spirit, o:. words of parting advice : Ketnr. .- 1" .... -1 S. I vate ine. ii you can, xorgei no:; get that imai siep on tue liDor ( : ate, and strive liereaitcr tuj t pinion, sustained himself on a portant point made in his ddi tainly, we have not beard of th( mocrat who thinks' he has t an more, we do not believe there an dred men in the entire State w! Tl ulcii. cut. '. and between thc two p. . . . . . . i . tiegl j generations prematuerly and wretched to juStcj in SpC.cie. 1 have not thc remotest eternity. ' ! expectation that we shall be able to eflt-ct " ! payment, by additional exportation of the DC3 At the late Temperance conven- ', products of the country. Wc in the West, i mat ej ih I a rtjclt of food , irs ironv ine 10 iterest(ng debate in the House It anneirs ;from the fbllowiU rpnnrt' nf l.,er .asserted. to have beenitendered by them, of . : i' ,! ,T . i . . ! 1 ii niPftijitinn inlivi'Pn (hp tvvn iir .1 ii i - . - i a nigh " Commons Grcatfrri I.V (i -. Hi turc$' towards '. 1 t ciah of Bradford, next addressed the meet ing. All were hot aware he said, that in toxicating liquors of every kind were of necessity unwholesome, for it was impos- do not believe that the. relaxation iu the British system of restriction, is going to create any considerable demand for thc surplus of our agricultural produce. We shall, I fear, be constrained to resort to the other alternative, in the event of an ex ces. parties. ' . Mi- am some time since made over in instico to our iirp.dprii.asor?!. that mv iimMp on tlje 21th of August, that . friend has enabled me to set that question right. 1 facts are shortly these : It is perfectly true, as assorted by the right honorable baronet at thejlieid of her Majesty's Government, that an oiler wfas made to the United Slates, and also communicated to Mexico, which her Majesty's late Government understood and meant tp be an offej of mediation. That offer was,' 1 1 think, properlv conveyed, in terms which left great lat itude otiuterpretutien to the Government of the United jptates. Our position with respect to the Uniled jStates was at that time not the position of unbiassed impartiality which befits the cliar acte'r of a mediator. ' 1 I am 'dad ter'in describing the riot, which it attributes wholly to the effects of whiskey'j says : j mediating between this COUnfrV aad -Mexico, and recentlv reneat- U ! t I W i " -. . , . II,. . ' J I IVcd the.i'ptler jn a! more direct form: v Lordi UEpitpE lt:Nti.('K called the attention "H to the presehllsiate bf affairs be clweV!nited;Slates nnd Mexico. This CounuyV?4 a! gntju interest in Alexico, inas much as our iHuLU eiportsi to -itl amounted to ,:,5qOWp;aycariW3 to Rritish cbpital invest- ca in its in ncs arnounted to at least 10,000,- WftW VM deln j of Mexico to this t. coutiarnount.ed to nearly as njuch more. Watherelore, betucen xhej Unitid States and loxico.hiust be ejxtrepiely injuriojus to Dritbh crrrjncrciaj'fts i and if it sjhould end in Vtbe'.cpngue'it oC A!exi5 by 'the UpUed States, ke feared that thojHritish debt in lexico would folloxv thp fate ofjthe debts bwingj by the Uni ted Statfep themselves in this country liesides tt.t ' ' r- ,. ii . rj - . . ' me uquru itatii became piasters oriic sible they could be otherwise hear, of importations, and pay for them in the hearl He defied contradiction on the precious metals.' I need not dwell on the point, for no Medical man has ever ex- ! commercial disorder, the barrage nt "Col. Baker had just returned with acorn- amlried the suhiret in thr wav it onMit 1,1 cvcr" aePaneni OI V pany of his regiment from the burial of one of I ed the subject ,n the way it PUght . wdc sprrad ruin which would be occa- their number, and, hearing the riot still progres-1 to ?e exm,ned w'thout coming to this si0iu d by a constant exportation of specie sing onithe steamboat, he ordered his company i conclusion. Alcohol must pro in large amounts. U e have nau expen- and one other to follow him to the boat, with the duce carbon in the stomach, and exhaust vieu oi .queuing it. in his attempting to do so, , oxvW and therefore must neeessarilv panies engaged In the inelee at once attacked ; infllct the mo serious . injury upon the him with his sword. They had been engaged i person who partook of those drinks, but a few moments, when ome cowardly villain : f jje hoped that the medical public would STlli PtuLiit him, which ! fjc henceforth the great teacher of teeto- nassed through lh thirk nnrt nf hie iippL- fmm i i t , i.k:.t u: l u 1. . . r l . tnlism nnrl tfinttliwrp vvnnli! Iip nn npiP:eifv OTOSper uciniiu juiu ins iiiuuui, KnocKing out one oi nis , t T .. .... , . nv:n,.. rnr tUn .--.U 0..L'.1 " . . . ' f. .. 1 - A .1 . f VerilJIH- lib "111 UOUIll III". .1IA I WHO I yji Hieein. pucu is me report lo me: this morning ior luriner compiaini against mem ior ... . ence enough of these fatal consequences. whenever Protection ot our own industry has been inadequate. In all these views, I may be. entirely mistaken. It may tu,in out that our im portations will continue to flourish and in crease ; that the country w ill continue to and that the revenue of the go- Such is the report to mel this morning ' fpr further complaint a iquestion between this.;, country and the from the assistant surgeon of his regiment. their indifference to this states with respect to the Oregon tern The. ITu kjl In t. . I 'PU I L: ?J 11 wuiicuptoics vriiu lesjieci 10 mo wregon tern- a "uuuu 13 uui mis morning consiaereu mor- : rpl ppr-. "T lory- hail not at that time been finally settled. tal, although last evening I did riot suppose he", h 1 :if a'J. It wa& f possible, notwithstanding the le'gotia- would be alive ati this time. He lis more com- ! tionis then going on, that that question tnight fortablo thaii could be expected, and we now en havp assumed a character -which would hve di- ' tertain no doubt that he will recover. In addi vestjed (ireat Britain of the quality of impartial!- tion. to Col. Baker, Copt. Roberts! was slightly ty which should have belonged to a mediator. Wounded by a pistol shot. Cant.; Post, actin? .? - 4. . . . V . . i I . . . . I o - 1 si nil nrn.-nnni - ri (Iip untinn whnt- great question. ' ever councils or-systems of policy may ! prevail, I shall be most happy to find these 1 tin. vonr country, and less nf rough-and-tumble' ol pofitical much lor your refined tempera: 1 -r .. 11 .. . . . w onuenuiiv nice organization a Professorship might suit you Cultivate your ' conscicncv:'' r.: to your religious duties ; a id tl. eTer may betide you, you will t : sublime and holy: consolat or.s 44 wicked"and 4foolisht,dwe lers; ions' in these "low grou: ds o! can neither give nor take awav. Eftcts of thc TaritfTUz iu -passage of the liberal tarJiF" :i people of Great Britain 1; . efl't ct to enliven business aid tr in contrast to its disastrous: vl' While it puts down American 1 compels thc discharge of Atneri . tives, it is increasing the buine gland, and cheering the wc?!!'. country, by giving them stepdy high puces. Some think 1 urn I iK.i i.-, I .1 ,,i : i ... j : 1 : , y !:u.i. c . 1 t e . a i - t . j . 1 . i;- r i. i-i . ' . l luai ulauussioii nau t-nueu in a' rupiure : oe- coiiHnisatni aiigiiuy ; oeargcni iieim, oi com tney wogld in consequence of their having ab , twckn (jreat jrita:n aDfI tj)e UnUed Siates.onr nanv C. badly wounded, a hall nnincr di.Prilv - J - . ' i. -a - . : . - i " I - . : ' . .1'-"! O '-"J . to cii- t pv"! Mr- i , -'( lib , -"i ii vicai iJiiiaiu ui i ,wjdy. ihniied; ekasto themselves, stand at 1 mediation, of course, benv onca in,oi,t and;fear ,)f our West India colo- , and, Mexico would been o. TCJ1?-;" efj!ired inloa history of the va- Thfe 6fltr, therefore, whicl i--fftOUi HfTfrri .J.-... 1. I'LL .U.. IT:.-.I i?.-l ! . ... ' ,veen the United States ' through his body ; Corporal Ursary very slight out of the Question.- lv: nrivate Dillon mortal! v with a bav. ... - . L . . . . i . " J T - -.-j s which was made to the U. , onet he probably will not live ithe day out ; j Poisoning vs. Eating. We all know thaf; ithe inhabitants of New Zealand and many' other islands in the Pacific Ocean, are Cannibals, that is, they feed upon hu man flesh; A New Zealand Chief main tained .that he had a great title to his land, bjeCftUse he had eaten the former owner! Shepherd, and Lee. ! Now; this is about as lair as is me title constitutes, as far of creg-sellers to their property. 1 he vc- hol were wounded j ii; dJi1. n': ' "-an nrurA iJ fbnt thv 4 . .ty ucdt ciaiiiiiicT -o- --i w..v " j . . in. perity ... .- . 1.1' i . . . 1 I .S i iiiiii ii ,"v !'v wiiimi iiiii l tai3. no JMr.'lli'ajiever Wat. a rasp of more un- Jm Jhanvtbat ot ?oa;Mcxird that the innciatioa of wards' t f the . United however. i ii '..ti red -wnn Oregon' n iciUnited States, dfd not thiuk it'expe. i statemenis' ;. results realized, and that I have errone- jjas not its propor title; ; tbnt it ously entertained the opinions to which 1 jhc j3ritish Tarifr I c c have so long sincerely adhered. presses American and encocj a-. In every contingency, gentlemon, I pray QVht ,Q rj,;i ; . your acceptance of my best wishes lor tbc to amciorate nhe icondiliori cf t success of your, beautiful manufacture, : gQb- ts of hcr Hritannic Mnj. and for your health, happiness and pros- VicJtoririf at tjie fiXpense of t?.c ci am,-wth great respect, fc United Stated This u -:! .IT . . I . . I -v I i t C tr " T -I BKa.a ' x our, menu , , V , Vr thc character or the lidl. as, v.c . i oljAi- broad philanthropy which racr. Messrs. Albro, Iloyt Cc Go. jhe Atlantic, and embracei tl. r;: rVLir"....!.... manufactures in. its symp! 00" 1 he Ashoorpugn neriu p" a IqvcIv instance of sen Uc:ur-i- K, - .i t . . I . n tuO alter oi cnsr;: -charity Regius at,:o ;. Well as the ir?j he J hat pi ov: .' lold is worsf t! fidcl and has denied thc faith." 4 4 - If i

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