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North Carolina Newspapers

Carolina watchman. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1832-1867, November 02, 1848, Page 1, Image 1

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I r 1- .. i . Th ie rest ot Ibis ni I'. I b' IT i CAKOLIT A WATQHM AN. ' Mbury, N. C. $AMSI)tTRY, OCTOBER 31, 1818. , ."ti a UPON ALL YOLK -r J lO THIS, AND LIBERTY 13 SAFE. ) RfLERs. c;en-Z.arrio. - - - 'V- V- I . me same strain. ers as we find it : c glVr BRUiVER JAMES, Juditors iSf Proprietors. H ( ii FOR PRESIDENT. GENERAL ZACIIAKV TAYLOR, 1 1 OF LOUISIANA. ' - ' l i FOR VICK PRESIDENT, I MILLARD 'FILLMORE, j ! OF NKWJ YORK, - 1 I 1VIIICJ KIJICTORS. WiiT. Nn. 1 KENNETH RAYNER. I . 2 EDWARD STANLY, j ! " 3 HENRY W. MILLER- 4 W. H. WASHINGTON. 1 S-GEORCE DAVIS. r,jt)I!N WINS LOW. ' 7 JOHN KERR. 8 RAW LEY CALLOWAY. i . "10 TODD R. CALDWELL. ' " II JOHN BAXTER, flection, Tuesday 7 li day of November. jj We are authorized to announce Samtix Oaithkr, fq.,!of Pavid.ion county, us n Candidate lor Ihe cilice df Major (Jrnerol of the 4th Division of North Cnroli f Mtlitia, vacated by the resignation of Maj. General Pynuin. i nice I oral Ticket for Nile at tlii Of fice. Jhrft l per thfiu$arid. i ... i - NEW SERIES, VOLUME V, NUMBER 20. SALISBURY, N. C, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1848. GEN. TAYLOR'S PRINCIPLES. The Locofoco Press, with an amiable gene. As to t'le Bank, the Tariff, and the other questions alluded to, these are not principles fcene succeeded only by shouts which seemed to shake ' the canopy above them.. The man who on that occa sion had dared to object to a slaveholding President would not have been an objejet of envy. It wou'd pro- rosily profess to be very solicitous lesl the j they are measures. It is true that no measure dreams had never entered any mind." , " n,S9 ma" "c deceived about General lay- j ought to be adopted, unless it be constitutional ; 0"Hapri3on Gray Otis Js a Whig. lor's principles. They say he has not declared it may or may not be expedient ; it may or may i ' ! ! himself a Bank man, or aTariffman, or an In- ; not consist with the dictates of sound polic r CUU Ui VyAKUllIM A V U 1 t.. The Charleston papers contain the proclamation ofl Oovernor Johnston of that State, calling an extra session of the Legislature on the firsr Monday in November, to cast the nine electoral votes and Vice President. Gen. Taylor has said : " I such noble sentiments, the hiVn with savage ferocity. tornal Improvement man, &c, and that, for all ; What is expedient and proper one time, may he has yet said on these subjects, he may be a not be. so at another. It is for the represeuta- lh orough-going Locofoco he, may rat like John lives of the people to consider and decide on p0 do do do do Tyler do do do do do bf that State for President i Tyler, and make una Cabinet exclusively of these questions. In iheir hands, where the lk have no party purposes to people have reposed the trust, Gen. Taylor de clares his intention to leave it and with that declaration, for our own part, we ate entirely content. the Progressive Democracy. We pass by the very obvious suggestion, that l . L t 1 I . m-wi ii accompli!,, no party to build up, no enemies to " Ine ,U general were not a It nig, ne would punish, nothing to serve but iiy country." For uttering 1 mosJ probably have been nominated by our op- ijocofocos Iave denounced , ftonenls ; and lhat if they really thought him a hey regarded partizanship disguised Democrat, they would be very unlike. as the essence of patriotism, tnd prcriDtion of enemies i.. . i . " 1 . .. , ' ' ratiipiiou 01 enemies jy t(J rouse our suspicions about It and we as the highest of political duties. The people differ . . . . c . u ith them in opinion, and Relieve in that patriotism !" CO",der lhe ,n"h f e.aUegalins. which embraces all wt nn. n,n n ! . at do we mean by noliiical princinles? Miv ll VI U t 1 pill llta. i " . . . i - i Tlley wiil vote for the true patriot in preference to the 'I Wr nea 'ne rules of morality, the diclntes Df acter of its expenditures ; and one of the most narrow-mmiled partisan fori the candidate whose plat- justice, honesty and good faith the af- do do do do do 1 month 1 day; 1 hour 1 minute 8 years ; 1 year 1 mouth 1 dy 1 hour 1 minute 4 years 1 year 1 month 1 day 1 hour 1 minute In February lnM, n grt.t!, : cinnali asks in cofnplimenijw Gen. TyIors opinions rts to t :" - - "- veto against the Wilrnot Pro ; plication to the new tenitorir replies that he hns it clow :; ciplc not to answrr questiotjs f . ject. On this vital question. !. to show his hand. Hut the via . finding oat that Fillmore had ten a few words in ftvor of the ; Congress to do something al c; no man ever accused him of thing and lo, he, is pointed to tl tance stool by the bouthcrn over.--. 2,Sll 312 00 U 1.727 00 3 917 00 891.138.177 00 having promptly taken his xv. 22.7S9.544 00 pHeU to eat his own words ! " ill the free electors of the : New York put the seal of their tiontosuch truckling; doughface iving thrir votes toTaylor and VV, 1,599.129 00 G3 304 00 2.637 00 13 95 8302 500.000 00 We think the extracts whic!i 'A 210,009 00 e.753 00 145 S FACTS FOR THE PEOPLE. One of the best tests by which to try the merit of an Administration under whatever form of Government is the amount and char- 75 G25.000 00 given above will he sufiicient to r 0,302, 03 00 cverv tinnreiudieed mind, ibit Vr j ...... v more is not, and never was an a! . ist. He is now, and always has l4 sailed at the North for the very (; ; reason ; for his hound, conservative pies for his national views for . position to that fanatical spirit wl.h so often threatened to involve t!.ii try in ruin. 11 he were, such as bo i nS ni5KTI. ATfOCOKD. f Vy onderstftnd that a Moss Mee:itg i the friends IftfTjylor nd Fillmore, will be held at Concord on the uftth Instant. Hon. Geo. L. Badger, and other distin- gawhi pettktrt are ex(ected to address the meeting. LOAF AND BROWN SUGARS. form is the Constitution, rather than for his opponent whose platform is made up of the resolutions of a mere party convention. j j O' A correspondent in Ctjbarrus after referring the Editor of the Charlotte Journjal to the notice of Gaston II. Wilder, in the Register, slays : " You may state that he tojld the same lie in the pub lic streets of Concord, on the 10th instant. He paid off (I believe) only two claimsjfor "extra pay" in this county, amounting to $42, aiad remained ihree days at fairs of government, and the conduct of public business. We know that others seem, by their conduct, to mean a different thing. John Ran dolph said of" the venerable" the old and ex perienced editor of lhe Union lhat "hjs prin ciples were the five oaves and two fishes." We express no opinion on this delicate point " non nostrum, &c." But the extraordinary changes which he has exhibited, corresponding incumbent duties of the citizen is lo watch vi;. ilantly that branch of the public service. Try ing the. successive Administration of our own Government by this test from its origin down to the present time, the readers of our paper will find the subjoined compendious table of ex. penditures well worth a careful perusal. The contrast between tho prodigality of the Demo- MILLAHD FILLMORE. This gentleman, whose conservative views on the subject of the institution of Slavery, by no means suit those in whose eyes no man is altogether lovely, hut a resented to he hv Mr. Fr:mri V. Northern man with Southern principles." and Mr. John M. Pattern, would he 1 is assailed quite as bitterly at home by the assailed by the barnburner press cf Abolitionists and Barnburners, as he is York ? hereby iMr. Francis h. Rives and the I How citizens, the nress uhic! Richmond Enquirer. We beg leave to this atrocious assault upon Mill. the PX'IMMISP. Of " I'nplp Sam " Nn- rnhlii 1 :.,....:..!,!.. ..,1,U I , .! J I! . L V.tT.ll ryi - ... II I ' Kv.,,v, raa i III it I Id II IV Willi IIIC IIIIIISHIIU I'UM KS OIIUeOOD WU the CheraW Gazette, tell US hOW giveu of his arrival here. Can this be any thine else t i . . , ' but paying men to electioneer for the party in power ? Ijo wonder the minds of the Volunteers were a4 one tme poisoned against Gen. Taylor by such men as Pen Jer, Wilder tt id gut us ainne." it happens, that brown sugar is selling fin that Market at 9 a 1 1 cents, and loaf at 15 ai 17 cSi perlb., when our merchants here, for the last IB months have been Tvlh,nV..rTus,i;i.llfCuulB, selling thoscarticles, the one at from 0 to man has more than once talked as though it be- 9 CtS., and the other at from 1) to 11? lieved that Mr. J. Clarke had actually proved too Why wc lean buy at any one of the seven hLard for 5Ion- chas- Fi4er al Go,d Hill, and ' i !-i:t....... i:...,:i(k.., that ihe Hfmocrats had run him off on that ac Muu.j, .... n.t.u.u ui count . That Mr. Clarke should make any j r t; call the attention of our readers to two or more, for his conservative opinio: three passages from an editorial that np- the subject of Slavery, is, as we hw peared a week aco in a paper published ready said, devoted to the intercii ; at Utica, styled "The Liberty Free Press," man whom, eight years ago. you tr which fights under the flair of Van Ruren pi! in vnt f,r Iwrniu. I... ' cratic dynasty, and the economical expenditures and Adams : ern man with Southern principles." of ihe Administrations which preceded the Dem- " The Slave Power shows no quarter, have another one of the same m.t: oeraticascendency, will strike every one, and, Not satisfied with securing to itself the before you, and they ofler him to c ular current, miht lead some countenance to x n m connex,on u,, ,ne forcible remarks "u",,,,,ll,u" ni uiinueiptiia. oi a man wno the very precise grounds on whit:, the ch-ire ' with which the article is prefaced in the paper owns 300 slaves, lives on the banks of the olfered his predecessor. The va Now Mr Ritchie mav be the exnonent lo from which we copy it, must leach a wholesome fl'.ppi, and raises 1200 bales of cot- guage'which they employed thc: pow, .ir. Kiicnie may ne the exponent, to , , Cc ton, it has demanded and obta ned the deg- scarcely an alteration, rntirht be u some extent of ihe nrinrinle not nf hU ni Hv lesson to all who are capable of forming a can- i ,: , , . , " . , "niuJ,lu' '"s"1 some extent, oi ine principles not ot nis party ; ' f ; radation of the man who was placed on Fellow citizens, will you try n at large, lhe rank and file voter. but of the j did judgment :-Nat. Intelligencer. I lhe Presidential ticket to appease the a- ern man with Southern principle," leading men who manage conventions, make up From the New Bedford Mercury. j roused spirit of the free states. Millard cond time. Rich. Weekly Whi. political issues, conduct the canvass in elections, I deem it important to call your attention to ( Fillmore has bowed his neck to the and divide the spoils" when they succeed.- lhe fuowi"S "position and statistics of expen- yoke, and now grinds in the prison house I UTILITY OF DRE M. J ; bps nt nnr (,iivp rnmptit f fk-n I mm hp rn-j I .1 .1. :i; . . r n I v ." . " j ui ine suuiuern nmiisunes. c rfi if ' Pretty good, this, for a l.ti&rr-i . r i i .viueniiy iir. oecretary ;jarcy nas learned at f Congress for every Administration, com- they have both graduated in the mencing with Georgo Washii command lheT verv best. as fair and ridiculous to be contradicted, and the truth of ! same school. eluding with James K. Polk's. strong and clean, as was ever sold here "JS"1?' as havf been informed, is that I3ut t0 return . ' i i e ill Mr. Clarke really spoke an hour and a half af- 1 M,.lt.;.Aae ,., ntftav time. And loaf sugar is sold daily : .. ;...' i , principles. Act wkm a via. f-uu iu v via. v ininir 111 a discussion with lr. Kuhor i inn ' or iuey nave uuin "rauuaieu in me mencinir wim oeorizo w asnmirion & ana con- i mm : . ..-n i n - ' , . ... A mm V J W 7)lftll. I IIIL.111.. Ik. III W Mt. I r lllir'l ir'll M . I . I liw ipf.mnH -..ww. iiiijicuiiy in seiiuuz tnoioer taurr , , Several years since, the iohabitar.! becinnmc ! r vmm 1..., ,1,.:. r C " come 11 . m it n A - 1 tii f fiiif n iln 1 In i""u lu"'1 .w,u..j, ter starling for fifteen minutes. It is also cer flip rtnd 11 cts. per lb. Ihe Merchants tain lhat any interruption came quite as much lof Faijttlcville have lately improved on from his own party as the Democrats. We hisjscprer They arc now selling at G a .'J fo brown, and 1 1 a il)2' for loaf. And Tcrijy, we lliinljhey can afford it very well, considering the fact that they have immediate steam boat communication with Wilmington, vherc sugars are sell ing'on an averagcrfor all qualities of brown, at 0 ctSuand loaf at 10 a llj. But nt Charlotte, we find the rices are high again ; for there, these articles are quoted t, for brown 9, and for loaf 10 a 18 Of course we have no right, and do IP f m t nu rnp cnnnn.f imv ilm ... . . -I .1 .1 !. v.w...w .w... 1,1. 1 1 ou lllui 1 lli IIIC 1)1 t.- , ispgiiiii III Ihil ion Ih.V nr.. irt n..r T.ii!r nn, fV,0 wm correct, w in tne exception 01 ine expena tures , r .1 . l . . tai'n. iaMor and tne inir . : r ... ' ... tensions of that man. whnm. in : .t.. 1 .. - . . under 1'resident folk's administration, winch . . V . ' vr - 1,1 " " principles. According to our deiimtion, we hold orQ ,1PM,ai.iw ..nP n.tini , .t 1HU' Southern Locofocoism was willing of the church aud society thoulJ b- - Whig principles to be these $50,000,000 it being stated on competent au- to trust on ,hc subject of Slavery. The in lhe selection. Many candidate- 1. That Governtnenl is instituted for the com- ihorily that the Mexican war cost us two huu- ' Whigs told them at the time, that he their three trial sennoni, and sevei a! learn lhat he was quite appropriately answered mon good emanates from lhe common author- dred and fifty millions of dollars, instead of two wa not trustworthy ; but they would general .aiiMaciion; iui wnenever by Cajl. John U. Voglerf-CAar. Jefersonian. ity and exists by the common consent of the hundred millions of dollars, which is the amount not heed them. Now, they have found WJ convened for lha purpn.e .f g. r . .. . ! ... . , ;:,,. placed in the schedule below. By giving Mr. 1 the truth of the matter, with a vengeance. nal tall, it unanimity was ala - Not so ridiculous asiyou might imagine ! PeoP; lVok ,he benefit of 830.000,000, still, it will be But let us go oh : ? a t.kepr in the place by . We know both the gentlemen have heard f 2- lha, as ,l ,s ""possible for the people to ohserved the increase of the expenses of Gov- But, the humiliation of Fillmore does luu,,ey- considerable them on repeated occasions : and althouch Ieg'a,tJ person, by reason of iheir numbers, ernment have become tremendous. not stop here. A few weeks since, some "PK"" uti! many gro 1 - . . . . w . ! 1 1 " o! nt'Dr hfll'inr? nnillior lAfllixl imr i ' we readily admit that Mr. Fisher enjoys the largest fame as ai public debater, yet it is no reason that he should not have been fairly and forcibly met by Mr. Clarke, on the occasion in question. This is alii that we pretend ; and from good authori- one more candidate i!!W they must make laws, through their reoresen- What is very remarkable, and yet true and Richmond I Va.V friend" urnio tn UmnL 1 1 r r . . .. x '-. ever. . .. 1.1 1 .1 1 r I- l -iioriiin innirinifMinn is innr rvtrv i.infiinn -.1.1 x I i. . r . lauves, eiectea uy inernseives lur a nmuea ,VJ " .-....... , time ; and responsible to them for their conduct. gress 10 aooiisn lhe inter-state slave xvhat could be done. Old Dear trade, or held extreme opinions on the early on the spot, hut no other ( subject of slavery. Without waiting to anived, lhe deacon, wearied wi h ty we felt authorised to say that Mr. Fish- 3. That an executive head being necessary for the administration of the Government, this unavoidable delegation of power to one man ; shall be limited and confined by every restric Administration has cost of this Union vastly more Whit; Administrations. Thus it will be found lhat the whole expenditures of Whig Govern- ..1 nr 1 1 1 ments. commencing wnn asniugton ana cna , that every Locoloco of thc New Yirk Express, to inquire if yZ "CZ and taxed the people Fimore beUeved in ,hc v f Con. J "J X re than either of the -ki:..u .u anoiner meenngwa cauei in 11.1 t ing wilh J. Q. Adams, during a period of forty consu,t Fil,morp Brooks replied to the e exnonses of Virginians, indignantly denying that he the day, retired lo one of the c; tant from the dck, where In; r er tlinrhprl filirl li'ri rr ttl til nndnp tVio f nrno preteiiii, 10 vuinpiutii 01 iuese uiuren- 0fjr Q'y repl 1 ccs. : liui 10 sugar ouyers 11 is a taci worm . .1 1 . . 1, . - r 1 , J , . i As to the redoubtable Gtfam,jof iwhom . , , ... 1 i7 i 1 the .leiiersonian speallvs, the Editor is wel- Congress, ought lo be carried into effect, in al v . AnmYi t tn if o nl t h nul ftVfKtnf I . n 1 t m a II. 1 . . .. . L. n. . I , lumic v w ocij cnna luiiyv wutiL-uc jiica.ra uiOSl every toncfivuuie tiist", iur mw suiiiit. iru 1 : u 1 u tt 'A r tr 1 'I 1111 iiu n rMiriHiiiMi'iHii 1 1 1 m YiifiiKK lion, consistent with an efficient discharge of r,'V. ...... r.u i... held anv such opinions as to tlm nower covered. In the meantime, lh- inr uiui luny uiut u ui iiiciii ni-ic iiaiu miuri , i I , , . , Washington's government, and all the charges f Congress, on the subject of slavery gen- organised, several motiunfnn : does not buy more or less in the course of 1 i & year, it is for them that we give this in- formation. It js- intended to direct their attention to this subject. But this is not all : If our Merchants I an;' afford to sell these heart articles at w small a profit, can they not afford to sell other and lighter articles at a small profit also It is most true that they can, and that equally true, they do it. If any those who know the themselves the equa upon "appropriately also the eulogist. the executive functions. A Th-.t iho ivill nflho noAnln a a etnrcml . : C . U .. Pnllv llmnlu iKpn infnrmv P.llmnr.. rClIuton olltrCd Mlti Calm -1. . inu u i.. j ' j 1 v. , i j u (KCUrrillg 111 tlJHSrljllCllCP l IIUI li'.Sl "ill lll i-fK.ij. v w . ...v. aniwini.:, K ihiiiui l. . I. I n it.P nJCCPfl t.v ihpir RAnrlcpnhi;.-pt in fimni Itritin. in l r. M adi i.n'. t he T.nrnfoco what he had done : under date t)f Spot. I ,e,,lt,J lo Uncy lbcinelres tl ..... .w. . . . governments, commencing with General Jack- Uth, the latter replies approving of bis son's and terminating with Mr. Polk's, a period course, and says among other things, of twenty years, are run up to the enormous You will therefoic perceive, that you sum ot THREE HUNDRED AXU ed, denounced, and abused On. that day, about noon Otic. Whether in the cast or West doubts ascertained to be elected ( parties reserving to son that it is their rcill, expressed through their privilege of passing representatives, in the 'mode provided by the " of the eulogy, as Constitution. 5. That the power of lhe veto, confided to lhe THIRTEEX MIL LIONS SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY TWO THOUSAND and forty-seven dollars, over and above the Whig governments for forty years ! a sum POOR MR. piTCHANAX.' Never was mortal officeholder more roundly condemn- by his own political friends than James Buchanan, Secretary of State has been since Thursday last. , a despatch came to him, by telegraph, from Ilarrisburd, stating that Lorigstreth was n . . 1 1 : . 1 : . . President, is intended only for extreme and S"nicicm u -nine maoe imerna. nnprojemen.s. .11111 deepening harbors and rivers ol the West and cases for cases, in which the leg.sla- gj, a,n,uildin2 pier3 for lhe harbors on the lure might attempt to break down and destroy )akes ancl SPJl0oar(l, to an extent that would have the executive department, or might pass impro- been for all lime to come of immense benefit to lnw throiirrh inadvertent hate. or conuot our country; a sum sufficient to have educated 1 - , . design. stated and regular pivacl.ii,:, under their own vine and iz ' to molett, when IIuntly fu.'i-i pea ranee, and commenced a ing himelf plrajed with the hn feeling which seemed to exik ! n it wag a mutter of much ir. deliberation was ; s wished lo pursue a prudent t overnor of Penppylvania by tt;r- !...!. !....: T-i a maioi ty ot loUU votes: r. .V,,m-. tunutuuiu aiiu iusi n. nvj .... . omceholdets ouicklv izot nossession of lll find ft. Strut) "(III true but neverthe- the Buchanan news, and tev believed it, for it had come I-''1 t'r I 11 . from the right men at the tight point, to a great Govern- vm u-ue l. mm uuni is eiiuan Mrnugc ment functionary ! Away they went and away went and true IS the fact, that tbev don t brcali 'heir money, in bets ot various amounts! j ! ' ' 'l'lip rifl ilav. lhe l!nrlirnnn ilesiinlr'h wng fminil In was ascertained to have been the I I II T- 1.1 t Crow- worn 01 a iancy man, W119 noius an omce out tacKs po- c" : I . . II. 1 i . . L. . J . . L . .1 !('." 1 1 iiucai juayineni. lie naq sem me uespaicn io piease Hug weftK, urey ai ieM upjtur 10 ue, grgv- Vr Buchanan ! sihe stronger and stronger : and cverv vear And now that cer altl Mr- Buchanan are catching J . " . curses, from their political friends, a little faster, louder. IWlincSSeS an extension OI their operations, and deeper than any rece vly heard in this quarter 1 - J . , ' , ' The next day, the Bu I It U ; lnt rather seem to iatten ! some be mtme entirely. It v ibovr or some other how instead of grow-, work of a fancy man.w p Ye have-no interest not a particle 1 iv .i.r.u .1 ........... . 1.... limning lursc- ian.-niL iu . mn uiu Qcan hv them a more extended notice of a f fact which is already notorious in this re Jion ol country for many miles around. WTaghim gton City Battery, Oct. 10. 6. That lhe abuse of lhe veto, for the purpose of arresting legislation, not of this character of legislation, deliberately entered into, after ma ture consideration warranted by numerous precedents, approved by the practise of former Presidents and legislatures, and sanctioned by' the solemn judgment of the Supreme Court of the United States is a dangerous and alarming usurpation. 7. That, to sustain such a practice, is to de feat the great end and aim of Republican Gov. ernment, and, under the specious pretext of a check upon hasty legislation, virtually to trans fer the power of making laws from the Repre sentatives of the people to lhe President alone. millions of poor children and placed school houses recollect is brought about by a very sim in every city, town, and vilhge, and paid for pie occurrence. A gentleman in this ci- teachers tor many years. It is of vital impor- ty, finding that it was the intention of lance to every friend of his country lo probe lne Southern Locofoco press to represent this subject to the bottom, and ask why is it, Mr. Fillmore in the South as an Aboli- and who has caused this exorbitant expend.. lionisff on the ground of a letter written lure of national treasure? Shall our hard earn- l;n years agoknowing p.rf(.cly well ings coin. owe lo.ue inus TJ4iiui-.i-u j . , . HrrilHHlinn Wfts Iinilr :in, lo. fico misrule ? lieving that those who assailed him knew COUNTERFEITER A R RESTED. A man who gives bis name as Collins Smith, and says he lives in Floyd County, Georgia. though a native of Sriartanbnrg District, S. C. 8. That the public offices are created as pub- was, arresled near this place on last Thursday, he trusts, to be fulfilled for the common good ol A PATRIOT. : charged with havh g hassed Counterfeit Money, the people ; not as public spoils, to be distribut. lUuiso (iray Om. well known throughout the He passed through tliis village and exchanged ed among the successful partizans ol a laction s spurious coin with one ol our anu mat, 10 ueprive 01 omce a compeicm auu faithful public servant, for no other reason than grocery .keepers, but had not been gone long be. 1 otry i a infin of rare abilities, in a recent address seven dollars of hi I l wt people of Massncbusett-?, used the following lan- ' - f .. . .1 C 1 ... . 1- I J L 1 lore toe irau-u was uiscoverea, anu ne puisueu Ii f...l : 1.. .-J .1. 1 T ..I : . 7 ' 'niunnrr wiiuiwi un ci iru uui hcm. i uiiui is a , i j i I ri e halr This objectM.n comes about CO years too anu "Pprenenaea. a poruon oi ins counterieu. '. It wb dinixmr d of in snhslmiri hv lli mrr imiilcmpnU werei fininil in lii nnr-L-pl nun a base metal he used, in his 'ticWof confederation, and annulled, in form, by the " 11 kf tKo Cutuuon Qf the United States. The Northern States Sma11 (luanl,,' of the a dirference of political opinion, is an injury to the public interest, and a violation of the true principles of free government. Now. these are the fundamental principles of fre gltd t nough io avail themselves t f ihe co-opera- saddle-bags. He is now in jail sole tenant of ihe Whig parly : to these Gen. Taylor has une. Ill lu ll trr. Jjcf tie South, in iheir MruegUv fur independence, ,ha, luliJing, and the first one it has had for a M. " R iiueenons psked." Not less thankful were . . T . ,, . 1 1. cement the incipient alliance by a most sokmn ,onS Cun,'' U seems.' WOU,d haVe UDct . r.rnonivitKr iheir riifhr to nrnnerlf v in lillle or no use fr a ipi isoii, were it not for con- wr ilte, inJ engaging to protect it treating With fining rascals who come amongst us from other 01,11 proprietors of slaves, a our equals in all re- quarters or else, like the printers, it cannot ' tiijjioic oi cunsequence lO all uuicro uiiuci b Contiitution. iVhat would have been the fate of a 1 mfl5.n yrHat lorious assembly which formed the Con- IT A t its s 7 tf c qnivoeally given his assent, and declared his in tention to adhere. He has proclaimed that he would have no friends to reicard, and no ene mies to punish that he would leave the duty of legislation to the representaliccs of the people, The seven dollars which Smilh exchanged not interposing his veto, unless in cases of man- tUtBtion, or th. who might have made it George here, are imitations of the Spanish dollar, and da- ifest necessity and that he would administer ul!S!SSP d.ctW a "laveholder ineligible ted 1816, though the stamp found in his pocket (Tnvnrnmpnt on lhe nrineioles resnecled and 1818, which makrs it probable , ,, . ,. n 1 . ri n sat Stamps ; and il is quite like- observed by the earlier Presidents of the republic. rs. v e snail watt lor lar- Mounlain Banner . ZFIn". 1 remember the adoption is engraved with . .t- r ' vj, "-now-cituens ot ttus 5tate. .l .. l i. , Jin:,,.,,, j woen llaacock.ajuUled in r.i i u. ' umcic... 7 4e Convention to sign the rtincation. The evening 'y fte ma' be connected with a gang of regular- T""' -Miv".-. ...i ... iuvor ot the measure was IV Oriranizeu SWlliui S , to i.1 -k tree" 0Co8to, .r a""WBe favor- ther developements, e to II, whose members, Paul Revere tMur sm. v Adiros, wer like the sand of the sea shore, or like ' stars in heaven. Tov?dTr;Vr?Lr,K n rained : better to have a wife, who, like fw into the league. Never can I forget when 1 Maftial s Mamurifa, cheapens every tbrng teony oi tbecity lun in New York, Wash- rand buys nothing, than ta be impoverish 'llOn ih. it i I I e .1 . J o It is better to be laughed at, than to be , . - - uu iikui, toaiiui rvoia- . . .wluch pervtilcd the myriads who witnessed that ! nothing. To these principles, lhe so-called Democracy of this day are opposed. For nearly twenty years, their administrations have been progress ing further in disregarding and violating them ; until they have, as we trust, atlaiued their cli max, in the recent assumptions of the power to make war to annex territory by conquest and to establish territorial governments, without the did me no injustice in representing to your friends that these were, my sentiments." " Poor degraded Fillmore. ! He bites the dust and lets the Southern Jugger naut grind over him. He denies the 1 I I ...a m power oi me r eoerai uovenrnment lo hardly luoge oi a man s me touch slavery in the District, or thc slave three or four of Lis pickd trade between thc States!" usual, produce an unfa vot able i This ferocious trade, our readers will taking his eat all seemed ,n proviuenuauy, me ccairman -Lord apparently aleep. I If i ed out, Deacon I.oid yo i , post, instead of dreaming i!.. ! and help us in our diuirnhic-. Thc deacon rep!e thai l, v. ing. and as his dream had re ; of things then existing, he v. He dreamed that he. was ta' and that ho went directly lo 1 Recapitulation of the United Stales Government as much likewise wrote to a personal long been in lhat place tf Expenses. friend in New York, to ascertain what accosted by Satan hiimelf, 15,892 19S 00 Vere Mr. F.'s views opon one point the Deacon L.ord, ate you 1. -. 1,986.524 00 internal slave trade. That friend address- ,,een fiui"2 ou vcr' wcU 1 r ' edMr.F. on the subject,a.d received in re- V'- How was it i . i i i .t . if deacon replied, lust wl.en ! ply, a letter, in which -the writer defines . 1 . ' . ., ' ... i i .i wa4 in session, and ilifff his position, liased. as it is, upon he of at lilfl t(li? a IIlm;....r Constitution and the laws, and guarded HU u;.jetv i, - by the highest judicial authority in thc forin4iion, turned u'ldenlv 1 j land, it is absolutely inexpugnable. h is anj SJIij . Dick! Dick ! I . consistent wilh the. opinions of all the horse, saddle, biidle, and i: great lights of the Law and the Const itu- ro to Lower Lym at o:.c ; lion, whether of the North or of the South, con, was my friuJ Hunt I -v For this opinion, the mad and paricidal 4 He catue in," replied i! spirit, which would impel the Union for- I lfi." i:m91fi fid vvrt in fh c.irprr nf defct rnrt inn fYnrnfIs " 1 oil need III go 1I)PI). J 14,'340 00 itself in the unsparing denunciation of there, h.ll du j.M as well ; 597 00 Millard Fillmore. Because he is not ,IM "7 ,OOK u" u u rtl' .1 1. a itnl2t tl'lwk U"IS J J) a man whose enlarged and liberal mind 8144,684,939 00 rnn nmnrehend and embraei at ohce all the interest of the confederation, he is ac cused of biting the dust." and is assailed with epithets which should properly be confined to the thief and the murderer. " Poor degraded Fillmore T We ask ev ery man of common feeling, or the most ordinary sense of propriety, be he a big or Democrat, does not bis sense of jus tice revolt at the application of such gross terms, to such a man. Millard Fillmore, a degraded man ! Millard Fillmore, who. with the assistance of his own talents, his 1,052.123 00 OWn industry, his own integrity, has rais- 9,,r nn ed himself to the very highest rank among for(Jen. Tavor. 0f.Mr. 1,461 00 the statesmen of this country ! MiHn"! .( iliol Mr. tn.. Washingt'on do do ' do do do Adams do do do do do Jefferson do do do do do Madison do do do do do Monroe do do do do do 8 years 1 year 1 month 1 day 1 hour 1 minute 4 years 1 year 1 month 1 day 1 hour 1 minute 8 years 1 year 1 month 1 day 1 hour 1 minute 8 years 1 year 1 month 1 day 1 hour 1 minute 8 years 1 year 1 month 1 day 1 hour 1 minute J. Q. Adams 4 years 165,543 00 5,518 00 229 00 3 82 85,362,587 00 1,340,646 00 111,720 00 3,724 00 155 00 2 "8 841,300,788 00 5,162,598 00 do do do do do Jackson do do do do do illlL,IeT' .Sf.n nl dropped fr. the ' ed bv one whoS vanitv will nurchase ---.vauic iurin ana took, ine on tn to support the Con- - , . . s . ... , , ... . . , , i c ,T . No ot can describe the ailent to.rmWi. thing, but whose pride will cheapen ' authority, and even without the knowledge, of &n liuren the people's representatives. do 1 year 1 month 1 day 1 hour 1 minute 8 years 1 year 1 month 1 day 1 hour 1 minute 4 years: 1 year 18,085,617 00 1,507,135 00 50.237 00 2,093 00 34 88 8104,463.400 00 13,057,925 00 1,088.160 00 36,272 00 1,511 00 25 ltt 850,501.914 00 12,625.478 00 The minister, who was has proved a very usefil t.. we kuow, is preaching tl. r SOUTH C Wt The following are tl.-- i sentatives elect from this firl Congress : 1. Daniel Wallace, re . : 2. -Orr. vice Tt. ! 3. Joseph A. Wood a i !. 4. Johu MrQiireii, vi. e 5. Armittrad P.urt, re.t 0. Iaac K- Holm', r 7. Wi F. Colciick, it ! Mr. Ilolois, it i well 1. 24 35 tMllmnrdt Il-hrm . wt a 1 r tn ft V be hlS ppositioo ,- n.i nr. ' ' ' viio.m.too vu p0ntics ujs bitterest enemies have aiwajs - (;en. MtQurn. it i l m 1 ' i ii i . . m t 1 50,622 00 2,109 00 35 15 $136,403,963 00 34,101,741 00 f?i'?,;r? acknowledged to be a gentleman and a up to ,lu n,,,,.. expir e - i In fl l Xn man of enlarged mind ! Millard Fillmore, ! lwecn tbr candidttes f .r i whose high worth has attracted ttio un. nrrertbeirss, i nullified commendation of WinfiId Scott. ; Sims, (ur former I dri : j and of whom Wm. C. Hives said, that he u U well known, i bad "a patent of nobility from nature " 1 ;epreitv. Jt. c - V

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