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North Carolina Newspapers

Carolina watchman. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1832-1867, November 01, 1849, Page 3, Image 3

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I - -1 - li -. 1 1 i It, koaritWAnouxA. JMArichcslcrN. H.) American pays ; Jg OW fortlji State the following linnd- ' H f i1 (tt Wl the States south of Ihe Polomnc. I iU more titles to respect than North r.roIiiiA -This State has not received in tr Vls of the Union the esteem and jfi0SUerktion which are due to her modest ttoW uFr s,!uann is unfavorab,e to 'IfWI- ' Her extensive sea-coast is rcn j i,r;d almost 'useless for, the purpose or teefce oy aWier of sand. She has 'i8' Wg .'.aiy '.tfliWi serves as a point of attraction, and collects and distributes l0. rmfcpnre feting the State, inecoun &on tfc line of the railroad, which is the pVific pal Iborpogh re r st angers, hap- 1 .Ufw.!ii. most barren and unimproved i4if. her soil. r.r.- rich in rcvo uuonarv remmi tCfPCesJT in resources 'of the forest, fltld ! iiinwrJrl which are still undeveloped, in 1 -Jalid rhcni(icent scenerv, in literary ' "'M i; -. . , .ii ii i- "irdtutiin.nnd a suhstantial and well dts- g'populatmn. i Situated between two ! S' mOvoi mijicu is luuiismy enueavor $ fiUintain the pomp of departed ' .etcatrt en R J ofher having -a strange i ? pisiion ir UC'PS conspicuous at the ex Ipcnsc obcing , ndidulous, she has avoided ltictrfcf?j of bpth, trivinpf neither to rule VBcrtixjli$solve hp American Union. Her esliSpflairp haVobeen managed with Vpfutleqclcjand succjess. She has neither UtnJtaHc to Uy novelties nor neglect the reft imiJiuvi iiiuiii? ui iiiu ni:r. jh in nter- cjJl improvements she engages cautiously and trvdSI rule ly, anxious to develope her r'rciourceV, but careiul not to hazard her :ertiit, 1 $be has an excellent system of courts; f rrd her; judiciary has been adorned 'UtnTTH rlamcsthat would reflect lustre on tny triHunal ii. the world. Her t citizens ;ire 4rdf &nP VkU ani genTftlly yield I jjionimble obedience to the laws. She las .Bol t been as much distinguished as it f.. . r . .L t -ll! T I. soma er oiates lor me uriiiiancy ui ncr puSlic pen but a State whicti has sqjU to Hbe nalipnal councils a Macon, a Stably; a fCastoni an Iredell, a Graham and a Badg er, bas score., for bet HO cause for mortification on that .jlier general quietness has gained the appellation of Kip Van Win- le vaM.thdugh she may perhaps be lia- U totb$ reprpach or inertness, ve con ess that in these days of public and nri- V&te tectilessness, wc rrgard such a fail in? &s "lcaninlg to virtue's-side." I vliirilB. PRESENT. ADMINISTRATION f WM AND Til E LAST. ! e pare had. occanon, more than once to )IKC he exuniio! oi . me enure Liocotuco fnu 0 er fKp 'vjrtoi if achieved by their par- if 'ii h 1 fata elections. Yet it is very ceitain wat)ieri;fiae gained . no strength since the JPfCTid5iijal elotiion, any whero ; and in most pliCeijjhb voie : jfalls greatly below that cast rtftCerl.Ca. rhi"result, it mustc further- 'more remembered, has been obtained before a .iiion'jttf' Cong res s has taken place, and be r1erelnni(i a c i 11 rr I fa. i in iui (iwiivjt 1 1149 ucni iruugiu uuuui ywVelbjr the inertness of the VVhig party .a luetinfM lor wtucti we are not disposed to 'I'i'M'S'f'Jbul which finds its best apology in r e cotirfiiutionQf the Senate. . jttJs. ho we re r, is not the only Administra ;lpi;b has M late years, found itself in a A reinoriry in ihejllouse of Representatives. ! :Co.)'ilk, if we recollect tightly, went inlo of- 'Mk mnjofity of ixty in his favor. Two .,Jort Jar of nal adrninistralion, were sufTi. " jticnt dot only tii! prostrate that majority, but to jNw h-greater weight in the opposite scale. .!TW'n"pk ;'1(,t deride against hirrw before :fieJf ktW liajlui intended to do. Far from .1 li Tbf fcivel jliim a fair and impartial trial, li j yCohreBSPj had he developed his plans M ; ,'fn, before they finally passed up. rm; jl war deliberately wei;hed in the 3 f lblia1 opinion, and was found want J V"? i jdgenieiit thus deliberately formed, ,?U4 ,1 fu knpwledffo of all the circumstances Cite. rrnilJ iw.i Iia nnklli' rpvirpfl n twl , jcnsetjiienily find that it was triumphantly ;'atned,ivhcii!(;eH. Gass, who has pledged ! Qtin bis foot jaeps, came ibrward to ask , fW bad passed it, for their suffrages. iPcifle could ftud nothing gool in the j aitjiuistrjition of Mr. PolU jpu they repodia. i f1, tho principles ly which that of Gen. 1 AvFIl be '' guided, nre understood to be r'rically opposite to those of his predeces- ,Mt is $nt f,ijjr. to preume that when they !i-bave been developed, th.ey will receive 'hfntjfet approbation of those who rejected Cfn, Cs. Vpr that mason, we entertain no fflireyeusioh pf the oflhe success of this Ad isfritiiVn. .el the people but fully under Nfft its measures let them hut know they the-antipodes of thuse which liave so lately 'fitied the seal ot their unqualified disappro lnjan'd Nyeifar not the result. At present, Ort the article of iiiveVligatiou, a majority Jl'W-Jjf sniull service to us in the louse. Vfrrferable 'u a miriorlyf now, to one two be nee. f Gen. Taylor had commanded ff8 tnajority in the lower House the first lje,f and if aftertbe meeting of Congress, 1 Hlbould ue deliberately condemned by such tjerwhe,niig! verdict, as sbook Mr. Polk y bite (louse, we should t ben have rea- irTi 0fi Lipcolnton Republican publishes 9 awful slorv of tK rur ' r . I t - - slnry of tha personal rencounter be U. It. Barrinserand (i. W. Caldwell, t word of which is true. Il was put (to maka the tnattir whrie. with Wet . ' ; id n er'c',!nl a,r a,,fction, that the case when they reach him must . 'J(l.lW editor's "check to burn. ,; . . i s. , . ; , . pernor of Oregon. The Wishing. 'I'r5 KilMn so i 'a "jor Gaines ha formally accepted, 'r n..An n,l Will .nil ernorshiriof Urrgon, and will sail Under the) head' of Parvum utirMut to," the Ashehoro! Herald has at stV&ngfe' medley. Wa commend the Editor Jo the; care of the pons" in-that Town ;or to the fair lady who may have turned his brain.- ( i-'I ; :. .. '. ICT-We lam 1 from the PayetfcvfjU papers that about seven miles of the Plank Road is already opened and graded I -Z : - J ; A M AuroraS-f Mr. Henry J. To6lif who issued a prospectus, some months ao, for the publication of a paper in Wilmington, of the above name, intends issuing the first number about the 1st November. n.. t'.;. ., i. ii. "! t i ARRIVAt opUIE STEAMeR eUrBpA, I ' POLITICAL NEWS. ; The aspect e( affairs between Rusai and Turkey look threatening. English Anil PrnnIi fleets have beerl ordered to the Mediterranean. Twelve Knglish ships of war are now n the Tu,k waters Or who uuuuicu iiiuusauQ rneo rotfnd Constantinople. I lhe ro " arms aroun French GorernWi.t French Governmeut repudiates the conduct of M. r ou?in, butj claims indemnity. A cpnpi. racy has been detected in Piedrnbnt. j The Pope is afraid 16 return to Rome. - ! rumred that Spanish troops will enter . Rome. J he t,t)lerais rapidly subsiding throughout Europe. . i . .- x 'I iropf There has bjen a slight attempt in Ireland to renew political disturbances. John d'Cori nor is at tho liejad ofthe movement. J i ! Plank Road in Charleston. We learn from the Mercury that the Commissioners of Main Roadsforthat City have laid flown a Plank Road! for several hundred yards in the upper Ipart ot King street, j It is said to be a reat improvement as that street is said to be very muddy ir wet weather. 1 ; " I ;-l M The meeting off the Presbyteries of Bethel, Cpncord J and Fayetteville.tojelect a Professor of Moral and Mental Science, will be held at Davidson College at 11 f'clock ! on the first. Wednesday of December next. . j THjEIARKETS j Salisbury, JVoti 1. Bacon 6: Brandv.40 h 50 : Butter 10 ; Beeswax 15 ; Cotton 7 (3 8 ; Cotton Yarn (S) 80 ; CorTee (3 0 ; Cj)rn 25 30 ; Feathers 25: Flour oerbbl.4 4i; Iron 2J (3) 4; Linseed Oil 65 0 70 ; Nails 51 -6; Oats 121 (S 15 : Irish Potatoes 40 ; Sweet do. 30 Sugar, (brown) 6 (3) 8 ; Loaf 10 (d 1 i ; salt, sack) i ; Tallow 10 12 s Vheat 75 ; Whiskey 25 (2 30. x - Fayetteville, Octi 23. Brandy, peach, 7S 85 : Ditto, apple, 50 $ 55 Beeswax 18 : Bacon 5 j jS 6J : Cotton 10 000; Corn 40 45; Coffee II (3) 14? Flour 41(3) 5: Feathers28 30 : Flaxseed 1 (3) 8U.: Iron, Swedes, 5 (3) 6 : dp. English 3$ (3) 4 : Lard 6$ ff) 7J ; Leather, sole, 200 'Molasses 25 (3) 28 : Nails, qnt, 5 : Oats, 25030 : Sugar, brown, 6 (3) 9: do. loaf, 1 1 (3) 12 : Salt, sack, 1 50 0 1 75: Tallow. 10 & : Wheat 75 80: Whiskey 5 O 3$. i Chekaw, Oct. 3. Bacon per lb. C 6.: Butter 15 20 : Beeswax 18 20: Coffee 11 ; Cotton 5 10 : Corn 40 45 : Eggs 10 12 : Flour 5 $6: Feathers 25j32: Iron 5 6$ r Lard 7 8 : Leather (sole) 19 22 : Molasses 35 40 : do. Cu ba 3337 J: Nails, cut, 6 O 6): Rice 4 (3 S: Sugar, brown. 7 10: do. Loaf, 12$ 15: Salt, Li erpool, 1 62$ 75. " A babe in a house is like a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of beace and love ; M i ; Yet it is a talent of trust, a loan to be rendered back with interest. Thpp er. ! BORN, I Oct 27 A daughter to J. D. McRary, of this Co " 31 A son; to John E. Boger, of this Town. New Goods! New Goods!! Direct from Hfew York! t THE subscriber is now receiving his Fall and Win ter. supply of Jleady Made Clothing, consisting of Cloaks, Overcoats, Sack, Frock and jDress Coats, ? h of every price andivariety. Also, Pants, Vests,' SbirtSj Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, a large variety, which he offers for sale upon1 very low terms, as he is deterinined not to be undersold in this market.. Persons wishing good and comfortable VVinter Clothing, are respectfully invited to call andf examine his stock before purchasing elsewhere. J. H. ENNISS, Nov. 1, 1849. Nearly opposite W. Murphy Coi D Nov. AILY expected a full assortment, and will be sold low. Apply at J. H. ENNISSJ .1, 1849. j Clothing stofe, ; CLOAKS!. CI oak! Clonks! -An assort ment of Cloaks just received. J. IT. ENNISS. Shirts j SiiTris! ! Shirts ! ! ! A LOT of gentleman's fine shirts, something stfperi or, just received and for sale by ... ENNISS.' i Broad Cloths and Cassimeres. j ! A LOT of finej Broad Cloths and Cassimeresonjiand. which I will; sell very low for cash or good paper Country merchants are invited to call if they wish bar gains. J. H. ENNISS. SILKS j AND RIBBONS, j HE. subscriber would caIl the attention of" the La JL dies to his lire and fine selection' of Plain!! ana Figured Silks, ql all colours ; also, to his Ribbons, which he has no hesitation in saying is the larges and finest assortment iever before exhibited in this :mrket, and which are nqw going off rapidly at his cheaptore Nov. 1. 184D. E. MYrlJ Bomiets pd Artiflcial Flowers j j THG undersigned is now opening at his chearstor! JL in Salisbury j a large, and fine selection of S;traw, China, Pearl, Faiicv. and Leehorn Bonnets, which h is offering at lower prices than ever before in tljis Stated i He is also openiiig a fine assortment of Artificial Flow j ers. jinose in want-ot eutierot the above articles naa v better, call soon. E. MYERS, i i 17 ITIVElt S is now in receipt of his ?st$ck of j -J Shoes, which consists of Ladies Gaiters, Biiskinsi Fies, and Slips. E Also, Mens and Boys Boots and Shoe! of all kinds. All of which having been .purchased di . I r rectly from the best manufacturers in Boston, New, York and Philadelphia:, he is enabled 10 sell at low prices. He is also, in receipt of 200 pair shoes made far my, which at th close of the Mexican war were sold by the Government. A heavy sewed shoe which E. M is selling at $1 ?5 per pair. Nov. 1, 134$. : RAW A WAY on the 31st ultimo, from the sub subscriber Sn Rowan County, a Negro man named Lewis, belonging to the estate of Samoel Craigejdec'di Said boy has a wife at Roland Crump's, in Davje Co A liberal reward will be given for his apprehension and delivery to meJ j" x R. N.CBAIOB. . Nov. 1,1848 IjX - " 26 h i. TO PRINTERS. T TAiit' . T '. .i . . . wrwte ! . FVJ uv " and lor sate inree .akm w v rintM lwbr ,r RBnwN i I iuimntf rrrvji otiatici s THE FREIGHT TRAIN HAS ARRIVED; fair Epulvalent for your Dollars! T.AM now receiving my Fall and Winter Slock of J. Goods, which is large, well selected and bought : with Cash at the lowest hgures, consisting in part of French and English black and fancy Cloths, 1 " " Gassimeres, Plain and fancy silk and satin Vesting, Ready Made Clothing; India Robber Oversaits: Three ply and 2 nly in2rain Carpetins. laree stock : ; Silk and worsted dress goods of all styles, to suit all lasirs : buk. .uanil lias : n s lanrv nnnia ' via Plain Linaeys: black and fancv Aloacca : . w . . . . r - ' r - i White, yellow, green and scarlet Flannels ; Trimmed Silk and Satin Bonnets. Fluted Florence Bonnets ; Queen's Own do. . Slc. Linen sheeting, bro. and bl'h'd sheeting ijf shjrting ; M Cotton bagging ; Hemlock Leather ; ; J. Miles' & Son waterproof and dress bojpts and Ladies Shoes , HATS & CAJS, I lGO bags Rio, old gov. Java and Moricaiio Coffee ; Brown, clarified, crushed, powdered and loaf Sugar; - Mackerel ; Dairy Cheese ; Oil ; white Lead j Quicksilver, Blasting Powder, uud Wliim Rope; ? t Sperm and Adamantine Candles ; Anvils & Vices; Double barrel Guns ; Hardware and Cutlery ; I China, Glass and Queensware ; ii Fire and other Iron shovels and spades BOOKS AND STATIONARY, 1 Aiso, an assortment of f1 I H I 1 or n T t n ... I i Together with every other article necessary to consti- t t A n T..U J I - . - 1 r ' I l' ' T .ii : iuic a iuii auu couipieie StOCK OI i goods, WQICU 1 will sell at wholesale or retail for cash at unprecedented low prices. So be sure to call before! you buy elsew here, and I will give you more goods for your cash, than you can pet at any other concern in the western part of the State. My motto is " quick sales and light profits." - - J. F. CHAMBERS. Salisbury, Nov. 1,1849 ' J. A. SADDLER'S HOTEL. CHARLOTTE, N. C. HAVING become owner of Half of this property, I bee leave to say to my kind Patrons, and the Public genernlly, that it will still be kept open as a Hotel. The interior of this House has recently been fitted up in a style inferior to no establishment in this part of the coun try. 'i y;. J will also, on this occasion, tender my siticere.lhanks for Ae very libera! patronage I faave enjoyed, and pro mise, if the closest attention to business can retain the sume.not to lose it. j J. A. SADDLER. ' Charlotte, October 1849. ! 1 5t26 STRAYED FROM the subscriber about the 25th of September, two MUCH COWS, One a large Brindle. mark, a a - m w crop off the left ear and a split and upper bit n the right. tne other, a ratner small Low, white except the ears and nose, which are black, markj not remembered. The hirge Cow has a bell on.' Any-jinformation' respecting them will be thankfully received. Address roe at Gold Hill.N.C. JOSEPH A. WORTH ll October 29, 1849. ; 3t26 CHARLOTTE, N. C. HE Proprietor of the abovej Establishment informs his friends and the travelling community, that he is now prepared to accommodate all who may feel inclin ed to call on him. He makes no special pledges pre ferring to let facts speak for themselves. The premises have undergone a thorough repair, and are newly fur nished. ! 1 J. D, BOYD. Charlotte, Oct. 20, 1849. 4t25 THE SUBSCRIBER EESPECTFULLY informs his friends and the Public generally, that he has opened a j STORJ3 in this IMace, and is now receiving his (Stock of STAPLE & FAICY DRY-GOODS, T T 1 J-i t Hardware, trockei Groceries, Ilats, He thinks it useless to enumerate in arj advertise ment, but will say that his stock of IMlVGOODS consists of almost every article usually found in a Fan- ! CJ Dry Goods Store, in a City, which having been selec ted with great care in the principal .Northern Markets, arid purchased j EXCLUSIVELY FOR CASH, ; 3 ! i he is confident of offering such: inducements to those iat cannot! fail to give io sell at a very Small who mav favor him with a call t satisfaction, as he is determined advance on first cost. i E. MYERS. I Salisbury, Oct. 20, 1819 24 Lf CASH FOR NEGROES. i - - I ; fJHE SUBSCRIBER vlishesto purchase 4 Likely Young Negroes Of all descriptions suit ableWor the Southwes tern markei, .ttz : - ; ITIen, Women, Coys, and Girls. Persons ha ving property of the above description to dis pose of, wOl find il greatly to their advantage by ma king early application to him, as! he is paying the high est. market prices in Cash. , '. N. B. He also wishes to parchnerl?aKi775, CARPENTERS, and COOPERS: lie can be found i the Hotel of John 1. Shaver, pkq.. j 1 mm my ers. Salisbury, October 18, 1849. V i Id : TlCT Persons at a distance havSng anj of the above de scription of property for sale, wt 6 by addressing me. i 1 be prompt attended Charlotte 'V. N.E STO EE :; . o L i : ' mi PIES WAITED. : I -O 1 ' v. s Ir J. J. StimmercllT Orreas his Professional aence to Ihaf! iwe' t Safisbory and the surrounding country. U ;i -ift ! He will always be- foond ad his 01ficeia6havers fotcl, between the Drag Store df Drs. Brbvt K James auad Bats Confectionary, or at his residence . j fTrne ob ject of charity punctually attenfle) to iuch. ' Atom 1840, -. . . x il i 'Mi m 1 1 RIP VM WIMtE IS If OW WIDE AWAKE ! If U9U d nl believe it, Ctlll at our Store and hear the prices of the large stock of xi 1 11 J TTT. , ! . , ran ana winier iiOOQSj WHICH WE HAVE JUSJ RECEIVED, Tl EING the LARGEST and MOST COMPLETE 39 STOCK OF GOODS we have ever opened, consisting in) part of the following, Black, Blue, Olive and Invisible! Green Cloths, Black and Fancy Cassimeres, (bew style) 7 T Weeds, Sattinets, Kerseys, and! Flannels, Mesrino Shirts and Drawers, A large Stock of Plaid Linsejs, Bed & Negro Blankets. TO THE LADIES. We respectfully invite them to we will show as fine goods the cheapest and moit fashionable to be found in this market. j : DRESS GOODS, ; (all kind) Glomes, Handkerchiefs, Ibices, Edgings, Hosiery, Steel Bags, Fine Shawls, $-c. CI TWl f A TICI Fashipnable Fur and Silk, (Fall sfyle.) 22 doz. Cloth and Oil Caps, Boots and Shoes, 500 pair Brogans, CARRIAGE TRIMMINGS, (large assortment ,) 800 feet Patent Leather, Chase Hjdes, Curtain Cloth, Springs, Axles, &.c. ; 35 gallons cach Varnish. HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, Cross cut and Mill Saws; 75 Kegs Nails, Axes, An- j vils, Hoop Iron,; 8 boxes Tin Plaje, Wool and Cotton Cardsj Shovels, Forks and Spades Cotton Rope. Al so, a large assortment of fine Knivts and Forks. orooehies. Porto Rico, Muscovado and New pileans Sugars, Stu art's clarified, pulverised and crusied do., 6 bags old Java Coffee, Rio Coffee, green anxl black Teas, 1000 lbs., Candles, 31 bbls aad half bbls No. 1,2 & 3 Mack erel, 24 barrels fresh mess Shad, 5bbls extra fine TANKERS' OIL. The above stock of Goods will -be 6old wholesale and retail, as low as can be sold in this market. 31. BROWN 4- SON. Salisbury, Aug. 30, 1849. 17 N. B. 10,000 lbs. Clean WOOL wanted, and for which the highest price will be paid io goods. , JUST7 ofTetters REMAINING in the Post Office, at Salisbury, Oc tober 1, 1849. j C. M. S. Andrews, Mrs. Margaret Austin, John S. Amos, J. Albright, Jacob B. Allen,! Ashe &. Hargrave, Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander, Lewis Agner, J. W. lSarkey 3 ; Hamilton Byres, Robert Bradshaw, J. R. Bulard, Jno. BoIenB. F. Bean 2 ; David P. Batfs 4 ; David Barring er2 ; Mrs. Lucretia Crawford, John Carson, Peter Cas per, Bsrges Cranford, Mrs. Jane Carey, Mrs. Julia A. Chaplin, Thomas Clampet, George Cauble.Sala P. Don el 2 ; Wilford Dent, H. A. Daber, Daguerean Artist 2 ; James Deaton, Phely Deaton, Thonjas Foard, John Fra ser, Hubbard Foard, W.S.Gordon: Messrs. R. R. Hill &, Co, Joseph Hildebrand, Samuel Hollingsworth, Jacob Hill, William Hornbargef, Miss Sarah Hall, Johnson & Brothers, L. H. Knight, Samuel Kjesler, Benj. Little 3 ; Miss M. Linebaugh, John M. Lile.jW. W. C. Linney, A. D. Lewis, Heirs of Micajah Lewis, Jos. Farr, Joseph Patten, J. Shepard, Samuel 3. Motley, James'Mitchel, Patience Martin, James S. Mebanei, Dr. Jos. D. Mason 2; John Murray, A. S. Moseley, jVV. C. Miller, Miss Mary Macanter, Mrs. Mary McNejply, Charles Mesmer, Samuel Newland, David Owens, Aaron Pinkston, Hen ry Pless 2; Daniel Peeler, Mrs. Lizer Pearce, ParksfWillis Peck, John C. Palmef, John Repult, S. C. Rogers, Paul Riblin.J. Reed, Charles Kosenbraw, Ro bert Slavin, Miss Ann E. Swink, William Smith 2 ; W. L. Stefl, John Shuman, Westly SWain, Delphia Sidden, Michael Shooping, James Sikes, Paul A. Seaford, Heirs of James Stazzal, John Neilson, ISIary Ann Saunders, Elizabeth Todd, Turner Ac Anderson, P. Volintine, Maj. J. D. Witherspoon, J. Waddle, Jiames White, David Watson, Solomon Young. B. JULI AN, P.M. THE subscribers having entered, into a copartnership itt the Cabinet Business, takej this opportunity of informiihg the citizens of this Toin and surrounding country, that they have on hand a fine lot of furniture. made of mahogany, walnut, &c, and that they can fur nish on the shortest notice, as fineimahogany and wal nut furniture, as can be bought at Any shop in this sec tion of country. We have in our ekn ploy as good work- 1 men as can be found at any shop in this country ; end we think that we can give satisfaction in both FURNITURE ANI) PRICES, to all wiho may be so kind as to favor us with a call. We can be found at the old stand opposite the Row an House, formerly occupied by Dijvid Wa.son. WILLI AIM ROWZEE, S. R. HARRISON. . Salisbury, Sept. 13, 1849. 1 What Physicians say; of our Pill. Messes. P. Cnu.Ds Co.r Cienfs : r or some years j past I have been partially acquainted with the effects of i your Ofienial or Sovereign Balm Tills sold in this vicin ity by your agents, the Messrs. Wheelers. Having re cently obtained some of them and' used them in my fa mily, I feel highly gratified in being able to declare them (in my opinion) to be a safe, efiieijpnt, and highly valu able medicine ; superior to any Fiils.for family use, with which' i am acquainted; Respectfully yours. j w. s. Paddock, m. d. j Masaena, June 8, 1847. j For sale by Boger &, MaxWel.; Salisbury ; Falls St .Morrison, Statesville ; David Fraley, Rockville ; JP. MabryTTLexington ; D. Honneycjutt, Gold Hill ; and wholesale and retail by P. M. Cohen, 19 Hayne street, Charleston, S. G. " 6o . i TOW ELECTION ! THE COMMISSIONERS of Salisbury have di rected Polls to be opened at the Court-House on the 16th and 17th days of November, to ascertain the will f the qualified voters of the Town for or against a sub scription of $15,000 by the corporation to the stock of the Central Kail Koad. , he Fols to be opened at ten o'clock and closed at sun set each day. The voting to be ziza-xoct before ihe Clerk of ihe Board, who shall keep a fair and true record of the same. i i . ; D. A. DAVIS, October, J849:425 J IntendantPolice. Common Schools. niHE Members of the Board bf Superintendents of 1 Common Schools, are hereby notified to attend at the ClerVs Office on Thursday thie 1st day of November (or the purpose of apportioning the fecnool r and among the districts. All the nieinbers sre requested to attend. ' A. VV. BRANDON, Chairman R-lijrv. Oct. 22. lR49:lt25 i ofthe Board 'I.AIIRE and neat assortment of Coffins always hand and for sale lit tt a nn i , ROWZEE & HARRISON. Fresh ; , Medicines ! Drugs, Chemicals, and PERFUMERY. THE subscribers have ju received at their Dara Stobk, corner ofthe Mansion Hotel, the LARG EST amd BEST SELECTED ASSORTMENT OF DRUGS, tHESICllS, FllMS, OILS I DYE-STrFFS, ever brooght to this market, and which tbey now offir at wholesale or retail. We particularly invite the at tention of Physicians, Druggists and Merchants to oar stock, which we pledge to sell at lower Mies than any establishment in this part of the Slate. With the amur ance again that oar prices and terms will please all, we return our sincere thanks to the public for their very lib eral patronage heretofore expended to us. Below we present a list of a few of the articles comprising our stock: Pulv. Ipecac, HyJ. Chlo. Mit., Rhei, Jalap, Sulph. Quinine, Columbo.Scilla, Sulph. Morphine, Gamboge, lAcit. do., Opium, Piperine, Arrow Roof, Salarine, Pearl Barley, Red LeaJ, Cort Cinch, iVenitian Red, Spanish Brown, Wkjte Lead, Black do. Linseed Oil, Train Oil, Iogwood, Copperas, Indigo, ie!. See., Also, a large assortment of SHOP FURNITURE. Prescriptions furnished at all hours. Orders from a distance punctually attended to. BROWN Sc JAMES. Salisbury, August IG, 1849. lOvo! 5 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT of HAMPDEN SYDNEY COLLEGE, RICIIJIOXD, VIRGINIA. rF5 HE twelfth annual course of lectures in this In- JL stitution, will commence on Monday, October 22d, i lo4y,and continue until the middle of March. R. L. Rgiias.vax, M. I)., Prof, of Obstetrics and Dis eases of Women and Children. L. W. Chajiberlayne, M. D.. Prof, of Materia MeJi- ca and Therapeutics. I S. Macpix, M. D. Prof, of Chemistry and Pharmacy. I Chas. Bell Gibson, M. D., Prof, of Surgery and Sur- ! gical Anatomy. j Carter P. Jouxsox, M. D., Prof, of Anaioaay and 1 Physiology. David H. TrcxER.M. D , Prof, of Theory and Prac tice of Medicine. A. E. Petjcolas, M. D . Demonstrator of Anatomy. The Museum, Apparatus and illustrations for the de nsfor the de- I ivedmanyad- ! monstrator departments have recently recei I ditions, and are now very complete. The facilities for , 1. r rracticai Anatomy, are uosarpasserf. ifaetliuical ad- 1 so.t, as Prrineipal, agisted by Miss Pad. (an. accom vantages are fully toimunsnrate with the wants of the 1 plished lady from the North) io the Literary, and Mrs, studen, and especially valuable to those preparing for . Ass E. Erwi.v, in rh Mbieal IVparnnent. Thecha practice at the South. Clinical Lectures are given twice J racier of the Trackers, rke kraltkflae and delightful a week in the College Infirmary, (which is in immediate ! scenery of ibe location the hospitality and refinement contiguity with the College.) and once a week in the j of the society of Morzanton, enable this institution to Richmond Alms House. In these institutions the dis- t n resent strong claims for extensive natrons ire. , eases occurring in Southern practice ere met with, and ... the student has the most eligible opportunities of becom ing acquainted with their types and treatment. The fre quency of Surgical operations before the class, together with the facilities for witnessing the treatment of Surgi cal cases, renders this one of the best Schools of Practical Surgery. Charges Matriculation $5, Tickets of the Profes sors, 105, Practical Anatomy $10, Graduation Fee $25 ; Board, including fuel, lights, and servants' attend ance, may be obtained at 2J to 4$ per week. S. MAUPIN. M. D., Aug. 16. 1849 7tl5 Dean ofthe Faculty GOODS. BROWN & ELLIOTT ARE now receiving their stock of Fall and Winter Goods, to which they invite the attention of the la dies and gentlemen of Salisbury and the surrounding country. Their stock was selected by one of the firm, with great care, and they believe it will compare favor ably with any stock in the market in style, quality and price. It comprises a general assortment of suitable for the season, also of Groceries, Hardware, Cutlery, Ac. They would call especial attention to their fine stock of Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Dress Silks, Merinos, M ousel ine de Lanes, Mohair Lustres, Alpaccas, Ging hams, Shawls, &c. Also, their fine Be bee Hats ; their Bonnets, and Caps, Boots, and Shoes. Salisbury, Oct. 4, 1849 . 22 VALUABLE LANDS FORSALE. WILL be sold at the Court House, in Salisbury, on Monday the 5th of November next, (being Monday of County Court,) ONE TRACT OF LAND, known as the Tenpenny Tract, containing about 200 ACUKS, lying about four miles from Salisbury, near the road leading to Gold Hill. There is on the premises a good DWELLING HOUSE, large barn, stable, and other out-houses, and about 75 acres cleared. Also, One other Tract, known as the Garner Tract, containing about 33 5 ACRES, about 50 acres of which is Henred, including a good meadow. This tract joins the other. The above Lands ure sold by order of the Court of Equity, and will be sold on a credit of twelve months, the purchaser giving bond with approved security. Ti tle to be made when the purchase nionev is paid. WILLIAM MURPHY. October 4. 1849 522 Ready made Clothing For sale al reduced I?ricc ! FROM the 1st of Aueut to the 1st of Septemler, I will sell my stock of Summer Clothing at cost. All who wish' Bargains should call at J. H. ENNISS' Clothing Store. Salisbury, July 30, 1849. 13 Negroes for sale. BY virtre of a decree of the Court of Iredell, I will expose to public sale at the Court IIooseiu States ville, on Tuesday the 20ih November next, SIXTEEN LIKELY NEGROES, consisting of TCcn, Coys Women and Girl. One of them is an excellent Cook. Terms made known on the day. C. A. CARLTON, Adm'r. Oct. 18, 1849 4t24 of John Carlton, dee'd. Brown & James " HAVE just received'among a variety of other arti cles, a large quantity of superfine salad OIL. I Salisbury, April 12, 1849 v 49 ATTENTION. FINE Mahogany Wardrobe?, Dressing Bureaus, Centre Tables, Sofas, Rocking Chairs, Sec, very , cheap for cash or country produce, for sale by ROWZEE ic KAlttUSON. 50 PIECES COTTON BAGGING j TUST received and fm sale cheap at the Store of O ll. BROWN & SON, Salisbury, Oct II, 1843 23 Du WHITEHEAD FPPDa u: niiwi ia th nuhlie IW FEWER on VHe can at present he found at his residence, nnleaa m b . uivu A ia uiuinmw. - I r present professionally engaged..' Salisbury, July 21, IS4Dtf. 1:' : POLYiTATIIEAN" INSTITUTE! T YODWGV tADEBSh' TIIC MISSES CURS, 1 Formerly PkiUdelpkU, mad rrtemtlyf LaWonvre, THIS faeuiation purposes cocomencing operation im Salisbury, P.owao County, N. Carolina, September I, 1849. -' - . The Pantographtc Method of Teaching, which! orizi nated ia this Institution, is eminently calculated to make learoins a pleasani employmeut toyoonjc ladies.; T1 great variety of interesting' n4 asoasinj illustrations mads use of, lends interrvt to many stadies whka are usaalry regarded by ytonj peraoos as dry s-od tnatpitl. " Sounds which aJdress the ear are lost, and ' In one short hoar ; bat that which strikes the TTr, Lives Ion; upon the mind ; the faithful sigh: J i EojraTes the knowledge with a beam of light,?.' Young ladies are taaslit in small rlasaet, anJ lb whole attention of a teacher is given to ooe claaa, b gradual development of the yooinful mind Is waicbed with much care, and throughout the coarse, the Studie of the pupil are carefoUy adapted to her mental capaci ty ad troress; bat the peculiarity of this method of teaching iiia the happy manner in which the dinVrenl branches of to1y ate illustrated. ' .", Pupils will be received at a very early age; add th Coarse of Instruction will be far more thomuzh and i complete than that of any school Modacled ioHhe or- dinary way can be. t Terms nud Sessions . - , The scholastic year is divided into wo ttmktm of ! live months each, commencing 1st September and In ' February. The only vacation is in the rooatfesW JoUr ad Ausl. THE CHARGES ARC For Tuition in the Primary Department, Senior Classical Stationary, Fuel, and Vr of Books, Charts, Slc. Primary Department, Senior " Classiral Plain and Ornamental Needlework extra. !7 50 10 (Ml 12 50 ,y 00 4 "00 1 5 00 Modern Languages, Drawing aad Painiicg. d Usie at Professors" Prices. There are no other rhargea pareiH are not required to purchase any books for their children. , ,1 Pupils will not be received for Iras period than one session. 3raI2 MORGANTDN FEMALE ACADEMY. . ' rpHE Tru tees of the MORG ANTON FEMALE X ACADEMY, take pleasure in announcing that ihev have secured the services of the Re. J M Un- LEU LU CL K3a .; , . In the English Department, per aesssion of five months; First Class, $ 1 SO Second Class, . 10 00 Third Class, 15 00 Latin, French, Drawing and PaiMtng, extra. ' Music on Piaao, 18 00' Boarding can be had in respectable families at seven dollars per month, every thing incloded. The session will commence on the 1 5th of October. R- C. PEARSON, President. Morganton, Sept. 20, 1849. 21 Valuable River Land- FOR SALE. - ; - o MRS. SUSAN CRAIG Lh CTf offers for sale the valuable C'-'C? PLANTATION on which she now resides. It is situated about seven miles Nonh, North-west ot rSali-. 1 bury, on the main road leading-to Mocksville., lhs whole Tract comprises , j 856 ACRES. A large proportion of il stretches along the Yadkin Riv er, and is excellent bottom Land. Much of it is already under cultivation, but the greater part of the Tract ia well timbered woodland. There are other improve ments on the 4iremises, consisting of a good dwelling House, and all the necessary buildings for a farmer Orchard, Ac. Mrs. Csaige will sell the whole tract together; or, if if applicants prefer it, will divide it to suit tbetr wishes,' as nearly as practicable, if it can be dooe without aeri---ous injury to the value of the whole tract. , For further information of the land, and also of tbc terms on which a purchase may be effected, all persons are referred to John I. Shaver, Esq., of Salisbury, ! ' SeptJJT. 1849. 21 i State ot Hortli Carolina, DAVIDSON COUNTY. Iu Equity Falf Term, 1840. Lundy Harris, William Harris, Jesse P. Harris, Ward , Harris, Elmsly Harris, Dudley Harris, Marinda Harris,, and Nancy A. Harris, infants by Guardian, William Harris, and Ezekiel Ilaltum, and wife Polly, mgmimst . Benjamin Parish and wife Frances. " , Amended Petition for the sale of the Lands of Elmsly Harris. i IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that Benjamin Parish and Polly his wife, the defendants1 in this case, are not inhabitants of this State: It ia there fore ordered by the Court, that publication be made for i six weeks in the Carolina Watchman, a paper published . in this Slate, for the said defendants to appear ft .the next Terra of this Court, to be held for the County ot Davidson, on the first Monday after the 4th Monday in March next, to answer and set forth t be, amount of tb advancements received from the intestate, El msly liar, ris, in his life time, and to stand to, abide and perform the decree of thia Honorable Court in the premises. ! Witnesr, Peter K. Rounsaville, Clerk and MasteroTsaid Court at office, in Lexington, the! 15th of October, 1849. P. K. ROUNSAVILLE.CME, , Printers Fee 8 .r0 - : ' 6t24 '' To the Lidics of Salisbury k ltkij. millinery"usiness; i ; . 71r. Louia Rrovrn ' i HAVING received her FALL f WINTER FASHIONS, H for the prevent year, takes this me- ' thod of announcing it to her custo- r men and the public, bbe hopes to be favored with many ca lla. and he lieves she wilt be able to give ; satis faetion to all. She may at any time be found at her residence second door below the Post Of fice. - .- v v She keeps on band a small lot of Bonnets fot ale, and will make, dress, or bleach to order, atshort notice. Salisbury, Oct, 4, 1849 ' ' 23 State ot Lortn eaivollua, DAVIDSON COUNTY. f T'-- Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Aag.Trnn. 843, State vs. Zebu Ion Thomas. ,j . Attachment Levied on 45 Acres of Land. Im this appearing to the satisfaction of the Court, that the Defendant, Zebu Ion Thomas, ia not a resident of this State : It is ordered by the Court that advertisement be made for six weeks in the Carotin Watcbtnan lor Ibe Defendant to appear at the next Coort to be held Cor the County of Davidson, at the Court House, in Lexington, on ibe 2d Monday in November, next, to replevy and plead, or judgment will be taken pro confesso against him, and the land levied on condemned to the use of the State. Witness. C. F. Lowe. Clerk of oar said Court, at Office, the 2d Monday of Angost, 1849. ' t i - c. r. LowE.crk. Printers Fee $5 50 618 ROWAN BIBLE SOCIETY AUXILIARY to ihe American Bible Society, haV for sale at the store of Messrs M. Brown and Son, a variety of Bibles and Testaments at NewYYork pri cel. lucre re. enongc u uu iw IT" " , t. . . ,AA " ' ary "iT firing iw c..-. J.G. CAIRNES.Prett Rowan BiWe Society, SaKsbory, Oct 10, 18423 ! t 1 r , i " i f r-, .- m xork m tho course of next vrck, I StlifbuT!, Afrit 2SA 1849t Si -i. -

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