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North Carolina Newspapers

Tarboro' press. volume (Tarborough, (Edgecombe Co., N.C.)) 1835-1851, March 07, 1835, Image 2

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'Ill j i i? If M if! ! M R I I , !, hoe 11..' ui- 1 j -, d. (-! F-- v! the i 1 n'ii- I i .--ntr-c li. v ha I 1 lo in 1 n .: ' i " 1 1 ( 1 1 v , I --'(V h i 1 i 'tri-i ' the CiO tif-; 'o p i'41' "'' ! te.l trj.vard, ler. i-ml-nz w.u-ii ui " r urtd iu ue Col. J ,ht.sw,i,' .l'cri;4M . t. .u-ht if a g d time i -is- ' i !ii 1"" on i,i. m...- I'a l nva!, Mr. Cd". ...n. wh'i was Into W- r'ieMnt vilUr. cute, bl..:.. !. .ai i'-'P'f- l i'1' ' ' r lennvn which (Mr. V- n b ,ren; at. larhed M ,r:vi(i- urn!' r mcti H I tn-'. 1 '! manner in wf.ii.!!""' unfriendly cnrte.pmi te,,f co'Din- iid l betwe-n tn uf ra! Jick son al ,r'u ' t-'W'-n i11 coniicxi -n with ; tie i"ii''. i 'itVici"i 10 i on i" any ii.te'l-irent m. d " it ;h in-nzate J by Mr Van Kuren. I ex- tied uy nTVf to defeat his fiend-bre ; in p'se. Olttnl-ive I enlrea'ed CiciTal J-tckv-m t-. avoid a ruptute widi Mr- Calhoun, no o co il i result inn! nch t quam '. Knw i i:, a he did. tr.tit I vva nut !' htical frigid ol Mr. Calhoun. I my in 1'ives bevot.d lb'' rt a?: ..i-pn i m. u Ti-in read the. lift l-i'ei mm Oneial ja. k'on to Mr. Cal . oun. in lvfo. an i he cHimot lad t ; f',e j " ,ro.l...ea -ciiUm. Mr. with the coine. oT a (.i.i! - oph.T. ;T.-cec )s to it.. ,ri wit'! ii.m. -. " ,hf- ;,t" " l,J,lot rvi , v nc !.if .Ik Vi'-A- ut's a !m- t. nu.l. do,'.., to f.f i c ....cii.n. t -UUs mens Jin.' ln- ir it Irom i.o.j- i:i .,f fMd !jp-: .tfSiicd 'oa-wrt:C i ' 'bat bi HN i,'.:, i.i Mr. C'a'.houn ni"re. jti" . v j ii 1,1 n '"' ',t'', r" i niu-tti-, ; -.iti'i t'.o uho in lr-, '.' hi- i..ot bit , r ...'- By iI,h lin-. ' w.-jl i,,, ... . ., ),; i f.e fh r-: t" r of Mr a:i Uart-n U I, -i M .lliid l'. it tf.f t' ' I'l.tUKti t , means an I. i lb'1 '!'! '" " U'ti w t- it"' oiiject in; ire t : tv.-.i htv wiiiinj tr.e 'dd C i-.: lie po!sed o muc.i nnd Sii'u!-i ,:i.c-'iiiidi-h lbi oib (.very n-tztrd t' I i m i I . 'h-ii'vi-d lli-n il.a: Mr. juacfd ion Ij-v nn : im;-. t.. on tin- virui-. jiriotmn an i int.!!in)f' of !;;' American p'j)!r, and U'at bis n-li"i.n; on i--n':r.i! J.itk'.n to B C )rn:Mi-h hi? i uip 'nn v..iild jrov- iid'iiv. H must itc.ji'ect t. tt J oti.-n tol I bun i i my op.!iio:i. I f. wa II in r his tMit'in.rn. i-kc K u. i -r a rns ill' I'.tt;. ; tiat lieiitrr-il J.v R O p-p i iti'v. irf-at a il a. ai3' - ' ''' nin. and couid i.ot be ird.i-b.r-. J. I ih.i b Cstly be icve i what I aid F" j , .r. I a- main m -tak-n Hi "Ki:t b ; iuini f iong e:i 'zn to bt-ir .Vr 'a t -: ir."o tbe V.c- Tre-i iir y. a i ) rcvn' : .iir'i hive i., i;ic? i me o ia' tT- t :j' incie;!iv c-( ip to eio!: nin. t h ; .atronae ot t .e J". -mm hi . ' 'he $tf. at ob;ect ".f r.i a':i;.M Mi . be pioof .on--bi!- nat f e Ui U-p Jt'.IC r iin're !, f t.-i srp rJidv t J b kr.ef t n it; ibeir nn kr T. ."-r t e J o' :.-oj. : ' . . At t.i- conj.! -1 - -r. t f t t'e - I ' . ' o n 2 ' ? . in 1 nS- - I . t i " r r ! t . : i "n trie one, ''! rea-o;. !t-- o f.'r. .u tteu'lv t rniil t ' a c!-'-r. to enabl in- Fref .! i .' ' t i'r'. b i.t .be hhJ in piiac circle, ihuuigh J'; :iel;i:m ot t. nr DnS'fi, ami l 111) i.i i neutral uu-ica. . : flu I 1. . rl I tbcu :i:d was H illr circU!vi.m, i..tbi,MT,ofr.nUa.!',- a..dfv..(i -W... of ar .ga.n.t r.n te,;i.,f modsof !r.lon P,mph-ia..d.-i ' l- C.-nfiM..., ;S.e lo C. f.tJi piwer lu Cllniiwrt" liin urn- I MlC 1 nir-r ren it r t!ils act .M 1 " . i. - i adeJ tae riibts of thai ,: v ,r. intb- constant practice M l,.n, , and v r Ja'ed tbe C onMnt.-n, by ..e p,, rv tuelbf. -n be. tx. ' ..J",,, Vn?acoui ana tbe baraiuas. tub s' her ,i,:v.rv t ir,- 1 acccdmy Tbus bitit-ny aiV : in i tei.drreo it.-1- j "Rco' td, I hat the late sc::iirt iu t.; tii.'H urv inni, "i-'1- ,ldi!of the j;i:ii!i jost- ct I'eiwicoki trie ;.v, r to it-ward t'.epi. and b- fed it .3 iU (jrlos Jc H-it.nCas, ill W Ct l-'loi iJa, bv the ;nny t' :hc Unitci: e i -e i: i I h t r or 1 i.f bi- name. C mid imt t ll a: in'u I i.i?.. lu the r.,:nlari'v j.i. ten l to be bi ex.hitve ri nu, .i .sthihties in if-!i(i"" to f-m;e cb traci.-r bc di.n- morbid. utiJ bt may b said to have be- n I terib' v m" lt''- ""!'jf'c;- C' r" Cii'i it i i f" va iiynn i the f am of rcH and was in.Jnce-1 to be'isve tliat I tit" k on ii.' irien-i r.aton tre in endtl Stati, was coutt arv to the Ccnstitu ! tion ot the United .Stuto. Now what rirbt hnrj he th is to cenUM 'irn Jacb 'n f r l:av in;: violated tbe Con iiution, ii Ju.le .Mangnin b.i-i no nl.t to pav a similar censme or excrcie a Hiiiihr r dr. r, !- art. ht? l'..r winiin "in r 1 1 10 n. : any 4 : 1 J Va :,l-y is tovz'i re-it n If if. it 'l v r ,f - t I . . ?pt - i i 1 r in the Tp in of 1 I . iinim diate ly alter th di!o:u';in of tnc Cabinet. I b? pn.diicti in . f letttr t!ie Honora ble gen', man I.t- roen fit, within the last l-w tiavfc. Crtai'ene bv a jiiiblicaiion, mi d-r I.i- pr-ij i r nnme, i one ol lh; news p'p'-rs 01 :!ie diimt- It i au an-wer to i a cirt addreked bv me to bim and to cveral 'riends. in wbi-:i. I irave'i--t i .trlii tice ol c.'tain ma'in mflm li ce. T!iicri, a I 1 ae .'iOCn, already j Willi-: t an alir:jin ei-ni. and which bav. fcince si- t ver onr 1 -t n ii like a l iti.i irnoiC". Before I lead the U' , I will .:a-.e t ) tbe enate tint t!i- fien-!-nan pr".''.;f-d tj be my nub-nt lri nd v r. 1 i t I w a . 1 lary f th- avy. ii'l tii io bf f nun- mi ir.a'ely ac';n.ii:"e ! with the R-i-s w hi- Ii nn hi r is' l. and tin d.y di--)ivt.i it,,- ('abnt Ili-lhPii a;ipr..v-l, in lb- inosi n.Mj 1 l , i m.inin r. t!;e t"oure I lon.idttrd i.i--!l "a d-d upon to piiriie, a 11 J inaiie t bitterest 'en-jnf ia'tons a-ai.;-t ('-. Jar kon an i the Ca!al . il they .i.'i!d -.T-rute i" deins. L-n I t tecvivt-d my letler be leiurncd ihv follow i : 1 ' a 1 1 w e r : M-j J'zrfr Vi"ui ; rnti,: oar. 0 talifM i'l II'. ! 1 :hv c .'.: rt -I'li'j ;;vA Ik.; at'-l r ir r.ur.T. .". t 'powei' 1 pe.ii iiic mivfu n;m. a- f..r b:m: thai the ca e was indeed bi own. ;nt.: I woubi ak w 1 i.m litu ne 10 t.e N.ner r- f, ej-i.:-, bav.- l.f-en thn, a 1 "id sue iei?latie p wei 5 of tbe House ol ,u-ieil, an 1 a.Jvanlase taken ct them. Kej rrs i,:..tivl. wbi.-b noes not equally n.iitn.av not be in..ppi'.ptiate to en- M'tlon l.. a in. mbi-r oi the Stiiate ol tbe f.r.e the triths I have been present- L'niied !rtatcs; 'lbe legishi'ivt- powers cl in? I i the S-na'e, liv introducing i b tter tt,e -nits are to exten.ive w itb tbo.e ot wni..b I r-tcivd tiom tr,- Hon. ' '' ilh llie txcep.ion of the pow er ti o'lmate I'-venue. bo. Does tbe gtnileman fimi Warren desire the floor t.. f xolain? Mr- lldw art! remarv d, that "tb lluue were leitiinaltly in tiie exer tie ol 1 he; i" iinpeacliin'J Ah' s nd Mr. Branch, D you call tiiis t'.ie process u-ed in originr.ting and preparing article of impeat ninent? Does nut tin paitake of aii the a'ti ibutes of a judic ial s nteiite, a ju.t explained by the senile man 1dm sl!.' (ieu. JacL-oii wa-i liere not only ar raigitd. but coialt'iniied by tlte gentle man own votes, wiiiiuutau opportunity oj 'bring" beaid in sell-defence. I be gen tleman a I. is j dge, bis juror and wit ncs. He condrinnd biui irt, in order that if nii'lit impetjib bun alterwatds. How nprein.-!v idistiid! Aaii: iv i! otlicei s onl v are cotistitu tiooaby nbjtct to impeachment. lor ihe ;m!.' jigaiii i!eiic the lloor 10 explan' Il so, it will be cheerfully yielded t bim. Hie .Mr. KdwartU ib,eived, "he would take occasion, in hi reply, tn X lain.' J II is iuhoI'I the gentleman i euibana-ed by tin intimsiv f.-ncy of bis ton luct. Let me entr at bim, tlirn, to j aue and abstain I10111 tin cm .uii'maiiou of this patiizan ml, which, while it ptnp"i!. on it. lace, to looib iuii Mr. Maniun. will tl.tice, on record, ton- d' inn himself. If it is l is o'.jecf to expunge fioin ti e Journal of Cngi s all cen-uie of iei;. J.h kn lor v iolatiug the t'otisti 'till n, I e -IkiuI 1 111 ve lu amend ihe reso lution bv inclu.iiii j I i nn 11 v.iie- ensur ing ti'-u. Jick-on (ot tbe execution of ibntinio! and Ainbristrr, and the forcible occupation of 'Ynsaeol.i and tl.e Haran cas. I be only diff-. rente between iht two mlf men i lid-: when the i.ibinan Irom Wwiirii cet. ok d (Jeneral Jackson, the (jenridl wav p.wetie, aid bad no put t c.iia ue to cli-ji-nse W hen Mr. .Man L'tit.i c nsui ed bun, be bad every thing to riK, hijii nothing to ga 11 His elevated itid jiitiioiic beat in eniides bun to the pi a tin t- ol 'us rtiontiy men; but be b.;n cer taud vi!ded u: all c'aiins to tin- favor of th- Avion i-tr.ition In 1 1 1 e exercise of be 4:1 :r; to h:;nd. i-:,;,. ! . t or 't A M 1-tV.r.' 1 0 1 IJ 1 ! O in HI h'A 1 1. to cirtul t' a n ' Oi r ii i u-.d. j-iii. ..n a:ii tfi- .1. e;. fere-t-1 t-iit of te coi '. inn it a 1 - . . I M a 'o-. i a n i . a , U n ij w : e . ? d t - i I'lirvct .gen-y w. ; w bt.iee:J i . Van Ii 1 r 1 bad in produc-ng ti.f rupime.'-ct'- i w ' i ill.-, c-ujt- , n a.' t, r:. ierlert;y a!: n- T, an . r w o 01 . r, majl,lv 111 1 "' ln.u.e, .1 (,iiev. h 1 1 1 be pa-t- l l,i- ti 11 - 'luim a r-a. ; m i.i the s.-i-i-jii w - tii a 11 1 1 11 ft dee; ly ;r tinted. . consri m-, hi- wicked ii.atbiuat to .s atiO ; croijcbi-ig :j:- . v lency ba 1 r o I d on liiinsel', a-id lliat, alter :di,liiey e!-iiot Jikelv In ava I 1 nn. lbs: tutorn t -jtii'-'t, 1 be and h:s In n 1 .11, shortly a'ter the ad jniirnnit-iit of Congre-., inauwiniruousiy 1 tetnlered I heir 1 cognation In tb- i'r'id-nt. 1 Kef.ire I li 1 - was dn;e, bowevet, dr. Van 1 Hureu knew that he was to lie s. nt Minjvtf-r ' to Filmland, ami the ne.v Cabinet Wfiuld be d'-voted t bis personal views. To silence 1 lie unyielding members o ihe Cabinet. o(lics were iirovidd tor them. Yes, sir, it ne -( entered into the philosophy I of ihi g-iilleuiau, that tin-re were any: higher incentives to vittuous contlnct than ' the In pe ol ollice and the expectation of! reward. When (iem ial Jack. on was in i the act of executing the pulp "' of the 1 cabal, bt- manner was evidently Studied i itud dipbun .iic to a degiee unusual lor i him 11- coni'iietireJ bv st-iting that be had desired my attendant . to inturrn me ' d tin: iignalions ot Mi. Van Buieu and ! Major Laton, and thtn a solemn pause! ensued. I c dd bet sniib-, and remarked ; to lii.n, that be was acting in a chaiacteri nature never intended bim f n; that be was ( 110 iinn e f diplomatist than myself, and ' wished him to Irdl tn frankly what be meant. I bis unrestrained manner of tnuie i rt lieved bim, and, with great apparent kindness, be spoke out bis purpose, a,1(i 1 niked me i' there was any thing abroad I teamed, abiding that t)w. comiui-sion fur' Cioveinor of Florida was on bis table, and ! it would give bim pleasure to bestow it mi ! me. To thi I replied, that I had not sup. polled bim for the sake of office, and soon alter retiied Thus it is apparent that tiiiu-'s contemptible in themselves, and Mich as ought never to have had the K.bglitcst inllu- nee on any Administi at.ori, were so managed as to produce a dissolu tion of the Cabinet and to "ive a direction of in asuuM w hicti, it would seem, mulct 110 other iicutnsiances, could have been done. The tyranny of tin- President, in this at tempt to ronlinl the domestic relations of the families of tbe Heads of Department, is without apatailel in the history of an v (tee ( lovei nmeiit. and cannot be surpassed by anv act of despotism in the lives of the An'oi rats of Ivussia. Viewed in its true lilit, it il astonishing that any person vhoubl be found weak or wicked enough t- t.ppmve or extenuate its enormity. Il doe- Mnpnsall belief that the cool, dis pjv.ionaie and unpi iucip.ed aire uitiktr m plot idiould, by such means, render' fun, Dill acceptable, to a free, generous, pat iiolic, and enlightened people. '1 her- n one view which I h:tve taken o 11, -in. ji 1 that, while it affords an !'. b.; y lor Ct neral Jackson's conduct, oll'ri iioibin" iii exienuatioii of the guilt ( ins obl blooded abettor. Ir is weil kiriwn lliat diinii.r the canvass lor the 1'ien.biif.y in Ih'l.llie party with which t'.- (M nttr niiiii fi oin Warren stands c-ui-rieti. d. tb.- Van I'.nun party, grossly and 'il"-lyi in niy opinion, slandered the char flficr of Mi,!!. Jackson. This the gentle-, I h 2r .i.r.-.. ii.e ' M .:v, . i'l, v L r.e t. :. ;.as tnis n.o I a:n not ir. i- c'liniMi I had t 'fined a. le h!. ::- at uh-c-!l it lu-if.) It is iiic ti) t.;.ic-s the iiiof. -.ticatioii I to kcl fi r tl.e hcr,- i..i y. I ton, sir, am dis Nev it d;d 1 hviit e that c.'..iArc : v ii!tf.c:- :k :i ( '-'lid he -h:i-i.- c !' c-:f:sh - a- t'. l:,r-akc U a: ht V IN, t- 'i i.c:j, '-n, n.'.ved a:.d the I'.-'.iati'.n l Mr, far a I irne u i, ".1 1 . '. ii r 1 : :t ;rl s l:eai a a hu'iii-tr f-t -ur :;. i'e a wih t it vr.o : to 'he L'-ji-I t'ure an " ".! the a:; H : , ., ! tM b'L'h ceiisonal power, w bicli ou have ; gra jiiou.iv M-sutri.-ii, wiiy shrink Iroui 1 toe I'tsrharse f,f v our whole ,iuty . Is it 1 '-e. iu' t.ien. Jackson's tonduct imv be 1 '. alb d in tiisttou.' Does be. tuo. noset t ! w"jV !' r a stat 1:1 the I . n,U rt: powers, authorising him to tin i h'r..-'., wh'Ti Mr. Iiron l.'s f w hat no body le 1, as a ncl.l to do' c:-.J.rt; for, is tciv h'jdv, n M-n we dissolved our connexion witli the ri i.e t rc'MTii. I shal 1 re'.un: J l!o" er o.iictrv. we repudiated I be doctrine h ic k tf, t'r.'j J,'. is .-.U:: t- in t w j j cat s, i "' ,l e divine nlit ol King.; but, it seems, ;.t,; v.f.ii.d liir.v most wiliifilv, if J Mmfc oJ"',s ""'ih .te of loyalty is to Lc "iid i.a-ahe t iie ! , ,rt n v ret! it, i ,;i v"' r " w ,,a,ne- ," 'I Willi a l.ot.f tl at v nn m, mi l a:...... M.t ou sir k:ir.".v 1. iw i am situa't d. . . - . ; ',r" c K.furr ,,n u!r,t ! I , v -,. 1. ...... ' . . " " ' rtsiew vou the ;l c "I"- ' '!';' l.e L'ufi iCilj. Jlj A. !am, a. Immi, nation. I kli'-w Uivjli. lam llifjajjatde (d i y on to 20 alone with ij). . Ipj.ife to all parlies, i hacta--ed in finises tf Mr. Lei me entreat in comparing the t ti; .s ai ds tr.i. luiaie i.ot fi-j of tins adniinistraiioii w,tb those ,f I i' 1 aily dead et I h J.e. I lifpe lu 'be prt c hi.g one Mr dains's ytm have J)iit tiu in the Senate, ati'l I will dd 1 Cvudemued in the most unmeasured terms, ltaoam. Keuicnihet to M 1 v Utaiicil "" approve m this what vou have (Wl ite me.) (iod bless im. j condi tuned in that' W- shalUee. Mi. J SIM'if'TI'l' ' -dauis expres-ed the opinion, that it was l.lViltl. i.ompe't nt for bun aloof to appoint With an adminiti;tio., that pmperly Mi...-tei . l. Pa., am... liui he look caie not appiecati d II viriu-, tl.e pal : ioti,,n. and . to etuise the power. (ien. Jarkon I,. i- 1.1..., i- ,.f ii,,. 1 , 1 . . . " '".11., Mien sign it , expi i sstil to opinion, hut, without the eon-, in in ir .-enatc, i,e actually ent sub.ervn iicy as tin- ,, Ib-ndf man ha, since displ.tved, 111 a blind ami anient Mr. Vm Buieu. Mr. Brown, and, in fat I, of cverv oden, man an I lueasnr:- ot tl.e jwu:trx that be, could not fail to esnte loathing and di-ciLC I;,,, iiixler this admini.tialiun, the " t-eiilletnan is we'd kiM.wiitu In- a .li-tinguijhed lavoiiie. 1 be enate i'l now set- the reasons w hv I have ejveu this nai raiive of Ihe cause's which produced t!ie dissolutitin of Cent ral Jack. on's tirst Cabinet. &ut h facts should never indeed have disgraced the annals ol our country; but am I responsible for them? Surely not. I have c. rtainly been the vicliui of the mal gn inlluences'w hich they have generated, w hicii now control tbe whole patronage f ihe Ceneral Cuv.-rn-mcnt, and threaten to sap tin; fou..dations ol public liberty. Having dearly estab lished their existence, and depicted their conupting tendencies, I ieel thai I have a light to call on every friend to the institu tion, of ol,r country tn abstain from tbe adopti,,,, ()- aj u,r;ls,,,s calculated to prom u- t:;pm. lider w bat iidluences are you now at)0llt lo ac,5 j h,)e v,., y jl)flu. eiues Hgai(;st whidi I have been endea voiin to eiiaril nui. liv their il. o' ") ,Mey li ve is. tied their niinrb-ite through an rnnrimriilr rr-r it.l upon yo in (.Ve, u , as a sacrilice one of your most d.Mill.llis,ie , (t.l(m. vUlZi.,. V.bat ha he m deserve ihe sti ma yon an.- a;itn.ptitic to (..vtPll Mc i.. 'he principles that ei .- uas ne deserted carried him into the S t .....1 i,. M . , e.iaiienfie yon , f- u , c l"' l,as call"d in tp.eslinn t!.e infallm.lity o General Jacklon, in saying he bad no right , ,jblic imrse; and that. , ,loi,,. S)i p. coached on tin- powers of C.,heis ii.,d I'e not a riht so to ucl' I ,..: . ' .1 . . . , . . . .. 1 '"ainiain that be bad, and defy yon to show n here ti e right has bee,, denied, for tie lilst ff' ' Vea.s, either in this country jr (,rp.;, hritaui. Dd no. the gentleman f,m H arren exeicise the same li-.l.t .. 1 -. member of Ihe llmnn ,.r t .. . ' . -; in jMiy, , relation thi s same tien. Jarksoii? laseit tl, 1 did, and will prove it from the Journals of imiicss. in icsiy. utn. Jack oi ,Lr. 1 l,vl,oiui ..I. government, to biuiil war vvitn the Seinimde Intlians to a sp..-rdy termination, captured am! . xecuted two sik incendiaiies, ibuthnot and Ambristrr, and pursued the motile tiibeto Peusatola' where they had taken sir l er at a time Minis!, r to Ihe Ottoman Porte, mid futs. i-. utUr cruilimjit of Hie nat , and in patpafife violation f the Con tention, put men in ofiit e, w bo had previously bi en rejected by the Senate, on his nomination for the sain' fjjiif; a for instance, t he case of tininn. .Mr. (day displaced a lew printers, who bad bet n appointed by his pieilere.sor to print the laws of Conrei.4. (ieu. J.( kson has done ihe saiu- thing through his v 1 1 etaiy of Slate. JNayj more in (b fiance nf ree.iriled pbde, he has apjx,int, , sC,,ir,9 of pat han editors .0 nllic s of profit and honor. Against this I retiionstt atel at the time; and yet, sir, truth compels me to acknowledge that, in one instance, I participated in it. Without the knowledge ol bin. Jackson, I appoint! tl your newly t lected jftale Piinter to a highly lucrative office in the Navy, whence he has btia sent lo you. You, my mend from Burke, mav smile; but yon advised it. Whether we served the country, or strengthened the malign influence with which w are now arappling, time will determine. must Jicknow ledge, however, that I have some misgiving. I may now a-k, what has (Jeneral Jack son not done to corrupt the irres. and make it subservient lo his purposes? Permit me lo lay before you an in.-tante ol Ihe indirect action of Ihe Jjovei nmetit, through its patronage, on a hading press in the Obi Dominion a press which Mr. V an Buieu, I know, was anxious lo con eiliale and bind by the strongest cords. I mean the "Richmond F.nquin r.'' When Mr. Stephenson was nominated to Ihe Senate of the United Stales as Minister to F.ugland, I was lost in wnmlei; for I well knew Cen. Jackson's opinion' of liim; it was never disguised. When, sir, 1 separa ted from Genet al Jackson, hut a short lime previous to bis determination lo appoint Mr. .Veplieiison Minister lothe Court of St. Jauit s, he did not regard hint as 'worth the powder and bull it would take 10 kill him." This very expression I hait htnnl vsul nr asst riled lo by him, ami candor compels me lo admit thai I hearlily ton' lined with (Jen. Jackson in Lis esti mate of Mr. Stephenson's worlh. When ,Jn. with j the, tlevclopeinents w hich took place in the oeualeol Ihe United Males wa re laid before the public, 111 tire parlitulailv Ihe t oncj pomjence between William J. Lewis ami Mr. Itilclne, the mystery was unravelled, ami thus it appear that the first diplomatic "I'pointtiicnt in the gift of the President to was r .'or red or. Mr. :c p,oS', ir to" a'rio'.ic puipo.eofco:ic liaimt this F.diior Agiin; the last year of Mr. Adams' aJmmmrttiK.n, be exp-t.-ted a litde up ward, ol twelve mdlioiis f doll.ii. ufii. Jackson, Ihe lat yeaiofhis auminntra ti 11. expended neatly double that sura fii.tu-.guis' ed pi. '.die s.-i h-,.4) I refpvet Rrd, ha-, tffi i.x'ry ( n ; d bonerb.m. 'r bim p " sonall v , I n'et-1 ticii at a-b hti ('; ,ain no u. Ithndly,, : ,,., to,,.rrs. . there ii n iriere-"it Iru,. ot km-i-1 i.e. fur b tn 10 my tos.rii. ( t,. , ltd by ti,- pruf.uct ,i i iM.-i:t !, ' ! reminic txts ot ioiinr ciays.) which) took j.!)lt:ii, i I r , ofif n impel " "O"1 o.eS, , r, yu(j , .iVe J and attempt M tit nv et a.i-.r .. on in,- p , It- ll.ti.i Vou cha.ged Mi. Adan.s Willi negligence ana aiteiopi ins nr...... - . v, and piudVli.U but bavem.censures.oludiousemb.aceo.bisi.l-hetrayert. Co.. ' 1 ' - A B.i. , , impose o,nbi,tco;HHnicaUJini:iiration'- it is im; . a, tit aole. r se;a, a:ed: v,.IO(J j ,lt. ',,-.,(!,, t ( , Where aie the pitdges, we made to the and- t'"--veij .. LuiLltltCV ii ..I h, ... people to curtail expenses ami aboii-n ii.eless ol'.ke? I'm . deemed and abandon ed! H neie is your regard tor the freedom of ihe pitss, and your abhorrence cf Lxecutive patronage when brourht into tonthct with tbe treedoin of eiections? When you see the patroiiHge of the gov em inent, through one of its well leed officers, buying up a press in Ih.s chy. can you nut be rou-ed from your ileuthlike slumbers to a proper sense ot the Hue c tid.t.on of the couniiv, and cf ihe obligations you are under, lo hand down to posieiny that libei ty which a race ol illustrious ancestors has lequeaihed lo jour tr will yon rather prefer tbe ignoble fate that wails the degenerate sous of noble sin..? Can you overlook the metus which are daily piac lict d to control the freedom of uur elections, and thus virtually take from the people the right to choose a successor loCeu. Jackson.' In whatever direction y oil turn your eyes, vou have ihe most convincing pio !s lhat the money ami the ohVes which In long to the people, are bestow d w itli a la v;.i band lo intluence th ir choice. So tlaiing have these corruptors of pualic morals become, that it matters not whether ike applieaui for executive favors be lor the B-tuk or not, Stale Itighls or not, prov tied he he in favor of Mr. Van Buren foi th socceion. Can you flatter yourselves with the belie 1 that our representative firm of government can long enduie, when f e source whence our public functional ies t tuanate Incomes impute and conupt.' The icc ive lianchi.-e in iis purity i- vi al lo iibci'v, ami tinghi lobe guartied witn unwearied viiUnce. lhn, sa vou, mv constituents are Jackson men, and. as I am toltl thi isaJackion mea-uie, feel bound to sustain it It is lo be boinein ot .ii il that most of us nie planters; and, therefore, I mu.i td.ere, vi;hout intend ing any d.srespett. but ill qualified to settle and adjust sut b diCicult cioi-ii'uiional quest ons as we hall necessarily have lo encounter in rev iewiug ihe .tecisions of the Stiiate of the Coiled States. Does your bt ii. jj a m. inber of thi (iem ial Asembly, by magic convert you iu'o a profound coti.tituiioiial lawyer.' Dnlvour cons ilu entssi nd y 1 11 lu re for ucb purposes, or with such expect itiotis? .No, geii bnii'ii, you deceive yonselves and misrepresent them groj, ly, ii you believe t lit v wotibl wibmgiy stetl.eir Senator, Mi . Man-uin, who has risen from among Iheui without tne aid ot opulent friends to push bun forward, prostrate at the feet of (.en. Jackson, thereby dishonor ng himself and the iovt-ieign State he so ably represents. But, says another, I don't exiect him lo obey I wish bun to 'Mieni,v not let the tesr luti.-ris speak vour uishe? It is obvious. Mr. Speaker, th. tr inten inn is to dtag iIim u tin. d !i:i:ui.hed si-iMir fioin thatbi-h station be ii ts attained to lioir oic;i Itnl. When you shall have done 1 ii is. and thereby m ide y ,,ui selves acceptable to the n.duenc. - which dictated these lesolulions, w bat will y on bav e tbme to shield yourselves from tin- indignation ol the virtuous ami enlightened poiiiouof the community? Muelv yon cannot tlnttei yourselvts witij the belief, thai y..Uwi! have secured a ch.rious imtnorialiiy. r eolith d youtselvcs to the gratitude of the to no try . Iut it is said that, in opposing these resolutions, we ate f akinir side ,ih the Bank. Against whom could such at batge he unde with I1.5 semblance of trii' than myself? own no Bank stock, am nol ind. bud to tiny Bank, and have m. v tnpa hies in common with any sm b in, tit My opinions and olficial acts for near a quarter of a tentury, arc conclusive t , hoW my derided hostility to a paper system in every variety of form. .N. man w ho knows me, believes any thing of the ivind. Ill wliat srciion of the country is ihe President most severely censured for having seized Ihe public treasure and taken it out of the cu tudy of the law? Ihe South. Who. or what pot linn ol our people aie in "St opptwd. on ri'r;e, lo recbar-lenn- the Cnited .-tates Bank? I hatpor- lion which inhabit, the Southern States. U bile we believe that the Constitution has not conferred 011 Congies the power, we, nevei theb sB, know that it has been exerci sed m. ice ihe adoption ol the Ft tleral Cm siitutiou; and, as I observed beb re, that it bag met the direct approval of Wasbin-Mon and Matiison 0 We are further told that the Bank fjave no epnvHe.,t ,,r the use of the gov ernu.t m depo-ii.s. me to sav, I think I know belter. In !slf. some person (.r pet sons, w ho I know net, appointed me ' one of lim e coinn.isionei s to open books in this place, lor the subscription of stork 1 to this veiy liank. The chat ler came to us us it bad pas.etl Congress, and whs tender- ! etl to the people for their acceptance or rejection. .No persons' nainej Wf.rP attach ed to it s its proprietors. As applicaiions were made we teceived them from A , B.. 1 C. and D. Vou are entitled to nil th I pr. lieges and imniuniiiest of exclusive banking i tbe United States for twenty yean.-; you are entilled tn theiiseof th'e (.overmntnt tb posit for the same time ami to every other ,ig! which t,e charier router mi y ou; for which you are to ive lo ihe Covernm. ul one million and a half of dollar. This, sir, was (be lanKua-e and these were the forms held out to iht subscribers; among whom were tube futid Ihe widow ami theorphan, relyin-impliedly upon the. plighted faith ,,f the Govern ment lor a strict pcrft.imance of all r promises. Ami yet, sir, berate Senator Alanouui I,;., condemned the bad faith of the hxecmive, . depriving ,ie stockbobl crs of the b, nef ,, these deposiies w i.hou. Rood and sulm ient reasons, you are rfred o condemn and tligrace hi,,,. U hcri sir, is the man reckless ennui:!, lo declare that ihe reasons of the Secretary 0, Iteiisnry vveie sufficient to jusitfy ,. I resident in exccuiins ,!lis iv i-SSrttlt I 111 let- W t i'e I he I !.... ..c - . tu. 1 thank the enaiois 101 men nu.i.i. m , - heating. I feel that I have addre.,ed , the two 'la)'- j.lCct dst . ( r. theiu with t'leat f.eejom, in the di.i I ;tge or, H,e Pi e - i li t 1. 1 , in , c;a high and Sob, duly which I owed; to the toutory. In pe. lui mug this ;mi - 1 ., ful task. I endeavored -noli tn- 10 lutvu iuuu mt- Mj;uillr, ; exte I have ml..., . t -j j ... ...11 1 1 . , that tl.ey stall take will. me. Ihe pub, .c t.U.cll Oil fillliltil Ii j ;,v,' acts of punlie men aie opeu to scrutiny- (. ,s ati-Ut-it i! ,, Igoin'opiiva.elife w it!, as 1-w , je - regrets as any man ever dnt: I know I .v,..j. liave given lo'my fellow -1 itien, ll.e inot' III tlU Hi li rJ hy ;i 1 1 ; i r . , j c, conclusive ti roofs t ho alluremf nl of Pi (,(! ri f . ;i 1 n 1 ' f i 1 a t I.... ihrie rt-arl ll..- coriiet.ts , . task. I hive endeavoreu iion-in 10 i.aii hjcivj -..i- it jXJiiir, enuate, nor aught s. t cIoaii in nia id : J. 'oa, Co? (, Ji Il u((j , .,. ,ave taKen no greater hbe. ths r I. , G,- , . " ei., than I am w illmg nay, auxioo.. 1" t t .,!.- ; otace h ive not been sufficient to in-ke nie uiiuiindful ol my countiy'.- r gl.ts and hon or, or my own. Let who taciic on other principles, enjoy, if they can, tl.e triumphs which they ,a now tu hereaflf r achieve by the a-ceiidem y of orru; t influence4. To Hod J covjidtitlly appeal, by uhost award I am not only bounJ but u.illinj: to abidt. Ml' IV siri.e. Upon ii.j.. yiK ) t , i.-r acid f(.---fii a ii-. it t 1.) 1 j,,-. j,. ident ;! iho St-r.-ili , e;'j,,., , ; l,e iiiMh r-. and a-kf tj V in r. I d a ( . urn m : t t-r. hu eloined wiili juuerto c., persons and pi-pet, in or(;f', t an i.'iveMigritinii ol f no I Tiie CortmiiMLe w&. du!; , ?f.u. wnn lull ijowpis. -im! , dl' iStiiilli til' Con. 1 i 1 1 1 ,,f Tyler bf Va. y , K"m of ((.-). So vo vjM;i j. Vi-'.'d llOW tliC 1;,, Is i 'i'o which the lielatcr , Two of ihe Af'i'.lctvit... r,,f-.. . . SATURDAY, MAKCH 7, 1835. Cl i our Co: rt-potit;br - 7 ' . ' are ptibJi-hf j in tiie (iiji.,. ;t v v v w im ui 1 1 c c 1 v t t m 1 v 1 r no it 1 1: , , s - . . ' . 1 - , 1 s-i-rt't-il lliv-iil St..,.. , .1. .,....v.v. - C IV ,1, I, Ul !,' r s I iblJv'-, V . wl 1 ii 1 -rt nn YVlii. .-is. 11 fi 1 1 1-vr ft I 1 I.r stricture's of " Trutli," on the rr.m'ir.u- t r M'' det iii Toy niration of M. K. Manning, w hicli t e- deport; ihal Hicv ;uv cently a,peareil in tliis j,:iper, were' in Senalor Ptn ndcxfi 1 ' it not highly prf-bahle that it would (Jie 0r ,,w m ,h;j ( li-jtfl tn m f! isf ti ssii ,!l l.tit iit.1v nrem-e 1 ture. hut irksome and pr-lnties, to, lU('(' an;J "'''f I'mbdcv- must of our leaders. talking loirelher, a lew tiay-,.,: i - I - r ; viuus to Ihe altemjil on ihe IV- T7'W'c insert in thi paper Cnv. J dt'l,?s ,i,i:' Branch's speech en the instruction' VVe find the fullowir,, trivc:. resolutions and, in our next, we will , result of the abo v iuv tstic;d.i.; copy from the Raleitih Standard, the the Petershuri; lntelli-t.icc; (leience 01 wtn. neiuiit atram- t he Wo .... .-. i, - -v.: c: charge f incoTiMstency, minuted to I ;,.,. ,. ,i , ., , - , , 1 I n leiii-iti iict r i hai, m i ,,. linn in said siet c!i. , K ' nn I hiii. i in I V... ' im, .llllip, I,r ,r . , . : 'he Ccrnmittee lo h Mjre .S.vo";'. It has been snowmr, , . , ,,, , , hailin' rainin-, iu-:iilv the whole',' he lel,er ol ,,Jt liun- " -of this week. Iiwurlast, ue ic- oindfxler w.ii icfcinj, sj. marked thit we had liad a ery cold I hat iIk; Committee: hid tor ..nd snowy winter so fir we have ded li.eir iah..f.,) fj,- a i,.v the prospect : ot a cold and snow v ,,Je vAl of , ; sjiriii; we ferventlv wc shali r - ' not have- to recoid a cold and snowy' aS l,u- cvidrl(e uf Voiuri;:r,i t summer. " j and would requite much line j copy, ,uui 3 ii w.-i-v ur.tlers-,,.. Centre. The Committee rn Fo- 'hat the Ser.ifor li.nJ itdM : rein Kelatiens of the House of Hen- from taking h: seat until the rT lescntatives, made a Report on cur animation should have ben, r! -relation-, with l ibrae, on the 17th i i . nit. The follow n, u sohnions were etK U Was ? v the a: apperxltd to the liepoit: mittee to report, that nut a "Kesolved, That it would he 0 sl,sP!cio ''"l on tl.e li i:icoinpatihle with tiie t idit and : ('eor; 1,oi'u!t'XIr' in hotioj of the United States, further ; ,?,l,,al clK,,' "r to negotiate in relation to the trea- 3,1 ,,,e mfMMbt ' llll ' ty entered into by France, on the C0,1CU:!' moi, po; : 4th of July, 1631, and that thi uU rvl Wou,J Uv T House will insist upon its execul' n I,orl ,ua" 'eivtd .v. I-..,.. rr ii a .as innilianoous buibl oi ani):-.-. noi., a ratified by both Gove i n-, f, Qm :iU, U ments. . . tii i i m, . i'r- uindexttr then rou.i:- 'Kwolved, Tlint the Commit-' fVaU tee on Foreign Affairs be disthar-j ' " i:ed from the lurther eonidera-1 A WUhvzUm Cont- t.onolsomuch ol the President's ! deill of lhe nalliinore patril,;r.. Message as relates to commercial : porls tbat Mr. Cass, Secrti,u restrictions or to reprisals, on the War, is about to be ap,oi commerce ol trance. i i c v "Resolved, That contingent' preparation ought to be made to meet any emergency growing; out of our relation w ith France." Minister to London, S;c.,: suspect there is no nuliini' report. Private letters bring an p.nii of a rencontre between Mr. r: r. , .r i a member of the Jl. oi'K.i' 1 he French l ar. The Presi- Indiana, and Lieut. Lane, am: tlV4iM, IIIIU till k LJtlliV-y v dent yesterday communicated to' cer in the Lngineer Corn, iii'iioe oi congress, a cor- the son of Mr. Lane, ami respondence betw een Mr. Liv-i member of tl.e House from I: mgstonand the French Govern-; ana. The reader will recollu ment, and also, a correspondence! very unpleasant dispute in' between Mr. Forsyth and Mr.' House of IL between :k Livingston. Hy it we are inform-! Lane and Kw ing, about ti fdoflicially ol what bad before! weeks since, in relation to reached lis through the French Commissioner of the T": and Lngbsh papers, relative to; Lands. The public were :-' tiie leehnir produced hv iIip P.. u.. .t . h . , " ' - ; v-u iy me controers on - n ems message; of the recall ofi sidesand it is supped M. berruner, ami of the noiifiea-j Lieut. L. made an attack t'Fs Mr. K. in consequence i'l id . he Hniu., Stales, pbimi as in every tber invtun,.. i .'. . ,, , , " '"ey nun Miown hemselves to be, p,,.,, (() i.ssent . Then Mr Spckrr. Mr. Mant;...,, l:is ;h..f more than it became bin, ,., d.s aml.iii.icadof desm i.,K vour c, ,,,. , c v "V'r'; ?' .v..r,'M.ia..M.: ',; Central Jachsm', yil(lu, io. Hon ihnt Mr r ; t'iiit,;iuu s pass ports were in readiness for him on the contingency of his wUhiiir to leave France. Mr. Livingston! :ilsl"k ll I'll.,., ll...l .. I I . I "nits mm ne vvouiu await die instructions of his own Gov ernment to which Mr. Forsvth replied, giving the approbation of ihe l. resident, and informing him that an armed frigate would be despatched to bring him home in case the Chambers refused to pass the appropriation for the indem nity. Telegraph. Xmaror Poimiextrr A correspon dent of the Raleigh Register, ,I(ulcr date Feb. 'Jl, Kives the following contkns.d statement of a singula? and somewhat mysterious affair, th u dispute. It is sait I that Mr- fro was much hurl during tbe cvA'J- wii Rich. Pr Washington, Feb. 'J9. A". portant bill, to amend the JhJ'1'1' System, has passed the Senalc1. cm a lariie majority, and is now L'f vjc r t . w-. foil lore tne House ol fiepr" uves. The bill dismeiiibt !l fourth circuit, which now roil.' of tbe districts of Marylaml L Delaware. It attachesJ)elav;;' to the third circuit, (Judge I" win's,) and Maryland to die!'1 circuit, (Judge Marshall's.) vlllf by the bill, with this addition to constitute the fourth cirttii- ' Jan nat foil din v fou ic I Lai nan offi me, r

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