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North Carolina Newspapers

Tarboro' press. volume (Tarborough, (Edgecombe Co., N.C.)) 1835-1851, March 14, 1835, Image 3

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From Brazil. Wc learn l'roin -the New York Cornmeieial Ad vertiser lhat a revolution ol a san guinary character l he princi ples and objects of which are nei ther communicated nor under Stood broke out in Paia on the 7th of January. The Governor General and Captain InIis, the commander of the port, together with many inhabitants, natives and foreigners, were killed at the onset. The insurgents immedi ately proclaimed Col. Melcher Governor, who, it would appear, exerted himself with t fleet to re strain further excesses. The at tack is said to have been made by the country people, who, on their arrival, were joined by the regu lar troops and even at the latest dates which were of the 21st of January, every thing was gloomy, confidence unsettled, and all soils of business at a stand. The new President had issued an order that one third only of the duties should be received in paper. This measure had put a stop to the circulation of paper, so that it would be impossible to purchase country produce with that medi um. There was no settled price for any thing. The market was glutted with American produce. American property, howevt r, we are happy to learn, had MifTered no injury from the intestine conflict. Gen. Paez, having completed the term of four years, for which he was elected President of Ven ezuela, and declined a re-election, has retired from office. In the canvass for a President to succeed him, there was no choice by the people. It was supposed Gen. Sublette would be elected by Con gress. Dr. Vargas, who had the highest number of votes in the canvass by the people, would have ben chosen by CongreN, had he not declined being considered a candidate. Jour. Com. Upper Canada. Mr. Mac kenzie, in the assembly of Upper Canada, in bringing forward a motion to appoint a committee to consider the grievaiices of the province, took occasion to read over our immortal Declaration of Independence, and it 's said, ob served that they might adopt a similar document. Convention lcU. An Act eon'trninzn Conven'.inn to amend the Constitution of the State. TOHERKAS, the General Assembly of iNorth Carolina, have reason to be lievt, that a large I'Oition, if not a majori ty, of the freemen of tlie State, are anxious to amend the Constitution thereof, in cer tain particulars, hereinafter specified: and whereas, while the General Assembly dis claim all right and power in themselves to alter the fundamental law, they consider it their duty t i adopt measures for asceitain iflg the wiil ol their constituents, and to provide the means for carrying that will into effect, when ascertained; thi -re fore. Be i' tnacted the (l?nrrnl Assnnbfy rf the ktfi'c nf North i nr'liv , nnd it is hereby tnacttd l,y lh?. a:tht,riy of th-- snme. That the Oun of Pleas ;.nd ii. i ter Sessions, of each and eery county in the Slate, at the first term that slmll he held after the first day of January, 1..35, shall appoint two inspectors to .superintend the polls to be opened at each and every election pie cinct in said counties, tor ascertaining bv ballot, the will of the freemen of .North Ca rolina, relative to the -.neeting of a State Convention. And if any Court or Courts Should fail to make such appointments, or if any inspector so appointed bhall fail lo act, it shall be the duty of the Sheriff, or the person acting as his deputy on such oc casion, with the advire of one Justice of the Peace, or, if none be present, with the ad vice of three freeholders, to appoint an inspector or inspectors in the place of hi in or them who failed lo act, which inspecting, when duly sworn by some Justice of the Peace, or freeholder, to perform the duties of the place with fidelity, shall have the Same authority as if appointed by theCourt. II. Be it further enurUd, That it shall be the duty ot the Sheriffs of the respective counties in this State, to open polls at the several election precincts in said counties, on Wednesday and Thursday, the first and second of April next, when and where all persons qualified by the Constitution to vote fur membeisof the ilouseof Commons, may vote for or against a State Convention; those who wish n Convention, voting w ith a printed or wiitten ticket, "Convention," and those who do not want a Convention, voting in the same way, ''No Convention," or, "Against Convention." III. Jle it further rvurtcd, That it shall be tht dutyol the Mieiiffs to make duplicate Statements of their polls in their respective counties, sworn to before the Clerk of the County Court, one copy of which s'lall be deposited in said Clerk's office, ami the other copy transmitted to the Governor of he 5-tate, at Raleigh, immediately alter the election. IV. He it further enacted. That it shall lethe dutyol the Governor, as soon as he hall have received the returns ol the Sher iT., in the presence of the Secretary of State, Public 'I reasnrer and Comptroller, to cmpaie the number of votes for k. against Convention; and if it shall appear, that a majority of the votes polled are in favor of n, ne shall loMhwith publish a piotlamntioti t th: i.vt in such of the newspapevs as he may think proper; and shall issue a writ of election to every Sheriff of the State, re quiring him to open polls for the election of delegates in the Convention, at the same places, and under the same rules, as pre scribed for holding other State elections, and at such dine a the Governor may de signate. V. Be il farther enacted. That the sane persons wlio were appointed to hold the polls in taking the vote on Convention, shall hold them for the election of dele, gates; provided, that if any of such inspec tors shall tail to attend or act, the Sheriffs ami their deputies shall supply their places in the manner hereinbefore pointed out. VI. lie it further tnacted, Tha' the seve ral County Courts shall allow the Sheriffs the same compensation for holding said elections', that they usually allow for hold ing other btate elections. And if any she riff or other officer appointed to hold said eleciions, shall fail to comply with the re quisitions of this act, he shall be liable to a fine ol one thousand dollars, recoverable before any competent jurisdiction, to the use of the county whose officer he ; and it shall be the duty of the county solicitors to prosecute such suits. VII. lie it further enacted, That all per sons qualified to vote for members of the House of Commons, under the present Constitution, shall be entitled to vote for members to said Convention; an J all free white men, of the age of twenty-one years, who shall have been resident' in the State one year previous to, and shall continue to be so resident at the time of the election, shall be eligible to a seat in said Conven tion: Provided, he pusses the freehold re quired of a member of the House of Com mons under the present Constitution. VIII. Be it further enacted. That each county in this State shall be entitled to elect two delegates to said Convention, and no more IX. Bt it further enacted. That if any vacancy shall occur in any county delega tion, by death or otherwise, the Governor shall forthwith issue a writ to supply the vacancy. And the delegates shall convene in or near the city of Raleigh, on the first Thursday in June next; and provided that a quoi um does not attend on that day, the delegates may adjourn from day to dav until a quorum is preenl; and a majority of delegates elected shall constitute a quo rum to do business. X. Be it further enacted. That no dele gate elect shall be permitted to take his seat in convention, until he shall have ta ken and subscribed the following oath or affirmation; "I A. B. do solemnly swear .., ...n:.... . . i .!.. i Vv, u. .... u.c v.,c y v,r, .urn . w... not, either directly or indirectly, evade or . i,.(u ....uH.i...r..culu, tucu.uu. fixed to this convention by the people of Noith Carolina, asset forth in the Act of the General Assembly, pa-sed in 1S34, entitled "An Act concerning a convention to amend the Constitution oi the t.ite of North Carolina," which act mdi ratified by the people. So help me God'"' XI. Be it further enacted, That the Pub I c fiuisurer he, anil tie is htieby author ized to pay, upon tin; warrant of the Gov ernor, such sums of money s may b,' ne cessary for the contingent charges of the convention; and also, to pay each member of the convention. One dollar and fifty cents per dav, during his attendance there on, and five cents for every mile lie mav travel to and from the convention. XII. Be it further enacted, That the following propositions shall be submitted to the people lor tht ir assent or dissent to the same; ihe former of w hich shall be un derstood as expressed by th- votes for "Convention," and tlie latter by the votes "'o Convention ' or "Against Conven tion," at the time and in the mode herein before provided, to wit: 'lhat the said con vention, when a quorum of the delegates who shall b- elected and assembled, shall frame and devise amendments to the Con stitution of this Siate, so as to reduce the number of members in the Senate to not less than thirty-four, nor more than fif'v, to be elee'ed by disti ids w hich shall be laid off at convenient and prescribed peiiods bv counties, in proportion to the public taxes paid into the Treasury ofthe State, by the citizens thereof: Provided, that no county shml lie divided in the formation of a Sen atorial district. And when there are one or more counties having an excess of taxa tion above the. ratio lequired to form a Senatorial district, adjoining a county or counties deficient in such ratio, the excess or exces-s aforesaid shall be added to the taxatii ii of the county or counties deficient; aud if w ith such addition, the county or counties receiving it shall have thenqoi sit ratio, such county and counties each shall conslittue a Senatorial district. II. That the said Convention shall frame and devise a further amendment to the said Constitution, whereby lo reduce tlie num ber of members in the House of Commons tj not less than ninety, nor more than one hundred and twenty, exclusive of bor ough members which the convention shall have the discretion lo exclude in whole or in part, and the residue to be elee'ed by counties or districts, or both, according to their federal population;!, t. according to their respective numbers; which shall be determined by adding to the whole num ber of free persons, including those bound to service for a term of years, and exclu ding Indians not taxed, three-fifths of nil other persons, and the enumeration to be made at convenient and prescribed peri ods; but each county shall have at least one member in the House of Commons, although it may not contain the requisite ratio of population. 3. That the said Convention shall also frame and devise amendments to said Constitution, where by it shall be made necessary for persons ! voting lor a Senator, and persons eligible to the Senate, to possess the same resi dence and freehold qualification respec tively in the Sena'orial district, as is now required in ihe county: Provided, that they shall not in any manner t! i-ialify any ofthe free white men of this State, from voting for members in the House of Commons w ho are qualified to vote under the existing constitution of this Slate. 4. That said convention may also consider of, and in their discretion propose the foHowing other amendments to the fn'ni Constitution, or any of them, to wit: So as, 1st. to ubrogate or restrict the right of free negroes or mulattoes to vote for mem bers of the Senate or House of Commons. 2d. To disqualify members ofthe Assem bly and officers of the Slate, or those w ho hold places of (rust under the authority of this State, from being or continuing such, while l hey bold any other office or appoint ment under the government of this State oror me United State, or any other gov ernment whatsoever. 3d. povide that capitation lax on slaves and free white poll shail be equal throughout tlie State. in. to provide for some mode of ap pointing and removing from iflice militia officers and justices ofthe peace, different from that which is now practised. 5th To compel the members of the General Assembly to vote viya voce in the tlecti in of officers whose appointment is conferred on that body. rilli. To amend the thirty second article of the Constitution of tlie State. 7th. To provide for supplying va cancies in the General Assembly of th-s State, when such vacancies occur bv re signation or death, or otherwise, before ine meeting of the General Assembly. 8th. To provide for biennial meetings in stead of annual meetings of the General Assembly; and if they shall determine on biennial sessions, then they may alter the Constitution in such parts of it as require the annual election of Members of Assem bly and officers of State, and the triennial election of Secretary of State, aud provide for their election every two years. iJlh. I o provide for the election ol Governor ol the State by the qualified voteis for tne members of "the House of Commons, and to prescribe the term lor which the Governor shall be elected, and the numher of terms during which he shall be eligible. And tlie said convention shall adopt ordinances for carrying into effect the amendments which shall be made, and shall submit such amendments to the determination of all the qualified voters ofthe State; but they shall not alter any other article of the Constitution or Bill of Rights, nr propose any amendments to the same, except thoe which are herein before enumerated. XIV. Be it further enacted, That if a majority of voter at the election first directed to be held by this Act. shall be found for "Convention,'' it shall be con sidered and understood that the people, by their vote as af resaid, have conferred on the delegate to said Convention the power mid authority lo make alterations and amendments in the existing Constitution of the State, in the particulars herein enumerated, or any of them, but in no others. XV. Beit further enacted. That the said Convention, after having adopted amend ments to the Constitution, in any or all of said particulars, shall prescribe some mode for the ratification of the same bv the people or their representatives; and shall prescribe all necessary ordinances and regulations for Ih purpose of giving lull operation and effect to the Constitu tion as altered and amend.'d. XVI. Be it further enacted, That the '"""' iiiKiiiiMinici Convention aim.luWnl$ 6ba in f(1ire be j , , Constlmon of ,he s,Hte. Kead three t ines and ratifie.t i P.. era' Assembly, thi the orli day of Jan. 1835. WM. J. ALEXANDER, S . c An ACT supplemental to an Acf, pasted at the present sessio i, en'iiled "An ict concerning a Convention to amend ine Constitution of tin; ..t,n; of .North Car olina." Be it enacted the General Assembly of the State ofJ'or:h Carolina, and it it here hy enacttd by tht authority of the same. That the following prepositions snail be submitted to the people for their assent or dissent, in the same manner, and under the same forms, regulations and restric tions as were prescribed and adopted in an Act passed at the present session, entitled "An Act concerninga Convention to amend the Const i'ut ion ot the State of iNorth Car olina," that the snid Convention may, in their discretion, devise and propose the following amendments lo the said Consti tution, or any of them, so as: 1. To pro vide that tlie Attorney General shall be elected for a term of years. 2. To provide a tribunal whereby the Judges of the Supreme and Fupetior Courts and other oflicrs of the Slate, may be impeached and tried for corruption and mal-practiccs in office 3. lo provide that upon con viction of any justice ofthe peace of any infamous crime, or of corruption and mat-practice in office, his commission shall be vacated, and said justice rendered lorevcr disqualified from holding such appointment. 4. To provide for the removal of any of Ihe Judges of the Sipieme or Superior Courts, in conse quence of mental or physical inability, upon a concurrent resolution of tw thirds of both branches of the Legislature. 5. To provide lhat ihe salaries of ihe Judges shall not be diminished during their continuance in office. . To provide against unnecessary private legislation 7. To provide lhat no judge of the Supreme or bupeiior Cunts, shall, whilst retaining his judicial office, be eligible to any other except to the Supreme Court bench. II. And be it further enacted, That should llje people i.etiib in favor of h rail of a Convr inion, as is provi i d f or in the before referred to act, the s aid Convention is hereby authorized and empowered to consider of, and, in their discretion, pro pose the above additional timendinents to the said Constitution, or any of them Keadthree times, and ratified in Gen eral Assembly, this the 9th day of Jan. 1835. WM. J. ALKXAiNDER. .S . UM. I). MOSELKV, S. S. i7The Rev. litnj. W iitsoti will preach in the Old Church at T'arbo rouh, on Thursday night, the 26th of March; ynd at Bethel, on Friday, the 27th. Cum. MARRIED, In this county, on Thursday even ing, 5th inst. by Wm. C. Leigh, Esq. Mr. Ezekicl Crish to Miss Louisa Cobb. Hcmbry Jack. IIE well known Bembry Jack will stand the ensuing seasonal my stabie and be let to mares at Three Dollars the season, ami Sis Dollars to insure a mare to be in foal. The season will commence ihe first of March, and end the first of July. Great care will be taLen, but no liability for accidents. ALLEN JONES. Feb. Sth 1S35. 11.3 Printing nvutly executed, AT TIITS OFFICE. Prices Current, Tar bar o and New York. MAIL M. prr Turtsoro'. Mew York- Bacon, lh. 10 8 9 Bteswas;, u,. i o0 ly Brandy, apple gall'n 60 7 35 38 Coffeef lb. Id IQ Jo 13 Corn, bush. CO Go 64 70 Cotton, lb. 13 14 15 17 Cotton bag'g. yard. 20 25 13 22 Flour, supf. bid. 6UO 625 COO 537 Iron, lb. 6 3 4 Lard, lb. 8 9 7 9 Molasses, gall'n 35 40 21 3( Migar, brown, lb. 10 12J 6$ l' Salt, T-1. 60 65 35 37 Turpentine, bbl. 175 180 275 312 (Viteat, hush. 70 80 80 88 VV'.'sUe-?, bbl 33 40 27 28 cuMPnuiJcrvsivH Commentary on the Bible. rpilC Subscriber having been requested to act as Agent for this highly inter esting work, informs the public lhat the fust volume can be seen at bis office, where subscriptions will be received. Tlie fu st volume is a specimen of the exe cution ofthe work, editorial and mechan ical. It is to contain all that is valuable in the writings of those great lights in the Christian Church, Henry, Scott, Dod dridge, Gili, Adam Clark, Patrick, Pool, Lowth, Burder, and others; the whole de signed to a digest and combination of the advantages of the best Bible commentaries. On the whole, it is believed all will admit lhat the work is what it has been pronounc ed to be a credit to the country; and the publishers and editors pledge themselves and their characters ("and they can do no more; tint every effort shall be put forth to make it, both in Ihe literary and me chanical parts, lastingly useful, and war. thy a liberal support. But to sustain them in so expensive an enterprise, the low price fixed for the work requires that it should have an extensive sale, and no pub lisher would fell w nrranieii in prosecuiing the work without a large subscription list; and, however unpopular such a course may be in regard to ordinary works, 110 hesita tion is felt in resorting to it in this case, so manifestly necessary and proper. They appeal in confidence to the religious public, and to all, who wish to see it circulate, for their names and patronage. There is a Baptist edition, differing in no respect from the general edition exaept on the ordinance of Baptism, in reference to which the lUv. Joseoh A. Warne. Kditor of Ihe Bapt. st edition, makes the following remarks, viz.: AH that was promised in tie Baptist edition, as such, was lhat whatever wa found in the work as published for Poedobaptist? generally, which did not cor respond with the views of Baptists, should be removed, and the maturest views of their own best writers substituted. It is confidently bi-lieved that 110 point con nected with what is peculiar to the Bip list denomination, has been 'eft oniruai de.): and when it is considered that on no points but tho?e do Baptists differ from Henry. Scott, t oddrid."e. &.c. there ran be scarcely a d nibt but that the denomi nation in general .vill feel that they have now a Commentary, iu the read in of which they a.-e Mire to find wtiat will fan the A nn of lov.f nd satisfy the appetite for tuith. ai d this without that diminution of their enjovment with which they were acen touted to meet in readiu?the authors. aiii'iig out of their different views ofn christian ordinance. Terms. The wmk will he comprised in five volumes, averaging not less than 800 pases per volume, roval H vo hand somely printed on fine paper, and well oounu in stieep, and lettered with double titl"S, at 3 dollars per volume. There will be several engravings, frontispieces, vignette titles, and several neatly engraved maps, v ith other illustrative wood cuts. &.c. Copies bound in eitra cilt. spring backs, 2)4,oU; plain calf, 3.75. GEO. HOWARD. March 13lh, 1K35- JLcandcVy A YOIW'G JACK, in his prim?, will stand ihe ensuing season, at my Stable at Atkinson's store and at or near Allen Gay's. He will be at Atkin son's the 15th of March, there lo stay three days from thence to Gay's, to stay two days and from thence home to remain four days. He will be at his stands regu larly without an accident, and will be let to mares at Three Dollars the single leap Four Dollars and Filty Cents the season, and Seven Dollars and Fifty Cents lo insure, a mare to be in foal with 25 cents to the Groom in every instance. The season will commence the 15th of March, and end the 15th of July next. The leap and season money will be due at the Ptid of the season Ihe insurance will be due the 1st of January next. Any person put ting by the insurance and failing to at tend his slanu, will be held bound for ihe insurance money, wi'hout unavoidable accident, LEA.NDER is now rising seven years old he sprang from the largest family of his kind in Carolina, and has gotten as large mules as can be shown to their ases, which is sufficient to recommend him where they are known but as for my word not to be tnkeii alone, I will give the honor of some of his customers. JOHN PITT. March 9th, 1835 H 3 iCTI have three of said Leander's colts, one o years old, two 2 years old this spiing. I believe them to be equal with any Jack's colts within my knowledge and further say, belter than those I have heretofoie owned. I his2Sih Feb. 1835. JO. P. PITT, Lt. Col. $T have one of the said Jack's colls, 2 years old this spring, 1 irge and likely, for which 1 have refused 70 28th Feb. 1835. P. ALP II PITT. OM had a colt, get by the Jack, which I was well pleased with. I would as lieve risk him as any Jack in the country. ROBERT R. BlUSH'ELL. 0I pot one mare to the said Jack in scaMOti 1832, which brought me a mule tall and stout, for which I got 50. al fitteeu months old ELJSHA t ELTON. Uj'I put one mare to snid Jack in season 1833, which brought me a very fine mule. G. W. KILLEDREIT. UTI put a mare to said Jack in season 1832, which brought a mule tht 1 sold for o0. at e;ghleeu months old JOHN WILLIAMS. Young Jack, 'JMJR well known Baker Jack is now in his prime and is not inferi ir to an v, will stand the eniuing season, commenc ing at home on the 10th of March on the 15th and 16th at Armstrong store, near Upper Town Creek meeting house 011 the 17th and 18th at Bonn's Store, near the Bip-Falls of Tar River 011 the 19th m Je.KO Ivfiiirht'a 9i t nrp n r ilia AtK -lst,22d and 23d. at home, eettinir round i once in every ten days, with' the privilege 01 aoning- or diminishing a day at any stand so oq till the 10th of July, when the season will end. He will be let to mares at Three Dollars the single leap Five Dollars the reason, and iNine Dollars ti insure a mare to be in foal with 12 cents to the Groom in every instance. The leap and season money will be due from the end of the season "with interest Ihe insurance as soon as can be ascertained. Mares put lo Jack if net mentioned other wise at the time they are first put, to pre vent mistakes will be charged by the sea son. Great care will be taken to prevent accidents, but no liability fur any. A transfer of property forfeits the insurance money. To show that he is a sure iof getter I refer you to the annexed certifi. catfs. DAVID G. BAKER. March 9th, 1835. 11-3 N. B. All persons that put Mares to Young Jack in the spring of 1834, are re quested to settle the same. ICTThig may certify that I put three mares lo Moses Baker, tsq's. Jack the spring of 183U, and had three mules foaled the ensuing spring two of which I think the finest and largest that I have any where seen ofthe same age. Given under my hand this 22d Feb. 1834. WEEKS PARKER. IP This i to certify that I put six mares to Mr. Baker's Jack called Young Jack, in the season of 1832, all of which proved in foal. Given under my hand, Feb. 25 1834. EXUM LEIVI5. ' KTThis is to certify that I put three mares to Moses Baker's Jack, now D. G. Baker's, in 1831, and received three colts. S. P. JEXKIXS. State of North Carolina, MARTI! COUNTy. Court of Pleat and Quarter Sessions, JANUARY TERM, 1835. James B. Slade ) Attachment levied v. on three Neerovs j John H. Purringlon, ) Dawson, Andrew dart. D. W. Bagley, vs. The Same. ) Attarhment levied 'n three Negroes J Dawson, Andrew Sam. j Attachmentlevied on three Negroes ) Dawson, Andrew Sftm . fley Si Hyman, vs. The Same. TTT appearing to the satisfaction of the r.,iri . 1. .i ........ j . .. w,,, ,,,, ,,IC urnnuani, jonn n. Purrington, bath removed himself out of this County: t is ordered, that publication be made in the Taiboro' Pres, for six weeks, giving notice to the defendant that unless he appear at the next term of this Court and plead or replevy, judgment final will be entered against him for the amount of the plaintiffs' demand, and the negroes leVied on condemned subject to pav the plaintiffs' debt and cost, and ordered to be sold. Test, JOS. D. BIGGS, Clk. Price adv $3:50 5 0 itCCOXiXiECT, Jit the Cheap Cash Store, "vHhILL be shown an extensive assort. Vdf ment of seasonable Dry Goods. Those that wish to see a handsome Stock of Merchandize, with exceedingly Z.otc Prices attached, will do well to call and ex amine, as I am determined lo sell Out my Winter stock to make room for Spring and Summer Supply. J. tVEDDELL. Feb. 12th, 1S35. Jim CroiC, SWiiX STAND the ensuing season, vv (which will commence on the 1st Marcli,) four days at my stable, four at Henry Shirley's, nnd three at Wm. Moor ing's, at Mr.. Haywood's plantation, so as to be al his stands every twelfth day. Persons putting mares to Jim Crow, are requested to be paiticular in sending on every twelfth day from the time they ar. put, and they will not be disappointed in finding the Jack at his stands. He will be at my stable until Wednesday evening, 4th March then po to Mr." Shirley's, where he will remain until Sunday eve ning, 8lh March then to Mr. Mooring's, where he will remain uiltil Wednesday evening, 11th March then to his former stand. He will be let to mares at Three Dollars the single leap Five Dollars the season, and Eight Dollars to insure a mare to be in foal with 25 cents to the Groom in every instance. A transfer of property forfeits the insurance. Mares will be entered by the" season, unless I nm otherwise informed when they are first put to the Jack, and when charged no al teration will be made. Great care w ill be taken to avoid accidents, but no liability for any- WM. S. BAKER. February 2Sth, 1 335. 10 3 Coneloc Jack, STfT?ILL STAND the ensuing season at W the 8tableof G. 11. Mooring, ten miles from larborough, near the Green ville road and at Esekiel Staton's, eight miles from 'larborough, near the Cross Roads meeting house and will bp let to mares at Three Dollars the single leap, Five Dollars the season, and Eight Dollars to insure a mare to be in foal wiifTtwenty five cents to the Groom in every instance. A transfer of the property forfeits the in. surance. The season will commence at G. M. Mooring s stable on the 1st of March, weere he will contiuue one week thence to E. Staton's one week, and so on until the 1st of July, w hen Ihe season will end. CONETOE JACK is five years old this spring of large size and good form, and has proved himself to be a sure foal getter. G. M. MOORING. E. STA TON. Feb. 19th, 1835. 8-3 Iftffe and Female Jl' -VhS -X-A ryS' .A'-r ICfed ggjW f Northampton County, 'Y. C. MR. ROBERT A. EZELL. IT? S determined to make this his perma went phceof residence, and will lake !chare ofthe Academy u this place, the Lxerc.ises of which will commence on tlie second day of March next Mr. Ezell'a superior qua!ificaiion9 as a teacher in all the various branches, preparatory to Col lege, are too well known in this section of the country, to lequire comment. The temale Department Will be under the charge of a competent Lady, under the immediate superinten dence of Mr. EeelT. BOAltDcaii be h id with the p; incipaf, or in respectable families in the vicinity or neighborhood, at $o0 for the scholas tic year. TERMS OF TUITION. For the lower branches in English, per session, 8 00 Higher branches in English, 10 00 Laiiiuaees, - 12 50 Music, (in addition.) - 15 00 From the commenrement to 1st Jun counted only as naif session. SAMUEL CALVERT. RlCirn II. WEAVER. Jackson. 22d Feb. 18 35 9-3 Notice. XpHE Subscriber commenced teaching IL School the present year on the Smith field road, in the neighborhood of Mr Willie Atkinson's, Janies Barron's, aud Jo. P. Pitt's. The Students will be taught Spelling, Reading, Writing, and Arithme tic, at JO per session. The situation is high and healthy board convenient at 10 cents per day for children 0 cents for tuition. The experience of 2S vears' lea chiug, and known attention always paid to children committed to my care, induce me to hope I may receive a liberal share of public patronage. E. BULLOCK. February 27lh, 1835. 9 2 .A oiice. BALL will be civen at the residence 4ftlof Col. B. H. BELL, on Thursday evening, the 19th of March next. Febiuary 27th, 1835. 9-2 03 f J es! 0 Ves.'ira VERY man or woman indebted to the Subscriber bv open account, are re quested to call and settle the same as ear. ly as convenient, either by cash or note The cash would be preferred, but if that cannot be bad, will take a note. IV. COTTEN. Tarboro, No. Ca. 17th Feb. 1835. Remnants, HemnanUl GREAT VARIETY of Remnants ot ffaA every description of Goods, w ill be Sold at half their value. J. WED DELL. 9.0te Feb. 1F35. Jnst Heceived, NEW SUPPLY of Turku Hand Salt, Suar, Coffee, Molasses, Rum, and Whiskey. ALSO, some best stone Lime, Freeborn's Nos. 12 and 11 Ploughs, with and without Mocks extra points. And, a few fresh Garden Seeds all of which are offered at my usual low prices. iV. H. R0UNTREE. 19th Feb 1935 Land for Sale. piIE Subscriber offers for sale her Tracj of Land lying in ;dgecombe county, commonly called (be Uungc Orchard Plantation, Containing 329 acres, with an apple or chard en it capable of making 25 or 30 barrels cf Brandy. This land lies one mile below the Great Falls Tar River, and ad joins ihe lands of Charles Harrison, Rob ert f . .. .1 . 1 1 1 .1 ert Sorey and others, and has on it the ne cessary negro houses, barns, &c A part of this Laud is of an excellent quality, and if application is soon made, possession will be given immediately and long credit giv en if preferred. A further ieseripiion is deemed unnecessary, as no person will buy without first viewing the Land. Termf mude known on application to Jno.J. Buno. RACHEL BUNN. Pec. 19th. 1834. 65 Land for Sale. THE Subscriber is anxious to seli his Tract of Land, ad joining the one on which fie now lives. It contains 530 acres, some ot which is low grounds, the balance piney woods. This Tract has a good dwelling house on if, neatly new, with 4 rooms below and 2 up stairs, and other out houses. Persons desirous of buying Land low, are requested to call and examine for themselves, as the Subscriber mny af all times b found al home, and is determined to sell if he can get any thing over half the value. Cfl. HARRISON. Oct. 2Sth, 183-1. QJDCloaks and Jionnets.jQ NOW OPENING AT TIIK Cheap Cash Store. LADll.b and Girls merino. silk, camblet. and Cii Caspian ci is ci ci a MM, Cloaks, from I 50 to 9 120 meu's Cloaks, with and without sleeves from $4. and upwards ALSO, 200 women's Leghorns, from CO cents to the finest made, 250 Straw and Tuscan Bonnets, from 50 cents each. JAS. WEDDELL. Nov. I9ih, 1834.

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