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Tarboro' press. volume (Tarborough, (Edgecombe Co., N.C.)) 1835-1851, October 31, 1840, Image 1

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I RSSS I ft Is fcA&K iCf vt jrioe JYk 706. tnf,nrit.M mn T - i' - Tjc Tarbovoush Press, by fiF.ORiiE nnv,nn, Is published weekly at Tim ) lhr and Fifty Cen's per year, if pai l in a I v mc- or, 7'i-ee Dollars at the expiration of the sn's;:rioiion year. For anj period less than a y.ur, .r-?..-; (..? per month. Subscribers are at liherty toj discontinue at any time, on gi viii-j n uc- th.Tu.ifj and paying arrears those rcsi liar at a distari.-ej must invariably pay in ad vanc.e, or give a rcsp m-i Bible reference in this vicinity. j Advertisement "t exceeding a -vpi ire will !ni inserted at Dollar the, first insertion, and 01 j cents fr every continuance.. I, n rer n J vorti se- i merits in like proportion. Court Orders and .Jn-j dicial advertisements '25 per cent, hiher. Ad-! vertisements must be marked the lunnher of in sertions required, or they will he co-ninac I until otherwise ord red and charged acor iingty. Letters addressed to the l-Mitr must ho po.s paii! or they may not he attended to. Doctor Wssi. EVArVS' SOOTII1X1 For child mi ' reiki P?.PA3ED SY HI.V.SSLF. To .Mother.', an:! .Vnrsrs. rflH! p issage "l" lhr r. e: h ihl .M ! ta gams produces t o,bbs.tne i .! .I.i.i- fjeraus symptoms. It ers tint tlier" is gn". i iUO a O h' then' is !"''.l I- ' r t m i , - ni tnlh and nmns tim ing tin. m r-.. ;"h.- u uitj sa.'II, t::e secreti mi fii'iSr i, the d l!d is sc:."l . vi 1 snddeii fi ! ej y i i, v i: in t'ne !eep, ami n 'S n n.t-N. the eliild !)i ie!cs v i 1 ; i l a is 1:1 l Ir.-Cj 'j:. : : i u , t hi 1 1' ( ' 1 1 i i i ' .' i i sit v i' l- uT, am! thruMs us iitjt-rs itn its m f mi t -i l ' : Itesp pret iirsory ;m n.ii spee dily alleviated, S) ismnijjr m.i I i ns uni versiillv sujierveiie, .ui-1 s i f 1 1 r.inse liif disSiihitioii nf the in!. int. If muthers wh.. Ime th'n 'little I) ihes :i 111 1 1 1 with tliesr lilestnt: symptoms, umiltl apply )f William Kvans's ( 'elelirateil SooiliiiiM Sv't'p, whirli has presei veil liuin!reds nf infant when thought past recovery, from bpinp guddenly Led with that fat il malady, rouvuNions. This infallible remedy lias preserver! hundreds (f Children, when thought past recovery, from convulsions. As soon as the Syrup is rubbed on the gums, the child will recover. This preparation is so in nocent, so efficacious, and so pleasant, that no child will refuse to let its tims be rubbed with it. When infants are alihe a?e of four month, though there is no ap pearance of teeth, one bottle of the Syrup should be used on tlir gums, to open the pores. Parents should never be without the Syrup in the nursery where there are young children; for if a child wskes in the niii'it with pain io toe gurus, the Syrup immediately givesease by open-I insrthenoresa.i l healing the ums; there- by preventing ( 'novoU-ons, F.-vers " ,, . " ,A , . ' lolhe Agent d I)r. Lvasis boothmg c ,x , ovnip: I),.;,r Sir Ihe great bene i ,T , . r . . atr.rdHl to my sMrmg by ) - So.ili.ncr Syr-ip.m a case ol protraeiel aid jvunh.1 le.itu.oo, must convince every feline parent liow essential an early ap Ti.c times and Expenditures! plicmonof such an inv -ilu ible medicine Defaulters and the waste of public s to relieve infant misery ami torture, My money!! infini, while teething, experienced sucbj Standing Army and the Census! ! ! acute sufferings, that it was attacked w id, j Thc Hooe case and negro testimony!!!! cmuMiUian, and my wife and family Sup-)An,, cven havethe Ux)hls)lnz hoUnQ99 l0 poed that death would soon release the c!aim in 1)(!ha(f ((f lh(jir C;:i;iilUc fl,r ,hc e lromang.Hsl, nil we procured a but-. Presi.len-y, not only an exemption from tie 0 your Syrup; which as snno as ao- 1 abolitionism, but ih.l he is to b; the de phed to ihe gums a womlerbd rh-inge was ! fender of Somhcro rights, and the cham produced, and after a few applications thelpion of our domestic institutions. In ibis child displayed obvious relief, and by con-lwav these political koight-errauts, under a tinuinjr , i,s ,!Sfl am glad to inform 1 change of name, like the wolf in the f.ble, ynn, the child has completely recovered. I hide ihemseivis under the title of whig and no recurrence of that aw ful cooiplaiol j 'as since occurred; the ledi ,ie emana- j '"' daily and the chil, enjoys net fee i health, ti m.ik l giveymi rav ehcerhd permission this ai-Unn-A ledenipni,. .....l . WH gladly give any info, en uinn on' ihi Clrrimiance. U'I.e.i children begh. to be in paiM whh j'leir teeth, shunting in iheir gunis, pnt a '"tie nf the Syrup in a tea sp,,,, :v.('. "mi Ue linger lot th- child's rubbed for two or tbrc ti a . K'"is b. minnt,' ii, ...... ')rrast ini ncdiaudy, for n,,t P-nt to j ,.. 1. ... the syrup nil too ,.i nil in : t I 1 ' . ill 11 ; V' hrl ,. 1 'i"ir mii,,,.- t-pth ar. jost r.Mi,i,)r i(t n... ....11 . .. . . . ' ' ,e sy ' i I I I 1 1 il ... 1.. .1 ''I'. Ir.'ii h ' v,,r, "d nu derg dug t! . li.m ,,r 1 l!)g at piid'i "per a a I a :i ' " 1 'iug the K'ims, ivhi.-h tbrv.l, . , . "-or, 10 r,luf o un mncii 'ra-i.o, O S'l'll.'FI. ........ I HI somi.'!,.. ,-;,;)sf,s o'eail 3c U ? t- .ii.t..:.. P'riir,il.,r in nurchn iNf.V Y it ai inn n....i. k"k, or from the ndiiiani St., REGULAR AGENTS. J-M. Redmond,) Geo. Howard J Tarboro' Tarhorough, JiTw.fcfcTMTMga - aaaaEaf5aia'n From tts Rui-jh Stand nl. .nji)".E SAUNDKRV LETTER. Th." Editors of the Standard, will nbli rP in i- n iersi(lC )Vr CiUy p ibi,Clf0:j if Judge Sati:nier' Lctts.-r. This txpos of t ie tiiisrcpn-seniali i:n of the wbi" 'rators and ps-tly elect ionoerers, can.iot ail to o;-mi Ibe eyes of ail h ) desire to sec i it j trui h. any man yf s .n- n-.ider- s-i;uii:-g read and th.-a doaiu if be c:i Yours, ice. SAMUEl, R. HAYWOOD. BALDWIN PEURY &mhers. Il'tkiz'i. S'pt 33th. -IS 10. Ouxtlumex: Absence fro n home, in i business enjr iemeots, have pr.iven- a:i cariii.-r reply to yotir cooiMnim j e.tio:i. in whicli you request, that I .s-jouhl j 'refute the man" calornoics wbieh the j wliis hive circulated a jj-i--t t'-.e pivse.ii j l imiuisiia'.io'i cK;-ie th true principles J of llicir candidate fjr the Presidency hi iiiiny iiiCosiMstcuctfs b:s c;udy adhcr oce if. and present supporters 6y. t!te old Federal p srty together with his com ting an alliance with the Abolitionists of the Nonh whilst he seeks to lull and de ceive the people of i ho South." I for i il utered by ihd terms in whLh you have been pleased lo tr.ake this request, vet I very much fear you overrate my abiiitv to discharge it, either to your satisfaction or my own an I I t,hii more ieir, even s iouhl the language of truth exhibit Mr. Van Burrn vih ati angel, s brightness, or (en. Harrison with the hlacknp or Milton's devil Ihe cry on the pirt of many would still be, 'down with thc Re publican Democrat up with the Federal Whig." But as you promise yourselves some good may result from it, 1 very cheerfully enter upon the task. Upon thc first news of Gen. Harrison's nomination by the Harrisburg Convention, the whigs in the slaveholding States every where, openly expressed their disappoint ment and dis ipprohation, and none sup posed it possible to make a stand in the South on his behalf. But the leaders soon rallied with the common under standing, thev were to charge everv thim? asrainst l u n r the administration, however des'ilute of foundation raise every c'amor however i1,lu,,,il,-l,ime CVCT "Merest However ; ''mordant, under il.e hope, that through ! the pressure of the limes, they might bv . t r. i i " , : possibility succeed. With this vn-w, thev , ,, , , ,. . . ' -. bring into the coutesf thc discarded as well :as lliC I1CvV n, , p.iacian, and armed ; ls,,rbIed docUmCnts 1 in-nwuh oaecrv n ' dull the black-cockade of their chief, and more effectually to deceive the unwary, M:o:st the Hag ol log cabins and Hard-cider. Thk Tj mils They say have keen ren dered hard and money earcc by the put ting down of the United States Hank 'a nij'suie, as Mr Mr. MeDuIlee correctly remarks, for which thc whole .vouth, vVhigs and D m era's, were more respon sible than Gen. Jackson, as thr-ir votes decided il." Yet they raise "a blind cla mor for a similar institution, which the sone gentleman though once a United States bank-man, truly says Would now he a mere pitrhj machine, and which tcrtuld be utterly incornpi lent either to reform the currency, or to give relief lot he embarrassed portion of the community " They thus conceal the true cause ol he scarcity of money and consequent hardness of the time, which are to be found in the report of the Banks, with the old U. S. Bank at the head of the list. I'hat report shows these alarming facts: !st of January 1S40, a Debt due by the people to the Banks, of 4C2, 000,000 A yearly interest received by the Banks, 32,000,000 Wiih specie in their vaults, on ly 33,000,000 And Notes in circulation, 105,000,000 They make money plenty by their loans, in order to create a debt of thirty dollars a (Edgecombe County, V. t'J 'head for every individual in th? ro'iMtrr: )V ,.!,;,,!, thpl,. . .i Z. L .P'J S... .'"-rU " " s u.u. notes, an-l re! using to piv p?cio thin tner -asing th0 va,10 f)p tjleip st0(.j- a.vj interest and then ios.j't t!ie community ch:trg:!i:r the hardness of the times to the administration. Thc Exi2'frrrtr. U'na'.de 'o agr0 as to the rotned ho! ! in:; a U. S. IJink constitutional and expe dient or nol, like iheir chi.-f, as mav si-m most politic they unite lo a man in de oo i;iing the administration for its ex penditure, (ien. Jacksoi is c!:arg- with an average increase of Five Miiho is a yvir above Mr. Ad mis and Mr Van Huron with a like increase of Twntv Mdiions over (Jen. Jackson. Every pay-j mentis charged a an expenditure; and every appropriation whatever its obj"Ct or by who neve- rote I, as extravagant. Th'se wmdy dec. aimers against expenditure and extravagance, take care to concal liie Cc!, that during the last four years of Gun. Jackson's adoiinis'ration Thirty Million of dollars were paid, in discharge of Trust and Indemnities held under Treaties. In tii e purchase of Indian L m is anil for Pen sions, the appropriations for which, were voted by their whig friends and approved by themselves. So they suppress the fact, that during the first tiree years of Mr. Van Burets administration, against which they charge the average exp -n iituie ol Thir!y-s?vcr, and a halt' Millions Eight een Millions were paid under Treaty stipu lations for Indemnities, to our own citi . -us, and in the purchase of Indian Lands, (s-ying i.o'.hing of the cxnense of their I't'movsil,) and Seven and a half Million to emioncrs for all of which these gentle men and their friends likewise voted ot approved. So they conceal the fact, or ii. Iheir mad zeal display their own ignorance by denying it; that near 17 Millions of this sum, was paid within the last two jyeais in the redemption of Treasury bills, issued under I lie act ol 1S37 "with the view, says the President, to the indul gence of the Merchants on their clu'v bonds, and of the dt-posite banks, for il.e non payment of the public moneys held tation, of which these orators have con by them." So the account stands against j jured up "Iiiilra Chimera, and Gorgon's Mr. Van Buren's three years, thus: In the redemption of Treasury Bills 1S3S and '39, lG,7S5,00u Trust and Indemnities under ' Treaty, S, 9 17,000 Purchased Indian Lands, 8,795,000; Pensions, 7.441 000 Making near 42 Millions for those four i tems, of which more than 25 Millions, connot be charged as an expenditure nol the redeeming of Treasury bills, because charged v. hen issued nor the payment of Indemnities, because the monev did not ' j belong lo thc n.ition, but to individuals, Yet it is by Ibis kind of whig arithmetic, : m ci.argmg notn i ne pa ing our, ami the taking ; and the handing over that which ' h i nj,ed to others, that these false accu- i si i. i i .i i S-Ts at e en .ibled to make good their charge, . , M , nr . 4 ,. f? Again tnese wnig Uiators lorget to tell the neople, I h at il is by turning State's evi- !, thvy are enabled to make good accUs!aiioii of extravagance against t;.c Piesident; and that is, by taking ev ery payment under an appropriation made by Congress, though voted for by their own party and carried against the wishes of the Piesident and thatof a majority of his friends. For example, the appropri ation at one Session to Lightllonses. against which 40 democrats voted, and only 16 federalists lo thc Cumberland for discipline, it is now the law, and has road, against 51 democrats voted, ' been for fifty yeais. A to the objection and onTv 2 I federalists. To say noihingjof placing the Militia under ihe rules and of the bonus of Fifty thousand dollars to Gahts and Sca'on for Books; and of a still greater sum toClat k and Force, whig men, for their trash, carried by whig votes. Equally unfounded is the cht.rge against the Piesident of waste of the public money, by regal magnificence in the furni ture of the White House such as his haying sent four thousand dollars to France, for thc purchase of a golden Plateau, and the repetition of the Ogle slander a bout gold spoons, knives and forks, vases and cupids as it now turns out, according to Mr. Lincoln's testimony and that of ihe vouchers themselves, these very ar ticles were put chased during Mr. Mon roe's administration; and that not a single article of furniture has been placed in the house at the request or suggestion of the Piesident. But what will be the horror of my opponent and of his Log-cabin Ora tors, when they shall learn the Governor elect, will have to repose upon a bedstead of French pattern, similar lo that of the President's and which is to be found in actual use in our Governor's white house. Lo' w h it must be the holy horror of these economical whigs who declaimed so loud ly a"ainit extravagant waste of the de partments at Washington, for the use of newspapnrs, books, horses, ice, towels and soup: when they shall learn from the accounts now on file, during Mr. Clay's being Secretary of the Stale department, as expended under his receipt: To Maurin Trust, for a gold medal of JohnQ. Adams, 100 00 ttiurda Vvtoln si. IS 10 Pai l Ma ni,i Tn.ct ..!. i i V, , . niwingircM- AW Lkcne... 1000 00 pw. u ..ih'j civh no'i-ioiig with Hh horrible) rU'd tassel, iq 100 00 in a leans 1. !: ; s i L?, t mrvr. i.u no 12 Silver pens .S3 50, and oue pla- tina pen, G op To II.Mirv fTiy for books, $ ) qq Lives and Portraits of eminent Eng lishmen, " 40 00 0 cojiv fvl po ison's Heraldry and (.itiin's Pi eragr?, 75 00 fl.jrsc exi-jcnses f State dcpirtrr.ent, lSo,'2o and '21, 1:M0 SS Subscripted for newsp) 1G23 00 'f the-e things do not cause these gentle men, thu b I'y-aiie, it is l;ecao:-e tbrr is tioviriuein ihisi ::'ld, horn and hard cider humbugs. Tnu item of S-( tb eord for Weod f r Florida, was another of these weighty charges, that loo, nmv turns out io hi- an order by Gen. Jesup in lS:ib tnd un ier circumstances, lie says if a Ju ry of the country would not allow, he would agree to pay out of his own pocket Thus much as to th. s.- ciiarges of exnmd- itui-LS, false, as to their a mount and shame iuliy false as to th.-ir obj-.-c'.s. Dkfaulteks. Th it there have !)-,en de faults under the present, the late and pas idminisir.itio.i5, can deny or wip justify. But why this outcry by the sup porter of Mr. Adams, wli-n the official reports to Congress, shew a greater 1 ss it, oroportion to the sums received and dis uursed, both by Receivers and Disburers, luring his four than th e'ght years of Jack-on Mr. V an Puren's be 'ogbss than eitiier, with the ex 'option o! lor whtch he is not esnoniole. liut what should si enco these whig accusers, is the fact, that bills three times passed the Senate, and were voted down by ths opposition in thc House, subjecting these v ry defaulters to the Penitentiary, who arc now every w.itre welcomed with open arms into the whig ranks. The Standing Army. This has been the fruitful topic of alarm and misreprcscn- diic,"and in reviewing the facts all must feel astonished at the success of the falsifi cations upon which our opponents have so boldly ventured. As it now turns out, however objeectionable may have been the Plan of the Secretary of War, it had nei- ' ther the concurrence nor sanction of the President. The mere ouihne of thc pro posed plan, to which the President called the attention of Congress, was for re-organizing the Militia, a thing to be found re peated thirty one limes in the Messages of his predecessors that the Plan in de. tail was nol matured, or called for by the House of Representatives, tin; i 1 near four months after the message. That so far from concuriing in any proposition for carrying the Militia out of the State with view to iheir being trained, the President ny. But to the facts. Lieutenant Hooe says he thinks Congress has no such pow-jis Court-Martialed, and tried by seven of er; any more titan 'hey have the power of j his lellow-ofiicers, a majority being South doing what Gen. Harrison proposed, of ?rn men, wiih a Whig Lawyer, also from employing teachers for our olU field schools, 'the Sou'h, as the Judge Advocate. He is So, whilst he concurs wiih the plan of paying the privates as proposed by Mr. Poinsett, be docs not agree with Gen. Harrison, that the '' and non commissioned officers alone shall be paid." That if it be an objection, that the Militia shall lurnish their own arms, accoutre- men's and ammunition,' when ca not regulations of the regular army, when called into service, it is the same thing as proposed by Gen. Harrison; but as Mr. Van I'uren thinks can only be done, when the Mi!i:ia are called upon 'Mo execute the laws, sunpress insurrections and repel in vasions." I cannot bring myself to Ihe belief, it is necessary to notice the election eering absurdities which have been, and s'ill ate mged upon this subject. The people must see and understand these miserable attempts at imposition. The charge can now only be supported, by pronouncing ihe President "a liar!" Ian guagn such as this held by two Represen tatives in Congr- ss, one from Virginia and the other I feel ashamed to acknowledge from our State, is alone worthy of a pirty who in their ruian warfare, have violated every feeling of sociciy. The Secretary of War, h s affirmed upon his honor as a man, that the plan was not matured, and of course the President could not have seen it, until some four months after his Message to Congifss. Whatever these gentlemen may think, they greatly de ceive ihcmselvcs, if they suppose, the peo nle will imp!Ove of such language, or doubt the word of one, distinguished alike for his honor, and that chivalric brart ry which impelled him to unfurl his country's fla"-, in a foreign land, in defiance of an in fu nit ted populace, and to stand nndaunttd under the magic influence ol its stripes ai d stars. None will doubt thc word of su h a man, nor can they question that of ihe Presideol of the Untted btates? without an To. ATI Jo -44. . ..... j ui io tii'igg who eievateu h-m to that hih ...,!. ,d th.t of the Nation i-lf. I his matter has been rejected by both branches of Confess, and tbre is no more dang-r of its being revived by the President if re e'ec.ed, than there is of Oen. Harrison's renewing his proposition in regrd to the Militia & Military instruc tion. shouU he become Prefiden'. Tun Census and DiTtrcT 'I'axei rius too has bc'-n one vf the means rrs-or-d in, of deciving the pcoIe. The President vas denounced for failing lo re 'omioa'e (Jen Daniel as Marshal of the Mile. Yet every one mut now admit h course pursued by many f;f his depu fies. jus-ifies th-President "in n fusing to continue power in the hands of an enemv, () be used to his prejudice. At' first, this m uter was lft to these deputy 'marshals and to the r.e:ghboi hood politicians, but the success of the thing foon brought it before the public from the stump. The charge is, that the information sought, is toena'deloe President, to know bow to 'Cgulate direct taxes. If such was th4; ob ject, neither the'President nor his friends are responsible for it. The bill for taking he Census was reported and would have been p..s-cd, without any reference to what is row so loudly complained of, but for one of the petty leaders of the oppo sition, Kice Garland, upon whose mo'ion, was inserted the clause, under which thee poultry and other statistical ques tions ae now put to the farmers of thc country. The bill passed without ob jection, and was voted forbv every whig in Congress. Yet this Chairman of the great whig committee, whilst be has not h J .. 3 . . . V .. (MIS not the manliness to acknowledge turn. self as the author of the law. But there ex sts no necessity . fa resort to direct taxes, and those who assert sucii a thing, know it is without foundation. The Piesident and Secretary of the Treasury both say, a direct tax cannot be necessary, nor even an increase of duty upon any of the neces saries of life, such as Sail, Iron or Sugar as Wines and Silk will give ample means, should Congress exceed in its appropri-, ations, what he may deem proper. The charge then is false as to the design of the measure, and si il 1 more false as to its origan-. The Hooe case and Neoho Testi mony. This, of all others, is the most shameless charge that has been invented by the Opposition. Yet it has been urged with ;dl the zed of truth, and all the sin cerity of a well founded fear of its being carried into execution. The President has admitted negroes to give evidence a gaiot a gallant Lieutenant of the Navy, and is in favor of allowing such testimony to be used i 1 the Federal Courts against while men. Save us from the mercies of those who arc willing to sell and to whip while men, but who have such a holy non a.ror against the dangers of Negro testimo- ch 11 ged among other things, with whip ping lite sailors contrary to thc rules of the Navy and ihe regulations of his ship, and with using contemptuous words against his supeiiors. Two free negro sailors are offered as witnesses, and decided by the Court, with the aid of their Whig Judge Advocate, to be admissible. They testify to the whipping and to the speaking of the words. Eleven other witnes-es, who aie white men, swear 10 the whipping, but not to the words. The C01 rt convict of the whipping, and acquit as to the charge of speaking the contemptuous words. The ma'ter is carried before ihe Secretary of ihe Navy, and by him referred to the law officers of the Government the Attorney General and District Attorney of Co lumbia, both of whom say, the question of admitt ing the negroes ss witnesses is net fairly raised, as the accused was acquitted on that part of the charge to which the free negroes were alone examined, and there e xisted no doubt as to the truth of the rest. The conviction is approved by the Secretary of the Navy, and on the President's being appealed fo, he under these circumstances, declined lo interfere. But the beauty of the thing does not stop here. The Whig Lawyers say, ihe testi mony of the negroes was illegal, because the usage of Courts Martial has been a gainst receiving it, for the last fifty ) tar3. The answer is, that in point of firt, the usage has been the o'her way therefore Congress should legislate on the subject so says the President, and so vote the . Democrats but so, do not vole the IVhigs and SJbolilionists. Having thus reviewed the list cf WThig humbugs, and exposed their many pre varications and misrepresentations, allow - me r.ow to place them to ihe laboring 03r, by examining some matters touching, the conduct of their candidate for the Presi dency. General Harrison is brought be fore the country as a candidate, without tho vote of a single Southern State. He

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