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Tarboro' press. volume (Tarborough, (Edgecombe Co., N.C.)) 1835-1851, September 28, 1844, Image 3

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I hi 1 . v $20 Reward;. Stop the Swindler. X Fr.djy. 20' h Inst., a man calling k1.-lf 1 or VVM. BUOWN cam- to in ami exchanged hordes li nowappYais Lis Uore was borrowed, and belong to another person. I Lave been infonm-d he took the Coneioe road a he was seen on that day about ten mile, below Tarboro'. he got from me, is a small well built bay horse. ab,ul 3 years old, both hind feet white and a white siripe in his forehead he wa. re cently bit in several places by another ; horse, and his ryes are idk-cted. brown I is an Irishman, about 5 feel 3 or 4 inches J high, 3S or 40 years old, light buiit, ami 7 fair complexion. He had. on a straw hat, I dark bro-vn homopun coit and pantaloons, and an oll black silk vest. The above re- ward will be paid for the apprehension ol trie Swindler, and the horse, if delivered 1 to me or confined so tint they can ba got t at, or SlO lor either of ihetn. j HENRY SHURLEY 1 Si pi 27. 14 1. ;i(J-'3 J f?ju I he N asl:iiig'f n nig. and Halifax 1 Aifvocaie, dl inir tbove, one, -nui lor- 1 waril acc'l loU.isollice lor colltition. iVotice. Y Villi UK f a d.el of rus t! . ink, i ::! i : Orion f , me X'.T.iiie n . "in ro tjurp -s-v-" h rei u ntion?5 , . AK. : the IV : nexi t th i sivleuC'.'oi the said Saml. W, W. Vic.i, the Tract of ltd 21 ft, On hich he lives tren Hundred and Sixty six .icres, 0 li L -i. well ad pte.1 t' tlie cuh r t .; a 'il s ri ol gnin. Vt i ' t a!-.i-3'd trac ol Luid is Fine Large Ti vo- Story 0 welt in g-h o use, A' d all necsaiy ut houses, Cotton Gin, Store Ui'uh shop and tools. ALs0. Two I4s in the Town of Nash vi;l". knovvn as the Lampkin lot, and part (f tl.e Masonic lot. ALSO. At the same time and place the following Negro Slaves, Jicob, Macom, Vacon, Sarah, Mary, Jes se, Addeline, Cambrick Ju'r., Ilhoda, Susan, Caroline, Blount, Bryant, Julia, Green, Quinny, Hester, Frances, Mourn ing, Cambrick, Eaton, Drake, Peyton and Lany. All of the present "stock of HORSES, CATTLE, HOGS & SHEEP, Household and , kitchen furniture, one n u i . .mi , f j fjiuuuie, seveiai cans suns anu larming I utensils of every description, with various J olher article s too tedious to mention. Six I months credit will be given to purchasers ; and bonds with approved security carry ing interest from the day of sale will be required before the property is deli vered. JNO J. BUNN, Trustee. I INash county, N C. Aug?t I6"ih, 1814. 37-3 I , 0 TUESDAY t'ho 8th day wi next. shaft fh r for sa e at the Hbri-o of John Ta!or', the Vrnvl nf IaiuiI, on which he now resides, containing three hundied acres, for the most part in a hifth state of cultivation. Bdnd and security will be required. J NO. j B'UNN, Trustee. sh county, N C Auft't I6lh, IM4 1 374 tfcllwaiiic, Drowfilcy, & Co. Petersburg, Ya. 5 ARE NOW PREPARED to ofFr their Full siippli, of -Grocer em h'hioh is general and extensive en s.'-nt; 'n pit of 150 Hhds. Brown Sugjrs, pari, prime qnihtv Bijjs I'ufffp. of !i i;cr:p Min '"OOO'Ih L.,af. Luoip and rr M u.i t 10-000 lb- o4. y ath; . v r o ,s q-, . -5400 d .zcn Upper Leati.e , Cat ski Lniings. Sic. 30 000 yds. Cotinn H:iaiojr. lisjl.t & hc'nf'. V 25,000 "lhs. Balig R, (je, ol variou.x des criptioMs ?.500 lbs i h ini u rapji-i'ig a t Snire Twii e J 000 lbs :l. ir.,x ue .. jojtethei with nearly every ;.i!iie in lne'r line; ail of which they are disposed lo sell on moderate ter ms. Their usual attention will be given to all Prr'lupe consigned to their care. Peterson. g. Sept 6,1844. 36 3 A 'REII -iippiy of Peters' Pills just 'eceive i ,u, f()I. hy T . GEO. HOWARD. 1 arboro', July 19, Female Academy. Hp HE Subscriber respectfully tenders her acknowledgments to her friends and the public for the liberal patronage heretofore extended to her, and informs I Kant th.,1 1, I I . -1 . inn iici aiiiunji win re commence nn Monday, 30th Scpi. i"s; . I'he rourM. of , instiuction will embrace all the 'r -oiiUii,. of inurougn Ingush education, with i .. . . Muic Pupils will he received b he iiosrd c.ta be t ad on od--rvr Tuition in th nigh. , , a . n, 555 injh lo ver. 54 quarter tt rms. per qr 557 50 ELLEN F RAGSDLE 21. s4l. 3-4 Head Q iar'srs. Tosnot Depot, Aug't 12th, 1844. BngadcOfdcrs. BIHE (Clone's Commandants of the se veral Regiments composing f!ie 5th Brigade North Carolina Militia, will pa rade their several Regiment 4 at tlieir res pec'ive pirade grounds, eqtlipped accord ing to law for General Review, (as follows:') I'he l4t (Upp.-r) Halifax Reirimenf, at W ilk r's X, R -ad-, on Tuesday the Sth dav of-October next. t The 1 6 1 h Regiment, at Jackson, on Wednesdav, the .'Mi ditto The 15'h (Lower) Halifax Regiment, at Dnvon's X; R .als, on Ihuisday, the I0:h di'to. ' h- 13th Regi'iipot. at Williamston. on Sitnrday, th 13th li'to I he21t (Lowei) Ediiecombe Regiment, at I arboro', on Thursday, the 17th ditto. The 20th (Upper) , Edgecombe Regi ment, at Biidgers's, on Saturday, the 19th ditto. By order. JOSH U.I I1.9RNES, BrigadicrGen.Sth Brigade Militia, N.C. JNO. P. SHJiRPE, fiid-de camp. (JThe Roanoke Advocate will insert above until 8th Oct. and forward acc't to this office for collection. Head Quarters, 21st Reg't, No. Ca. M. September 1st, I S 14. Regimental Orders; ripHE Officers, musicians ancl private's of the 21st Regiment Notth Caroli na Militia, are hereby oc! in TARBORO', on Th- i October next, at 11 'c ; r3l 'o parade 'av he 17th nt i-W' :'.t;J ili- ! ped according to law - spection 'The Officers anc! '. of each company p the tray previous, r. for officer drill ami ira;e in Tarboro', Incday, the 16th, Regimental Court Martial, to which all appeals will be brought up, and then or before the several captains will make their annual returns to the Colonel or Adjutant. 'The Cavalry Company attached to this Regiment wiil also parade on the 17th of October, equipped foi Review. I MR MAN WslRD. Col. AUGUST j 1844. Jut Received, Af THE CHEAP CASH STORE, A 25 ea ii ti fill Assortment of NEW AMD FASHIONABLE GOODS; Among which will be found; Rhck and coldnred 11 ft-, Ralsonhes, Printed Lavns, Muslins, Organdies. al ic'ies, Needle-w-orked ollars, Cravat"; Fashionable RounetB. Parasol. Nelts Laces, Edjsiogs. Ribbon-. Neu-style Neck Laces AL0 li: .'lied and Hro'n' Sheri ing nd Shift uigji L n tl nirl ('amhfic M.-oidk' ie' tef &e & . ' AL'), A Ier) aoriment o' c:Li;ia, Glass &l Crockery Ware j ManLvare, (iroceries, &.C. &.c. To. above ilh many other Goods were piiM-ft ist-d in New York by the subscriber during the Dull Se.isan, and will be sold at small advance Call and See. JAMES IVEDDELL. Cotton Gins FOR SALE.' A FEW new steel plate Cotton fiin. m -deal -r euville: f- r sale Apply t. my ''ii mb-r;ciM. (ireei'Vili. or to th" subscriber ALSO, A good second hand 37 saw Gin, ready for immediate use, will be sold low. GEO. HO (YARD. Tarboro', March 7. Carminative Balsam. S a certain, safe and effectual remedy for dysentery, fiiarrhcea. or looseness, cho lera morbus, SUMMER COMPLAINT, colic, griping pains, sour stomach, sick and nervous head;.ch, heartburn,, waierbrash. pafn or sickness of the stomach, vomiting, snittini? un of Cnm xfttr noting oi wVre it passes through the body unchan- ted. want of annetltp. rpi1pcn'. V. . r -' iJ . . iiiu bllllv tO sleeD. Wind in thfi slnmnrh anrl bowels. hysteVies, cramp, nervous tremor s and switchings, sea sickness, fainfings, mel ancholy and lowness of spirits, fretting and civingof infants, and for "all R0W"EiL AF FECrrpNS & NERVOUS DISEASES. !"i is is one of the most efficient, pleasant, ami salt- compositions ever offered to the public for Mie ctne of ihe various derange ments mI the stomach and bowels, and tin only article worthy 'of the leat confi dence for curing CHOLERA INFAN TUM or SUMMER COMPLAINT; and in all the above diseases it really acts like a charm. All persons are requested to try it, for without .exception it is the most valuable family medicine ever vet discovered. Hun d eds, nay, thousands, of certificates have bten received from physicians, clergymen, and.famiiiesol the firM respectability, bear ing the strongest testimony in it? favor, too numeious to publish. Dr. D. Jaynei Dear, Sir, haying, made use of your Carminative Balsam irv my family,, and find ing it to be admirably adapted to the complaints for w hich it is intended, 1 take pleasurs in recom mending it to the use of my friends and the public generally, believing those who are afflicted, with any of these complaints will find relief in the use of this valuable medicir.r,. . Jonathan Going,. Di Pi President of Grunvjlle College, Ohio. From th Rev. Jim SJiinn, of ike Protestant Mel ho : dlst churcfii, . ..... The undersigned having been afflicted during the past winter, with a disease in .the stomach, sometimes producing great pairi in the stomach for ten or twelve hours without inlermission,:and hav ing tried various remedies. with Jittle effect, was furnished with a bottle of Dr. D. Javne's Carmi native Dalsami This he used acccrding to the tlirections, and found invariably that this medi cine caused the pain to abate in three or four min utes, and in fifteen or twenty minutes every unea sy sensation was entirely quietedi Tho medicine was afterwards used whenever indications, of the approach of pain were perceived, and the pain was thereby prevented. lie continued to use the me dicine every evening, and someihnes in the morn ing, and in a few weeks health was so far iestored, that the sufferer was relieved from a large amount of oppressive paint From experience, therefore, he can confidently recommend Dr.. D.Jay ne's Car minative Balsam, as a salutary medicine for disea ses of the stomach and bowels. ; A. Shinni . Allegheny city, July lClh, 1813. From ftie Rev, Dr, Baton. .. . . , From a long acquaintance with Dr. Jayne's Car minative Balsam, 1 believe it to be a very happy combination, and a useful medicine in many com plaints which almost constantly occur in our coun try, such as bowel, affections of children, colic. cramps, looseness, dyspeptic disorders of the sto- maeh, coughs, and anVcpons of the breast, togeth er with all those diseases atteuded wjth sourness f the stomach; and believe that physicians will ofien find it a useful. remedy in their hands, and one that i& proper for domestic use, and can, be .put in to the hands of persons at large with "perfect safety. , t ..... Mi LJACON, in, U. Woodstown, Salera County, N." J. May,1837i JAS. M. REDMOND, Agent. "Astonishing.2 A MONO the thousand Medicines adver tised as "certain certain cures for pul monary complaints," Ja tncs Expectorant Stands alone, lis path to public confi denee has been, paved,, not with puffs but CuRE-s and the vouchers forr Us efficacy include an array of names which,- for char acter and lespectability, cannot be surpass; ed in this country. pr. JAYNE, being himself a physician, does not profess lo perform physical impossibilities; but he does assen. and He is borne out by well au Ihe.ntieated facts, that in all DISEASES OF THE LUNGS AND CHEST, which Ate susceptible of .cure without miraculous inlerfVience. his EXPEC i OR A NT will restore the patient to health. Novoiher m d cirie, will rembVe muctm or pus from th throat s tlioi-ouhly a"s this. It effec tually loVeh thei codgulatPtl masses from he membrane which lines the trachea, and Hi. en cntrgh the patient will bring up portions of the disengaged matter. IN A LL COM PL A I NTS OF THE PUL MONARY ORGANS, even where nature seems td be naaking no effort to throw off t he d isease, J A YN E'S EX PECTO R A NT imparts vigor io the machinery of respira tion, and enables them to disencumber themselves of the obstructions which had impeded their frbe operation. It has res tored hundreds to perfect health, after their physicians had givfen them upas ihciirable, with CONSUMPTION, Coughs,. Colds, PAsthma, Influenza, Bronchitis, Hopptng Cmih, Spiting Blood, in, a word, all dis eases of a PULMONARY nature yield to this preparation, if properly administered. Narfies and Prices of Dr. D. Jay ne's Family Medicines, vis: Javne's Expectorant, her bottle, St 00' Hair Tonic" ' j QO ' Tonic Vermifiige ' 0 50 ' Carminative Balsam. large, 0 50 , ' small, 6 25 Snative Pills, per box, 0 25 American Hair Dye, 0 50 For sale in Tarboro' by . JAS. M. REDMOND, Agent. May 13, 1ST1. 4 $25 Reward. : RANAWAY ifrom the Subscri ber, on the 1st day of last July, my negro man .KICKS dV, Aged about 25 years, light com plect d, 6 feet 3 or 4 inches in height, weighing about 165 pounds the little loe of "his right foot is off. and the middle fin ger on one of his hands is crooked and stiff in tne nrsi omt. ne is supposed to be lurking in Nash cduhty, near VickVille. with a free mulatto woman named Alarv Lhicusf. The above reward will be given Tor the apprehension of Jackson', if confin ' 'l - I .T ' -". i . . " " eu in any jau so mat i gei nim again, or i delivered to rhe, in Edgecombe county, All persons are forbid harboring, or carry iegoffsaid negro und'r penalty of the law JAMES J. TA YLOR. August 27, 144. Fishing Creek Land FOR SALE. : . -:fi:-- rfflHE 3 ihrcriier, being desirous to re move to the West, offers his Land for safe. The Land is situated on the south side of Fishing Creek, 7 miles from En field, 20 from. Tarboro', and 13 from the Rail 'Road. This tract It is so situated that it can can be sold in tracts from 500 to 700 acres with a Comfavlnliie Vw'etlhfi:- House On each tract. It is unnecessary to sny any thing as to the quality. of the Land, as no person win purcna-e wr.noui examination.- Those that wish to purchase Land in this county, I will .take great pleasure in shewing them the Land as l .am S'ire they cannot be belter suited as to the Land, location, or society, , I erms w ill be accom modating. IVILLIAM D. BRYAN. Aueust 22nd. 1S44. t5 Dr. Diiffj-s AIVTI-BILIOUS PILLS AND TONIC MIXTURE; ITUST. RECEIVED, a. .Pimply of Dr, Duffy's Anti-bilious Pills and. Tonic Mixture, an effectual remedy for Ague and Fever, &c- , . , . GEO. HO fVARD, Agent. Tarboro', July 16. Coffield King, Jlerctiant Tailor', ESPECTFULLV informs his friends and th2 public generally, that he has received From New York, his Supply of Spring and bummer In his tine of business. He invites the attention of those who wish to purchase A good Suit of Clothes, as they can dp so by calling at his old stand, w here will be found on hand . A good assortment of Cloths, Cassi meres, and Nestings. And also, an assortment of Cloves, Stocks, Bosoms, Cravats, Suspenders, Um brellas, &lc &c. Tarboro', May 15th, 1844. Cbiiimissidner, &c. For the Terrltoru of Floridai llErV' J. I. BATTLE) Of Rocky Mount , AS received frrvm the (Jovernor of the Territory of Florida, a Commissjon to take the acknowledgment of Deetls, &.c. for said Territory in and fof the State of North Carolina, and ha$ duly and legally qualified execute said Commis siori. 22 5 May 23, 1844. fvevr and iJeautifitl Spring and Stitnmer MILLINER r, c. Jli:s. tf . . IMOllXMIlDi AS just received her Spring supply of Goods, which with her former stock comprises a general assortment ol the most neat, useful and ornamental arti cles, in the . . . Millinery Hiic.' In hef assortment will be found Beautiful pattern Silk bonnets, .. . A Rutland braid, Rutland and bird-eye, Albert and shell, Florence braid, open gimp, and fin straw bonnets, in great, variety. Plain and figured silks anJ satins Tarleton muslinswhite and black crape,' Bonnet and cap ribbons laces ajid gimps, French and American Flowers, &c. &c All of which will be. sold on her usual liberal and accommodating terms. ( Tarboro'," May 2, IS 11 , i .-.V-'' 5 J Conlribiitiqnship Fire Iiraee Coitipaiij 57 IVall St. New York, Capital 300,000 Dollars. npHE Capita Stock of this Institution is all paid in and secured on first ra to Bonds and Mortgages and Real Estate, and numbers among its Directors some of the most influential and respectable inhabitants of the city. It insures against Loss or Dam age by fire buildings of every description; merchandize, &c. &c. on terms as lavorablo s similar ins itutions. , . Policies will be issued ori application to JAMES WEDDELL, Agent for Tar dorp and vicinity. Tarhoro May 1st. 1S44. jYoticet, ILMAM H. BATTLE & BENJ. I)., BATTLE having. purchased the interest of Avion J. Battle in the COTTON FACTORY And appurtenances situated f I the Fatls of Tar JUver The whole establishment is now owned Wy them and, p. C. Battle. The business in fulu're will be conducted as heretofore, hi the naine of Battle Brothers, and upon the same liberal and accommodating terms. In consequence of the vi!draw3 of ono of the former firm of JJattfe & Brothers', the business wmII have to be closed up to the 1st "day of June, 1841. . A suitably agent will be employed to attend to this part of the business. ; They hope lo have the continued pat ronage of a generous public, as they .will endeavor to have their Varns made of good quality, and will sell at as low prices as the at tide can be had at otVier places. BATTLE A- BRortlEfok Rocky Mount, N.b. June IS. MoreBrabliieth'sPiilS; E have just received a fresh suppljr of this valuable Medicine, which is recommended by thousands, of persons vbom .they Tiave xiured of Cdp.sumption, Influenza.! Colds, Indigestion Pyspepsia", Head Ache, and a sense of fullness in the back part of lhev Head, usually the synv toms of , Appoplexy, Jaundice, Fever and Ague, Billious,, Scarlet ;Typhqs, Yellow, and common FeVers of 11. kinds; Asthma. Gout, Rheumatism, Nervous Diseases', Liver, Complaint, Pleurisy, In ward Weak- , ness, Depression pf the Spirits Rupture Inflamation, Sore Eyes, Fitsalsy, Drop sy, Small Pox,, Measles, Croup? Cough -f Whooping Cough, Quinsey, Cbolic, Choi- j era Morbus!,. Gravel,. Worms, Dysentery, Viea'fness,. Ringing Noises in Ihe Hed " King's Evil, Scrofula. Erysipelas, orbaurft : Anthony's Fire, Salt Rheum, White Swell- ings. Ulcers, some of thirty years Sjta.rid ing. Cancers, Tumors, Swelled Feeariri Legs, Piles, Costiveness, all Bruptibiis of the Skin, Frightful Dreams, Fe.maieCom plaints of every kind, especially obstruc tions, relaxations, &.c. t Also", lirandreth's Linirnedtj for soresj" swellings, wounds, &c, at 25 cents a bot tle. .Those Pills are for sale in every County in this State, anl by the following : -gentlemen in litis vicinity. ; Geo. Ho'wird, Agent, Tarboro' R. & - Belcher, Sparta . r. Isaac Scarborough, Oak Grbre. r -. Daniel 4' Rouhtree, Stantdnsburg. Peebles, Fenner, &T Co. Clarksville: J. L. 4- R. tV. Hyman, Palmyra. IVm IV, fones, Heed's X Roads! b. H Holland, Smithficld. May 14, 1844. 21 $50 Reiidrd VVILL BE PAID for the ap prehension of my fellow IjFWISi . Who absconded about the 4th of Jnlv last. He. was ourchased of ai ioioh'Tnvlnr: but i have understodd ua"" - -J I. - f . . J .... since, his owner's name was Kincheri.Tay-. lor. Lewis is a stout, able-bodied fellow! -about 5 feet l6 inches high and about ; 23 or 24 years of age. The above reward m will paid on his being lodged in the WilT n.ington Jail and notice given me to .that . effect, or $60 if delivered to me .in Charleston s. C, at my residence, No. 60 Tradd Street . . . , , , JOHN T. MARSHALL. Charleston, (S. C.) Aug. 26, '1844. 35-6 iSappingion's Pills: Ben arc of CoiiiitcrfcUs: f 0LY lho-e having the signature of 0. B. PEARSON, have The gcnuinu Sappington Pills for sale. Those Pi? to be found in all ihe counties below Hali fax and Nash. It would-be well for all those that use ihbsc Pills, to demand iho authovity for selling them,, Given under my hand, JhifSph day of June, 1844. v ';0. 'A.PEARSON, rrpA fresh pupplv rjf 'thi abbv Pills just received. and for sale m Ti-i00r0t-by Tarboro' 3 u tic, I 4.

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