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Winston-Salem chronicle. (Winston-Salem, N.C.) 1974-current, December 02, 1978, Image 1

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i fm* * Vol. V No. 15 *20 cei City Tells Reynolds Unava By Yvette McCullough Staff Writer a, CityTecreation directoi^Nick Jamison has told a group of Morningside residents that the recreation budget will not allow for renovations which the group has requested at the Reynolds Park Recreation Center. The Reynolds Park Executive Council has sent Jamison letters in April and again in October requesting repairs and new construction to keep the center from becoming llrundown". ** ' ~ ' ** * t^- _ . ? ? - ** * 3 * ( Leading 1" the Pack victory over C It seems like as I get older and older, the 1 takes longer and longer to hit me. The excitement of Christmas has worn off ai enjoyment I receive now is the excitement j my two young nieces. When I took them to see Santa Claus something was missing. The jolly ole fello suit just didn't turn me on like he used realized that it wasn't him so much as It used to be a time when Christmas came i now it seems like people and the stores celebrating Christmas right after Hallowee holidays have become so commercialized meaning of Christmas has been lost. Before Thanksgiving can arrive, Christma< and decorations are already out in the store; once a time when the Christmas Parade \* Christmas. Now it is held on Thanksgivin really don't have time to enjoy one ho another one is rushed in upon you. I However, not only are the holidays verv c are the seasons, if we go by the stores. If i by the stores we would be wearing s Febraury and leather coats in August. You can no longer buy what you want when You have to buy in anticipation of what you If you need a coat in January you should hav July. If you want something to wear to i August you should have prepared for it ii As long as we let stores dictate our sea; holidays we will always be in this chaos. 1 celebrating Christmas on Thanksgiving or t clothes when there is snow on the ground, to have my Thanksgiving in November an when I need them. So when December 25th rolls around, I'll b the Lord's Birthday and the true meaning c Knowing the stores, they'll be having a Ne1 sale, or maybe even an Easter sale. I would them. -Yvette McCullough I ?-- ?!??***? - k J- ? ? 1 T A nts "The NEWSp, i Park | naoie | Nick Jamteon told lt\e Chronicle none of >: the items requested by the council were jij: approved for funding in the present 1978-79 City budget. He said no money is & available for the changes. _ John Elder, president of the ReynoldsM Park Executive Council told the Chronicle ?i the council sent the letter to Jamison Jij because they felt they were being overlooked. ?: "People from the city came over and & See Page 10 S . rj II IM i1 m W V i/r t ... i .a .... J il". 1**' ~*L? ~ j- vv^ '? k r?2S3E2Has? -. ' 1^" ' '? ?' .? ??**?? ?H " " " -.<> old Tlmmons rambles for 38 Obispo In the c Intercepted pus which set NCAA Division 1 nchdown of the Rams 17-0 teammates face California Polv - San Lois ??> ?ui ... (UIU1U Kill* weVHt yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiniii all foi S *Blacks lost some important Si 1 e^ect^on gains outnumbered ^ *City police are looking into 2 = that officers threatened him v 1 arrest, page 3. 2*ERA is for everybody and so : g Viewpoints, page 4. ~TT T~! =*CETA programs are being 1 io 1 ay spirit Sjobless, says the director of th glamour and |page 5 id the ^ost Rams, Ramettes, and generate y gjQt j,rag about. See Sports, last week, {iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiillllllllllllllllHIIIIIIII . a! i >w in ine reu to. I then ^ ^^lr>re v as VjI^ ^ '"Wfti i>a tiront rtnlu VmOHk % A rr V n vill Will J you ^^HIP e jJH the J n our Vou may >uying spring I don't, I like id buy clothes e celebrating if Christmas. Jerry Dr w Year's Day ? . put,? past //Jaw has r I ^ 1 1 % ' Wot W aner Winctnn'c hppn u/^itino fr%r" ? I? ? - WW ^ % W ^ vv MI?I1 i \/ Insurance Ig ***&.? wfrc;:.*#. ;. st arav n\ $* ' *w>ar?y By Yvette McCullough taking out a loan which Staff Writer would be due if he cancels his policy. A rising college senior A woman with two childwas approached by an ren took out a' hospitinsurance firm to take out alization insurance policy, a $15,000 life insurance which came in the Sunday notifv Tho aopnt trtM fKo Cll nnlamant Ui?. ??-? [ J - - vw>u iHV >]uppivilltllli 11C1 pic* student that during his miums were eight dollars senior year, payments a month for a policy that could be deferred until he would pay $30 a day if she graduates, and he would is hospitalized. The averstill be insured. His first age cost of a room per day payment of his premium at a hospital is about would not fall due until $100. after he graduates. These two people are However, the student guilty of not knowing edi.d not realize that by nough about insurance to deferring his first year of buy the right kind of inpremiums he was actually _surance. Buying too rh( I X By John W Jtirrrrr- ~ A year and a half long fight Reynolds Health Center as a . * C resulted in a victory Mom ^ County Commissioners ga auuug uiauuaic iu nccp uic < 1 Department separate. . ; "We did it," said C.P. Reynolds Hralth Center A ? mingled among happy healti - ^e commissioner's public 1 M'M ganization. <rerWB ** In an informal action, foui told County Manager H, . supported the organization assistant Ed Jones which ~ ^ among the two departments - * _ to mediate disputes between - "I'm so glad it's over wit! Dennis Magovern outside t quarterfinal round of the room. However, Magovei n playoffs. Timmons and premature. Delaware In the semi-final Opposition from the cou end. See Sports, page 9. possible from the state still 1 f VOU '""""I""""""""!# the organization proposal. 7 ={ chairman of the board, aske B FrpHUaiicop tft fiftctnnn<? fKp M A i VVft*A?Ui>Vi VV pViJi^/VllV VlftV races statewide, but thel the requeSt ?f the health 608 the losses. See page 2 I a letter dated Monday, S a local man's complaint! yet 80"en ?? r?qUe nth guns during a traffic! general S 0?Ce on the J?nes = postpone the meeting beca ic ai ..??'? announced. Smith and the < 'S 8 Along, see | ^ Health did not attend the, ocused on the hard-cores Hauser also received a letl te local program in Q&A, = acting director of the Divisi* S N.C. Department of Human the Boys Club all have a.M plan could usurp some of t! page 9. ? the Board of Health. If so, 1 IIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIl|i of state funds for ^alth, I official has also asked the ^ Humai i* ? For En / By Shjuyn Bratcher Staff Writer , f ? The North Carolina Hu n.i.ii ri i 11 --*& man ivciauons council will hold a statewide meeting in High Point' to lobby for enforcement powers for the "The law passed in 1977 has no teeth," commented Dr. Jerry Drayton, chairHB person of the State Human H Relations Council. Drayton said that he expects three to four hundred persons to attend the Dec. 9th meet}ng, including the ayton Human Relations staff, committees, and concerned IO teeth." businessmen. "They've given us the I t 16 pages this week Saturday, t norance o much insurance, not e- blems people encounter nough insurance, or not when buying insurance, knowing the right type of "I am concerned with insurance are not unique very low income people situations. It is happen- who are carrying large ing to people of all ages, amounts of insurance and races and economic back- think they are making an grounds. investment/' said Mrs. In order to inform people Theresa Duren of ^e abgut the pitfalls of in- Experiment-in-Self Relisurance, an Insurance ance budget and consumTask Force has been or- er awareness service, ganized by Frank McKis- "The poor person does sick of the Winston-Salem not understand insurance Urban League. The^task contracts, and insurance force is made up of per- agents or salesmen take sons who are knowledge-?advantage of thenu" able in the insurance field Duren said that most of and it designed to edu- her clients are low incate people about the pro- come, and they have been Cf^fnc Affir ^ ltiuiuj nnii State Could Upset Plai ----- . Templeton Writer to preserve the status of the - ^wH seperate county department w day night as the Board of m Sf4 ve the county manager a center and the public-Health > :? > - >/ " Booker, chairman of the / dvisory Committee, as he r 1 center supporters following hearing on health reor- f jM r of the five commissioners L. "Pete" Jenkins they R*w%l* plan developed by senior duOKcT could clarify responsibility and give Jones the authority a victory the departments^ ~ = l," said RHC administrator ???????? he commissioner's meeting give an opinion, rn's delight could become The commissioners, at state intervention and b} nty Board of health and decided to make their d oomed as a serious threat to Eugene Price pointed 01 Dr. Russell L. Smith, powers and functions of 1 :d commissioners chairman changed. hearing, which was called at Hauser interupted one rd* more and more, we're lo mith said the board had not getting so that all the c sted from the state attorney appropriate money." * plans. Hauser declined to When time came for i use it had been publically dations, Commissioner I yther members of the Board ready two years ago." C TIMlitia J-. U 1- V nt was icauy uuik, un r - ?r? r, t? briefing to decide un th< ter from Dr. Ronald Levine, ? . . ,. on of Health Services of the ^quested the publ.c he D . * .? shared by Hauser. Resources. Levine said the _ J . . . . . .. .. The surpnse fourth recc he statutory authority given , ^ ~ A . - came from Dr. James Z the plan would result in loss , _ , _ . _ , ... also a member of the Boa ^evine warned. The health attorney general's office to ^ n Relations L forcement P responsibility of negotiat- 'The North Carolina H ing with businesses/' said man Relations Council al Drayton, "but if we run passed a resolution urgi across a ousmessman wno the North Carolina Gene tells us to go to hell, there's Assembly to ratify the nothing we can do." qual Rights Amendmei The businesses are in stating that the purpose favor of giving the council the Council is to promt enforcement powers, he no- equality of opportunity 1 ted, because the state all citizens and noting tl group could resolve cases the equal rights amer more quickly than the ment "proposes fair a EEOC. iust treatment nf all in 4'The federal law has teeth viduals.'' but the EEOC office in Charlotte has a tremendous The resolution was one backlog, and it's costing three issued by Hum businessmen a lot of money Rights Council chairpers because they have to pay a Dr. Jerry Drayton, from lawyer for as long as the November 17th meeting. case continues. They're The Council also as) (businesses) tired of that." that the sentences of "1 1 December 2, 1978 sts $$ i taught to carry large amounts of insurance. She said that some of her clients will go without necessities to buy and * have insurance, especially the elderly. 'jij ' 'TVl#? p!Hprl v knfo Knpiol m mm-** wawWAftjr III* T V l/UI IOI .V insurance policies that l? more than likely won't pay for their funeral expenses." Duren said. jij: A congressional study has concluded that nationally the elderly are paying $ $1 billion a ye&r in insurance policies that -do not gj meet their needs. Paul Sinai, an attorney at See Page 2 & med 1 AW' k ^1 Smith ...Didn't show t times clearly irritated by the / the tactics of the health board, ecision after county attorney F. Lit that the plan states that the the Board of Health would not be speaker to say, "It looks like sing control of the services. It's :ommissioners have to do is to the commissioner's recommenviazie S. Woodruff said, "I was Commissioner Roy G. Hall, said Jov. 16 when the board held a aring. Hall's sentiments were immendation in favor of the plan iglar, the commissioner who is rd of Health. iPage 7 .UUUICM owers [u- Charlotte Three" be comIso muted to time served. A ng special note added to the ral resolution pointed out that E- the Human Relations Counnt, cil was aware that similar of action has been called for )te by the state NAACP, the for Charlotte City Council, and iat other organizations. idnd The Charlotte Three, Dr. .. James E. Grant Jr.. R.J. aiReddy, and Charles Parker, are serving long prison 0f terms for the burning of a an stable near Charlotte. on The third resolution called jts for fair employment legislation. 1*his proposal will be discussed at the Decerned ber 9th meeting in High Tie Point.

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