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Winston-Salem chronicle. (Winston-Salem, N.C.) 1974-current, September 26, 1985, Image 1

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* * The sanctity of o Local clergyman Tina Turner: Mln< Byers, West win < Willi VOL. XII NO. 5 U.S.P.S "I'm a grassroots worke They're like my extende family. I love my ward - Alderman Vivian Burk Vivian Burke: It's no surprise By ALLEN H. JOHNSON Chronicle Executive Editor An analysis.- *' ' t . Every red hair on ^Vivian Burke's head dutifully in placed She smiled broadly, held her head back re ly, and enunciated like a linguist while hol< court, stressing each syllable when she spok< The syllables flowed Tuesday night during celebration of her third term as Northeast W airlprmon * HlWVIlllHlIi "Y'all will have to wait for the queen," on Mrs. Burke's campaign staffers, Theldora Sn had said as a crowd of reporters gathered out and a crowd of supporters waited inside foi victor's entrance * Princ* HaU Mas Lodge oaijiiLTlueet. ^ ^ iu iici war Bna mry. DUTKC, THSniOIIHOiy IHT6 resplendent in a blue drc? with whke stripes I'm not surprised," she said of her 1,572 I Johnson: Win or lose, he gave it his tuents benefited (photo by James Parke New YMCA: Dr in members, but n By ROBIN ADAMS t Chronicle Assistant Editor ( The Winston Lake Family YMCA has enjoyed a dramatic increase in membership, say YMCA officials, but it still needs v more members to offset higher oDeratine 1 costs. < 4'We're getting there," says Brian Cor- 1 mier, general director of the Metropolitan YMCA, which governs Forsyth County's 1 YMCAs. i In five months of operation, the new c Waterworks Road YMCA has increased its c membership from fewer than 100 to more than 1,000. f However, Cormier and Norman Joyner, * The prima By DAVID R. RANKIN Chronicle Staff Writf Patrick Hairston doesn't wear his paten much these days. The local NAACP president turned cand alderman sported a gray suit Tuesday night, with gray shoes, a conservative blue-and-gr Equally low-key was his entrance into his < on Patterson Avenue. Flanked by supportei Bill Tatu~i, as well as present North Ward / tie, Hairston looked sullen, even downcast. Then he erupted, "I won!" and the plao Hairston had turned back a crowded slat 1 ??EL >ur families: A5 i returns from Africa: I d over matter: B8 over Carver: B1 s ton-S The T\ r. d - - -^^Hk|^ lay v. , lu the ^ rard v j9 eof m lall, 1 side the "'iSfclfi^PBSltl win all along, Mm -367 tory (photo by James Parker). .. ? ' v .C.. . . ? | uiwoiuijr, uu> |L * f syllable probabl and it is pronou The incumber probably knew i -?Challenger Vi ?*? Burke to battle Y i'vf * / " cial for radio co y / More than S4 , j/ / one of the most < in Winston-Salei best, and the consti- Mrs. Burke st ?r), ,Ple *, ' ' * * ? amatic increase nore are needed he Winston Lake YMCA's new executive director, say approximately 2,000 members tfill be needed to defray higher expenses. "It will take that many members to give is the kind of support needed to operate a :acility of that size and magnitude,'* said "ormier. 44We aren't there yet, but that's lot unusual." According to a member of the Winston -ake Y Board of Management, the facility s operating $30,000 in the red. Cormier ronfirmed that there is a deficit, but said it an be erased in time. 'The original projections (membership "igures) and budget anticipations were too Please see page A3 $ ties'aftermath: r Electic ted warmup suits that YOOT '( lidate for North Ward tastefully coordinated ay tie and a blue shirt. campaign headquarters the Democratic i s Walter Marshall and seek again this y< llderman Larry D. Lit- In most of the however, newcor t erupted. Only 8.4 percei :e of opponents to win went to the polls l> 4 i ECTION ISSUE ? HO I Election 555 I Year'85 <alem C tin City's Award-Winning Weekly 1, N.C. Thursday, September 26,1 B Burke, A By ROBIN AdI Chronicle Assists! The incumbd Tuesday's aldel them Vivian H. ped challenger Northeast Ware In the Northe bent seeks re-eh swept aside all < "There won year," said Maj watched there* tions. Corpenir term barring a s in November, Republican opp ~ " * | in me iNorin< Burke a over WI^H vvotes to John! follovsHnoJher vie- the vote to hi nomination. J Williams-Henr) vas supposed to be the closest of Republican nor races. 4'I knew more than they In the South* iew." W. Womble wc vever, only one word with one 81 percent of th ycametoMrs. Burked mind, Incumbent \ need "Whew!" thwest Ward fc it had been in a fight, and she petitor, Thoma t. cent of the ictor Johnson Jr. forced Mrs. I Republican Bria lim sign for sign, radio commer- In the race f mmercial. every vote was ,000 was spent by both sides in could be detenr expensive aldermanic campaigns bent Ernestine ^ n's history. percent of the lid her campaign had raised so primary with I ase see page A3 totaled 45 perce percent. James fl v ^ni Bfl ^ f '-iS i fl B ' |J %r-iJM m m 1 jv n jbmi ibmk^-1 -^^bi f- ^tf^y*^3i Little says Tisdale cares little about black-onblack crime (photo by James Parker). Exultation and bitt " I lomination for the scat Little has chosen not to sar in favor of law school. other races in which the incumbents chose to stay, ners were treated rudely. [it, 6,633, of the 78,145 registered voters *n the city Tuesday. Many of the challengers said the low tur jjji Th< I Who u? Jl -- In the races. *hro ^ r 1985 35 cent iflPiimKa 111VU111MV iermank lairston, Wonn A MS nt Editor ints held their ground in rmanic primaries, among Burke, who decisively topVictor Johnson Jr. in the 1. ast Ward, where no incumjction, Patrick L. Hairston :omers. t be many changes this for Wayne Corpening as he iults at the Board-of Jilec^ ig, who will serve a third uccessful write-in challenge faced no Democratic or osition in the primary. ;ast Ward, incumbent Mrs. surprising landslide victory Mrs. Burke, who will run the - (general diection in >n I tMrd term with 1,572 ton's 567, beating Johnson **** \ Ward, NAACF President ston garnered 77 percent of uidily win the Democratic fames Knox beat Diana f 51 votes to 21 to earn the nination. fast Ward, Alderman Larry >n his second term, winning le vote. fartha Wood in the Nor*at her Democratic coms Brame, winning 88 pervote. Mrs. Wood faces in Miller in November, or South Ward alderman, counted before a winner lined. But, because incumWilson could not garner 51 vote, she faces a second 7rank Frye. Mrs. Wilson M? *U ~ *? ?_ Af\ in ui uic vuic iu riyc s **J Kennedy, the third canHunt Def Tisdale hs By ROBIN ADAMS Chronicle Assistant Editor The district attorney deals with the perpetrators black-on-black crimes change for their tes against Darryl Eugene Hu members of the Hunt 1 Committee at a press con last Friday afternoon. Hunt, 20, was found g the murder and rape of newspaper copy editor E Sykes and sentenced to prison in June. District Attorney Dor ernessjoy nout helped spell their del In the North Ward, wh Wairctrm frvnlr a lan, ? y tf?vaa w mil1 MWc carried our fight Hairston said. *Td like t< vote for mc." But Hairston said the r; Republican nominee Jam< Knox defeated North Williams-Henry 51 votes t< 1,389 Democratic votes ci Little said he was happ P I 9 Primaries I >n what - and why I >aldermanic I Pages A1 and AS | nicle > s 30 Pages This Week nts survive : primaries hie among winners Hairston: A victory hug (photo by James Parker). Vv . . did ate in the South Ward Democratic i primary, won 14 percent of the vote. Dtmocrutic+ tmnoin ttt Tuesday's >: primary ranged from 29 percent in the Northeast Ward to 13 percent* in the South tt'r a ' -- * waru. t^niy o percent or tne registered Republicans voted in the predominantly black and Democratic North Ward. Citywide, only 8.4 percent of the total registered voters voted. As expected, the heaviest voter turnout was in the Northeast Ward, as Mrs. Burke overwhelmingly won every precinct in the ward. Mrs. Burke's largest margin of victory came at the St. Stephen's precinct, where she won 382 votes to Johnson's 120. The closest precinct battle was in Mineral Springs, where she totaled 222 votes to Johnson's 145. The victory came as no surprise, Mrs. Burke told reporters en route to her victory celebration. "I am the alderman, and I have the pulse of the people," she said. "I was talking to Please see page A11 ense Committee: is made deals Tisdale last week dismissed com mon law robbery charges against Johnny Gray (also known as e Johnny McConnell), a key state o two witness jn the Hunt trial. Gray \ cx" was charged with robbing Robert timony Latham Davis, 85, of $480 on "V3"1 Feb. 5. Defense ference The week before, Cary Hall, charged with assault with a deaduilty of ly weapon for shooting Sammy iormer Lee Mitcnen, Hunt's best friend, Deborah was released on a $5,000 life in unsecured bond. Hall was a potential state witness in the laid K. Please see page A11 and pain " Feat. ere he had been endorsed by incumbent dslide victory with 77 percent of the vote. to the people, and they responded,'* 3 thank the people who had the faith to ace isn't over yet. He faces North Ward * Knox in November's general election. aiu rvcpuuucan u&nuiuuic uurna 3 21, while Hairston received 1,016 of the tst in the ward. y that Hairston won and that Hairston lease see page A13

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