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The Charlotte post. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1918-????, March 23, 1978, Page 12, Image 12

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xmmmmmr-t*, .’■'masim Hack L. Davidson Hi / ...Charlotte Catholic senior ...West Charlotte senior Hughes, Davidson Win NA Scholastic Awards oy LMdiuie aunpson Post Staff Writer The National Merit Scho larship Corporation announ ced Wednesday, March 22 the names of approximately 320 winners of National Achieve ment $1,000 Scholarships and about 146 winners of Corpo rate-Sponsored Four-Year A chievement scholarships in the 14th annual National A chievement Scholarship Pro gram for Outstanding Negro students. Of this total of 466 winners of black high school seniors con sidered from 38 states, the District of Columbia, and over seas schools that enroll as U. S. citjzens., two are from Charlotte. They are seniors Carlton Hughes of West Charlotte High School and Mack L. Da vidson,III of Charlotte Catho lic School. Carlton is the winner of the National Achievement $1,000 Scholarship, a one-time a ward. He was chosen from the seven regional grouping states by a selection committee of educators based on his aca demic and extra-curricular accomplishments, PSAT NMSQT test scores, and re commendations by his high school principal. This award is sponsored by Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation. At U/ao* PU_ Carlton was a 1976 member of the N. C Governor’s School and in 1977 member of the Harvard Honors Program, and a Junior Marshall. He is presently the Century III na tional representative, Inter Club Council secretary and Spanish Club vice-president. He is in the Band, Modem Music Master, Senior Senate, National Honor Society, Art Club, works with the Literary magazine, is a Hugh O’Brien nominee and Honorary Order. He has won awards in English, Spanish and Art. After graduation at West Charlotte Carlton wants to continue his education possib ly at Harvard or Duke Univer sities concentrating in politi cal science and later hopefully studying at a law school. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis and Mary Hughes of 1700 Woodvallev Drive, and is a member of the Statesville Avenue Presbyterian Church. Mack is the winner of the Texaco Achievement Scholar ship. This scholarship was awarded to Mack based on his performance on the PSAT NMSQT an the SAT test, and his academic and extracurri cular activities. This scholar ship was awarded to Mack on a four-year basis. At Charlotte Catholic High Mack is preparing himself for the fields of International Fi nance and Urban Planning which he hopes to pursue at the college he hopes to attend. He has won the Charlotte Catholic High Cougar Award for two years, is a county nominee for the John Motley More head Award, a young minister tutor, and president of the Future Business Lead ers of America. He was 1976-77 member of the National Foun dation of Urban Studies Pro gram, and is presently in the National Honor Society, the , Chess Club, and is a finahst I for the National Merit Scho larship. Mack is the son of Mack and Juanita Davidson of 2 516 Newland Road. Karp Named Executive Vice President Edward Karp has been named an executive vice pre sident of Pic ‘n Pay Stores, Inc. (AMEX), the largest self service shoe chain in the Southeast, Alvin E. Levine, president announced. Noting that Pic ’n Pay now has two executive vice presi dents, Mr. Levine said this reflected the expanded scope of the company’s operation in recent years and its antici pated growth in the years ahead. At present Pic ’n Pay operates 379 stores in 13 states, and plans to open 50 to 60 new units annually. Before joining Pic 'n Pay early this year, Karp was corporate vice president of retailing at Cook United, in Cleveland, Ohio, and also ser ved as president of that com pands Discount Division. Karp,43, is a graduate of the University of Rhode Is land, in Kingston, where be earned a B.S. in Industrial Engineering in 1956. He did graduate work in Business at Indiana University, in Bloo mington, where he received an M.B.A. in Marketing in 1959. A native of Brooklyn, New York, and more recently a resident of Columbus, Ohio, for 19 years, Karp, his wife, and his three children will be relocating to Charlotte, N. C. Pic TN Pay Kicks Off Spring Expansion Program Pic ’n Pay Stores, Inc. Kick ed off their Spring stores ex pansion program recenty with the Grand Opening of five stores located in Andersoh SC, Summerville,SC, Madi sonville.KY, Savannah, GA, and Salisbury, MD. With the opening of their stores, the shoe chain now operates 379 stores in 13 states. The company expects to have approximately 390 units by the end of their June '78 fiscal year. J“lancial Experts Say Money Is Here To Stav is technology moving us into a cashless, checkless society in which all financial transac tions will be made with plastic cards and electronic systems? Absolutely not, say North Carolina's financial leaders John h'orelines, president of the North Carolina Bankers Association, puts the situation in perspective: ‘ Because new technology is providing us with greater capabilities in the management of financial services, the industry is in a state of transaction. But I do not foresee the time when our economy will be able to ope rate without coins and paper currency. The changes that are taking place can only benefit the consumer in the long run.’’ One of these changes in the N. C. Automated Clearing House Association (Nor CACHA), an organization of financial institutes that has formed to develop safe, faster transactions of money from account to another. President Willis R. Rhodes shares the m i. i ■ ■ mm iiicse auvancements will not eliminate the use of money or checks: “The member institutions of NorCACHA are providing ser vices that allow a person to have his pay deposited auto matically and without going to the bank, and to take care of recurring bills without having to write a check or make a telephone call. These ser vices are an improvement on similar services that have been available to consumers. “There will always be a need for money and conven tional checks. Various studies, individual tests, and common sense tell us that there is no say electronic banking ser vices can completely replace toe use of money and checks.” Michael J. Shade, Executive Director of NorCACHA, and a former banker, takes the his torical view in discussing elec tronic funds transfer (EFT): “Electronic banking is noth ing more than an evolutionary step to extend the financial delivery system so that cost ^n^^jonvenjeno^n^fastl^ improved. The financial community’s interest in EFT stems from a growing aware ness of new needs of the consumer, coupled with the necessity for the institutions to control costs so they can con tinue to deliver traditional banking services to the con sumer and businessman at a reasonable price. “What’s happening now is verv much in line with the growth of banking in this coun try. In our early years, the banking system made pay ment possible through the use of coin and paper money, but these were too limiting for an expanding nation. In particu lar, they did not offer a safe means of transferring monies over long distances to pay for goods from other parts of the country. w__ “Eventually, to meet the growing needs of a growing economy, the banking indus try developed the checking service — which is payment without the actual use of cur rency by the consumer. The use of checks, offering a grea ter degree of safety than cash, has grown dramatically over the years, until today 90 per cent of all transactions (by I — dollar volume) in this country are paid by check. “In the late '60s, the banking industry made another step forward, for the consumer in particular, with the introduc tion of credit cards. --"TROPIC PET SHOP 10 GAL. STARTER SETS INC.: OdolloD gloM tank - pump - film, . dtorcojl - tubing . want - food - gravol . book - rftlcr •• $8.95 f THUR8.-FRI. ONLY^ Ataortrd plalit >•.10 for 1.00 Velrrl Sword*.2 for 1.00 Marblr Angel*. .1.00 ea. Brick Sword*.3 for 1.00 All aallwaler fiah and African Cichlida 25% OFF regardleaa ^Amount of Purchase ^ f MON.-TUES. ONLY 'l GOLDFISH SPECIALS Cornel*.IS- e* Faalail*.49- ea. Med- Black Moor*.75' ea. 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