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The Charlotte post. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1918-????, May 02, 1985, Image 1

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YOU* BIST AOVIRTISINO MIDI a ■N THI LUCBATIVI •LACK MARKIT CALL 374-0494 Price: 40 Cents ■ k « * * * * 1 Story On Page 10A ^ * Nettle w.. 2 Is Woman's X 1 Day Speaker * < * Story On Page 4A An Editorial First Step To Better Black America! Special To The Post The problems (social, political economic) of Black America today are not due to what Whit* • America has or has not done to or for hs. It is due to what we have not done for ourselves. Since the first Black Americans we have allowed our selves to be controlled, manipulat ed, and pitted against each other. This is a simple truth. Everything from what we could eat, where we could live, our education, or the lack of It and the Jobs we could have have been controlled by White America. We as a race and our leadership have always placed the blame for ' our plight on White America. This must stop. We must take the blame. We must accept our past, for with out knowledge and understanding of our yesterday we have no hope for tomorrow. Today, we are a little over 11 percent of the greatest nation on earth. However, there is nothing of value that we control 11 percent of. What is 11 percent of this great nation that we are a part of? With over $80 billion in deposits, Bank of America, for years the nation’s largest banking house, handles less than 11 percent of the nation's banking. General Motors is less than 11 percent of Corporate America. Prudential Insurance handles less than 11 percent of the nation’^ insurance and it is the na tion’s largest insurance company. This nation s largest retail store, Sears, is less than 11 percent of that enterprise. Can Black America own a Sears, Bank of America, or a Prudential, or a General Motors? I think so, but no one is going to give them to us. Yet, as a people we must control the equivalents of those resources and more to become a part of the American dream. AND WE MUST! I say to you, today. Black America is a woman, thirty, and a virgin. She is more than ready to bring forth a new and better Black America, but where is the man that she will take to her breast? That man, who will share her morning sickness, her nine months of preg nancy, and most of all her mo merits of bringing forth the next generation? That man is BLACK UNITY. My People. BLACK UNITY is the first step to a better Black America. Unity and Leadership, leadership that will understand the masses of Black America, from secretary to housewife, doctor or lawyer, laborer or craftsman, and even the junkie and the prostitute. Leadership that commands the re spect of the total Black community, Protestants, Muslims, Catholics, Jew and Atheist alike. At 18 when I read the headline, “Separate But Equal Schools Un constitutional," I felt that a great day had arrived for Black Ame rica. Today, White America is still fighting that law. The equal edu cation we were supposed to get never came about, but the blame is not White Americans. The war on poverty that was to change the slums, was fought, lost, and ended in the slums. However, that war as all wars left its refu gees, the mass of Black America. We were better off before the war than today. From Brown vs. The Board of Education, to the 20th anniversary of the March on Washington, I have seen Black organizations come and go. I have seen the leadership change in those that have endured. I have not seen one of them accom plish the things they stand for. NAACP stands for National Asso Sharon Jennings ."Miss J. C. Smith” Jennings’ Ambition Is To Become A Physician HyrayiFS&ofijr PMt Staff Writer This week’s beauty, Sharon Jennings, is Miss Johnson C. Smith University. She was voted into this position, out of five contestants, by 8»e University’s student body. Next year. Sharon adll reign over all home-coming activities and act as Official hostess for the college. The 20-year-old young lady will also be a senior next year finishing up her B.8.-degree in biology. Her ambition is to become a physician specializing in geriatrics. ' I choose geriatrics because I want to help elderly people,” explains Sharon, "ft la my way on, telling them I appreciate whaf, they've done for Ms." \ Sharon says elderly people she’s come in contact with in her life have - always made impressions on her.; "They take the time to listen. And, when they teU me about their life, Aaw they ware brought up, I’m (as dnated by the differences,” she (Mates. A native of Upper Marlboro, ' Maryland, one reason Sharon chose to attend J.C.3.U. was to be near her' Hrandrnwh5ii M*ri* ,?***' who s A i v! liMBBEitaMai i* ' A man who la always looking for a helplnr^hand can always finct our itt^hnrf ti hit nrm “her at least OflCe a month," Sharon assures. About life at Smith, Sharon tells, "I was shy when I first came here but I’m more open now." During her yean at college, she has become involved in many college activities such as SOS, the college’s science club; 8CA, the Student Christian Association and MBRS, a Smith research program. Sharon also Joined the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. "I’m the first in my family to Join a sorority,’’ she notes. “It’s exciting,” she says of 'the organization. “I have no sisters in my family so through the sorority I was taught a lot about sister love. I see many advantages to Joining. It’s very interesting.’’ Other activities Sharon enjoys are singing, piano, traveling and listening to music She lovt* to sing rttythm and blues music probably thegreatsof RAB. "I enjoy listening to Phyllis Hyman. Pea bo Bryson, Luther Vandross and Dionne Warwick',” she points out. “I mainly sing secular music for myself but I also sing with the church choir back home.” As for her desire to travel, Sharon admits she’s hoping to Journey on a cruise to the Ivory Coast as a graduation present next year. >Vv* - A. She says she is "friendly, energetic and soft-spoken.” "Yet I can be aggressive when it concerns something I really lilt and I know I have to ran interjects Herzen t** L Via Eastern Airlines Ghurchworker Of The Year Top Prize Will Include 4 Expense Paid Trips By Loretta Manago Post Staff Writer Back in November when the wea ther was cold and dreary, Hattie Harris, The Charlotte Post’s 1984 ' Church woman of the Year," board' ed an Eastern flight, flew to Flo rida and once she reached its sunny coast she, along with her sister, Beulah Isom, became passengers on the Emerald SS and toured the isles of the Bahamas and Nassau, where the temperature was a pleasant 80 degrees. According to Ms. Harris, this was a trip that she will never forget. "Everything was just wonderful, the food, the entertainment was good and.the people on the ship were very friendly. My sister and I got to meet the captain and the rest of the members of the crew." Those memories that tended to stay with Ms. Harris longer were her moments in the Bahamas. “I think what I liked best were the tours in the Bahamas. It was a pleasure to see how well the people worked together. The skill they possessed in —making various arts and craflsjwps fascinating. I brought a few pieces back with me.” Ms. Harris also discovered through one of the his torical tours that a queen, who had been born in Mecklenburg County, was recognized there. Looking back at the work that was involved in her participation of the "Churchwoman of the Year" con test and the grand prize she re ceived for her efforts, Ms. Harris had only this to say: “It was well worth it." "I think It I could show anyone interested in becoming involved in The Poet's contest the pictures that I took when I went on my trip, then that would be enough to convince them to enter it-" Mrs. Estelle Davis is in complete agreement with Ms. Harris. She was the '^urchwoman of the Year" In isetdfter grand prize also was a trip to flwllahamas. / "The trip was well worth the work that it took to gel me to the top poeition. I enjoyed working in the contest because I personally-, feel that it was for a good cause:' 1I had also always wanted to go to the Bahamas, but had nevet done ao." ■ Mrs. Davis > three grand king far, but tat she would is, it was like -ed most was lavish hotel it being away .did m* a world of good” W Mrs. Davie aald that if she had to tell them that it’al and then there's a t, district Eastern Airlines, that not only will the winner of the Pert’s contest be to king e flight to Florida and e cruise to the Bahamas for three * ■ ■ ■ ■ »■*■ ■■ «■ 1 Estelle Davis .Trip well worth work I- —_I Hattie Harris .Pictures would convince ^ -r " ' •ales manager nights and idur days, but the win ner's paalor and a companion will also br&ntitled to fly anywhere in the 106 citiee that Eastern flies in the United States. / This generous commitment from Eastern AtrfHies represents the third year of participation of the airlines in this contest. According to Bennett. "Participating In The Past’s six-week coolest gives us an opportunity to do something in a significant way of community ser vice and it allows us to reach i segment of the population that we '’ may not be able to reach other wise. the church and blacks.’’ 7$ As spokesperson (or the company, . Bennett emphasised Eastern's com mitment to community service. "I feel that Eastern is more commit ’ tad to serving than the other air lines Wa are active in the United Way. Chamber of Commerce, the Visitors and Business Bureau, as . well ns other projects." Although Bennett stressed that it is basically left up to local Utah agement as to bow to fulfill that commitment of service, he feM that working with The Charlotte Poet and WPEG, two excellent mediums in this endeavor, is a flood way of fulfilling that commitment. Sabrina Johnson .CWOY coordinator In this year's contest, there will be more changes than the number of trips given away. Sabrina Johnson, marketing and promotions man ager. related that the "Church woman of the Year" contest has been changed to "Churchworker of the Year." "Basically, the change will be an experiment to open up the contest to men as well as youth who may wadt to be involved. It May be that there will only he woman involved in the contest, but at least others will have the opportunity to enter,” com mented Ms. Johnsor^; r .* * As first time coordinator of this contest, Ms. Johnson has high anticipations that tWU will be one of the better years of the contest. “What I'm looking for Is success Wa hope to have 90 to 25 churches actively Involved in the contest, as well as those churches that have supported us on a lass visible basis," uttered Ms. Johnson. A goal of 3,000 new and renewed subscriptions has been set by the marketing and promotions coordina tor as the desired mark to reach by the end of the contest And from each subscription sals, 23 will be going beck to the church, which Is an See CHURCHWORKER On Rage BA ciation tor the Advancement of Colored People. With few excep tions, the NAACP has not advanced Black America. Essentially, over the past 50 years our advance has been to the rear. CORE, or Congress of Racial Equality There is no racial equality in this country. Maybe legally, but not socially, politically, or econo mically. PUSH, People United To Save Humanity. Humanity is all of man kind. Black. Brown, Red, White, and Yellow. PUSH has not saved Black America How could it hope to save humanity? So, today we live without that advancement, that equality, and our leadership is a farce. As for hu manity, what we need is each other Why do we lack these things in Black America? Is it due to a lack of desire, or inability? I think not Some will say it is due to our lack of money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today Black Ameri ca handles approximately $150 bill ion annually, but we only handle it briefly. We must change this UNITY WILL CHANGE THIS! I have spoken derogatorily about the NAACP, CORE, and PUSH, but I do so without malice, only with truth. Where is that advancement mai me n a Alt' Has been promis ing us for almost 100 years? CORE. We will have racial equali ty only when Black America puts Black America to work Those who think this can’t be accomplished, I say, are men and women of little vision It is the only way that every Black who wants employment can have it, and I am not so naive as to think that every Black wants un employment. PUSH. It is notUNITY'sambition to save humanity, only to move Black America into the mainstream of American life Black America’s millions must become a part of the American dream. When I say it is not UNITY’S ambition to save humanity. I am not saying that I am against humanity. I am saying that I am for Black America If UNITY tries to save humanity, we would end up doing nothing for Black America Whai.artt-lhe dreams, aspirations, desires, and hungers of UNITY? In a few words: A better Black America, but that dream, that aspiration, that desire and that hunger for a better Black America must manifest itself, it must show itself, IT WILLI To insure a better Black America UNITY will see to it that Black youth get a sound and practical educa tion However, Black youth must also be taught about the lack of knowledge of their parentage, thus giving them a better understanding of their today UNITY will show Black America how we can put ourselves to work. -Mow we can change the face of our neighborhoods across the country, and the many ways we can shape and control our own destiny There are no membership cards in UNITY There are no weekly or .monthly or annual dues UNITY will not ask for marches or demonstra tions, so how do you become a part of UNITY? I must say the price is great, a great deal to ask, more than many Blacks will be willing to pay The price is your dreams, for a better Black America. Your desire for a better Black America. Your aspirations and your hunger for a better Black America I know that t ask a lot. However, if you will give me your aspirations for a better Black America, a year from now UNITY will manifest, itself on the streets of Black America. }f you will give me your desires UNITY will give you a better and safer neigh-' * borhood If you will give UNITY your dreams and huager for a better Black America when the Black generation that enters school this year graduates, I promise you that their education will be second to none. UNITY’S next letter will go Into more deUd If you like what's in this letter please peso it along. . > v UNITY • H. TYannMH

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