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The Charlotte post. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1918-????, May 27, 1993, Image 13

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Charlotte $oat ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Section THURSDAY May 27.1993 Black Hopes To Promote : Photo/Calvin Ferguson Vincent Black pauses in lEront of Ovens Auditorium, thinking about future events. By Winfred B. Cross THE CHARLXDTTE POST Vincent Black has dreams of filling every major venue In Charlotte with black en tertainers. Getting Janet Jackson In the Charlotte Coliseum would be the ful fillment of that dream. It probably will not happen this summer, but don't count Black out. He hopes to have Aces Entertainment Group — a proposed entertainment conglomerate — up and run ning before the summer's over. According to Black, Aces will be a company that spe cializes In artist promotion, development and manage ment. "Because I have contacts with Columbia Records and Pendulum Records, I decided to start off with artist repre sentation and management," said the 24-year old. "Actually, a friend of mine Is at Pendulum so that shouldn't be much of a prob lem. Right now I'm working with an r&b, hip-hop and funk male vocal group called Cornin' Correct. We're In the studio now and something should be happening soon." Once fully staffed. Black plans to divide Aces Into three groups — entertain ment, enterprise and Invest ment. Any persons Interest ed In the entertainment field can join. The entertainment branch will handle artist manage ment, development and con cert promotions. The enterprise branch will handle public relations and will allow members to Invest In Aces projects. The Investment group will provide funding for Aces pro jects. Those who join Aces will get a handbook that spells out the programs In greater detail, a membership card and access to a hotline to keep them abreast of the company's activities. But bringing major artists to Charlotte Is Black's ulti mate goal. "I've been In contact with Creative Entertainment In LJ^ to see how well the Jack- son tour Is coming along. I call them once every few weeks to follow-up on how It's coming," Black said. Even If I can't bring Janet to this area, she'll get here. But there Is no major promoter In the area to get black acts here." Black's comments ring true. There were no major black acts scheduled to come through Charlotte until the aimouncement of the Pepsi Summer Fest July 15 at the Charlotte Coliseum and Pea- bo Biyson at Ovens July 11. Black created Aces In 1989 as Aces Entertainment. He was looking to buy a night club. But his efforts changed once he started researching the entertainment field. "I did a lot of research, about three years' worth. I contacted the people I wanted to talk to directly. I talked to company presidents, vice presidents or directors In stead of talking to someone who didn't know what they were talking about or what I wanted. Black has talked to people from Sony Music, Columbia House Music Club, Black Ra dio Elxclusive, Pollstar (a na tional concert hotline) and NationsBank. How does a 1991 UNC Charlotte psychol ogy graduate get the atten tion of the presidents of such companies? See PERSISTENCE On Page SB Off TU 51..If Editor's note: For the next several weeks this column wUl feature book reviews from area elementary students. This week's reviews were done by students from Tryon HiUs Ele mentary School. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory By RoaldDahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Is about a boy who lives with his mother, fa ther, and four grandparents. They were poor people and couldn't afford much, but one day Mr. Willie Wonka from the Chocolate Factory was giving five tickets to those who found them. The people who found them could go to the chocolate factory for a whole day and get a lifetime's worth of chocolate. Charlie was the only one who listened at the factory and Mr. Willie Won ka gave him the factory when he passed on. I liked the book because It had a lot of suspense and adven ture. The author has a good Imagination. I recommend this book for kids all over. Rowan By Rabin McKinley Rowan is about a girl who wants a dog, but she doesn't know what kind of dog she wants. The dog she gets Is a whippet and she Is finally happy. I read this book to a 2- year-old and she liked it because the pictures were pretty and because It was about dcgs and she likes dogs. Kelly Harkey 6th grade ******************************** The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, ByC.S.Leivis The book I read was the "Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe." It's about this magic war drobe & these kids called Lucy, Eklmund, Peter & Su san. They get In the war drobe and find out there's a magical land called Nar nia inside where they meet a fawn and a beaver. They also meet Aslan, the king of Namla. They free Namla from the curse of the witch. It's a wonderful story. So If you're looking for a way to escape to a magic land read "The Uon, the Witch & the War drobe." Jaml Paden 6th grade ******************************** See OFF THE SHELF On Page SB The Movie Column By Winfred B. Cross ‘Menace II Society" • ☆ 1/2 Stars; Tyrin Turner, Larenez Tate and Jada Pinkett reduced by Allen and Albert Hughes ated R: Strong Violence, Profanity A Korean store owner tries to hurry two blacks out of his store for no other reason than because they are black. One of the young men be comes Irate and starts to argue with the store owner, while his partner drinks a 40 ounce In the background. Shots ring out and the store owner lies dead. His widow goes berserk and starts screaming. The youth takes her In the back, grabs the video tape that would prove his guilt, then shoots her several times. If that sounds like an ac count of something that's happened In the news recent ly, It probably is. However. Oie description serves as the opening to the new film "Menace II Society," a wick edly violent slice of life from New Line Cinema that opens Friday. The film Is masterfully di rected by 20-year-old twin brothers Allen and Albert Hughes. The Hughes brothers set out to show how hard It Is to be black and grow up In America, especially in the Watts section of South Cen tral Los Angeles. They get their point across with end less strings of profanity, fist- flghts by the dozens and gun battles that would put the gun fights in "Posse" to shame. The story centers around Caine, portrayed by Tyrin Caine (Turner) shows Anthony (Doster) how to hold a gun in scene from "Menace n Society." Turner (Klckdrum In Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" video). He has just graduated from high school and reached his 18th birthday, two achievements that most black men don't make to South Central LA. His father Tat (the always wonderful Samuel L. Jackson) is a vi cious drug dealer who's killed In a deal gone bad. His mother Is a junMe who ODs. That turn of events sends him to live with his grand parents. They are a loving pair (Arnold Johnson and Marilyn Coleman)^ but are growing tired of Caine's diso bedient and disruptive be havior. Caine's grandfather Is also annoyed with his friendship with O-Dog (La- renz Tate), the trigger man In the liquor store murder. Caine's only real family Is Pernell (Glenn Plummer) who Is serving a life sentence with no parole. Pemell gives Caine his first taste of liquor and teaches him how to hold a gun, for which Caine is grateful. So, Caine decides to take care of Pemell's girl friend Ronnie ("A Different World's" Jada Pinkett) and her cute six-year-old son An thony (Jullian Roy Doster) while Pemell sweats It out In jail. That is the most meaning ful thing Caine does In the film. After his cousin Is shot by gang members, O-Dog con vinces him to seek vengence by blowing away the guilty parties. After the brutal hit, Caine becomes useless, sell ing drugs, stealing cars and killing without fear. His character Is outdone only by O-Dog. described as "young, black and don't give a f—k." O-Dog is ruthless, killing at will with no re morse. His greatest thrill is watching the video tape that can convict him of the store owner's death. O-Dog's only redeeming quality is that he a true friend to Caine. But that friendship Is destruc tive, Influencing Caine to be come a true hoodlum. Although most will com pare this film to John Sin gleton's magnificent "Boyz N' The Hood," a better compari son would be to Ernest Dick- See BOENACB On Page 3B 1 I u —. - ^ — - ■ ' • 6B TEST DRIVE 2B

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