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The Charlotte post. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1918-????, September 28, 2006, Image 2

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2A ©#0 NEWS/iElie CMtte $0iEi2 Thursday, September 28, 2006 High schools’ challenge: Student achievement Continued from page 1A their students through End of Course testing. The recon stituted schools showed improvement for the 2005- 2006 academic year, but none reached the 50-percent mark. “We’re not educating the kids well, and we’re not doing what we need to do,” said Gorman. “We have to begin doing something dif ferent. What will improve the scores at these schools is more effective teaching... and leadership.’’ Gorman explained on a national level, reconstitution usually means taking 10 teachm^ who are strug^ing at school A and moving them to school B, and School C...etc. However, that is not how this plan will work. ‘We can not simply move under performing employees from one site to another,” explained Gorman. “All that does is move an existing problem from one school to another. We have poorly per- fonning students at all of our schools...we have to make sure we provide them with what is best.” Gorman’s plan will mea sure principal and teacher effectiveness using estab lished standards already employed ' by CMS. Principals, teachers and sup port staff who perform at a high performance level wOl be eligible for a merit-based salary supplemental bonus for next year. Principals, teachers and support staff who do meet the standards wiU be given action plans that lay out spe cific areas of improvement. If they do not improve after working on the Action Plan this year, they will be consid ered for dismissal. ‘Please understand this is just one component,” said Gorman. “Students play a role, they must be held accountable. Parents must be held accountable. (But) I can’t control the student piece or the parent piece. I have some control over the staff piece.” The plan will be imple mented immediately with initial observations of teach ers and staff through Oct. 20. By Oct. 31, individual growth and action plans will be com pleted for anyone needing improvement. Before the winter break, principals will complete a second obseiva- tion, and mid-year appraisals will be completed by the end of January In May and June, CMS will complete the non-renewal and dismissal process. In addition, CMS mandat ed aU four hi^ schools must reach 55 percent on EOC composite scores by the end of this year and 60 percent by the end of next year. The state m.i.nimum is 60 percent; Judge Howard Manning, who • is overseeing the Leandro case for -funding low-wealth schools and threatened to shut down struggling CMS campuses, wants 55 percent. “I don’t want a situation where Judge Manning is telling US how to run our schools,” said Gorman. “We need to get above that bar.” The principals of each hi^ school were in attendance at a media briefing on Wednesday West Charlotte’s John Modest acknowledged the need for change. “We have that challenge,” he said. “We have ei^ty per cent of our students on fiiee and reduced lunch; student Modest population about 95 percent African-American. I know those students can learn I have extremely hi^ expecta tions, and itis my job to help provide the % ^ ^yP® envi- k _ ronment to prepare them for the next level. Am I afraid of the challenge? No.” Each principal is aware that their job is tied directly to student achievement. Yet, Gorman also realizes the fail ure of his plan could mean the end of his job. “It’s my expectation that the board won’t continue to have me as Superintendent if we are not successful with this,” said Gorman. “This is not a flexible tar get,” said Gorman.- ‘We can’t afford to wait. Ifwe don’t act now more than 3,700 stu dents wiU be in jeopardy of not being able to pass the state tests this year.” The reconstitution plan is only the first part of his reform initiatives. ‘We are looking at perfor mance-based pay and differ- beyond these four schools, entiated pay expanded well This is the first step.” . Come on in. Xhe rates are great. /t iijenme of health Mrts here. % Fight sparks CMS security upgrade By Erica Singleton FOR THE CHARLOTTE POST Chari otte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Peter (Jorman said stronger safety measures are being put in place at schools, but they can’t do it alone. ‘We must have help Sum the community” said Gorman, who urged parents to be more involved, espe cially with middle- and high school students. ‘You need to know who your child is [hanging out] are they Green. Also, more CMS staff wiU be employed at games, espe cially in the parking lots, to help idaitify those students that have been banned from Schools will communicate with parents regarding restricted studaits. “The policy to ban students fiom games is not new, but it has not been enforced as strong as it could be,” Green said. Banned students who are caught at games face the possibility of expulsion or trespassing charges. “Fourteen-year-olds should feel safe going to a footbaU game,” said Gorman. “Students can govern their own behavior. These kids are old enough to be fi:ee-think- ing and make positive deci sions.” • Urgent Care • School/Sport Physical • Sports Injury • Allergy Test • Minor Trauma • In-House Lab/X-Ray * Immunization (* Andrew Ighade, MD FAAP BOAltD CERTIFIED rtidny 0;00iim-'5:00t>ni • S.>turi|jv9.00am-l:00pn> CAi 1 NOW FOR APPOINTMf NT'S SSi'lO Wt’5.1 Atuiwoocl H(l. Suite UlO Cbiutottfi. NC ?82T3 WWW miclcaroliiuipwl.i'oni (704) 58a-Q2.T2 nhone (704) 588-044.‘i t.i>! Se HeiMn Gspohul AM MAIOR INSURANCES ACC.EWD - V^AIK INS WFlCOMt Girlfi 1 1^! i \Gdaway Green with... where going...why are they going there... and know what your child is bringing to school.” He added that in addition to the incident at East Mecklenburg High School last week, there has been an increase of weapons, Mke knives and Airsoft pistols being brought to school. “This has to stop,” said (Jorman. “These are not toys. Help us keep your children and our schools safe.” Chief Operating Officer Maurice Green and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Deputy Chief of Police Dave Stevens discussed ongoing and new security measures, as well as the status of the football incident. ‘We have made one arrest for an assault of the two men,” said Stevens. “However, we are not pre pared at this time to give out the name. “This is an on going investigation... we are seeking one other suspect.” Stevens added that police have reason to believe this was a gang related incident. ‘We are very concerned about safety at schools, par ticularly at East Mecklenburg,” Green said. He outlined that while some security plans and actions wiU go into effect immediately others may be put into place after further evaluations of current prac tices. Between 14-25 police officers wffl continue to be present at games. Beginning this Friday, all students attending Derita Alternative School due to behavioral and disciplinary problems will not be allowed into any games. Also, stu dents who “display gang style behaviors,” will be put on social restrictions, ban ning them fiom attending The ulTimate trip for tfre ultimate circle of friends. Pack your bags and go In style with the Girlfriends L.A. Getaway. Enter for your ohanoe to win o trip to glamorous Los Angeles, California, Plus sensational sights, shopping and spa treatment for you and three of your best girlsl -ferfttke to •k come and get your love'" Slltel wireless o my circle — call anyone on any network for free. Visit for details. “Gcdng to athletic events is a privilege, not a right,” said Alitsl Rtttli Swes 1 O Thw> Rsliil Storas Now Opsn Sundsy. atari oH« iSMQallatiaeiva ttM&3244SE Q aaRdPimenaite tidEHatiiBIvtl mnwsi Rea i/lllage llncolmDn liE24Prtiriijancan 0 1429 E Mae SI. 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