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North Carolina Newspapers

Washington daily news. (Washington, N.C.) 1909-current, December 03, 1909, Last Edition, Image 2

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Norfolk & Southern Railway Company. NOTICE OF SALE! Notlco Is hereby givtn that, pursuant to &r\d It; tlie t-MvuUOlt of u certain dr>rin Of foreclosure nnd *:?le made an J hiht-jiI the 14th day Of October, by tlie Cir cult Court of the United Stmes for tlte I Eastern District of Virginia. in the c ?olldated cause of The Tru? Company of America, Complainant, against-. Nor folk Southern Railway Company, iv fPTKJnnt. and imrwnnt lo -a mtatn-Uwu t ancillary thereto, entered In the cdnsoli- 1 dated .?um between suld parties! in luc Circuit Court of the United Slates for the Eastern District of North Carolina, on the l?(h day of October. LU09. tljc un - der signed Harry K. Wolcott, Edward It. Balrd. Jr.. Thomas J Jar vis and Fiede. rick Hoff. ax Special Masters appointed by said decree* will on thn 7th DAY OF DETKMBKR. 1909 at 13 O'CLOCK NOON, offer for sale at public auction upon the premises of the Norfolk A; Southern Railway Comtsiny at the Park avenue station and i?e POT OF SAID t nv P^MV PARK and: CLAIBORNE AVENUE.v Hit AMRI.E TON WARD. IN THE CITY OF NORFOLK. STATE OF VIRGINIA. thn following wroporty. premiae.i. rights, prlVlleKef/Sjnd franchise? In and by eald decreed ol forec losure and sale directed to be soKk and therein fully and completely descried. subject to the reservations In fnlJ dccrrrs contained: All and singular the property, aatets. rights; franchises, pi I . ilexes. chosen In action and effect* of the Norfolk & Southern Railway Company (except such as aro expressly hereinafter ex cepted) Including' "All the property, real, personal or mixed, franchises, licenses and urants of the Norfolk & Southern Rullwwy Company, und Its constituent lines, and especially Its lines of railroad, rights of way. equipment and other things lined in connection -therewith, .to gsther With all the rights, privileges "jfnd franchises owned or pun?. v>ed b>"~The ? SSldt, company or it? constituent compa nies. and all property, privileges. fran chises. rights and benefits owned. ac-> dUlrcsL-JiLaaed or held by the tald '.'ora Kny. o* for it. or by or under an/ ion ict. agreement, lease. d?nl. fraud i-e. writing, or Other paper, or by any pcrmex whatsoever. 8a ir acrlb Lnu formerly of Norfolk & . &: Southern HailroaJ Com ? VS5 A main line of ral'.roaJ cxtend from Berkley. Vh-plnla, to Kdenlor. North C -iri'llttii .. 73.51 ? A main line of railroad extend ing from Olapham Junction, f Virginia, to Mnnii^v faint. 1 Vlrplnl-i. U. 14 A mam lino of rallr? ad extent!.*, In* from Mackey's Perry. v 1 North Caro'liui, to WaHdnn? - ' ton. North Carolina 13.57 A I...I . i' I'. ' Ins from Miuki'y'R Perry, Nortli Carolina. to BPl?i;.\en. North Carolina A main line of railroad extend Inc irt m Park Avenue, Nor folk. Virginia, to Virginia Benrh, Virginia 18. Pi A main of - ? :?r. .?.! rx'fii.l ing from Virginia Heich. Vir ginia. I v way 6t Capo !!? nry. ?o Norfolk. Virginia A main lir." of riinrmul extend ing f Rlf! ov> fro---. N.irth Carol!- a to l>tni-ti,\vn. N rtli Caro'.tr.i .10.36 A ma;n 1 :.i r-.-.V- m.I in. * .-! Ir.c tr?->;>. ?*xtendJng t:o:Tl North c 'Tollna. i ?> Mickey f Ferry. N. rth Caro- . Urn *.C0 .The r- -???-? .I? ?:*..?! i -anclt Un?-- ? ' ' C t : : ? 1 ? .( s i ! " VI: to Cur.-.r .irt r V!i. Ptv'slon ? ?t*n llna from North Junction. Virginia, to 5. ut.. Junction. V:rg;nj.i Division. Nort. ;A C.ty Waur \\ i>r?? ... Linen tormerLy . f K.i?-:?ch & Pamlico Sound Kadioua v Is: A *r.uin line 'i t railroad extind ln* from ir.?u :kV? N?irii?*c . ... Una. to c.'uKMW luity. N rt Carolina A main lin ? i f Mi.iro: ,i . I I'uITj ? Kmiim.g, Carolina, to Snow Hi;. > r ? t, Carolina lO.ii A main lint . r > . irood ,? rul ing rrom Washington Js rt:i Carolina, to New lie* -> .\.jrt . Carolina . & iy f, :hi.-. :> oi . f Suflft.k * iuuiiim lluil*?y, T-- i. A main Jir.e of r-i-.lrcap extend ing Sroni Suffolk virgin^ _ ?WM1 C^olina Cot ton mill TTra iu-7f eyT^Tth g ->* ? firm N#rth Crimilfta. to err.snng' of Urn- >f raUcoatl. formerly of %/rglma *ic Caro lina Coast PJlilroa.] I SO ? ? -HsckferJ Junction. North Cin -Una. to Ellmbeth City. North ' Carolina ~.'j6 URe?-nri mVrJy- . f -p.irJTT.^. UH ental Ac Western Railroad - YSJt. : A main lir.c of railroad extend ing from Newf Bern, North Carolina, to bSJUjiTO, North Carolina. Itt.SI A main l!r?* ?>f nil! mad' extend ~ ~ *tie ? rrrrrr. ? r .vTj'.i: -j. ? Nnrr^. ? Carolin.-*. to Oriental. North "f Carolina 10. 00 Llnei. former I v r f Vn-jtma <"J Car" Una ?'oa.<t P.?l)road if -'???> Vj*. ; A "".ain lino < f raltrr. i ! extend* Ins: from M ickey'n K-*rr>. North ?\irf!-n:i. to Colum bia. North Carolina w. 21.50 Lines formerly uf Atlontc A ' Nr-ftl. C'imI r.a Company. 1.61 Mor- ? City to Beaufort Nor VI i Carolina l.fl Tlte i ' i- ?fhir;bej 1.- - ? ? hold irarkace ddfi'iniMIlt tiucy; t A 'lefti-e dated S'-ptemper i#t. JPOI, firm the Atlantic A North Carolina Railroad Company to tn ?Vr A i infH h* ee ? '+n. ? Una ? Company, grnr.tlnc the right to .me for a term of ninety-one yearn and four ir.ontV.M." frOTir TTfff""flr?t dny ~rt Beptcmher. lfC4. the main line { of rallnwd. properly and fran ? crises from Coldaboro. North 1 Carolina. ?o Moreheud City [ North <*arolina AH other ri*hfn. estate, property, nrlvl UVM und franciilHes ai:<julred or h?ld li.v the Norfolk * Southern Railway C?n> t?iny under an v lease, trackage or traf fic arrniqrement with nny corpora lion. ft??o< ijtlon or perBon whatsoever. AIfo nil lln? of railroad, terminals,. extenslor.K, an<l bra nc hen, Including Hny fran. <f.rt>a and right* appertaining the^K to and all landH arrjulred for tl-e p;i^ po?e of ronatructing grtd opfratlng ItF lln^B irf railroad, and >(Jl terminal", ex tenslrnw, additions and branches, nnd nil aldlngs, ?nm-out?, brldaro*. vlaductf, cul verts. way* and rights of vc.iys. .mil lands ahd premise? whatetwver. with fho Improvements thereon or belonging or np pertaitiing to or uied or Intended to he used for the purpose of. or in connection with Its lines of railroad, their exten sions, additions and branches, and any ? myfr-TTtt- nrriiw.) (y, wh^thei rent r?r per aonal, of any name or description, con structed. purchased or otherwise, in quired hv the said Railway Com pany. and all depots, stations and depot ground* Oelnwywtr and appertaining to said rsllroaft: and all. lands and real estate provided, acquired, held, usefl.k-or deslgne.1 to be used, for depots. Htatlona and depot grounds, snd all buildings, re pair shops, ear houses, engine houses fyelghf bouses nnd other bulldlnga and ?trv.cfures whatsoever, beiongrfng Ji p psrtalninsr to or used, or designed to l>o used for or in mnnoction witn the rail road. branohe# nnd extensions, and all "~"vei beds and quarries, used or de I niAtnremnce or operate I also all the rolling stock of aaid 1. and all locomotive*, tender*, at cars, passenger cars, and all other oars. steamboats. ferry boats. tugs. every Vtn^f wft*$^\4^axur ' tools, niachtnery, rallJLamt materials and Itliinirw of what nor vr W;o.l, I lor or li* connection wild the load Its-elt ' or Its rolling stock or euuipnui.t. or ;o: , work or machine ships, or cv natr action, or. repairs of any kind, or use- -r signed for the purport of s..ld rujliiu.i. ! or the c-mpletlon. extension, . lor-Kji$nmon tiiereol . utiil also ah '..tub. | and it a I PSPrti >?**t i^v, UiiiU i.?;v ulciivili>iifliL. vrllh tUc btuKl ngr? tw | provement* IliCrtCn t betni, mik j ut?. In etth?*r Virginia -r Norfo Caroline, i or In any other Sta'.c, and nlw* alJ i \d -*uuluI"JL the (miii hlM*, right*. ?.???. i rut Immunttt-S; U^uiiira. tol'.-:, profits, benefits and udvantugcv* belonging i? ?. r appertaining to or Ho ?>r Hiviuc tioilk the said rul!rna<l with tl-.clr nances, and the maintenance und opera tion thereof, together with all and stagier the tenements. here litumeiits and "PP'irt"""'1- to the eAld lutlroad unU premises, or any part thereoC belung ' Inn or In any wise appertaining. iukI the i reversion and reversions, remainder und i e ittuknd?rM. rents. Uauca and profits thereof, and also all letters patent, unit of land and land under water, and water rights, and all leaseholds, lease*, terms | and parts of terms, tights under leuse or contract, covenants or agreement*, rights of tracking, terminal, bridge, dock and ferry rights. privilege* and franchises, licenses, permits and privileges ftom the Government of the United State* or from the States of Virginia or_NttTili. Carolina, or any other governmental jjt municipal authority, and also all the eatate, right*. e*t!e. interest p. property. possession. claim and demand whatsoever as well at law as In equity, of the said Railway Company, in and to the same anil every part und parcel thereoT. with "The ap purtenances. and also all tho books of account and vouchers kept by the said Hallway Company, relating to Maid railroad and the CTtsiiicsg thereof." ? INCLUDING THK Ft H. LOWING DK-C - SCRIBED SECUR1TIKS. "Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-three shares of the capital stock, each of the par value of 1100. of the John L Roper Lumber Company, a corporation crmieil and existing un der the law? of the Stale of Virgin^ being all of the shares of the stock of | said corporation issued and outslnnd* I lug except seven shares. Ten thousand oT the first mortgage ? Hi ii k1 11 lt fund gold boftds, each of Jiu: par value of ll.000x of thp John L. Ro-j ; per I. umber Company, constituting th? entire Issue of said hotels. secured by i mortgage to the Manhattan Trust Cotu. P any of New York City, dated May 1. J 190V N? |2,0i0.000 par value of the first gen ^cral m irtun^-e five per cent fifty-jear bonds, of the No.rl'olk & Southern Kail ' road Company. maturing July 1st. 1954. secured by mortgage to Guaranty Trust Comn.uiy of Nt w York. Trustee, dated ? November 15. 1004 i subject, however. . ^1 M r Rli-ilKi- Di-UJ'l under M, .T.Hr.terPl trust imreetnent serunng :i:i issue ?<[ }J r;.0.0(f0 par va?ue of 3-vear ?* per cent notes' hereinafter mentioned). jS:>0,OQO par value of the Suffolk Carolina Railway Company first cor. ^ottdated fifty-yias five, per ce^rt. g-Md bonds secured by a mortgage -to ln^ Trust Company of Mary land. Trustee, dated July 1. 1 oo?. ?H?! 000 par vafee First Mortgage Roruls 1 f ltalelgh A Pamlico Sound Railroad Company, secured by snort gig e or deed .<{ tiusf dated February 1904. to Knickerbocker Trust Com pany.. Trustee. _ __ _ _ ' of tv. Norfolk & s.oMhcrn llnilroal Con'.panv. seeyi-i ii ?. mortgace m ^ ilee.l of tiuj.-t dated June 2. Iv.U. to Atlantic Trust Company. Trustee. I ?.-??? l a or the Count v of Pamlico in IV Srato < f North Carolina, asreregnt !:;?? the principal sum of $"0,000. and Pond* i f the State >\t North Carolina. ,iirgr? k- iting the prlncfp- 1 sum of |S0.? 00O, subject to the lepn#lt 1 hereof with ?ho W'ichovi.t I .? i : i ii iv Trust Company. WlnjfP.a-Srb 'T. Nor: !i Carolina, to se ??ur ti e perfnrmarc of the lease from the Atlantic & North Carolina Rall r.-ad c.-.tiimny to the Atlantic. & NortJi i\i?ol'-.> flWmpanv .1 1 1 ?-.| Sept 1. 1904. I*o-i!s <>t the K-nston Lumber Com ? pan >?* first in or i gage, acgretcatlng the t "ine'.pal ?u-' i?f . f:v.0ftn and 'second i T'rf.MW broil? . crcreg.itlng the prfti clp-ii sum of ?40.000, ^hare* nf the eapiml ,*toe\t of the Kl iston Lumber Company of the par value of $-J-..r."0, Sbare* of the eapUal " stock of the N"-i k Portsmouth R? It Llr." Ra!l r ? i ' Company, of the par vn'.ue of 57 *00. "Shares of "the "capital stock of -th<* /C-hi:]?n Cumpat.y, of tiie par value of i U'.iiOO, I of the capital stock of the .hn:.ey-.\vn Kxpesition i*om)>auy. of the p.. r ralue id *<>.utn>. Forty-cSght shares of the capital sti?ck or the Stantonburg i-aad una : inp:-?kv?-ooT:t Company, Also the foj lov.jn,: shares of ateck ?jf the constituent merged companies of said Noriolk a: s-'.ithern Railway Company: Tm Ml. . I timnsaml g:ia?i-a nf T fl v C.H> i*:ii stock of the Norfolk iV: Southern I i . . 1 1 r ? ,n I Company. Sixty-. me Thousand five hundred and thirty shares or' ttic capital -tock of ? ? Virginia & Carolina coast Raiiroad Tli ret- hundred and eighty-nine ShUre* of thr cap.tai ilui'k of tJic Rul ? ?Kh flc Pamlico Suuaj K.iilruud Com pany. Seventeen hundred and sixty-five -Sl'.ar_!i or tne capital stock <ji :he At 1 ?n!ii* & North rr.-i c.-nvf.-ir. >. Ntn<>iy-T!v?' hunl-t.,1 ond forty -four >hari*s i-apliH) Hiot'k of the Suf fu! 'k A- Carolina (tall way Company. Slxty-si'Vi'ti hundred and twenty. !? '1.1. H U* Ill 1 -'--fll ? * '"if PlllTl Hco4 Oriental *? Wt-st?m Railroad ? \inipany." - "Ar.fl nn- r'i*T1r-rrrr:'Tral:- prrmyrrar-r-r mixed. Brquirf-cl hy the Receivers . vf . said Railway ("??mpatiy from i!:? tituo of their appointment, by docrecs entered in the above m<int!or lm! cauM'. Jul" I ?et. 19GS. and all property .in>l ?. :m i jdir.ic funds obtained from tin- >-aie of ci-rtinrattx of indebtedness rrniF. snm mnrrmigt'H prfin 1st.*. which at the time of the sale ni*rfiini!i-r are In the possession or urn', r the I ..ntrol of said receiver#." inclcpkd in -rut-: foreooino OKNKKAI, DESCRIPTION A It K TIM* FOLLOWING PARfF.I.S AND LOTS Hi-' I. AND. N? ?W TMK PnOI'KltTY OK Tffi: N'dCiNU.K A- >OlTHRRN RAIL WAV COMPANY. HA VINO jiKKN AC QL'IKKK l!V CONVEYANCE OH CON SOLIDATION LANDS IN NORTH CAROLINA HELD IN TRUST. "?J> Ten lots of land s!tu?te in P5tt Cf.miiy iiam^rcJ one. tlir?-e .ir.) live trr -MTer^r^n'tmb*-- <*??-; !*?. and f<?ur in tdock numb'-r two; uvo and rojr jn ? oek number three: one. th?-.... ind five In bloelc number four. ?*? I* shown ? of the Norfolk A- Southern Mnll ?v;?y <""'irn]>any by the ?Io*mI nf .1, [, W < paffv 14 2. ' I '?a ? A Irtict of Inr.d eont^lr.inj? nln' two (J) neri'H. situate "at fJreen vRh*. In Pitt County. near tlip invr sii-1 !on 'it tlie rljrht of way of tin- A I ? I ? 1 1.' C.i:oit Line Ra~TT?vfnd Company, conveyed to C. O. Haines, Trn*te?.. fur the use of the Norfolk & Southern R*i!lway <?< rnp*iny by the de?r1 of I> K. Hioj^e and others, recorded In Deed Tlonk P-?. p;.?e 334. /2> Kortj-'B^ven alternating an-1 odl numbered lots, situate In Oreen Coun ty. as is shown on the town site pint of W.ilston, conveyed to C. O Haines, istee. for the use of the Norfolk A T|\ern Hallway Company, hy <l-?ed J C. Hales. Trustee, recorded- In r>?" -I R?.ok H, paKC 40t. I3? Twenty- three alternating atid odd numbered lots. sltunte In Cr>'en Connlv an In shown on Th* town ?nt* p1;^r of W^lston, conveyed to I'. O. Tfhlne*. Trustor, for the us* of tho Norfolk, A- Southern Rallw?v Company, by deWl nf J, C. Ffales. Trustee, re corded In n^-ed llnok S3. pnRA 404 | /? M> One hundred and twenty. elqfht lots, r J t trn??* **Hi NaKh Co??ntv, as la ?nm*s nil Ihft tnwi! mllm ;.lm at HniUyv and whl^n were, eonveyed to C. O, . TLilVe?. Tr*.JStre. ? for the u?r of th? Norfolk Ar Ho?i1h#?rn Hnllwwy Tom riany, bv d^ed nf .I0*oph D. Farmer nnd his wlfp. recorded In Deed Rook US. pa ire 39* f.r(> Five lot* situate tn Stantonsburj* township. In the County of Wilson. ? um*>ered one. thr-e an 1 f}\*e 1u block twenly-flve; on? and three In block twenty-sl*. as Is shown on the town *tt tr- ptett of Btfmtonaburir. .which were conveyed to S. C. Hales, Trustee, for the us? of the Norfolk * Southern Rntlwny Company, by drml of R. M. Whitley, recorded In Peed Book 76. 157. | (?> Rl*ty-flve altemstTn* and odd TTttm'hered }mw. In ?taitton*bur* towrnhlp. County of Wilson. ?s la ?ho?. ,n on the town ?lte plat of Stan tonsburgr. conveyed to J. C. Hale* rTFu?t?e. for the un of the Norfolk * Southern Hallway Company, by the "lull jjf II. H-. Thumpnuii and hta wife, recorded In Deed Book 7*. pace 106. <J>Nlne|j'-one lots in Siantonnbuiir Tr>w ??hip. tn the County ?4-4KU*un^i? _i|iow u on the town_gUe plat of] Lvanadule, conveyed to Chart**- O. Haines, Trustee, ror the use of tho Norfolk &.? Southern Railway Company, oy the deed of 8. H. Crocker and hla wife, dated November l*th; 1907. County, as is showf -on the town #it? plirt V<*fie**boro. end which w??re conveyed to CTiaTterO. Haines. Trus tee. for thT use of the Norfolk & South ern ltalhyay Company, bv the deed of 1a I. Moore. Tru-oe*, recorded in Deed Book 161. page 451. <9) Seventy-one lota In the second township of Craven County, as la shown on the town sltt? plat of Aakln. ami u Irlcjl were conveyed to Chterlea O. Haimv&S Tr'tjtirr for the use of the Norfolk ftrSoUlhein Hallwn-- Company, by deed ot A. L. Clark and his wife, recorded in- Deed Book 161. pa ye 571. (10) Fifty lots situate in Craven and F" * ufort -ftft ? le ? f>hown oiT tli^ town alte plat of Brngaw. nnil>whlcb were conveyed to C. O. 'Haines. Trus tee. for the uae of the Norfolk i Southern Railway Company by deed of i t -Truster, and recorded In hand situate Beaufort In Carteret County. being lot numb<r 237. and the weatern half of lot No. 8. as shown on the olti town map of Beaufort, adjoin Itig the hind now or formerly owned by \V. F. Dill. Naomi Fulford. and other, conveyed to the John L. Roper .Lumber Company. Trustee, for ? the "us* of the 'Virginia and Carolina* Coast Hallroud Company by the deed of J. H. Potter and wife, recorded ?n deed book 3. page 42S. (12) A parcel of land situate at Beaufort. In Carteret County, it being the western half of lot 25S.- a* showrf on I he old town -of? ad joining1 the lan<l now or formerly pwri ed by C. P. De>' and others, conveyed to the J^hn J-. Roper 1/umber Com pary. trustee, for the use of the Vir ginia anil Carolirm Const Railroad Company by deed of M, A. Ill'.l und wife, recorded In deed book U. page 422." LANDS IN NORTH CAROLINA TIT LIS TO WHICH ARK IN THK D HI' LIN DA NT RAILWAY COMPANY. "(13) A tract of lard containing about four acres situate uhout lour teen hundred (1400) feel Bnut cr tlie Company'* brldftr across Pasquotunk River In Camden Coilnly, conveyed t.o the Norfolk & Southern Uallw'ay Com ptiny by the deed of N \V. Stevens *?nd others. reciMded In deed book Q. Q. page 310. (14) A tract of land containing about I wo und seventy-five one hun dredths.,' acres situate on the Pasquo tank River, In Cumdeii County, con veyed to t lie Kllmbeth City and Nor -?w?k ??Ha<lroTTt-t-romrtrrr-T'> tt.i- tievtU William R. L'pion and Ills wife, record ed In deed book GC.-5ST- ? (15) A tract of lard 'containing about one acre, sit-inte at fMmden Sia tlon, in Camden County, conveyed to the Kllz.ibc.jji Cfty and "Norf-'lk r iad Com'nnny by the deed o( William I. >lorris?-t te and ill* wife, recorded In dwed book till. 102. (16) A tract of land containing about ninety-nine one hundredths of an lu-re situate at Helena* in Camden' County conveyed to tlus Norfolk & Southern Hnil?oy Company Sv the .1. ...i ..f \v ... ' ; ^ w re corded In deed !>?>< of ii i containing about thirty-four en the P:m n'.iotank River. rear . iza'- t!i City In Pasquotank County, and being r .it of t I.- land corvejel lo the Norfo'k <v Southern Railroad Company by deed Of "W. <>. Temple and v.- ife. recorded In deed book f. rase 314." (1<) A tract of' laid containing twenty-" Ight acres. more *?r less, known us the '*Jethro T White tract." pit tin te H? Pasquotank I'ouuly. "e. quired hv the Suffolk ,'c Carolina Rail Company fr<>in J* hn I.. Ilinton and other.-* in pursu arri-+?i un order enter ed In u condemnation proceeding in the Superior Court the 10: h day of April, 1904. fl9) A tract of land situate at Eliz abeth City. In Pa ?>i[untank County, fronting on the Pasquotank River ahn-it two hundred and fifteen feet (SIS) v.nd extending back from the river nhnut three hundred and fifteen C'.i:.) feet Front Siree'. conveyed to the Suffolk A- Carollnn lUllurav -Corn iwr.v hv the deed ?'f M. Ii. Zimmerman lUiLLollxers, recorded In Deed Book 25, page 4t>3. < Ju) A tract of land sltfnu? at Eliza beth City, in Pasquotank County, tr??.tlrq; ? -ou Urn ?Pasnuotank Klver three hundred dOO) fnt und extend ing back from the river to Pennsyl vania- Avenue, conveyed to Elizubelh City & Norfolk Railroud Company by ?the deed of I>. U. .Boush and others, re corded In Deed lfc^ok No. 4. page 19. <21 > A tract of land contalnln gab out quintans Hlver in Perquimans County, kuuwn a* the Albertaon Harm. convey ed to tlie Norfolk A- Southern Railroad Company by the deed of M. 1-L King and his. wife, recorded In Deed Book YY. page 3i?S. (...) A lot of land situato at Kdenton in Chowan County, known its TTle Battey I.ot, runveyed to the Flliznheth City und Norfolk Railroad Company- by the deed of W. A. Moore, recorded In Deed Book Y. page lS'J. ' I Ofr*" urt4?rfdeff-9??f ?nrer??T >n the Indian Wharf property, situate at Kdenton In Chowan County. and Ulso one undivided half interest in an ad joining lot fronting on the Kdenton Bay. conveyed to the EllzubuUi' City w;-i N?e(wlk ? Hwiiwuy Company ? by the deed of Herbert 11. Page und his wife, xccord?*l U. Du?d U****k -Y. pit*** 8*4i (24) One undivided hair interest In the Indian Wharf property, and also one undivided half Inww^t In an ad joining lot. fronting on t!i?? Kdenton Hay. situate at Kdenton in Chowan County* omveved to the ftllzabet It City and Norfolk Rallroail Company by trie tlrfSl nf i; II Balle'.- ami kla wlf.- re corded in Deed Book Y. page 165. *25) The right of way one hundred (100) feet In width across the. lot lying between the lot now or formerly owned by II. H. Pti>;e on the west, and the bit now i>r formerly owned by H. A. Bond on the E.i*t. and also the right to use a wharf, both situate at Eden- 1 ton in Chowan County, eonveyed (r> the KllUbetb City and- Norfolk Railway Company by the deed of Jan ?, \V?k?I I and hia wife, recorded in Deed Book Y. page 143 ^ (26) Right of way one hundred <100) fe?t In wldlli across IIm lot numbcriid 1ST. nl Bdenton, In Chowan <*onnty. known as the "Ire Hou>re T.o',."* eon v-yed to the f:!lza,,ath v & X-irfolk Railroad Cftm^av hy tl.#- deed of If. A. Bond and his wife, recorded In Deed Book Y. r?ge 111. t> T) a tritet of land eonfn?-dng f-jtboui^foi;^ ?. t> if -." ''/"Vn the nil-,-,h.-1'" Cilv K- NojfoJk Itnllrond f''? -tny Ws' the deed of the Town (2Jt) A tract of land contanir.g about one and one-half (1^4) acrcs. Ki(uate?at Centre Hill In Chowun County, ronviycd ,lo the Suffolk fc Carolina Ral'wuy Com l^any tiy the deed of C. W, Cotield and others, reeorded In l>e?*l Book II. page .'?I. f2&) A lot of land situate at Kdenton. In Chowan County, bounded on the pout h by King Street, and lying partly on-elther sjde or the Railway Company's right of ?way. conveyer! to the Norfolk & Southern Railway Company Ly the deed of W, B. Shej*?rc! and others recorded In Deed Book K-.t. page .111. (550) A lot of la/fl situate ut Kdenton. ! In Chowan County, fronting on King i-Streot. eonveye<l to the Suffolk & Caro lina Railway Company by deed of the Kdenton Cotton Mills, recorded In 1 >eed I Book H, pige J4. (SI) A lot of land situate nt liklenton. In Chowan County, known as the "Par rlsh fyjt." lying on the southeast corner of King and Oakum Streets, conveyed to the Suffolk & Carolina Hallway Company i by flie deed of 1.. F. Zelgler and his wife. recorded In Deed Book II. page <32. I (32) A lot nf land RirtTfltft Jft Kdenton. In I Oh?mwn Omnlr. ? fiontinn <jii Hie soiilt; side of Water Street, thirty-two (*2i faft. conveyed to the Sdffolk A- C^rollns Hall way Compflhy by the dee?l of R. F. ^he shire and others, recorded In Der-d Hook H. pnge 10#. (.TJ> A lot of Innd stuate nt Kdenton. In i Chowan County, fronting prt the south 1 side of Water Street, nrd extending l.nck tn the Port Warden's line of I' dent on Bay. eonveyc*! to the Suffolk & Carolina Railway Company hy the deed of W. B. Rea *nd Ms wife, recorded- In li^ed Book II. pag^iio. A lot of land situate at Edenton. ' In CnoWan County, fronting W feet on , the South side of King Street And -atend Liag back to Qneen Anne Creek, /-on t.'fimpiy by the tWed ?f A. I*. B?wm gardner and ofhert. recorded in Deed Book H, page XB. (34) A lot of land situate at Kdenton. in I Company by the deed ot 1 lurry G. f I Mr and hU wile. recorded In Utd 1 L (s8* I L; of land situate at mtnttn, lit , Chowan TiT>umy. limiting ?.?- Water Mreet, and extending bat k to Jvt!cmc-n 1 bay. ccftxeyed i o l..c Suffolk & Curchna | JUtKvay Compity l.y t:.c dvqd of J. M. rcrO.unJfannd his wife. iccordcd Jn Deed [nrrr is/si *??.. ? : y :C3Q A.- iriiit Of "luud containing f tcrea or land. situate t\\ Cornpeakc, In ? Gates County. adjoining the Unas of U. W. J one J and others*, conveyed to tjio Suffolk A OrrottTRV" iiulir.-;iy iJtraasiny by tho (lml of <x. W- Junta and others, recorded In Deed Boole Co. page &JC; Book 41. page 573. (37) A tract of land ccntalnlng about one (1) acre, of a trtnngulur shape. ut Sunbury. In Gate* County, convcyod to the Suffolk & Carolina Railway Company by the, dec-d of ?corge J. Cos ten. and otlicm. recorded- In Deed Bcok 36, pugo 423. 4-L&J ? T?" |".nd. one panfftjn. ing ?bout throe and uve-tenlli* (3.5) acres, and the other containing about one and one- tenth (1.1) ucrea, situate nt Beck TDTtTjuncton, In Gates County, conveyed ti? the Suflolk Xl Carolina Railway Com pany by the deed of Willlnjn Splvey and hi* wife, recorded In Deed Book 62, page 307. (39) A tract tf land containing about fourteen (14) acres. situate ut Beck ford Junction. In Gate* County. conveyed to the Suffolk & Carolina Butlway Company ? by the deed of It. H. Russell and Ida wife, recorded In l>eed "Book 5i page 311. (40) A Intel of land containing ubout ten and nine-tent!)* llO.'J) acres, situate along Mockey's Creek, 1n Washington cc-.imy, convoyed to thn Norfolk & Soutliei n Itallroad Company by the deed of. the John L?. Itoper Lumber Company, recorded in Deed Hook 80, page 511, -141) A .tract of land cc n turning about ;ive (5) n< re*. yTtuaTt^ nettr Roper. TTi -Washington County, ccnveyed to- the Al bemarle & Puntepn Uall'oad Company by I the deed of the John I- Roper Lumber i Company, dated the Mih da.V of May. 1S01. (42) A tract ?. ( land containing about sixty (t?> acres. Hituutr at Spring Brancn. ? in Washington County, conveyed to the I Virginia A- Curt-Una Const Rr.ilroail Com pany by the deed of \V. i.'. Daxciunot i andiplilrt wffc, i. 'ided In Deed Uoolt 49, i paRe j (43) A tract of Ian.) containing abrut j twenty-two <28) iwn-s. situate In Leo'* Mills'. Township f w ;? .usgton County, I conveyed to t! ? Virginia & Carolina ; Coa;-t Rnllruad I'tiinpiiuy by the deed of e". it. Johnston, Sp?vinT Cornml.-ioner, re corded In Deed Boot: M. pa?fo 122. j - til) A tract o: ltr.d containing ub'Xit one hundred and sixty CtK? acies, situ ate in W'ashlncion County, along the ' south whore of Albeiunile Sou ml, near the I end <>r the pr? posci '..tide--, rttonveyed to I the "Norfolk & <?iith**rn KaJwav t om I pan;* bv the tb<d r? rue W. DTlcson. ? i e- **??>??? | 1:1 1i?w ' !?i. K >V>. IM_.. ..... <i*a \ traet 1 .nd cor, taming ubout three t::> aeres. -i: a: ? near Plymouth, ? m WaFhlrston * al? it? ti>e >horo of the Riijruoke ISiv?*r. a.JJo:v.iu~ *!??? is?s*il icf one S-mdorti' r.nd othern. conveyed ' i the \Vn?l-.lnc:"!i .v ^lyi.n utrt R'tHr'-nd ? "oni|?i?rfy by t. o t>p 1 <<f Claudia Bell, j (iuartllan. record"d In Deed Book 47. ' jmge 55. ' 1^6) A tra?t of l'.n-l tonbilning nb?>ul one and three-<> . . r 1 1 V> acrep. situate ;:t Plymouth, n Wasr.1ntr.on Count y^ partly ?n uph-il ? / i: .;;-ks f(?r ceiuu-, tic n with the Co:?:-t I *ie. I'onveywl to.-tho Washington A- T'4yn o.itli Rwlliua-l Cmn ' , - ? - i" '? 11 "v ? n 'ii'?h .. i , corded In Deed Hook ? . pare . *47) A tract of la p. I containing about ' fifty <T^') ucres. vliu.ite nt Belli. awn In ! Beaufort County. ^d.Mnint? .lands in xv >>r formerly owned ! ? H If. Block. M. J. Bullot k and otl?-?>-. .;?>???. eyed* to th?> V\i bemHile & P?n;? . ? Co:n|?r.ny by the deed of WIUv.- It Brooks, r.-r. rded 1 In De?d Book ?'<!. rape 211. ] <4S> A tisct ? ' l;..vl <?< r.tainlnr abrut 'twenty 4 lv) ui-w, situnte ;"t Kell?u?x?n. ; In t Tqr 1 formerly owue<l ay \\ . J. nud j others, rojjveyeu to the AllH-mnrb-. & I Pant ego Rnilrcad * '?unp4iiiv bv \l:e dcoU | of the John 1/ Beper ;? ?"'onipitny, recorded in Dee>! l^oo*; . r.iro . (4Si A tra?t ?<f Jol .cunt-Mnlnir about 1 twenty-two acres, situate r^t Bel'. 'invi?n, n Beaufort c.urr.ty. fr^ntins ?'n Pantego Street. r> l .10 i??:ninrj tl.e l of W J. Bullock and other*. ? nnvrve^l to the Norfolk .Vr S - ilvn Itallroad Cq*m ! nany by th?* dor?l ? f .1 'an T. Roner ? her Company, ret arded in Deed B? ok V.-. " pace P.O. plat attached ami [ c deed from David Hill lie Washington ic Ply. 'V>? a i?rip of land, (ifty < 0) fc-ct in | width, running from a cedar post tn tho | buuniiury (Jlne of ib? Town of Washing I lun. In Beaufort County, easterly to '? .'iiuvcv eU to -the VViMiilns* tli h.tilroini rumpmn , by I buries M. Hi own and lwa wife, records In Deed llook 111. pane 311. I (Si) A iruct of land containing about ! two and ODi-'iuartcr t-Vi) acres at Wash- I i itigton. in Bi-aufort County, a part of lilirt ki>nwB c iiVi-yod I to tl-.e u tilmmton ?1 Plymouth Railfoad I Company ? by the deed ? r>t t*. ? m- ? Bwtwa ? and hid wife, recorded ill Deed Book ll.i. page k~ (Si) A 'trip of land fifteen <I5) feet in width, sit tale in the Town of WmdilitK ton, in lU a. n f . ? r t County, extending aero** and being a part of lots numbered 104. 1U llli t llA p' made a part of the i Xi/nl bin wife to the mouth Railroad Company, recorded in . ; Deed Book 111. pane ?30. ^ ? A 'till' at Un<l Hi loan ilLl -ipat 4n_| 'wmtfi. h't 1r> tfn*?Vown rrf Wasn?7?^ 3 ton, t:i Bnuiort County, extending across ; nnd iK-lny a part of lota numbered M. SC. ' SS anil lut as nhown on the plat attached to and made "a part of the dee.l from W. I ?. \V-iliin;r and his wife to U)o-3J"asl. ? mfii.Mi ty nymoum k:i nnm uimmuj. recorded in Deed Book 111, page 3MJ. ' TWT? Tw-T VJJM~X> T tracts Of land sit tnrte at Washinicti n. In Beaufort County, con , veyed to the Washington & l'lyinouth ; Railroad Company by the deed of The Kugler I. umber Company, recorded fa ? Deed Hook ill, page 433, described aa fo| i lows: ( let. A let located at the southeast cor . n?r uf U ,il?r *ml ?arway Slutf.;. ? fram ing on the sruih side of Water Street one ? hundred ilCfii f??et. and extending south wardly t-i the Pamlico River, as shown , on the plat made a part of and recorded [ with tlio deed to the Railroad Company recorded is. afoienald. I 2d. A lot lying on the cast nide of the | lot hereinbefore described, adjoining the land now or formerly owned by one . George W. K.igler and others, as shown ! on a pint attached to and made a part of | tho deed, to the Railroad Company, re- | rot dud ?> a aforesaid. I (55) Three lot* of land Rituate at Waadi- | Ington, iii Heaufort County, convey* d to . I lie Norfo k Southern Railroad C?-m-J pany. by ?lie leed of W. H. Walling a>-T " ilia wife, i ????nrded in Deed Book 127, Jffige j Kit. described as follows: / i 1st. l^ot fionting on the wik side of . McNair Street about one fxahdred and -forty-eig-t i 1 48) feet ami extending h??k beiv.-.fii parallel fine* ub-.ut ? re Tuildri.7 i :iiT ffVe? nOol frETT'lt W^ .r"! the whole of lot numbered S6. 2nd. I.ot fronting; on I he eart *Me of I ; MeNnir - irot, boed< -l..? 1 ! Ptemljco Itlver. and being n port of lot numbered DS. conveyed to W R. Wal: i ins by th- deed of C. M. ltrown, record ed Dei 1 Hook SO. pupre 578. Srii. A lot of land bordering cu th? j P.-tmHeq River, tet-irrg? n pitrt- fa' loU numbered 9S nnd Jtf4, und par: of the Hands acquired bj^the sail Wtilllnfc from Jo.K-ph I". Brown, Thomas J. Shy rock and others, I (SS) Two lot's of land' situate at Wa?hlnRt.>n. In IJeaufort County, one three and one-half (3%) feet wlrle tond t one hundred and ihlrty-one (131) feet : Ion*, and the other eleven and one-half ( 1 1 ? feet wide and on? hundred and , thirty 4130) feet long, botn "extend I r.?* | through lots nOmbered f?8 and 104, as ' shown on i he plat attached to nnd made a part of the deed -from David Hill * :i'l hi* wife to the Norfolk *: Southern Railroad" Company, recorded In Deed Rook 138. page T. jri. | (ST) A tract of h?nd containing about seventy-five ( 7ft ? acres, nt Choc owlnlty. in* .Tl'-rmfort County, adjoining the laud* of John F. Bright nnd others, conveyed to the Raleigh & Pamll?n tiQUUd.H.illraad ^nmpliiny by lha rtsad or J. \Vr MayncH nnd hi* wife, recorded in r.f Book 140, page SI3. ' <55? A tract of land containing about twelve (12) acres at Chocowln . Ity. in Beuufort County, adjoining the lands now or formerly owned by J. W. Hayne*, .Tohn K. Bright and others, I <mnreyed to the Raleigh A Pamlico ! Sound R:: llroad Company by the deed , of W. M. Moore and his wife, recorded I In Dead Oook .142. page 133. ' (59) A "tract qf h\nd containing about twenty-n^? at) . icrwi at Cheewln* Ity. in Reftnfort .County.' adolnlng the lands of X. C. H^*ghe?. W. H. Patrick and others,, conveyed ^o the RaJelKh A Pamlico Sound Railroad Company by . the dead of J. Butt >nd Ma wife, rr- 1 m * I... \ about 41 6# arras sftunte In Columbia Township nt Tyrrell' County, being n part of the land known at jha a I. Has? ? ? r?w< U th? Vlr. (inia 4b OarvUna CfHu* R?U*??6 Com pany by the deed of W. C. Husaell and -other*, -recorded Is D?ed Book 64, pug? "Hollies* in Prince* Ann? County, ccslg < 1 1 ) A 1 rart pf- lnnri CdBTSimng about five ?*) acrMi 41111010 lllCuIUJii bla Townwhkp of Tyrcell Counfy, dear the Town of Columbia, conveyed to the Virginia & Carolina CojjBt Railroad Computiy. by the deed of J. .A. Swain and hie p, recorded 1n Deed Book ttftwir tW Rcrwi^luflie1 ^"c^ tenibla 'TowuaUlp of Tyrsell County. ..vur '.!iw 'ioivn of Columbia conveyed iHja-l CCon!i.a: y1 by "cf^'v. ET Combes nu J Vlis wire, recorded In Deed, |~Li^3)'TvQ!lglots'o tmct? wfmnir 1 uate In Pitt Ccunty. conveyed to IRi Nurfolk* & Southern Railway -Company by the deed -of L. I. Moore and his wife, recorded In l^eed Boole W8. page loS, and described hS. follows: 1st. Kc.t situate at Greenville, ad joining Pitt Sticet Und the right of 1 wuy ?T the KMrwny company. nrtcrn <13) yards in wFlth. and i unnlng back between parallel lines fifty-nine (&!>) yards, conveyed to 1* 1. Moore by the deed of John F. Green ana his wife, re corded Isi LHvil Book M-S, ptige 271. 2nJ. A let nltuate at Greenville, on the northearf corner of fourteenth and Pitt K' rt?. fronting ono hundred and thirty-two .(122). feet on Foatjjeenth "Street and extending back oetweqn parallel lines nbuut triree hundred ui " fifteen <S15) feet, conveyed to 1^. Moore by the tired of iSliado Gray, re corded In Deed IiooU P-8. pngo 113. 3rd. Abuut one (1) acre "of land. In On t iivlli* Cfcunly, bordering on the Old Plank R???il. one hundred and thlr~ ty-two (132) feet, and running back between parallel lines three hundred and thirty (.130) feet, copveyed to U I. Moore by tie deed of J. K. Moyo and m* wire, recorded lif Died II 00k L.-S. poa* 266. 4th. A tract of land containing nbnut one-hair < *4 ) acres In Farmvllle Township that Marlboro, adjoining tho land of R. L. Davis and others con veyed to L. 1. Moore by the deed of D ?Shfllcy Swain. recorded In Deed JJook T-S'. page 414. (G4> Two lots of land situate at Greenville, In IMjt County, r.umbeied 4 and 11, as shown on the plat of Greenvlilo Land & improvement Com-. |pany. conveyed to the Raleigh & Pam lico Sound Railroad Company by the I flood of Qacar Honker, recorded In Deed Bc-ok L-8, pa B?> 253. <C6) A Jot of land sltuuto at Green ville. In Pitt County, fronting xmo hundred and fifty (130) feet on Pitt Street, ami extending back between ! parallel lines one hundred nnd thlrty i five. (133) feet, adjoining the lot now or formerly owned by Major Polloelf. runveyed to the Raleigh & Pamlico Sound Railroad Company, by the deed -rrt~ Wm . imt Hrll >nul Ills ree^nled In I>eed Book P-s, page 140. (671 A tr:ict"*&r~uind containing two end fICty-ftve hundredths (2.5&) acres, situate at Wilson. "Iff the County , of ? Wilson, between Tarboio and Metcer Streetc, acquired by the, Raleigh fc Pamlico Sound Railroad Company from W. H. Morris In pursuance of an | order entered In a Condemnation Pro ceeding in the Superior Court on July 21. 1906. (68) A lot of land situate at Wilson. In the County of Wilson, adjoining the property now or formerly owned by between parallel lines about one hun dred and fifty (150) feet, conveyed to the Raleigh Pamlico Sound Railroad Company by the deed of R. J. Orrth tham and his wife, recorded In Deed Book 76. page 23fi. (69) A lot of lund situate at Wilson, In the County of Wilson, fronting sixty (CO) feet on Spring Street, and extending buck between parallel lines 'one hundred .and twenty-nine (129) feet. kll'JWn.aa "The Rnt House" 1.QT. conveyed to the Raleigh & l'amllco Sound Railroad Company by the deed nf W. M. Farmer, recorded In -Deed Book 76. ->age 30. (70) A lot of land situate- at Wilson, on tho Cpunty of Wilson, on the north east corner of Sprlnjc Street and South Street, fronting one hundred nnd twenty-six (12G) feet on South Street and extending back between parallel one hundred and eighty-six MSG) feet, conveyed 16 the Ralelrh & Pam lico Sound Railway Company by *.he deed of H. G. Conn.or, Commissioner, and others, and recorded' in Deed Book 46, j-fl oi1 65. ? (.1) A lot of land" situate at Eay borci, tn Pamlico County. 011 the nortn eaai -vomer of Water and Main Streets, fronting six hundred and twenty -Seven ! 1 ^ ? t ? Wt ? uu ? Water Street and two I hundred and twenty and flve-lMllhs (220.3) feel on Main Street, known .as tn? "Gin House Lot." conveyed to tho Virginia & Carolina Const Railroad Cift-.niany toy the d&cJ-of tirurge T. F.<r nell atrd his wife," rcCordeJ In Deed H"i'k 4.'. uaire (73) Tweniy-Blx lots of land situate in Wake County, as shown .on the Town Site Plat of I'agl- Rock, and conveyed to ihe Raleigh & Pamlico Found Railroad Company by the deed of Kim Ira Rhodes, reeoided In Deed Book 214. pajje 431. (73) A tract of land containing atiout rlgliti-en and " *"* *' k-eyed to the Raleigh & Pamlico idi-und Railroad Compnrty by the deed of " _l(71) A Tot of land situate at Raleigh. In Wako County. fronting one hundred and Ave (106) feet on the south Bide of Peace Street and extending hack between parallel linea one hundred (ICO) feet, conveyed to the RaTeTgH Vfc Pan Urn -Sound Railroad Ccmpiuiy bX.JLbo deed of John W. Hinsdale anil his wire, re corded In Deed Ilook 207, page 256. (73) A lot of land situate at Raleigh. In Wake County, fronting on the west slJe of North West Street one hundred and five (1C5> feet nnd extending back between parallel linfs one hundred ind forty-five (145) feet, cotivcyed to the Ra leigh & pnmiiro gfliwn nwiiium company by the deed of P. R. Holmes and his wife, recorded in Deed Book 207, page 2*7. (70) Three lots of land situate at Ra leigh In Wake County, crm-eyed tn the Norfolk & Southern Railway Company by the deed erf A. Dughl. recorded In Deed- Book 219. page 4KS. and described as follows: 1st. A lot fronting on Saunders Street fifty-two and one-half (52%) feet, and extending back between parallel lines two hundred and thirty-eight (23M feet, being part mX lot numbered 3SS, shown on Shaf fw*a Map of Raleigh. . . . -^2d. A lot bounded by a line "TJeglnnlnc at u point fifty-two and cme-lialf (fwVji feet south of the southeast corner of Saunders und Lane Streets. City of Ra leigh. runs thence fifty-two and one-half (S24j) feet southerly alonK Saunders Street, thence two hundred and thirty-five (??>) feet easterly, thence fifty-three (53? northeasterly.. - thsnco ? t?n^ and forty-one (241) feet westerly to the point of Winning. 3d. A lot bounded at a point uii Uie eaL? Street marked by an fron stake one hun dred uid five (105) feet south of the point Of intersection of the southern line of Lane "Street With the eastern inc of Saun ders Street, as shown on SliafTer's Map of Ralelffh; runs thence southerly uTons the line of Saunders Street thirty (30) feet to an Iron atnke. thence easterly two hun dred and thirty-seven (2J 7) feet to the eastern boundary of Saunders' property, thence northerly thirty (?) feet, tlienee westerly two hundred and tlilrty-flve (236) feet 10 the- point of beginning. (77) A lot of land situate at Raleigh, in Wake County, fronting one hundred and thirteen (113) feet on the west side of North West Street, extending back be tween parallel lines about two hundred and ten (210) feet, conveyed to the Ra leigh & Pamlico Sound Railroad Com pany by the deed of Mnlvlna K. Walters nnd her huxbsnd. recorded In Deed Book 2l*. page 67l\ <7S) Six lots of land situate at Raleigh, In Waka^ounty. conveyed to the Rr.letgh Kt ParrilTco Bound Railroad Company by tho deed of .I'errln Busbee nnd his wife, Pamlico S.mnd Railroad Company by ?:ie deed of .Perrln Busbee and his wife, recorded lu Deed Book 2lf. page ?. and lOl llffl St till' U.llllll.lSt of W and Semiders (7$ A lot of land "*X?Vu "TTKHTgr. T Ttf Wake County, oil ih? wf-sT sT;T<j of West Str#??t, between I/to? and North Streets, belrr^r-a ? purt of lot numbered 378, a* ?hovrn on Shaffer's Mnp of Raleigh, con veyed to the Raleigh * Pimlteo Sound Railroad Oompany by tho deed ef James ^4ooi e. recorded In Deed Book D08,- page (to) ? \ lot of land situate at Raleigh, In Wake County, fronting rn West Street ftfiy savtw (47) twit and beina ujul of lot numbered .T78, as shoVif on RrMffwri Map of Raleigh, conveyeil to the Raleigh and Putnllro Round Railroad Company by the deed -of L. C. Neal and other*, re t? n^ ib,?y ois p?g? IS? . tfl) A let of land Htoate at Tttklflr: h> wain 4is.ii.>&MHi. *y**Ti fl *ttf rrt the north side of We?t Noffh' fl?rejj "ari3 -xtendlng bark between parallel lines mv n rt 1 ] <IkIv.Iv> fUtl ? * ?? *A,?t sltuaUd at Ralelgli, In Wake jaunty, fronts on tho wtM side ot West street fifty-five (56* TWt. and ?*, Bft& ^iRSSWrBSPlSSX iSl of- Jpt numbered" M4. as shown on Shaf fer's Map of Raleigh. conveyed. to the Raleigh and Pamlico Bound Rail read Company by tbe deed of Annie Moore h^rHttX^l-tccorded In Peett Book 208. Dag, ?TPP- T*'p Joy ?f. lanJ situate at I'.a leigfi. In wake CoTmry; ? one ironing forty-seven and one-half (?7H) f?et on the west *lde ot North West Street, ex tc ndlng-tmcfc to K(?V?n& Branch." and ll\? 1 other fronting ntty-seven ?of> tatotrthe I west line of North West street. and ex tending bark to Stevens' Branch, con veyed to th^ Raleigh A Pamlico Bound I4ull roau Company by the deed of Fannie Mitchell, record ou in Deed Book ??, oage <S4) A tract of 'land oontalnlng about fifty-three hundredths (.%?) acres, situate "he "an J* "nnir "o r^ for"-*?" 'nf j"" CSdeni; Bftdley a Johnson^ and others, conveyed to the Ralegh * Pam lico Sound Railroad Company by the deed ' of Bradley 8. Johnson and his wife, re- I corded In Deed Book 208. page S71. ? <85J a 'ot ?' 'an<1 ?'tuate at Raleigh. | in Wake County, fronting on the south 1 ?JLTuck*r Street sixty-two ond^nne half (62Vi) feet, and extending back about one hundred and five (105) feet, conveyed to the Raleigh and Pamlico Bound Rail road Company by the deed of Jerry Me bano and nls wife, recorded in Deed Book 2*. page 546. . f ?? . .US Lots??' ,and ?*tugu ?*t Ra lelgh, in Wake County, being lots num bered 521^32L i= 336 as shown on Shaf fer* Map of italelgn, conVeyed~To the Raleigh & Pamlico sound Railroad Com* j ffcny by the deed of -Florence P. Tucker, recorded In l>eed Book MR. page 550. i ? 4S?V A-AoL tit lan?l illii .iu at Wnke County, on the northwest corner of I Johnnoh ana West Streets, fronting on ' Johnson Street one hundred and forty nine and one-half (149W feet, and Tun ning back about one hundred and seven- ; teen (117) feet, conveyed to the Raleigh & I Pamlico Sound Railroad Company by the'1 deed of 14. A. Bland and his wife, re corded In Deed Boole. Jtpg. page 545. (SS| A tract of land containing about nine (9) ucrcM, situate at Morehead City, in Carteret County, issueit as part of the Camp Bite for the North Carolina Na tional Guard, conveyed to the Norfolk & Bputhera Railway by the deed of Martha E. Kpton. recorded in Deed Book f. page I % (S9) A tract . of land containing about fof.Lg-elght und one-half (IsVi) acres, situate at Morehead City. In Car teret County, used as part of thn Camp Site for the North Carolina Na'tional Guard. conveyed to tho Atlantic & North Carolina Company, by the deed of Mary E. Dixon and others, recorded In o^und'jHi Heft u ran. in ? Carteret County, being iiumburol 2. In that part of the City of Beaufort known as Tledricktown, coffveycil 'to the Atlantic & North Carolina Com pany hy the deed of I.nura Whit tins ton and others, recorded In Deed Book 3, page 488. (91) Two lots of land situate at Beaufort, in Carteret County, being numbered 5 and 8, In that part of the City of Beaufort known as ITedrlck town. conveyed to the Atlantic * North Carolina Company by the deed of Prances 1. Rieger. recorded in Deed _ < 92 ) Slx^ 7and^^?Tuat<^a^ Beaufort In Carteret County. being lot numbered 97; on the Old Town Plat of the City of Beaufort, and lot- number ed 1. 8. 4. 6 and 7 on the plat of that Bart of the City of Beaufort known as edrlcktonrn, conveyed to the Atlantic & North Cnrollnn Company hy th^ deed of John- Forlow and others, recorded in Deed Book 3. page 21*. (03) Four tract? <?f land aggregating three hundred ;md fifty-six and ttrn-e eluhts fSSBS. I IHT>'? ? Hfustr in ? Be mi ? fort Township of Carteret County, as , described by (Irani No. l?.r>7t?. recorded I in Deed Book 3. ;?t?e 444; Grant No. ? 16.571, recorded In Deed B^k :i t*ig< 445: Grant No. 16.572. recorded in Deed Book 3. page 4 4 : Grant No. 16.372. re corded In Deed Book :t. rage 44*; con veyed to the At lan tie North Carolina Company by the drel of Fred I. Xler rltt. recorded in Deed Book 3. paire 449. (94) A certcip tract uf hind situate near Beaufort. In Cnrterrt Countv. containing about t-hlrty-flve (35) acres, being known as a r>nrt of-' the" buETue 1 in n k.h, conveyed to the Mow land Improvement Compunv bv ;lte - deed of John J. ltoyal und lila wife, re corded In Deed Book 2, i .tge 21-'. ?1?o) A lot or land situute at New Eein. in Craven County, fronting on ?Uii.dlry Strrrt .ZLituiv-dvL- .: ?> f, et. and extendHig buck about three Tuiffr dred (300) feet to tlrlfTith Street, con veyed to the-VtPKlnU & Carylinu Coast Railroad Company hy the deed of the ?Cumin r.ll Jt |. nrniizer t.nmhAHV. re corded-ln Deed Book 155. pace 405 *l'w? iwtj i f iun i iUjjlf al Bern. In Cragen Cour.ty, one situate on the corner of Dunn tiDd Pasteur btreet*. fronting tv.o hundred and elphleea (Ulsj feet eight (S) Inches on I'unu MriM and one hundred and fifty . (150) feet on Pasteur Street; tho other U?iiUiLU2__oM the southwest corner of j Dunn and 1 -iftcuf~~Streetir f muting on - l Dunn Street, two hundred and flft> (250) teet. and extending back Jo the right of way of the Norfolk & South * 1 'nfi t fnUU ***? ^ *tnowB ? ** * S'orfolk A^^uthern Kailr. JU i ninpdfl^ the deed of W. M. Dunn, tecoided in Deed Book 162, page 401.". r. * irr.K haii.way V ?V1'\N V. rut. 11 k m.ant ? IN AND TO THE FnLLrfWfNCJ LANDS | IN NORTH CAROLINA. HEL1> BY , VIRTUE OK THE LKAiE l'UUU THE i ATLANTIC & .NORTH CAROLINA ! RAILROAD COMPANY. DXTED ?EP- ' TEMDER 1. ISO I:" - . . I "(1) A lot of lund containing one ] iiu-Umi iiii-t r'.vt' a iin;n;..inq tWV IMP ? dred ant! forty-ono ayd n half (111.- I 241 *4 > square feet, situate at New 1 Bern In Craven County, atljolnlns the? j "lands of Claudia W.tklns mil oUitk, conveyed to tin- At'tuitlc & North Car- ! ollna Railroad Comrany by the of I C. E. Foy and liiit wife, and recorded In ? De?il Rook 134, pnge 4". (2) Two lots of land situate at N^w Be?j? lr\ Craven County, Jcnown as tho | Cutl? r Property. i>n? numbered . 22. flouting flftj* (iu) feet on South Front Strovi and extending back one hun- I drcd and seven (107) feetJ the. other | fronting <in En*t Front Ftre-M, adjoin- ; Irr-r the property pf--C4ee*e Oreeu ami j orn?-'.-3, conveyed to the Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad Company by the elerd of K H. Ctrtlor and- hle-wife^ 1 recorded In Dj?e.J> Book 144. page 44. J <tT> A lot -ot tand situate at Ne.w Rerr> in Craven County, conveyed to j rftr * ?.(.?urtir tj NoitU fnrvllrui Jtnlli umt-n Company bjr*ithe deedl~ftf "w. m punn I recorded In Deed Bool: 1,1, page "404, 1 anddvsrrlbed. a* follow#: ri"ffinnlTm in ti 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 gn i hrnrtrrl j os: I fourteen (114) feet from a stone I ar the tntvr?rr*;on - of Armors Street , *11)1 fhe Ra)lcflud.-i'ompaiiy> property" 4henc? riini.iUK in H uo.-thw enter ly di rt et ion parallel with the right of way. two hundred and aeroaty-two (272)-' parallel with tho Oil Mill Site nlnety^foar (t4) feet. I thence southeasterly aeventy-four ] (74) feet, thence rraterUr one hunflr -'! and two (101) feet to the oomer of the 1 lot of Maok Dlsoswaj , and thvnre | rlghty ( SO) feet along tlia line of the lot of Dlsosway. thence nlnety-skx (#?) feet the point of beginning. \ (4) Two lots or tfAota of land, altu- 1 ale at New Bern In Graven County, conveyed to' the Atlantic & North Car olina Coaat Railroad^ Company by the deed of L. J. Moose, recorded In Deed Book 144, page It, and deecrlbed n? follow*: 1M? tract. Beginning1 at a red ennd stone In the Helllster mnd Atmore Una H at I he east edge of the right of wny of the Atlantic ft North CarfHria RnHeoadT | Company. thence running easterly | JalSTig wwl? IIHIIMer- and Atmore line ] Ttwenty-flve (26) feet, thence southerly 1 Tar an angle of t7* V to the right from Lli25!a Holllster and AJmore lino -?*?*!>* slx f 5t) feet to the line of the property of the Atlantic ft North Carolina Rail- L roud Company, thence weatorly along | sold line to the right of way of witfd.ll Railroad- Company and with said rlgnT^ of woy to the beginning. and tree*. Beginning at a point at ,< the flrat corner of aalri lot above mm- | J? jrunnlng easterly with the first I jflj ( IS) feet, thence j ?^ve"n (ll* fe?V "thence* eeetsrly and | parallel wllh Mid HolHwter and At- i [more line 81' 1 and thence north- I v. -v. II. . LtkTi"'. ? 3 i^rnt PJoutQ 4?* tv "f >????? No- , V ia iuu tui ut me Atlantic i- North Ckiollna. P.-*| oicj 'Xhi^'iiby; iLfcjto Jviiu *0' --- , , 0 'Mt CM ^ Jtfihet- b ^Ifce oj i bau.uliry Ine o i u%m Atlanuc u North Carolina ?-.*l -4?>-4'*i?*3 lots or Uait* o f land sil^? I ito lit New DciQ, hi C.jvcn., | ?.o^veyetl At'.int'c ?*: - Npvt)'. C*r?" | liullroad Company h/ the doc<! of J. H. Hflckburn, n -.- rUe- in uwl Hook : 152. pnge 4iC. iltjcrll>f<t m follows: | The ir.?t half of let k:iovrn In the ulan of tij.s City of New Bern us Water I .Pro::* Lot 23; lot on the south aide of i Front Street, bein^ u part of Water Front Lot 23 nho.Vn on" the plan of- t'n? City of New Bern, describe I u. a from K ^n. ^Stanley unil his ^ wlfe^to In the plan^of t/i'e City of New Burn, | situute at the corner .of Hancock and | South Front Street?; Wuter Front. Lpt [ 24 on tho plan of the City ot New Bern: also lot on the south *ldo of Front Street between Hancock and S.l.ldlj Streets, udjolnlng 'property now or for inerjy owned by Dennlson on South Front 8treet, extending back to iho Channel of the Trent Itlver, bcin* Iho samo lot conveyed by Jaine* B. .Hughes to George II. Roberts, recorded In need Book 102, page 14. . (tt) A lot of land Rll'Jttto at New Bern In Craven County, convcyed to the Atlantic' and North Carolina Rnil W. Green, recorded In Ducd Book 111!, page 509, and described as fellows: On the west side of Griffith Street, begln North Carolina property at a pomr thirteen (113) feet north along said 11m wbsrs It Intersects the west lino of "th Street, running thence norther e bundrid and forty -?lx (Hfc> f?et pomt'ln tho -Una. of the property hundred and Railroad Company's QBe Hundred and Griffith Street, running thence norther ly one hundred and forty-slx iHf I to a pdmfiti tho -line, of the prj i o? J. C. Htor? l?'?n one hundred twenty-nine (129) feot six (fi| lnch?a frov^tttA west llrte of- Griffith Street. I thence^ westerly along Harrison's line i to tlie Hum of the Atlantic & North ] Carolina Railroad Company, I with the line of the Atlantic & North j Carolina Itullrutid Comjwuiy to the point of beginning.' ' ! (7) A lot of land sltuat > at New . Bern In- Craven County, conveyed to j tho Atluntlc and North Carolina RaH i rood Company by the deed of W. B. Blades. recorded in Deed Book 141, | pane 20. described as follows:' Be* iclnnlng at a point in the dividing line 1 between the Oliver Wlnson and Arcani*. ; Wlnson tot and the Coby and F. Ivea lot no Ihf wont |Ma nf Mrlffllh SI r.-et. I fifty-nine (59) feet from the Switch Track Line of tho "Atlantic ftnd North, .Carolina- Ballroud Company, running thence to said Railroad Line. tliSsnc? ! southerly fifty -one (?1) feet four (4) ' i Inches with the said Rtllrnd^Ctoi* ? pany's line to the Dixon line, -thehco ? easterly with the said line flfty-n!no | (53) feet, thence northerly and paral lel with GrlfTlth street aibont flfty-on? . feet nine Indies to the beginning, be ? Insr part of the lot known In the Di i vision of the l<ands of Thomas Jcnk , ins. us "The Triangle." _ (S) A lot of land situate at Ne?* the Atlantic fc'North Carolina Rall [ Company by (tie <leed of. N. H. Stret-t nnd hi* wife, recorded In Deed Book L-"?3. pugc 579. describe! Ob fol low* ---Beginning at -appoint near the W. \r. Oreen lot at a point south 4?" and <t<y west 73 feet from Griffith Street, running- nnnthwardb: _?3!_and 15 _ wapt forty-nine t!9> feet an<l porollfl. with Griffith Street' to ii point In tho 1 old boundary line of tlte Atlantic & "North- Carolina Railroad Company'* promrlV: ? Iht-fWe ? Willi MUld ? tiflUnflliry HneHorthweat to C. W. Orcen'B corner, thence north 4?' and 20" east six and on?? half (?tt) feet to the beginning. (9) A lot of - lalTd situate at New Bern In Craven County, conveyed to the Atlantic & North Carolin.-i 1 Company by tho deed of C. T. Hancock and his wife, recorded In Deed Book IT?3. page t Sf.' described as follows: be ginning at n point In the division line between Oliver JPInsoo ar^d Emma A. Wlnann lot nnd Coby and J. F. Ives, now L. J. Moore lof; on .the southwest side of OiifClth Street tifly-nlue (59) fet-t from tho switch track lino of- tho - Aliunde Si North Carolina. Railroad ? Company, running thence irria duuth wcstwardly direction flfty-iritu- (59) | feet to :iuld railroad line, ttieiicu Mouth ciiai flfty-ono (51) and four (4) Inchon more ur lcmi to tli.t northwoat line of I lot nwnbired 8, formerly the W. H. ^Uicplivrd line, now the C. T. Hancock Tine, thtneo tustwardly with said lino i;fiy-nliic C.ri&) feet, ihnnca nerlhwat fifty-wnu (51) feet four (4) Inches more Or low to the beginning; bclmc pw I't.ur pan ut ret bwwwb v he cording to the plan of the division of the lauds of Thomas Jerkins, deceased. (10) A - tract of hind containing about ten (10) acrea, Miluate at Kin dlon in Lenoir County, conveyed to tho Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad Company by tho deed of J. J. >Ure.t and Mj wife, r?oor.1?a? In TVed Boon it. - r*ige.2C5. described as follows; begin ning at a ritako on tho south stde of Bright Street feet from tho northeast cornrr of Mingo Cobb's lot. and run# south 3* wot <0 polos to to stako on "Tm- l)f tUo =WBp::OWBIS*^WBl>l ? | K7H* east 55 poles to a line of . right of- way of the Atlantic &. North Carollt* Railroad Company at u point at or near where the first survey trf"ttnr*Seottsirt Neck lironcn or tiie Wilmington. Weldon Rsllroad rrnai. ed aold right of way; thence along the line ef the right of way of tho Atlantic *e Korth Carolina Railroad Company to the ed*e of aajd BrtgtR Street ex tended; thence along the edge of sal J street north S7*fc* west, 2 poles to .the beginning. ' J , OJ) Four lota of land situate at Vinmwhuru tn Wayne County. tturnngrwi ? 22 9. 230. 231 and 232. as ahown on the town plan of UolJsboro. bounded oa -Iba south by Beach Stroot. on the -Went by James Street, on ' the North by Boundary Street, -on th?? east by the lots of F. I. Cox and others, conveyed to the Atlantic & North Carolina Rail road Company by the deed of Willis Hall, recorded In Deed. Book 24, page (12) A tract of land situate at Oolds boro, In Wayne County, containing About 1 acre, being lot numbered 191 and a part of low numbered 191 on the town plau , of Goldsboro, adjoining Uu?4a.of F, 1. Cox and others, conveyed JK the AiMsiitle. A NQrth Carolina Rail road Company by the deed of William Ta Dt>54?h' "recorded ,n Book 14, ** *11) Two Aots of land situate' at Goldsboro In Wayne County, being lota nuntbeied 3T mil ,1 fl> ah6wrt.CT the town, plat of Goldsboro, bounded om the south by Bettch Street, on the Bast by John Street, on the West by Centre Street; conveyed to the ? Atlantic & ortn CITOTTTTo Ralli uwrt Company br ? the deed of -Peter-Ralford, recorded Sol Dee<J Book If. "page 46. (14) A trnct ofland situate %t Golds boro in Wayne County, containing about ons and ona-half (lVfc) acres, be ing lota numbered 111, 190 and 192, a* shown on the town pkan of Ooldsboro. bounded on the east by West Center 8treet, on the south by Beach Street. ?ii the wait by lots formerly owned br Willis Hall and on the north _br 'tho property formerly owned by William Prlvett, conveyed to tbe Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad Company br the deed of F/'I. Co* and others, re corded In Deed Book 24. page 528. ? (IS) Five lota of land situate at Morehea'i City tn Carteret County, numbered 1, 9. 14, 15 and 1* In square 7. as described In the deed of R. W. Taylor and hla wife to the Attantlc & North Carolina Railroad Company dated October 1st. "1992. ? h-j ? '?? (10) Nine 'Ota of land MITuate at More head City, in Carteret County, numbered ?. 4. 5. ?. 7. 10. 11, 1 2 and 12 in Square 7. an d*aerit?td in the deed of the-wietaiiw~ Point Ijin.l Company to the Atlantic Jk North CnroMha Railroad Company. 28, IM). LANDU IN VIRGINIA HELD IN TRI'BT FOR THb_ NORFOLK * ?CUTHinX RAILWAY COMFANT, <<fcHK_ Dpy^jnANT; * ? !-ru hl" w,f?. fo' the use at /U Trapait Company. ?O AlW ef Lind sftusto at tl trtiat iw John W. ? CoutlnuMl ou Filth ) Our Job Department

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