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North Carolina Newspapers

Washington daily news. (Washington, N.C.) 1909-current, December 03, 1909, Last Edition, Image 5

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Nprfolk and South I Jern. Notice oF~?~ Sale. ? _ (Con fin tied' t>oin Becond l'?g* i ?fV' ^ ^*5?' <*_ First : That Ttrertrr lot etH*nd? Win nJa* al o ?l:jt <jii t. ?? ywnu >Me or Woodaides une at the point uuil&n ' tcpr'^muru0 "" J i c j*' j* ' *? *] 1 * ' Water Street, and running alcir th* western side of i,*> afosvsaU lun< throe hundred imlsmirt |?*t, tnttrt- o J?*8. to the Port Warden's Liao of th. Elisabeth River; and lunntiu; 'ttienr*< ftiwna the afore xa'd' i'o; Warden ? Line lltty-four feet, more o. o- uannon, and herelnafitr d? pcrlbed and running tlience northwardly V,# *a*?*rfillne of the nropem ?*n?J bT Batcbelder & co!!lns. but new . H?? owned by the said. Frank 8. Qannor """ hundred and nine fefct. more oi to Talt'a line; and running thenc t^ardiy along the lire of Talt fifty four' feet to the joint of beginning oi. Woodalde'R Lane. It being .the name property convcyed to wild Kmnk H. O ari non by. dc<?d c-f Tllton Ccnklln and wife, dnt?al April lOtli, lSOfi, and recorded In the ClerVs Office of the Cori?oratt??n 'Court of the City of Norfoli:, Virginia, In Deed Book 1?1-A.. pace l?. -Second: That certain let of land ban ning on the southern line cf Water Street, sometime* raJlid Wlda Wtiter Street, . at the ncrthe.tst Intersection of the lot formerly belonging is John T. Bowdcn's estate, and running thenc* southwardly along the line ?-f Mild prop erty to the channel of the Elizabeth River; tlience along the line of sal'* channel fifty-four feet, more or lans, enst v.ardly to the line of Woodslde'fe Wharf, tlienco aofthwardiy along t':o llaxj c; Wcodslds's property to Water Street thence .almg t!?c line of Water Street fifty-four feet, moo or ItFJ". to the .poirf of bejclnnlntt; It being the name parcel o? land conveyed to said- Frank H. Gannon pany. Incorporated, hy <zecd lintiO . April 10th, 1WS. rer< rdtd In the Clerk - I OlWco of the Corporation Court for !!:? I City cf Norfolk, Virg1u!a, m Bocv I Kl-A, page 147.- ? ' lands in vrncrn.* titles to ?Which ark in/his. laii;way CO. ! PANY : ' . (3)- A" lot of lard situate in !*orfot> County aUown as lot en.' on the plat of lite South Portsmouth Lnr.A end Improvc ment Company recorded "n l>e-:t U' oft '7?, page txl. i*n l c onveyed to Oie VI. *i?da a Caiolhw cwsif RttMrord Com pany by th1* deed. of U.U. Silvester, ?ii*y < f rtcord in t'n> Clerk' r Of??> in Dcwi Murk TO, |*ijjc 4*?1. *?*-> ' > a lot of lund ? Hii&te !u Norf.S'i: County shown as let t\v-? on th? pint of the Pourr. PorUn'?!l.i l?an-l and lm provern'-nt CCMMny. icccrded In Ds?hI Bock 172, pa?;c- is'. ?.sd cur.veyed U t Vir ginia & Carolina Coast Railroad Comra iy by deed from R. A. H*trh!?g nnd-v i?<?* duly of rccoiSl in !^e?-d Bc<.k z'7. page O? id) A tract of lxmd Vi ntr inliyr oi? ?-t lour and cUh?yptwi> ono-li indr?sItnB < '.v? ?ituiito In Norfolk County, conveyed ;o ?>tO Vlrwinl-t fm-. t Hiiilt i:i,l ? "Ornpar.y by <te?d of PaClne IL Mukua una Ct'.iera. dulj* .cf'Ttcor-l Jr. Heed IJook ?19. parjc 110. A tr^et of Imvpl'rnt? Irt NVrMlV County eighty ^ ^ >'t in*. and eighteen hu-vlri'i ? Ca i fret in U.!*.1.;':. n* n!:?vrn cn tiio n!M4iltai'b?) to an-l i . ido a part of t!iC'?lr^H foiu l.t-na H. l|?>ko!< and hu&hard to^tl.c-A'trginia & C iridlna CooRt Ualliwau recordo-1 in' Deed US. vt-- in. ' 7 ? a trect ??r Si.r,1 r.!t?a'? Jn Norfolk bounty elfihty.. (<C) i*< : 5.. width t?y ? f thousur.d three Tiunilrei find eishtyrfiv* ?13M.> f*-*-t linlen?tu. on ?5ic iiia ?sttacj>etl to and *n:ide : r- ^ t'?e Oec of Jan?e? W. 'liv.w ?. am' n-lfn to the j YliVlr.Ia & CarrtTIr;-. "T- .Tst-R.rMrqid -ft-m- -| pany. refon!c<i In l>ct\l "<ook T7?. pi r>) Two trael.i of land sHiiatc In > folk County. > n?' -.1: ty r" ) feet in -si extentllnsx from R- i-.~.hl. -on Aviim- .. t'ne wcai to tlv-j. rrc& ctjl. oi C- 1 Dnyne* on nrtjer* K:-ty.*:!?Tl |f?. foot 1*4 v*IO!> .r t. n ljr;.' C.' criitfrn Una cf 1 IJaynec j-.i or.', ry wnr ll^ to Ohio ?'rcc'< i jr?l fn f;ir i;:*.-. t..v erc?:i a? tao prejxrty ?f MpifIw'I cr tends, ? ?"Orveye 1 to t''f Norfolk ft Vlr Kin'-a Ilta.-U Itallrmd t Improvenw; Compi? r y by d?ed >?' j. 1". ii. Mtolm'.i , and' wife, recon!el Ir. li-ed n< ok lrl.l f part' ? ? "! (3) <Vrc<nln I-*. ? o.- por<-el? of landn | fliuato In Norfolk County cf?nvey?-?1 t the Norfolk. NTTSin'-.i Bench & E?u;1?ctn Ituilrted Compajiy hy the tftel cf Cfttvtcn Fcr. and wife, rrconlcd in lv M Rook 1 'JS-A. page <04. dc?cr|bed at' lol In Norfolk City 'designated an wis two. three. four. Are. and" alx tn block three. ?I ahown on the plat of WUllamaton, re corded In Map Boo* 1. pace 4S-4; con veyed to the Clieaapeake Transit Com Norfolk deal en* ted " as lota "one.^four. 'flw! and otx in block three, aa shown on the Plat m jniuMitaa recorded In Mmd Book ? pec* 4M. conv?jvl to the Chenn P??ke Transit Company bir the drod of Joaeph T. Allyn, Truatee, of record In th* s*s& sss s.?'3r1"" ci-u" (W A' lot of land situate In thf City .of Norfolk deeffMted as lot number one In -block throe, aa shown on the jrtat o* Wflllamston. recorded in Map nook t. the Qwbpewko aascribad a i follow.. **1 A stilp t,| land containing twenty ^frenu! a" "no ? .ilU|tT' t ^0' " -- vsnty Tr7.r^ ? tasT^ln^'en tending from (lie north line of wne Ui now or foimerly o.vne 1 by Pans in Qto. to * point r*?ar the Capo Henry -fclkul Hour*. as shown on ths -plat attached to tbe aforesaid deed. ?I41* . A tract of land containing nine and three -quarter Mi) acrts situate bo tween Cape lienor and Virginia Beech, to the we*t~o f the parcel de?crtOod above, the aloiaaald plat. aa_afto*m on I ?|*htjr.nii^e^nd^^^^2^)lnacrefl> Joining the lim> ? j tflliir atacrlbed^ above, and <hown <,n the afore . (22) A lot of land situate between Cape Henry and Virginia Beach In Princess Amtfr Count/. fiunitiet*d ai lot UI, as shown on the plat of "Hollies," conveyed to the -Norfolk ft Southern Railroad Coin Pen y_by ?ie desd^o f J._\V. Will cox. ^rua Vlrglnla Beach. in Prln iee/recurdad in Deed~"Book 72,"] CapeHienry *snd8 Virginia "Beach. >n ?-ru? ceaa Anne County, numbered 66. &s ahown on the plat of the "Hollies." conveyed to the Norfolk ft Southern Rnlllroad Com pany by the deed of Mary K. . Glen nun. and others, recorded in Deed Book tSJ. paae 575. (23) A lot of land situate between Cape Henry and. Virginia Beach in Pi Lpcess Anne County, numbered as lot X), as ahown on the plat of the "Hollies," con veyed , to the Norfolk ft. Southern Rail road Company toy the deed of Mary E. Holmes and others, recorded In Deed BOok, 70, page 675. (24)> A lot of land situate between CApe Henry and Virginia Beach In Princess Anne County, numbered 73, as shown on the plat of the "Hollies." conveyed to the Norfolk & Southern Railroad Company by the deed or Mary E. Holmes, recorded In Deed Book 70, page 575. (25) A, lot of land siftiaia Between Cape Henry and V.lfglnla Beach, In Princess Anne County, numbered liB, as shown on the plat of the "Hollies," conveyed to the Norfolk . & Southern ..Railroad Company by the deed of J. W. WIIIcox. Trustee, recorded In Deed Book 70. page 575. (28) A lot of land sltuato between Cape Henry and Virginia Beach in Princess Anne County, being lot numbered . as shown on the plat of the "Hollies," con veyed to the Norfolk & Southern Rall mi"i t-nmpnuy by the deed of William L. Tolt, rcctwded in Deed Book 70, page 575. (27) A'lot of tnnd situate between Cape Henry and Virginia Beach In Princess Anne County, being lot numbered 9i as shown on the plat of the "Hollies." con veyed to the N< rfclk A Southen Railroad Company by tlio deed of D. Stonnant, recorded in L>ced Book 70. page 575. (at) A lot of land situate between Cape Henry and Virginia Reach in Princess Anno County, being lot numbered B2 on the plat of the ??Hollies" conveyed to Norfolk*^ & Southern Railroad Company by the deed of Georgians C.. Bott, re corded In Deed Book 70. page 575. (?) Twelve lots or parcels of land situ ate between Cape Henry ami Virginia Beach " In Princess Anne County, num bered 38, 53, 72. Ill, 133. 131. 157, 213, 243, 241. 3G?. and 203, ssjshown on the plat of the "Hollies." acquired by the Norfolk &. Southern Rallrtad Company from J. W. WUlcox, Trustee, and others, through w uuox, trustee, ana otners, through , certain condemnation proceedings lnsll 1 luted In the County Court Of .P ' Anne County, as shown by the confirmed end accorded In Deed BooTc 70, pcee 57o. and De?d Book 75. pa go 184. C30) A tract of land containing about one-half ot an acre situate at Lynnhaven Uiiet in Pxlh^*^Aim?r L'onniy, conveyed" to the Chesapeake Transit Company b j the deed of Edward W. Jami'K and thfa wife.'- recorded In Deed Book 70, page 287. (31) A tract of land containing about fifty acres sltuato on the Chesapeake Bay between Cape Henry- and the Lynnhflven River In Princess Anne County. conVeyed to tho Chesapeake Transit Company by ; n deed of the Cape HenryPnrk & .LaM Company. Iccorded In Deed Book 70, page 215. (3i> ?-A tract of land containing about one hundred and Ave ac>? s situate on the Tforth Landing River in Princess Anne County and tho western half oCMu> ttact known as the "Munden Point Farm," eonveyed to the ?Norfolk A Virginia Beach ft Southern Ral!ro?d Company by the def-d of Alfred Skitt and his wife, recorded In Deed Book 69. pare Sff 7. (33) Four lots of land situate tn Prin ce** Anno County, numbered 1, 2. 3 arid 4. IirSnuare No. 2. ns shown on the ptnt-of Munden Pointy attached to and made a part of the deed from Alfred Skitt und his wife to B. P. Hallond, ronveyed ? to the Norfolk <ft Southern Railroad Com pany by the deed of Bernard P. Holland 1 his wife, recorded In Deed Btfok ( pa^o W7. 1 ? (J4) A lot, of land^ ?'tuate In t;>e t own or Nanacmond County, fronting Blxiy-nve (tio) 1 act on Washington Street and run ning- back la a southerly direction ono hundred und twenty-six ^12G) feet con veyed to the Suffolk & Carolina Hallway Company by tho deed of W. N. Camp | and ills wife, recorded In Deed Book 3*. < <*f In ml ?dtirntn nrar flit inN-ir.&emond CuujUy, roud ?Mcii lcidii to XOrhilk, running )*";{* hMwtrn i/ai:illfl ilM-r nnii. Uinrtred <W0) fevt, conveyed to TFlff Sbtfclk ft Carol inn HaL'wuy Company by I ho deed Of John ?? Qlmncn u_qU olhtrs. recorded In l>e?d Book 24. page ??1. {%) A tract of Innd situate new the town of Suffolk, in the County of Name rr.ond, convt*Efl to the Suffolk A Carolina Railway Company by deed of. John B. GlttTnsa and other*, recorded In Ueed Book 44 4X, described at IuIIuka: "Beginning near the line of the lot of land now or formerly owned by the Cay Manufacturing ^ ? ? merly owned by the Cay [ one hundred reeT.Yhenro"E.i?t slxty(?rf feet to the lino of the Buftulk ft Carolina Rallwcy Company's right of way. thence Tforth along the line of saw rtglrt of way, -Tour Mundred (4C0) f?t. more or less. to | the line of the Norfolk ft Western Hall way Company V- right of way. thehce ?tonjr the "tine Of -the said Norfortc ft Western Railway Company's right of way, fourteen (If) feet to the land now or formerly oVn<*l by John F. Pinner, Ihcnce along the last mentioned line to jne^snd ^now or formerly owned bj tt? i ? battM " n U twenty (330) fwt. thence East alonjr the line of the land now or formerly owned by Thomas W. Smith, thirty-nine (Si feet, thence Sqpth one hundred and fifty <1jO> feet, to the County Rood, and thence Kant alt nit the said County Roud tblrty slx (86) feet, more or leas, to the land of I tha -Qay Manufacturing Company. (77) A parrel of land containing about forty-one one-It unaTedths f.41) or an acre, adjoining the night of way of the Sea board ft Roanoke Railroad near the town of 8ufTolk In Nansemond County, con veyed to the Suffolk ft Carolina Railway Comna^y by the .Iced o t the Suffolk. veyed to the Suffolk A Carolina J Catnrmfty by the deed at the Land and Improvement Company, record ed In Deed Book 88, past 617. ? the County PH ?!?< on Nansemond hundred and twenty ? nng back from the rlj Id red and ten (?U?) ffl BUffolk Wharf proper t] .Suffolk ft Carolina Hal the deed of W. II. ad corded In TMed "Book Also all the real lngs. stations. freight houses. __ shop*, car bar-ja^ li mlnals now owned ant In the conduot situated In ??? ... BUte of " ?Jdenton. Mat' mouth. Washlnjtt^n. 'Hettferen, New ro. Kin aiiMBs li Raleigh; W llaop ftn-f OWWW#. State of North yaroUbe; ?a^M Mwttce Junction. Clap in. rn Junction. Mundetl'r foi..t, Virginia Beecn, Cape- Henry North Junction and Ba jMIle. "Kate of Virgtnla, and at other points along Its lines of railroad and at and ntar Its terminals. ~L?A?gj FROM TH? TWaClPWG I PA^rV^OI^5AM?An t ?** rapusR. ?QUIPMHNT OWNED BT THE NOR FOLK ft SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY. ' Steamers: Garrett, nickennan, Wag* an. Wag? \ a,c?{& 5 Haven Belle. mwmI itoo, ?-i:_?rv ?: "ss~it urTTmr Pamlfco. Philips, AlbeiRafle^ nm 'imfrlWvrf"! V." ft C. c! No. l. Wis., mlntgter finds J rat rr*Ucht Joachea it LOCOILOtlVM ....... 20, * -vi- 5 E~1 *r: capacity....: as S1"* ???? 2?& "P*6*"? Box cars ?M capacity 31 g?* Car* 40M capacity 3 tefrlgerator Caf 1 Furniture Cara SoM capacity n t LoconwUv. Officer?' Cars *1 I Baggage Cars b I ipsaw-;S ^ Plat Cars 80M capacity Box Car* 40 M capacity/ 1. ? , Box Cara CAM capacity S3 Sto^k Car flQM cupnc ??>?.. .... 1 aonilolu Cara 40M capacity* Gti I Electric Cara ; , ALL THE HIQHT. TITLE AND JN ITEREST OF MA in PflMPANY IN AND TO THE FOLLOWING KQUI1' MENT, HELD UNDER LEASE A3 AFORESAID: ? . . _ Locomotvwi w . Paaaen^er Equipment Cars S? i Caboose Cart"*"!"IIl"!!""""'.. 3 Log Cara .vr.-. 118 Flat Cars 18 Box Cara 1M Gondola Cara * 16 I Reference la hereby. made to the re _por> of the Special Master. > Percy S. "Stephenson, filed In the Above -men tioned cause on or about August 7, 1969, ?? containing a more detailed descrip tion of the equipment above onihner ated. , THE ^FOLLOWING DESCRIBED tic " SAIL _ ^ HEREIN AS PARTS OK THE PROP ERTY INTENDED TO BE SOLD BY THE UNDERSIGNED: NORTH CAJtOLfNA. (1) A parcel of land situate at F^rm vllle, In Pitt County, described aa fol low*: Beginning at n atake near tho jUtch running parallel with the "Y" oT~T?m~-W?rfulk ft Southern ? HmIIwvv Company, running south 64" 1C east, sev*?iy-?ev an- and six- tenths (77. t) ' poles to another s'ake neur said ditch, thcnce north 22* 60' eaat. eight (S) and two- tenth* (S.) poles to an Iron pin; .hence {truth 78* V cast, seventy-seven (77) poles to u atake, tho beginning. Being a small triangular plow of land upon which a port Ion of tho woatcrong of tho 'Snow hill'' "Y** at FarmvTlle la located, conveyed to tho Norfolk tts Southern IWillway Company by tho deed of Lenu O'Neal, recorded Jn Deed Bvjk 11-9. page 110. ... C) Two at rips of land situate fn"1 Wushifrjfton County, one Jocatod on eaeli sldo of the present right of way ?f said Railway Company and etach ten (10) feet wide, extending one thousand seven hundred and fifty (1,790) feet more or less, from the lands now or formerly owned by W. Frank Lucas on north, through and as m part of the laiTJWunv owned by the said T. L. Sat kjiown aa the Uwena Farm, to the wOT^l^jul; owned "by 1 ll. fc nil 'r L. SitterUiWHiW -Sail strips or Uuid contain eight-tenth* (.8) of nn Acre. I more or le**j and Include nil lands I Within twenty-five f*?t of the ctntor I line of the present right of wuy of lhe| Norfolk & Southern Railway Compatiy, throughout the distance th<- wild Rail way traverses tho land of tho paid T. I* Sattorthwulte. known as the Owens Farm, conveved to tho Norfolk & Southern Railway Company bv thr deed ! of T. L. Sattertinvtiltu, recorded In I Deed Book 56. page *1. , , (3) A=tot-nr-)atM situate in Chowan County, described as follows: 8- nin- I tiing at the point when* dividing line between Blades Lumber Company and j Richard Dick luteraecta the western i Alge of the Norfoilt A Southern Rail- 1 wny Company's Cotton Mill Bran h* right of way, sahl point being seven teen flhd on?-luif 117*4) f"'1' frorntlv ] center of raid C< tton Milt Brunrli track, thence aoutiiwnrdly alom; tho western edge of said right of ? iv. two I hundred and twe nty-eljjht ?22F) fecc. 1 mare or Ic8fc_t2 the line of W. it. Slup hrU: thcncc westward^- along *.iin lire (between W. B. Shcpard's an.l Rlch.iri Dick's thlrty-nlnn (39) feet to a point ! distant twenty-five (2&) feet from tr.o center line of the promvd trail: irn nectlng Iho Cotton Mill Branch rfUh the buifoiu. d Cftr?>ilnu Hallway, northwardly ?nd parallel to tin- *.i!d center line iwu huudrtd and nicr.y seven C227) and one-nail ? ( '.. : r--< v moro or less. to the dividin" lino b-i t.votn the Blades Lumber Comp.m . ur.d Rlcluird Dick's. thence t-a^iuiudl? along said dividing line eight o# i-.-j.-t.. more or less, to the point or" Ci-giiir.ii.^. convoyed to. the Norfolk K-. southern Railway Company by the deed of ard Dick andSyhls wife, rcu.'uev \t. , i)retl Bosk K-3\r.nge 581. -|.(4).A. trUCt yl 1UU'l Cfitjlulr-.t.; about mrrr anu\ sovin ? lii.-.i'p^.m..^" (4.07) acres. slturfe in ur?- :y!:ie Township, ot- Pitt CouaiX. ?'?c ? .bed a* follows: Beginning ut u pui:.t oi? the line of William Nichols whei ?- u.c cvr. "ttt Of the Itnn of sin vey -wr ttie linl*igh & Pnmliccr Sound IIu/Iwhv CooipAtty-: croaaea sail line and running thehec with the Nichols line north -21' -??j?t fifty-eight and forty-five one hun dredths (SJ.tO) feet to a pui.-;t fifty lf.#l .feet from and at right m.>su - to tho center TInt> of said survey ; (h. u-c bouth S<# 2(K we^t to h lln^ paraiWl wUh. -- nti fifty <S0> fee; frym thv '???m. r aaia survey to the line ..f Mn r anld survey, to a point on ? . ... .. a line fif t)w( 50 ) fettHWnr -and- at right onslca. loAald Ani?r Jin-.' of said survey: thl.-t a IM.V pumlK-t wartS^ and fifty (50) feet from the c? nt?r line of said survev two thousand three hun 4w4-an?l fliu?n liJlM Ictt. Ui :;te line of the land of William NlchoU, and thence with the Wllllnm Nichols line to the beginning, acqulrod from Susan Tucker and others by \lrtue of a Con demnation Proceeding instituted in the 8u Deri or Court of Pin County h?- ?k.. Kaleigu & PHUlllC'U Sdlin.1 ? R .ill Wily Company In 13?r Wid coucluied In June. 1909. 7,(S) A tract of land ffl'.uatc at Orien tal. in Pnmllco County, dc-acrlbed aa follows: Beginning on the west side- of Front Street wh-rt the aou*.h llnr of the Norfolk ft Southern Railway Com pany's property Inters' r la the western side or " said "atrpct, thence aTottg the W?tt side of Front Street ont hundred and aeventy (170) feet, more or less, to aaid low water line of Smith's Creek; thonce northwardly alom; auld low mi ter dlua_ta_ its _li?Ursectlon with tho south line or the NorroDT ? KoiItheVn Railway Company's p<oj raa*.trffTffsia t!nr , .... of boglnnlng, together with toll ripar ian *tglua.-juul_privlliigi?* ^thereto be longing; conveyed to the Norfolk ?-uthern_ Railway Company" hy tl i\ iraci oi iana situate at wniijr Cro*. In Gates County, neur ElUab.-th Clt* Branch of the fraika of the Sufi formerly owned by W. H. Stalllngs an J 1* J?9??n on aph?t attnrhod to arid ?iaa? a part or ^ IHP deed from the Sotrnern Vlnev?rd Company to the Bouraern vineyard Company to the Norfolk A Southern Railway Company, recorded In Deed Book 63. page 1. (T) A lot of land at Wendell. In W% ko County, adjoining Norfolk jk Southern Railway Company'* - station, belog a parcel or land fifty (50) fset wldo and si* hundred and fifty feet Jong, lying and being on Ihe south side of the right of 1 9?y, of the. aaid Norfolk A Southern RnHwsy Cmn peny's right of way, as shown upon the right of fty map of sold Company, of Its Raleigh Dlvfsloi^; conveyed to the Norfolk it Southern ' Rui I way Com pany by the deed of C. S*. Nowell, re corded In Det>d Book , page 1 ? r* VIRGINIA. (I) Certain parcels, lota or pieces of land,' altuate at Virginia Beach >n tho Count* uLrrl"f.-?q Aanr conveyed to (W^tftfTAlR Jl JWlHMlu UBlllAi UHU" pany by the deed, of T. D. Snvirge. Trustee. iKirufdaJ lr. Dtc.^ Tlnr>? 1?. page *10, described as follows- ? ~ 1 All tlost certain tract conslstin|r of the block beginning at the southeast corner of tho alley formerly known as the Atlantic Avenue and of South Car- : ollna Avenue, and running thence East along- the south side of South Cdrollne Avenue one hundred and fifty (1M) feat itaore or less to a point, thenoo South parallel with aaid aUev float, more or lsaL_U a point in *tho north ?r?_ or FObrteinth Street, to a pot ntf*on The oastTrrt line of ugjT mr I ne said alley; thence north Along thr J n-? -ide. of the sal-* *--- - ml i Ighiv-fTv ti tfro bag! whrrrtin v- ? ? _ Anno Hotel; >lso alltnei cer tain' X act consisting of the block be ginrTng a: the northeast corner of tho alley formerly known aa Atlantic Av. ?% nue and South Carolina Avenue, run ning thence east along tlie north *)J? ?>t South Carolina Avenue onu hundred and -lifty (150) feet, more or lean, to a point; thenceforth parallel with auli alley two hundred and thirty (ZSO) feet, more or leas, to a point; thence west parallel wllh said. South Carolina Avenue one hundred -end fifty < fWI. mow ur lea*, to the -said alley." nn<1 then tie south with the euat aide ol the said alley two hundred 'and thirty (230; feet, more orufesa to the begin ning; alio mil the, right, title und In terest both at law and In equity of the aald Princefca Anne Investment Corporation' In and to that certain tract, piece or parcel of land, lying on "? **?' "f th" nbnvt- atietHafl lota, or parcel*. Included between a line parallel* with and fifty (50) fe*t south of North Carolina Avenue, ex tended Into AUantld Ocean on the 1 north, the Atlantic Ocean on the eaat | and Fourteenth Street aa recently la!4 out by the Virginia Beach Develop ment Company, extended into Atlantic Ocean on the South, together With nil the ways, waters, water courne*. ripar ian fights, ? privileges und Appurte nances to the same Jwlonglng or In any wise appertaining: also tfll thQse cer tain two lots known as lots No. 2 and No. 4 in block No. 29 on l?hat No. 2. part of -the property of the Virginia Beach Development Company, recorded In Map Book No. 1. page 30. In the office of^thc County Clerk of 1'rlnceaa Anne County, and State of Vlrglnlu. , (8) A lot of land situated on Watci* Street In the City of Norfolk, conveyed to the Norfolk & Southern ltailwwy Company by the deed of Sarah H. P. ?pall and others, recorded In deed book . page , described as follow*; Beginning at the southwest corner o' Water Street and Woodaide Lane, and running thence south along the west ern Bide of Woodslde Lane, aeventy .two feet two lnchea. more or less, to the northern side of the property now owned by the Norfolk and .Southern Hallway Company; thence westerly alone~-the northerly, line of said prop erty fifty-four feet, more or leas, to a .poin.t_oi\ the eastern line of said prop erty; ' thence *" nohtacfly along JCTld eastern line sixty-four feet. ?lx inches, more or lc?#, to the southern line of Water Street; and thence along the southern line -of Water Street fifty four feet, more or less, easterly to the point Of brtslnnlhff. (10) GO shares Of the capital stock of the Ooldnboro Union Station Company, each of the par value of one hundred dollars and two of the bonds ??f the aald comnahy. numbered three and rive, dated on the 14th day or June. 1W9. payable on ?August Hth. 1933, wtth Interest thereon at the rate of four and one-hulf per cent, each for the principal sum of fourteen | cnouaana uoiiars. It is Intended to refer to. describe, and tncludc all properly. franchlst s, privi leges and Immunities of every kind, character or description belonging to the Norfolk & Southern Railway Cow [paoy. Its predecessors and constioent p coinpanlt lines oT lUUtoad ^anrt-tea*yd lines, whercvw the same nre Wc*te4, In cluding all the property described In tin IfWMtld decrees and In the report ol or about August 17. 1909 (to which said report and exhfblts thereto attnehed. and said decrees reference Js hereby majlo for a more particular description orotic right!*, privileges Und'frnnctn&ex 6f~ said Norfolk & Southern Hallway Company). and all property oT "every kind and description described In said report, and decrees Including all the * - Norfolk . & at the property owned by ' the- Nor Southern Railwu? Company 1907. and all pioperty a<Hivhed .by It sub ?sea^nt to the exetiutlon-of Ita sai*i First and "Refunding Mortgage, or by the aforesaid Recalvtri, '0o*v:i to and in cluding the date of sale a*J directed by said decree, whether the same b? spe cifically mentioned in the. foregoing descriptions or not. . EXCEPTING and RESERVING from the property to be sold, am and all rights of action or recoveries had therein which the Receivers heretofore appointed In the above mentioned consolidated causes. or th- railway company, may now or here after have against any Individual, part nership. firm or corporation, on account of or. arising from any Investigation wliich_maj- be ordered upon the petition of Fcgtit Rekl. iTIeu In tcud caut-c I7y~ leave of Court on the second d v.y < f October. ia?.D. The aforesaid property will 'be sold sub Ject to the lieu of any. and all i..m?, as&esMncntx .m l water reuts levied UUU assessed againat the same or agalntt any part theieof. whlc.ll uro t?r may be ?cfc&ued upon the mortgaged property and 1 premises above described as prior tn tlm lien of mtl.1 First and RefuiniUK Mortgage and .subject also to tin- io! lowtng described mortgages. pledged and Indebtedness of the- Nor foil; . Southern Railway Compaijy and Its constituent companies assumed bv it: ~T A itutaln ? inui tsage ? nwidr ? tr? ? Norfolk & Southern Railroad Company, dated June 2d. 1891. tu the Atlantic Trust. Company, Trustee, of which the .Metropoli tan Trust Company ol the City of New York Is the successor, to secure bonds maturing on May 1st, 1311. of which there are now outstanding bonds aggregating , the principal- sum of U,!""" ' Hlltlon 4*^ * ? toftl. 656.000, una lu ad 15. 0W. issued under said cipal sum of ~931&!o ... *^S^l?omp5n^'of|k^Newfa ,lu(Hn, .under the terms of the fhortgugc next hereinafter described. , 2. A certain First General Mortgage 1 aiul supplement thereto, dated Novr-mtrrr WB-j504. and Novefnber 21. UM, respect ively. made by the Norfolk & Southern Railroad Company to the Guaranty Trust Company of New Y?>rk. Tr\??tee. to an Issue of bonds maturing on the first day of July, ltd. of- which there are now outstanding In the hands of the public, bonds In the aggregate principal sum ol ^25.000, and bonds to the extent of ti'/MO. frw pieqgcq as Bounty tup tn^ piiymi-nt or the collateral trust notes of the Railway Company hereinafter mentioned. 3. A certain First Mortgage of the Suffolk A Carolina Railway Company, dated April 13. 18S6. made to John 8 <".lt tlngs and -Walter E. Brooks. Trustees, to secure bonds maturing on the flr?t day of April, 1911. of which there are out ? standing bonds aggregating the principal sum of $90,000. 4. A certain First Consolidated Mort gage made by the Suffolk & Carolina Railway Company to the International Tntet Company of Maryland. .Trustee, dated July Is*, Hro, to 'secure bond* ma turing on the first day of July, 1662., of which there are now outstanding there=" under ? bends ? ftggr^wating the ? principal ?sum of 9700.000. I. A certain First Mortgage' and Sup plemental Mortgage made by the Raleigh A Pamlico Sound Railway Company, dated February 2?th and Debember 27fn. 1904, respectively, made to the Knicker bocker Trust Company. Trustee, to se curo bonds maturing on the first day of January, 1934. of which there are now outstanding thereunder bonds aggregat rng trie piTnc.'pal sum uf ?. A certain Mortgage made by Frank 8. Gannon and wife to Hugh C. Davis. Trustee, dated April 10th 19w, to secure the principsl sum of W.OOO, maturing on AftrfllOth, 1910. ? ? 7. A certain Equipment Mortgage made by the Norfolk A Southern Railway Com. Rny, dated October 1st, 1907. to the Man ttan Trust Company as Trustee, to secure equipment mortgage bonds issued thereunder aggregating the principal sum of ?.200.000; said bonds have been pledged by said- Railway Company with the Manhattan Tmst Company as Trustee to secure certain collateral trust notes herein ne*t referred to. g. A certain Collateral- Truat Indenture made by the Norfolk ft "Southern Rail way Company to the Ifanhattan Trust Company (of tho City and State of New Ydrk), as Trustee, dated October 1. lfW7. to secure notes to be Issued thereunder not to exceed the principal sum of $2,750, 000. maturing on- tne first day of Novem t?r, heretofore filed !n the ab..., ... .. tlone.I cause on or abour-tTivTth dmce* Auavet, 1 90f, as containing a more de tailed description of the several mort- 1 gages aforttBMld. The undersigned special masters Invite bids upon all the property to be sold In one parcel and as an entfrKf. and will1 provisionally accept the Md of the highest , bidder npon tho said enttre procertv and ] report the bid so provisionally accepted to l the Court. ?l\ > J Any party lo said cause or the hof?l?y T.0-T JwnS ?P?IM by Stmry ftaW Kin iu?; WIT gel Tl I Jla ?a?y for an fcld bachelor lo !?< ?jWMow canpa ? tl. < pec la! master* {be ma of Two Hand rot i noui ;a?d Delia: * ifc&6.vQlr) in caali cr.L;* ?tHUwl ch?cK en ?i.tae national Uai.k : , 'fe.iriaj.Miuj <** u.?Lum nude or endorsed rayabnrto tnc * r^er o -..J l-K'flill OI flu lll-llJM. flu u?ar?A- Dollut*. '.UuM^ pur \aluu v ?e iuo ?cu:el uy mJ r. u:iJ i.<:uuj i>o Murtiu;.*, \s yi.a.iiv sucl? I'lJUc." -?J upon the propcuf u> Lc sw.d. The c*sh ciieuK or itcutttMt depf-ftitvd 'jy any bidder In oider to -qualify iili.i tc j!J at the sale. wil[-L-o held on a p!ci.'^< that nalU bidder will maku .good bis bid ir iccepted Ly tl.o Court. . The casli, cccurltlcs eo de posited, except these deposited by any iiM'ltr. wLme- hi'l| ahn II be l on Jil.oau!]^ n Huito rs d i?. e*1' ot\il\ tslcn of U'C ^ulo'io the bidder or bidders Item whom the1/ v.?re iMdveil. Y'.e rash. c'.m'I-s or necm-Hiea ?A dtp' s *tr t by any or-ltier or Wthlt-t-* ?>?U uiull Co prcMjiially u created, v. HI ?be returned by the special masters to the bUlder or bidders from whom they wrrt received. If such provisional acceptnnco shull theii-aitgi not be eonHmmd Uy UU: Court. \ X<> minimum price Is put upon the prop arty 10 be sold or any part thereof, the Co u : i luvlnK reserved full power and discretion to reject any bid which. 4n Us Judgment, lu Inadcuate* or subject to Just objection. In case any bidder or bidders shall fall to itiuke good bis or their bid upon Its acceptance by the Court, or shall fall after such acceptance to comply with any order of the Court rotating: to the payment thereof or the completion of the purchase, then '.he surils deposited by said purchaser or purchasers. whether rfltWI In cash or by check or represent^ by Ixfndn. shall be forfeited as a penulTy for such failure and shall be applied to the pay im?U of tha expenses of a resale and of the makins good of any deficiency or loss In case the property -ah?SI b>?-,soHl at I a lera price on any such resale, and to such other purposes as the Court may direct. The purchaser or purchasers shall, on the conArmatlDILSC the sale by the Court, thereafter make such further payment or payments In cash or otherwise on ac- | count of the purchase price as the Court | may from time to time direct. So much of the .purchase price as may not be required by the Court Jto be paid In cash may either be paid in cilnh. or the purchaser may satisfy and make good such residue of nts bid ? in whole or In part by turntnK In to bo c.incelle<4 or credited, as hereafter pro vlded . any bonds or coupons secured Ly said nrtt :.nd Refunding Mortgage payable out of the proceeds of the sa'.o upon di?r r i> .m lot, thereof; and such purchaser will he cred ited therefor on account of the purchase price with bucIi sums its would be pay able on such bonds and coui-on&_ oiib. of the purchase price If the whole amour. t of the purchase price had* been puld In cash. ? All such bonds and coupons qs may ! bo used to make any such payment shall : be surrendered to the Special Master* "and cancelled If the whole amount due thereon 1b applied upon the purchase Rrlce; but If less thnn the whole amount p so applied, then the ajnount so applied will bo stamped or written upon . siu-h bonds or coupons, which will then be returned to the holder. ? ? ????? The certlflcntes of any trust company In the. City of New York. N. Y . City of Providence, Rhode Islttnd, or City of Bos -ton, Massachusetts, Including the Trust fniiiptftijr of America, that IF~ TToTVTjr bonds tharoln , described secured by said First . and Refunding .uort ,JEUC?_ subject to the order of the party named, and transferred to The undersigned Special Masters, will be re ceived by tlio Special Masters and ac cepted in lieu of the bond^ specified In such certificate or certtflmtes as a de posit at the time r.f sale and ou-ac^ount of the 'payment of the purchase price bid. with Jltce forcc and effect as If t'.-.o I nnds therein named had been delivered to them. "* " - I The, Court reserve* tlie r!?l? t to resell the property upon such notice a* it may direct ami* at the risk anil cost of the | purchaser in cane the purchaser thereof I shall fall or omit to make nny payment ton account of any unpaid balance of the purchase price within ten day* after the entry of the order . requiring such pay. ] ment. I The purchaser or purcha*r*rs. his or their rui'i essore or nsslsns. shall not be required to we to the application of the purchase money. ? I The purchaser or purchasers at such sale, his or their successors and ustljm;, shall be required to assume ami adopt all lawful and subslsUnK contnlct:< and agreements of the Norfolk At Southern Railway Company, entered Into since the - flrst day of July, 1908. tho time of the appointment or "the receivers in the above nuntloued ctiusi.-. hut the purchaser or purchaser* ut such sale, ills or their successors and ussigns, Fhull not ho required to. a?umo and adopt any contract and nirr^eoients of said Company entered Into prior to said July 1. 1 DOS, but shall have the sight to clect whether or not to assume or- adopt the same or any tli'>reor wli!?lp tlx months after the completi-m of-said safe. The Court reserves and excepts f:om 1 *||fr of aforewild^ defcreo J ho petition tiled in the above c.uw tiy the Postal Telegraph Ciwblo Company p.n<l the answer thereto made by the Receivers 1:5 ho id cause. ? Th? pn-<- liaacr nr ourciiasers shall, nw it part of the consideration for euvif eiitJ?, and In addition tu Ujo purchase price bid take the property purchased. (1) L'pon the express .unditlon that-' the purchaser or purchasers, his -'ir their successors or will p?y for and satUt^-ai; claims and demands heretofore filed under the order of ref nrienvp lii'i etufori^TTTTpr. I' in '!.M 'L-aiinf on the 3rd day of October. lJWi, which , 1 ' " ? her(?i* ffV? ? ? said First and Refunding Mortgage and which at the time -of the sale re main unpaid. In respect to the property herein de scribed, lawfully made by the receiv ers, which said contracts shall be as sumed and performed by the pnrr.hnspr or purchasers, his or their heirs and assigns. ? (S) And upon the express condition I thut such purchaser or purchasers, his or their MUeccssors and msrJki;* Khali El r, watlHfj, anil dl?rhn. i-i mi; debtedness and obligations or liabili ties which shedl have been contracted or Incurred by the receiver* In respect thereto before the delivery of. Posses sion of the property sold. Including herein the Indebtedness of the receiv ers. evidenced by receivers' certificates heretofore issuctl under t inder en tered in said cause nn the JHh day of December, 1D0S. aggregating the prin cipal sum of fl, 000.000. | (4) And upon the further express condition that such purchaser ?r pur chasers.. his or their successors and. assigns. shall pay unit satisfy all un paid costs and expenses of said con solidated causes, and all proper ex penses attendant npnn a.ilil ante. the unpaid compensation and allowances of the Sped a 1 Masters' appointed In said Clause and all unpaid i-.t| ,.-ns-s. i rm:ri.-n sation and allowances of tho complain ant and receivers and of the soll< itorx and counsel of the complainant, tho de fendant and the receU'ers, . tooth before and after said sale. In the event that tho purchaser or Pure hasej'jk ^hl^s ^ or^ the 1 r ^ s^oe s soi s ^ or any of the before-mentioned Indebted ness and obligations, persons holding The Clalrmmherefor. upon fifteen dnys' notlce to the purchaser or purchasers or Ills or their successer* or ussigns, or such other notice as the Court may direct, may present to sold Court a pe tition to have any such claim enforced against thb property aforesaid; the purchasers .shall have th? right to ap pear and oppose such petition and the I purchasers and eny party "to such pro ceeding shall have the right to appeal from any Judgment, decree or order made thereon. The purchaser or pur chasers. his or tholr successors or as signs. shall have the right to enter their appearance in mid Court or In any other Court, and he or they shall have the right to contest any claim or de mands other than those In respect to costs jnd- aTTow^ht^s pending at tho time of the sale and then undetermined, and any claim or demand which may ohaser or purchasers, hts or their suc I ccseors or assigns, or which would bo j chargeable against the property ? pur ?chased -under -tiro provisions of said de cree, and may appeal from any decis ion relating to any snclvQlalm or de mand, other than orders and decrees In respect to costs and allowance* The Court reserves Jurisdiction for the purpose of delivering tUle and pos session of -the property sold and to protect the rights of the purchaser m determine the priorities, of claims filed Id cause and the costs andfalloiw r ?r a decree of sale. ? a more complete statement of .iWrty te be sold end the terms ? dltlone of eald decree, the i tin n-hn minirn ^ aiwaye I ftw kttegry Htwyw. I tsrii reserved thereby, ^he liens upon s?ld . property and th* rights of tho purchasv r at said -tile n>ff?rr. i -- ? > ..n >/? nir v. iitoii vuuri oi mc L':ii tc-d .St at <.'9 for the Eastern District of Virginia nt Norfolk. -Vitginln. and the decree ancillary tMrctb filed In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court" of the United States for the Eastern "District of XortlP Carollnna. and reference Is tnade to said decn and the record upon which .the same i are entered and to the reports of the special master. Percy S. Stephenson. Esq.. and inventories mnd maps filed hy 'hij P?"-..|y?ri tfl-UM leiu us ir tin- same were herein set ouT at length. - ? ? ? H Further Information na?y be obtain^*] ed by application to the undersigned. Bpeclul mrtstera. " ? ? ? * -*~t , . i Harry k. wolcott. EDWAKl) It. UAIRD, JR., THOMAS l^JARVIS, PRRPBKICK HQgr. Special -Masters. ^ deshsrp. ? ? ? STEPHENSON & TAYLOR, ABBOTT MORRIS & CO.. of Norfolk, Va.. Auctioneers. U pi ted States of America, _ Eastern District of 'Virginia, ss. : " I. Joseph I'. Brady Clerk of the United States Circuit Court .Ibr the Eastern District of Virginia. do certify tlmt the bond 1n the sum of One Hun dred Thousand 'Dollars < 1100,000.00) re quired ofv tho Special Mastem by_ the aforesaid decree of the CI re u It- Court of the United States for the Eastern Dis trict or VI r?J nla. has been dul*- given I and ?Approved- , 1 TN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I have | hereunto set my hand and afflxe.t tho sAul^-df Bald Court at Norfolk. Virginia, this 27th day of October, 1909. JOS. P. BRADY, t Clerk. By D. ARTHUR KICL.SEY. Deputy Clerk. Cleanliness is th??- law of -U'ealth, inside aK well' as outside. Lb*. "Hotttstcr1* Rocky Mowntftift Toa-W your Internal. cleanser, then your organs will be p?ro mid clean, your health rtood. your system right. Start tonight. Hardy's Drug Store. 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A few there were who re tained some religion, but they were, 1tta way, shunned. Gradually these people moved farther away from Kusalassa and the wild people took poeHusslon of their deserted fields. Then there were Skirmishes between the two parties, and once or twice a man waskllled, 6ut they thought nothing of that. The raiders were called Sabb&s, and at first disliked their app^llationr but afi time wore on (bcy.cMie to rejoice In "It *nd. out of spite, termed their ene mies Kusalassas. Now, the skirmishes became more frequent and bloody, till finally there occurred.* real battle. In which arrow and sword did suclL-good service that one-fourth of the Sabbas and one-third of the Kuaalasuas lost their lives, but the latter, though outnumbered,. won. The smell of attar and savory dl6hcs 'was everywhere to be. noticed. ? Before the Image of Ganesha, the chief deity of these people, stood a red ram awaiting the butcher's knife. The crowd of anxious spectators intently as the priest-butcher ap> proa cued, a silver-handled knife in his hand. Then the incensp arose moire . 3trongly, and there were -cries* to Gumtsha to accept the sacrifice. Suddenly from those about the linage there came two people, a man and a woman. The non^an^lu black lUlrc. h?r head covered fwith a vetl, *!unq to the cinn's arm. ' ? * The msin. carrying a! shffrjL, tsjvord made of lalas wood, stepped up to'tho priest and said in a steady voice:' "O. prieft?" " Before thou slayest Mesha, '.he ram, 1 would say that I have come hither to wed Sulangana, whom thou seest by my side. We promised three moons ago to wed after I sbuuld have blaiu a fcUbbj. ? The today ? lias brought our wishes .to ^njiifon." Then many more stepped forward, * | bearing sweet cakcs and b?ig9 of grain' . and one had a bowl of mlHc. ? ? ? * ? ' t It seemed to have been premeditat ed, for every one had something for the bride nnd groom. A feast was soon spread, the guests (. seated 'and the rr?d ram's throat slit. Tho priest caught the blood and sprin kled It upon the surface of the milk. Then two rirp straws were produced and droppec* upon the reddened liquor. Sulangana. r.nd her future husband. j named Devatanc. watched the straws 1 anxious. for If they met It signified | love till death. A shower office was j thrown over the two and attar was sprlhkled over the floor of the houso j of Ganc^fca. I Now the fatoiul moment was at I hand. The straws floated ever nearer to j each other, but they floated slowly. A i breeze from the doorauL>'_and Just as j the two straws were al>6ut to touch ' they were blown wide apart. A stifled j Aroam from Sulaegana. a groan from Do va tang, a murmur from the guests, tho blood-stained milk was still. .and the straws moved not. Sulangana sank to her kntod. Meanwhile, ihe dead bodies on the field were being gathered and placed l on pyres erected hastily with brush } wood and felled trees, while tho sil | very moon loukud i.ilmly on r'nnn ] the nauseating odor of burned flesh , !" 1 -"r " ' -1 I house of the god Ganesha and reached j the nostrils of Sulansana and Lteva . tang. ? It overpowered the odor of attar. Many people left the place with hejiyj hearts, for the aTr??* ^(Tended no 5001I. The tryea of tli^ wcoden Gane sha stared sullenly upon the two peo ple. watching intently the motionless Two auxjoua hours past-rod; tLe straws remained motionless. i Then with a shriek Sulangana faint ed. Uevatang leant against a pillar with a hand, to his head, muttering: J Oh. sulangana ! it cannot apply to ne. for my neart will ever remain tho j same! Then it ciust be ? " j He- was interrupted Jjy the entrance of a man la a yd!ow gown whose face j bore an expression of sadness. Ho 1 percetved Sirtarr^Tirni on her fare and ( raised 4ier wlUi Land. "O what do I see?" cried she, open* Ing her eyes. " Tis ibfe IUsty of whom they speak! T!s the Lord Buddhar* and she fell ut hi? feet and kissed his hands. "So soon! So soon!" shrieked Da vatang. tearing his h&lr and clutching bis dagger. "The Hlraws did not lie, then! Sulangana! What means this T Who Is this man'" - " 'I For answer she again kissed Bud dha's hands and cried "Oh s^ra mel" dne meant rur MM to save bar from the fate foretold by the ^traws, but to Devatang It had another meaning. His Jteart was burning within him and with a bound he wrfs at his wife's Bide and his talas-wood sword ~wa?~ ~ through her heart. ~ Then recognizing Gautama, he stared N from the corpse at his feet to the horrlfl?4^ pltxlnr^ eyes that warn turned upon htm. and fen forward, never to rise again, for In falling his twora bid piCT7S?-ina heU tr- KW WIT B. MACOARTEE. Be wise today; 'phone now Got a Jar ready for Croup, -in I Mt? I1III ?im'. ? I Remedy work* on ootakto awl

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