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Washington daily news. (Washington, N.C.) 1909-current, February 08, 1916, Image 1

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HIE DAILY N*WB PRIKT8 MOKE LOCAL NEWS THAN ANY OTHER PAPER IN THE STATE. WASHINGTON, N. C., TUESDAY AFTERNOON, FEBRUARY 8, 1?18. lEfMISW muion HI SEWER OIK /ERGIL SHOT AND KILL ED BY MELTON JONES IN PI LLEY'S STORE JONES ESCAPED - ' I hooting is Said 10 Have Been Result of Friendly Wrestling Bout On* of the moat cold-blooded murtKra that has occurred in Beau tort county in aome time took plaoe when Melton Jones, colored, ahot and Instantly killed Vergil 8mlth. alao colored. In the atfcre of L. R. PUley near BroaS Creek Swamp. Jones made his eacaipe Immediately after the shooting and. haa not been found. It la stated that there were aev eral men In the store and that Jones and Smith had been drinking con siderably. They started wrestling and Smith downed Jonee. "^The lat ter got up. dusted himaeir*ad a little while afterward, left Ihe store. He returned -In a few mtftutre with a ehot gun under his arm: "You done hurt me when you throwed me on the floor and I'm geing to kill you." he ia alleged to have said to Smith. Without any further words, h* brought ths gun up to his shoulder and . before the cfbrr men coultUlaterfere. he fired, riddling Smith with bullets. IXITItJn JIlAlr" ' ' IN THli PAMLICO Millions of Fry to be Placed la Thin ?ad Other Rivera by Unit** States Fish Commission. ? A great number of young shad fry will . he placed la the Pamlico river ia this section. It is stated by the North Carolina Fisheries .Commis sion. Cape Fear. Trent and Neuae rtrrra are alao to be roatooked. The United State# Government will five the fry. send a floating hatch ery. the former coast anrvey ship Fish Hawk, up the strestna for the purpoao of distributing the Uttle'flsh. The ahad industry wtll become sev eral times more Important and prof itable than now. It la predicted. "For several yeara." says State Geologist Joseph Hyde Pratt., "the varjoua sections of Eastern ^orth Carolina that were not under the Jurladlctlon of the Fleh Commission have made application to the United Btatee Bureau of Fisheries for young ehed to be placed In the rivers. Theee requests were not granted, as atated by the U. S Bureau, for the reason that the Federal OoVcrnment nought not to be expected to aaeiat a section of a State to build up a car- ' tain flahlng industry that those sec tion* were not willing to protect and conserve. Since, however, the crea tion by the General Assembly of the State Flah'rlea Commission. the U. j S. Ruresn has expressed Itself aa willing to asaiat the 8tate Commlv -'on in every way poeelble to foster end Increase* the flsh< rtee of the Stated It la presumed that the fry to be brought to the Pamlioo Will com? from the Kdenton hatchery, one of the largest In the country. BELLMQ ? *> ?4th Chapter tdiamond from thk sky Rhpert Julian star of "Jewel," In a thrilling 1 re<*| drama "A White Feather Volunteer" BIMIe Rhodes In Ncitor comedy "Circumstantial Scandal" Vleter Potel In an Imp comedy "Wh?n fc??ntr Bu'li lt>" MATIVRK IlAIM- ? P. M PRESIDENT MAY GIVE UP TAKING ANOTHER TRIP Washington* Feb. 8. ? Presi dent Wilson has about decided not to mske another "swing a round the circle" to eonvert the people for his preparedness pro gram. It was stated by men oloee to tbe^reeldent today that he had abont abandoned the Idea and would remain In Wash ington; and try to convince Con gress that his program, should I be, nut through. Of course the Preeid^K Is liable to change his mind If h* does he will visit North Carolina. MANY IN FAVOR OF ONE CENT POSTAGE * Washington, Feb. 8. ? Enthusiasm Is running high among members of Congress for a reduction in the rate of postage on local delivery letters. Since the ? holiday recess many ad- 1 d?Uonal members have ontered the fight. As a result several more bills ' have been Introduced proposing a rate of one cent on all drop letters ip one form or another. KEATING BILL IN THE SENATE Washington, Feb. 8. ? The Keat ing child labor bill regulating the hours of labor of children and pre venting the shipment In Interstate commerce of goods manufactured by children, was sent to the senatfe to. day and referred to the committee osrjpterstate commerce. tt. ts generally believe here that I the senate will pass the measure If I It Is given an opportunity to vote on] the MANY PRISONERS HELDlBY GERMANS! Berlin. Feb. 8. ? "A total of 1, 429.171 enemy soldiers to date aro pi isoners of war In Oermsny," the Overseas News Agency announoed today. This it not Inclusive of pris oners mad? by German troops -and left In Au^'ria-Hun^try !n ox dor toj shorten the transport. ARE TAKING UP THE GERMAN NOTE! Washington, Feb. 8. ? President Wilson #111 take np with his cabinet lodsy the latest draft or the propos ed communication which Germany hopee will bring negotiations over the Lusltanla disaster to a termina tion satikfactdry to the United States, j Official indication or announcement | whether the .offer of the Berlin gov ernment Is satts fsetory is expected ' soon theresfter. ? TAKE PICTURE8E OF HONOR STUDENTS, The bomber of pupils who made 90 or over for the fourth month in 6B trade was nine. The ftjpt month only one tnsde this aterage. A picture Is taken at the ond of 1 evory month of-these c;.-?tiree. ivVi*"s ed snd put in 4he room. It has sroused great Interest and there is k en rivalry existing among them. The -following bsd their pictures taken In a group for the "Hall of Fame:" Mary B. kittle, Margaret Bragaw, Sara Charles. Mary 0. Hland. Lena Hub., Bach el Ricks, Es '?ej Cherry, Ruth Martin, Msrsett" Meeklns f . ?*'V. ' f r~~ BEEFSTEAK IS MALARIA CURE few Bern Physician Gives Out Startling Discovery. Mneti In terest Is Bsin Taken. <J?)r Kanlern Pr.w) N.* Bern. ,r*b. ?.? Or. K C. , ?. #?11 known lo?l , I the I IJM6E MM IS MI 15 II his ipn REFUSES TO GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION TO THE PRESS . IS AT iiiw BERN Politicians. Claim Must Be Some Foundation For the Report (By Eastern Preea) Nrw Bern, Feb. 8. ? Much interest Is attached to Judfe Harry W. Whedbee's visit' to New Bern on ac count of the tact that he la promi nently mentioned as a candidate for Congressman Small's seat in Con grcea. The Judge 1s engaged in pre siding ov#r the term of superior court which convened here yester day. 80 far he has no statement to give out either confirming oY denying the rumor of his candidacy and some word from him regarding this re port is eagerly awaited. It la believed that there la some foundation for the rumor, for if the judge had n-o intention of entering the race, he would in all probability give out a statement to that effect. Hia alienee regarding the matter has caused several local politicians to assert that they believe he will be a L-andidate at the next congressional election. LEADERS AT MOBILE PLAN A GREAT STRIKE Seveu Hundred Thotuuuid Men Would Walk 'Out If Scheme Should Be Put Through. Mobile, Feb. 8. ? A strike of aoven hundred thousand union coal min ers and railroad employes la planned by agents of the railroad men's Union conferring with the heads of the coal mlpTs here. They want Increased wages. PEA VI* FORCES GATHER ON GREEK FRONTIER Milan, via Paris, Feb. 8. ? An Athens dispatch to the Secolo says French avlaters report continued concentration of adversary forces on the Orcek frontiers. Germed rein forcements are advancing from Ua kub to the northweat of Glevgell. freeh German regiments have arriv bd at Monastlr and Anatrlan forcss are concentrating around Tchevlk> vo. A Bulgarian division, says the fl!apatch flnal'y, has left KustendU going southward aod the tranafer of heavy artillery from Nlah to the Bul garfan frontier la confirmed. RECORDER'S COURT A Number of Com Dl*po?e?) of ar| ' Yeeterdny's K**.k? of I ho Court. A bvif aeaslon of the recorder's';* court wpa h$\d yeft Jday afternoon I at which" the following ca?e? wervj <tl*<>oied oL 7Uum Ilnuglmin, Bpoedlng; 009 U. I Dave Sermons. Aleck Gasklll, H. 1 Robertson an<J J.' H. LewJa, ln*oxl- 1 cat d; costs. fcoph'.e Sprulll and Major 8prtiill. J colored, aseault; costs. Jessie Moore and Joe ^oy. colors) ed; Intoxicated; cost*. Vandy Cleaves. colored, speeding: I costs ? :| "THK lUtOKKN COW AT. J , NKW THKATRE TONIGHT 06 Account of mleslng express ?onncct!onh. the N#w, Thaatre was Jnable to prrtent the atrial "The Broken Coin" laat night, but they bate gotten In touch with the pic ture today, ud can atate that they will certainly show same tonight. There will alao be five other reels 6f good comedy and drama. So be oer. ta!h and go tonight If yon do not wish to miss qne of the beat aerlnla ,h.< has fcyer been shown here. In the i ,THE NEW BABY. ? Marou* in N?w York Time*. FARMING WITHOUT POTASH NOT DIFFICULT PROBLEM Proper Breaking and Dialnage of Soil Are the All Im portant Details for Farmer to Look After. (By J. F. Latham) ? Wo are asked many times each day an we go about, "What are far. iners to do this year for potash?" Usually our answer is:- "Use that which the Lord madr when He made your soil." There Is In our clay soils enough potash to grow (our I hundred or more crops. Tho trou-l ble Is we have not managed our soli I as(we should. Therefore, the pot ash in our clay is not available. Prof. Massy has well said: "The farmer who has been farming right need not be alarmed about potash." Prof. Massy simply meant to say this: That if a farmer has his soil well drained and broken deep (and! any less than 8 Inches is not deep breaking) and filled with orgsnlc matter heJ^ll have available potash in his own soil without buying a1 pound of tho German product. The question is alfeo asked many times: "What has drainage, deep breaking and organic matter to do with mak ing potash in our soli available?." ft has this to do with it: In the crea- 1 Hon of things the Creator gaVe Into] the hand of nature the key to the soil, and nature has Certain fixed | law# that must be obeyed, if we would succeed* but if broken wo j must pay the penalty. The air Is on* of the pgoncles of nature that Is working for us, and when we work co-operating with nature, It always | helps us by unlocking the (formantj i?'aut food In our soils so that It '5tfclds Itself tip to the needs of ourj growing plants, and our crop* are j I abundant, otherwise it locks itself up against us and wo fall. | That we have plenty of potash fn our clay soils, we certainly know.j | That It 1* not available In suffleiettt ? usatity to make large crop yields^ [we also know; and further we know| the reason it is not available Is lts| water-eoaked condition. One law of| atwre\s that air and water will not| nf|. so, If a toil is saturated or filled - It h wster, that is to say if ita W 'd ra!*TTWI WHfMil \JH iro? fore, there oen be no breaking down vt the dortflant potash or other plant food* therein contained. Bat If a soli b* well drained, deeply broken and fills* with humus, then the air (one of nature's agents) penetrate* that soil at deep as It Is broken and helps \t> liberate tbe plant food thai is dormant or looked up therein. Lime will also help tQ liberal potash and other plant fooda In aa sold soli, or, toeaprees It dlgerently lime Will sweeten i eonr soil. Foi tasoa, lime ought to be applied our add soils that hare reaa Lims Is aot a far Is not plsnt food of Itsel ~ aot M used a ficlal effect in acting on and work ing with the elements already la the soil In making compounds and pre paring plant foods , for the growing crops. Lime alone will not correct the acid condition or liberate potash in a water soaked soil or a soil void of humus. Farming In Beaufort county In 1916 without commercial potash and how much longer we dont know. But according to Bible prophecy prob. ably 4 5 years. We are asked if there is a substitute for potash? No there Is no substitute for potash. Potash is one of the distinct, spe cific, essential plant food elements and no other elrment can perform its functions. Nitrogen and phos phorus are also distinct specific es sential plant food elements and as potash have each a certain function of their own to fill, so ordained by nature, that each In its own order shall fill its own function and they can not substitute one for the lack of the other. Lack of space prevents a more 'detailed discussion of this matter. More will be said later. ' FOUND 7 GALLONS AT N. S. STATION Police Found Large Shipment of Liquor at Railroad Station Laat Night. | The police captured wtven gallons of liquor last night at tbe Norfolk Southern at 'Ion. Moat of tbe stuff waa In half pint bottles. A negro was standing close by tbe two pack ager hat when tbe officers asked him whether he was tbe owner of th* -.iqaor, bo^rrltd any V.aow*' ? being connected wltb It. The oiQ cors then took the liquor up to po lice bead q Barters, where It Is at present. THR ODDEST 8 TORY IN THE DATS' FTKWH ' Gary, |nd., Feb. I. ? Cbarlen Ale became to Indignant wb?n a bandit triad to hold him and hla friend, Mlaa Bertha Mayors op. that he ehaaod tbe rob bar for an hour. Ha qu't tb?n bacauaa ha eouldn't run any mora. Mtaa Mayan want on borne. PRFtOH TOMORROW Bldera J. *. Craft and J. W. Wyatt asp to preooh ?t ale-re* o'clock tomorrow morning at tke j Primitive Bapilal church WOO .'[UN HB lira Hisy. Jt UB. flltu "NOBOL flARES WHAT DANIELS ' HAS TO SAY" Charlotte Man Pay? HI* Keapecta to ?? Secretary of Nary In Vigorous Term* Before the National Commerce Chamber. Washington, Feb. 8. ? The nation al council of the Chamber of Com merce of the United 8tatea met yea ferday at the New Wlllard and ap proved the program of the fourth annual meeting which began today. W. W: Watt, of Charlotte, one of the North Carolina members In at tendance, today was loudly applaud ed when ho paid his respects to Sec retary of the Navy Josephua Daniels. When it waa announced that Mr. Daniels would address tho meeting one day this week, Mr. Watt arose and told the members that he hoped the speech would be short. He aald that no one cared anything about what the secretary would say, but would like to know what he was thinking about. 11 he was thinking at all. Mr. Watt aald that Mr. Daniels a few months ago was against a big navy; he sald?we did not need one, b.ut today he la clamoring -for tho largest appropriation In the history of the government. C. OF COMMERCE MEETS TONIGHT Expected That Some Action Will Be Taken to Secure Factories for Waahlngton. The Chamber of Commerce will hold a regular meeting tonight &t which several matters of Importance aro to be brought up. It is expected that some action will be taken on the suggestions voiced by Edward W. J. ProflUt, who appeared 'before the Chamber recently and that an at tempt will bo made to secure some small factories for Washington. Every member Is urged to be present. Tho meeting will start promptly at eight o'clock. "HOOPS, MY DEAR!" IN STYLE AGAIN Chicago Style Show Brings Oat De sign ? That flmndmothw UMd to Wear. Chicago, 111., Feb. 8. ? From Chi cago tonight messages of hoopi and hoops and more hoops, and short Jackets, and tight bodices, will be flashed to New York, London, even to Paris Itself. Beginning tonight, Chicago gar. ment manufacturers, hatters, mllll Qers and Jewelers will stage for a week, 'Nothing to Wear but Clothes' the clothes extravaganza around (which Chicago's 1916 spring style ?how revolves. Pretty girls from the Chicago Orand Opera will wear the feminine togs. A peep behind the scenes today showed that some of the skirts tend ed toward hoops and ran down over the ankles after bring worn almost up to the knees all winter. The chlnollne skirt too, was on the Job. They were worn In fabrics such as failles, taffetas, grongralnu. and ' fit rn'*T">rd'n??,? and serge* for * *1* ? '? ? I'-. 1 * ? qulsette tulle, and chiflon combined i with flimsy laces and the snuggest bodices in materials of different tex tures and colors. EDITOR IH HICK; HAB MUMPS. 3. L. Hoim, of Rocky Mwmt, to HI* RmI WHh m Swell" Time*. (By Eastern Prate) Rocky Mount, Feb. 8. ? J. L. Horn*, editor of the Rocky Mount THifllM. I* eottflned to bit hon? with a dandy attack of tha mump*. Whan teen this moraine. Mr. Horn# stated that ha waa having a twell Una, even ll la wae tick. A Conundrum. . ikJ a alter enry a rk*4 *00 faatT Be?au*? ft la con rail ON ACCOUNT OF DEATH Or HIS SON BY A LIVE WIRE aldermen;meet Delegation From the Civic Club Was Present With Several Requests ?r. Intimated th.t the m.t?Tr " ,or ~ ~ft UfM. ?m, before T?Y r'"'"r,d "ctloV y ID? board were as follows iZsz r be ',iow-on ?>? cae month's trial. promt, X "iC"? ru'nnl^Tt 0t "" >**i d,^ *?? "d the ^..vrT+JZl Be"x. Jono?, Dudley and Buckman vot??d .. ? Vforrla I ? *Dd Arc*?bell. >iorri8 and Carty "yes " tk. ;er wa. defeated " !",d d *110?I,'"f*?Ufh.* s?r - <w 5. That the city market And all zr;ri:b::." 6- That the board do evArrthin. rib?r ,o ? *%*** ? *ke?. ?? ,le'ln"? ?''?>" T_ That proper receptee, b. I'i 'or 8art"?? and refuae. ? Tbi.t0 V "n"*rT ???'?e.. Clean a w ? be '"!Cld''d for -'...H ,? Th? adT? -ated the laet week In February. Due to the lllneai of hi. mother Kugler wM unibI, to ' preynt at the meeting an! c. M. "-f; *cled " mtyor.A letter , " Z ,rom Mr. Ruder, urging " pfio1 room. In the cltr he made to clo.e ? . h00r D?, ?o fie ab*rae~ of the city Mtorney :s;:t w" uk8n *? - A committee of realdenU from Charlotte Mreet appeared before the board, objecting to building on the extrnalon of th.t itreet. The ansa Hon aw. referred to the rtrwt com mittoe. After the of ?T.ral matte? Of minor Importanoa, the board adjourned SuDacrlM 10 llw 0?I1? Ntw.

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