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Washington daily news. (Washington, N.C.) 1909-current, February 08, 1916, Image 4

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UNDERML/SLINS Our assortment of the famous "Dove" Brand Undermuslins Id so very attractive? all the wanted garments, lace and embroidery trim med, also hand embroidered. THE GARMENT 25c to $3.50 J. K. HOYT Men and Women Wanted "Who really pride themselves as good dressers. We want (o show you with facts that we can press your clothes giving them the natural body shape, lasting creases and a uniform finish ? in other words niGH CLASS WORK. WRIGHT S STEAM PRESSING WORKS NOTICE OF SALE. , Under and by virtue of power of, ?ale contained Id a deed of trust1 from Surry Park-.r to the under- , signed A. M Dutnay, Trustee, dated October 2nd, 1914, which 1* record-' ed Id the Register's Office of Beau- ' lort County, North Carolina, in Book. 182, page 33, to which reference is' made, the undersigned will, on the Hth day of February. 1918, at 12; Nooo, sell, at public auction, for' cash, before the Court House door q{ Beaufort County, the following described real estate. vIe: A tract of land in the State of North Carolina, County of Beaufort | and In Lous Acre Township, neari Pine Town, N. C., which la describ ed In the following deeds duly re-| corded In the Register's Office of; Beaufort County, North Carolina, to which reference Is made for descrlp-l tlon: * | 1. F, B. ingle to J. F Weathers.! Trustee, dated Feb. 7th, 1913, Book 176.T>a?e 215, containing both tracts 236 Vi acres and 47 acres a? convey ed by Chas. Brlggs to F. B. Ingle, Book 169. page 257. 2. J. F. Weathers, Trustee, to Norwood L. Simmons, deed dat-'d Jan. 20th, 1914, and recorded In Book 179, page 337, conveying same land as conveyed In deed .from Chas. Briggs to F. B. Ingle, Book 169, page 257. 3. Norwood L. Simmons and wife to Harry McMullan, dated March 3rd, 1914, which Is duly re corded in the said Register's Office, J conveying a one-half Interest. 4* Norwood L. Simmons and Harry McMullan and wives to Surry Parker, deed dated April 18th. 1914. which la likewise duly recorded. There Is excepted however and not to be ao'.d hereunder 120 acres of tb? .>? T<t land ?old by Surry Parser and Wife to Margaret J. Edwards on August 27th, 1914, by deed duly re. corded as aforesaid; the land hereby advertised to be sold containing J 53 Vfc acres, more or less, and being the gamo lands described In the sa'.d mortgage. A. M. DtJMAY, Trustee l-l 8-4 wc. NOTICE OF SALE. Under and by virtue of the pow?r nf sale contained In & certain Deed of Trust from Dan E. Taylor and wife, Annie P. Nicholson Taylor, to A. R. Dunning and 8. A. Dunn, Trustees for J. M. S. -Salisbury, which said Deed of Trust is dated January | 9th, 1914, and Is duly recorded In! the Office of the Register of Deeds for Beaufort County in Book 180, ^page 195, and Is hereby referred to. the undersigned Trustees, (demand haying been made on up by the bona fide holder of the notes secured by said Deed of Trutt), will, on Thurs day. March 9th, 1918. at 12 o'clock noon, at the Court House door in Washington. Beaufort County, N. C. offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash, at public auctldn, the fol lowing described real estate, to-wit: Lying and being In the County ojt Beaufort, State of North Carollnp, adjoining the lands of Burbank It als, and bounded as follows, viz: 1 On the South by the McCtillougn road; on the East by the Cascara farm; on the North by the tiavenr land; on the West by the Burba'' place, said place being located about three mllee Northeast of the Town of Washington, N. C.. and well known as the Loess or Nicholson Farm, containing 147 acres, more or less, and being the Identical land Convey ed to Annie P. Nicholson Taylor, on January 7th, 1914. by Artnle E. Nicholson, and her husband, S. T. Nicholson. Thla 7th day of February, 1916 A. R. DUNNING. 8. A. DUNN, Trustees. STEWART 4 BRYAN. Attorheys. I-7-4WC. Start Tomorrow and Keep It Up Every Morning Get In the habit of drinking a glass of hot water before breakfast We're not here long, bo let's make our stay agreeable. Let ub live well, eat well, digest well, work well, sleep well, and look well, what a glorious condition to attain, and yet, how very easy It is If one will only adopt the morning Inside bath. Folks who are accustomed to feel dull and heavy when thoy arise, split ting headache, stuffy from a cold, foul tongue, nasty breath, acid stomach, can, Instead, feel as fresh as a daisy by opening the sluices of the system each morning and flushing out the whole of the Internal poisonous stag nant matter. Everyone, whether ailing, sick or well, should, each morning, before breakfast, drink a glass of real hot water with a teaspoonfub of limestone phosphate in It to wash from the stomach, liver and bowels the previous day's Indigestible waste, sour bile and poisonous toxins; thus cleansing, sweetening and purifying the entire alimentary canal before putting more food Into the Ftomach. The actbbn of hot water and limestone phosphite on an empty stomach Is wonderfully In vigorating. It cleans out all the sour fermentations, gases, waste and noldity and gives one a splendid appetite for breakfast. While you are enjoying your breakfast tho water and phosphate Is quietly extracting a larse volume of wal -?r from the Moo.! and rptiUu rr-udy for a thorough flusLlug of all the Inside o.'g|pi, 'lm- millions of peoplo who ore bothered feith constipation, bilious I spells, stomach trouble; others who have sallow skins, blood disorders and sickly corap!exlnns are urg?-il to sre*. a quarter pound of limestone phosphate from the drug store. This will cost very little, but is sufficient to malce cnyone a pronounced crs?".k on ?hc ? j'.Trf of Insirto-! alhhirc ? '-iciA A DM I N 1 STRATUM'S NOTICE. 1 have this day qualified as admin istrator of the estate of Hattie E. Grlflln before the Clerk of the Su perior Court. All persons holding claims against Ea'.d estate are re. quested to present them to me, duly1 verified. All persons Indebted to] said estate are requested to make an ' Immediate settlement. ' This 15th day of January, 1916 C. L. CARROW. 2-4 6wc. Flowers! Flowers! For All Ocraalnna Roses. Vallles, Orchids. Violets and Carnations a specialty. Wedding Bouquets and Decor ations. Floral Offerings ar ranged in latest art Wrlta us for prlec list of your needs In Cut Flowers or Plants of all kinds. All communications promptly executed by "Our BiulnM* Is Growing" PI. one 149. J. L. O'Quinn & Co. RALRIGtJ, N. G "An Ounce of Prevention" YOU KNOW THE REST BE WISE AND INSURE AGAINST FIRE TODAY. C Morgan W,HiaiTls ' Residence Phone 25??* Phone 244 . ? It PERSONALS Mr. aad Mrs. O'BrUo. o t Bhi.1 >rt. N. C., ar? the |?NUyol Mrs. I ? B- Moors. * ? ? ? ? W. C. Johnson ipant yestsrdsy ln[ frssaTllle oo?a vlelt with friends. ? ? ? ? -. V E. W. Guibrle. ?? called to lorebtad City by tb? tunera t hla la liar, n|aned to Waehln*-" m *tolay. He left Ml totUar treat r improved. ? ? ? ? r.. L Jones, or Fairfield, la a local J liiior in the city today. ? ? ? ? E. E. Schooled, a prominent reel-! l?:nt of Bclhaven, wss among the out I >1 town visitors In town yesterday, f ? ? ? ? L. D. Schedel. of Fairfield, was I een on the streets of the city this j nornlng. ? ? ? ? Carl Richardson has left on a bua-| nesB visit to northern cities. ? ? ? ? S. G. Parsons, of Elizabeth City, I ipent yesterday In town attending to | ;uslness matters. ? ? ? ? W. E. Brlte, of New Bern, was a | oc4t visitor yeBterday. i ? # ? Miss Minnie Jordan, who has b' en employed In the Hotel Louise for iome time, has left for her home In iVIlson's Mill, where she will be married to Mr. Vincent. ? ? ? ? Mr#. Douglas Creech, of New Bern | (pent yesterday in the city on Jrlc-T visit. ? ? ? ? J. D. Eborn, of BaysJde, spent] rcsterday In town attending to bus t-ess matters. ? ? ? ? Mrs. T. B. Dameron. of Nashville, S*. C? Is the guest of Mrs. J. A. Tucker. : ? ? ? ? Mrs J. J. Baxter, of New Bern, iyeut yesterday in Washington with friend*. ? ? ? ? J F. I.atham left today for Eliz abeth City to att nd the meeting of Farm Demonstration Agents. ONE SECOND HAND GAS RANGE (or sale cheap. Pegram-Watso.n Hdwe. Co. Phone 190. 2-8-1 to. lUST RECEIVED ANOTHER LOT Cedar Mops' and can oil, 39c. Pegram-Watson Hdwe. Co. Phone 190. 2-8-ltc. FOR SALE ? ONE GOOD COOK Stove No. 8 slightly used. Apply Mrs. H. R. Bright, 420 E. Malu. 2.8-ltc. A Social Warning. ^ "What are you going to do with all the money you expect to make?" asked Miss Cayenne. "I'm going to have a fine house aud entertain sumptuously." replied the pric e booster. "Yes, but in tbo meantime you are reuderluff yourself so unpopular that no really nice people W1H come to jow parties."? Washington Star. LEAGUE TO .MEET. The Loyal Temperance League will meet tomorrow afternoon with Margaret Bailey on Fourth atrect. All members are urged to attend. ALL STAR BILL AT THE BELLMO The Bolltno i? offering a real all star bill today. Of course the "Dia mond from the Sky" heads the bill, and this, the 24th chapter, entitled "The Mad Millionaire" Is one of the mosi thrilling and sensational of any yet presented. This chapter also contains ome magnificent scenic ef fects and one scene, of a huge elec tric fountain tp.Knn at nt.cht without the aid of artifi a! J'jrlrts. :?? partic ularly beautiful. Rupert Julian, who cr> ated auch a favorable impression as "The Grandfather** in "Jewel" is featured In a thrilling war drama. "A White Feather Volunteer" In two reels. This production has a very strong plot,' as well as superb acting and stftgn settings. Two excellent comedies balance the Mil: Blllle Rhodes in a Nestor. "Circumstantial Scandal," and Vic tor Potdl In an Imp, "When Beauty BuU? In." "WAMT TO OO?" BcIko colored uncut corduroy devel ops this smart costume, a abort, full skirt and n three-quarter coat, with muff, scarf, cuffs and border of ?e?L The loose belt and novelty buttons give a girlish finish, while the top of the button boot* are "buffed" with seal. SO FEMININE! How Women May Powder Their Noses Without Giving It Away. Women are acquiring more and more the habit of pulling a powder puff from every Imaginable hiding place and powdering their faces In public. It makes one conspicuous, and the averago woman docs not approve, but she answers that oue must pow der. and lu thin day of ruah 'and dis tances she canuot always take time to freshen up In the proper way. It is surprising, considering that the handkerchief Is very often a hiding place for the powder puff* that aoine ingenious woman did not think of this new coutrlvance before Stitched flat on the center of the bnndkercblef Is a neat pocket-like arrangement, which acts as a receptacle for the puff. The. puff may be taken out when the hand kerchief is ready to be laundered, ' The puff In itself is odd In that It opens wide enough at the top to permit a generous suppf;. vt powder to be emp tied in and fastens again with a snap per. When one feels the need of powder the center of the handkerchief, in which reposes the puff, may be gently patted against the face, while to all outward appearance* the owner has I only been using her handkerchief, and | likewise if only the handkerchief Is desired one need not apply the center. And to add to the attractiveness of this contrivance they are to be made in many different designs, plain and embroidered, the tnne ns handker chiefs. and the carrier may also exer cise her individual taste by replenish ing the puff with her favorite face powder. Tulle Much Used. Great quantities of th'le are being used on eveuiutr gowns this season not only for fgshlonlng the gown, but for trimming purposes. In wisps of draper les, scurfs and In one gown as a train A black und gold evening frock shows a wide piece of tulle caught across the | back of tho frock and held with Jet I bracelets to the wrists. Queer freaks are to be seen among dome of the latest Importations. A midnight blue taffeta csat H lined with blue serge, reversing the order' of thing* generally. 1% a rose and black velvet evening coat, where the waist portion Is of the lighter shade and the skirt portion of the other, the lining of satin reverse* tho color, the rose velvet being lined with black and the black with rose. A Venetian purple evening i coat Is lined for u do|>th of eight or nine Inches n-ti'i a flowered and bro j coded velvet rlMmji. another proof Of , the ribbon crufee. f A V/.itarfall Irrthe Air. On tiie rood to tbo foil from ilouo Inlu. In Hawaii. la a waterfall that never reucheit lain) A thread Of water leap* from the elMT a thousand fee t l;i the air. but befoit It can gather tore* and carry Itaelf to the bottom of tb# declivity the hungry northwest wind, hurtling through the paiia. pick* Ui? the streamlet aud wafta It away ti> I miat You ire always aura of the finest result* wljrn you use Cottolene for shortening and frying. Foods pre pared with Cottolena have a delicious wholeaome nesa that is gratifying to the appetite. Use Cottolena for shortening when you bake biscuit*, plea and paatriea. fry doughnuts, fish, chicken and treg etablea In Cottolene. It adds to the joy of eating Your grocer will supply Cottolene regularly. It la packod in poila of convenient aixea. EHDXFAIRBANKBSHBl Chicago, Feb. 8. ? Henry ^ord. ,iwt a peace ship rould like to tell you about a?y new t jlan but 1 molt wait until my party las returned frtjm Europe." eald Mr. Ford today. He said be was per. 'ectljr ea tie fled with the reeults of lis peace expedition. Mr. Ford, came here to attend a banquet given last night bf the Michigan Society of Chicago. He said that hi* new cort to bring the strife n Europe to an end wlU be on * larger ecale than the Oscar II expe dition and that hit recruits would oe "personalltiea rather than per "The new venture Is along the ?ame lines as the first one," continued Mr. Ford, *'bu on a larger scale. 1 ihaU Include some of tli^>eople 1 had on th^ Oscar 1L The pffcpl* ? crow the water, were astonlshe^when Jiejr saw the personnel of that party. They had expected to see a lot of 'high brows' and were ?urprl*ed to find that they were ]uet every day people. They wouldn't hardly be lieve me when 1 told thorn 1 could have brought thousands mors of the r\me kind of people." BRAZIL MAY OFFER BIG MAJBTST TO U. 8. . COTTON GROWERS Rio de Janeiro, Feb. 8. ? Brazil ians now paying big prices (or their cotton goods believe there it a oot :on combine here, which is taking of the short northern Braill crop to boost prices. The people believe a lower tariff would bring prices down: Legislation Is now ready for passage looking toward this lower tariff and United States cotton- growers mav And a big market here to take the place of the European markets they have lost. Bratll wears cotton ? not only wears it, but grows It. Thers are more than three hundred Bra zilian mills manufacturing it. These pi 11 la eihploy 75,000 operators. 1 herefore, when a 2-years' drought In the northern states reduces the crop by half and a combine of buy ers, protected by "a 4 cents a pound import duty, corners this half and makes the textile Industry pay an ezhorbltant price for it, the Brazil ian Bits tip and takos notice. AKTER LAGRIPPE ? WHAT? Coughs that "hang on" after la grlppe exhaust the strength ape' lower the vital" resistance. F. O Prevo, Bedford, Ind., writes: "Ai attack of lagrlppe left me with t severe cough. I tried everything. 1 lost in weight and got so thin U looked as if 1 would never get well. I tried Foley's Honey and Tar and two bottles cured me. I sm now well and bactfTo" my normal weight.' Foley's Honey and Tar gets right s the trouble. It Is a safe, rellablt remedy. Davenport Pharmacy. STOCKHOLDER'S MEETING. The regular annual meeting of tlicl stockholders of The Savings ft Trust | Co. of Washington, N. C., will be held at the bsnklng -house of the company, in the Savings ft Trust I ulldlng, on Tuesday, February R. 1916. at IS o'clock M, JKO. B. SPARROW. Cashier. l-11.4we. ? ? ' VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR HALE Under and by virtue ~oTV Power of Sale, contained In that mortgage deed of Margaret J. Edwards andj husband, A. E. Edwards, to Surry Parker, dated August 27. 1914, and recordrd in Book 182. page 32.1 Beaufort, County Record*, and M satisfy the indebtedness . therein* ispj cured, ^ftame having matured, and demand for payment having been | made and refused; i The undersigned will sell at pub lic sale, to the highest bidder for rash, on Monday, March 6th,. 1916,1 at 12 M, at the Court House door ofj Hraurort County, ,N. C. the following1 described real estate as conveyed in' | raid mortgage deed: Lying in Long Acre' Townshipj Beaufort County, State of North Carolina: Beginning on the Eastern side of the right-of-way of Norfolk Southern Railroad, at the Southwest roraer of a tract of land formerly c*ned by Bnrry Parker, purchased from NO rwood L; Simmon* and Harry MeMullan, known a? the Rriggs farm, at a point on the n*ld right of wak wbere the same la in tersected by the road? tlience rtiflnlng | with the said road South 80 Mi Bast 14 poles; thence North 9H nest to the back line of the Brlggs farm tract of land, about >92 poles; th nee with the said back line North 66*fr West to the fight of way of the Nor folk Southern railroad; thence with the said right of way of Norfolk Southern Railroad. 80uth 9 H West 806 poles, to the beginning, contain' ;ng 130 acr's, irtore or less. On which trdct is situated two valuable dwelling house*, barns, and _? ? ? ..V-- 1 Ntw styhsh model* for rmcnt dress ers. PRICES ARE MODERATE BUTTERICK Pattern* for March now on ta't. James E. Clark STOP CATARRH! OPEN NOSTRILS AND HEAP San Crean Applied ta NoaMU Bclima Head-Colda at Ow II yoar noatrib ai? elogg*d ud Tour kaad U ud tob oat breath, f reel? becaiu. of a oold or oUurl, hut I get a small bottle of Klj". Cream Balm your nostr ils and let it . through every air puugi of your heed, ?oo thing and healing the Inflamed, swol len mucous membrane and you gtt in- } ?taut relief. Ah! how good It feels. Your no* trils are open, your bead ie clear, no | pore hawking, snuffling, blowing; no < more beadadha. dryness or struggling j for breath. Ely's Cream Balm it juiit what sufferers from bead colds nod ?* tarrh need. It'a a deiigbt. OFF FOR PALM BEACH. A Smart and 81mple Sailor For Her Qoing South. ??Oilcloth" bnt* linre nlrvadjr nppoar- : ed. a eoft. pliable material with a blgb j ?, k vrniTY or anuxa luster. The cut shows a Palm Beach sailor of white milnn straw and a deep, straight crown of fed and whit* checked patent leather. Snow Pudding. Three ub:**poouful* lemon Juir* ane -teaspoonfiil grated u>muu xrln<L whites of three epprs. two tnblfespoon fuls granulated geU (tin ami one cup ful sugar. 8<*ak the gelatin In tw?*ta blcSpoon fills cold water ten minutes, dissolve In the boiling water. In which the sugar Is dKsoLed. Add tbe lemon Juice and rind und set aside to cool Hare tbe whites of egg* beateu until dry. place In pan of cold watsr. ndd tho gelatin very slowly, beating all tbe time until It begins to set- Pour into melon mold or bo^rl which bas been < rinsed with cold water, set In cok) (lace until ready to ass. Potted Cheese. From a pound of rich cheese cut away all the rind and with a fork mash It One. Work into it one-quarter of a 'teaspoon ftil of cayenne, one-quarter of a teaspoonfiil of mode mustard and from two to three tnblespoonfubi of best braiitin according to the dryness of the cliee*. Hufflctent h? needed to make It Jus? moist enoughito peck well Work down Into small Jars, seal end keep in a cool pl??ee. Advertise In the Daily New*. % '?f ? ?' . * 'VrlLLISTON, S. 0, WAN RESTORED 'TO HKATTH Mr. Wade Tlt'tnJcful lie i'<a> About Wonder Remedy. K. T. Wide of Williatui., N. C was the victiju of stomach disor clera. He tried many reuiedier and took ? great deal of medtcinc and treatment*. Relief^ r**med n lonj{ tim^bomlng. I hon he found Mayr'a Wonder' Jul- Ikaqedj, Ujok a . done? and found relief at once. He told bis ojrinipit of the remedy in a letter in ' which he paid "Your medicine ha? woAod wonders. I feel so much huttor I am thankful fo you, indeed for advertising your wonderful rem edy in. the papers. ?* otherwise 1 might never hare known of it.*' Mayr'a Wonderful Roipo! gives permanent results for st<jm seh liver and intestinal hilmentv "Rat as mueh and whatever yen? ,1'ke. No more distre** after est | iajw KUlflU-IKlI' FAKES ? via? NORFOLK SOUTHERN OHEENSRORO, FEBRUARY ?-l?, ; * ? Accoant ? NORTH CAROLINA OOTfVHWTIOlr Laymen's Missionary Movement Tickets on sal* February 1-10, b?arln* final retnrn Umit February 14th. - For additional Information con sult Norfolk Southern Ticket Agenia or addreaa the 'andcral*nad. H. 8. LEARD, O. P. A.. NORFOLK, VA. 1.1 to 1-9 There's A Big Reasons Why Paragon Typewriter Ribbons are the best t WE realrred years ago, when we first started to ma're .Paragon Rib bons, tbar hud- to be the best ? at vc.* cost There was a, raecial reason ?tkt Typewriter. We moke the Remington and we make the ribbon. We started to make the ribbon for the Remington. No writing machine can do better woifc than ita ribbon, therefore none : but the 'best ribbon is good enough for the Remington Typewriter. So you sec that Paragon Ribbons hud to Le the best ? not only for their own sake but for the machine's fake. This double incentive has produced the best ribbort? the ribbon that outsells them all. ? m ? . ? . . _ _ 4 Of "course there are other ' r&topi lot Pa ig?m RibboH leadership. We are the type writer rib'?:on ip.inufacturer* with the brrt faciHfios, and the most complete knowledge of the qualities i.i- a rP>bon that typewriter wx..+ \ wcrrt and how to produce wi:a? tfcey want Bit dl of theoo reasons have followed frott the first. It was Rcminntcn leadership Which demanded and produced ^raracon lcJicfc*?iV but do rot think that the Paragon frobon 19 simply a Remington alrair. What the Paragon Ribboi\ haa done for the Remington, It has done, incidentally, for every ?the* writing machine. Paragon Ribbons, ?f absolutely uniform quality, are made for all make* of typewriter!. Send ft our new illtutrated b?klet, ' 'Rtmtico Typewriter SmfifiUtt ' ' Remington Typewriter Company U? ??n? ? ?HKl'HEIttV BCIIJMWO . ' ItUWH? X. C.

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