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Washington daily news. (Washington, N.C.) 1909-current, November 06, 1916, Image 1

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A WANT AD THK BRINGS NEWS best cities TO LIVE IN." THE WEATHER Fair tonight ud tomorrow. varlAbU viadft. BOTH m CONFIDENT OT VICTORY TOMORROW "WILSON GETS A RUNNING START WITH THE 180 VOTES OF SOUTHERN STATES. "BIG FOUR" NOUS CONTROL ? S3T" u States of Illinois, New York, Ohio and IndiMw Will Decide Which Way the Election Is to Oa Sure of 70 Votes at Start. (By United Press) New York, No*. 6. ? Tomorrow ihe ?oters of the United States will say who is to be tho next president of this country They will dictate who will compose the Senate and the House of Representatives. Viewing the situation today, both ?Ides claim a cock-sure victory. It appears that tho people of New York, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana hold the bslanco of votes in their power. Both Democrats and Republicans clftlm this "Big Pour" of States. Their to tal In the electoral college Is 118, near 43 per cent of the 266 votes necossary for a choice. The strongest Republicans are wiling to concede the solid 8outh b:?*ck of 136 votes to President W?l- ' ?on. This does not Include Mlssorsl or Kentucky. These two states are considered debatable by the Repub licans. In the race, therefore, Wilson has a handicap of 136 votes at the start. However, Hujrhes Is conceded the 70 votes of Maine, New Hampshire, Ver mont, Rhode Ib!co<\ Pennsylvania '.nd Iowa. LOCAL BOY CH8 GOVERNMENT JOB Jos. F. Tnyloe la in receipt of a letter from Frank Maybee Alllgood, a former Washington boy, stating that ho has received his appointment as chauffeur In Police Department, District of Columbia, and will report for duty Monday morning, Nov. 6th. Maybee will be In position to give bis Washington, N. C., friends a free ride in the "Black Maria" when they come to Washington City If they don't behave themselves. IN HONOR OF MISS MARSH Miss Tankard Entertained Friday Evening in Honor of Bride* Elect. Miss Mary Tankard entertained Friday evening In honor of Miss El slo Marsh, who Is to wed W. C... Ol son during the latter part of this month. The home wss beautifully decorated for the occasion with pot ted plants and cut towers. There wetofour tablos of csrds. Miss Marsh was presented with a beautiful bou quet of KJllarney roses. Refresh ment* were served at tits conclusion of the games. ^ Among those present were Misses Elitfir lfarsh Kes slngep Esther Kjpafo#. Sybil! a Orrtfin, Latham Jonfc* "Evelyn Jones. Elisabeth Carrow, ... Elisabeth Sim mons. 7* oss Conley,' Louise Ntftt Vlf ers, Mae Slourtt, Ellsa Branch. Bess Swindell, Lilly DaVtf, CMfre Hodges and Me?l*m?s fl D. Barton. ?. R. Windley And rt. 12 Rplter. SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY NEWS All Beaufort County Will Get the Returns By Tomorrow Night | Residents of ?very part of the equity can get the election returns at the earliest possible moment to morrow night. The Daily Newt, with | the Postal Telegraph Company, will secure bulletins over a ?peel*i wire at the ?ourt house. Everyone Is 1? vlted to be preeent and enjoy the occasion. There are, however, a large num ber of people in the county irlU not feel like coming to spending half the night hereu These can secure the returns by calling ?p over telephone. D. W. Bell, the pro gressive manager of the M* phone office, la making arrang*iiB?at&' today for the Installation of phone In the court house. ReeYdents of Aurora, Plnetown, Belhaven or any other point In the county are urged to take advantage of thU Mr Tie*. ? Just Uk Central to fire you *?(feurt House." As there will prob ably be hniidreda who will use this service, each one Is reqneale4 to make his conversaUon ss brief at pos sible. Do not call the Dally K??? office tomorrow night for Information, as we will all be at the coart home, helping to give the people the ser vice there. w lUad another notice In today's pa wt the special ''light flicker" expense of the telegraph ser Ip quite heavy and all those who ?re going to take advantage of this! opportunity for getting early election 1 returns are requested to make their contributions to Mr. Potts at thej Postal office. DEMOCRATS Mt CONFIDENT THAT WOW WILL BE THEIS (By United Prees) Shadow Lawn, Nov. 6. ? The Pres ident's "official family" today pre dicted Mr. Wilson's re-election with 387 rotes In the electoral college. At no other time during the campaign has such unrestricted optimism been felt. Win or lose, the President returns to Washington Saturday afternoon for the winter, attending lbs Christ ening of his granddaughter, baby 8&fre tomorrow night at Willlam ?ton. Mass. Surrounded by his Im mediate family, he will receive the returns over a private wire. Upon returning to the capita], Mr. Wilson will return to the capltol to face the new aubmarine problems, arlalng from the sinking of the Brit ish steamer Marina and^he loss of the American steamer, Dtnao. NEW SUBSCRIBERS TO THE DAILY NEWS ARE COMING IN EAST The U?t of subscriber* to the Dally News la increasing steadily. Last week there were 4 5 new names added to the llat. . . These came from every part JTthfl" co?nty. The Daily News subsmiW?* .list haa been steadily on th*4nepesae during the last few months and It covers evory part or Beaufort county thoroughly. CUBA WANTS TO UMLOW NORTH CMOUM MiR Washington. Nov. t. ? Cuba Iri pe tltlonlng the Supreme rourt for ^er mlaslon to flle a complaint against the state of North Carolina Involving the alleged repudiation of the rail road bond Issue, put out kg, that state. Cuba owns some, of Vr tie** | bonds. Two million dollars hangs In the decision. Oooe to New York. A. L. Bowers left yesterday morn ing for New York on a business tri^. COIOIIIf BOARDS MEET I Tho boards of education and county commissioners met for their regular monthly sessions here today, and will take up many Important matters which will come before them | at this meeting. GERMANS COUNTER ON THE WESTERN FRONT (By United Press) Paris, Not. 6. ? German counter attacks which followed yesterday's Important advances against the now ly consolidated French positions be tween the vast woods of St. Pierre and the village Salliel were partially successful In the woodlands of 8all t llel, according to an official state? ment At all other plates the enemy was repulsed. The VeTdun front Is now relieved of dangerous and salient bands north x and northeast of 'the great fprtress by smashing victories at Fort Vaux and the village of Datnldup. The French are now preparing further advanoes against the Crowa Prlnoe. ,The British victories on the bank M the Ancre made the German position sat Grand Court uncertain. I L WOOURB MET DEATH WHEN MULE RAM AWAY ON WATER SMI IK P. H. Raddla Louts Woolard. wd 40, ??>< raatdlnr Mr l?o*??r 1Mb. was Inatantlj kUlad thtm artarnoon on Walar atraat, near Market, srhad tha mola ha wa> driving startad running ???T and ha mad* aa attampt to aprlSf from I ha iramy. Aa ha vaa 'Tint to Jnnlp to tfco Kroaod. Wool *rd'1 '?M b?M aaaskt la oca at tha vhaali. Ha iraa drawl down, harlad around and Ma haad waa crushed agalnat the pavement with sickening force. Blood spattered to! t*ll sides. ? I A Crowd immediately gathered. h$e man lived only m few mlautee. Tbe body was taken to Odea's un dertaking establishment. \ | Wfjolard is weU, known through ?nt the const y. . Us own# a farm at ?Bearer Dam. . \ A child who was riding fit* Woqi (ard In the vehicle eeeaped uninjured. HAV ERECT FEOTIUZB PUNT HERE r i' ft REPORTED THAT V-O t?EOPl? ARK PLANNING TO PW CP A URGE PLANT HP IWO SlIEUMBim It is Believed, However, T%at thr Plant Wni Re mt vp n? the! Preeent FertUter Plant Below: Washington Park. '* I That a large (ertUU^H factory would be erected at Washington in the near future, was the information obtained by a representative of the Dally News today but la without con firmation. < The plant is likely to be frected by Virginia-Carolina Chemical Company Two aites are being considered, one on the Norfolk Southern anjd the oth er on the Atlantic Coast Un?. The Norfolk Southern site is near that of the present fertiliser plant below Washington Park. It Is believed that this will be the site selected, al though this has not.yet been definite ly decided. YOUR IMS Will TELL YOU WIS ELECTED PRESIDENT' Dally News Inaugurate* Unique Method for Telling Citizens Trend of National Vote, If yon don't care to go odt tomor row night to get the election returns you can sit peacefully by the side of your fire and learn at your leisure how the national vote was cast. You don't havo to move out of your chair, either. H. B. Charles, superintendent of the electric light plant, has very kindly offered to assist the Dall/ News in giving the citizens of Wash ington the first news of the election. And this la how it will be done: Your lights are going to flicker every hour, showing the way the election Is going. TWO flickers will mean that Wilson la In the lead. THREE flickers will show that the trend Is in favor of Hughes. It -wttlj be endeavored to have those flickers | exactly on thd hour ? eight o'clock, nine o'clock, ten o'clock, and later' if The final flickers, show ing wko is elected, will be followed by loop, short flickers, do noting. -that the election has been won. For ex ample, at about eleven or twelve o' -Cfcok, yonr ! lights flicker twice, and, there foHow four short flickers, you can go to bed with the assurance that Mr. Wilson has been re-elected. Or, If there are three flickers, fol lowed by the four, It will mean that Hughes has won out. Watch jour lights! TWO flickers for Wilton and THREE flickers for Hugh*. MRS. MADREY IK WRECK Mofh* of* Mm. tf. B. Clark Wu Badt# Bralw) T'p In Train -4 Wr*efc on Hat nrda?. Mr*. "W. T. Madrey, of Ralalgh, mother of Ufa. H. B. Clark, of thin city,-*** one of tha paa**nf*ra on th* Norfolk Southern train wfclrti ? *rtt)tU tt Cabnlbn Satnrdar ?f l#T*Mra. Mr*. Madrey *U badly WulaM and atnikm tip and can hard ly nor* today, fro* arrtrM la the ?l?y ?* OW%lld*litht trat* Saturday nfrtt and wilt to at th* Iron* of IMS Cl*rk Im aoma tlm*. - Whll* ah* W* lUtrsrtn* crmaldarahly froga W bralar*. It la not b?ll*>i>d that ?h?**#ar?i ur pfcrmannfr latnrlw. Husband Saves the Life Of His Wife Through Transfusion of Blood A marvelous operation which took Mrs. Robert Harrington of Green ville out of the shadows of death. tm performed at the Wellington hospital Saturday morning. The metfcpA^Mployed by the surgeons wa?*he direct transfusion of blood throtifh the latest appliances known to ?uri*ry. The operation was auc ceeaful In every way and reports STme from the hospital today that Mrs. Harrington Is greatly Improved. The patient was brought to the hoapiUl some time ago, In a very weak condition. Her complexion turned to a color like that of gold ind later became almost liko ma hogany. Dr. D. T. Tayloe found hor condition such that no operation sould be performed, owing to her weakness. She had suffered from a malignant typo of hemorrhagic fever and was practically exsanguinated From this disease. It whb found up an consultation that she was cowing weaker every minute and the only hope that held for her any chance of recovery was fhe direct transfusion 9f blood. Dr. Tayloe wired Dr. R. C. Rryan, a prominent surgeon of Richmond, to rush to Washington as soon as possible with the necessary In-.ple meuta. Dr. Bryim is a special friend of Dr. Tayloc's. and he responded promptly. Assisted by Dr. D. T. Tayloe, Dr. Josh Tayloo, Dr. E. M. Brown and MIbs B. Connolly, super intendent, and Miss Lela Newell, as sistant superintendent of the hospital preparations were made for the op eration. Mta. Harrington's husband very cheerfully offered to give up his bloo<Fthat his wife might live, while her; father and brothers stood i-eady to make the same sacrifice. Only her| husband's blood waB taken. Dr. Bryan, who Is a prince of sur geons and who has made a Bpeclal study of thiB branch of surgery, was assisted by the staff of the Wash ington hospital, above named. While the radial artery in the arm of Mr. RECEPTION TONIGHT Will B? Given to the People of Washington at the Episcopal Rectory. An Informal and a public recep tion will take place at the Episcopal rectory tonight from 8 to 11 o'clock at which time the citizens of Wash ington will be given an opportunity of meeting with the new assistant rector. Rev. M. C. Daughtrey. The members of other churches are cor fflally invited* to be present, as are the citizens of Washington as a whole. Refreshments will be Berved during the course of the reception. Rev. C. M. Daughtrey filled the pulpit of St. Peter's church at both services yesterday and made a most favorable ImpreaRlon upon hla hear ers. He delivered two excellent ser mons. HISS RICKS ENTERTAINED lATgft Number of Friend* Present at fSaJoyable Party Given Friday Night. Miss Mabel Ricks entertained Fri day evening at her home at Bishops Cross from eight to twelve at Rook. [TU# home was decorated In yellow and white chrysanthemums. Several selections of music were thoroughly enjoyed and after the games delicious refreshments were served. The guests were: Miasea Grace Shavender. Thelma Windley of Bel haven, Aleese Ayeock, Helen Gull ford, Wlnlana Duke. Dorothy Aycock. Pearl Smith, Mildred Harris. Maude Bishbp, Miss Wynn, of Everetts. N. 0., Blanche Ricks, Mary, Mrs. Jams* McCluer, of Washington, and Messrs. Dallas Carowsn. Clyde Casey. Alonao fttshop, Troy Rouse, of Bel haven, Harold Clark. Murphy Rad cllff, Rhonda Ricks, VAnufi Ricks, of Washington Harrington was expensed and s tube I Inserted by Dr. Bryan, the median vein, In the arm of Mrs. Harrington was exposed and a tube inserted by Dr. Tayloe. The donor and the recip ient were then brought side by side. The two tubes were connected and the stream of blood from each pulsa tion of Mr. Harrington's heart was pumped Into the median *?Js bloodies wife.. a"- i tonlf' - .r <tn ex treme*' Kii vamr to Mrs. liar- I ringto.i s cheekB and Hps with amai- j in* rapidity. Mrs. Harrington Is well known In this community. ^1 er husband and I her father, R. R. Fleming, of Pac tolua, are also prominent In business circles in this part of the state. Dr. Tayloe speaks In the highest terms of his friend. Dr. Bryan, who so skill fully came to his rescue on this oc casion. J. W. BRAMBLE TRIES TOW HIS OWN LIFE ?'enr Ih Fi'lt TTrrc That the X.lii.e May 11- Tlmt nf M J Hr. ibi>? ?. * Well Li own Locally. (By United Press) Durham. N*. C.. Nov. 6. ? J. W. ' Bramble, a prominent citizen of Washington, N. C.. attempted suicide here todny by taking strychnine. His | cot: iltlon In serious. The reanon for Ms act is not known. The a' ove i ?'port was received ov er the Dai'j New* United Press wire today. A glance through the city directory revealed the fa^t that th?re was no "J. W. Bramble" In WuV Ingfon. The name "Brabblo" Ij fa miliarly loc/.lly, however, and tfii Daily News reporter surmised at once line. hTe financial Iosh 1b more than persons had mai.t- a mistake In the name. A memt- v of the Brabble family was called .ver the telephone and the Information was given out that "J. J. Brabbl ?" was In Durham on Sunday. Fri ids of the family 'n the city are h< lng that he is not I the one who was referred to In the I dlBpatch. An effort Is being made to iget Durham on the wire and find out for certain. TO HOLD PRAYER MEETINGS Prayer services will be held under the auspices of the Women's Mission-1 ary Society this week, st which all members of the Methodist ctrurrth are urged to be present. Tomorrow afternoon, the meeting will be held with Mrs. Z N. Leggett on West Serond street. Wednesdny afternoon, with Mrs, Georice Spencer on East Second street. Thursday afternoon with Mrs Walter Credle on Fourth street. Friday afternoon with Mrs. Frnnk Lewis on Market street. These meetings will all start [promptly at four o'clock. AT THE LOUISE YESTERDAY Among those stopping st the Ho tel Louise yesterday from North Car olina were the following: John Tool jey; Belhaven; George Raiff, Belhav en; Dr. and Mrs. Holmes. Dover; Miss Mnry Moore. Greenville; Miss Ellis Moofe. Greenville; Mr. Nobles. Oreenvtll#; MY. Wells, Grennv*H<?; Miss Clam Litchfield, Aurora; Miss "Lola Thohrpsoti. Anrore; J. A. R?>n ner .Aurora; J. W. ?1*11, Greenville; Win, Home, THE LANAO WAS SUNK IS REPORT BY LLOYDS THIRTY MEMP.KHS OF IfER CREW BEEN* LANDED AT BARRY, WALES, BY NORWEGIAN STKAMER. WAS SUNK ON OCT. 28 V<*wl Waa Registered from Manilla. I Believed That ft Number of tho Crew I'crlsliHl. Latino Wiw Y< .s*el of 700 T on.H. (By United Press) London, Nov. 6 ? The American ?teatiK-r. I.anao w..a gunk on Octo ber 28 by a subnurliic, according to | a Lloyds dispauh. made public to day. Thirty nn-r.ibirs of the rrew [were landed at Harry. Wales. by the Norwegian steamer Tromp. The Lanao was a vcm-I of 700 tr>na. She was registered from Ma nilla and was owned by the Flndlay Miller steamship company, having been built in 1912. It is reported that the members of the crew had br.;t '.y time to take to the afliaU.. boats before the Lanao sank. The number of her crew haa not been learned ua yet and It is be lieved that several perished. BAD WRECK ON THE PENRSY (By United Prts?) Altoona. Pa.. Nov. 6. ? Six train men arc dead and four are severely injured, forty-seven freight ears and five freight ore demolished. The above is the toll taken when an engineer lost ennirol of a train of f*xi# cam on the Pennsylvania rail road near the t"p of the Allegheny mountains. The runaway crashed In to four empty eniriQe*. standing on switches near H 'didciysburg. The esrHp? of a number of trainmen Is considered miraculous. Company of ficials declare that the wreck Is the worst smash-up ever reeorded on the line. The financial loss In more than 1100,000. POLAND GIVEN FREEDOM (By United Press) Amsterdam. Nov. A wild dem onstration In Warsaw followed the proclamation of the Pen' -.-l Powers, praniinc Poland her independence. Thousands paraded in 'he streets, bareheaded and kiuk the national anlhem. TODAYS PROGRAM AT New Theatre 9th Kpt?orlo of "The Rcvrrt of tlio Submarine Triangle Kry*ton?? Comedy "Tlio Itntli lfnn?fl Illtirwler" A Groat Profcrnm AI>M!HfllOJf Br iumI Iftc Hhow nt*rtn at 7:4S fthlirp M.illnoe dully at 4 p. m. Just in today . BEAUTIFUL L/NE the wW pattern and designs of in and let us show you DTHIERS, FURNIS AND HATTERS. CLOTHIERS. FURNISH'

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