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The State port pilot. (Southport, N.C.) 1928-current, August 28, 1935, Page TEN, Image 10

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TEN CHAPTER II?Hit fattier'i death brings Will back to the Valley, but ] he returns to Augusta, still uncon- , setous of Jenny's womanhood, and ; love. Neighbors of the Pierces are ! 1 Bart and Amy Carey, brother and alitor. Bart, unmarried and somo- i thing of a ne'er-do-well. Is attracted \ ] by Jenny, but the girl repulses him | definitely. Learning that Will Is com- i ing home. Jenny, exulting, sets his 1 long-empty house "to righta" and , has dinner ready for him. He comes ' ?bringing his wife. Huldy. The girl's wcrld collapses. j ( CHAPTER ni.?Huldy. at once ! I peroelvlng Jenny's secret, merciless- , ly mocks her discomfiture. Huldy j soon becomes the subject of unfa- j ( vorable gossip In the Valley, though . Will apparently Is blind to the fact. | But as he did so, "Will Ferrln i t came suddenly out from behind one i wideflung door, and leaped on the 1 1 truck's running board, by Seth's t very elbow. His countenance was j affrighting. Seth's foot missed the i brake, pressed the throttle Instead; then he found the brake and a Jammed It down. The truck leaped s ahead, tried to stop, skidded side- a wise; the right rear wheel broke s partly through one wall, the front - - - ' ?a_ ! mudguard Durst into tne opposite i j wall. And Will, In silent, deadly pur- 1 y pose, caught Seth's throat with both ^ hands to drag him to the ground. Seth's hand found the ready pistol; he thumbed the hammer back. ' As the weapon came into his sight, * Will released Seth's thtoat with his v left hand and grabbed at Seth's s wrist that held the gun. The two n men were falling together as the pistol exploded. Will felt the heavy ball plow into his leg below the knee, crashing through the bone 11 with a shocking impact But he did not loose tne grip he Cl had. The mill was sixty or seventy c yards away, and the saw, at the p moment of the shot, was whining s through a log; but Luke Hills was S beyond the mill, by the brook, and his ears were clear of the saw's j tl close proximity. He heard the shot, j " and came lumbering up the bank, ' S shouting the alarm to the others. The men came to the shed door, P and saw Will and Seth down In a I tl locked grip, and Will's leg was j hideous. But the muzzle of a heavy i tl pistol pointed toward them from 1 e the ground, wavering in the tight j * grip of two opposing hands, and a this was enough to deter the bold- j est for a moment They dodged h aside, peering cautiously; and by b the lime they found courage to 1 draw near, Seth was dead. i 0 But Will, despite his wound, was S1 alive; and Luke knotted a bit of tl I But He Did Not Loose the Grip He Had. h u rope around Will's leg, and twisted n It with a stick. There was a bab- t) ble of commands and advice and ^ argument For Seth, clearly, there n was nothing to be done. s, "But we got to get help for Will, a here, mighty quick," Luke pointed ti out One of the other men remembered r Marm Pierce. Two boards secured h together by crosspleces served as g a rude litter. They set out to carry p Will through the woods to the old d woman's house. s It was thus that Jenny saw Will t again, his face drained white, his E eyes closed, his leg below the knot- ( ted rope a shattered thing. She saw the men approaching with their j burden, and she and Marm Pierce j came out on the kitchen porch, and the old woman cried urgently: ] "Somebody's hurt bad i Jenny, 1 get the cloth off the dining room S table. Put a couple leaves In, and 1 a blanket on It, so's they can lay < him there." 1 ; Jenny would have run desperate-1 i ly to meet them, but the old woman t held her from that futility. So < when Luke and the others arrived, i i the table was prepared, and Marm o Pierce met them at the door. e "Fetch him in," she commanded, t Who Is it? Will Ferrin?" t "His leg's shot off," said Luke b Hills hoarsely. "Seth shot him; s would hare killed him, like as not But Will held on till he choked the t life out of Seth." f "Don't stand there talking!" the u >ld woman scolded. "Lay him on g ie table here, easy. One of you go o >ver to Bart Carey's house and tel?phone for a doctor." d "We 'lowed you could ..." r "Get a doctor, I told you! Jab- y >erlng like a pack of crows! Lay n llm down. Now get out of here, the I y ot of you. Jenny and me, well ! D end to him. One of you go tele-1 n >hone, and the rest of you stay n landy, case I need you." tl A man departed at a clumsy run, h md Marm Pierce, standing by Will, j E litting away his overalls, tugging V it his heavy shoe, asked over her. E houlder: "Where's Seth?" ! g "He's dead. No help for him," tl ,uke Hills told her. "Well, go stay with him, one of ? ou," she directed. "Get along." tl ind to Jenny: "Shut the door!" j tl So Jenny and Marm Pierce wei e eft to tend the hurt man, and tl larm Pierce as she bared the k round made little rueful whistling h ounds between her teeth, and Jen-j h ? woe o.YM oc ctnnp nil omnHnns I h j n ao vviu MO oiwmv, ? ? v ?~ | ? I abeyance, standing like ice. I w "Get water boiling, Jenny," Marm; 'ierce directed. "The doctor'll want jr iat, certain. And fetch some wa- jn jr here till I clean his leg all I 0| an." h Jenny turned to the kitchen, r( bunked the Are, pumped water, j,( ut the kettle on the stove; then tj he came back to the dining room. 8t he had not spoken. Will's eyelids wavered, opened, ^ len closed again. He said weakly: j, My team's tied, up on?ridge road. g( omebod.v fetch 'em home." a. "You hush up. Will," Marm ierce told him. "You'll need all lr he strength you've got" She loosed the tourniquet a little, ^ II blood flowed again, then tightned it once more. She saw Jenny's earful doubts of this procedure, nd said: j "I dunno, Jenny. Seems like I've eard tell you've got to let some lood get through, or the leg'll die. guess it's going to have to be cut , ff, though. No bone left, only olinters. for four-five inches down le shin." 8< Jenny nodded dumbly. "All we can do Is keep him quiet lc 11 the doctor comes," Mwm Pierce ^ But Huldy needed no more sleep j an a cat. Sometimes Will, drows-1 g in his chair after supper, waked bl find her watching him with a 8t! squieting eye; and more than once W i summer nights she had roused; k* m, shaking him by the Shoulder, j hot fury in her tones, demanding av at he prove himself something j ore than a dormouse of a man. i s" So when the time did come, he sb as prepared for comprehension.; ot here had been many visitors at thg !,01 rm that summer. Will at first dis- j jWl wered in these visits no more than j e natural curiosity of his neigh-,f1 >rs to see this bride of whom' ? i was so proud. Bart Carey came, id old Win Haven not infrequent-1 ; and then Seth Humphreys, whom j w' 'ill?and Huldy?had known in [ ugusta, brought his steam mill to' j le Valley. Also others who had j s' aown Huldy in Augusta came to | b( >dge at Bart's and fish the brook 'y alow, although they had never jn< )me before. | re Will, when he wooed Huldy, knew 1 er popularity; yet he was contin- |" ally being reminded of it now. He jla dght return from the fields at dusk j ) find some stranger sitting jvith m er in the kitchen, in an easy fa- 1111 3 *_?_ . < ... 1 hi niiaiiLj, uuu ud ois arrival, tne tranger and Huldy were apt to fall ^ llent, and the man presently to j ike himself away. On this day when Jenny saw Will 81 un toward Seth Humphreys' mill, ^ e had planned to go to Liberty to w et some lumber for a piece of reiair work on the barn; some stud- ^ ling, and a bundle of shingles. He et out In the farm wagon, behind " lis slow team. Huldy asked wheth- t ir he would be home in time for ' Unner. Will thought not v "Don't have me on your mind. I'll >lck up a bite when I get back," d le said. -1 He took the steep road up the v >111; and a little above the house i V >e met Seth Humphreys' big truck, g 5eth at the wheel, descending. Will j11 ifted a hand to the other man as t hey passed by. Seth was hauling f lis sawed lumber to North Frater- i llty; but the easier road back to ' he mill would have brought him to < ;he Valley at Its foot, three or four I nlles lower down. Will was mild- 1 THE STATE PORT PIL ' . I y surprised that Seth should have j : :ome this way. 11 Yet the matter stayed not lobg In j ( lis mind. He thought casually that seth might mean to stop at Bart , Carey's. j He was fifteen or twenty minutes j 'rom the house when the right rear | vheel of his wagon dropped oft; i i ind Will, alighting to investigate, j ound that he had lost the nut ' | vhich held the wheel in place. He | valked back along the road, search- | ng In the ditch and by the road- j Ide for the lost nut; but the weeds \ vere tall In the ditch, and the nut scaped his search. In the end, as he quicker way, Will decided to ut down through the woods to his arm, where he could find a spare , int among the miscellaneous litter , f hardware which accumulateg in ( very farmer's shed; so he returned o the wagon and let the horses off < he road to let casual traffic pass iy, and tied them there. Then he et out to walk home. . It was not far, in a straight line hrough the woods. Five minutes i ast walking brought him into his pper field, with the house in plain Ight below. He paid it no partlclar heed at first, coming on rapilly to do this errand; but as he . rew nearer, he saw, stopped in the oad in front of the house, Seth . lumphreys' truck. Seth passing by, lust have alighted for a word with luldy. There was in this nothing nusual, yet Will vaguely resented > t, The inconvenience of the lost t ut had faintly frayed his temper; he sight of Seth's truck stopped ere?Seth must have been with ( luldy for a long half hour?made j nil's cheek hot, his pulse fretful. I , le went on toward the house more . wiftiy: and across the barnyard to . le kitchen door. j The door was ciosea; ana tms c as In some degree surprising, for ? le day was warm. Will opened ^ le door and stepped In. j Neither Huldy nor Seth was In f le kitchen; and when Will saw the j, Itchen empty, he stood rooted In is tracks for an instant that may c ave been longer. Then he called, j arshly, his wife's name. There as no reply. ,3 Beyond the kitchen lay the din- j s ig room. Will crossed to the din- I h ig room door. The bedroom opened j $ CE the dining room, in front of the t ouse, toward the road. The bed- a jom door was closed; but Will eard movement there, and strode h rnt way. His cheek was white as a :one. ri Before he could come to the door, b owever, it opened, and Huldy con- v onted him. She stood, smiling In- s )lently, as though she were just t wakened from deep sleep. II He said hoarsely: ''What you do- o >S ?" "I laid down a spell," she told n Im. f "Where's Seth gone to?" he de- t landed. a "Seth?" Her tone was amused, " erisive. s "His truck's in the road outside." s There was a window in the bed)om on the side toward the road; k lie turned to look out of this win- a ow, but without moving. "i don't a ie it," she retorted, maddeningly, ji Will brushed past hqr, himself! loked out. The truck In fact was 1; one; but the screen which be- f inged In the window lay on the j p round outside, and It was broken I t ame me for going on home. I'm j 1 111 a bride, and I'd like to have j 111 all to myself. I guess you J low how that is!" | And led Will, like a captive, vay. u When they were gone, Jenny was lent, hurt without knowing how e had been hurt, wounded with- ^ it being able to put her finger (j( i the wound; but Marm Pierce as not In the least mystified. w "She's a hussy!" she exclaimed. Vill's cut him off a bigger piece ^ an he can chew. She'll make him h ince a pretty tune." Jenny whirled toward the older ^ oman. "If she's not good to him, . 11 kill her!" she cried. So Marm Pierce perceived the (< rl's distress, and sought to ease t| :r. "There, Jen," she said qulek"Don't you mind! There's ^ >ught to do for Will now. You go . :ad the Book of Proverbs! You'll od a heap of wisdom there. 0 'ormwood will be his dish, soon or ^ te. Maybe If he'd read his Bible, ^ s'd have knowed better than to arry her; but I dunno. Many a v ian'8 let a woman take him with t er eyelids, like the Bible says. r ore Will 1" U "I'll . . Jenny whispered. "No and you won't," the old worn- g u interrupted stoutly. She shook r er head. "Nought you can do but 'ould make It worse for Will, and >r you, too, Jen. Stay away from ]( im. from the both of them. Let j re burn, Jen. It will come to ashes . y and by." And Jenny was hushed and si;nced; and the wise old woman * rent to get the supper on. Summer was upon them now, and j luring the months that followed, enny saw Will not at all. There | ras a stir of new activity In the 'alley, which served In some deTee as a distraction. In July, a ' aan named Seth Humphreys, from 8 lugusta, set up a steam mill not 8 ar below Marm Pierce's farm; and 1 iow and then some one of the men 1 vho worked there, with a minor ?. rut or wound, came to ask Marm 'lerce to heal his hurt for him. She lad a salve with virtues which were ! >ut they don't bring home any rout They go off down the brook >very day, and come back at night, ind no fish to fry. And they never lome before." Her eyes were uneasy. "It's that voman," she said. "I've heard 'em alk about her. They knowed her n Augusta; and Seth Humphreys, ( le did, too. One of 'em said the ither night that's the only reason >eth come and put a mill in here; io's to be handy to her. He. was j iot after her, to hear their tell, beore Will come along and married ler." Marm Pierce said assentingly: i'l :'d see the bind she was, first time | laid eyes on her." "Bart says she ain't more'n half lecent to Will," Amy reported. "He ays she's always taking a dig at lim, and him too blind to see. Bart ays he'd like to take a hoop-pole n her, the way she treats Will. Him j nd Will was always friendly." The older woman nodded. "Will, j ie'11 go along blind about so long nd then he'll wake up." she prelicted. "When he does, the fur's t ound to fly. The Ferrins was al- s rays slow to get mad. but it ain't afe to face 'em when they got t heir dander up. Man or woman, I t ain't wise to make too big a fool s f Will." t "Bart says he acts like she was s nade of gold and cream," Amy con- s essed. "snes goi win wanting iptoe around the house." She was moment silent, shivered faintly. The men act funny, after they've een her," she said. "It scares me, ome . . ." Marm Pierce nodded grimly. "I :now," she agreed. "Talking loud, nd bragging and blowing, and then -whispering. But yo're all right, tmy, with Bart there." Amy turned homeward presents' ; but Jenny did not return for a urther while. When she did ap ear. she gave no sign of what had lappened; but she had learned, hai afternoon, to understand Hully through and through. Leaving the house, she had set at at random toward the deep 1 lade of the woods. She came to le brook below Will's farm, and ayed there by the stream a while,, aning against a tree, her hands j ehind her, her eyes shadowed, jep in long thoughts of him; and resently she crossed the stream here bowlders gave a footing, j bove her, a rocky precipice rose I fty or sixty feet abruptly from the1' ead of the grout pile that sloped I own to the brook; but to one side j lere was a path she knew, where 8 y a steep scramble she might come 8 ? tho crpnHor slnnpu flhove. And : occurred to her that, going cau- , lously, she might have some far I Umpse of Will, busy In his fields, 'he thought drew her Irresistibly; c be began to climb. * She meant not to speak to Will r show herself to him; yet to see 1m, even from far off, would be applness. The trail was steep and she was j rarm and panting. At the top of be rise, the path swung to the I ight, where broken ledges served Ike a flight of stairs, to debouch at 1 ast upon a smooth ledge like an paulet on this shoulder of the hill. | lelow the ledge there was a tralght fall for sixty feet or more; 1 nd the ledge looked out across the i iwer trees across the sweep of val- 1 ey. Jenny knew the spot of old, i nd loved it, too. j But when she came there today, I luldy was before her. Jenny saw j ler In a confused Impression of taked flesh golden from the sun. 1 luldy lay at length on a mossy I iank at the head of the ledge, where t ow junipers served as a screen on I he side toward the house; and she 1 nust have heard Jenny's panting I tpproach, for as the girl appeared r ihe half-covereo herself with a gar- i nent caught up quickly. Yet did | lot rise, but still lay there, looking it Jenny with that smile the girl 1 'ound so disquieting. I Jenny for a moment could not ipeak; she stared at Huldy, and OT, SOUTHPORT, NORTH famous, and she could minister to the lesser physical ailments which sometimes attacked them. When one of these men appeared, Jenny stayed usually in the background; but they were a harmless lot, rough and strong and spending their days in hard physical toil, yet toward a woman gentle and shy. Sometimes she saw one or two of them slipping through the open land between the house and the woods toward the brook. A path from the mill cut through the woods direct to Carey's bridge. "Going up to sample Bart Carey's rum," Marm Pierce guessed with i grim disapproval. "Jen, you keep iway from them. Stay out of the woods, down that way. None of em to hurt you, less'n they was irunk; but I never did believe in putting idees Into a man's head, fou stay away." She had in fact some reasons for roncern which she did not explain :o Jen. People were apt to confide n this wise old woman, and she leard things Jenny did not bear, imy Carey, Bart's sister, came one Tftnnn hflH CTCtnO t<V ,vard the brook, bo that the old yoman was alone; and Amy was roubled. "The mill crew, they're around he house all the time," she exjlained. "And Bart, he's had a ;ouple men staying there from Aurusta. that let on they come to fish; ind Huldy returned to the little louse in the Valley, Jenny did not lee Will till October. Ordinarily, ly the third week in October, the ilders and the birch saplings are tripped; the oaks and beeches are osing their topmost leaves. But his year the first deep frost was 'ollowed by no rain nor wind to ear the bright leaves from their enuous hold, till in the last week >f October frost gripped the land igain. It settled heavy in the Valey; and when the sun rose, the eaves were locked in an icy clasp, leld in place by the very frost that vas their destruction. Then as he sun climbed higher and the day varmed, the frost melted and at irst by ones and twos dnd even by lozens and by scores, the leaves ;ame down, falling silently, like a jrlght rain of color through the voods. Jenny, at mid-morning, left the louse and went past the barn tovard the young second growth of )lrch and beech at the meadow-side, :o watch this silent falling rain of jright leaves; and she was there, fitting on the stone wall, warm in :he sun, when she saw a movement n the deeper shadows of the black growth, some two hundred yards iway. Saw a man running! CONTINUED NEXT WEEK Feeding a car of beef cattle .nd growing' vetcn and leapedeza n his farm each season has loubled the acre production on he farm of R. C. Williams of the lock Rest community in Union ounty. 1 ALLEY 21 21 fOTICE OF SALE OF LAND1 FOR TAXES BRUNSWICK COUNTY (Continued from Page 9) home 13.25 iabson, S. K., 17 acres New Home - 11.49 iabson, Mrs. S. K. 2 acres Formy Duval 1.55 iabson, W. A., 4% acres home. 600 acres Horespen. y. acre Babson. 18 acres W. M. Smith 16.37 iabson, W. R., 2 acres home .. 9.06 iabson, W. W.. 2 acres M. F. Babson 8.36 iaines, G. W., 1 acre woods. 1 acre R Babson woods 4.56 iear, Mrs. H. C. 210 acres wds. 11.69 lellamy, Mrs. Ethlind, 41 acres home. Bear land 14.85 iennett, Mrs. G. A? 100 acres home 11.31 Iennett, G. F? 30 acres home- 11.45 . iennett, H. C., 52 acres Bay and woods 9.13 iennett, J. Marlon, 14 acres home, 22 acres S. J. Bennett 16.25 . Iennett, N. B., est. 30 acres home, 30 acres bay 22.72 . iennett, S. W., 12 acres Bell Swamp 5.05 , lenton. Dolly, 50 acres woods- 4.90 lest, Mrs. Kate 15 acres woods 2.56 , Irady, B. L. & Bros., 20 acres woods 2.87 irady, B. Leroy, 91 acres home, 100 acres woods 19.30 , Irady, E. P., 75 acres woods.. 8.02 | irady, H. G? 91 acres home.. 21.70 irady, P. E? 75 acres woods.. 13.26 irady. Mrs. R A. 20 acres woods 2.25 irock, Mrs. Joe, 15 acres woods 2.49 irooks, J. W., 60 acres Horespen Bay. 1 acre G. W. B. and Store site, 213-16 acres Chas. Babson. 520 acres W. A Long 58.96 e CAROLINA Stared all around, and Huldy said In amused derision: 'There's nobody here only me!" "Somebody might come along," Jenny protested, her cheek crimson with shame for the other woman. "You hadn't ought to lay there like that. They'll see you!" Huldy's dark eyes widened. "What if they did?" she countered, smiling. And Jenny found no answer that could be uttered calmly. Then Huldy spoke again. "I guess yo're looking for Will," she said mockingly. "He's In the upper field." Deep color stained Jenny's cheek and brow, and drained away and left her white and still. She shook her head. "No," she said, huskily. "No!" "You're trailed around after htm a-plenty," Huldy insisted, in complacent scorn. "If you wanted him, why didn't you get him, Jenny?" Jenny had no weapons adequate for this encounter; she could not hope?or wish?to meet the other 1 woman on even terms. Yet there lay in her that long devotion to Will which was like a rock of strength upon which she could lean; anfl she found suddenly that she knew many things she had not guessed before. "I'd not want what xeu want from a man," she said steadily. "Nor bait him the way you do." Huldy's eyes narrowed in dry anger. "Nor you wouldn't get him, either," she retorted. "But If I did, I'd know how to keep him," Jenny countered. "And I that's one thing you'll never know!" j And she turned on her heel, so j swiftly that she left Huldy in a sort i of frenzy of rage. Jenny, dropping I down the trail to the brook again, heard the other's harsh, strangling objurgations hideous in the sunned beauty of the afternoon; till the sweet brook song filled her ears, drowning ugly sounds. And from that day Jenny understood Huldy, completely; and without word from Marm Pierce, or from Amy, or from any other at all. Yet, she went no more to the brook, or up the scrambling trail.' Between her and Will there was a barrier raised which she could never seek to pass or set aside; and j she accepted this fact, and found a i way to cloak her grief and sorrow. Only her heart brooded over Will In an agony of longing to protect dm from the hurt she knew must ome day come. After that day In June when he WEDNE Butler. J. G. estate 175 acres Overflow 7.64 I Canady, W. S., 55 acres home 14.38 Carlisle, Mrs. Ada. 6 acres home, I 4 acres Old Bay, 2 acres J. J. Long 5.52 j Carlisle, Dan, 13 acres home .. 7.341 Carlisle, D. C., 8 acres home.. 7.30 Carlisle, J. C., 15 acres home.. 6.42 Carlisle, John W. est. 12 acres home ? 6.30 Carlisle, M. C? 25 acres home.. 18.691 Clayton. J. E., 200 Reedy Branch, 150 acres Rutford Bay 43.89 1 Clewis, Butler, 8 acres home .. 2.46 Cliff, B. B? 2 acres home 5.51 j Cliff, Mrs. B. B? 2 acres home, 15-8 acres Long 5.45 Cliff, D. R., 2 acres home 4.64 ! Cliff, E. M? 3% acres home.... 8.001 Cliff, Mrs. Winnie, 20 acres W. M. Smith 4.78 | Coleman, Mrs. A. A., 33 acres woods, A. P. C. est., 7% acres Atkins, 2% acres Littlefield _ 7.77 Coleman, A. D.. 5 acres home, 22 6-10 acres old home 11.89 Coleman, Mrs. A. M., 20 acres home 4.96 Coleman, B. C? 22 acres home.. 16.44 Coleman, B. H.. 9 acres home, 6 acres B. C. Coleman 7.65 Coleman, H. A., 32 acres L. F. Coleman estate 12.97 Coleman, R. B., 20 acres A. P. Coleman, 47 acres Coleman and Coleman 16.12 Coleman, Mrs. S. C? 23 acres woods 2.44 Coleman, V. G? 6 acres home 3.03 Cox, J. H? 95 acres home 18.01 Duncan, E. C? 45 acres home.. 14.97 Duncan, Mrs. Edna, 13 acres M. E. S. estate 2.18 Dutton, F. R. and J. H., 40 ac_ res home, 85 acres Overflow 34.81 uutton, w. J., zs acres swamp Edwards, Miss C. L., 40 acres W. Edwards ? 2.87 Edwards, G. B. estate, 525 acres home and woods 29.14 Edwards, J. B? est. 180 acres woods, 41 acres McKeithan.. 13.08 Edwards, J. F., 48 acres home, 40 acres woods 10.52 Edwards, Ralph M., 46 acres home. 37% acres H. C. Bear, 21 acres R. Edwards. 17 acres Alligator, 60 acres Ward, 71 acres Q. A. Simmons 30.69! Evans, A. S., est., 96% acres woods .? ? 10.86 Evans, Mrs. C. M., 23 acres home _? 7.71 Evans, D. A., 10 acres woods, 10 acres home 10.11 j Evans, Mrs. D. M? 25 acres home, 20 acres woods ? 7.75 ] Evans, Mrs. Emma, 50 acres woods ?.. 4.12 Evans, E. E., 50 acres home. 9 4-10 acres Ben Long 13.94 Evans, J. E., 20 acres woods.. 4.81 Evans, J. W? 17 7-10 acres home 87 acres woods 15.46 Evans, Lonnie, 2 acres home ... 11.501 Evans, M. R.. 18 acres home, 2 acres woods 7.66 Evans, S. R., Ill acres home, 50 acres old home 30.10 Evans, W. B., 14 acres home .. 8.86 I Formy Duval, Mrs. Blantie, 22 acres home 17.86 i Formy Duval, O. P., 58 acres home 17.44 Formy Duval, P. D., 8 acres home 15.77 Formy Duval, T. P., 75 acres Overflow 5.68 . Gore, B. G., 62 acres home, 100 acres Skipper, 17 acres Pierce, 1 acre S. House 36.53 I Gore, Charlie, 25 acres home.... 11.04 | Gore, Mrs. Ethlyn, 13 acres home, 12 acres Mrs. E. R. B. 9.33 Gore, Hattie and Louise, 25 acres woods 2.96 Gore, L. E., 14 acres woods .. 4.34 Gore. W. P., estate, 10 acres Coleman 1.62 Gore, Youth, 47 acres home 14.10 Gray, J. B.. 60 acres home, 4 acres C. Sorsen, 7 acres Best 35.91 Grice, P. G., 4 acres home, 6 acres woods 7.57 Herring, Mrs. L. A. 13 acres Horsepen, 21% acres home.. 5.00 Hewett, Mrs. L. H., 18 acres woods - _ 2.40 Hewett, W. J., 18 acres home. 6 acres woods, 79 acres E. Holden 28.70 Holmes, Jas., 450 acres Caw Caw, 150 acres Brooks woods 13.48 Hughes, C. P. 60 acres home .. 16.88 Hughes, H. M., 35 acres home.. 6.72 Hughes, L. H. 11 acres M. Coleman, 5 acres B. C. Cole man, 7 acres nome io.?7 Inman, Austin 15 acres home, bal 6.69 Inman. D. L., 36 acres home .. 16.25 I Inman, H. B., 7% acres J. A. I. home 16.18 Inman, John A., 15 acres home *.47 Inman, Mrs. J. A., 11 acres, Rabbit Field 3.65 Inman, Jarvis B., 4 acres woods 4.63 i Inman, Jesse L., 12 acres farm, 17 acres woods. 13% acres J. R. estate 14.26 Inman, J. O. estate, 262 acres home 27.58 I Inman, L. J., 10 acres home 11.41 Inman, L. N. 6 acres. J. I. estate 4.16 Inman. Miss Rosie E? 20 acres R. F. Inman 2.25 Inman, Stephens A., 8 acres woodp 2.00 Inman. Mrs. Velma B.. 13 acres M. E. S. estate 1.41 ! Inman, W. H., 18 acres Inman 2.121 Inman, W. L., 125 acres home.. 24.66 Inman, W. T? 3 acres Point Field 1.71 ! Jenrette, C. H., 100 acres I. Jenrette _ 17.73 Jenrette, Isaac. 25 acres home and woods, 3 acres Long, 357 I ! acres Overflow, 47 acres farm and woods 41.46 ! Jenrette, John, 100 acres home, 200 acres Overflow ..._ 32.42 I Jenrette, Mrs. John. 100 acres Evans. 50 acres West Ash 35.01 I Jenrette, J. I., 81 acres home.. 27.77 Jenrette, W. R., 75 acres home 22.35 : Jenrette, W. Kimball, 100 acres Overflow 6.40 ! Jones, G. E. and G. O., 67% acres home 14.52 Jones, L. F? and J. P., 10 acres home, 3 acres swamp 9.04 ! Jones, M. J., 4 9-10 acres home 8.58 Kelly, Mrs. J. L., 20 acres wds. 2.56 King, C. H., 3 acres home, 3 ! acres John Evans, 24 acres woods. 3 acres B. Simmons 15.38 King, D. Fred, 3 9-16 acres C. ! B. Inman 5.06 King, Elroy, 1 acre home 8.65 ! King, Jack, 4 acres home, 10 . acres Inman 8.33 King, J. B? 180 acres home, ! 30 acres woods 27.33 King, J. D., 51-8 acres home, ! 50 acres Dead River, 1-8 acres ' Artesian Well, 50 acres Buzzard Bay 36.41 ! King, J. F., est., 25 acres Jen- ! nis 1.78 ! King, Jas. W., 56 acres home, 35 acres Milligan ? 21.90 i Kinp, M. K? 35 acres J. W. ! King estate, % acre D. F. King home 23.59 ' King, N. M., 188 acres home.. 17.00 King, W. H., 14 acre home, 8 acres farm and woods 7.54 : King, Wm. M? 6 acres home.. 14.10 1 King, Z. H., 4 acres home 4.54 Little, Mrs. Annie, 44 acres woods ... 3.53 1 Little, Mrs. A. J., est., 100 acres home 9.90 1 Little, A. V., 441-9 acres R. Little estate 2.37 1 Little, B., 228 acres home, 76 acres Myrtle Head 29.59 1 Little, Carson F? 60 acres home 13.59 ' Little, C. P., 15 acres Benton 6.29 Little, Ezekiel est., 270 acres woods 13.64 i Little, J. Batie, 70 acres home, 60 acres woods 16.65 1 Little, Miss Nellie, 44 acres R. Little 4.28 1 Little, Phenie. 44 acres, Rufus Little ? 3.74 Long, B. F., 74 acres S. Long 11.26 1 Long, D. B? 23 acres home, 15 . acres Long, 27 acres, W. R. COleman, 250 acres Old home, 38.18 1 Long, E. V? 8 acres home 5.05 Long. G. C.. 85 acres home, 30 acres Overflow, 30 acres A. ] S. estate 21.23 Long, H. H., 58 acres home, 6 acres woods 14.00 I Long. Henry P., 27% acres 1 home ...: 11.63 Long, J. B., 97% acres farm, 2 acres Jenrette, 20 acres J. i W. Long ."... 15.25 1 Long, J. M? 79 acres home ? 12.58 SPAY, AUGUST 2r , Long, J. o m ? Long, J. p ?0fea horn. iH tsretty Bay ^ "'J acrts" Long, Marshall, 33' a, r .^^B Ridge 3 B. j. O^B Long. O. \Y? 35% acre're --. Long. R. L. 66 acres' h0Z\ acres woods 25 ^B Long. W. A., 16% acivTh.r~-S^H Long. W. R? 73 acre* w* 50 acres J. P. Lone iW s Overflow _ **ttt Ludlum, Albert, 10 :TT,'...' k^^B Ludlum, Mrs. Alice ? '*T^^B home att*s ^B Ludlum. Mrs. A. M ti ~ old home " *** Ludlum, lien, 10n a, re< "AT home 1,11 ^^B Ludlum. J. K., 11:, in i,Lr- Ui^H Ludlum. Jesse L? 23 acres h?* 20 acres Harrell . n't?,^^B Ludlum, J. R.. 30 acres' ho*; Ludlum, Mrs. Lela, 50 JJJf U^H home " McArthur, J. H., 90 acres sTT King s 1 McCumbee, Hamilton, 20 7LL b^B old home _ CTt! ^B McCumbee, Mrs. M. I., llsT.' b^B res home, 36 acres E. D V11 liken ? ' ^B McCumbee, W. A., 3'-4 a'cLr '0^B home .? B McCumbee, W. R., 20 acres home .? __ ,^B McKeithan, W. C., 9 acres, H A. Coleman McKeithan, H. IV.. 91-3 ac~ woods ^B McKeithan, J. A.. It acres p" b'^^H Milligan, 3 acres Mrs. A Simmons .? ...B McKeithan, J. D., 215 acres Ov?r^^H flow - ' ,,^B Milliken. Elda, 47 acres home" . Milllken, E. D.. 33 acres home iT^I Milliken. M. C? 20 acres homJ * Milliken, Mrs. R. S.. t acre, home ... ,,^B Milliken, Mrs. Roxle, 92 acres B (arm and woods ? , Milliken, W. S., 16 acres home Mintz, Claudius. 24 acres home, B 160 acres Alligator. 13 acres ^B B. J. Mintz ? .... ___ h.^B Mintz, F. B? 61 acres M. 4 11 ,J^B Mintz. G. Wallace. 25 acres '^B home - Mintz and Mintz, 6 acres wool., *^B 104 acres Bear, 50 acres Big ^B Neck, 320 acres Alligator h,^B Mintz. M. N? 54 % acres hom? va^H Mintz, O. R., 35 acres home, lj ^^B acres M. & M. p.^B Parker, M. G., 101 acres home, ^B 15 acres McMamus :,,B Phelps. A. E.. Estate., 50 acres ^B A. P. estate _ ii^B Phelps, M. A., 30 acres home . ;; ,^B Pierce. A. C? 6 acres home, ^B 12 acres woods _ m^B Piver, R. C? 49% acres farm and woods, 42 acres home, lis B acres R. W. Andrews. 14 acre Church site, 10 acres swamp ... " - n . :%B| Pope, Mrs. E. F., 22 acres wdi p.B Price, Lee, 5Vi aces home. B 414 acres J. R, Inman estate, ^B 5 acres J. A. Inman est ;>B Pruitt H. M? 23 acres home _ Pruitt. O. D? 23 acres home UjB Pruitt, O. L? 73 acres home... ir'.B Ray. Mrs. Bessie. 30 acres B home ? -j--.- *-UH Rav Seymour, 35 acres B. J. Jenrette. M?0 acres Overflow UB Reeves, W. H? 100 acres Over- B RoW .... I Ross David. 1 acre home. bal. ;>B Ross, S. C? 17 acres home, 1! _ B acres swamp Russ A J-. 83 acre? home {] Ru'ss' C G? 27% acres woods i:B Russ J J 50 acres form and B woods, 48 acres home ^...... PnecsO CS V 1 "iPl" i."' V ~"J~ JtTClJ Neck Woods Scott. Robt. XI.. l acre" qT~ Swamp ' ], Severine, Frank, 8 acres home n Simmons. B. G. 30 u acres home 23 acres R. E. Flynn ?? Simmons. G. C., 14 acres horns bal. I. Simmons, G. W. V.. 10 acres home. 6 acres Inman Hj Simmons, J. v., 32 acres home, 175 acres XVhaley _ ;ij Simmons, Lon R.. 21 acres h lit Simmons. Mrs. Maggie Long, 20 acres farm and woods . (J Simmons, R. M? 18 acres home 16 acres .. kj Simmons, R. P.,' 16 acres home ill Simmons, \V. V? 14 acres home 1084 acres H. Smith 113 Smith, A. J., 7'i acres home. 1384 acres A. R. S. est. _... LI Smith, Mrs. Bessie, 1V> acres home :? Smith. B. L., 21 acres old home 81 acres W. W. Smith. 128 acres woods and Overflow ... 41* Smith, Cordie, 9 acres XL E. S. estate 11 Smith, Dorcey C., 47 acres home 68 acres woods 3.! Smith, E. B? 8'4 acres home - 16 Smith. E. C., est. 60 acres Overflow, 50 acres Rhodes 113 Smith. E. D., 43 acres J. D. Ludlum ? 111 Smith, E. G? Jr., 14 acres wds. li Smith, E. L., 22 acres home . 11# Smith, F. M., 30 acres home and woods, 10 acres old home 113 Smith, Grady, 18 acres home.- 132 Smith. G. V.. 60 acres W. A. Long, 15 acres Home, 50 acrej J. R. Smith, 6 acres Williamson, 80 acres Overflow ? Smith. H. W? 12 acres home. 12 acres Old Bay. 25 acres woods, 103 acres Nap Bay. 90 acres Polly Bridge ?- ?3 Smith, J. G? 9 acres home. 1 acre Hickman, 3 9-10 acres B Smith estate J;L Smith, Lacy, 28"i acres horn" i-? Smith, Miss Lovie, 9 acres M. E. S. estate ..._ Smith, M. B? 17 acres XL E S. land 1, Smith, Olen. 12 acres home -ij Smith. O. H.. 13U acres home t? Smith. Mrs. R. O. 9 acres Overflow ? 13 Smith, S. L.. 50 acres home. 118 acres land, 30 acres wis. ?? Smith. T. R., 96 acres old home. 11 acres woods, 50 acres T. _ land :m Smith, T. S.. 11 acres home - ? Smith. Wm. A., Sr.. home, 50 acres Sheep Ft. sacres woods .? ??ujj Smith. Winson. 9 acres home " Smith, W. D? 18 acres home. acres woods - ,n ~~ Stanley. Byron. 7 acres home. ^ 6 acres C. L. Stanley --- ^ Stanley. .C. L? 40 acres home- e Stanley. H. V., 10 acres home. JJ( 20 acres Overflow - ~r Stanley. J. XV. 30 acres home. u# 100 acres Overflow Stanley. Mrs. M. F? 51 acres Edwards ? r^r* III Stanley, O. L.. 28 acres home - (#) Stanley. XV. D? Sr.. 28 ac. h? Stanley, W. D., Jr.. 9 " Stevens, Mrs. L. J-. 77 a jg.M home .......... I* Stout, Mrs. R. L. 8 acres home Sommersett, Sam est. 10 a ^ j,g Home ... Tally. W. M.', 100 acres Over- ^ i*r y* acres Stanley est !? * Ward. Geo. B., 50 acres farm iB ind woods, 1 acre school house v>ard, g. B., 100 acres home. 37*^ acres Biff Bav ? ;:!il Watts, F. G.. 15' ai res home. ""B Watts, M. B., 1" acre Duval farm " Watts, Mrs. M. I.. 1 acre home. ? 8 acres Formv Duval White. W. J. 24 acres farm and woods. 280 acres home. Wright, H. L? 100 acres home.. Wright. Mrs. H. L.. 33 acres ? Overflow, 10 acres woods ? WACCAMAW TOWNSHIP (Colored.1 REAL ESTATE, Brown. J. B.. and L. H. Mar. . _ lowe, 120 acres Wash Eva"? lJ Brown. J. B., 21 acres home. 2S acres A. J. Marlowe. 2 acres B. F. Babson - {(fl I Bowens, Henry, 21'? ac. home. Tames, Mrs. Bessie 2 acres oia f^ing, Lewis, S* acres home. 30 I acres Formy Duval, 45 acres B. B. aiff 1 I Marlowe. Thos,, est. 67 a' res ..jj Thos. M. estate ? -r jjl Marshburn, Frank, 11 acres h. , ^ Marshburn, D. J.. 13 acres h M Pigford. Cary, 101 acres home. 3 acres old home. 6 acres ' 0 |ifl . 58 acres woods n>M " ' en acres home Stanley, in. a.. ?? - g iVashlngton^Henry, ^N-p_

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