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The State port pilot. (Southport, N.C.) 1928-current, April 21, 1937, Image 1

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The Pilot Covers Brunswick County VOLUME TEN Ericksen U Re-nominai As Mayor C Nominating Convention Met Monday Night In Courthouse And By Acclimation Re-Nominated Present Mayor VOTERS OF FIRST WARD MEET TONIGHT T o n i g h t's (Wednesdays) Meeting Will Be Held At Seven O'clock; Others Will Be Held At 7:30 O'clock Mayor John D. Ericksen was the unanimous choice of the voters to succeed himself as head of the Southport city government at the nominating convention held Monday night in the Brunswick | county courthouse. Nomination at a convention is equivalent to ele' ction, although that formality I will take place on Saturday, May 8. The name of Mayor Ericksen was placed before the convention by R. W. Davis, Southport attorney. who recalled the outstanding achievements of the present city administration. He added that one successful term of office justified another opportunity for service, and nominated Mayor Ericksen. Motion that the nomiKi> eleseH then was made I by C. Ed Taylor, another Southport attorney. When this njotion passed. Mr. Taylor asked the members of the convention to make the nomination unanimous by rising to their feet. The meeting was presided over by L. T. Yaskell. chairman of the citizens committee. Tonight (Wednesday) at 7:00 o'clock voters of the first ward will meet in the courthouse to nominate two candidates for the board of aldermen. Thursday night "at 7T30" o'clock the voters of the second ward will nominate their candidates. Voters 'of the third ward will meet on Friday night at the same hour to nominate their two representatives to the city board. Once more attention is called to the fact that citizens must register before Saturday, May 1, in order to be eligible to vote in the city election. Little Bits Of Big News News Events Of State, Nation and World-Wide Interest During Past Week Iloey Dry Aligning himself solidly with North Carolina's dry forces, Governor Hocy asserted Tuesday the "defeat of liquor stores in the elections soon to be ' ' ' ' ' urkAlnonmo |nci<i wouiu oc 11wnw.v???-v an<l beneficial to the whole state." The statement, issued at the request of Dr. M. T. Plylcr. of Durham, editor of the Christian Advocate, was the first the governor has made on the liquor question since taking office last JanuCoofier Wins Thomas Edward Cooper, 49ycar-old former banker, who served two prison sentences for violation of the banking laws, was yesterday elected mayor of Wilmington by the most imposing majority ever accorded a candidate for that office since the establishment of the present commission form of government in 1921. Complete returns from the ten voting precincts of the city showed that Cooper garnered 3,208 votes to 2,112 for Walter H. Blair, for 12 years chief executive of the city. Cooper swept every precinct in the In The Red President Roosevelt told congress. Tuesday that latest figures indicate the government will go $418,000,000 into the red in the 1938 fiscal year the eighth successive year of federal deficits. However, ho called for economy, said he would use "every means at my command." to wipe out the threatened deficit and indicated that new taxes maybe sought in the next session of congress to close the gap between income and outgo. The President laid the figures beHjB ,. ioie legislators in a message I ... ICorttinued on Page 4) TH1 NO. 12 nanimously ted Monday )f Southport SentelieWifl Move From Here Brunswick County Representative Has Announced Plans To Move From Southport To Practice Law In Western North Carolina Representative R. E. Sen telle said Monday that he and his family will move from Southport [ to Western North Carolina, where he is considering two very attractive offers to form a law partnership. He and Mrs. Sentelle are packing their furniture and other belonging this week and will leave just as soon as he can wind up his local law practice, he said. Denying reports that he was arrested several days ago in Montgomery county for drunken driving, the Brunswick county representative to the last two sessions of the North Carolina general assembly declared that these developments have in no way influenced his decision to move. He declared that either of the two law openings which he has under consideration hold greater promise or nnanciai remuneration than he could expect in Brunswick county. | Mr. Sentelle came to Southport , in 1928 as county superintendent of schools, a position which he ! held until he resigned in January. 1935. to go to the legislature. During the past year he j served as solicitor of the Brunswick county Recorder's Court. During his residence in Brunswick county Mr. Sentelle has ! been actively identified with church work, and for three years has been superintendent of the Southport Baptist Sunday School Shallotte Boy Joins The Navy James Clarence Chadwick, Son Of Mr. and Mrs. John V. Chadwick, Was Enlisted In U. S. Navy Last Week Jamea Clarence Chadwick, age 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. John V. Chadwick, of route 2, Shallotte, was enlisted in the navy Thursday, April 15. He is a graduate of Shallotte high school. Chadwick was enlisted through the Wilmington recruiting office, along with four other boys from the Wilmington district which include the following counties: Brunswick, Columbus, Bladen, Sampson, Duplin, Pender ana New Hanover. This months quota was the largest number to be enlisted through the Wilmington office in one month since the office was re-opened in July, 1935. It is expected that a larger quota will be assigned to this district Dt the near future. This expectation is based on the fact that thq monthly quota for the [entire United Stated is to be increased from 1200 per month to 1450 per month in the near fu! turc. Men who are interested in the J navy should apply at Navy Rejcruiting office room 337, CustomI House, Wilmington, and get their 'name on the list in order to be [eligible for an early call. Attention To Painting Homes With The Spring Comes An Urge To Clean Up The Premises And Beautify Homes With winter's accumulation of soot and dirt out of the way and ! spring rains and sunshine bright[ening the lawn and flower garden, home owners begin clean-up and paint-up campaigns on their houses and yards. The occupant of a home who does not take pride in the appearance of his ; yard and living quarters is an exception. The central point of [ attack in the campaign is the [painting of the house or other buildings, so in the spring home owners' thoughts turn to paint. The U. S. Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wis., in line! with its general activities on the] more efficient utilization of wood, | has accumulated much informa-1 ' tion on the painting of wood J I which can be put to good use in ' the spring paint-up campaign. (Continued on Page 3.) j E ST A Go< 4-PAGES TOD A' ???? Frank Graham Finals Speaker At Shallott President Of Greater Un versity Of North Carolin Will Deliver Graduatin I Address Thursday Nigh April 29th FINALS TO BEGIN SUNDAY AFTERNOO | Baccalaureate Sermon Wi I Be Delivered By The Rev. M. W. Maness, Former Faculty Member The annual commencement e: ercises at Shallotte high scho will come to a close Thursds evening. April 29, with an a dress by Dr. Brank Grahai president of the Greater Unive sity of North Carolina. The commencement progra begins Sunday morning at 11:1 o'clock when the Rev. M. \ Maness, formerly a teacher in tl Shallotte school, but now a M thodist minister, will deliver tl baccalaureate sermon. On Monday evening, April 2 I at 8 o'clock, the high school de | lamation and reading contes will be held. The class day exe ' cises will be held at 8:00 o'clo< ! Wednesday evening, April 28. The final program, featurir I the address by Dr. Graham, w begin at 8 o'clock Thursday ev ning. Graduates and old studen J of the University of North Car !lina, N. C. State College and \ C. U. N. C., are urged to hei his talk, which will mark h first public appearance in Brun wick county. The seniors will be given the diplomas by Chas. E. Gaus chairman of the Brunswi( i County Board of Education. Wildlife Needs Plenty Of Cove Important To Provide Fee And Cover For Gair Birds If They Are 1 Continue To Inhabit Ot Section A bird in the hand may 1 worth two in the bush, but there are not enough "bushe j to provide cover and food f j wildlife, "we may not have ai ibirds or other game in the bush jsair H. J. Hush, biologist of tl j Soil Conservation Service. Birds have rightfully been c; I led "friends of the farmer." Bir I ask little in return for the se I vices they render. Rush said, y j they can be of considerable a 'sistance in producing health j clean crops, free from insects ai noxious weeds. With the exception of a rel ! tively few game preserves, wil j lift- is confined to farm lands ai j depends on tnem lor toou, sncu I and nesting sites. At practically no cost, and 1 devoting a small amount of ti time to wildlife assistance, Ru pointed out, the farmer can ma! havonf. for wildlife on fields nc idle and severely eroded. Lcspedcza provides good foi and cover for quail. In cuttii lespedeza, Rush recommends th (Continued on Page Four) Ash Woman's Club Women In Meetin The April meeting of the A | Woman's Home Demonstrate Club met with Mrs. Lois Forn Duval. Mrs. Marion S. Dosh< the home agent, who was pre ent, gave an interesting and hel ful demonstration on flower a rangemcnt. Mrs. Dosher cover the subject thoroughly and tl women learned many importa facts concerning the correct wi of cutting and arranging flowei Those attending were Mrs. M. Crawford, president, Mrs. Je sie Purvis, Mrs. James Purv: Mrs. Lois Formy Duval, Ml Maud Long and Mrs. Del Smith. The meeting adjourned 4:00 o'clock to meet with Mi W. J. Purvis in May. To Present Play Thursday Nigl Members of the Southporthif (school dramatics club will pr (sent a three-act comedy "Where Grandma," Thursday evening the high school auditorium. Tl time is 8 o'clock. The play is a fast-moving fa ce. that comes to a happy endir following the solution of a ro bery. Characters in the play includ Mary Alice Lewis, Thelma Joh son, James McKeithan. Edwai Taylor, Mayzel Lewis, Vera Jo gensen, Helen Dean Sutton, Ro ert Marlow and Susie Sellars. ATE od Newspaper I] r Southport, N. C Dr. M. H. Rou Chief Of 0 Action Taken At Recent Meeting Of Hospital Staff j At Request Of Dr. ArthJ ur Dosher f DR. DOSHER WILL HAVE NEEDED REST Dr. Rourk Was Formerly A N Member Of Local Hospital al Staff; Practices Medicine At Shallotte Dr. M. H. Rourk, of Shallotte, has been recommended by memx. j bers of the hospital staff to suc01 j ceed Dr. J. Arthur Dosher as 'V j chief of staff at the Brunswick c'"' County Hospital. This action was r'_ j taken at the request of Dr. Dosher, who will continue to be m associated with the local insti30 tution as consulting surgeon. V. t Members of the board of trusle | tees for the hospital have not e-1 met since this action was taken ie, by the staff, but it is expected that they will comply with the 6, recommendation, c-1 Dr. Rourk is well known in Gniifhmirt havine' been associat CO I ?, o r-' ed with Dr. Dosher at the Bruns;k wick County Hospital several years ago. For the past year he lg has practiced medicine at Shalill lotte. He is expected to assume e- full duties as chief of staff withts I in the near future, but this will o- in no way affect his practice in V. the Shallottc community. lr - Boys Enjoy A I Delightful \ j . - m ? .. + SCHOOL FINALS NEXT1 WEEK AT SOUTHPORTI The spring play which will | lie presented Tlnirsd^i evening j by members of the dramatics | class will usher in the com-1 d niencement season for South-} ie port high school. ' 'o The Rev. .Mr. Neilson, pastor I ir ol' Mills Home Baptist church, | will deliver the baccalaureate J sermon Sunday evening at 8! be o'clock in the high school audi- I if torium. There will 1m- special j s" music by the high school glee} or club. ly The annual high school dec- I i," tarnation and recitation con- j tic test will 1m- held .Monday eve- j ning at 8 o'clock, and the I il- graduation exercises, featuring J ds an address by Solicitor J. J.j r- Biirney, will be held Wcdnes-! et day. ,s- ! y " " '* id SPENT VACATION f? r TV /~1 u.-sn melrnofnr f\f f rui. n. v_/. i lunv, inokt u^kvi wi. a- French and Italian in the Univcrd-;sity of North Carolina, at Chapid el Hill, took advantage of the er spring vacation last week and came to Southport for his first by! visit here. Prof. Huse is one of lis j those friendly, affable fellows sh who always make friends. He ke made many here and they are iw glad to know that he plans to return for a portion of the sumad j mcr. ^ VACATION Miss Gladys T. Dozicr, clerk in the Register of Deeds Office, is having a two weeks vacation. ; Yachtsmen Enjoy Ty Over s" i According to the yachtmen ^ i now going north in a stead| ily increasing stream on tic | boats large and small, they nt would make a stop here in iy; preference to any point on 's ' the coast. B. For the past week the s" boats making the overnight is. stop have all been rather "s. large. The average number a I of men in the crews would at I probably run to eight or ten, s. j and some of the craft were I regular floating palaces. | Among the boats of unI usual size and interest have I been in port this past week it were the LaVcrriere, owned by Arthur J. Moulton, of ;h Palm Beach, with Captain E. e- Channing in charge. On her 's spacious decks this yacht in carried several speed boats le and two racing sailing yachts. in addition to the normal r- lifeboat equipment, lg The Sea Owl, owned by b- Powell Crosley, of radio fame, of Cincinnati. Ohio, e: was another interesting craf^ n- as was the Araba, of New rd York. Captain John F. Jorr dan. b- * In fact, there have been so many magnificent boats pas-. POR n A Good Cor I., Wednesday, April rk Is Made Hospital Stafi * S A<- - ?-' -/9 DR. M. H. ROURK | Members of the hospital sta; have the greatest respect ar admiration for Dr. Dosher ar his ability as a surgeon, and is their hope that rest and trea ment will restore the health ( Dr. Dosher sufficiently that I mav resume active surgery. The hospital staff is comprise jOf Dr. Arthur Dosher, Dr. VVr S. Dosher. Dr. M. H. Rourk. Mr |Harriettc N. Porter ami J. Per; dvantages Of Tropical Islam Y Eleven Whitevilie Youth Spend Four Days 0 Bald Head Island Nea Southport FIND PEACHES MOST AT RIPENING STAG Find That Island Enjoj I Advantage Of Much Interesting Lore; Sits In The Middle Of The Gulf Stream Thursday afternoon cleve : Whitevilie youths and their lei ders, Lee Greer and Marvin Allt left Whitevilie for Bald Head I [land where they spent three da; which were full of activity. Through the courtesy of tl i Sea Scouts at Southport, tl [visitors were able to use a lor twenty-five foot boat to rnal j the trip across the river to tl island. While on the island the bo; camped at the old hotel, now d | sorted. Trips were made to tl ; Coast Guard Station. Light houi and the Quarantine Statio I where the boys learned first har iinformation about the work i these Government units. The boys explored the islai and found innumerable pal trees and other tropical vegiti tion. I^arge sand dunes added their pleasure while boats plov dng along the coast caused the I to forget their play and run I ithc beach to get an eye full i the boats entering and Icavir the harbor. Nothing on the i (Continued on. Page 4.) Stopping night In Southpor sing during the past week that it is a difficult task to single any boats out for special mention. The following other boats. making the overnight stop here, all registered with the Civic Club to ask for the basing of a medium sized Coast Guard Cutter at Southport: L. C. Conant, Rambler, Buffalo, N. Y.; R. T. Lewis, Shearwater, Philadelphia, Pa.; O. F. Broseck, Dream Girl, Philadelphia, Pa.; Joseph F. Ott, Alura, Richmond. Va.; Joseph J. Stewart, Sweetheart n, Atlantic City, N. J.; Lambert Knight, Pompano, Vineyard Haven, Mass.: K. Mitchell, Release, New York City; L. B. Blake, Motor Sailor Pompano, New York: I C. McCormick. Nancy, Fall I River, Mass.; L. B. Lockj wood, Skeetee, Philadelphia, Pa.: E. Sullivan. Sammit. N. Y.; Frank (Purwise) Holly, Holly III. E. Rockaway, L. i I. N. Y.; N. C. Levegins. Annette R., New York. N. Y.; John S. Oliver. Hope III, N. Y.: G. E. Murkshc. Audlee. Detroit. Mich.: M. M. Gothberg, Dolphin, Philadelphia, Fa.; Walter W. Roscoe, Sea Dream, New York. T PIL nmunity 21st, 1937 ?UBLlst Annual Flower q Show Will Be Held May 6th Mrs. Annie K. Vitou Is General Chairman In : Charge Of Flower Show I Again This Year ' CASH PRIZES ARE TO BE AWARDED Annual Show Held Under ' The Auspices Of South- ; port Woman's Club Will Be Held In The Community Building Here _ ! i The annual flower show spon-1 ii | sored by members of the South- c j port Woman's Club will be held J ? (on the afternoon of Thursday, t [ May 6, in the Southport Com- s munity Center Building. Mrs. An- ( nic K. Vitou will serve as gen- j eral chairman of the show again this year. t Eveiyone is invited to enter j exhibits, as cash prizes will be j x ! offered winners. All exhibits must ~: be in by 11 o'clock on the day ? | of the flower show. ' The following committees have ' '.t. been appointed: ' Registration: Mesdames Mary ' " S. Thompson, I. B. Bussels, R.:' ^! C. St. George, Ida Potter Watson and Ross Livingston. ] i j Arrangement: Mrs. C. G. Ruark, Misses Mary Weeks and Susie Newton. Publicity: Mesdames C. Ed J Taylor and Ida Potter Watson. - Judging and awards: Mesdames Rufus Dosher, chairman, Frederick B. Bond, Charles Greer and: Alan Ewing. I] Y Class A Artistic Arrangement I Roses, Larkspurs, Gladiolus. Ragged Robins, Lilies, Violets, ,s (Continued on Pago Kour) r Bolivia Begins School Finals E , rs Music Recital Which Is ' Scheduled For Friday ' Night Opens Commence- : ment Program; Graduation Wednesday Night n A music recital by students of . j. the music instructor, Mrs. Can- . non, will open the commencement , n' program at Bolivia Friday night. ( s* The annual baccalaureate ser- i. rs mon will be delivered Sunday ev- . ening at 8 o'clock in the high i le school auditorium by the Rev.' le Mr. Jordan, of Wilmington. j, ig On Tuesday evening the annual ( le senior class day exercises will be le held, anil on Wednesday evening j at 8 o'clock the graduation exer- j rs cises will take place in the high j 0-! school auditorium. I J Playwright To Help Celebrate id Paul Green Has Written to Pageant To Be Presented k._ As Part Of Virginia Dare m Celebration At Manteo to This Summer 5f 1!f Manteo, April 20.?It's a uni3. que historical event, indeed, which can enlist the dramatic en- I thusiasm of such a notable thea- 1 ' trical figure as Paul Green, of, The University of North Caro-1! lina, Broadway and the movie ( lots of Hollywood. i 1- But for the 350th celebration' [ ^ j of the first white child of Eng| lish parentage in America, Vir- i ginia Dare, Paul Green, whose \ play In Abraham's Bosom, won \ the Pulitzer Prize in 1927, has written The Lost Colony. This < dramatic pageant will tell poig- I nantly the tragic story of Sir 1 Walter Raleigh's effort at colo- 1 nizing Virginia, the first cxten- s sivc attempt at stabilizing New World development. j Almost two hundred actors, professional and amateur, will be directed in this pageant by no less a personage, than Professor Fred H. Koch, also of the Uni-, i (Continued on Page Four) c Local People J At Conference a ,c The district Methodist confer- t cncc held Friday at Fairmont t was attended by the following jSouthport people: The Rev. and ? Mrs. E. M. Hall, Mrs. Annie Fer- t guson. Miss Veroca Colburn. Cap- f tain Charles N. Swann, B. J. 1 Holden and C. Ed Taylor. I Mr. Taylor was elected a delegate from this district to the l annual conference. W. A. McGirt. 1 of Wilmington, was elected dis- 1 trict lay-leader. The next district 1 conference will be held at the Carvers Creek Methodist church, i I :n Bladen county. j1 ,0T iED EVERY WEDNESDA1 Members C School Bo Public H bishops Crusade To Be Observed special Service Planned At Trinity Methodist Church Wednesday Evening And Sunday Morning The commemoration celebration mown as the Bishop's Cpusadt n the Methodist Episcopal chur:h. South, will reach its climas Sunday and will be observed liroughout the church by specia1 ervices on Friday evening ol his week and on Sunday. On account of the exercises ir he high school on Friday cycling, Trinity church of Southporl vill hold a service on Wedncsdaj it 8 o'clock with a program ani lageant and sociable. The Sun lay morning service will featuri :his event. The entire member ihip of the church is urged t( ittend this service. A national broadcast progran vill be heard over 'VPTF 01 roesrlav (>venine- at 7:30 o'clock Fine Results Of Seal Sales Mrs. S. B. Frink Was Ii Charge Of Cripple Chil dren Seal Sales Conduc ted In Brunswick Count; The Welfare Department wish js to announce that the Cripple* Children's Seal Sales was a bij success this year. Under th leadership of Mrs. S. B. Flint sind with the co-operation of th principals, teachers and childre if the Brunswick county schools i fine spirit was worked up an nearly 6,000 seals were sold i: the two-week period just ended. This money has been put asid is a special fund to be used i; iclping buy braces or other need for crippled children in this coun ty. Through an arrangement witl the State League for Cripple* Children it is possible that addi tional funds for this purpose ma; ne secured. While this is a small begin ning, it is very gratifying to th Welfare Department to know tha neople are sympathetic with crip pled children, and arc willing t support a program set up fo this purpose. ' Mrs. Frink desires to thank al )f those who helped her in thi program, and wishes particularl; to point out the Leland school vhich lead in the school efforts followed closely by Shallottc I'ho nth vrado at Leland, taugh !>y Miss Agnes White, and th 5th grade at the same school aught by Miss Bessie Atkinson ye re the leaders in this school. Phoenix Dew. Club Women Met April 11 The Phoenix Home Demonstra don club met with Mrs. Jacl Reynolds Monday, April 12. The president, Mrs. C. W 5haw, called the meeting to or ler. After a short business meet ng the leaders of the varioui irojects reported. Mrs. M. S. Doshcr gave a ver; nstruetive demonstration on flo ver arrangement. Refreshment! vere served by the hostess. Those present were Mrs. J. C 'hadwick, Mrs. C. W. Shaw, Mrs lugh Osteryork, Miss Dora Ful er, Mrs. E. Thorp, Mrs. Joe P fcrzaal. and Mrs. Marion S. Do iher, home agent. ':xuw Demonstration Club Women Meet The Exum Demonstration Clul nceting was held at the homi >f Mrs. Irksene Vereen, Wednes lay, April 14th. The meeting wa: :alled to order by the president >y whom the reading of collcc ind a song was led. After a brie! liscussion of business matters he meeting was turned over t< he home agent. Mrs. Marion S. Doshcr, agent rave an interesting talk on flow r arrangement, how to rearran re flowers for various views an< tow to give them their best ap tearance. Those attending the meetinf vere: Mesdames D. G. Ray, J d. Fearnside, J. E. Dodson. W 3. Edwards, Rosa Vereen, Misse >na and Evelyn Mintz. There being no other business die meeting adjourned to mee vith Mrs. Burris Russ in May. & 1 *">* * JB Most Of The News All The Time ??? ????? IT $1.50 PER YEAR >f Local I ards Made I ere Monday I Captain I. B. Bussels Is The ^|B Only New Member Of Hflj The Southport Committee; Complete Change At HH Leland And Bolivia BH TWO MEMBERS ARE HB ADDED AT SHALLOTTE The Fact That There Are Two Schools In That District Accounts For The Added Members Members of the County Hoard I of Education met here Monday I and elected committeemen for the fl^B ' five consolidated schools of the hB county. ^^B Captain I. B. Bussels is tho^^^fl only new member of the Southport school board. He succeeds t Captain J. B. Church, who re-^^H r signed after serving for several ^BB I months on the old board. Other members are Mrs. E. H. Crnn, mer and Carl Ward. Because there are two schools B^B j in the Shallottc-Lockwoods Folly ^BH district, a five-man board was BB| , appointed. TTiis body is compos- IB j ed of the three members of the B9B I old board, Floyd Kirby, W. H. Varnam and Henry Williams, and^^H two members, 1 >r. M. H. Rourk and Roland Mintz. ^^B j At Waccamaw only one member of the oi. 1 committee, Arm| strong Evans, was re-appointed. The other two are Hester Varcen^JH | and George Ward. 9BB i The Bolivia scnoui muiu 10 - 1 composed of throe new members. - They A. P. Henry, Ernest 1 {Gilbert ami Dornian Mercer. B^l i There are three new men on "'the school boat 1 at Leland. They I H J are Dan Willetts, L. H. Reynolds Ifl % anil Steve Mintz. e ________ I^H Couimeacciiieiii Training School Annual Commencement Exn / ercises Will Begin Suns ' day At Brunswick County Training School; Grali duation Thursday H The commencement exercises yjof Brunswick County Negro Tra-^^B fining; School will begin with thc^^B baccalaureate service April 25th^^^| e |at 3:30 o'clock in the school audU^^H t torium. 'Ihc sermon will be dcH-^HB vereil by the Rev. Joseph Tay-HH9 0 lor. Presbyterian minister ofWii^^^B mington. H On Monday. April 26th, thc^^H 1 senior class play, "Ginger Girl"B^H s will be presented at 8 o'clock, y Wednesday, April 28, 8 o'clock, I Class night program will be pre-^^Hj sen tod by the senior high school. The climax of the commencet ment program will be held on e Thursday. April 29tlf, at 8:00^^H o'clock, with Professor W. D. I' Scales of State Normal SchooI,^^H at Faycttcvillc, speaker of the I occasion. Salutatory address will lie by Joseph Morris; valedictory by^^fl ) Horace Gibhs. The diplomas vvill^HB , f>e presented by Miss Annie May^Bfl iWoodsidc. Supt. of schools, to the^^H following graduates: Winston Brown, Horace Gibbs, I I Alonza Hankirfs. Wood row Han'Ikins, Elbert Jackson, Van Gal-H|H 1 loway, James Johnson, Joseph^^H Morris. David Williams, HuberB^BB 3 Williams, Sadie Donaldson, Lilli-^^B an Frink, Catherine Goodall, Na-'HH omi Loftin, Elizabeth McKcnzie^^B , and Eleanor Swain. J^^B Tide Table Following is the tide table for Southport during the next week. These hours are approximately correct and were furnished The State Fort Pilot IMH through the courtesy of the j Cape Fear Filet's Association. ^BJ 1 ! High Tide Low Tide Thursday, April 31 j^^B I 6:08 a. m. ???? j 6:3- p. m. 13:11 p. m. BB i j Friday, April 22 ^^B r j 6:53 a. m. 13:13 a. m. ^^B j 7:10 p. m. 13:51 p. m. H| j | Saturday, April 31 7:31 a. m. 1:36 a. m. 7:46 p. in. 1:36 p. m. Sunday, April 35 8:10 a. ni. 3:00 a. m. j 8:19 p. m. 3:16 p. m. '^fl| Monday, April 36 |H 8:16 a. m. 3:49 a. m. . I 8:51 p. 3:55 p. in. j Tuesday, April 37 j^Bj '| j 9:30 a. in. 3:38 a. m. s j 9:33 p. m. 3:30 p. in. Wednesday, April 38 Cfl| , | { 9:55 a. m. ' 4:06 a. m. t : 9:53 p. in. ' 4:$3 p. m. BB jl ir_ _ i

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