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The State port pilot. (Southport, N.C.) 1928-current, September 21, 1938, Image 1

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Most Of The News a All The Time klume ten no. emocrats Talk Over Campaign 3 Plans For Fall formal Meeting Held On Monday Night In Com oiunity Center Building To Discuss Program For Genera I Election i candidates wt attend meeting , A Single Discordant 0lc Sounded In Gather ,: Of Party Leaders From All Sections Of County xenibf's of the Democratic held an informal meeting ^Kgjgy niy;ht at the Community gt?r Building in Southport, and to present a united front Kg fall in their battle with the - for offices being con jN in the general election. every candidate was present, most of the defeated canditoo were on hand. Without ,h"ro were pledges of IHIW* ? * - - , support from every side as members agreed to make 'one for all and all for one" .ign. meeting was presided over , I. Mintz. chairman of the wick County Democratic itive Committee. There were seventy-five men. recognizi party leaders, from all is of the county with every ct except one being reprereniaik of every speaker true with encouragement e continued success of his and each man present left eeting determined to make le starting point of a succampaign. ctlc Bits 1 Big .News i Events Of Stat*, on and World-Wide erest During Past Week Refusal :ed with a "polite, but il refusal" from Prague :ept definitely Adolf Hitlemands to yield the Suands, the British and !) governments hastened to bring renewed jtres>n Czechoslovakia for an ance. Prime Minister ; Chamberlain announced ans to fly to Godesberg Rhine Thursday to meet the second time for a ration of negotiations. I His decision was reported to have been taken before there Ms official cognizance of the contents of the Prague reply to the British-French proposals formulated Sunday to keep peace in Europe. ige Five election districts out of SI in the 16th congressional district Tuesday night gave Rep. John J. O'Connor (D.NY) ' lead of 2'7 votes to 112 for Allen W. Dulles in the republican primary but left O'Connor trailing James H. Fay in the democratic contest. 407 votes to 418. Chairman of the house I riles committee, O'Connor was the last man marked for defeat by the New Deal "purge." Wor Army The nu-n who helped to win "?e World war 20 years ago only t0 fjn(j mlt later that it did not prove to be a "war to I '"d all wars", roared Monday I 'or a powerful anr.ed peace *nd neutrality that will keep I 'he 1'nited State** out of war. I The loth annual convention ol J 'or American Legion, Its greatI j" gathering Is in session al I Angeles C'al. Change The American Medical assoI J~"on Saturday upset tradlI ,n bv adopting revisions in I |' policy on health and welI r some members of I 'v house of delegates termed I lnti<'^r'>ss'Vf an<T almost revoI In ftnar'V'" The delegates, meetI J ? special session in I rs^0 'Pr *'le Past two days I v?rVed with *? ?' dissenting I objections five recomI sir"* a*'?ns which agreed in I nan1 maior Principals with the I Wa"3' "a?'"1 program outI ten*tW" riionths ago by PresB ?*. Roosevelt's Inter-departI ^ welfare. THI 35 Johnson To Be Local Legioi ^ District Installation To Be Conducted On Thursday N i g ht In Wilmington With Members Of That Post Serving As Hosts AUXILIARY WILL INSTALL OFFICERS District Commander M. B. Watkins, Will Participate In Program, Possibly As Installing Officer It. 0. Johnson, of Southport, will be installed tomorrow night as commander of the Brunswick I County Post No. 194, American , Legion at a district installation ceremony scheduled to be held in Wilmington. The new Commander has been a loyal legionnaire and has served the local post in numerous minor offices. He was elected I several weeks ago to succeed L. I T. Yaskell as commanding of- 1 ficer. 1 An interesting program is be- i | ing arranged for tomorrow even- 1 ing at which time the newly elect- ! ed officers of the legion and the ' I Name Commitl Listen' . * Members Of Committee Ap-;. pointed For Brunswick County All Are From | Neighboring Counties | WILL PASS UPON COMPLAINT CASES f Establishment Of Review i Committee Is Provided For Under Agricultural Adjustment Act Of 1938 A committee made up of farm' ers to hear applications for review of cotton and flue-cured tobacco marketing quotas in Brunswick county hUs been announced by E. Y. Floyd, AAA executive officer at State College. The review committee in Brunswick county is composed of: Bill Hooks, R 2, Clarkton, chairman; J. L. Harrelson, R. 4, Whiteville, vice-chairman; E. B. Ward, R 1, | Wilmington, member; and J. T. j Brown, R 3, Wilmington, aitern| ate. The committeemen, who are ' from out of the county, are apI pointed by the Secretary of Agrij culture, and are composed of a ; chairman, vice-chairman, one othj er member and an alternate. Each committee will serve a county. The establishment of review I committees is authorized under the marketing quota provisions of I the Agricultural Adjustment Act (of 1938. It will be their duty to | i pass on applications for review | of cotton and flue-cured tobacco j marketing quotas, when properly presented, and to make correc| tion in accordance with the Act ' should an error be found in the j quota originally established for a farm. Walter Holden Dies , Brunswick Hospital | Walter L. Holden, 27, of Supply, died in the Brunswick Counj ty Hospital here early Tuesday ! morning- after undergoing an emI ergency operation Sunday. He is survived by his parents, | Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Holden, and by a sister. Miss Hazel Holden. Funeral services will be held in I Oak Grove cemetery, near Supply j this afternoon at 3 o'clock by the Reverend L. L. Todd, of Clarenj don. Pallbearers will be Wilbur HoldJ en, Howie Hewett, A. V. Holden, | Willie Clemmons, Carl Holden and j Gaston Hewett. Operation Of I By Prisone State Superintendent of pri- j sons Oscar Pitt spent Monday at Holden's Beach, an inter- | ested onlooker of the handling of more than forty thousand pounds of mullets that were netted during the day by the men operating the i state prison fishery. Monday's catch is reported as being the ' largest one made this season I by the prisoners in a single I day. However, last year sixty I thousand pounds of fish were i taken in one day. , The season is yet young, persons acquainted with fishing conditions and the facilii ties at the state fishery are > confidently predicting that the men will bring in more . j than a hundred thousand pounds in a day. sometime i between now and Thanksgiving ? STA A Good r 4-PAGES TODAY < Installed As W ry Commander SI RRef wmm I SHI Jul M< i R' Wr |^H that with Ik. t^c Hk. ? the legion auxiliary for each post in we* the district will be installed. On . . snrii the program will be District ' Comander M. mB. Watkins, who i may be pressed into service as installing officer in the event that ?om State Commander Hector Black- ,ro" n'ell is unable to attend. oth? trp pres eemen 1 o **> m the ro Complaints ? 5 docl Elderly Lady Is Accidentally Hurt for ' tati' ?? g j Mrs. John R. Newton, of Ie^" Southport, suffered a painful ^ Injury Sunday when she was accidentally shot in the eye jiy an air rifle in the hands of her rga, daughter, Miss Susie Newton. ^ ' Mrs. Nev.ton has been con- ^ fined to her home for several ! wga months In an Invalid condition the] and her daughter has been her iy^ faithful nurse throughout the duration of her illness. Lately I . there raw bee# some Improve- A . ment In her condition, and it was in an attempt to amuse her mother that she picked up the child's gun with a playful remark about a hold-up. The gun discharged and the Sec little lead |>ellet emitted from i the harrel struc": Mrs. Newton ] on the eyelid. Although it was j feared at first that she would < lose the sight of that eye, later repo.-ts were that vision proba- f bly would be retained jjro, Sou (Jp-State People X Ask About Ship Z" to ! Write Local Man With Idea of Of Obtaining Craft Suit- the able For Making Over Into Gulf Stream Party j Boat coc; Joh Greensboro interests have writ- enc ten and asked the Civic Club Hie secretary to locate a 100 foot or Mr. 125 foot schooner-rigged boat or ber a hull of a boat that could be l. rebuilt into such type. The an- b<g nounced purpose was to convert it r>o\ into a cruiser-yacht to carry paj charter parties from Southport. C The schooner-rigged boats long m. since went out of style, many of i. < them being converted into yachts ski and others into power boats. How- Mr. ever, it is thought, and these Mr. parties have been advised, that a anil good hull for old boat may be Mu located somewhere up the coast J h. and rebuilt to serve the desired | Ros purpose. It is understood that at M. times the vessel will be anchored Bri on the edge of tile Gulf Stream J liid used as a parent ship for Rai motor boats carrying fishing par- die (Continued on page 4) Eve dre 1_ * O l?n 'ishing Camp ;;; rs Is Profitable """ Oi The fishery is operated entirely by prisoners, under the supervision of guards. The j work is carried on in precise- jivii )y the same manner that Mis marks the operations at the gar many other commercial fish- Olii eries along the coast. Nearly ine all of the prisoners who per- sur form the work are understood k to have either been a resident Thr of some of the coastal sec- por tions or to have been em- ber ployed on the sea. Bol The fish are salted, dried Olii and many thousands of tior pounds are shipped fresh in iced truck to various penal institutions about the state. H The objective back of the the operation of the fishery is to mei provide food for the nine or Sas ten thousand prisoners who ette are charges of the state. _ ds lTE I 4ews paper In Southport, N. C., Wee eather Affects V Primping More ( Than Organizing >orts That Got Out Last F< Veek That Shrimpers Vere Striking Were Fale; Bad Weather Is All 'hat Prevented Catches SI RIMPERS HAVE I ORGANIZED GROUP P. (resentatives Named To I eet With Buyers To lecide Fair Price For Their Product sports current here last week Cc shrimpers had struck were v., lout foundation in fact, and fu only reason there has been a 1 shortage of shirmp during vil past few days is unfavorable co Iher. ca tiere was a meeting of the or mpers last week at which time fo named John Gaiolway as >p( rman of a committee that is w, posed of one representative i each dock in Southport. Ro- ^ ; Willis represents one of the y, ris docks, Jurd Williamson the co >r, Manley Murphy is the re- ne lentative from Ben Grav's p, t, Cromwell Robinson is from W( Wells dock, another Robinsor. br n Fodales dock and Sandy m mons from Lewis Hardee's m It- m he idea of the organization ja far as the shrimpers are conled is to obtain a higher price aj their shrimp. These represen- ye res are supposed to meet wun b( Bu-ris and W. S. Wells, who esent the dealers, and decide slJ the price that is to be paid pV shrimp. The first meeting of ss kind was held Friday night, tt a satisfactory agreement was al ihed. Since no boats were out f0 iday, and since the few that red Tuesday's unfavorable m ther had only a few shrimp se e has been no true test of 0i organization's practical value. m dd These Names To Fishing List z tt xetary Of Southport Civ- 'n c Club Is Tireless In His 1 if forts To Contact Visit- _ ng Fishermen And To L Secure Names he past four days have ught many sportsmen to thport for the purpose of trytheir luck with the blue fish, it and mackerel; some also go to the gulf stream and le to make a try for the chanbass. It has been impossible see and get the names of half all these sportsmen, however pi Civic Club secretary did man- la to contact the following. B IT. Carson Burns, Max S. Wall, H. Washburn, and J. R. Pea- cl k, all of High Point; Frank L. in nson, C. C. Foster, Fred Laur- hi e, Statesville; Hugh Williams, cc kory; K. B. Johnson, St. Paul; ti and Mrs. E. D. Gougan, Lum- ti Bridge; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Pate, Purvis; Miss Elizabeth gi gs, Lumberton; Miss Eugenia la vies, St. Paul; Frank M. Page, joi rmont. c i C. Cole, H. M. crumpier, z. Christhall, H. A. Millerbaum, nc 3. Kadenski; Tony Alexander- u] and G. M. Bowden, Durham; and Mrs. K. Clyde Council, g' and Mrs. J. M. Council, Wan- in sh; Mr. and Mrs. Alton G. Q1 rchison, Mr. and Mrs. Frank ai West, Mr .and Mrs. Chas G. le, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Averett, Fayctteville; Joe c< nkley, Wilmington. M ames Edgerton, Wesley Cheek, idolph Spicer, Bob Grady, Ed- w Andrews, Battle Abernethy, ?' :rett Abernethy, Hank An- P; ws, Herman Kink, LaRue Wat- 01 Perry, Preston Collins, Clyde 81 den, Delma George, Durham; di D. B. Mizell and party of C( er Charlotte doctors. al w rganize New " Missionary Group 11 Irs. Lindsey Clemmons, of Bo- P a, is president of the Women's isionary Society which was orlized Sunday afternoon at Mt. ,'e Baptist church. Mrs. MaxFulcher is the secretary-trea- 31 er. S Irs. Melvin Lewis and Mrs. hl >mpson McCracken, of South- ? t, and Miss Annie Lide Gil- n t and Mrs. B. R. Page, of ivia, assisted the ladies of Mt. Ci I'e church with their organlza- b l plans. b' bi STATE OFFICIAL HERE t( ;. Mayme Albright, director of North Carolina Re-Employlt Service, and FAnk M. ser. district manager, of Fay- e] iville, have been vi3itir.g frien- " here this weel{. - P0R1 A Good Com inesday, September 2 yhiteville Wi!f~ Ihse Its Market With Friday Sale lir Bluff Market Closed Tuesday, Tabor City And Chadbourr. On Wednesday; Whiteville Friday :ason was short 3ut very successful ractically No Tobacco Left n This Section For Sale; Whiteville Mart To Top 19 Million The four tobacco markets of il'imbus County will close this eek .endintr a short but success1 season. An announcement from Whitelie tobacconists Mon. morning nfirmed the rumor that the lo1 market would close its doors i Friday. Fair Bluff will close Mowing Tuesday's sales and ibor City and Chadbourn will nd up their season today. The 1938 marketing season whii began on August 4 is one of e shortest in history but all unty markets reported a ban:r year in sales and prices, ices on common to fair grades ere especially high thi3 season; inging approximately twice M uch as they did last year. Qua;y tobacco fluctuated but reained on a par with prices paid st year. Although official market averjes have not been releasee as st, they are expected to range stween $23 and $26 per hundred. According to M. S. Smith, sales ipervisor, the Whiteville market ished 19 million with Monday's lies. He said the indications are lat the market will establish l all-time high in poundage bcire the end of the week. The Whiteville market has ade a substantial increase this :ason he said, when the factors ' a short crop, due to govern* ent control and weather condions, are taken into consider* lion. ? ' Smith said he had talked with jndreds of farmers, most of horn said they hud little or no ibacco left for sale. He believes lat virtually all of the 1938 crop i this belt will have been mar;ted by Friday. Routine Session Of County Court Tried Last Wednesday Here In Recorder Court Before Judge John B.' Ward A variety of cases were disjsed of here in Recorder's court st Wednesday before Judge John . Ward. Marshall Carlisle, white, was larged in a warrant with breakig the peace between a man and is wife, but when court officials >uld not decide ju3t which staite (if any) this violated an scon of nol Dros was taken. Sam Burris, white was found uilty of violating the town speed w. He was taxed with a fine $10.00 and the costs of the ise. Dan McCoy, colored, was found it guilty of making an assault pon a female. Liston Willis, colored, pleaded uilty to charges of transporting itoxicating liquor. He was retired to pay a fine of $25.00 id the costs of his case. Uly3es Williams, colored, was iced with the same charge, was mvicted and his sentence was lentical with that of Willis George Skipper and Preston' [intz, white, were found guilty ] f reckless operation and tresiss. Each was given 6 months I 1 the roads, this sentence being ispended upon payment of $50 image to C. T. Robbins. The ist of the case also was taxed gainst the defendants and there as a further provision that neiler should be found under 'he itoxicating liquor for the next j 2 months. Vegro Caught ' After Robbery Charlie Stanley, colored, was rrested Saturday morning by inclair Gore and admitted that e had broken into the store of irnest Milliken the previous ight. In his possession were found a irton of cigarettes and $5.20 in Ills and change which he said e took from the store. He will e given a preliminary hearing iday in Recorder's court. TOWER PAINTED The weather signal display lowr on the garrison grounds was ?painted last" "week by Thomas Ullwood. | r Pii munity 1, 1938 PUSUS1 Shallotte I I * / > 3K^'" ^ e Z~ ~~x I ^311 *r. ik- >sww(i, . NEW?The citizens of of their new post office, an Above is shown postmaster talking to Levi Swain. On tl mobile of the mail carrier, w New Boat Pure! Brunswick 1 * 1 This Tramp Was i "In The Money" An insolent diner who stopImmI by the Shallotte Cafe Sunday for dinner tried the patience of the proprietor almost to the breaking point before he finally continued on his way. But the customer is always right, and when the stranger left there was a general feeling of relief. Indelibly imprinted upon the mind of Mr. Russ, the proprietor, however, was the image of his tormentor. Later in the day there was a report of a robbery at Supply. A stranger had been seen prowling near the home of Elbert Kirby, and when be and his wife returned from Sunday school they fount! they had been rohhed of several dollars. .. A check-up revealed the fart that the man seen about the Kirby home was the same one who had (lined in Shallotte. Is Pleased With Work Of Keziah Executive Secretary Of The Governor's Hospitality At Raleigh, Has Praise For Efforts Of Local Vice-' Chairman The Governor's Hospitality j Committee at Raleigh issues a bulletin once each month. In this | report there is generally summed up a number of the most active county chairman in the 100 counties. The September bulletin reported on an even 20 of the active counties. From his remarks Ed. Pickard, executive secretary of the committee, is evidently well pleased with local work. He said: Did you ever see bees buzzing? Weli, we know a man who stays just about that busy all the time and this fellow is none other than j W. B. "Bill" Keziah, vice-chair-1 man of the Governor's Hospitality Commiite and Executive Secretary of the Southport Civic | Club. He stays busy morning, noon, and night and show me a man in this state that does more for the hospitality program and I'll eat your Sunday hat. If all (Continued on page 4) Southbound Y< Will Be A marked copy of the New York Times has been sent W. B. Keziah, the object of interest being contained under a four column streamer head that heralds: Huge Fleet Ready for Fall Cruise to South. To the uninitiated this means that vast numbers of yachts and other pleasure boats will soon be passing and stopping at Southport, on their way to Florida waters. From Camden, N. J., and Baltimore, Md., there also comes message., to the Civic Club secretary about the approaching tide of boats. The.... Camden contact is J. H. Pearce, brother of Mrs. E. H. Cranmer, of Southport. All sources agree that there will be 30 or more percent more boats than in 1937. This estimate apparently indicates that about 600 boats will pass and make stops at Southport between now and the 25th of December. There was 443 in 1937. Practically all of the boats .OT j HED EVERY WEDNESCA ^ostoffice j Shallotte are mighty prouc d they "nave a right to be W. R. Holmes on the righi le extreme left is the auto ho is just leaving. iiasedByThe Navigation Co. Announcement Made Tues day By R. F. Plaxcc General Manager, Whi Says Company Men Wil Leave This Week To Ge Boat NOW STATIONED IN CUBAN FOR" Is Same Vessel Which Ml Plaxco And Captain John Ericksen Went To See Latter Part Of August R. F. Plaxco, general manage cf the Brunewick Navigation Co announced Tuesday the purchas of a boat to be added to the me: hadden fleet fishing for his con pany. The vessel, the same or that he and Captain John i Ericksen went to Puerto Pad: last month to inspect, still is tie up at the dock in the Cuban por Captain Ericksen and two hel] ers will leave Thursday mornin for Cuba to bring the boat he: after a few minor repairs ha\ been made. Captain Ericksen wi drive to Miami, Fla? where ii will place his automobile aboar a boat and carry it across { Cuba. After the boat docks a Havanr.a it still is a 450-mil overland trip to Puerto Padre. The newest addition to the loci menhadden fleet is a freight boa that was in service of the Cuba American Sugar Co., of Ne' York. She is 117-tons gross and I ninety feet in length. Howeve she is unusually wide in propoi tion. It is understood that the nei boat will be in charge of Capiai Ericksen while Captain Thoma St. George will take over as masl er of the Anderson. ^ ' /r A / /* ? 11 Kj Li [Jllliri 1l> Promoted Inspecto Captain Roy Robinson, i charge of the Oak Inland Coaf Guard station for several yeai and transferred from there t Boston, Mass., three years ag< has been appointed Inspector < the New Orleans Coast Guar District and wiil beg'n his dutit there on October 1st. Captain and Mrs. Robinson an Mrs. Robinson's mother, Mr Viola Gutherie, are spending few days at their old home her before proceeding to New Orleani Mrs. Robinson is the former Mis Elizabeth Gutherie, of Southpor ichts Soon Stopping Here will make a night stop or longer at Southport, this depending pretty much on whether or not they can find moorings safe enough with the shrimp trawlers swarming all around them. The 12 knot boats can make the trip from New York in 10 to 12 days, if they choose. Most ' of them, however, like to take things easy. They loaf along and arrive at their destination in three to six or seven weeks after starting out. The stop at Southport often means the sale of great quantities of oil, gas and other supplies. Not the least of all they mean the renewing of many pleasing and friendly contacts. Many of the yachtsmen go through year after year, southward in the fall and returning in the spring. They all seem to like Southport and to be glad to arrive at the old town, at the m ;uth of the Cape Fear, ______ The Pilot Covers 9 Brunswick County fl * $1.50 PER YEAR I Hurricane Will | Miss Southport | About 200 Miles 1 High Winds May Prevail B Along Coast Today, But % Immediate Threat Of Di- ' rect Blow Has Passed ? For Time Being SOUTHPORT HAS 1 ALWAYS ESCAPED I This Section Of The Coast 1 Has Been Particularly , a Fortunate In Escaping fl Disasterous Hurri- B canes fjV Again it seems that Southport . fl 1 has escaped all danger from the JH . tropical storm that has been t threatening for the past two fij " days, and although high winds R are predicted for today, there 'fl appears to be no immediate danger l'rom the storm which should M pass 200-mlles out at sea. fl To all intents and purposes the MB hurricane that rolled out of the B Bahamas several days ago and which has been watched anxiously fl by the U. S. Weather Burets, 2R '' has given Southport a wide go-by. iflp "J This morning dawned clear and IB * cool. In fact, the coolness was lljfl t very marked. With the tempera- afl ture at 90 fit times Tuesday, folks H were shivering this morning in- fl Ider an unofficial registration of 'fl f 57 degrees shortly before sunrise. jfl i The wind today is coming Hteg|- fl lly from the north with a slight- H ly westward slant. Naturally, with ?D the wind in this direction the ^H river is about as clam as a mill ijH The ocean close inshore has al- IB so quieted down, in marked con- jjj^H tiast to Tuesday afternoon when flfl roaring seas ran for several hours. fl ie With the weather decidedly jj i- threatnlng at times Tuesday af- 9 >. ternoon and with even the ura ,,, ther bureau uniril nn of local ef- fl 3, fects of the hurricane passing at m|H e sea off the coast .Southport email HB ,,j boat owners very wisely took HB J their boats to shelter late yester- u j. day afternoon. These boats were 'j B K, hurrying back to their usual e moorings by sunrise this morning. fij ' Another Bunch I ? Of Students Off I List Of Girls And Boys Be- $9 " ing Sent To Colleges JH lt From Brunswick County flk " Continues To Grow a 18 D. I. Watson left last week fqr I r' Charleston, S. C., where he |Will jM enter the Dickinson Busihtss CI school for the fall term. Miss DM " Dickie Cannon, daughter of Mr. H n and Mrs. Claude Cannon, has re- , H 3 turned to Charleston College to [ H " resume her work as pre -med D student. H R. D. White, of Shallotte, is [ H the sixth Brunswick county boy H enrolled at Lou is burg College. Q ' Dan Wells, member of last ! flfl year's graduating class at South- H 11 port high school, has enrolled at f]H t | State. fl 8j Jack Taylor, of Winnabow Is iHj ? I entering the University of Rich- H ii mond this fall. ? >( Harvey Brown and Dan Clem- ' H d mons have enrolled at Wake For- fl|H| is est College. H Miss Jane Shannon will spend B d the winter with her aunt, Mrs. H a. Sam Smith, in West Palm Beach, Cl a Fla., and will attend Junior Cole lege in that city. w a- Harry Mintz, Jr., of Shallotte, H >s has enrolled at the University of M t. North Carolina. fit Tide Table | Following is the tid? tsMs I Q fc. Sonfbport during the next week. These hours are appro- 9 ximately correct and were for- ? nlshed The 8tste Port Pilot fl through the courtesy of the |C Cape Fear Pilot's Association. 3 High Tide Low 11* 9 TIDE TABLE fl Theursday, Sept. 22 y 6:10 a. m. 1) :55 a. m. fl 0:30 p. m. 12:10 p. m. II Friday, Sept. 28 fl 7:00 a. m. 12:41 a. m. J9C 7:16 p. m. 1:00 p. m- >9 Saturday, Sept 24 ?c 7:47 a. m. 1:26 (. m. <0 3:00 pan. 1:33 p. m. jjj Sunday, Sept. 25 II 3:32 a. m. 2:08 a. m. . fl 3:44 p. m. 2:30 p. m. ]Z Monday, Sept 26 1 0:17 a. m. 2:62 a. m. Sjfl 9:27 p. m. 3:25 p. m. I Tuesday, Sept. 27 10:01 a. m. 3:34 a. m. flE 10:10 p. m. 4:11 p. m. igjffl Wednesday, Sept. 28 fl 18:47 a. m. 4:17*4 p. JB 10:65 p. m. 4:57 f. *. ' ; 3

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